Dazzling Immunity (WIP) - by Equilibrio

>You are Anon. >And You're just so tired. >The daily grind of school is a mind numbing and depressing experience. >Ironic considering the fact that you are at an institution that is designed to cherish and share knowledge. >Though nowadays schools are only really used for training teenagers for minimum wage monotony. >In that case you could say it's accomplishing its intended function. >Thanks jews >No problem goyim >"...and don't forget to study for the upcoming test okay? Class dissmissed." >Time for lunch finally. >Picking up your text books, you file through the door with the rest of the crowd and head for your locker >Though you had only just transferred here a couple months ago, it was no different from your old school. >No friends >Sitting by and taking the attention of nobody >Apparently some girl named Sunset Shimmer caused a big ruckus a while back at an annual school event. >Not everyone was there, and the students who were were surprisingly tight lipped about it. >You'd only heard that Shimmer ruined the evening for everyone all for her own gain. >Though she's apparently made an apology to all the students she wronged and is trying to make up for it now. >Not that you really cared, you never went to school social events anyway. >Left to your thoughts you were only now realizing that you had already made it to the cafeteria, got your food, and were sitting at an empty table. >Dat autopilot tho >At least lunch time is the best part of the school day. >Who knows, maybe something amazing will happen today? >Hah >Not likely >The second those two words enter your mind, The cafeteria doors are thrown open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZSBtLnnyCs [Embed] >What >The >Fuck >What in the hell was that? >The glowing gem necklaces >The green smoke >The way everyone just started arguing and getting angry >Was your mind playing tricks on you? Or did those three new girls pull off some type of hypnotism with those optical effects? >If it was hypnotism then why aren't you affected and arguing with everybody else? >Well they didn't exactly come to you and your corner of the cafeteria. >Hell, you saw them walking across tables and pulling little flirty moves with some guys. >But you weren't the only person they couldn't really get to and as far as you can tell, everyone in the cafeteria is angry and arguing except for you. >Your mind is full of fuck. >You can't help but wonder how the fuck they did that. >If you were really curious you could go ask them. >But you find yourself getting anxious at the thought of having an encounter with three attractive girls. >The possible spaghetti that you could spill. >You were trying to stay invisible and avoid horrible incidents. >You can never have a nightmare if you never dream after all. >But the curiosity continues to eat away at you. >Surely a small encounter, if you kiss ass a little bit, can't cause any monumentous incidents? >You mull the possibilities over as Lunch is wrapped up and you head for your next class. >The first class after lunch is one of the better ones in the school day. >Mainly because your teacher is a nice enough guy who often gives students lots of free time. >It's a nice break from the same old classroom cycle. >You head to your locker, grab the items necessary, and make it through the class door before anyone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjM8QpzL03E [Embed] ALRIGHT! FIRST PLACE! >You really want to play F-Zero now. >At least you're more than halfway done with school for the day. >Taking your seat at the back of the class, you lean back as more and more students pile in through the door. >Surprisingly, your teacher is absent. >Normally he's here before any of the students. >After all of your classmates make it through the door, Mr. Rich finally comes inside with the three girls from the cafeteria in tow. >Your heart begins to beat a little faster. >"As all of you may well know, Canterlot high school has received three new students, and as many of you also know, I'm not a fan of forced introductions." >That was one of the major reasons that you liked him. >Based Mr. Rich >"As for you three girls, I'm not picky as to where you decide to sit but there aren't many open seats." >Oh shit >We're at defcon 1 >"All the open seats are next to anon there in the back." >All three of them look at you. >You've got to keep your cool anon. >They all walk up and take a seat next to you. >The purple one to your right, the blue one to your left, and the orange one in front of you. >Feeling satisfied with their placement, Mr. Rich turns back around to the whiteboard. >"We don't have much to do today, as preparations are being made for the upcoming musical event. So you're free to spend your time in class as you wish. Just make sure the required work is completed and turned in tomorrow." >Maybe this can be your chance >It's not like you were trying to woo one of them or something. >No one seems interested in introducing themselves to the three new girls. >Everyone is talking about the show they plan to put on for the upcoming battle of the bands with their band mates, whilst shooting glares to other band members. >The new girls are practically no different. >Their faces show signs of confidence as they discuss their plans for the competition, seemingly ignoring you. >It's eating you up inside. >You have to know. "Hey" >You tap orange on the shoulder. >Their conversation interrupted, all three girls turn to look at you. Purple has a look of annoyance, blue has a look of curiosity, and orange in front of you has a mix of both. >"What is it?" >You feel the effects of all three girls looking at you. >The stutter begins. "I-I was just wondering um... how you uh.." >Purple sighs in annoyance. >"Just spit it out already!" >Y-You too. >Taking a breathe, you try