Dawntide - A noir Greentext - by Thunderstrike

>11:39 PM >Another long night to waste. >Some kind of detective you are Anon. >Your apartment got burnt from a kitchen accident and broke up with your girlfriend. >You're one of a kind. >Might as well light up a cigar and smoke the night away, again... >Fifth cigar this night, make it worth at least. *DRRRING* >This better be good... *Clank* "Anon..." >"Detective, it's great that you're still at your office." >God not this idiot again. >Captain Shard, leading downtown district's police force. "Ugh... Yes I am Captn', what's going on?" >You felt like hurling right now. >"We got a case here that might be best left in your hands." >Why the fuck would he want ME. >Maybe they fucked up and might get something out of it. "Where?" >"3'rd Avenue, Billford." >Fucking Billford. "A'ight, be there in 30." >Slam the phone and get up your creaking chair. >Your office was a dump, old place, papers everywhere, liquor on a small coffee table and the smell of tabaco and whiskey filled up the air. >You grab your good ol' long coat and your signature fedora, swiping your fingers around the end of it. >I look good, and feel good. "Ok now, let's see what this is about." >As soon as you got your car keys, you slid the drawer to grab your trusty 'Bertha', your shiny 1911. >For somewhat reason loved this gun more then the casual colt. >You placed in your leather chest holster and hit the road, locking the door behind. >Your lovely black car waiting eagerly to start up and go. >Time to solve a murder. >The night was cold. >Only one or two shady figures walked the streets. >A Tuesday night was always like this. >In fact, the weekdays are the same. >But you loved this night work, silence, noone to bother you. >Except Captain Shard... >He always called you when work was hard for the local downtown police, but always rewarded you with something in the end. >It was free work also, without your casual woman walking in your office seductively. >There we are, 3'Rd Avenue... >You stopped the engine and walked out. >A nice cigar would fit perfectly right now. >As you lit up the cigar, you already saw the preliminary results. >Close to midnight >Dark alleyway >Male Teenager >Multiple stab wounds on his chest, around 3 or 4. >A pack of chocolate? >This will be fun. >You began to walk towards the body, a policeman stopping in front of you. >"Sir?" >You dumb fucker. >A slow movement to take out your badge. >'Detective Anon, Private Eye, 14'Th Division.' >"I'm sorry sir, the captain is waiting." >Of course he does. >"Detective! Come here." the captain shouted. >It's fucking midnight... "Let's see what is this all about." >It was obvious from the start that you kneel down and inspect the body. >"Daniel Kite, 19 Years old, stabbed to death." >The boy didn't had a chance. >The stab woulds were perfectly perforating his lungs and heart, plus bleeding made an unstoppable combo. >You unbuttoned his shirt to inspect the wounds better. >Yep, 4 Stab wounds. >But what's this... "Hey Captain, look at this." >You lift the shirt to reveal a carved heart wound on the boy's left side of his stomach. >"Bloody hell..." his accent is killing you way more then this kid. >It appeared to have been carved with something else than the murder weapon. "Any leads? Witnesses?" >"Not that I recall one, the street was empty since the murder happened." >Obviously. >But you have a plan. "Take me a picture of this boy." >A quick snap of the boy's face is taken. >You grabbed the photo from the camera and waited to reveal itself. >"What's your plan, Anon?" "I'll go ask around for now, you try and find evidence, leads, anything." >The captain stood still, like he was expecting something else. >"Alright then, I'll phone you if I find something," >You nodded and walked to your car, putting out the cigar before stepping in. >From the stores and buildings around, only one proven to be closer, Cornerside Bar. >There's a special thing about that bar. >The bartender is one of the best when it comes to solving crime. >You pulled the car in front of the bar, stepping out to walk inside. >The place wasn't crowded, only two groups were having a talk and a drink, only one fellow at the bar. >The bartender smiled straight at you as you walked in. >They call him Big Mac, he is tough, tall and beat you to pulp if you mess with his bar. "Hey Mac." >You greeted the big guy, your leather shoes causing a nice echo in the bar, attracting eyes. >"Howdy' Anon, what can I give ye'?" "Some info." >His smile turned into a serious one, he was fully trustworthy in helping you. >"What happened." he said all serious. >You slid the picture of the boy, Mac picking it up. "This kid died at 3'Rd Avenue not long ago. Ever saw him here?" >"Eeyep." his signature nodding. "He walked in here just today, really stressed, he wanted a drink to relieve." >Either the kid was in trouble or was meeting someone. >You rubbed your chin thinking. >"This boy is a student, Anon." this caught your attention. "You know where?" >"His student ID tells of him learnin' at Geo' University, Downtown." >Great, a visit at school tomorrow. "Thanks Mac, this will help me up." >He nodded and gave you a pat on your shoulder, handing back the photo. >You slid inside your inner pocket before walking towards the exit, only to be stopped by a voice... >"Detective hmm? This might help you with your case." >A small notebook was slid on the table, the one in the shadow avoided to be seen. >It was a girl, her face covered by her hat. >Only a long orange, puffy hair was seen. >You picked up the notebook, trying to catch a glimpse of her face but she hid quickly, only a sight of a red gem is seen. "What do I expect from this?" >"It's your murdered boy's notebook, he noted everything you need." >You look at the small object then back at the woman. >"When you get everything you need, find me." >She seems suspicious, but a killer won't just let himself or herself be taken that easy. >Unless she plays with you. >But something to work with might help rather then nothing. >You get out the bar into the cold, silent streets, taking a look in the notebook. >Different timed meetings, names and aliases. >His university was written there too. >The only chance you'll get more clues is to visit the University tomorrow. >Time to hit the road back to your office. >The silent television static noise always accompanied you as you walk up the stairs to your dusty office. >You tossed your hat and coat on your desk, taking a seat on the leather couch across the room >A quick drink to read the notebook might give you ideas. before you sleep on it. >Let's see if lady luck strikes tomorrow. >New day. >7:55 AM >Wednesday >You woke up, hanging against the leather chair. >Must have slept brilliantly. >No sign of back aches. >Perfect. >You grab your coat and hat to drive towards the University. >Sun hurts your eyes. >Nothing very extreme. >The said university held geography as it's main course, but also history. >You loved history. >Parking up in a space, you left the car to take a glimpse around >Teenagers everywhere, eating, talking, wasting time. >Reminds you of your junior year. >Good times. >Bad times. >Better not remind yourself of the bully you endured. >At least he is in prison for possession of illegal counterfeit. >Feels great. >You climbed the stairs to enter the building. >Sudden silence around you as the students eye you closely,. >That football team seem not impressed. >There was a fuss about a University team holding some small criminal actions. >As you walk the hallway, you spot many geographical maps, history and more. >Apparently they made a post about the Kid's death. >Sad. >But off you go towards the principal's room, only to get bumped by a girl. >"Owf! S-Sorry mister." >This girl had a tri-tone color in her hair, along with her sister. >Crud they look cute. >One had a sun shirt and the other a moon. >Cute.txt. "Can you two tell me where your principal's office is?" >"Down the hall on the right." >The girls pointed down the colored hall >You nodded as walked past >You look around the hallways and glimpse inside classrooms >Everyone is well dressed >Well behavied >Classy >Girls were awkwardly cute >Get a hang of yourself Anon, you're a grown man >Principals office, there we go.. >Gently knock, wait for an answer. >"Come in!" >Old guy >Possibly 50 >Open the door to reveal an absurd looking room >Upside down antlers >Checkerboard rug >Weird snake creature lamp >Chocolate milk? >What... >"A law officer, I expected a call first." >Assumptions >This guy had chocolate milk >And younger than expected >40's.. "No sir, I work along side the police force. I'm Detective Anonymous, 14'th division private eye." >Slik introduction there, sport. >"A detective? Interesting." >He stroked a long chin beard. >Looks shady but I like it. >His hair reminds you of your old discipline teacher. >"I'm head principle Discord, but call me Professor Chaos." >He bowed creeply >No wonder his name is simmilar to his office. "A'ight, Mister Chaos, I arrived to talk about the recently murdured student of yours?" >He sighed, sitting down. >"Daniel Kite, yes... Please take a seat!" >He waved his hand towards the leather chair >You plant your ass on it. >Soft, leathery goodness. >Better than the office. "Ok, can you tell me more about Daniel, Professor?" >"Well, for a start, he was a great student. Acing tests, never late and positive." >You drew out your trustworthy notebook >Time to write down things >And questions for students >"But something annoyed me..." >He took a deep breath "What is?" >He cleared his throat. >"Daniel had this, nervous tick to keep checking and writting down things on his notebook." >You pull out the kids notebook. "This?" >He pointed at it. >"Yes, that one... Always watching it, every time I tried teaching chemestry, I had to take his toy." >He was pissed >I can notice a vein on his forehead >Oboy.avi "Do you have any idea if anyone wanted to hurt him?" >"Goodness no, he only got bullied by the football team members." >Jockies... >Here we go. >"They should start P.E now, you could talk to Piston Pump, he is the captain." "Anything that you could tell me?" >"Yes, during a match between our University and Canterlot Highschool, Daniel had a conversation between a Rainbow haired and a curly purple one." >Ok. >A highschool is envolved. "Can you confirm?" >"Sadly... no." >This will be fun >Two suspects with no way of- >Notebook. >I'll read it up and go to his house. "May I have Daniels residence?" >He pulled out a book. >"Certainly, It's..." >Page flipping >Pen ready >"27'th Sunset Road, Apartment 12." "Thank you." >You scribble it down before you leave. >Time to visit the jock heads. >"Be careful, the boys don't want law enforcement around, if they prove to be trouble, do not hesitate to calm them down." >Briliant >You get out the office >Bells ring >Loud as balls. >Time to hit the gym >The smell of sweat is already in the air >Students still eye you, whispering. >Keep your spaghetti, Detective. >There it is. >Gym. >Boys locker room. >You open the gym classroom door. >Hold your balls >A neat looking las is their P.E teacher? >Pink >Spiked hair >Girl pecs >Legs man... >No wonder you hated P.E >Miss Nina was a harsh bitch. "Excuse me miss, I'm looking for Piston?" >"Call me Firefly, he's at the locker room." >She didn't even look >She pointed >An excuse to look at her a- >"Do not try to look at my arse, Detective." >Spaghetti dropped. >Dammit Anon... >Forget about picking them up. >You do the walk of shame. >As you bust open the door, hideous odor of body spray assaults your nose. >Dicks and muscles. >This will take a while. "I'm looking for Piston." >A big one walks out of the crowd of salami. >"Who's askin'?" >You move your coat, revealing your badge. "I want to ask some questions about Daniel." >"How about I start. Can you fuck off?" >Boy, don't piss me off. "Let's take it easy, and noone is going to the bars." >They get closer. >"Are you really gonna do it?" >These fucks are more retarded. "Maybe I do." >He took a step and throws in a punch. >Side step it. >Grab his arm and neck. >Send a knee in his stomach. >Direct hit, part 2. >You lift him up, giving a headbutt. >Sent