The Heistlings - by Anonymous

"EVERYONE ON THE GROUND, NOW!" >A wave of panic sweeps over the Canterlot City Bank as two figures barge their way into the building >Armed with guns and hiding behind very colorful masks, the two point their guns at almost everyone in sight >The one with the large, orange hair barks the order and everyone obeys, including the security officers >After making sure everyone is prone, the two set their plan into motion "Good. Number 2, make sure that the teller doesn't set off her alarm." >They motion their gun over to the woman with her arms raised at the counter >The voice can be made out as feminine, along with her partner's >"Whatever." >With her gun raised to the teller, the one with the purple-streaked hair sauntered over to the counter "Now as for the rest of you..." >The woman seemingly in charge waves her gun through the air, pointing the barrel at each group in the building >"Stay as you are, and maybe I won't use this. Maybe." >A sinister laugh can be heard from behind the mask >As she stands watch over the petrified hostages, "#2" begins shouting orders to the bank teller >"You wanna give us everything in that safe back there, or do you want me to paint the wall behind you red?" >The woman behind the counter nods shakily, turning around very slowly towards the bank vault >#2 follows her back there with the gun pointed at the teller's head >As they arrive at the vault, the teller brings her trembling hands down to the combination lock >She begins pressing the buttons slowly, yet incredibly spasmodically and ends up inputting the wrong code >ERRRRR >The teller begins whimpering from her failed attempt >"What's the fucking problem? Open the goddamn vault. NOW." >"I-I'm sorry!" >She tries again with the same speed, though this time, she is successful >The vault door slowly opens >#2 grunts in approvment, the corners of her mouth almost tearing through the mask >She pushes the gun into the teller's head, urging her to move into the safe >"Go." >The teller surrenders to her will and moves into the vault first >As this is happening, the orange-haired keeps her gun over the small crowd of bystanders >A small, static noise can be heard from the bag over her shoulder >With her free arm, she fishes into the bag and pulls out a walkie-talkie and brings it to her mouth "Say that again?" >"It's open, you ready Number 3?" >"Ready as Freddy, Ari-oh, I mean, Number 2!" >The shrill voice on the other side of the two-way radio that almost gave them away was the getaway driver >It was heavily debated between the three of them as to whether #3 would be the one to drive, but it seemed like the best option >This way, they wouldn't have to kill for no reason, since she probably would've killed someone for flinching >"Loading up the bag now, I'll be there to get your bag soon, Number 1." "Copy. Hostages are normal." >A wicked smile lie behind the mask of Number 1 >She hadn't felt like this since the time she almost had an entire high school to do her bidding >"Bag loaded, on my way to you now." >"Hey guys, what's that one song that goes 'Wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh?" >The smile of #1 vanished as quickly as it had appeared "Say again, Number 3?" >Her voice was noticably startled >"Well, someone's playing that song really loud. It's getting closer too. Oooh, do you think they'll know?" >Change of plan "Number 2, lose the teller and take what you have!" >The gun in #1's hand began to shake as worry filled her entire being "Stay down, all of you! I WILL fucking shoot you!" >A few disregarded her warning and slowly got to their knees "I mean it!" >A couple more now >To keep everyone down, she fired a warning shot down onto the floor next to one of the security guards >At this, the ones on their knees quickly went back to a prone position and a few screams of terror rang through the bank >The frantic footsteps of the second robber followed shortly thereafter >"Let's go let's go!" >#2 burst open the door to the outside >#1 followed close behind, her gun still raised towards her soon-to-be former hostages >She began stepping backwards and continued to do so until she had made a few steps from the door >She ran as fast as her legs could carry her >"STOP!" >The voices of the guards blasted her back, despite being several meters away >The police sirens were getting closer >The two crooks began conversing through pants >"How the fuck did they get onto us?!" "The teller probably hit the alarm... as soon as we came in." >A grunt of dissatisfaction leaves the purple-haired woman >After about twenty seconds of running, both #1 and #2 managed to make it to