Siren or Succubus? - by Anonymous

“Add~dy~y~y~y!” Adagio takes a deep breath and tries to brush the vast swath of curly hair out of her eyes as Sonata cries out for her. Again. Suppressing a growl, she turns and glares at the door. Three, two, one… “What is it, Sonata?” she sighs, right as the pony-tailed girl round the corner. Before the ditz even opens her mouth, Adagio slaps a hand over her face and shakes her head. It’s plainly obvious what happened. Stilly, the blue-haired Dazzling wrings her hands behind her backside, rocking from side to side as she responds. “It, um, it happened again.” “I can see that,” Adagio grumbles, her eyes enviously etching across the expanse of Sonata’s now thunderous thighs. The thick girl flinches instinctively, putting one leg in front of the other, as if to hide behind it. Of course, the motion does little more than show off the quick taper from her full hips, down into her statuesque calves, slim ankles, and small feet. “Sorry,” Sonata mutters as Adagio shakes her head and gets to her feet. “I was just so hungry, and there were so many guys that…” The blonde places a finger over the ditzy Dazzling’s lips. “Hush now,” she grumbles, closing the gap between the two of them. “I know it’s difficult to control yourself, but you can’t keep doing this feast or famine deal. You have to pace yourself now that we don’t have the gems. Let’s get you back to looking like some sense of normalcy.” Whimpering around the finger, Sonata gives an uncertain nod and closes her eyes. Adagio pulls her hand away and then leans forward. Their lips meet with an electric pop, the air around them growing heavy with discharged magic. Sonata sighs and squirms even as Adagio reaches out and grasps her wrists, holding her in place. With nowhere to go, the pony-tailed girl finally relents and opens her mouth, their two tongues finally meeting in a slick, sloppy embrace. As the two girls continue to make out with one another, Sonata’s tremendous thighs become slightly less so, the skirt shifting from strained to snug as the mass surrounding her upper legs lessens. Likewise, her backside quickly follows suit, the skirt conforming less to the bubbly butt that once inhabited it, instead only rolling off the top slope of her bottom. While Sonata slims, Adagio undergoes a change of her own. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, her lower body begins to bulk up. The thick purple leggings struggle to contain her now ample body, becoming very nearly sheer in some places. The blonde gives a small grunt of protest as she feels her thighs brush together even as she stands still. And there was still more to take. While mentally chiding the stupid girl, Adagio feels her pussy begin to puff itself up as well. The swelling lips soon cling snuggly to her leggings, outlining their fat, lewd shape for all the world to see. Likewise, her rear pulls the fabric tight, making it adhere to her body like a second skin. But still the blonde remains, until the dizziness starts. Pulling away quickly, Adagio brings a hand to her head and quietly curses under her breath. The almost drunk Sonata wobbles back and forth for several seconds before her glazed eyes return to life, and a smile erupts across her face. Patting down her now slightly slimmer body, she laughs and hugs her friend. “Omigosh Addy! Thank you so~o~ much!” “Yeah, sure,” the blonde hisses as she tries, unsuccessfully, to shake off the fog descending over her brain. Flashes of sexual images burst behind her eyes, teasing her, taunting her. Inviting her. At last her attempts bear fruit, just as a hyper curvy curly haired blonde begins to appear in her mind’s eye. With an irritated cough, she fixes Sonata with a glare. “What were you thinking, you stupid ditz?” The plucky girl backs off, frowning and staring at the ground again. “I-I already told you. There were these guys and they were super, super hot. And they were all like ‘Hey girl, you wanna have fun?’ and, you know me Addy, I was like ‘Oh yeah fun! For sure!’ and then next thing I knew I was… y’know.” Squirming again, Sonata runs her tongue over her lips and sighs. “And they were so~o~ good too…” Bringing her hand to her forehead again, Adagio sighs and shakes her head. “Sonata, you know what happens when we get too… eager.” “I know.” “Once we start feeding it gets difficult to stop.” “I know.” “And then we get fixated on it, and it’s all we can think about.” “I