tumbling down. >The others gather up. *Click* >You pulled out your gun. >Hulks turn into boys. >They move away. "That's right. Move your asses to class. Piston, you stay here... punk." >You and the bag of pack settled down >He was tensed up, defeated >You took a dominant pose, glaring under your hat. >Not so alpha now, pretty boy. "Tell me about Daniel." >He looked up at you. >"He was a nerd..." >Not enough... "More..." >You were unimpressed. >He felt it. >"He was always up my stuff, top grades and always tried to act up..." >Is this kid for real? "You felt threatened by him?" >He flinched. >"Ugh! No way. I mean, the nerd didn't knew but I'm a captain of a football team! I aced P.E!" >I feel like laughing so hard... >This punchbag was counter-bullied. >Guess packing balls had a benefit from packing muscles. >Sigh it off to avoid laughing. "Know anyone that would hurt him?" >He shrugged. "Anyone else bullying him?" >Again... >You flipped Daniels book to reveal a page. >Slammed in front of his face. "Quote : "Two broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, he might as well finish the job." Quote... Did you kill him?" >"No!" "A'ight, where were you doing between 11 and 12 PM?" >"I told you I did-" >You slam your fist next to his face. "ANSWER THE QUESTION, FUCKBOY!" >You swore he was close to whimper. >He shaken so hard pasta shivered out. >"H-home..." "Doing what?!" >He trembled. >"M...m..." "Murdering?" >He facepalmed. >"Masturbating to a video..." >God... >His alibi is solid. >That pun slipped. >Hard. >Internal snort. "Good job, you CAME in HANDY." >I suicided internally. >He felt so ruined by it. >How to turn an Alpha to Omega in two puns... >Time to visit Daniels home. >You broke that kid better than ever. >Hell, it felt good. >Time to see what can I do here... >27'th Sunset road.. >Nice blocks. >But shady. >You step out of the car, a quick look. >Dark brick arhitecture. >Hanging flower pots. >Only a few cars. >Nice place. >You step up the stairs and into the building. >Elevator only. >Alright there is a stairway. >Take the elevator for a quick move. >4'th floor. >You head straight for apartment 12. >Dog barks at the neighbours door. *Knockknockknock* >You hate doorbells. >The door opens. >A slightly sobbing woman stood in front of you. "Good day, m'am. Are you Daniel's mother. >She nodded. "I'm Detective Anonymous, I work aside the police to find your sons murdurer.." >She nodded again, holding a hand on her chest. >It hurts... >A mom loosing his child. >She stepped aside, without a word. >The home was spacious. >Comfy. >"Would you like some coffee, Detective." "Of course, where is Daniels room?" >She pointed. >"Down the hall, second door on the right." >You had to pass the living room. >Coat and hat off. >You stepped inside. >Medium sized apartment, for 3. >Pictures of Daniel and his family. >He was a good kid. >1'st place at curling. >Chess player. >10/10 Kid. >Only one picture with his dad. >The mother didn't wore a ring. >The two might be divorced. >Daniel's room. >Typical Teenager room. >Less messy. >Colorful >Books, Notebooks and notes around the room. >Appointment with the Dentist at 12. >Ok... >You needed a warrant first there top class Detective. >Slipper sounds behind you. >Daniel's mom stood behind you with a cup. >"Here, Mister Anonymous. Feel free to pick up anything that might help in your investigation..." >Warrant acquired. >You pick up the cup, taking a sip from it. >Divine... "Thank you miss, I'll be quickly out of here." >He shook her head. >"No, no. Take your time, I'll be in the kitchen." >Poor girl... >Something slips away from your sight. >Closets and drawers. >Some drawers were packed with pens, coins and chess notes. >One of them had a condom. >At least the kid knew his protection. >Not against knife attacks tho.. >Something caught your eye. >A red piece of paper, appears to be a flier >'Dawntide Bar' >Enjoy your nights in with Poker, bar service and lovely music. >Open at 10 PM 'ntil 5 AM >Darn. >The kid was classy as heck. >Since the bar is a clue, you keep the flier to visit it tonight. >You finished the cup of coffee. >Great boost. >You walked up to the kitchen, placing the cup in the sink. "Wonderful Coffee, miss." >She sobbed, nodding. "I'm sorry for your loss... He was a good kid." >Smooth move. >She looked up. >Is she pissed? >"Detective... Promise me this..." >Wot. >"If you catch the killer, make him pay." >Alrighty then. "I will in due time, Miss. I promise. >She smiled >Time to leave. >You walked out the door, closing it slowly behind you. >Do you hear whispers in the lobby? >Must be the neighbors. >You took the elevator down, walking towards the exit. *WOOSH* >THE FUCK? *KLANK* >DEFENSIVE MEASURES! >You drew out your gun faster then a Friday night stand with a girl waiting for your own gun. >Slam yourself against the wall. >Am I going to shoot someone today...? >You hear... >High heels? >U what. >You step out, gun forward. >A figure ran inside an alleyway >Time for a run. "Stop!" >Like she will.. >As you reach the Alley, you pointed the gun. >Nothing... >Did she just vanish? >You look down to notice a.. >Black rose? >A note. >You kneel down slowly, careful to not get ambushed. >You picked it up and opened the note. "Blood will flow, the moon will shine.. Be prepared for a Black Valentine." >Ok that is a bit scary. >It's a female killer. >Worse then a gang war. >You placed the note in your inner pocket of your coat. >Pick up the knife as well. >It's no longer there. >SERIOUSLY? >You grunt and you go straight for your car. >Hours later... >10:12 PM >Downtown... >You sat in your car, smoking your 4'th cigar today. >On your left was Dawntide Bar. >Looks fancy from the outside, but let's see from the inside. >You locked your car and walked towards the bar. >Feint jazz music could be heard. >Funky. >You opened the door, revealing an extremely cozy club rather than a bar. >Crimson rug. >Dark colored wood walls and pillars. >Semi-circle shape bar on your left. >Wide stage on your right. >Poker table in the end. >Most of this club is for relaxing. >And a restaurant apparently. >Leather couch and chairs. >Time to look around. >Besides the casual personnel. >Three girls caught your eye... >Chapter 2 : A Dazzling meeting. >These three had an alluring look. >The bartender... >Long blue streaked hair. >Cheerful face. >Magenta eyes... >Poker dealer. >Grump look on her face. >Purple with light-greenish highlights. >Singer on the piano. >Long Orange hair. >Wait. >The woman from the bar a day before. >All three have the same gem. >Must be the club's personal item or a trend. >You weren't a strong fashion detective >You're here to solve crimes. >You walk inside the club, straight towards the Bar. >You always leaned towards the bartenders for info. >You tap your fingers on the wood. >She came towards you quickly. >"Hey there, Handsome, whatcha' want to drink?" >You took out the photo of Daniel, sliding towards her. "I want to ask a few questions about this boy, he apparently came to this place." >She nodded energetically. >"Yepyep, multiple times." >Drinks were served as she talked to you. >"He always came and wrote stuff on a notebook." >Her accent and voice was cute. >Bountiful chest tho. "What did he usually do?" >"Ordering some food and always bought Martini from here. Must have been his favorite drink." >Huh. >She took a closer look. >Please tell me you notice the stare. >"Hey, Adagio was telling about you." >Adagio..? >She pointed straight where you expected. >The Orange colored singer. >The voice of hers was golden. >You felt like falling for her. >Snap out of it son, you have a case to finish. >Too late. >Adagio was already aiming for your eyes. >Did she just. >She winked. >Time to visit the backstage... >You walked away from the bar, walking past the poker dealer. >She stared at you for a slight second, >You could have heard her growl. >Scary. >You turn left and into a dark corridor. >One of the open rooms illuminate the hallway, >Soft humming coming from it. >Adagio. >You step forward, leaning against the doorway. "Adagio, I believe?" >She stood behind blinds, her head visible. >She turned at you, smirking. >"Dazzle, Adagio Dazzle dear. Now you aren't here for autographs, are you~" >You tossed the picture of Daniel on her make up table. "Daniel, I want to know what you know about him." >She rolled her eyes. >She was expecting something else? >With a lean in, you could see her curves. >She had some wide hips. >Child-bearing ones. >Unf. >"Of course, Little Daniel was a casual customer." "How so?" >"She had a girl, always visited this place with her, he requested songs, ordered couple menus, always together." >This is a love matter murder. >This day couldn't get any better. >"Until one day.." >Darn it. >"He came alone, appeared to be heartbroken then two weeks later back happy. Yesterday he was stressed out." >You perk an eyebrow. >"Really stressed..." >The smell of strong perfume floods the air. >Can she tease less? >That would make you an asshole. >And presumed gay. >"So what can I help you with...?" >She wanted my name. "Anonymous, Detective Anonymous." >She had a sly grin. >"Anon." >She walked out with only her underwear. >"Can you help me tie this bra? My arms are a bit woozy." >What. >Ok? >You shrugged and walked up. >Her ass was the bomb. >You felt like slapping it. >But you slap your own wrist. >This is a source of information. >You gripped the bra ends and tied it securely. >"Oh my Detective, you're handy with bras." "Of course." >It's hot. >Too hot. >Is the heater turned up? >"Now, let's talk about Daniel." "Was he here in the day he was murdered?" >She sat on the couch, covering herself with a robe. >I wanted more... >She crossed her legs, skin still visible. >Unf. >"He did, the ordinary Martini from Sonata and he requested a grim type of song." "Like he knew something was up." >She poured herself some wine. >Classy. >"Yes he did. He forgot his notebook and I tried to give him back next time, but hearing his death from my usual customers... It went off." >Still suspicious. >Her voice was divine. >And had this spiritual leadership. >"But I know a girl that could help you." >Great! >"But it would cost you~" >What. >Money? >Influence? "What exactly..?" >"For a handsome Detective like you, I'll offer a discount~" >Oboy. "Hmm?" >"I will trade you ANYTHING you need, if you have a good time with me, make me feel good and I double it." >Did she go there? >Anon. >Srsly. >You got an invitation to sex? >Should I be soft? >Should I decline? >But you're too law confident. >"Don't tell me you're scared for a little fun~" >She sniffed you. >Like the hunter and it's pray. >Not ready to pounce tho. "I would but I'm afraid the murderer might strike again." >She scoffed. >"Fine, no information for you, Mister Anonymous." >You needed this killer. >Sacrifice. >Idea! "I will do it once I finish the case." >"Not enough, if my information is right and you get your lead, you will do what I asked." >A win-win situation. >Perfect. "Agreed." >She got up to the makeup table, bending over to write something. >She did it on purpose. >"The wrote the address here, it's a Royal Club, expensive building. Find your girl and you find your suspect." >She offered the paper. >Plan. >You get your suspect. >But you'll have a one night stand with her. >Sweet. >"Once you get your lead, I'll be available after midnight. Don't forget~" >You get your killers trail! >But you miss out a night time. >This girl is so tempting but your case... >Risk a night and have some fun? >Or play good cop and continue... >Good cop... >Bad cop... >"What are you waiting, Detective?" >As tempting as it is Anon... >Good cop. >Actually... "How about a dinner this week? Hopefuly I'll catch the killer before it." >She had a surprised look. >A blush appeared. >"How sweet of you, Detective~ Where?" >She bit! >You score. "The Ruby-Encrust restaurant. 