the rendezvous point for pickup >A small alley not too far from the bank >The doors to the back of the getaway van were already open >The face of a blue-haired woman peeked from behind the driver's seat, a smile plastered on her face >"Hi guys!" >#2 climbed into the back first, throwing the sack of money in with her >After a fit of panting, she removed her mask and spoke to her partner in crime >"Shut the fuck up Sonata." >Her words were laced with venom, though it didn't seem to faze the blue-haired driver >#1 jumped into the back with #2, the latter closing the door behing the former >She tore the mask off of her face, casting it aside "Gun it, Sonata!" >"Gun it?" "Yes, GUN IT!" >"If you say so, Dagi!" >Sonata then points her gun at the windshield and fires >Glass scatters all over the dashboard and the hood of the van "You have got to be fucking- JUST DRIVE!" >"You got it!" >The sound of tires screeching drowns out the sirens temporarily >The sirens crept closer >"Hee-hee, this is so exciting!" "Sharp left!" >Sonata violently tugged the wheel to the side, throwing anything not strapped down to the right side of the van, the other girls included >Aria began rubbing her head after the impact >"Agh, fuck Sonata, maybe a little LESS sharp next time?" >The deep purple eyes of the driver looked to the girls in the back >"Oops, sorry Ari." "Just...get us out of here, Sonata." >The van picks up speed, yet the sirens were as close as they were before >"We're not losing them, Adagio..." >Hums could be heard coming from Sonata >"But I am about to lose my fucking mind if Sonata doesn't SHUT UP." >Sonata's face sulks as Aria says this >"Awww, Aria. I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'll get us somewhere safe." >Sonata then began doing multiple turns practically everywhere she went in an attempt to lose the police >It actually seemed to work as the sirens were becoming more and more distant >Sonata then drove into the lot of an abandoned building near the town's docks >After scanning the area for anyone and anything, she pulled into the building itself >From inside, the sirens were not even audible >The van's engine came to a halt >"Alrighty, here we are~!" >Aria opened the van's door and climbed out, Adagio following shortly after >They looked around the building >Run-down and dingy >"THIS is 'somewhere safe?' >Sonata exited the driver's seat and greeted the other two at the back of the van >"Mmm-hmm!" >Adagio sighs deeply, but a soft smile emerges onto her lips "Well, it's not too bad. It'll certainly do... for now." >Sonata's face lit up from her companion's approval "Really?! I'm so happy to hear you say that! I just really really REALLY wanted us to have a home again." >Her eyes moved to Aria >With a flip of her hair and a roll of her eyes, she managed a smile >"Well, I guess it's better than sleeping in the van." >Sonata's expression turned to one that looked like she had forgotten something >She looked back to the van >"Oh yeah, I wonder if that guy we borrowed it from is doing alright. You think he'll be mad about the windshield?" >The two other girls laugh at the question "I'm sure he won't mind. Now then..." >Adagio looks to the bag >The two others follow her gaze to it >"I grabbed as much as I could. It should be enough to do us for a while... and to maybe get the windshield fixed." >Adagio nodded in acknowledgement "You did well, Aria. It doesn't matter how much you grabbed." >A warm smile comes across both of their faces >Adagio turns her head to Sonata "You too, Sonata... even if you DID break the windshield." >A small giggle escapes her blue-haired ally >She shifts her eyes back to the bag, placing her hand on the zipper >With a gentle, smooth tug, the bag opens, revealing the contents >The group's eyes widen as they behold their ill-gotten gains >Several stacks of bills filled the bag to almost full capacity >"Shit, I didn't think I grabbed THAT much." >Adagio's hand reached into the bag, pulling out a single stack >She measured its weight and examined it thoroughly in her hand >A sinister grin formed on her lips "Girls, it may be crude, but I think this life will suit us just fine." >She tosses the stack to Sonata, who flips through all of the bills individually >The same smile that was on Adagio's face proved contagious, as Sonata's face began to bear the same expression >Aria sifts through the bag, counting the stacks >Before she even finishes, she matches her aspect with her comrades' >An evil laugh began to emanate from Adagio >It proved to be just as infectious as her grin, as they began their choir of devilish laughter that continued throughout the night