Trapdagio I [Lewd] - by Anonymous

>Be Adagio >Ever since you've become mortal, you've begun thinking about relationships more and more >Wasn't something you usually thought about >But now it really was like you were a teenage... girl >You were looking at guys, and one particularly caught your eye >Anonymous, you think his name was >He was in your Math class or something like that >Maybe it was because he seemed the only one at school to not look on you with anger, but you liked him >Though that was likely because he was new and didn't know what you and the others had done >And maybe "like" was the wrong term >Maybe "obsess over" was the one to use >Here you were, even eating with him now at lunch >Why were you so flustered around him? >And why did that fire burn inside you whenever he dared even look at anyone else? >Anon was looking at you oddly >Oh god, you were staring >"Adagio?" "Oh, sorry. Just thinking is all." >You try to laugh it off >He goes back to eating >This is killing you >You need to ask him out >The longer you wait, the greater the chance some skank comes in and grabs him >Then you might have to do something rash "Anon." >"Hm?" "D-Do you want to go out?" >"Sure." >Sure? >You wanted more enthusiasm then that... "Just... Sure?" >Anon looks at you briefly, then gives you a thumbs up before going back to his food >Well you'll just have to force him to feel the same way, huh >You meet up with him by his locker after school "Hey Anon." >"Hey," he says, waving to you >As you approach him, you see him wave to some girl as she passes by >What?! "What do you think you're doing?" >He raises his eyebrows at you >"What?" "We're an item now. You can't do stuff like that!" >"I can't say goodbye to friends?" >Anon needed to be educated, clearly "Goodbyes might lead to conversations. Those might lead to a little more. Next thing you know you're whoring yourself out to any slut who walks by! Is that what you want?! To just be some manslut?!" >You were inches from his face now, poking him in the chest with your finger >Where was this coming from? >You were usually only this worked up when planning devious things with the others >Though, that was a thing of the past >Anon took a step back >"If you want this relationship to work, I think you're going to need to give me some breathing room." >What? >WHAT?! >He's basically saying that he intends to cheat on you! >That... That asshole! "Anon, you better rethink your—" >N-Nouh my god >He's holding your hand >You shift as your pants tighten slightly "I-It's okay I guess..." >"So, where are we headed?" "I thought we could hang out at my place, if that's alright with you." >"Sure." >You try to hide a scowl >Always with the "sure" >You'll show him >He'll be as enamored with you as you are to him in no time >You rub your thumb against his palm, feeling a warmth in your chest "So, ever have a girlfriend before?" >"Nope." >Perfect! >No need to worry on that front >You smile >The walk didn't take too long "It's not much, but it's good enough for three teenage girls, I think." >Anon smirks at the mention of "girls" >You eye him suspiciously as you walk inside the apartment >He wasn't thinking this was going to be some sort of harem thing, did he? >Because any inkling in that direction and you'd be forced to take drastic measures >You were the only one for him >"This is actually pretty nice," Anon says, giving you a smile "Th-Thanks." >"So, what do you wanna do?" >Hm "Movie?" >"Sure." "I will break you." >"What's that?" "O-Oh, nothing. Nothing." >No 'That's be lovely, Adagio'?! >Fine "Any preference on the film? We mostly only have horror movies, since Aria is so big into those. They're a little too much for me, though..." >You let your voice trail off >Let him think you'd be scared right into his arms >Anon seems to perk up a bit >"Yeah, you know, I think a horror movie is exactly what we should watch. I mean, it's almost Halloween, you know?" >Gotcha >You put in something mildly scary >Didn't want to watch something Anon wouldn't be able to sit through effortlessly >That would defeat the point >You turn off the lights in the living room and scoot on next to him on the couch >Oh god your heart was beating so hard >Anon put an arm around you >Oh god >You lean against him, laying your head on his shoulder >With all your might, you tried to will the movie to go on a little faster >Get to the scary stuff so you can play pretend, god damn it! >It takes a bit, but lusty teens are being killed off one by one now >You eek and cower