8 PM?" >You could see she liked the idea. >"Ok~ Don't be late." >You smirked, tipping your hat before you walked out. >Time to head back for another day... --- >You are Adagio. >That was a nice little encounter. >Got a date >A possible laid back guy. >Wait. >Midnight. >Time to get ready. >You walk up to the makeup table and look yourself in the mirror. >He actually declined your offer. >Most dumb cops would just fall over. >The first guy that actually takes you out to dinner. >Door opens. >"Hey Adagio, watcha' think of the cop?" "He is not just a cop, Sonata." >"Did you bone him?" >Aria... "No, he actually asked me out." >They look surprised. >Yeah. I got a date. >"Not fair! I wanted first." >Sonata whined. >"Get in line..." >Aria? "Aria! Sonata... Are you jelous?" >Both of them blushed. >"NO!?" >Same time. >They left, grumped. >You got the finest catch, Adagio~ >Thursday >12:32 AM >Royale Club. >Some fancy shit. >You can smell money around. >How can this club lead to your- >Girl. >Medium-Tall. >Purple curly hair. >Gotcha... >She just came out the club. >Time to move. >You step out of the car, crossing the road. >You successfuly avoid the passing cars. >You are close. "Miss, I'd like to-" >She bolted. >Really? >You flash your badge so people won't mistake you. "HOLD IT, POLICE!" >Helps. >People move away. >You slowly catch up to this girl where suddenly. *Smack!* >You got a sudden neck strike. >You're on your knees. >Neck hurts. >Quick glare at the attacker. >A goddamn kid. >You get up furiously and yanked the pipe. >Shirt grip the punk. "Give me reason not to jail your ass for intruding police investigation..." >He panicked. >"I'm sorry! I thought you were someone else! Don't send me to prison! I'll tell you anything." >Damn right you will. >You let go and place a hand on his shoulder. "Alright, let's go..." >People watching. >Doing my work here folks! "What's your name..." >"S-spike..." >You and Spike are back at the office. >1 PM sharp. >The little teen twitched and shivered. >You wrote down random stuff. "Tell me everything about her." >He looked up. >Spiky hair, green eyes. >Give him 16 years tops. >"S-she... uh..." >He searched for words. >"She is my crush..." >Young love. >Yet not enough. >"She works as a manager at a clothing shop... L'Manifique." >Explains the fancy knifes. "Who are her friends." >He gulped. >"Her gang... Pinkie Pie... Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack." >Wait >Hold the phone. >APPLEJACK? >Big Macs sister... >You tried to solve this puzzle. >"Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle no longer work togheter but they were a part.." >Minus two I guess. >You take a deep breath. "Alright kid. I'll look over this like it didn't happen, but... I want you to avoid going anywhere else until this case is closed. Only school and home." >He nodded. >You wrote his address in your notebook. >Also gave him your office number. "Telephone me whenever you get information or emergencies." >The guy nodded again before running out. >Time to visit this clothing shop... >Chapter 3 : Black Valentine >You got yourself in a twist there Detective... >From a simple crime scene... >To a serial killer threat. >Assassination attempts... >You gotta' find this killer quick. >...Before Valentine's day... >11:43 AM. >Rainy Friday. >You stood inside your car, outside the presumed shop L'Magnifique. >You have one shot of this, either catch the killer or nothing. >You check your gun. >Fully loaded. >Pack it up and get out. >People walked to their jobs and their business. >Black umbrellas everywhere. >Got to love your coat. >You took a deep breath before walking inside. >Smell of fabric. >Ugh... >Perfume as well. >You see a couple of ladies doing their casual shopping. >One of them walked up to you. >Cute looking dress, bowtie, teal hair. >"Greeting m-mister, How can I help you?" >You take out your badge, showing it to her. "I'm looking for Miss Rarity..." >She froze. >A gulp. >"S-she hasn't showed up for a week..." >Weird. "Where's her office." >She offered to follow her. >"R-Right this way." >You walk past the rolls of fabric and clothes, into a small corridor. >The girl kept looking back at you, looking somewhat scared. >She stopped and unlocked the door to the office. >"R-right inside." "Thank you..." >She followed you inside. >"C-Coco Pommel..." >You nod, looking inside. >The room was mostly empty. >Two or three rolls of fabric, a working table and a desk. >Time to check. >You proceed to look over the desk. >Bills, orders, letters... >The drawer seems to be open. >You open it to see the prize. >The exact same knife you got ambushed. >You pick it up. >You had gloves on. >Coco appeared to have gasped. "Miss Coco, I want the address of your manager..." >She walked to her office in a quick motion. >You use the telephone to dial Captain Shard. >"Hello?" "Captain, I found our killer." >"You did? Where?" >Coco came back, giving you a small piece of paper with an address. "Velvet Boulevard. Prepare a team." >"On it, see you there..." >It's time. >You park your car near the other police units. >You get out to look around. >The place it packed with people, and the buildings ate top class. >The police already secured the lobby and building. >6'th Floor. >Captain Shard and the units are prepared to bust inside. >"Detective, we're ready." >You place yourself against the wall, entering formation. >You pull your gun out and listen carefuly. >Feint music is heard from inside. >Bobby Drain? >You sighed and banged on the door. "Police! Open up!" >10 seconds pass without a reply. >You nod at the other cop with a shotgun. >He gets in front of the door and pulled the trigger at the lock. *KBANG!* >The door is bashed open by him, walking inside first. >You follow behind after the whole team goes in. >"Clear!" >"Clear." >"Clear." >You lower your gun to see the home. >A french type of architecture, drawings of dresses and fabric details everywhere. >This girl was a fashion designer... >Something bothers you. >A note was on a wall, a knife through it into the wall. >You walk over and pick up the note. "I gave you a warning and you declined my offer for you to stay alive. You came to my own home to settle this through. But I will not give up. These two hands will be stained with the blood of my broken heart and soul. And does not stop there. Say goodbye to your little fri-..." >SPIKE! >You push over the officer as you sprint off. "CALL AN AMBULANCE AT THAT KIDS HOME." >You didn't waste time. >Quickly get in your car and speed off. >You grunted and place your siren. >You needed to get in time. >Spike is innocent and young. >You rush through town. >The ambulance was already 5 streets behind. >It's 1:21 PM >Got to get there quick. >Your mind rushed with thoughts. >Here you are. >You pull the handbrake and just rush out of the car. >Sprint up the stairs, he was at the 4'th floor. >"No! No! PLEASE!" >That's him. >You pull out your gun and get to the door. >Take the moment! >You slam open the apartment door. >The hindges just gave out >Doors were weak >Or your adrenaline is pumping. >Focus... ---- >You are Spike. >The detective guy gave you a nasty spook. >Doors unlocked. >Strange... >Mom was supposed to come late tonight. >Maybe she forgot something. "Hey mom? I'm home!" >Where is she? >You step in the living room. >Why is it dark? >"Hello sweety~" >Is that... "R-Rarity...?" >You turn around. *Smack!* >Ow! >That hurt! >You fell on your side. >You are bleeding... "Why?!" >She looked down at you. >Wait shes picking you up. "What are you doing?!" >"Taking care of buisness my little lover" >Buisness? >She slams you againt the chair. >Quickly, you are restrained. >You're panicking. >"I saw your little intervention, nicely done~" >Ok... >"But you have stepped into the wrong direction..." >Not ok... >"Now that the Detective knows... now I have to clean up the mess... >Tottaly not ok! >Oh god she pulled out a knife. >Please.. >You're sweating! >She is going to kill me! "No! No! Please! I'm sorry!" >She pressed the knife in your thoat. >The pain! >You feel like choking... >You feel the taste of blood... >You loose sight of colors... >Is it my time? ... ---- >Time to get this bitch... >Everything was slow. >Your crosshairs are aimed at the killer. >The knife is in Spikes throat. "Drop the knife!" >She took sight of you. >Shit... >Knife is flying towards you. >Sucessfully dodge it but you're not done. >You squeeze the trigger three times, missing her due to swaying. >One of your bullets swopped past her hair. >She's escaping. Not this time... >Wait... Spike is wounded.. >Should I catch her? Or stay with Spike? >Fuck this... >You need to save Spike. >You quickly untie the rope. >Fuck, he's bleeding hard. >You place him on his pack, applying force on the wound with a rag you found. "Hold up, kid, help is on the way..." >He struggled, looking at you. >You keep pressure. >He's trying his best to stay alive. >His breathing is slowed. >He is coughing. >Come on... >He closed his eyes. "No... no... NO!" >You tried to do something.. >You hear the ambulance. >Cops too. >His pulse is fading... >No... >You lost him... >There was to much blood in his throat. >The med guys rushed in, you stepped aside. >20 minutes passed, the doctors couldn't revive him. >The agony in your heart... >Another victim... >A kid.. >A fucking kid... >You stood by the window. >Your gun was on the table, your coat on the floor. >You held the cigar in your mouth as you wipe the blood off your hands. >The blood of the kid that died. >Captain Shard walked in. >"Hey Anon... I'm sorry..." "Sorry for what, Shard...I lost the kid... an innocent fucking kid, Shard..." >"The killer will be yours soon..." >He is right. >You'll make that whore regret. >"I talked with his mother, Twilight Sparkle... she'll visit you tomorrow night. Get the day off..." >Sparkle... We'll talk alright... >Friday... >Wish I could avoid this day... >Maybe the night with Adagio would change.. >8 PM >Right on time. Ruby-Encrust gleaming behind. >You hear heels behind you. >You turn around, hand on the handle. >It's Adagio. >"You're on time~" >Removing the hand from your coat, you reached to open the door. "After you." >She gave you that look. >As she walked pass, you take a view of her rear. >The swayings hips are hypnotizing. >You want to bite that ass... >Not yet. >Soon. >You and her reach to your table. >Holy.. >Her coat was taken off, a superb crimson dress sparkled bright, one leg visible. >Holy mama... >You get down to enjoy the night~ [An hour before the date, Adagio.] >7:15 PM >Time to freshen up. >You have the crimson dress on, maybe you'll impress him. >Untied hair, you need it to flow. >Little use of make up, just eyeshadow. >Aria knocks at your door. "Come in." >She came in, closing the door behind her. >"So you're going after all, huh?" >Seriously. "Of course I will, why would I turn down a date? He seemed sweet to ask me out rather than do me on the spot." >She shrugged. >"What if he does it to get more information?" >You facepalmed. "Aria, it's not about information, he wants to date me under his consent, not forced." >"Whatever, don't come to me when he just does it for fun." >She walked out, Sonata waving at you before closing the door. >You look at yourself. >What if she's right? What if he does it only for information. >You're a smart girl, Adagio, you'll figure out soon. >8:00 PM >You see him. >He looks... sad? >You grip your coat, this feels uneasy. >Your mind made you smile at his sight. >Your guts never failed you, he was something. "You're on time~" >He opened the door for you. >The air of a gentleman is strong. >"After you." >You walk past him, come on, give him what he would like to see. >Dancing was not for nothing, your hips can sway quite smooth. >You two reach the ordered table. Sight see into the street, >Windows had this dark red tint. >Sexy. >As you remove your coat, you look at his reaction. >He seemed amazed. This dress is weapon grade. >You two sat down, the waiter bringing you two wine. "So... How was your day?" >He sighed, putting out his cigar. >"Bad, I caught the trail of the killer but..." >Something feels bad. >"A kid that helped me got killed by her..." >So you were right.. >The other kid's killer was a woman. >But wow, he got in some deep things.. "Um... Tell me more about yourself." >You two proceed on exchanging your life stories, likes, dislikes, common interests. >You avoided to tell your real age, you're 21 >You rub his cheek. >Rough, unf... >You always loved men with a rough, strong jawline. "You're