A Dazzling Pack VII - by LaPsbin

>"Bullshit." >"You fucking liar." >"There's no way, Aria." >"Yeah, you're just talking out of your ass." >Sighing, you just sat back and let the disbelief and salt wash over you >You were sitting in your study hall >Mr. Toity was fast asleep at his desk, his head buried in his arms >As always, you were sitting in the back of the room >You legs were kicked up on the desk in front of you and your books were nowhere to be see >Because FUCK books >You had a group of girls sitting around you >Not many of them looked too happy with you >Many were sporting furrowed brows and frowns >A couple were crossing their arms >The one or two guys that were seated away from you as far as possible were giving you a death glare >And you ate it up >You ate it up like you'd eat raw salmon from the deep blue fucking sea "Hey, I don't know what to tell you all," you said with a shrug, grinning evilly >"You can tell us that you're a fucking liar," Bonbon said, giving you a hard look. "Because that's what you are." >You almost took a deep whiff of the air >The salt... >It was everywhere "I am not lying," you said, grin widening. "I'm telling you, I barely have to ask and Anon's going for it." >You leaned back a bit more, adjusting your legs to look even more like a cunt >"And I'm saying that you're a liar," Daisy all but spat. "No guy wants to go down on a girl like that." >"Yeah!" Berry Punch growled. "They don't just want to DO it. You gotta bribe them with jewelry or blackmail them or some shit." >"You're just talking shit, Aria," Rainbow Dash --who looked the saltiest of all-- said. "I bet your "boy toy" hasn't even seen that gross cunt of yours." "Hey, you don't seem to mind my "gross cunt" when we all shower after gym class, Rainbow," you retorted >That shut the rainbow-haired heroine up, pink coming to her blue cheeks as her mouth shut >Your grin widened as you looked at all of the pissy, angry women standing around you >It was times like these you wished you still had your gem >By now, you would have sucked up enough negativity to show ol' Starswirl a thing or two about banishing his betters "Yep, all I have to do is spread my legs and he comes running," you said, deciding to see how far you could take this before a fight broke out. "Nearly rips my pants off every time, too." >You could hear Bonbon grinding her teeth together >Leaning over, you lightly punched her shoulder "Hey, hey, hey, there's no need to be JEALOUS, girls. I'm sure you'll find some guy that wants to go down on those beefy, hairy boxes of yours." >You sneered "Maybe. If you find some fat, ugly guy that's half-retarded and a bit blind." >That does it >The past ten minutes of you shit-talking came to a head >A couple of girls stood up, fists clenched >You continued to sit there, relaxed and grinning >You know that Adagio told you to ease up on the fighting, but you were sure that she would-- >"Why don't you just ask Anon?" >Each one of you stopped and looked to the left >Moondancer was sitting near the boys with her nose buried in a book >The filthy nerd >"If you don't believe her, then why don't you go and ask Anon?" the spectacle-wearing girl said, not looking up at any of you. "If he says that she's lying you know that she's lying, if he says that she's telling the truth she's telling the truth." >She licked her thumb before turning a page >"That way you all don't need to start a fight in here." >Her nose scrunched up >"Again." >You all looked at her for a few seconds before the other girls began to dismiss her advice >"There's no WAY that he'd answer us!" >"Yeah, what guy in his right mind would say anything about that?" >"Anon might be a weirdo, but he's not enough of a weirdo to admit that he's a slut!" >Your smile turned into a small frown as you hummed thoughtfully >Today, Adagio and Sonata weren't anywhere near the high school >Sonata had to go down to the city to talk to some investors about... something and your GLORIOUS alpha was doing something or another down at the South Side >She had said something about getting your pack male some clothes or something like that >You really hadn't been listening >... >And speaking of your pack male, you knew that this was Anon's lunch period >Since the other girls weren't here today, he'd probably be sitting by himself at one of the smaller tables >... >Which meant that you MIGHT be able to get away with this... >Your smile returns to your face bigger and brighter than even "You want to hear it from my boyfriend? Fine," you said, twisting in your chair and sitting up properly >You then stood and dusted yourself off, cracking your neck as you looked at the other girls >Mr. Toity was still asleep >You doubt that he'd even