against Anon, letting yourself feel the contours of his chest >Well? >Isn't he going to do something? >Cop a feel of your delicious flat chest? "Th-This is so scary, Anon." >"Eh." >You become flushed with rage >Grope me, you fool! >"Are you okay?" "What?" >"Are you okay? You look mad." >You realize you're snarling >Slowly, awkwardly you're sure, you twist it into a smile >And then a laugh "Don't mind me, Anon. Just... Thinking about something Sonata said earlier is all." >"Well, you're missing the movie. It's pretty good, actually. Shouldn't just stare into space or whatever." >You almost let out a rueful grunt >But you hold it in and just giggle and agree >Anon, the fool >Was he just hesitant? >Afraid to make a move? >You lean back against him, and run a finger down along his chest "Anon..." >Anon gulps and turns to you stiffly >You pout at him, continuing to rub your finger along his chest >This should be fucking obvious >"I-I'm gonna go get some popcorn." "NO!" >You cough "I mean, is there anything else you'd rather be doing right now, Anon?" >The look on your face right now probably looks a bit frightening >Crazed, maybe >But seriously "Are you waiting for an invitation?" >"S-Sorry, I'm just not used to this is all." "Just go with it. I'm here. Kiss me." >Anon nods and leans in >You close your eyes and— >The apartment door slams open >"ADAGIO, ADAGIO, LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT." "SONATA, YOU IDIOT, GET OUT OF HERE." >"Ooh, is that Anon? Is he your boyfriend now? Adagio has a boyfriend~" >There is nothing but rage coursing through your veins right now >Nothing >A second ago you were pretty horny, but that's been shifted into 100% intent to kill >Anon is leaning away from you and Sonata, neck stretched out as if recoiling >He just eyes the situation awkwardly >You needed to calm down >Sonata's chanting wasn't helping >"Oh my god, what are you two idiots doing?" >Aria, you're not helping "C-Can you two just go to your rooms, please? I have a guest over." >"Ha. Does he even know?" "Sh-Shut up! Just go to your rooms, right now! Both of you, or you're grounded!" >Aria blows you a raspberry while Sonata simply bounces off to her room wearing outlandish Groucho Marx glasses >That girl only knew how to waste money, you swear "Now, where were we?" >Anon coughs and smiles awkwardly >"So, what don't I know?" >Cold spikes through your chest >No, you didn't want to talk about that "It's just Aria being a cu— asshole as usual. You know how she is." >You sit down next to Anon, nuzzling against him >Head angled up at him, you look into his eyes "Let's get back to business, shall we?" >You hear giggling "I SAID IN YOUR ROOMS." >You hear doors shutting >Anon is shaking his head, rubbing at his ears "Sorry. Don't mind those two. They're idiots." >"You treat 'em like you're their mom." "Uh, I just have to be the mature one, you know. You'd think at their age they'd know better, but... You don't have to listen to my problems, sorry." >Anon shrugs >"Seem like normal teenagers to me, but whatever." >You smile >But on the inside, you glare >He should agree with you >He would if he knew how old they really were >Fucking thousands of years old >Sonata still acts like a down's afflicted toddler, and Aria never got out of her rebellious teenager phase >But still you smiled >You could see Anon's eyes slide back to the television >No, this wasn't good >You were losing him! >You placed your hand on his leg, rubbing it awfully high up on the thigh >That got his attention >Anon started to lean in again, his arms wrapped around you >You closed your eyes >A chill ran down your body as your lips met >It was an odd feeling, soft but invigorating >You adjusted your pants and noticed Anon doing the same >His hands ran firm along your back >Just a little lower, Anon, you can do it... >Over and over, you smacked lips >Your supple flesh lightly tugging at his each time >You let your tongue dart out against his lips >The two of you let your tongues dance against one another >Fuck... "Mmf~" >You moaned hot breaths against his lips >Anon's hands never ventured past the small of your back >Quit being such a prude! >As you kissed, you waited for his hands to take a quick feel of your rear or chest >Come on... >You guided his hand lower with your arm "A-Ah~" >Anon gripped your ass in his hand tightly >He let his fingers run along your backside, sending shivers along your spine >It'd been so long since you'd done anything like this... >And he was getting more brazen too >Groping at