know!” the increasingly exasperated Sonata sighs. Feeling her lip curl in disgust, Adagio goes in for the kill. “Well if you know already, then why do I have to explain to you how dangerous it is every other week?” Sonata averts her eyes further, biting down on her lip and remaining silent. The lead Dazzling takes another step forward. “For that matter, why can’t you control yourself? Every time we binge, we start to bloat up. But more than that, if affects how we think. If we don’t stop, then we’ll end up all but immobile, begging for more d-d-” Adagio gags on the word several times before sighing and continuing. “Do you remember what happened to Aria?” Sonata nods. “Do you remember how long it took her to return to normal? A month. I can’t have you laid out for a month just to learn a lesson, do you understand?” “I understand…” Sonata sighs, bobbing her head a few times. With a victorious sigh, Adagio puts her hands on her hips. “I don’t know if I believe you, but at least Aria’s learned her lesson.” “Yo!” a third voice calls as the door opens. Sonata, eager for the distraction, squeals and hurries away from her vicious villain of a leader, her backside bouncing as she skips into the hall. “Ar~i~i~i~a! Welcome home!” With a weary, motherly sigh, Adagio buries her face in her hands, wondering where she went so wrong. After taking a moment to collect herself, she follows Sonata out into the hall. And then runs right into the pony-tailed girl as she rounds the corner. “Sonata,” she hisses, “what do you think you’re-” The complaint dies in her throat as her eyes follow Sonata’s blank stare over to Aria. Or, more precisely, the twin torpedoes jutting out from pigtailed girl’s chest. Easily the size of her head, the jiggle and shake as the smarmy member of the trio brings a hand up to her forehead and gives her friends a two fingered salute. “Hey girls.” Taking a moment to turn profile, their friend thrusts her chest forward and her backside out behind her; the whole effect making her look even more obscenely curvaceous. With a playful wink, she grins. “Guess who brought dinner?” Shaking off her surprise, Sonata laughs, bouncing over and hefting one of the enormous breasts. Her eyes sparkle in delight as she pokes and prods the jiggling flesh, her face struggling to contain the broad smile on her lips. Aria, despite her often irritated attitude, seems to take the whole ordeal in stride, even moaning a little as Sonata tweaks her nipples. Adagio, however, is far from pleased. “And here I was thinking you’d learned your lesson,” the blonde sighs, strutting up to the now top-heavy Aria, unconsciously swinging her hips in wide, slow arcs as she moves. Jabbing a finger into the pigtailed girl’s massive chest, Adagio snaps. “What do you think you’re doing? This size is way too big!” “Come off it, Adagio,” Aria responds, smacking her friend’s hand away. “I said I brought dinner, and that’s all I did. Like, it’s not like I turned into some sex crazy bimbo just because I let a couple guys-” “A couple?” Adagio all but seethes as she cuts in. “There’s no way that this is any less than seven or eight.” With an indignant snort, Aria turns away, successfully swatting Sonata’s face with her chest in the process. The girl drops like a dead weight with a small cry of protest, but the two girls are already too invested in their back and forth to notice. “Well, yeah, so what?” “So, I just got done talking with Sonata about how dangerous it is to binge, and then you come in with the Titanic jutting off your chest.” Placing her hands on her hips, Aria offers a smug grin and thrusts her breasts forward. They bounce about as she laughs, “That’s right Adagio, I’m unsinkable with these babies!” “Ugh, not what I meant.” “Come on,” Aria sighs, “I get it, you know; you’re worried about us losing our minds to the pleasure and getting stuck with boobs bigger than our bodies. But that’s not going to happen!” Adagio crosses her arms over her chest and glares at the pigtailed girl. Aria tries to do the same in response, but after three failed attempts to get her arms around the massive mams, she settles for crossing them under instead before continuing. “For real though, it’s not like I’m not in control of myself. Like, I’ve been to the edge once and I know my limits now. I can stop.” “Yeah, right.” Adagio rolls her eyes, but retreats a half step as Aria moves forward. “I can! I have this situation totally