such a sweet man, Anon~" >Kiss him, Dagio' >His poor soul needs it. Forget about your energy. >Why does he look panicked? >"GET DOWN!" >He tosses you aside. >What's going o- *BANG**CRASH* >IS SOMEONE SHOOTING!? >You get on the floor, looking up at Anon. >He pulled out his gun, firing back. >Everyone panicked, taking cover. >Did Anon just... >Save you? >After he run to catch the shooter. >You peek out. He stood outside. >He must have lost him. >Is he ok? I should go to him. >You get up, helping Adagio put her coat on. >"You're such a sweet guy, Anon~" >Her soft hand rubs your cheeks. >Shes divine... >Wait.. >Hold the phone. >Figure outside. >long coat. >Face covered. >Gun spotted! >Aimed for... Adagio! "GET DOWN!" >You pushed her aside. *BANG**CRASH* >You jumped back as bullets and glass began to fly... >One of then flew next to your ear. >Fuck! It's ringing! >You get on your knee, pulling out the pistol. >Not this time! >Pull the trigger, counter attack. >Shoulder hit! >The figure rushed , you decided to follow. >As you jump right out the window, the figure entered a car. >Rainbow hair... >The bitch got some aid... >Not only that he tried to kill you, they also wanted to kill Adagio... >You feel someone wrapping wrapping your arms. >It's Adagio. >She looked up at you, hugging your arm hard. >"Are you alright?" >You nod, despite the ringing ear. "I'm fine, someone tried to kill you." >Her eyes gleamed. >You felt her kissing your cheek. >"Thank you~" >Well done, Anon. >You saved a girl from death and defended her. >"Let's go to your place." >Oh wow. >Alright. >You two reached your car, allowing her to get in first but you needed to talk to Shard before. >"Hey Anon, what happened?" Shard asked. "Me and my... girl got shot at, noone's wounded I hope." >"Nope, just spooked. You managed to shoot him?" "Her... And yes, I shot her shoulder." >He grinned. >"We'll catch her easy now. Go home, you need your rest, I'll take it from here." >Shard may be a prick, but he is a good guy. >You get back to your car, starting it up. >Next stop, your home. >[Adagio] >You fell your heart pumping. >You're not strong when it comes to gunfights. >But your safe now, with Anon. >Should you actually do it? Or just take it slow. >He proved to be a sweet one, so don't spoil him... >[Anon] >There we go, safely in your car, taking corners to your apartment. >Once here, you get out to open the car door for Adagio. >She looked around, smiling. >"Spooky." >You chuckle, it was quite sketchy. >She gripped your arm gently. >You lucked you car before walking inside the lobby. >The guard looked at you and nodded. >He was a great guy, never allowed a punk to get in. >7'th floor, you took the elevator. >"So... Do you like to live alone?" >You sighed. "It has it's perks, but not quite..." >You unlock the apartment door, revealing your sweet looking apartment. >The blinds gave out stripes of light. >(Reference : Adam Jensen's apartment style) >"This looks cozy." >You proceed to take off her coat. "It does, isn't it." >You hang her coat and yours. >She gripped your shirt collar. >Now you're pinned against the wall. >"You know..." >??? >"... It was brave of you to stand in front of a bullet for me..." >Ouch. >Your heart Anon, what's going on. >"I never got someone to do this~ A little action, adrenaline~" >Unf, you're getting hot... >She approached, your lips touching with hers. >It felt hot, and soft. >You place your hands on her hips. Finally. >She broke the kiss and tossed you towards the couch. >Let's see where this is going~ >Chapter 4 : Path of Truth >There you are Anon, tossed against your couch at the loving mercy of Adagio, the singer of Dawntide bar. >She began to take steps towards you, dropping her shoes on the floor, causing a loud noise. >With a twirl, she placed her foot in between your legs. >Your breathing got harder as well as something else. >You keep yourself relaxed, taking off your tie. >She bit her lip as a hand slid along her body, gripping her panties, pulling them down. >They were red as her dress. >Ouf! >You're struck against your face with it. >The smell of raspberries triggered your nose to send your blood rushing. >Not long before you began to warm up. >She slowly climbed up ontop of you and gripped your cheeks, pulling you into a kiss. >Hey lips were so soft you wanted to hold this for all night. >Your hands navigate themselves down her back, gripping her firm rear. >A gentle moan escaping her lips as she deepened the kiss, her tongue sliding inside to wrap around yours. >But wait... >It's too soon. >You broke the kiss, continuing to kiss your neck, her hand already trying to unbuckle your belt. "A-Adagio... Dagio..." >She opened her eyes, looking up at you. >You felt so bad to do this but it was the best decision. "I would... I feel like this is rushed..." >She leaned back, her hands on your chest. >"It is? Why?" "I do not know, you're a beautiful girl and I do not want to spoil the relationship in just one night..." >It sounds stupid, Anon. >But you don't want to end up like your last relationships... >Every start of your past relationships began with a night of sex, then slowly faded more as you began to focus on your job. >Maybe this time you'll get to know more about Adagio and create a progressed relationship. >This one night stand relationships need to stop. >"Oh, why so?" "I don't want this relationship to start by just a night of sex." >"Don't tell me~" she put on a sly grin on her face. >You ask yourself what is she thinking about. >"You love me, don't you?" she brushed against you. "Umm.. I.." >She placed her finger over your lips. >"Don't need to say anything, I love you too~" she whispered in your ear, then leaned back. >"So what are we going to do?" "I don't know but I need a shower." >You really needed a shower, you stank so hard from the combination of sweat from both scenarios that happened today. >She nodded and got off, sitting on the couch. >With her off, you got up to walk towards the bath before you were gripped by your hand. >"Um.. Anon, can I sleep with your tonight? I'm afraid to do outside..." >You never thought if she wanted to leave, but you agree with her. "I never had any intention of making you leave, Adagio. Let me find you something to wear for tonight." >She smiled sweetly as she observed where you were going. >You began browsing through your closet. >The ordinary set of suits for work, shirts and some casual wear such as blouses and turtlenecks. >And your grandmother's sweater. >You get grip of some pair of pajamas you refused to wear after they got smaller. >They are so small the outline of your crouch is perfectly visible. "Hey Adagio, I found these pair of pajamas that could fit you perfectly." >She walked up to your room and grabbed the pair. >"That works." she smiled. >At least they are put to use after this time. >You passed her and made your way to the bathroom, once inside you took off your shirt and pants, Adagio stood at the entrance. >"Anon... mind if I shower with you?" >Adagio's question was sketchy at first, but you quickly return to your self and nod. >She smiled and slowly closed the door. >"Go ahead inside, I'll join you in a moment~" >You smiled as you took off your boxers, your erection high as a flagpole. >How could you not feel it? >You discard the question and step inside the tub, turning up the water. >You cringe at first as cold water flowed down your back but you easily relax as hot water began to flow. >You needed this bad, you turn around to face the water flow. >You took a deep sigh as you wash away the gunpowder from your hair, the sweat you've left behind and the mental tension you've suffered in this week. >You felt like getting in a corner to just lie there... >The door creaked open. >"Hello~" Adagio called out. >As you felt her get inside the tub, placing her hands on your chest from behind. >For one that suffered a lot for these past days, the touch of a girl you like and put your trust in just made the grim memories fade. "Hey 'Dagio..." >You place your hands over hers, looking over your shoulder. >She had her head rested on your back, her hands rubbing your wet chest. >Obviously she enjoyed your presence a lot and her feelings are shown through a feint blush. >You shivered as one of her hands slid town to grip your member, giving a soft rub. >"At least, let me help you wash it..." >You were already worn down, allowing her to due whatever she wished. >Her firm hand ran along the line of your erection, from the tip down to the base, sending more and more shivers up your spine. >She kissed your back, slowly turning you around. >Excited and worn out, you rest your hand on the wall behind you and watched how Adagio lowered herself on her knees. >She placed her lips on the tip, softly licking it. >You kept balance, eyes closed. All you could do is feel every movement of her tongue the more she took your member inside her mouth. >You refused to have sex with her but the poor girl wanted to show her appreciation for saving her. >The only thing she could give you, it's greedy to ask for money at a gal like her... >Your thinking faded as you feel pressure building up. "Nnh... A-Adagio..." >She nodded, knowing your coming and giving you a signal to let yourself go. >With two deep head bobs, you grunted as you released inside her warm mouth. >You could feel her swallowing your fluids with ease, backing up to give the tip of your member a kiss. >"Feel better, darling?" >The feeling was so great you didn't bother replying. >You turn her around as she stood up, in reply she giggled. >Her hair was tied up, thank god. >You could have asphyxiated in there. >She let out soft moans as your hands began to slide up and down her body... >Her small sized breasts never bothered you, instead gave you a chance to squeeze her nipples. >The immediate response was of a squeak and a moan. >You lower yourself down, your hands running down her body up to her hips. >She raised her leg to place it on the edge, giving you a view of her womanhood. >A cute, firm looking lips, already a string of her fluid running down her leg. >You bury your face slowly in her rear, your tongue lapping her sensitive spot. >The obvious answer was of a shocked moan, her hand gripping your hair. >She tasted sweet, orange-y flavor. >Her inside were warm as you bury your tongue more inside, her moaning sending vibrations down to you. >Her responses only motivated you to go more further. >"Oh.. A-Anon~ Keep going~" >She pulled you back, allowing her to turn around, planting herself against the wall. >"Do it~" she plead. >As a good detective, you plant your mouth against her sensitive spot, using your excessive tongue movement to grind her inner walls. >The amount of moans Adagio let out gave you a reading of pleasure she felt. >Suddenly, her left leg was wrapped around you. >She clearly loved it, and a lot. >You wonder if this is her fetish. >You let out soft suckling as your circled inside her. >She let out aggressive, deep breath moans, sometimes she let out yelps. >"A-anon... Anon..." she cried out. >Just a little more. >You placed a finger over her clit, twirling it. >Combined with your tongue, you could feel her twisting. >"AAH, ANON!" >A loud, screaming moan escaped her lips as she released, her fluids running down your tongue and around her lower body. >She kept on as she shivered violently, finally sliding down the wall and onto your arms. >She panted, looking up at you with a feint smile. >You two stood in the shower for about five more minutes, you coming out first before Adagio. >The first thing to do is to change yourself in pajamas and just bury yourself in the bed. >The dark room illuminated by only a small lamp gave you this strong sense of comfort beyond imagining. >You could head the bathroom door open and shortly after, Adagio stood in the doorway. >The clothes you gave her were perfect size, her pants contouring her hips. >You open a spot for her to lie. >"That was amazing Anon, I never knew you could hit me up this hard." she said. >Her hair was still tied up. "What can you say, I hit up the right points." >That came out wrong from your mind. >Adagio slid inside the bed, cuddling against your body tight. Her leg and arm wrapped