Sonata Feels like a Burden - by Virdis

>Acidic rain drops streaked upon the glowing signs fixated and the monstrous structures of Neo-Canterlot. >The precipitation bouncing off your rusty Dyson's purple rooftop made an irritating pattering sound. >The old hovercraft needed some work no doubt and this downpour wasn't helping. >You grumbled under your breath against against the inclement weather. "Figures." >You'd had your eyes locked on the seedy looking bar about sixty hands down the street. >Trixie's. >That place was the worst. >You gave out a small sigh of disdain as you once again checked the date reading on your central display hub, rereading the blocky green text. >The fifth time in the last deci-min. >[8.34.61] >[Wed., 23/11/33] >That was the old system you reminded yourself. >Officially it was year twenty one of the F.E. >The Friendship Era they called it. >The era that 'harmony' had come to the world. >All thanks to the benevolent heroines who had made it so. >Your hands tightened their grip on your control column, making the faux-leather whine in reply. >What a bunch of-. >*Crunch* >"Nonny?" "Hmm?" >You looked over to your right. >The cyan colored girl in the passenger seat was fidgeting nervously, her raspberry eyes stuck on some point outside the window as she stuffed the last bit of taco you'd bought her. >At least she'd allowed you to have one, albeit one with an usually large amount of salsa. You could barely taste anything else on it. >But the way the alternating lights drenched her in the neon colors, the fluorescent rays bouncing off her soft ponytailed hair, perfect skin and cheap jewelry... >Somehow she looked sadder than you'd ever remembered. >Yet still the brightest thing in this piece of junk. >And a gem in your life. "Yeah? What's up Sonata?" >She closed her eyes tightly, then opened them again with a weak smile in your direction. >"N-nothing. Forget it." >Sonata Dusk. As the name might suggest she wasn't always the brightest of the bunch. >She and her sisters, Adagio and Aria, fugitives from the magical land of Equestria. >An accident had brought about your meeting. >But survival had kept you together. >You checked the display hub on the front control hub. >8.34.93 >You looked out each of the windows and checked the perimeter mirrors for any signs of potential trouble. >A few bums were huddled under a canopy not far down a dark alleyway across the street. >Trying to keep warm in the the barely masked urban blight. >Some pedestrians were walking by, clinging to the safety of the illuminated sidewalk and trying not to notice the less fortunate. >Perhaps they were Equestrian renegades too. >One could never be too sure just who was from which side these days. >Sonata shifted in her seat again. >From the corner of your eye you could see she had caught sight of the same scene. >She tensed her lips before noticing your eyes on her again and gave a tiny shrug with another, even weaker smile. "You sure you're alright?" >She gave an awkward laugh and waved you off with a contrived casualness. >"Pshhh. Yeah, totes. Why wouldn't I be?" "You've been kind of weird all evening. Ever since we left that taco kiosk." >Sonata chuckled nervously. >"Whattaya mean Nonny?" >The ponytailed siren put her hands over her belly in dramatic fashion. >"Oh! Must be some non-digestion. Yeah that's probably it. Just some bad salsa or something!" >Another nervous chuckle. >Look who was talking. >Your own stomach was starting to bother you after your little snack. >That was definitely going to be the last time you let Sonata pick your toppings. >You still couldn't help but roll your eyes. >This girl had to be one of the worst liars you'd ever seen. "You mean IN-digestion?" >"That's what I said!!!" >Sonata's posture became more defensive as she folded her arms and furrowed her brow. >Perhaps there was some resemblance. >You stretched out your hand to place it on her arm. >You lowered it gently as her face softened and her eyes averted your own. "Sonata, I've known you for over a year. You eat tacos multiple times a week and I've never seen you have any problems because of it. Now if you want to talk later we can but this isn't the time or place for this." >Sonata gave a tiny nod as she stared down at her feet. >The pattering rain on the rooftop permeated the silence as the deci-secs passed. >The pain in your guts wasn't getting any better though. >Quite the opposite in fact. >Sonata turned her head away from you so you couldn't see her face and spoke in a low tone. >Nonny... Do you think... I'm like... A... A burden?" >The words came out of her with so much effort you almost thought she might be getting sick after all. >Usually Sonata was the type to try and cheer up the gang. >Not this melancholic sad girl sitting next to you. >Her face was still turned away. >But reflected in the glass you could see the watery streaks on the window matched the ones beneath her eyes. >A sharp pain shot through your abdomen like a someone had stuck a knife you. >You let out a small gasp but Sonata didn't seem to notice. "Ugh... Wait, what? Why would you say that?" >"I know what you think of me. Like I'm just a dumb baby you have to watch over so my sisters won't have to." "I... Gah! Geez..." >That taco was really doing a number on you. >You were starting to feel nauseous and your pulse was racing. "Ergh. I mean, no, I don't think that." >Sonata huffed. >"Yes you do. I've been around my sisters long enough to know when someone's lying Anon. I know I'm not as smart as them but..." >Her reflection narrowed it's gaze as she stared >"Sometimes I think you guys just want me gone." >She sniffed a few times. >But still refused to look at you. >"Maybe you're right." "Sonata. Look at me." >You placed your hand under her chin and turned head so you could look into her eyes. >They were cold. >But also looked guily. >Nothing like what you were used to seeing in saw in this usually happy, beautiful girl. >The pain in your stomach was getting more excruciating by the minute but you could take a few moments to address this. "Sonata, if I've made you doubt yourself? Then that's my mistakes as your friend. Do you understand?" >Sonata pouted. "I'll always want you with me. Your sisters and I won't ever leave you. Okay?" >"Kay." >The pain came back in a final big wave, causing you to fold over as your intestines were wracked with agony. >You couldn't even keep your eyes open. >"Nonny!" >You felt a soft pair of hands gently grasp your face, pulling you back up as the scent of Sonata's perfume became stronger and the warmth of her body met yours. >And your lips were pressed together. >They tasted sweet, but also strange. >A flavor you couldn't quite describe. >Like a forbidden fruit from a land long forgotten. >Was it the lipstick? >Or another form of magic that sirens possessed? >You had no time to ponder these questions as she broke off the embrace and you opened your eyes to see her giving you a blushing smile. "What was that for?" >Sonata rubbed her arm sheepishly and grinned. >"I thought it would make you feel better." >Sure enough, the searing in your stomach was slowly abating. >And being replaced with butterflies. >End.