notice if all of you up and left >And no one --even those shitty tattle-tale guys still glaring at you-- would say a damn thing because they knew what you'd do to them if they did >For a second or two, you thought about the ramifications of this >Were you really going to put Anon through this just so you could piss of these bunch of weaklings? >Were you going to strut around like some peacock, flapping your feathers? >Would you really stoop so low that you'd do something like that? >... >Puff... >You very nearly chuckled, a grin once again coming to your face "Let's go and see what my boy toy's doing.” ~-~-~-~- >To your surprise, half of the people in the study hall followed you out the door and into the hall >A group this size made it a bit difficult to slip around any teachers or hall monitors walking the halls, but you were a professional class-skipper >It took some level-hoping, hiding behind lockers, and you may or may not have had to give Sweet Cheeks a swirlie to keep her from telling on you, but eventually you all found your way to the cafeteria >Slipping past the few teachers tasked with watching over the eating students, you all slowly made your way over to Anon >Like you thought, he was sitting by himself in the corner of the room >He had a small, tin lunch box sitting right beside him >Sitting in front of him was an extra-large Capri Sun >In his hands was a triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich that he had made the night before, already half-eaten >... >Oh shit... >In an instant, you could feel a pang of panic welling up in your gut seeing your pack mate sitting unprotected like this >The other girls weren't there to protect him if someone wanted to steal him away from you >Usually, if the other girls weren't going to come to school, you'd skip your study hall and sit with him >But you had been so busy stirring up shit to even-- >"There he is!" >You jumped when you felt Bonbon nudging your side >"Come on," she said, her eyes narrowed in steely determination. "Let's go and get this over with so he can tell us that you're full of shit." >Your chest puffed out at the obvious challenge "Fine," you growled, your worry forgotten for the moment. "Let's go ask him so I can show you the fuck up!" >Still watching out for any patrolling teachers, your little group jumped from table to table, slowly but surely making your way toward Anon >You could see him opening a packet of those little bite-sized chocolate chip cookie things that he liked so much >There was a smile on his face as he pulled one out and popped it into his mouth >You could almost hear him humming over the chatter and laughter of the cafeteria >He always hummed the dumbest little tune when he ate those things... >You couldn't stand it... >When you finally get close enough, all of you look around one last time before making a beeline toward him "Anon!" you whisper-shouted. "Anon!" >Anon, whose cheeks were shrunken as he slipped on his juice bag, looked up >He smiled around his dumb little plastic straw, his eyes lighting up when he saw you >There was that twinge of panic again, but this time it was arm-in-arm with regret >"Hey there, grump," he said, putting his juice down as you sat down next to him. "I didn't think that you were coming today." >You opened your mouth to say something, but couldn't find your voice >You tried again, then one more time, before the words came back "Yeah... Sorry about that babe," you said, trying to keep up the tough-front. "I was a bit... busy." >Looking over at the other girls--some of whom were sitting at the table, while others were just standing--you gave them what might have been regarded as a grin before grabbing your pack mate's hand >It was warm and had a kind of roughness to it that you really liked >It was also a heck of a lot bigger than yours, so the second that Anon's fingers folded over your hand was engulfed in his >Your smile became a whole lot more genuine as your heart skipped a beat >"Don't worry about it, it's just lunch. You guys don't need to watch over me every single little second," your packmate assured, giving you a small smile as he popped another little cookie into his mouth. "It's not like any girl's going to--" >"Anon, we need to ask you something." >Roseluck put a hand on your mate's shoulder >You had to stop yourself from cocking back an arm and clocking her >Anon jumped slightly at the contact, looking down at the hand before looking up at the girl >"Oh, hey Rosie," he said, before looking around the table and at all of the girls standing around you >He raised an eyebrow >"...I didn't see ALL of you there?" >He looked over at you, but you found that you couldn't look him in the eye >Why... you didn't