your chest with his other hand, running circles along your nipple with his thumb >Your moaning was getting hard to keep down >Taking initiative, you positioned yourself on top of Anon, straddling him >God >All the sensation was becoming too much at this point >You were so hard it was almost painful >Anon bites lightly at your lip and you let out a gasp >You jolt forward at the feeling, pressing against Anon >Immediately, you recoil back >It... Pressed up against him >Did he notice? >Fear engulfed you, quashing everything else you'd been feeling >"A-Adagio?" >Anon's hands are resting on your hips >His head is cocked >You can tell his heart rate is sky high right now >Anon's whole body seems to be jittering slightly >"Did I do something?" >You breath a sigh of relief "No, sorry, I'm just really anxious right now..." >"Me too." >Y-You too, huh? >Peering into the hallway, you see that Sonata and Aria's doors are shut >Good "I'm going to try something..." >You slide off of Anon, winding up between his legs on the floor >Kneeling, you pull him forward to you, his thighs in your hands >Anon coughs >You look up into his eyes with a lustful and devious smirk "Do you want this?" >"S-Sure." >You dig your nails into his legs as your smirk turns to a snarl >"Hey!" "Sure?" >"Yes, sure!" >Fucking fuck, Anon! >You didn't tell him you wanted him to say something else, but c'mon >You didn't need to do that shit >He should just know >You fought every urge in your body to prevent yourself from pouncing on his cock >If you did that, he would just take you for granted "Beg for it." >"Oh, c'mo— Fine, fine!" >Glares work >"Please, please, Adagio. I beg you." >You could hear the pleading tone in his voice >But that wasn't enough >You didn't want him to think you'd be easy >He needed to be as tied to you as you to him "You can do better." >Anon began to beg as if it were for his life >Almost a bit too much for you, honestly >He did say he'd never had a girlfriend before, so... >You can't hold yourself back anymore, and begin furiously unbuttoning his pants >With an amorous fervor, you tug at his pants until they sink at his knees >More delicately, you slide his boxers down until... >You gasp >Oh my >Looking Anon in the eyes, you let a lithe finger slide down against his shaft >He shudders >You grip his cock in your hands >It's thick and hot, thrumming to the beat of his heart >Lightly, you peck at his tip with your lips >Slow, lingering kisses >All the while staring up into his eyes >Every once in a while you let your tongue flitter against the head >"Fuck..." he murmurs lowly, squirming on the couch >You let your lips run a line along his shaft, lower and lower >Your face was pushed into his crotch >Fuck this was turning you on... >You tried not to readjust yourself too often as you continued to let your tongue dance along his rod >Anon's breathing was becoming haggard >You stopped >"Don't stop, please." >Coyly, you lean back in to him, letting your tongue barely touch his tip >Anon continued to squirm in his seat >You couldn't help but rock your hips >Gyrating against the air >You let out hot breaths which waft against his groin >Enough of this >Taking a deep breath, you take the tip of his penis into your mouth >Your tongue swirls around it while you slowly pump him with your hand "Ngh~" >You let your head twist and turn ever so slightly as you bob >His throbbing cock moves in and out of your warm, wet mouth >Closing your eyes, you try and take more and more of him >All the while, your tongue lathers the underside of his cock >"Fuck, you're good at this." >Anon places a hand on the back of your head as you lean back >You shudder at the touch, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up >Beads leak from his tip >...And yours >Fuck >You lose yourself as you continue taking Anon deeper and deeper >His cock reaches further and further into your throat >Burying your head against him, you swallow, letting the muscles of your throat massage him >Your chest burns >You need to breath >You gasp as you surface for air, a long strand of saliva hanging from your lips to his dick >Immediately, you go back in for more >The sound of a door creaking open is lost on you >Shaking, you reached your hand down again, trying to get yourself in a more comfortable position >Your whole body was shuddering as you moaned, downing Anon's cock >"Oh fuck fuck fuck..." >Anon was gasping now >He probably wasn't going to last long >Nothing could contain your lust >You'd never felt this... this need, before >Voraciously, you down his cock >Faster >Anon's hand guides your head down his shaft >Each time it reaches the back of your throat brings you further into ecstasy >Your fingers grip his legs with all your strength >With every breath you breath in the smell of sex, his musk, driving you further into frenzy >"I... I'm gonna cum..." "Mmf~" >The prize at the end >Anon presses your head down against you, full hilt in your mouth >He spasms and thrusts against you in bursts >Gobs of warmth spurt from his tip >It coats your throat and you swallow >The feeling of the hot cum flowing through you causes your eyes to flutter >You moan loudly, shuddering on the spot >To say you were leaking pre-cum would be an understatement >You were staining your panties with the flow >Your heart was threatening to beat itself out of your chest >As Anon's hand loses strength, you continue bobbing, your tongue circling his cock >Anon grips the sofa, grunting >Eventually, you slowed yourself down >There was a loud 'Pop!' as you pulled yourself off from his cock >You were panting hard, tears running down your face >You hadn't realized just how out of breath you were >A violent cough escaped your body, your face completely red >Worth it >"Oh my god... Just... Holy fuck, Adagio." >Anon's breaths came sputtered, his hands still gripping the sofa in a vice "Glad you enjoyed it. I don't think any other girls can do it quite like that." >You gave him a mischievous smile >"I believe you..." >Still panting, you plop yourself onto the couch next to him >Fuck, you were so hard >You cover your crotch with your hand as inconspicuously as you can manage >Anon looks to you and smiles >"I suppose I have to eat you out now, huh?" "Y-You don't have to do that..." >"C'mon Adagio. After that? I owe you like fifty." >You cough awkwardly >"Yeah, c'mon Adagio." "Aria?" >You peek over the sofa to find Aria with a shit eating grin >"What's wrong, Adagio? Nice blowjob by the way. Magnifique." >She punctuates her sentence by kissing her thumb and index finger with a 'mwah' >Asshole >You were too turned on to be angry "Don't ruin this for me, please." >Anon was hurriedly pulling his pants back up in embarassment >"What? Don't want Anon to know?" >"Know what?" Anon said >Anon's eyes darted between you and Aria >You looked at Aria, pleading with her >Of all the times to be a cunt, this was not one of them "Aria, please just leave us alone." >"I don't know, I feel like it's an important piece of info, don't ya think? Probably should've told him before you brought him here." >God she was the worst >Please don't do this >"Told me what? What is going on?" "Aria..." >You hid your face from her and Anon >"Fine, I won't tell him. Go back to doing whatever it was you were doing." >Aria waves goodbye to the two of you as she slinks back into her room >"Adagio, what is she talking about?" >Fuck fuck fuck >Paranoia gripped you >You couldn't tell him >He'd be angry >God knows people have been in the past... "I... Used to be a flying magic seahorse." >"Uh..." "I am siren from the land of Equestria, banished to earth a thousand years ago by a powerful warlock." >Anon rolls his eyes >"If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to." >He pulls you in closer to him "Thanks..." >You pull him down and give him a long, lingering kiss >A door creaks open >"Fun fact, she has a penis. Night, guys." >Anon pulls away, frozen >"She's joking, right?" >You try to speak, but it comes out as stutters >"Right?!" >He shoves you off of him "Anon, I-I can explain." >Anon shakes his head in his hands, muttering to himself >Fucking Aria! >That fucking bitch... >You gulped, body wracked in fear and embarrassment >"No wonder you had no tits..." he mutters to himself "Anon..." >You crawl over to him, but he swats your hand away >Tears well in your eyes >You tried to hold them back >This is what always happened >You shouldn't still be getting sad over this >At most he'd hit you and be on his way >"I just... I'm not gay. Not gay." "Of course not. Nothing that we did makes you gay." >"But you have a penis... Are you one of those futa things? At least that?" "N-No..." >Anon sighs and gets up from the couch >"I'm leaving." "Wait, Anon, please!" >You try and hold on to him, but he pushes you away >Just like that, he's gone >It was always like this... >Why? >You wiped the tears from your face "Aria..." >You hear her laugh from her doorway >"I saved you the trouble, you know." >You glared at her >Hate >Hate >"A-Adagio?" >Vengeance would be yours >You had