Sonata's slumber - by slutiebell

It started from this prompt >Sonata gives you a letter >It reads "Hey Anon, we've been friends for quite a long time and I'd like to become more than friends. Will you be my boyfriend?" >p.s. April Fools >You realize Sonata is long gone. >Anon looked down at everyone, searching out the crowd >She wasn't there, but what did he expect. "Sonata, you were the only girl, only one I ever felt close to" >He yelled to the cowed. "You couldn't even let the fantasy exist, you had to crush everything." >He falls down to his knees. "But you weren't different were you, you never were different." >He looks down at the asphalt. "I can't do this anymore" >He took that last step hurling himself to the ground below just in time to see Sonata's figure walk out of the school to see him. >He reaches out to her before the asphalt turned him to roadkill. "Wow what a blood thirsty little girl" >Adagio laughs and pats Sonata in the back "I don't even think I could have done that. " >The class whispers behind her back but she doesn't hear the rumors. >School passed by quickly but Sonata didn't even realize, She wasn't even sure how she got home. >She crashes on her bed, she doesn't even know how to feel. >she doesn't remember laying there but soon she is back in school, alone but no someone is there. "Hello Sonata" >She turns that there he is, Anon. >He laughs. "You look like you saw a ghost" >"Anon you are dead" >She blurts out looking at him. >"I-I saw you die." She tries to touch him, "Hey stop poking, that's not fair." >Anon grabs her hand. "But why do you care" >"Anon, I.. I am so sorry for that It, it was a stupid joke" >He grabs your hand tighter. "Then if I asked you out would you um..." >"Yes" she blushes "Please just do one thing for me then" He leans in to kiss her check. >"Umhm whatever." >She is in shock, but so relived he didn't die. "I need you to wake up." >"Wake up" "Yes miss Sonata, though I do understand how the war of roses can be boring I would like you to stay awake, I would think the excitement would have helped." >Mrs Heywhinny looked up at the girl. "What excitement" >"Just the kill you performed, you really are dense aren't you." Aria laughs flicking you with a ruberband. >"Not even a hour and you forget the boy, you are like a goldfish." "No he... I just saw him." >She looks at aria's face. "No little idiot when the guts go on the outside it means they are dead" >But, but she just saw him some one had to believe her. >"Sonata you may be a moron but at least you got the Siren instinct" "I I didn't do it on purpose" >"That's ok dear, I am sure you will get the next one" >So she had caused anon's death, it was just a dream then. >After this sonata couldn't stop herself from shaking , the guilt and dream, it was hard for her to know what was real. >"If it's that bad take one of these" Adiago hands Sonata a couple pills. >Crashing hard into the desk the others all leaver her as the final bell rings. "Wake up sleepy head." >Anon shakes her till she open her eyes. "Anon is here for his princess." >She rubs her eyes and stares at him for a moment. >"B-but but... I .You aren't real" >He puts a finger up to her mouth. "Of course I am, I just can't be seen yet... You didn't kill me" >Kissing the scene changes, he is walking with her through equestria. "Maybe you would be more at peace at home. I have read your short stories and know you miss this place." >"It's it's amazing" She is speechless, just wanting to be as close to anon as possible. "Maybe even ask Celesita to marry us" >He punches her arm and stars to run, then transforms. >Laughing she does the same enjoying there new game. >He turns and tackles her to the ground Both of them humans again. "I would give you all of this, I promise... just do me one little favor. " >"I would do anything, Do you really want to marry me" >She blushed looking up at him. "No I just want you to wake up. Please please wake up" >"But... But I am awake aren't I" "Wake up missy I have a room to clean." >Discord the Janitor shakes her waking her up. "Girl it's nearly 9 at night, school let out a hour ago...Oh you wanted to help discord. " >He pulls out a maid outfit and throws it to her. "Not my size, now get dressed and help" >Cleaning the school she silently keeps to her self, ignoring discord's antics. "Look Sonata, is something wrong." >She looks away, trying to hide her tears >"I don't even know whats real anymore" >Discord pulls a hanky out for her. "I can understand that, maybe nothing is real" >He shrugs. "Where are you happy the most at" >She sighs and wipes her tears away. >"I am only happy when I am with anon." "Then you need to wake up" >"W-wake up" >She opens her eyes and finds herself in her bed, no idea how she got there. >"What a week" >The other girls laugh, "So you going to the funeral for your boyfriend." >Adiago teases, poking her with her elbow. >"The funeral" >Maybe, maybe if I see the body >"Um yeah I think I will" >She mutters under her breath. >"I.. He helped me so much in class, it's the least I can do" "Oh honey, I keep telling you that you can't get advice from a dead kid" >"Maybe you can't" she whispers and turns, this is what would save her sanity. >There is nearly nobody at the church, just the kids parents and the student body president ... And Sonata. "So you did