around you. >You could feel her waist planted against yours. >It was so warm... >You closed the light, the lights of the city reflecting on your wall through the drapes. >"Hey Anon?" she asked. "Yes Adagio?" >You feel her squeezing you. >"I love you~" a giggle was heard. "I love you too Adagio Dazzle." >Your reply was followed by you cuddling her back. >There you have it Anon, the great start to a new relationship with a girl you actually love. >This changed your perspective way more than expected, the chance of getting a stable relationship smiled upon you. >Tomorrow you have a rough day, you will finally meet with Spike's mother.. >But right now, the only thing you can think off is you and her. >This girl is special... >You woke up. >The clock showes 1:32 AM >Adagio was asleep in the same cuddling position. >You felt her breathing along your chest. >This girl... >You wonder to yourself, why didn't you find this girl earlier... >Oh right... your other ex was a bitch... >"Something wrong, Anon?" >Wicked sixth sense there. >You hummed. "I just... woke up from a dream." >She leaned up, kissing you. >"Don't worry, I'm here~" >She turned her back at you, she wanted you to spoon her. >You stick yourself against her back, a hand on her belly. >She gripped your hand and placed it on her chest. >You could feel her heartbeats and her soft breasts. >"You can touch me anywhere~" >Thats sweet, and kinky. >You slowly drift back to sleep. >Second time. >8:11 AM >Decent... >You push yourself up, rubbing your eyes. You felt heavy and slightly aching. >You look over to see Adagio sleeping peacefuly. >You reach in to give her a good morning kiss. *DINGDONG* >Dammit... >You get up and equip your slippers. *DINGDONG* >Dammit man... >You step closer to the door, taking out the pistol just in case, holding it behind your back. "Who is it?" >"Open up Anon~!" >The loud, abnoxious voice gave you a headache, you could not believe who stood at the doorway. >A quick glance at the visor. >Yep... the white hair girl you "Cherrished" so much stood there. >"Anoooon! Trixie does not like this!" >Yep... that's her name. >No wonder you broke up with this crazy bitch. >You start to unlock the door, hiding your gun in your coat. >As you opened the door, you peek out. "What is it, Trix'..." >You were pushed away as Trixie walks in uninvited. >Her own self is shining. >"Ah... this home again, still alone?" "I don't have time for this crap, Trixie..." >She chuckled before she got interrupted. >"Anon... what's going on...?" >Ohfuck. >Nothing is more bad than an Ex meeting your current love. >Trixie versus Adagio... >Please... >Trix eyed her from head to toe while Adagio just stared, her tied hair slightly messy. >"Phah! Who's this Anon? Some other girl you shagged?" >Oh you did not... >"Excuse me?" Adagio replied with a cold tone. >This won't end well. >"Oh! I'm sorry~ Did i just hurt your feelings?" The annoying tone of her voice made you cringe. >"And who are you to talk to me like that?" >[Adagio time] >Did this blue girl call you a whore? >"I'm the great Trixie~ Master of illusions! And-" >You cross your arms, waving your hand at her. "Mmhmm, whatever you say, honey." >She gasped. >"You dared to interrupt, Trixies introduction?" >Does she talk in third person? >Anon facepalmed. "I did, why?" >She growled. >"Trixie does not approve such attitude from this stranger!" "My name is Adagio Dazzle, cupcake, Maybe you've heard of Dawntide bar." >She laughed, hard. >"The whorehouse?! Please, Anon deserves better, besides... he will toss you aside for me~" >She clinged over him. >Oh no you dont. "Don't touch him." >She looked at you with a serious attitude. >"What did you say to Trixie?" >You are pissed. "I said to let him go, he is mine." >She took a sassy pose. >"For a skank like you? Pff, nice joke." "Said the self-loathing slut." >You saw Anons reaction, priceless. Trixies even better. >She had a mix of something entering the wrong hole. >"HOW DARE YOU!" She lifted her palm. >Perfect. > As she winded up, you thrust your fist straight for her stomach. >She gasped for air as she stumbled down. "Hmpf, some great girl you call yourself, Boastie." [Anon] >Holy fuck, did Adagio just punch your Ex? >This morning was the best! >She stumbled back up her feet, coughing. >"You were... lucky... but Trixie will have her revenge..." >You grip her coat, dragging her out. "Whatever you say, Trixie... now scram." >She turned around. >"What happened to you...?" "Things changed, I'm no longer a puppet... bitch" >You slammed the door, Adagio stood at the window. >"One night stands, huh?" >Oh boy... Trix had to ruin this. "Adagio... I know Trixie said something about it-" >She turned around. >"How many..." >Struck down... "...3..." >"So I'm the forth?" >You walk up to her, holding her hands. "Adagio, I don't want to do my mistakes again, I mean it." >"Dropping out girls? Some fair share." "Adagio... my history is bad, I know, but since I've met you, I changed..." >She teared up. >"Less than a puppet?' "You give me a new prespective...". >"Prespective?" >Of course Anon, use meaningless words. >Your past life is about to ruin your only chance of having a normal relationship... >She huffed, looking away. >"I don't buy it..." "Please Adagio, I am not that type of guy, my past has been shit... I've got a bad rep but I want to change..." >You gently squeezed her shoulders. >"Why me? Why didn't you go with her?" >Straight into oblivion. "She ruined me..." [Adagio] >She did what? >Trixie inflenced Anon or something? "How so?" >He lowered his head. >"I've been Trixies little boy, yes... a beta. Since high school and academy..." >You pull him down to sit on the couch. >"She mocked me, forced me to like her shows and used me as a toy. But I was so dumb back then to realise." >You never expected this, not at all. >"That explains my grim attitude, I've been alone for 4 years, night stands kept me on a wire.." >You felt bad for him but not sure if he plays it or not. "Ok, Anon... I'll just take this as a talk. But you promise to fix your mistakes, right?" >His face lit up, smiling warmly. >Unf... he looked quite handsome with or without his suit. >Time for a kiss~ *DRRRING!* >Best timing ever... >Anon got up to answer it. >"Hello?... Yes Shard, good morning..." >The police captain? >"...When? Alright, I'll be there. Cya." He closed, walking to the bathroom. "Anon...?" >"The boutique was burnt down, and a fourth murder occured." >Ouch.. not again... >Ten minutes passed and Anon walked up to you, giving you a kiss. >Thats better~ >"I'll leave you a second set of keys, there in my desk here. I'll come pick you up tonight." >You could only smile and wave. >Left alone... >Chapter 5 : Burning Vengeance >Shivers ran down your spine as you drive towards the Boutique... >The victim brought more than the fire. >Twenty minutes passed before arriving to your destination, firemen clearing out the small fires and taking out possible proof or goods. >You stepped out to investigate the ruins. >Nothing could be salvaged, the whole building got engulfed in fire big enough to just leave it's outer shell. >"Hey Anon! Over here!" Shard called you. He stood nearby the alley near the Boutique. >Each step you took, the more dread you felt up your spine. >Could a girl do this much death? >As you approach the alley, you could already see the blood trail of the girl... >Coco Pommel. >From your first analysis, her head was bashed against the wall and her chest stabbed... >4 times... >You just grossed out, turning away. >"It get's harder and harder, hmm?" "The more it makes me sick..." >"I got good news though. The girl you shot? We got her when she was at the hospital." >You roll around and stared dead in his eyes. "Don't play with me." >He shook his head. "She's at the Police Station, in the interrogation room." >The fire inside you began to grow. "Let's go. Now." >"What about the body?" "Forget her, I got enough proof to point out to one killer." >He raised his hands up to his chest and followed you. >You both enter your car and just turned around in the middle of the street, disregarding the traffic. >The bitch you haunted is right where you want her. >Chapter 6 : Unforeseen Events >"So who do you think is the dangerous one?" >You stood to think, looking around the bar. >It was 7:21 PM, so a bunch of people came to talk and relax for the day. >You and Shard stood close to the bar, in case Mac had something to tell you. "I'm mostly afraid of the silent and loud ones, Pinkie and Fluttershy." >Shard took a swing from his bottle. "Why?" "Fluttershy can always kill without anyone knowing and Pinkie can stir trouble loud enough to let her escape." >You held two pictures of the said dames. One accused of riot during last year's Christmas party in the center while the other accused of stealing pets from people's homes. >"Are you sure they are involved?" "Mhm." >You nodded, taking another swing from your own bottle. >"Hey Anon!" Mac called out. "Applejack wants to talk to you." >Oh fuck. >Really? "Second.. Shard." >"I heard, want me to come with you?" "Just stay close, if you hear something going on, come in." >He nodded, placing his bottle aside. >You gulp as you stood up, passing Mac's bar with a nod and a smile, opening the door leading to a low lit hallway. >Better be prepared... "Applejack...?" >The voice echoes inside the hallway. >"So yer' the nosy Detective eh'?" a southern accent voice was heard. >A blond haired girl came out from the shadows, polishing a pump-action shotgun. >Oh boy that packs a punch, straight from the army. >How did she get it? "Ok, listen... I'm not here for trouble so if you want to talk, so be it." >Smooth move there, hotshot. >"Same as you did to Rainbow? Quite." >A mole is inside the fucking police station. >You begin to loosen up, ready to take cover to the nearby boxes on your left. "Applejack, laws are done for a reason, there is no exception." >She struck her emerald eyes right into yours. >"So what, yer' with the police naw'?" "I'm hired by them, if they need me I'll do it." >She didn't buy it, scoffing. >"So what are ye' then? Police or Private detective?" >Private Detective. >Southern people. >You spot something on a box next to you. >A bottle of booze, could be useful. >"HUH?" she called out. "I have something the police do not, instincts and eyes, not literally. I see what they cannot." >"That's how ye' found us." >She's smart though. >It's time to act Anon, otherwise you're going to be sent out of the bar faster than the Ford you're driving. >The bottle on your right could buy some time to distract her attention and take her down. >With a fight. >Or you could wait for her to make a move and cease the moment. >What would you do? >Wait for the moment. >She sighed. >"So you will go for all of us, ye'?" "I am forced to, but listen, you could work something up if you stop the killing and give yourself in, I'll try to talk with the judge to let you out easy." >"Nope. Cuz' you won't catch us." >Ready... >She bit her lip, looking at you. >You had your own half-scared look just to fool with her. >"You won't even be here to stop us..." *KLICK-KLANK* >She pulled the pump down, loading a slug. >Set... >She swayed the gun towards you, the moment she pulled the trigger, you just slam yourself towards the boxes on your left. *BANG!* >The loud impact noise of the wood and concrete made your ears ring... Again. >She grunted, pulling the trigger again towards your boxes. *BANG!* >You kneel down, soda spewing at the walls and on your hat. >Great, a hat for the wash. >You pull out your gun, pushing the boxes down at her. >She stumbled, the gun away from your field. >Your chance. >You jump on the boxes and wind up your leg towards her, straight slamming her jaw. >"NNGH!" she let out a grunt of pain and slamming the butt of the shotgun in your face. >Slam, boom, your nose is now painfully sore. >As you go back, you notice her returning the barrel of the gun towards you. >Final plan. >You point the gun straight at her chest, pulling the trigger to fire multiple shots towards her lungs and heart. *BANGBANGBANG!