Anon's got a lover and her name is Aria! - by Coccolare

>what an excellent day to head off to the Sugarcube Corner Pinkie wouldn’t stop talking about, you’ve never really been here so it outta be interesting >”Come on Nonny! They’re having a sale on those fudge cakes I wanted you to try!” “Alright alright…hold your horses, I just need to tie my shoe, give me a sec Pinkie.” >as you’re tying your shoe, you see a hooded figure inside, you couldn’t tell who it was, but for some reason it felt important, as if you saw that figure before… >you walk inside and see some friendly faces, Rarity, Dash, Twilight, Flutters, And Applejack. They all greet you with some sups and HI’s >you begin to sit with the gang and do the same >”Nonny! Here! Try this!” says the Pink haired gal >she hands you some fudge cupcake thing, but you weren’t exactly interested in that at the moment. You were wondering who that hooded figure was… >you let out a sigh then you bite that fudge cupcake thing Pinkie gave you >goodgodthisisdayumgood.jpeg “Wow Pinkie, this is amazing! How much do I owe ya?” >”Oh Nonny! You don’t have to pay me back! You enjoying it is good enough for me!” >you smile and thank her >Rainbow calls out to you and gives you a friendly little punch in the arm, “Yo Anon! You want to come with us to the arcade? We’re gonna meet up with sunset shimmer over there. I got a high score to beat with your name on it!” “ehh not today Dash, I needed to take care of something today…” >the entire gang look at you funny, they never thought you’d be having plans while you were with them >”uhhh…you sure buddy?” Dashie says “I’m positive, something just came up and I need to take care of it before it’s too late. Sorry guys…” >”Ah, well alrighty then, if you decide that you want to hang out later, give us a call! See-ya later anon! “Take care guys!” >and with that, they’re off! >with them out of the way, you decide how you’re going to confront the hooded figure without spilling some spaghetti >you get up to buy yourself a shake from Mrs. Cake and begin to sit down and keep an eye the mysterious person across the room >You look even closer without him noticing you *wait a second, it’s a girl…wait- its Aria! I knew she looked familiar, but why is she by herself? Where is her friends?* >you’re eager just to go over there and sit with her, but right now, you’re feeling like a damn beta at the moment *come on Anon! Be a man! I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance like this again…but then again, she was evil and she tried enslaving a bunch of kids at Canterlot High, oh what am I saying...I just…sigh…I just think…maybe she’s changed…maybe I can befriend her… >You slowly walk over to the table where Aria is sitting at >Alright, just play it cool, you got this >As you’re near the table you notice your shoe was untied again >Goddammit shoe y u do dis >Spaghetti ensues >Aria notices you but she doesn’t say a word at all, she just looks your distance “Uhhhh…hey there…Aria.” >She just looks at you, still completely silent “How you been? Everything okay?” >”What’s it to ya?” she says in what seemed to be a depressing tone “Well, it’s just that you’re sitting here by yourself, shouldn’t you be with your friends?” >”I don’t have friends, not anymore…” “What happened?” did you all ju-“ >”I don’t know where you’re getting at, just leave me alone! Don’t talk to me!” >She furiously gets up and starts walking out the door >Dammit, what made her get so upset that easily? >You follow her out the door “Wait! Aria, I’m just trying to help you out!” >”I don’t need anyone’s help, I just want to be alone!” “Is that what you really want? Because…I’m here for you…” >She stops walking and just stands there on the sidewalk >”You…care?” >It sounded like she was about to cry, and boy were you right >”Y-you don’t know what it’s like t-to be hated from everyone! I’ve done nothing but hurt people, I don’t think anyone would forgive me after what I’ve done!” >Tears are falling down her face like a river “That’s not true… I forgive you.” >She looks at you with a blank expression >She has her hand out, almost as if she was ready to punch you >She’s clenching both her fists >She’s coming at you like a wild bull >Ohshithereitcomes >You close your eyes and you get ready to face the storm “…” >Wha-? >You open your eyes only to see that Aria has her arms wrapped around you, you feel the most tightest hug you’ve ever felt in your life >She has her face buried onto your chest, you can tell she is crying her tears onto you >You then wrap your arms around her, feeling her warm and soft embrace, you can also smell an absolutely amazing perfume on her, you couldn’t tell what it smelled like, but it