know... >"What can I help you ladies with?" >Bonbon, who was sitting on the other side of him, scooched a bit closer >"We were all talking in study hall and your girlfriend was telling tales," she said, Bonbon-ing in your general direction. "We tried to call her out on it but she wouldn’t stop bullshitting us." >"Yeah!" Ms. Rainbow "Carpet Muncher" Dash said. "So we all decided to some here to ask YOU, so that she'd shut the fuck up about it!" >"Yeah!" the other girls chorused, stomping their feet >Once again, Anon looked over at you >Yet again, you couldn't meet his gaze >... >Now that you were sitting here, you have a feeling that this wasn't such a good idea after all... >"...Oh really?" he said, giving your hand a squeeze. "And what was grump boasting about?" >Bonbon opened her mouth >She then closed it >Rainbow opened her mouth >She then closed it too >You picked your head up to look at all of the now-uncomfortable girls >Shit talking might have been okay when it was just the girls and some ugly guys that NO ONE gave a shit about, but unlike you--an ageless, hyper-powerful creature of magic that acknowledged only power and strength-- they all were taught manners >They had to treat a man a certain way >They had to-- >"Aria here said that you enjoyed eating her out," Derpy chirped, smiling as all of your eyes went huge. "So we all wanted to come here and ask you if she was lying!" >... >You were going to stuff her onto a locker >Today, if it was the last thing that you did, you were going to drag that wall-eyed idiot to a locker, rip the thing open, and stuff her inside >To make matters worse, Derpy hadn't exactly been quiet >You now had a table full of students three rows up from you turning around to look at you >Another, smaller table of kids were also eyeing you from your left >You, the mighty, powerful siren, shrunk under their gaze >The other girls did the same, nervously looking around as the ramifications of what they were doing hit them >If Adagio heard about you boasting and flaunting your mate out in front of all of these potential rivals like this she'd bust your ass >And, since fifty fucking kids were looking at you like you had just punched the principal, she probably would >... >Goddammit... >You should have just come to lunch to sit with Anon like you were SUPPOSED to >... >Why didn't you remember to do that...? >Anon, for his part, barely raised an eyebrow as he picked up his sandwich and took a big bite out of it >"You wanted to know if I liked eating grump here out?" he asked through his mouthful of peanut butter and bread. "How the hell did that come up in conservation?" >Derpy, playing with her skirt, smiled and leaned toward your mate >"Well, we were talking about who had the biggest cocks in the eleventh--ump!" >Both Bonbon and Roseluck, looking horrified, leapt over and clamped their hands over the girl's mouth >"Haha, you're real FUNNY, Derpy," Bonbon growled, pulling the girl against her ample chest so that she was more strangling her then covering her mouth. "JOKING like that." >"Yeah, GOOD one," Roseluck added as Derpy flailed, looking over to your mate and smiling. "But seriously, Anon, we were only going to ask you if..." >She trailed off, brow furrowing >The other girls looked at each other, trying to find an out that wouldn't make them look like a bunch of creeps >Oddly enough, it was Rainbow who answered first >"Cupcakes! The speedster shouted, snapping her fingers. "Aria here said that she makes the best cupcakes in the world, and we all wanted to come and ask you to see if she was full of shit or not." >She looked around, her smile wide and as fake as could be >"Isn't that right girls?" >Almost immediately, the other girls nodded >"Yep, cupcakes." >"What she said." >"I prefer muffins." >"Shut. The. FUCK. UP. Derpy." >Your mate might have been many things, but he was far some stupid >He looked around at all of you, clearly not believing a word that was just said >"Cupcakes?" he questioned, picking up his juice bag. "Aria's never made a cupcake in her life." >Rainbow nervously laughed >"S-See? I told you girls that--" >"But if you're wondering about the whole eating-out thing, yeah, I like to give grump here the ol' lickeroo when I can." >You could have heard a pin drop in that part of the cafeteria >Scratch that, you could have heard a FLY fart >The other girl's' eyes widened, and more than a few of their jaws dropped >Your heart stopped for a few moments as you felt yourself having half a dozen consecutive heart attacks >Of course Anon wouldn't hesitate talking about your sexual misadventures >It was fucking ANON! >He'd do it with a SMILE! >... >You were going to be so fucking dead when your alpha heard about this... >"W-What?" Bonbon