again. This time with less stutter. "I was just wondering how you three pulled off that stunt in the cafeteria." >Orange looks slightly surprised. >"What do you mean by that?" "Well I mean how you got everyone else to start fighting through the green smoke and the glowing necklaces." >You point to the red pendant hanging off of her neck. >She moves her hand up to caress her pendant in turn. >Now that you look around, all three girls look a little confused. >"That's weird. Shouldn't he be-" >Blue is quickly silenced by a ball of paper tossed by purple. >"Be quiet Sonata!" >"Hey that was mean!" >A squabble breaks out between purple and the blue girl you now know is named Sonata, but is quickly silenced by orange. >"You'll have to excuse them. They're idiots." >both look away with their noses in the air. >"Your name is Anon right?" >You nod in affirmation. >"Well Anon, my name is Adagio. She's Aria. And that's Sonata." >She points to the two girls in turn. >"Just stop by our lockers after school ends. We'll uh...discuss it more there. Okay sweetheart?" "Y-Yeah no problem" >She flashes you a confident and controlling smile. >The bell rings not a moment too soon. >"We're by the front windows on the second floor. Don't be late." >With that, the three dazzling girls leave you to yourself and your thoughts. >Two classes left in the day. >Time continues onward as you go through the motions of working in class. >Your normal anxiety comes to the front of your mind as you think about the end of the day. >However you quickly repress it. >They're just humans. How bad could talking to them actually be? >Everyone's focused on the battle of the bands anyway, so no one's going to be paying attention to you or mistakes you make. >At least that's what you tell yourself. >Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the ringing school bell. >That was your last class of the day. >Now is the time >Time to be a man and go talk to some ladies >Dropping your books off at the opposite end of the school on the first floor where your locker sits, you steel your nerves as you head up the stairs. >Around the corner and past the science lab, there stand the three girls at their lockers. >Once Adagio catches sight of you, she perks up. >That smile is kawaii as fuck nigga. >"I'm glad you decided to come." >Play it cool anon "Well what you did in the cafeteria really confused me. Was it some kind of hypnotism?" >Sonata giggles when she hears this. >Aria even seems to get her own smirk. >Adagio however just keeps her confident smile. >"Don't worry, we'll show you." >"It's kinda best if you just see for yourself." Sonata chimes in. >Adagio re-grabs your attention by putting her hand on your arm. >"Could you just listen to our song really quick and tell us how good we sound?" >You shrug "You sounded pretty damn good when I heard you in the cafeteria." >Adagio chuckles just a bit >"No see, this is a special song that I want you personally to hear." >Arm rubbing intensifies >Only now did you also notice, that the girls had been subtly moving your position, and had you essentially pinned against the lockers. >All three were looking at you. >It's just like one of your Japanese animes. "Y-Yeah s-sure" >Adagio's smile somehow gets even cuter as she thanks you. >"Ready girls?" >They begin to sing >You weren't really into their type of music, but you could easily tell just how skilled they were. >Their voices harmonized perfectly. >The song they were singing was kind of like the one they sung in the cafeteria. >they were encouraging you to be competitive and to show off your music. >Was this improvised? >If so that's damn impressive. >You take notice as once again their pendants begin to glow >Weird shit incoming >You begin to see the green smoke creep along the floor. >Where the hell is it coming from? >As you ponder this you notice the few students in the hall with you begin to show their negative emotions. >Since you're up close this time, you notice something else strange about them. >As their song finishes, you notice their eyes flash and glow. >It was only for a second, but you definitely saw their eyes turn green. >You're pretty spooped m8. >"So what do you think anon?" >You don't know what to think >Can't tell them that though. "I think you were really good." >Adagio's smile falls. >"That's it?" >Oh shit were you supposed to say something even nicer? "I-I mean that effect at the end where your eyes flash was really cool! Definitely a showstopper!" >Adagio lets out a dissatisfied grunt in response. >You don't know what the fuck is going on. >Neither does Sonata from the looks of things. >She's just standing by with pure confusion written on her face. >"I don't get it Adagio. Why isn't he-" >Moving quickly, Aria silences her with a hand over her mouth. >"Be quiet blabbermouth! You're just the worst!" >Sonata mumbles something back into aria's hand. >God, you just wish shit made sense right now. >Adagio sighs as she begins to massage the bridge of her nose. "I-I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?" >Her attention back to you, Adagio lets out a slightly nervous laugh. >"Of course not sweetheart! We uh...we just wanted to get you fired up when you compete in the battle of the bands!" >You respond without missing a beat. "Oh I'm not going." >The girls look almost insulted as the words leave your mouth. >"Why not?" Sonata asks. >You let loose a laugh of your own as you respond. "You girls may be good at music but I definitely am not. If I entered the competition I would almost certainly be knocked out immediately. >"Well what about your friends though?" Aria chimes in. >"Don't you have some friends competing or something? You're not going to go to cheer them on?" >Fuck it, might as well tell them. Everyone else already knows and they're bound to figure it out eventually. "I don't have any