smelled so good, that you didn’t want this hug to end, but it had to “Aria…” >She continues to weep on you “Aria…please stop crying.” >She looks up at you, still having her arms wrapped around you >Her face was a bit red, with tears sulking down to her cheeks >”I’m s-sorry anon i-it’s just that my life has been a living nightmare right now, I don’t know what to do, I’ve lost everything...nobody wants to talk to me…I had to get a job as far away from here just to make a living.” >You grab a napkin out of your pocket and clean off Aria’s wet, teary face >”Heh, y-you didn’t have to do that anon…” “I didn’t want to see your face like that, feeling better? >”A l-little…thanks…” >You and her are facing each other, Aria isn’t looking at you straight in the eyes but you are >You slowly take your hand and pull down her hood, revealing much more of her head >You were now able to see her more clearly now, you’ve never witnessed sheer beauty like this >Those pigtails, that lovely purple and cyan colored hair, those amazing purple eyes of hers… >You and her were now looking straight into each other’s eyes, almost as if you were…under her spell… >But not a spell that can control you, it was love >It felt very strange looking at her in the eyes like that, both of you were lost for words “Soooo ummm…do you want to come over to my place, we can talk and I can brew us some tea?” >”I would love to anon, but can we do it tomorrow, I have to go…uh…here’s my number!” >She gives you her number “Alright, thanks, I’ll see you around…” >And with that, both of you run off >As your walking down the sidewalk and shoving all the spaghetti back in your pocket, you walk by the arcade and stop in your tracks *I wonder if my friends are in there* >You run in and your friends don’t appear to be anywhere, in fact, it’s almost empty >You check the time >Whoaitsprettyfreakinlate >It still looks early out though >Ah well better head home *Moments later* >As you arrive home, you sit down on your couch and the first thing you do is check your phone, sadly, nothing “Damn I can’t be THIS beta, I need to text her first.” >You type out a “hey!” >Only thing to do now is to wait >While you wait, you hear your stomach grumble “Welp, might as well grab me a snack while I wait.” >You leave your phone on the counter >You go to the kitchen >Check the freezer >See a hotpocket >Perfect >As you take it out the wrapper and shove it in the microwave, you hear your phone >Oh man >You run in and check your phone >Shit, it’s just rainbow dash… >”What’s up anon? Guess you didn’t want to come over to the arcade huh? Tomorrow we’ll be over at pinkies house, she wanted me to tell you to come over tomorrow! It’ll be fun” >You send her a response right away “Ah shucks, tell pinkie sorry but I got plans with someone already, but next time! I promise!” >You put your phone down again >BEEP BEEP “That must be the hotpocket! >As you get your food and come back you immediately hear your phone again >You pick it up, its Aria >”Hi anon. what are you up to?” >Textingintensifies “Oh nothing much just eating some food, are you feeling alright?” >And with that the both of you send out texts back and forth, you smile and chuckle at some she sends out, you both really seem to have a great time texting each other *3 hours later* “Well Aria, it’s been great getting to know more about you, but its late and I gotta head to bed.” >”Same here, g’night anon, sweet dreams! :)” “Night! You too! :)” >You let out a yawn, then you knock out on the bed, tomorrow you’re really looking forward to an awesome day THE NEXT DAY >10 AM >You’ve woken up with possibly the best sleep of your life >You’re greeted with a morning text >Aria again >”Morning sleepyhead! :P” >you send out a text saying “hehehe morning! :D” >”So what time should I come over?” “Come at 2, I need some time to prepare and stuff.” >”Okey dokey” 12 AM >You’ve already started to clean up most of the apartment >Dishes were cleaned >Floor was Mopped >Things were organized >You were showered, spiffy, and clean >it’s all going accordingly 1:00 PM >Everything was all set and ready to go, now you just needed to wait for Aria to show up >while you wait, you decided to play on the PS3 for a bit >time to play some castle crashers for a bit *1 hour later* >You hear knocking >could it be Aria? >You pause the game >you go up to the door and open it >its Aria! >”Hey Anon, I c-came exactly at 2 like ya said hehe…” “Come on in! Have a seat, and make yourself at home. >Aria sits in the right corner of the couch >She looks pretty shy right now >I should make her feel a little livelier here “You want to play some Castle Crashers with me?” >“W-What’s that?” “It’s a really fun game, here