under control.” “Even though you’re talking like a bubbly airhead?” Gritting her teeth, a smidge of the old Aria shows itself again and she glares off to the side. “I made it back here in one piece, didn’t I? This diet, it’s way too harsh, Adagio. We can’t eat unless you say its okay, and so we binge and end up like this whenever we think you’re not looking. Its, like, a total travesty!” “I’m just looking out for everyone’s best interest. We shouldn’t change a system that’s working well enough already.” “But it’s not working!” Aria stomps her foot. “If I walked around looking like this, I could get my daily dose easy, and wouldn’t ever feel hungry.” Sneering, Adagio presses forward. “But you’d be trading off brains for boobs. Or butts,” she adds, glaring at Sonata as she grins sheepishly from the ground. “Th-that doesn’t last,” Aria mutters. “I’ve gotten a lot better since I got away from those guys. I can think clearly, sorta; and besides, you’re the big brain of the group, but you never even think to test the waters! For all we know, it could make you, like, super curvy and super smart!” Adagio snorts in disgust, turning her back on the two Dazzlings. “Whatever, you know that’s not how it works.” At once, the frizzy-haired girl flinches as she feels the tremendous tits of her friend press into her back. Aria’s hot breath tickles at her neck, sending shivers all the way down her spine. “Yeah, maybe,” Aria says, her voice low and quiet. “But you’re so stuck doing things the same way, that you never bothered to try. What if we could make our lives easier like this, Addy?” The honeyed way the unfamiliar nickname rolls of Aria’s tongue causes Adagio’s swollen muff to clench. Her mind fills again with visions of teasing sex, causing her skin to go flush with arousal. Gritting her teeth, she tries to stave off the physical and mental assault, huffing in frustration. “That’s because I have self-control. I don’t take anything more than I need.” “Try it,” Aria murmurs. As Adagio works up another volley, she feels Sonata grab her hands as she bounces in front of her. “Yeah, c’mon Addy!” she grins. “It’s just a little test, right? What’s the worst that could happen?” As Sonata stares up at her with her best puppy pout, Aria grinds her chest again into Adagio’s back. Gritting her teeth, the Dazzling leader feels her face contort into a scowl, a snarl, and back again before she finally sighs “Ffffffffffffine.” The two girls cheer even as she wrenches her hand away from Sonata, holding up a single finger. “But we’re only going out for an hour tonight, got it?” There’s a small groan of protest, but the girls are quickly persuaded. Some time later, the trio make their way downtown, and into one of their pre-CHS haunts. The music thrums within the walls of the club, each beat threatening to explode the speakers and making Adagio’s already primed motor start to rev in excitement. As she shakes off the breathless feeling, she feels the girls at her sides move to stake out on their own, undoubtedly going for the pick of the litter. Not one to be outdone, Adagio strolls out onto the dance floor. Adagio feels the flashing light wash over her, the feeling almost electric on her body. She finds the timing of the strobe and matches the apex of each swing of her hips to it, knowing full well the effect it would have on the men around her. And it doesn’t take long at all for her to rope in her first victim. He slides up close to her, grinding his body against hers. Pressing her recently plumped thigh between his leg, she slides herself down his, biting her lip as she feels the rough fabric of his pants teasing the plump puss she struggled to hide beneath two pairs of leggings. Within moments his lips were on hers, and she can feel the familiar sensation surging through her body. Her top tightens as she soaks up his desires, images of top heavy women dancing through her head as he begins to tremble. Just before he collapses, Adagio breaks the kiss and pats him on the cheek, disappearing back into the crowd as the man stumbles, struggling to retain his balance, and wondering where the last two minutes went. Staring down, Adagio feels an excited flutter in her belly. So frequently, she fed on boys and men who were more interested in her hips than her chest. The fact that she now has something up top to flaunt sends a delightful shiver through her body. Without thinking, she hurries off to find her next