come you murderer" >Sunset stared into her eyes, filled with hate. "I--- I know I have a past but you... You are a monster." >She shakes with hate as she takes a seat, leaving Sonata to look inside. Hey baby... How Ya been" >Anon kisses her on the check. >"See I knew it" >Helping anon out of the casket they kiss, she wasn't crazy. "So you believe I am alive." >She held him tight, >"Of course I knew it, please marry me" >Blinking she is infront of celestia, a pony once more. >Anon is so handsome as a stallion, you nuzzle him as celestia asks. >"I do" you smile kissing him. "I do as well, but you have to do one thing first" >She pushes him in terror. >"No please, don't say it. I am awake.. I can't lose you" >She pleads anon just crying "Wake up, please wake up... You have to wake up" >The church is agasp, Sonata looked down, she was kissing the corpse. >"He... He is alive" >You plead trying to make yourself believe it as well. >"We got married, I love him" >The stares cut through her. "Get out of her" >The mother screams, the rest of the room turning to jeers. >"I am so sorry" >She cries running out the door. >Not stopping till she was in the middle of the road, hoping someone would just kill her. >"Do it now, I deserve it... Please I can't take it anymore." >She begs the near empty roads. >dropping to her knees she crys on the road, never seeing the cops, nor hearing the police ask who she was. "Another runaway" >the cops help her into the squad car. "Don't worry there, we will get you somewhere warm tonight" >"Please just let me see anon" "Here take this, it will help you relax" >she swallows unsure what it is, smiling she looks back and Shining armor and Flash century. >"A-are you sure Celestia can help me" >The world melts back to Canterlot, the cops changing to guards taking her to Princess Celestia "Yes sweety, we will make sure of it. In fact Celestia is so proud of you resisting the other sirens." >"A-and anon" "Why he is waiting for you. He can't believe you ran out after the wedding, like something changed" >That had to be it, the other reality... It was the fake on. This just seemed so real. "We just need your magical essence, place your hoof here" "I said your thumb little girl" >She opens her eyes, shes back in the false world. >"GET AWAY FROM ME" >She tries to jerk free from his grasp. >"I AM A PONY, NOT A HUMAN. I NEED TO SEE CELESTIA, I NEED TO SEE ANON" >A tranquilize is given to her she returns to ponyville. "Took a nap there sweetie" >Anon kisses her and helps her out of the carriage. "I just wanted to tell you I love you" >"I love you too, I love you so much... I can't stay awake with you. I... the other realm is to scary." >He holds her hoof and smiles. "Maybe Celestia can help us" >"Yes Celestia." "Sonata, wake up" Celestia awakens the young girl. >"Ce... NO NOT AGAIN" >She tries to get away. "Sonata please, what's wrong >"No stay away from me" >Against the wall of the cell she tries to get even further away. "Sonata I understand how hard it is, I know you didn't mean to kill Anon" >"HE'S ALIVE, THIS WORLD... IT'S ALL FAKE... I AM A PONY, LET ME WAKE UP" >Celestia backs away this time. "Let me out, She needs more help then I can give her" >the officer lets celestia out, and Sonata manages to take the gun. "Sonata what are you doing" >the offices face changes to anon >"HAHAHAHA.... I am going to wake up... or go to sleep.. I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE" >she presses the gun to her head. ending one Don't do that.. You won't wake up if you do" >Anon walks through the bars and holds her hand. >"Anon please... I can't do this anymore... I don't want this anymore" >She falls to her knees defeated. >"I am a monster, why can't you just let me die" "You aren't a monster... Please just drop the gun." >She flinches... unsure and drops the gun. >"Anon please don't leave me again" >He smiles. "I will never leave you, but you need to wake up. I won't let go of your hand until you do. Just wake up" "Please wake up Sonata" >Anon cries over the sleeping girl, holding her hand tight. "I can't believe you did this for me please don't die" >"A---anon" >She looks up weakly >"Anon is that really you" >You smile holding her hand tighter . "Sonata are you... I mean you were" He hugs her smiling. >"Please don't tell me to wake up" >Anon kisses her new tears away... "Never again." >"Wh--how are you alive." "You did it, you saw me fall and tried to catch me. Doing so your head hit the asphalt badly. Many thought you would have died" >"And you" >He just kisses your nose. "I never gave up, I never left your side" Ending two "Girly please." >The guard begs trying to find the keys to the cell. >"But nobody knew how much she blamed herself. The years they flew, as she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath." "Please there has to be another way Sonata" >Celestia yells as the girl still sings. >"But she never could get drunk enough to get him of her mind until tonight." >She cocks the gun both celestia and the cop stop. "She put that bottle to her head and pulled the tri..." >The ringing explosion rocks the station. >The smoke clearing there was sonata on the ground, her eyes open as if looking elsewhere and a smile of peace on her lips. >They buried her with him beneath the willows." And the angels sang a whiskey lullaby