* *BLAM* >Shotgun pallets came screeching near your ear, scraping your shoulder. "AWW, FUCK!" >The pain is unbearable, making you fall on your back. >The majority of the pain was just from the impact of the hot pallets, not the ear ringing. >That's good at least. >You look over yourself to notice Applejack down, bleeding. >That surely is a kill confirmed. >The door slams open. >"What the hell is--...." >Oh fuck.. >Mac. >"A-Applejack..." >He passed you and went towards her dead body... >"No..." >Shard joined, lifting you up. >"Hey pal', what the fuck happened?" "Applejack went in to shoot me, got a scrapped shoulder. Need some bandages and I'm fine..." >"I'll go get some from the back." >Shard left. >Not the perfect time.. >"Why, Anon...?" >Your heart just dropped. >You never saw Mac this sad... >That bitch is gonna pay. "She was part of Rarity's criminal gang... I tried to talk it out but..." >"She was stubborn... I get it..." >You got up, holding your mild wound. >"Promise me... that she will pay." >He just ripped his necklace, tossing it at you. >You catched, it was a Magnum bullet, inscribed with 'Honesty' >"Take my magnum from my office, it's smaller but keep it for emergencies." >You want to avenge his lost. >But would you do it? Or not... >Mac looked up at you, pointing towards his office. >You nod and gripped the bullet, walking past. >Applejack did a dumb mistake to kill herself that night, she could have changed her ways and never accused... >But everyone has their own right to choose whatever seems fit. >You open the door to the small cramped up office, a wooden desk packed with diverse bottles and papers. >Most of them was Applejacks. >You open one of the drawers, revealing a box. >Soft texture, fit for something meaningful. >You place it on the desk and open it, revealing a short barreled revolver. "Holy..." >The gun was fit as a small canon rather than a weapon, you pick it up and open the barrel. >6 rounds, magnum style. >5 other bullets were in the box, each having a description of their own. >"Redemption", "Truth", "Family", "Friendship" and "Pride" >You felt like tearing up, legacy of the Apple family ruined by one criminal mind. >You pick up the bullets and load them inside the barrels, giving it a spin. >It was never fired, but this gave you a chance to offer Mac the vengeance he needs. >Shard walked in. >"Hey, I heard from Mac that you'll use his gun." "Yea... I need to stop this." >"Remember to not go all point and shoot, Anon, we're also talking other people's lives." >Shard's words were true, you can kill just for your own rage. "You're right, I'll only use this gun if it deems necessary." >You look over your pistol, placing it back into your holster. >You placed the gun back into the box, taking it with you. "Thanks Shard, I gotta' need to go visit Adagio." >"Be careful, Anon, we'll talk tomorrow in the morning at the station." >You nod and exit the bar, police cars already at the scene. >Adagio is waiting... >The road felt slow, driving alone. >Mac's gun was next to you, on the seat. >You have 4 girls to deal with, each having their own talent. >But Rarity might have more since Rainbow Dash told you that she hired more. >You could not help but think of how would you approach each one. >Your thoughts were cut as soon as you reach Adagio's home. >Stepping out of the car, you took the gun with you. >You walk up the stairs, the silence of the apartment block giving you the chills. >If there is one thing you find scary, is erie silence. >Finally, you reach the girl's home, knocking as you approached it. >The door opened, revealing Aria. >"Oh, Anon, hi." "Evenin' Aria, is Adagio home?" >"Yeah she is, napping." >You smile and walked inside, placing the box aside. >"What's with the box? A gift?" "Uhh... No, it's a special thing someone gave me." >She shrugged and walked into the kitchen. >You untied your shoes, looking around. >Purple, vintage wallpaper, smell of orange and forest berries. >Delicious. >The soft rug tickled your toes as you make your way to the trio bedrooms. >Each door had their own colored crystal handle. >Orange was Adagio's, you grip it carefully and open the door. >There she was, laid on her bed. She was facing the phone all this time? >Should you join her? Or announce your arrival...? >You decide to smooth it out. >You reach towards the bed, taking off your coat. >She seemed asleep, but better be cautious to not scare her. >You sit on the bed, leaning towards her. "Hey Adagio..." >Soft whisper, perfect. >She groaned, stretching as she turned at you, her bright eyes opening to aim for you. >"Hey there, Handsome~" she said sleepy as she extended her arms at you. >You get hugged and pulled down, both of you looking into each other's eyes. >In this soft light, you can see her eyes quite bright. >Your heart... >Lips touched as both of you leaned into each other. >The warmth made you get onto the bed more. >Magical force, man. >Shortly after, both of you were in each other's arms, on the bed. >She stopped, eyeing the small patch of blood on your shoulder. >"Anon, what happened?" "Of... I just got scrapped against the wall." >Nice lie bomb.. >"I don't get it." "Alright... I got shot with a shotgun..." >She let out a small gasp. >"Who did it?" "Applejack, one of Rarity's gang.." >She caressed the wound with her hand, gently so you only feel small pinches of pain. >"Anon... Isn't this investigation dangerous." >Danger is my middle name. >Or not. "It ain't, for me at least." >Her hand was rubbing your cheek softly. >"At least your safe and protect me~" >Man, this girl will give you a heart attack. >"So what brings you to my room here, Anon?" >She looked down. >"...Gifts?" >She is hinting this quite hard. >You get pressed down as she rolled over you. *Click* >Did she just...? >You turn around to notice her tossing the key away. >She locked you in! "Hey Adagio, I wanted to tell you about what happe-" >You get pushed down. >"Shhh, let me take care of that wound for you~" >You tried to talk but you came into an immediate stop as she gripped your belt. >She worked the belt off in a snap, pulling down your zipper. >Little Detective Anon was already on the case. >She bit her lip as she noticed your cock risen inside your undies. >Ohboy, there is no use calling this off, you fucking need it. >You didn't want Adagio to get mad so you accept her invitation. >Your other Anon agrees as it jolts out of your underwear. >"Oh my~ You're getting over this already!" >Her thirsty eyes gave you spine chills. >Without hesitation, you suddenly groaned as her stuffed her mouth with your cock. >Keep it silent Anon! Aria and Sonata are still here. >You catch your breath and gulped. >She began to work her tongue around the tip of your dick. >Each slurp worked you up as her head bobbing took more and more of you inside. >She jerked her head back, a low 'pop' heard. >"Aaah~ Now this is ready, let's warm up my own chamber~" >Chamber. >Hilarious for you. >She got on the bed, turning her ass at you. >She was already leaking, and didn't wear panties under her night robe. >Open doors Anon. >You didn't talk and gripped her ass cheeks, burying your face. >She gasped out loud as you penetrated her insides with your tongue. >To enhance the feeling, she began to rub your cock, low moans escaping through her nose. >"That's it, Anon... w-warm me u-up~ Loosen y-yourse-- Aahahh." >That signaled her build up. >If she is sensitive just by this, I wonder what would happen if you go in her. >As soon as you reached to lick her button, she let out an intense gasp. >She shivered and fluids sprayed in your face. >Oh the warmth sensation. >And that orange smell. >She collapsed on top of you, the grip on your dick loosened as she panted. >For a second you heard a door close. >Weird... >You two laid for a good few seconds. >"We're not done yet~" >Oh crap. >Adagio stood up, turning around before sitting ontop of you. >The feel of your cock between her ass cheeks was so soft~ "Allow me." >You stood up, placing your hands on Adagio's hips. >She raised herself up, placing the lips of her womanhood carefully on the tip. >The wet, warm feeling gave both of you shivers. >"Ready~?" "Always..." >She placed a finger on your mouth. >"Let's keep it low, don't want Aria hearing this..." >As she said, she started to descend, her lips spreading and slowly sliding you in. >She had progressing gasps for air, squeezing your shoulders hard. >The feeling was extraordinary. >She was tight, squeaking moans escaping as she went more down >You placed a hand on her mouth and pulled her down. *Fwap!* >Her body jerked as a long gasp of air was covered to keep silence. >The look on her face was of pure ecstasy. >You started to help her raise up and down, slowly grinding her insides. -Outside the Room- >[You are Aria.] >You stood in your shiny kitchen. >Ugh... Same spaghetti from last night, Adagio has a stupid taste in italian food. >But in some odd way, it was good. *Click* >Was that Adagio's door? >You sneaked down the apartment, crouching down to stare through the keyhole. >The fuck are you doing, Aria? Is Adagio's boyfriend.. >But he does look cute... >SNAP OUT OF IT. >You shook your head, leaning your ear to hear anything. >Silence... >Booorin- >"Aah~" >Ok show time. >As you stare through the keyhole, you suddenly heat up. >Adagio was already on top of Anon, in a 69 pose... >Holy shit are they doing it here? Really? >"Hey Aria." >You jumped, avoiding hitting the door and straight onto the floor. "Jee, Sonata!" >Silent screaming. >She grinned, looking down at you half-naked. >"What's Anon doing in there." >Oh fuck is she going for the door? >She stared in the keyhole, her face flushed red. "H-hey! Privacy?" >She shook her head, biting her lip. >Goddamn it Sonata, curious as always. >What... >Sonata's panties already got a small patch of wetness. "Sonata... Did you just..." >She looked back, covering her rear. >"S-Sorry, I cannot stop it." >You get up and pull her inside the room, locking the door behind you. >I hope Anon didn't hear it. >Damn, you felt hot as you could hear small slaps in the other room. >They are barely trying to hide it. >You look over at Sonata, which took off her panties to change them. >Wearing only your panties in close winter. >Meh. >"Uh... Aria, could you leave my room now?" >Oh you want to swish and flick now don't you? "Mmh... Fine, lock your door at least... And don't squeak." >She blushed as she nodded. >You step out her room slowly, trying to not disturb the other two, then walk in your own room. >Wait.. >Adagio's room is right next to you, since you were in the center. >Idea sparked in your mind. >The small ventilation shafts inside the walls made the other rooms partially audible >You plant your ear where Adagio's room should be. >... >"Aah~ Anon, slow down a bit~ Let me catch my breath~." >Whoa... Adagio's getting it hard. >You hear wet slaps in there. >Well, you're in your own room, no one watching. >You unbutton your pants and toss them away, planting your back against the wall, your ear still against it. >Adagio began to grunt and let out soft moans. >Then suddenly... >"Nnh, you're so tight~" >That's Anon... >You run your fingers down to your own peace, doing circular motions. "Nng, yes..." >You run your finger along your womanhood. >Fuck it's already wet. >You still hear both of them doing it. >Wet slaps and groans. >Anon's groans are rougher. >You took deep breaths as you try to conceal your own grunts. >A finger slides inside, shivers crawl up your spine. >Feels great... >Second finger. >Your legs twitched. >You begin to fantasize of Anon being inside you already. >It gets hot by the second. >Aria you're loosing it already? >You thought yourself stronger and go in to insert the third finger. *Gasp* >Bite your LIP! >Don't want Adagio to hear it. >You started to work your fingers, trying to sync with Anon's thrusts. >You get the rhythm *Slick....Slick...Slick...