muttered, her hands dropping away from Derpy's mouth to hang limply at her sides >Using his tongue to wrangle that little straw back into his mouth, Anon took a long, drawn out sip >To the untrained eye, he looked perfectly innocent sitting there >But you knew better >You could see that twinkle in his eye >The bastard knew what he was doing >Oh he fucking KNEW... >You tried to pull your hand away from his, but your mate's grip was strong >"Yep, I'm a man that likes to kiss both sets of lips," he said, putting down his juice and picking up a napkin. "I'll eat out grump, lil blue, and the poof with a smile on my face." >He began to dab his face, looking you in the eye as he did it >The dick... >For nearly a minute straight, none of the girls said a thing >They simply stood or sat there, trying to process what Anon had just said >All except Derpy, who was humming a little tune to herself >... >Fucking Derpy... >Finally, Roseluck spoke up, though her voice was so low that it was almost at a whisper >"...But why?" >Anon's nose scrunched up >"For Christ's sake, it's just sex, Rosey. It's not like you're asking me about a murder or something." >The girls once again looked around, loudly sweating >Rainbow raced over to an empty table >Grabbing a chair, she raced back over and seated herself next to your mate >As she did this, the other girls huddled up closer around all of you >"Hang on, hang on, so you LIKE to eat out girls?" she asked, awe very audible in her voice >Anon gave your hand a squeeze >Though you could feel the cold, sharp iron of the Reaper's scythe on the back of your neck, you squeezed him back >"I like to eat out my girls, yes." >Though the girls stiffened at his casualness, they leaned forward all the same >"Why?" Rainbow asked, intertwining her fingers as she leaned forward. "Do you just like it, or do they do something special so that it isn't so bad?" >You could tell that the other girls had questions on their lips >A LOT of questions >Anon, obviously trying not to smile as he dug your grave deeper and deeper, shrugged >"There's a lot of reasons why I like it I guess," he said. "I like to feel their legs against my head, squeezing it. I like feeling them buck their hips against my face and running their fingers through my hair." >"What about the taste?" Minuette whispered >"A lot of the time, as long as they aren't eating anything TOO shitty, their cum doesn't taste like anything," your mate answered. "Sometimes it's a little sweet though. Poof usually tastes the best, Sonata the worst, and grump here is in the middle, if I had to rank ‘em." >The girls' nodded their heads dumbly >"And do you do it all the time like Aria says?" one of them--whose name that you couldn't remember for the LIFE of you--asked >Anon's lips twitched as he looked over at you >You just frowned at him, steeling yourself >"Not ALL the time. I'm not some sex slave or anything like that," he said, not looking away from you. "But if they ask I usually won't say no. Hell, every once in awhile I'll give one of the girls a nice good morning present when I'm in the mood." >Rainbow nodded slowly >"Oh..." she said, sounding as small. "Anon?" >"Hmm?" >"Do you got any advice to get a guy to... you know, since you're being so chatty about it and all...?" >Popping another cookie into his mouth, Anon leaned back against his chair, thoughtfully humming >The girls leaned forward even more, so close that you could feel someone breathing down your neck >Though that might just be Death >Or Adagio >At this point you might prefer the first option >"...Well, there's all of no-brainer stuff: wash yourself, don't eat shitty food, shave down there if your guy doesn't want to dive into a jungle," your mate said after a moment. "But there's other things too.They shouldn't be doing it because they think that they owe you, and you shouldn't blow them because you want something. It shouldn't be a give or take. You should do it because you want that person to feel good. You want to have the person feel so comfortable around you that they'd let you do something so intimate and... close with them." >Anon looked over at you once again >This time, he was smiling >You did not like that smile even a little bit >Oh here we go... >"They should want to do it, and you should want to do it, because you have some real affection for that person." >With the hand that was holding yours, he gestured toward you >"Take grump here for example. Sure, she's a bit of a pain in the ass at times, and there's days that I'd like to push her off a roof, and she can get a little... grabby, and the temper..." >Anon's smile widened as he brought your hand to his lips and gave the back of it a sweet kiss >"Grump here, like