I’ll show you!” >You hand Aria the first player controller while you use the second controller you have “You ever play video games Aria?” >”Nope, I’ve never really tried them…” >She’s starting to speak up some more, but enough, let’s play! >You sit on the couch with her and you take her to the arena mode just so you can teach her the controls and basics >In just 25 minutes, she already gets use to the game “Wow, you caught on pretty quickly? You get how it works right?” >”I want to be the green knight, the way they’re drawn look so adorable!” “I know, I love how they look too! I think I’ll be the red one” >You and Aria play the first level >luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about leveling, you already have most of the characters up to 40+ >”We aren’t fighting each other?” “Oh, we’re teaming up, we only fight in some levels.” >”Oh okay, that’s cool.” >40 minutes pass by and we are at the boss level >Neither one of us has died and we’re doing great >Now it’s time for us to battle it out for the princess >”Ready for a woopin’ anon?” “You wish!” >we battle for about 20 minutes and I can’t believe what I witness before my eyes >Aria beats me “Wha-how?!” >”Hahahaha, feels good to kiss that princess!” “That…was amazing! You sure you’ve never played video games before?” >”I swear I haven’t!” >You continue onto the next level >Aria makes herself alot more comfortable >She scoots herself next to you and she does something unexpected >She rests her head on your shoulder >ohshitohshitohshit >”Anon…” “Y-Yeah…?” >”Not to be rude, but can we stop playing? I want to talk to you.” >She just wants to talk, play it cool >”You don’t have to turn off the game…just leave it paused.” “Oh, alright. What’s been bugging you?” >”It’s just…well I’m…I’m sorry for everything…” “About what?” >”You know…I’m a monster, you know that.” >You stay silent >”I mean…I really didn’t mean to threaten or terrorize and entire high school, I was only doing it because Adagio manipulated me and Sonata into thinking power was good, me and Sonata had no interest in doing any of that in the first place. In fact…I didn’t really like being around Adagio in the first place…I always tell myself that things will be better, but it always isn’t…I don’t belong here in this world cause I’m not important in any way…” “Aria… Don’t say that…You are important. From what I’m hearing from you, it’s definitely not your fault, you didn’t know any better…You want to know what I think? I think you need a friend…not someone who will be with you for personal gain, but a friend…” >”Anon…Why we’re you so interested in me anyways? Why do you care so much about me? “I felt something strange in me…It was…weird, I couldn’t just bare to see you so lonely…I needed to be with you…” >Aria stays silent “Sorry, that was too m-much… that was weird of me...I-I don’t know why I sa-“ >Aria grabs your shirt and pulls you in to her and before you know it, both of your lips meet >Her hands touch your face face >They were soft >Your tongues both dancing in an elegant way in each other’s mouths >Eyes both closed >Hands touching each other’s body >It felt like you were with an angel from heaven right beside you >You both stop to take a breather >Both of you look at each other, still gracefully holding each other’s embrace >Dem purple eyes >They’re hard NOT to look at >Beautiful is what they were >You try to think of something to say >But once again, you were lost for words “S-so um, want to continue playing C-Castle C-Crashers?” >”Nah, I don’t want to be a knight,so let me be your princess instead <3” >ohmy… >You turn off the TV >Throw down the controllers >Aria adjusts herself >she sits on your lap then once again, both your lips meet >You didn’t want it to stop >You give gentle nibbles on her neck >She moans then bends one of her knee’s on your body >”Anon…that tickles…please don’t stop.” >You continue to nibble but just a tiny bit more harder >Not enough to hurt her though, just the right pressure >You can see her hands grasping onto the couch >She’s really enjoying this >And so are you >”Anon, I want to be your lover…” “And I want you to be my lover Aria…” >”Then it’s settled.” “We just met though, I want to take things slow, know what I mean?” >”Of course…Do you think it’s bad that we…did this?” “Nonsense…” >You caress her soft, beautiful hair >Gently touching through the highlights and slowly moving closer to smell her hair >It smelled like lilac’s, you could smell her hair for hours if you wanted to >She quickly gets up off the couch “Wha-?” >”Hey anon…its getting late for me…I’m sorry but I gotta go.” “Oh… a-alright, do you wa-“ >She interrupts what you were going to say to give you one last kiss on