friends." >They all look at you with surprise. >"Like you don't have friends competing or-" "No I don't have any friends period." >They weren't exactly expecting that. >Neither were you expecting Adagio to begin smiling. >"Oh Anon how could you say that? We're your friends aren't we girls?" >Sonata gasps and runs over to put her arms around your shoulders. >"It's been so long Since I've made a new friend!" >The two girls by your side look over to Aria standing with her arms crossed. >"I guess your not the worst person to hang around with." >Adagio laughs "Ignore her rudeness, that's how she says yes." >What the fuck just happened? >"So what do you say Anon? You want hang out with us from now on?" >Three girls are asking you to hang out with them. >What the fuck do they expect you to say? No? >You smile back at them. >"That sounds awesome!" >"Oh were going to have so much fun anon!" >Jesus Sonata is loud. >You check your watch. "Oh shit girls I've got to get going! We'll uh...hang out tomorrow okay?" >The three give you their goodbye's as you speed off to head home. >As soon as you get home, it's time to relax, unwind, shitpost, and argue with people on 4chan. -------------------------------------------------------- >With Anon gone, your smile drops. >This is certainly a strange and unwanted development. >In all of your years, you've never experienced something like this. >"We need to keep an eye on him." "I already KNOW that Aria, why did you think I told him we would be his friends?" >"Wait, so he's NOT our friend?" >You mentally face palm at Sonata's question. >"Of course not you moron. If we're his 'friends', then he wont think twice about us being close enough to watch him. >Well at least you and Aria are thinking alike. "For whatever reason, he is immune to the effects of our singing. What's more is that he can see our magic in visible form. I don't know why this is the case, but we can't have him go around asking the other students why they're fighting so irrationally, or mention the visible effects of our magic. It could cause the others to wake up and realize whats happening to them, thus breaking them out from under our control." >Sonata lets out a long oh in response. >"Speaking of which, we only share that one class with him Adagio. We need to fix that." >Your lips curl up in a smile once again. "My thoughts exactly, lets go see if we cant 'persuade' the faculty to give us more shared classes with our new friend." -------------------------------------------------------- >You wake up a little early the next morning. >Thoughts of your new friends serve to excite and make you anxious. >How you got these new friends feels abnormal. >Well fuck it is abnormal. >They pulled some hypno act on the students and caused chaos. >And you're their friend. >As you're getting dressed for school, time seems to fly by. >You've got to leave soon. >With the final touches finished, you make your way outside. >The walk to Canterlot High is rather uneventful and boring. >Funny, the morning walk used to be a nice time for you. >Now you just want it to finish. >Soon enough though, CHS comes into view. >Checking yourself in, you walk into your first class of the day and are greeted by the familiar sight of a blue ponytail. >In one seat to the left of yours, sits sonata. >She's currently smiling wide and waving rather erratically and excitedly at you. >Why she's in your class is a mystery but your not upset to see her. "What are you doing here Sonata?" >"Oh it's the best coincidence, me and the girls got our full class schedule today, and wouldn't you know it, I share first period with you!" >She squees in delight. >Well thats a nice surprise. >Your first class of the day is normally your least favorite, so having sonata here should make it better. >"Hey Anon, can I ask you a favor?" "What do you need?" >"Weeelll..." >Her voice drops into a whisper. >"You know how you saw the green smoke, and everyone else got all 'grr I'm angry' when me, Aria, and Adagio sang?" >How could you forget that spectacle. "Yeah your hypnotizing act?" >"Right, the hypnotizing. Could you maybe not tell anyone else what you saw?" >Well that's no big deal. >You're curious as to why shes asking that of you though so you question her. >"Because if you tell anyone, that might ruin the fun." >Well that kinda makes sense. "Like they'll wake up from the hypnotic trance you put them in?" >"Exactly! So promise not to tell anyone please?" For a second you think about if your fellow students are being controlled against their will. >But that thoughts quickly quashed. >You remember reading somewhere that people can't really be hypnotized if they don't want to. >lel you don't really care about those fags anyway. >"No problem." >She hugs you in response. >"That's super! Thank you so so much!" >Well she's back to her normal volume. >Just in time for the teacher to walk in. >"Quiet down now, class is in session." >He proceeds to give a ten minute lecture about the upcoming battle of the bands. >He basically took ten minutes to tell everyone that today was a free day that didn't require any real work to be done. >You didn't need to take ten minutes for that. >Oh well, at least the rest of the class time can be used to talk with Sonata. >45 minutes later and you've learned a bit about each other. >You've learned that this girl really likes her fruit punch and tacos. >Everyone has their favorites you suppose. >Sonata meanwhile, keeps trying to stifle her laughter at your jokes. >It may be a free day, but the teacher still likes to keep his classroom quiet. >As soon as the bell rings, she lets loose a veritable torrent of giggles. >Her comments about how funny you are make you swell with a little bit of confidence. >Out the door, she hugs you once again with a remark of see you later. >It feels really nice being hugged by a girl like that.