my other girls, like me, like all of you, have faults and quirks and little mannerisms that make them who they are, but all the same, I love all three of them from the bottom of my heart." >... >Wat? >For a moment, you forget to breath as your mate stared back at you with those shining green eyes of his >You could feel your face becoming flush all the way down to your neck >... >T-That jerk! >Why w-would he f-fucking say something like t-that?! >Anon, it seemed, wasn't done yet >"It's not just because I enjoy feeling their legs squeeze my head or because I like the way that they taste. I also like the stuff afterward." >That smile turned mischievous >"Whenever we have a little fun, grump here is as affectionate as can be. We'll just lie together, her head against my chest so she can hear my heartbeat--" "I-I don't do that!" you quickly shouted, reddening >"She also really likes to play footsies with me and hold one of my hands against her chest. And speaking of the handholding--" >You tried to jerk Anon toward you, so that you could SHUT the dummy UP >Your strength, it seemed, was a little lax today >Usually you'd be able to pick him up with a single hand, but now you could barely nudge him "S-Shut up..." >"--Grump here loves to hold hands. Adagio and Sonata might like to sit in my lap, but whenever grump sees me she HAS to hold my hand." >You tugged on his hand harder "I. DO. NOT!" >"She always likes to do this thing where she rubs her thumb against the back of my hand." >"SHUT. IT!" >"If you haven't see it, just watch us when we're walking through the halls. I swear to god that it's the cutest thing that you'll ever--" >With a battlecry, you leapt from your chair and into Anon's lap >Wrapping your arms around his head, you cocked your head back and gave him a headbutt that would have knocked an Ursa Major flat on its ass >...Except you didn't >Your forehead gently bumped against your mate's as you glared at him >Anon just continued to stare back at you as your grip on his neck tightened so that you enveloped him >... >T-There... >That'd teach ‘em... >Dagy s-shouldn't be letting him run his mouth l-like this anyway... >"You girls might never find a guy that'll go down on you all day, everyday, and that's fine. You should respect your partner's wants. But if you really care about that person, and they really care about you--" >You released the breath that you didn't know that you were holding as Anon wrapped his arms around your middle >"--Then something like them not going down on you enough shouldn't even be an issue. Right, grump?" >You, as red as a tomato, looked at the crowd around you--which looked a LOT bigger at the moment, by the way >You were expecting ridicule >For them to start poking fun >But you didn't hear any of that >The entire cafeteria was silent >Every girl around you was staring at the two of you with wide, pain-filled eyes >You could see the want on their face >The desire to have what you have >The desire to be... >... >Loved like you were >In that deadly quiet room that stank of processed "meats" and other foul, unnatural things, you heard a sniffle >And, if you didn't know any better, you'd say that the sniffle came from somewhere very close to you >Very close >You pressed yourself closer to your mate "Y-You're the worst," you whispered. "I s-should get up and s-smack the shit out of you u-up and down this c-cafeteria for s-saying this s-shit..." Anon kissed the tip of your nose >"Oh really?" "Yeah. Adagio hasn't been k-keeping you in line, and s-someone needs to do it, you d-dick." >Anon kissed your nose >You, furious, leaned back and darted for his neck >Opening your mouth, you made to bite down on it with so much force that he'd be yelping and begging you to stop >But your jaw, for some reason, could only apply enough pressure for a nibble >A gentle nibble >Anon's grip on your tightened >"A lot of fellas never get the chance to meet their queens," he said aloud. "I was lucky enough to meet three of them." >You tried to bite his neck again, fumbling it so badly that it became a kiss "I h-hate you so f-fucking much," you mumbled, blinking away the tears that someone was putting in your eyes >You were g-going to have to find them a-and kick their a-ass >H-Hard >Anon hummed, rubbing his cheek against yours >"I love you, Aria Blaze," he whispered. "You might be a pain in my ass, and you might be a grump most of the time, but I love you. Don't you forget that." >You didn't say anything >Nothing needed to be said >You just closed your eyes, ignoring the tears making their way down your cheeks, and nuzzled closer to him >When you finally found your voice, it was only filled with curses of hate and loathing "I-I love you too. J-Jerk."