* >The feel of your contracting pussy felt perfect enveloping your rather rough fingers. >Playing poker has it's perks. >As Anon quickened up, so did you. "Oh... More... A bit... More..." >Stop talking to yourself Aria. >Shut up and focus. >You heard Adagio gasping and grunting more. >Oh yeah... >Your breath deepened. You felt it coming. >Oh yeah it's coming. >Your body tensed up, arching your back as your mouth just locked open. >Adagio let out several gasps as Anon suddenly went faster. >The loud slaps made you crazy, you lost it. >As soon as you heard Adagio moaning loud, you synced with her. "Nnnnngaaah~" >You shivered as you sprayed out your juices on the floor. >Good thing your rug was further away. >You slid down and collapsed on the floor, taking fast and deep breaths. >Holy fuck that felt great... >[You are Sonata] >You really wanted to do it, one way or another... >But Aria is just... >Embarrassed? And usually Grumpy. "Uh... Aria, could you leave my room now?" >She grunted, opening the door and leaving the room slowly, stopping a second. >"Fine, lock your door at least... And don't squeak." >You nod. >Finally alone. >For Realzies! >You roll along the bed to run your hand under your bed, sliding out a small box. >'Pleasure Cuisine' >Ouf, time to use it! >You open the box to reveal a odd, leathery remake of a cock. >You bit your lip as you run past to lock the door. >The box of fun came from an expensive import from the West. >The girls argued of what happened with the money. >This was $1.000 >Quite something worth. >You hopped on the bed and look over the dick. >Not as exciting to see a real one. >Attached on a hot man's body. >Unf~ >You imagine Anon as he stands over you, slowly pressing the toy in your mouth. >It was smooth to the touch, similar to the real thing. >You began to lick and kiss it, slowly sliding inside your mouth. >Your lower end responded with a small leakage, it approved! >After giving it some long licks, you decide to take it deep, see your strength. >To mark it, you quickly put on some lipstick. >Let's do this~! >You took a deep breath. >The product box does say... >'We are not responsible for any choking hazard or other embarrassing events.' >Pfft. >Let's get real. >You plant your lips on the tip, taking small inches to exercise your mouth muscles. >After a few thrusts, you slid your left hand to give your lower end something. >At least give yourself some motivation, Sonata. >You dug one of your fingers inside, letting out a soft moan. >The toy covered it. >It's time. >You pushed the cock more in, the tip or it reaching the back of your throat. >Your gag reflex did tickled a second but you trained your throat to withstand it. >The end of the leather cock finally tapped your chin, pulling it out. "Aaah~" >You gaze at it and noticed your lipstick mark right at the end. "I got the moves~" >As you licked your lips, it's time to move to the real deal. >You placed the tip of the toy right at the entry, biting your lip at the feeling. >Always wanted to see how it feels. >Yea, Sonata. You liked it more in your throat than in here. >You pushed it in, the feeling sending you shivers. "Oh~ Mmh~" >Struggle to keep your moans there! >Aria is right next door. >You took a deep breath, trying to force the dick in more. *GASP!* >It's in! You feel your womanhood squeezing the toy. "Oh...Oh...Oh..." >Fast, silent moans escape your mouth as you began to jerk the thing more inside and out. >The rhythm was a bit unnatural. >Unless Anon is a fast one. >You liked fast men, always on the scene. >Well, depends on the scene though~ >You lost track of thoughts as you suddenly hit your fun button. >You bury the toy more inside, trying to hit more of it. "Ouh~ MMmh~" >Moans try to escape your lips as you were getting closer. >As the toy was fully deep inside, you began to jerk it rough and fast, biting your finger to hold your moans. >Oh! Just a bit! >You could hear wet slaps from Adagio's room. >Oh! >Your mind went fuzzy as you heard two sudden moans of pleasure. "Yeeeeeeeeees~" >You joined too, trusting the toy deep inside as you shivered whole, releasing your fluids on the bedsheet and all over the toy. >Oh boy that was WHAT YOU NEEDED! >You smack your head against the pillow, pulling out the toy to give a last deep throat. >You taste sweet~ >Blueberry! >You hold it out, taking a piece of cloth from the box to give it a rub. >Clean until you wash it. >You quickly place it inside the box and slide it under the bed. >It's time to sleep~ >You could hear rustling and movement outside. >Hope they didn't hear you. >... >Anon. >Uuuugh... >You lost track of everything since you've done Adagio. >Like you passed out or something. >You open your eyes, abit sore. >Is it... >Midnight? >Cannot recall. >You have a strong urge to piss. >Like. Alot. >You look over at your left. >Through the dim light of the city, Adagio was curled up against you. >But enough space to let you get out. >You grabbed your boxers and the tank top. >The soft fluff rug muffled your footsteps. >Great. >You notice the door was unlocked. >Slid outside, aiming for the bathroom, which was at half distance from the living room. *Click**Bzzzz* >The soft buzz of the lights as they flicker on. >Step towards the bowl, assume position. >Flick out your wornout junk and carefuly aim for the bowl. >Not outside. >Not straight into the center. >The soft blur in your vision made you blink more as you focus to the light and aim. >You release, the jet of piss straight to the inner part of the bowl. >You're a natural. >Theres a runchy smell of... >Raspberry. >The texture on your dick was incredibly soft. >You don't recall Adagio sucking you after. >Well, you don't recall anything since you came. >And you came inside her. >Good job, hot shot... >The feeling was great. >Try and reduce the details Anon. >It's piss. >As you finished, you was yourself up, flush and go outside. >Your dry lips require water. >Why do your lips taste like cherry? >Odd but pleasent. >You tip-toed around and made your way to the kitchen >Flicker the lights and glance around. >Hoofington soda, Mr.Jerrys. >Sweet cola brands. >But your dry throat demands water. >You notice the bottle of fresh water on the table. >Unscrew and just jug it down. >Your throat felt gooey, it's either left from Adagio or from your lungs. >But you didn't eat her out. >You need a smoke... >You were lucky to have your pack in your coat. >After you went over to get them, you opened the kitchen window and lit up the cigar. *Inhale* >... *Exhale* >That's a perfect way to drift in thoughts. >The air was cool, soft wind, the empty streets. >It gave you a light chill... >But you grew up in these night life. >Explains why you cannot sleep some nights. >All buildings were dark, only two or three homes still up. >Who the fuck is still up at midnight? >Teenagers? >You disregard everything as you heard footsteps down the road. >You look down to notice the unthinkable. >In a black suit, a female body approached. >Pink, long hair. >It's... >You rush to put out the smoke. >Good thing the lights are closed. >She looked up. >Holy shit... >It's Fluttershy... >The Silent one. >You don't believe that Rarity caught sight of the Dazzlings home. >Hearts racing as you look at her from the dark. >FUCK. >The trail of smoke was going out, revealing your apartment. >She walked inside. >Holyfuckshit >You rush over your coat and pull out your colt. >Check the magazine. >3 bullets. >Enough. >"Anon...?" >Shit. >It's Aria. "Shh..." >"What are you doing out so--" >You pull her and cover her mouth, ignoring that you planted her back against you. >"Mmphmhm.." "SHH... listen." *Tock...tock...tock...* >Aria stood still,slowing her breathing. >So were you. >The visor went black. >Get ready. >You could shoot through the visor and headshot the bitch. >But you'll be pressed charges. >You decide to follow. >Her ear reaches for the door. >This dead silence made you shiver. >This mini-phobia. >"Twinkle... twinkle... little star..." >Holy... fuck. >It felt like a nightmare. >The grip was strong as Aria gripped your body in fear. >Light scrapes on the door. >Is she psycho? >Another door opened, forcing her to make a leave. >You stood there for a solid minute before letting go of Aria. "Shh..." >You sneaked at the window, hiding in the dark to look outside. >Your heart went crazy as you froze. >The fucking girl stood across the street, looking straight at you. >Either observing or spotted you, then walked away. >What in the name of flying spaghetti fuck was that, Anon... >You and Aria stood in the kitchen. >In the dark. >The moon lighting the room. >You were still stirred up, the stare from far away gave you a nasty scare. >Aria was on the chair, knees up, drinking soda. >"So... Anon." >You snap out of thoughts and look at her. "Yes, Aria?" >Her dark tint eyes fixed at yours. >"How much do you love Adagio? Not that I would care but... out of curiosity." >Did she just. >Play along, it may soothe you. "She is a wonderful girl, I don't think there is a flaw that mig-" >"I said how much, not what." "Oh... a lot, does it count. >She shrugged. >"Better than a novel... but..." >Hmm. >"...Would you still love her if... how should I say it... something comes in that might disturb you?" >Wat. "Well, I don't know, depends on the situation. But overall, yes." >She nodded, standing up. >"I'm going back to bed." "Lock your door." >... >Fuck Anon, you were sleepy too. >You put out your cigar and locked the main door to the max, then head back to Adagio's. >She was still in deep sleep. >As you arrive at your side, you notice an odd feeling under your foot. >Dried out liquid. >Lady fluids? >Adagio did squirt so... >Fuck it, you slid back in your bed, trying to get some shuteye... >Heavy minutes passed. >The cold stare still haunted you. >Adagio's window had an oval shape, allowing you to see through from the bed. >The street corner... >Your brain made images of shadow moving. >Fucking shit. *Click* >You turned on the lamp, resting on the bed top. >You took the profiles with you. >Let's read them... >You picked up the folder and flip it open. >'Fluttershy' >Nickname : The Silent-One. >Age : 21 >Female. >Works as a voluntary veterian at local pet shops. >Charged for : Breaking and entering, theft of live critters and animals, violent behaviour towards mistreating pet owners. >Medical : Under clinical observation. >Issue : Unknown stage of insanity, extreme lack of social skills. >Fuck.. >She is crazy. >Since she poses threat as an assassin, she is your first to be taken down. >You flip the next file. >'Pinkie Pie' >Nickname : Loud-Maniac >Age : 20 >Female >Works as a cashier at Sugar Cube candy store. >Her parents work there as well. >Charges : Loud and violent actions on public domain, Accused of handling pyrotechnic items, Chaotic behavior >Medical : Refused to offer blood. >Issue : Possible Diabetes. >Ok, Pinkie is the loud one, so you'll know when she's nearby. >But what about the rest. *Flip* >'Rainbow Dash' >Nickname : "The Speeding bullet" >(Ugh.) >Age : 21 >Athlete record. >Charges : Theft, Pick-pocketing, resisting arrests, insults towards the police organs, violence. >Medical : None. >Current status : Under custody, 18 November >Your first downed member, what about Applejack... >'Applejack' >Nickname : Long-Horn >Age : 24 >Female >Manager of Apple-Sweets bar. >Charges : Illegal Weapons trade, smuggling, racism, murder. >Medical : None >Current status : Dead, Killed on 19 November by Detective Anonymous. >Reason : Engaging a firefight against a Hired Detective body. >The second killed member... >Time to read the two unknown girls. >'Twilight Sparkle' >Nickname : None. >Age : 23 >Female >Science and Physics Teacher at Canterlot University >Charges : Possible Accomplice. >Medical : Under Clinical Observation >Issue : OCD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder >Last Known location : Canterlot >'Rarity Belle' >Nickname : Black Velvet >Age : 23 >Female >Fashion Designer, Owner of Carousel-Boutique >Charges : Homicide, Destruction of property, Assassination attempt, Leader of notorious criminal group, Wanted in 2 other towns for criminal activities. >Current property damage cost : $10.200 >Suspect highly dangerous and may be killed if needed. >Medical : Under Clinical Observation >Issue : Sadomasochism >Sadomasochism? >Fucking explains it... >Killing people for her pleasure. >Sick... >She mus... >You faded out slowly, loosing track.. >Heavy Rain. >Midnight. >You were running... >Running for someone. >Ahead was Rarity. >Time to end this crap. >You had Mac's Revolver down to it's last bullet. "NO WHERE TO RUN, RARITY, IT'S DONE." >She