the lips >”I know you said to take it slow, but I couldn’t resist giving you one little treat before I head off, goodnight anon, sweet dreams.” “Y-You too…” >She walks out the door and heads off >As you're adjusting yourself you think about what has happened today >You just wanted to help Aria and befriend her >Now she's your girlfriend and you couldn’t be more happier >But was it all meant to be this way? >How will your friends react? >For now, you will keep this to yourself >After all, you didn’t want to become like Trixie and boast about it >You will let your friends find out for themselves >If they question, you answer, simple as that >What could go wrong? >Your phone rings and vibrates >It's a text from Pinkie >"Nonny! Nonny! What's up? :3" >You decide to text her for a bit "Oh hey Pinkie, what's going on?" >"Nothing much~ how's everything? You've been awfully busy and you're not hanging out with us like you usually do, everything okay? You can tell good ol' pinkie if you've got problems!" "Huh? Oh, no I don’t have any problems! I've Just been busy with some things lately." >"It sounds like you're not telling me something Nonny...are you hiding something :/?" "Who me? Naaaah don’t be ridiculous Pinkie! I've just been pretty busy." >"With what? >:/" >uh oh "Stuff" >She hasn’t responded for like a minute >She’s usually fast when it comes to responding someone’s text >She must have written some paragraph about something >You get the text >”Okey Dokey! ^-^! Text ya next time Nonny! Goodnight!” >Whew “Have a goodnight Pinkie!” >You slap your phone on the counter >You head off to sleep cause man oh man you were tired from today >Let’s see what the next day will bring THE NEXT DAY >Getting up once again from a great sleep >This time with a text from your lover >Time to whip out the phone again >”Morning sleepyhead! :3” ”hey there :) how ya doing?” >”Just thinking about you <3 Hey I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at the park next week?” “Oh absolutely. I’d love to! What time? >”11 AM, I’ll be waiting :) Have a good day Anon!” “You too Aria! :D” >And with that done, you do what you do every morning >Fix bed, brush teeth, shower, eat some cereal >Time to see what’s in store for today >You head out to the usual Sugarcube corner today to hang with your friends >You walk inside >Weird >Aria isn’t there this time >You try your best to look, but she can’t be seen at all >”ANOOOOOOOON!” “WHAT THE-“ *BEAR HUG FROM PINKIE AND RAINBOW!* >You didn’t think you’d be missed THIS much from your friends >Feelsgood…and weird… >”Nonny we haven’t seen you in forever!” “Pinkie…it’s only been one day…” >”Oh…well we’re still happy to see you anyways! You see I-“ >Rainbow interrupts Pinkie >“ALLLLLLLLRight Anon! No excuses! You, me, arcade, NOW!” >Gulp “uhhhh I forgot my wallet at home Rainbow…” >”Not to worry, I’ll pay for you! After all, what are friends for?” “Oh… gee thanks Rainbow…” >She runs in the arcade and so does Pinkie “What’s the matter Anon? Aren’t you coming inside?” “Sure thing Rainbow…” >You walk inside the bright lit arcade >people were chatting it up and having a grand ol’ time >You can see rainbow right across the room >Her body was ready >And as for you? Not really… >The time was ready for you to face off against her in Marvel vs Capcom 2 >You aren’t exactly experienced in this game and neither is Rainbow >The both of you are pretty okay when it comes to this kind of game, Rainbow was just better though >She’s pretty good at other fighting games too >You aren’t good at fighting games at all >The only reason you beat her in Marvel last time is because you got lucky >”Here ya go Anon, good luck cause you’ll be needing it hehe!” >She hands you an arcade token >You slide it in the machine >You ready yourself >Damn, it looks like she’s choosing her best characters >Magneto, Dr. Doom, and Venom… *Damn, I wanted to pick Venom…Guess I’ll be choosing Spiderman, Cap, and BB Hood…* >with that the battle begins! >Pinkie watches the both of you brawl it out >”Hooooo this is SUPER exciting! Who’s gonna win? Anon? Rainbow? Anon? Rainbow? Anon? Rainbow? A-” Rainbow & Anon: “PINKIE!” >you’re down Spiderman >She’s still got her characters >Damn, this is getting rough >Tfw no maximum spider >”Getting a bit rusty there Anon?” >Nope, Final justice her ass >You take out her Doom “How’s it feel to lose Dr. Doom?” >”Don’t get so cocky! I’ve still got more health!” >damn she’s right >At this pace, she might actually beat you “Oh man…” >SHIT >You lost BB Hood from her Magneto >Pinkie’s seen eating some popcorn from the reflection >”Now this is getting good!” >uhoh >Rainbow dash uses Venom web on cap >This isn’t looking too good >Cap’s not out yet, but