victim. He’s tall and scrawny and looks a little out of sorts considering the clientele, but when she kisses him, Adagio feels the delightful sensation wash over her again; more powerful this time. As the seconds tick by, she can feel her leggings begin to stretch and strain, not on account of an added mass, but because she doesn’t have to stand on her toes to kiss him any more. When the increasingly bombshell blonde finally steps away from him, he collapses against the bar, and Adagio struts back onto the floor, now a good head and a half taller than almost any girl around her. The fog in her mind is growing however. One more, she thinks, one more and I’ll be done. It’s another round of expansion for her breasts this time, far more pronounced than the last. She savors the sweet, almost milky taste of the man’s passion for as long as she can before stepping away and making a line towards the door. Three, three is enough. But somehow, Adagio found her arms draped around another man, her lips parting and drinking in the sweet tang of his desires. Her womb aches as her already swollen snatch engorges further, once again on display even through two layers of clothing. The now broad birthing hips swinging from side to side attract another man before she finishes her fourth meal, and the fifth goes straight to her ass. In the haze of arousal and delight, Adagio finds herself breathless as man after man presses his lips to hers. Unaware of if they are approaching her, or if she is the one seeking them out, Adagio discovers that she doesn’t care. All that matters is the sweet, salty, tangy, savory taste of their desires; their passions; their lusts. Adagio’s eyes roll back in her head as she gives in to the delightful sensations. Three hours later, Sonata and Aria open the door to their home. The two Dazzlings are far more curvaceous than they were when they left, the increasingly top-heavy Aria and the slim-wasited but pear shaped Sonata. “That, was, awesome,” Aria pants, grinning at her pony-tailed friend. “Oh yea, for realzies,” Sonata giggles. Both girls glance over their shoulders and then sigh, heaving a blissed out, glassy-eyed Adagio in behind them. Even with their help, the blonde’s hair all but drags along the ground, thick and fat curls draped over them from the sheer mountain sitting on top of her head. Her chest dwarfs Aria’s, her breasts plainly visible from the outside of her arms and weighty enough to nearly touch her belly button. What’s left of her shirt has a pair of dark stains over her cork-sized nipples, and the final button threatens to give way at any moment. Aside from her slender waist, Adagio’s bottom half fares little better. Boasting proportions that would look anatomically correct on a MILFy mother of six, Adagio’s broad hips, and large, legging shredding thighs are offset by a backside which rides high despite its size. Every curve and dip of her cunny is plainly visible, including an obviously swollen clit, proclaiming itself proudly against the fabric. “Totes,” the now ditzy Dazzling giggles, attempting to toss her hair and failing miserably. “We, like, got to go out again soon. Like, tomorrow.” The two girls who retained their sanity exchange smug grins before taking Adagio to her bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, they watch as she paws at herself with one hand, while blindly groping for her dildo with the other. She babbles ceaselessly about all sorts of things, tits, dicks, anything she can still wrap her head around. Standing over her, Sonata glances at Aria. “Do y’think we should, y’know, take some of that off her?” Crossing her arms under her chest, Aria gives her friend a smile. “Now, ‘Notta, what did Adagio say about binge eating?” “We shouldn’t do it,” she replies with a nod. “Right. And if we do, she’ll teach us a lesson, right?” Aria gives a small smile, which Sonata returns in earnest. “So, what you’re saying is, she has to burn it off, like, all by herself?” “For sure,” Aria laughs, reaching down and squeezing Sonata’s backside. “But, that’s no reason that we can’t share with each other, right?” The pony-tailed girl whimpers, nodding as she presses her lips to Aria’s, feeling the sharp surge of magical transfer centering around her chest. Eagerly anticipating her new fat titties, Sonata listens to the helpless, whimpering groans of Adagio as she fingers herself on the bed. Being a bimbo was, undoubtedly, the best.