a raging boner that needed taking care of >She shouts as you shove her into her room >The door slams behind you violently >"Hey, I'm sorry, okay! It was just a joke, you know?" "This is just a joke too." >Aria had the look of fear plastered across her face >Not something you saw often >Only sometimes when you got angry >Very angry >This was the first time in a long time it was directed at her >Last time, you stopped short >Taught her a lesson, gave her a warning >Hundreds of years may have passed since then, but there would be no warnings this time >A smirk crossed your tear-stricken face >In the dark of Aria's room, it must have looked quite intimidating >"Adagio, please!" >Aria crawls backwards on the floor >You follow her, walking slowly >Your erection strained against your pants >Go time, little guy >You point to your crotch "Ain't gonna suck itself." >"I'll do the dishes every day for a hundred years." "Let me think about that." >Hm "No. Get to sucking. Or we can do this the hard way." >Aria's eyes pop open and she crawls over to you in haste >She pulls down your pants hurriedly, your throbbing cock finally free from its stuffy constraints >"Oh... Oh god." "Chop chop." >Aria holds your dick in her hand >She gulps as she eyes it "Well?" >If she kept hesitating, you'd have to just take her by force >You smirked "Tick tock, Aria." >She looked into your eyes and without further hesitation, took you into her mouth >Fuck >The warmth of her mouth was amazing >Her tongue danced along the bottom of your cock >You shudder >Aria bobs back and forth on your cock >Her moist passage felt amazing, but her technique could use help >She mostly just bobbed while jerking you "You're going to need to put more effort into this than that. I want a real apology!" >Aria nodded her head and picked up the pace "Ah~" >She could only take you a little past half way >Not even into the throat >Aria turned her head, lathering your cock with her tongue "You've gotta take a little more than that. All the way, now." >She pulled you out from her mouth >"I... I can't!" "Do it or I'll make you." >Aria gulped >Body trembling, she opened her mouth wide and took you into her >Again, stopping the second you got to her throat >Pushing a little further, she gagged and pulled away >"I can't!" "Guess we're doing this the hard way." >A disturbing smile crossed your face >Before Aria has time to run, you grip her head with your hands >Your grip is firm >You're a lot stronger than you look, and Aria knew that >No running away from this >She goes slightly slack, accepting her fate >Good >You thrust into her mouth, thrusting yourself as far as you can into her mouth >Aria sputters on your cock "Tsk tsk. That's not even all of it." >You hold her there for a bit, trying to push a little further >As she flails, you pull back, leaving just the very tip against her lips >Aria gasps, but it's cut short as you thrust into her mouth again >You shudder >The feeling of her throat is amazing >Her coughs cause her throat to constrict against your head >You almost collapse as your knees wobble >Pleasure crashes over your body in waves >The feeling washes over you >Losing yourself to the feeling, you begin to thrust harder and faster against Aria's face >Tracks of tears run along her face, her mascara running along with them >She struggles against your grip, hacking against your dick "N-Ngh~" >You moan loudly, the sound echoing through the room >Fuck >You push yourself as far as you can, burying your cock deep into Aria's throat as far as it can go >Your whole body quivers at the sensation >Holding back isn't going to be possible anymore >You can feel the orgasm at the base of your cock >Aria is groaning into your cock >The vibrations only serve to bring you over the edge >You push hard against her head, locking her against you >Spasming, you thrust violently into her, your moans almost a scream >You ejaculate into her throat with immense force >Stream after stream is shot directly into her stomach >Ecstasy causes your skin to tingle and tremble as you blow your load >Gasping, you pull out from Aria >She coughs violently, tears streaming down her face >Fucking amazing >"I-I'm sorry." "Sorry doesn't cut it. I'm still angry." >Aria shakes her head, wiping away her tears >"I'm sorry. It's not your fault you're a freak." "What?!" >Aria looks up at you apologetically >"I didn't mean that" >Fuck her >Fuck her so hard >Yes, that was the plan "I thought we were going to be done, but I guess I really do have to teach you a