Rainbow is definitely winning >”You know Anon, you don’t have to go easy on me aha.” >You try so hard to make a comeback, but you just don’t have enough power to pull off a special >But Rainbow can >Oh no >Rainbow pulls off a magnetic shockwave on Cap “Cap NOOOOOO!” >Rainbow has defeated you >”WOOHOO! I DID IT!” >”Way to go Rainbow!” Shouts Pinkie >What an embarrassing defeat >Rainbow puts her arm around you then she pets and rubs your head >”No hard feelings Anon, this makes us even now. Maybe someday you’ll beat me again!” “I wasn’t prepared for this, but next time I’ll get you back!” >Rainbow smiles and pats you on the back a couple of times >”And then next time you can also pay for me buddy, now c’mon! let’s enjoy the rest of the day here, you hungry? “What did you have in mind?” >”Actually, Pinkie here was gonna order a pizza for all of us!” >”Yeah!” says Pinkie, “So what are we waiting for? Let’s eat!” >This is going to be a long day… >You’re already thinking about her >Just chill out, next week is going to be amazing >Just you and you’re lover >Together in the park >Hopefully there will be kissing and cuddling >Uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnffff >Just daydreaming about her already makes you want to see her again >But how long is 1 week? >I guess only time will tell… >But at least you had your friends by your side >Just enjoy today with Rainbow and Pinkie >And enjoy this week >Everything is gonna be fine PARK DAY >10:50 AM >It looked pretty gloomy today >The news said it wasn’t even going to rain today but from the looks of things, it just might >What a pity, you’re wearing you’re best collared shirt and favorite knitted plaid vest >Hopefully it doesn’t rain >But no matter >Time to look for Aria >You walk around the park to see if you spot the wonderful girl >hm, she’s nowhere to be seen >it’s still pretty early, better just wait >You sit at the nearest bench all by yourself >It’s a pretty big park and Aria is nowhere to be seen >Come to think of it, this park is actually pretty empty >Park’s aren’t this empty nowadays are they? >She’s probably just running late >No text’s from her either >Nothin’ >But man, this park looks beautiful >The grass is bright green >no trash >no mud >No defecation of any kind >it feels like you could lay down on the grass without feeling any sort of discomfort >Perhaps you should, maybe it’ll feel- “WOAH! Everything’s dark!” >”Guess who!” >You knew exactly who it was, she was sneaking up right behind you just so she can cover your eyes with her soft, vibrant hands >She takes her hands off just so she can give you a nice firm hug from behind >You turn around and you give her a nice hug in return “Aria!” >”Anon! I’ve missed you.” “Me too Aria, how was your week?” >”It was great, but today it’s gonna be even better!” >She runs up to you and hugs you so hard, the both of you fall to the ground >You fall on your back while she falls onto you >The both of you are now cuddling on the soft, grassy ground >She gives you a bit of kisses on both of your cheeks and on your forehead >You do the same to her >This is just what you had imagined last week >This is just what you’ve been waiting for >You cuddle up to her from behind and brush your face up against her hair >It smells really good >You hug her tightly >Then you decide to play with her a bit >You tickle her all around her body >She starts to giggle and then… >”AAHH ANON AHAHA STOP IT AHAHAHAHA OHHH AHAHA!” >She grips your arm >She tickles you back “ARIAHAHAHAH OH MANAAAHAHA CUT IT OUT AHAHA!” >She smiles >”Yeah, doesn’t feel too good huh? Hahahaha” >You grab her by the waist then you pull her in for a kiss >You can hear her moaning >just a little >Her lips pressed against yours was an amazing feeling yet again >Her lips were so soft >Her delicious scent and taste >This goes on for about 5 minutes *Drip* >You notice its sprinkling >The both of you take a breather to notice >You hear a bit of thunder >it looks like it’s going to rain really hard pretty soon >”Anon, we’ve got to go! We’re gonna get wet!” “Let’s go to my place, it’s really close!” >The both of you head out and the both of you are pretty soaked >So much for staying at the park awhile longer >At last, you make it to your home with Aria by your side >You look out the window “Storm’s a brewin!” >Aria looks out the window right next to you >”Wow, I’m sure glad you live pretty close to the park Anon!” “I’ll say! Here Aria, let me get you a towel, you look pretty soaked.” >”Thanks. Can I use your bathroom by the way?” “Absolutely! Across the hall to your right!” >You grab yourself a towel then dry yourself off >you sit on your couch and wait for Aria to return (to be continued)