lesson." >You pick her up and push her down onto her bed >"Please!" "Maybe this'll teach you to not fuck with me!" >You jerked your cock, enough to get it hard >In a rage, you tear her pants down to her ankles >Aria gasped as you prodded her opening >"Please, Adagio! Please! I'm still a virgin!" "W-What?" >"I-I've just been lying to make you think better of me." >She looked into your eyes pleadingly "Or you're just lying now." >"N-No I'm not... I swea— FUCK!" >You shove yourself into her womanhood >The two of you shudder >Despite her pleas, Aria was completely wet >The warmth of her pussy against your cock was mind numbing >"Fuck~" "You're not supposed to enjoy this, a-asshole." >You can't help but moan as you thrust in and out of Aria's warm slit >With each thrust, you dug deeper into her >The width of your cock was splaying her, Aria gasping in pain and pleasure >"H-Harder~" >Fuck >You didn't want her to enjoy this! >You slammed your crotch against hers, lodging yourself completely inside of her >Your moans fill the air, sweat dripping off your bodies >Harder and harder you thrusted against her with intent to harm >It only seemed to bring her closer to closer to climax >Aria gyrated against you, thrusting herself against you rhythmically >F-Fuck >You didn't want her to enjoy this so much >The urge to keep fucking was almost impossible to ignore >Her pussy clenched against your cock, almost milking you "F-Fuck!" >"A-Adagio~" >With one hand on the bed supporting you, you groped Aria's breasts with the other >Her supple flesh was smooth against your soft fingers >She cooed as you prodded at the nub of her nipple >Aria yelped as you pinched hard >"Y-YES!" >Come the fuck on >You pull out from Aria's slit >Aria's face goes from pleasure, to confusion, then fear >"Dagi, what are y—" >You flip her over without restraint >Taking her plump ass into your hands, you rub your tip against her read >"Don't!" "This is a punishment. You don't get to enjoy it." >With that, you shove yourself into her ass as far as you can go >She screams >It's tight as fuck against your cock "M-My~" >Aria's body stiffens >You can tell she's not enjoying this >Exactly what you wanted >Without inhibitions, you hammer into her asshole >"Stop! It hurts!" >Your eyes roll up as pleasure takes over you >Aria bites the sheets, hands turning red as she holds the side of her bed >Her body has gone stiff, but the feeling of her ass slapping against you spurs you on >The sound of your grunts and thrusting fill your ears >Tears are beginning to well in Aria's eyes again >Your cock is stretching out her ass greater than it's ever been >The tight tunnel constricts against your cock with each thrust >You couldn't even think >You let the lust take you, pounding Aria with everything you had >Her ass was getting red and raw from the force of your bodies meeting >Gripping her hips tightly, you plowed deeper and deeper into her asshole >Fucking fuck she felt amazing >"Stop!" >Aria gritted her teeth, whimpering >It only heightened your arousal >You felt like you could fire off at any second >As if you could burst from your skin >Your whole body spasmed as you buried your cock in her >Anyone who could pull you out from here would have to be crowned King fucking Arthur "Fuck!" >Your mind went blank as you convulsed on top of Aria >Sperm burst forth from your tip, sputtering out from Aria's ass and dripping down her crotch >You collapse on top of her, panting >You roll over, gasping and grinning >That was a good fuck >Hadn't had one of those in a while >And damn did Aria have a great ass "S-So, learn your lesson?" >"Yes..." she whimpered in reply >The anger you'd felt had drained from your body >Aria wiped her hands against her face, sniffling "Just stop fucking with me. Every fucking time I've ever found a guy, you say some shit. Usually they run away without needing you to say anything anyways, but..." >"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay?" >You nodded >"What were you guys doing?" "S-Sonata?" >You quickly pulled your pants back up >"It looked weird." "You shouldn't have been watching. That was adult stuff." >"I'm an adult." >You shake your head "Just go to bed." >"I'm older than Aria! Whatever you were doing with her you can do with me!" "Sonata, ju—" >"I'M NOT A LITTLE KID. WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING, I DEMAND WE DO IT. Together, though, since we're friends and leaving people out is bad." >Fucking Sonata "Fine... Get over here." >This was going to be a long night [Fin]