turned to her right, into an industrial hall. >You stopped at the doorway and held your gun forward, bashing the door open. >Everything went dark as you enter, your heavy breathing echoing. *CLANK**BZZZZ* >You're in a spotlight. >Rarity along with her members stood around you. >"Well Detective, what are you waiting for?" >You pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. *Click* >What. >The barrel spins by itself. >You notice all of them spin around you. >Applejack had a faded look in her eyes, the wounds you caused visible. >"What's the matter? Lost track of your bullets?" >Rainbow Dash appears to have been shot in the head. >You didn't do it. >Fluttershy had a devious grin on her face. >"You twist your fate." >Pinkie and Twilight looked unimpressed. >After a while, they faded away, leaving you and Rarity. "You won't make it out of this..." >"Oh, do I? Look around you..." >You comply, and notice the horror. >Adagio, Aria, Sonata and Shard were hanged behind you, each having a board attached. >"Lair" >"Worthless" >"Heartless" >"Traitor" "What i-is this?" >"Your own work." "No! I didn't to this!" >"Hmmhmhm... You deny your own choice, killing your so called friends who couldn't make it work for you." "NO! SHUT UP!" >"You might be tough, Anon, but you won't make it to me." "We'll see about that!" >You rush in to beat her down. >But something held you. >She stood there, grinning. >"What? Don't have the guts?" >You began to shake, something forcing you down. >"Maybe you need to rest..." >You lifted the gun, pointing it towards your head. >"... Maybe you should end yourself and let everything take it's course." >You began to squeeze the trigger. >"Just do the right thing..." >Your vision began to blur. >"... Pull the trigger..." *Click**BANG* >... >Chapter 7 : Silence Falls "NNAGH!" >You jolted up, sweating heavily. >Adagio's room, everything is alright. >You just had a nightmare... >One touch Nightmare. >You rub your eye and get off, walking out towards the living room. >The three girls sat one the couch, drinking their coffee's >Adagio was the first to notice you. >"Well, good morning, Sunshine~" She winked. >"Hey Nonny'" Sonata was second. >"Nice underwear." Aria was third. "Morning..." >You sounded like a washed off whale. >"What happened?" Adagio spoke up. "Had a nightmare... Still stirred up of what happened last night." >"Aria told us a part of it, but I would like to know more, come on, sit with me." >She patted a seat next to her. >There was a fourth cup of coffee. >Wonderful. >You proceed to sit, Adagio scooting next to you, resting her head on your shoulder. >You began to speak of last night happenings, along with the dream. >Half an hour passed. >"So what would we do?" Aria questioned. "I'll move in with you until this investigation ends, I don't want to risk leaving you alone at night." >The two nodded, Adagio holding your hand. >You felt a little more relaxed. "I'll have to go pick up some things from my office, see what Shard has to offer me and if nothing pops up, I'll head back to my apartment to pick up some clothes." >"You should~" Adagio whispered. >Sonata and Aria looked at each other. >"We won't go at our jobs then, I'll call our boss." >Aria stood up, walking to the kitchen. >You also stood up, walking back to Adagio's room to change. >She followed behind, closing the door. >"Anon..." "Hmm?" >"Aria told me about you and me and... I find it rather sweet." >You blushed, pulling your pants up. "I know." >She sneaked behind, hugging you. >"I don't want you to get hurt..." >This girl cared about you. "So do I for you..." >"Anon... I'll like to let you know that..." >Ooh? >"...You're the first man that I actually love and care about." >Your heart felt like melting at her words. "S-same... Adagio..." >You two stood there for a good few seconds. >Taking hold of her hands, you turn around and lean in to kiss her. >She immediate melt under your kiss. >You were a good kisser. >After you broke it, she let go of you, smiling with a blush. >"Call if something comes up." >You nod with a cheerful smile. >After you dressed up, you walk towards the door. >Sonata was dancing to a small tune while Aria was reading a book. >Adagio stood by the balcony, looking into the city. "Off I go girls, be sure to lock your doors." >The three nodded before you step out of the apartment. >It was another cold day, rain appeared to be settling in. >On your way to your office, you took note of the street the girl went last night. >The particular street was pointing towards the Industrial area. >Wait... >Oh.. >You grunted as you continued your road back to office. >The office. >11:21 AM >You crank open the door, leaving the revolver box on the table and your coat. >You dug through your drawers to pick up some files. >Most of the files were clearances and reports for earlier dates. >You promised Shard you'll give him the said papers. *RRRRRING* >Who the hell. >You sat down on your chair and picked up the phone. "Detective Anonymous, 14'th Division Private Detective, how can I help?" >"Hello, Detective~" >That voice. >As you heard it, everything around you just blurred. >It was her. "What do YOU want... Rarity Belle." >She giggled. >"Oh Detective, sounding so harsh to a lady?" >Lady my ass. >"Ahem... I wanted to talk you, in a friendly manner." "There is NO friendship between you and me Belle," >"Why do tense? I take it your investigation is undergoing well? I heard the death of one of the members of that gang..." "You mean your gang, you twisted girl..." >"Twisted? I? Now I never~" >Rage filled your lungs. "Listen here... You take this as a game!? I watched how you killed 2 guys, your own employee and I watched as you KILLED AND INNOCENT BOY." >Her voice turned dark. >"Spike was collateral damage, I had to clear the way of snitches.." "Are you speaking of all this as your own twisted pleasure?" >"Silence. I warn you Detective, if you do not back away, I'll make sure you'll do, by force." "No, you listen here you bitch, I will take you all down, one by one. And when I catch you, I will make sure you'll stay down, forever..." >"Hmmpfh, so be it." >... >She hung up. >You bashed the phone, stepping outside the office with both the papers and the gun. >Police Station. >12:03 AM >You step out of the car and walked straight inside. >Shard was already at the entrance. >"Anon... I have bad news." "What happened?" >"Ugh... This will hurt but... Rainbow Dash got away." "YOU WHAT!?" >You rushed past and went straight to her cell. >The door was opened. >You notice a small gleaming object. >A black fleur-de-Lis. >"Do you know about that." "It's Rarity's..." >"You have any idea where she went." >You went in thought, reminding yourself of the nightmare. "I do... And I'll visit it tonight..." >"Where?" >You walked towards the map, pointing at the industrial area. "Here, they must meet here." >"Are you sure? It's a blind choice." >You were unsure as well, but as well damn try. >You stood quiet, continuing your way back to your home... >Night. >About... 11:44 PM >It's time to visit the Industrial Area... >You've left your stuff at the girl's apartment and equipped the revolver for any case. >A dense fog took the city, making it hard to see for about 3 Meters. >It was tough to ride but the empty streets made it easier. >You were paying attention before a figure ran out of an alley and jumped on the road. >It slid in front of your car, pulling out a gun. >EVASIVE MANEUVERS! *BAGNBANG**CRASH* >Holy fuck. >You held the wheel before breaking. >The car crashed onto the side of the street. >Fuck this. >You pull out your 1911 and look out. >The figure sprinted away into the fog. >No you don't. >You step out of the car, sprinting towards her. >Following the sounds of heels, you were getting closer and closer before you heard a door opening. >On your left was the entrance into a shop or whatsoever. >You held the door open, looking inside the plain darkness. >Nothing... *Tick...Tock* >It's a trap! >You send your elbow backwards, striking into the unknown foe which got knocked back. >You turn around but a strike to your hand sent the gun flying away. "Oh really." >You took a gaze to your attacker. >Fluttershy. >As she attempted to bring her gun up, you sent a powerful kick straight into her stomach, causing her to loose the gun. >You kicked it aside and dashed up to begin the rain of fists to take her down. "Think you can scare me now? Time to see about that." >Only two hits made it to her stomach before she counter-attacked with rather strong jab into your neck. *Cough* >You catch your breath as you see her shadow pulling out a knife. >No way bitch. >You backstep and sent an uppercut. >This made her stumble and fall on her back. >It's time. >You went in to pick her up and slam her against the wall. "Ok, tell me where you are meeting with your other girls." >She giggled. "No~" >You shook your head as you sent in a strike but got blocked and you woke up with you against the wall. >She was fast. >But you won't let this shit happen. >She got a strong hold on your neck, her boots against the wall to keep herself stable. >She was sorta riding you. >You held a calm posture to retain some oxygen yet the pain made it hard. >As you vision began to blur, you noticed her long hair. >Perfect. >You grip her hair and pulled her down, making her yelp. >After she's down at your hand reach, you grip her jaw and sent her towards the wall. >After she's slammed, you let yourself loose and sent the strongest fist straight into her face, causing her to fall on her back. >Now it's your chance. >You grip by neck and pulled her up. >A small piece of paper fell from her pocket. >You picked up, reading it. >An Address, straight where you expected they'd meet. >You got what your need, time to end this. >You stood up, she looked at you defeated. >What would you do? End her and eliminate a chess piece or leave her be? >Time to end this shit. >You pull out Mac's gun from your back pulling the hammer back and aiming straight towards her chest. >The face of pure shock struck her. >"N-no!" "Oh yes, and Rarity is next... And I'll deliver the message." *Click**BOOM* >The recoil made you flinch. >You couldn't see much from the initial flash. >But you are sure you terminated her. >A large bullet hole straight into her heart made it impossible to survive. >Rain drops began to fall as you pull out the used bullet from the gun. >"Pride"... >Hmmpf... >You left the scene after you picked up your gun, walking back to your car to head to the industrial hall. >Once you arrived, you parked inside a dark corner and snuggled in your seat, avoiding to be seen. >Now we play the waiting game... >Time passed, the rain getting harder as you stood in the darkness of your car. >You held Mac's gun in your hand, rubbing the barrel. >You wanted to end the scenery right here and now but you are focused to get Rarity only. >Choices collided. >You wanted to kill them all. >But you hold back to just one >You want to let them go and catch them in the act. >But risk losses. >You became frustrated. >You cannot just end it in one night. >But neither leave this story over-expand. >You eased your mind as you notice about 5 figures arriving, entering the hall. >One of them was blindfolded and cuffed. >Ok...Another victim? >You step out of the car and ran towards the hall. >As you each the side, you climb the ladder that lead to the roof of the building. >Once there, you opened the hatch and stepped inside the hall, onto a walkway. >You stood behind the cover of a box, in plain darkness to notice what was going around. >There they were... >Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and some other guy... >Blue spiked hair... >Wait... He is one of the boys of the North Police force! >Sentry... >That motherfucker... >Flash was one of the most annoying student of the academy, always wanting to ace training. >"I heard some sad stories about you Rainbow..." >Sentry took off Rainbow's blindfold >"C'mon Rarity, I said nothin'" *SLAP* >"SHUT UP, WHORE" >Ouch... >"You compromised this whole thing, first you then Applejack! Because you both were incompetent to take out the fucking detective in time!" >Rainbow appeared to be crying. >"And now with him on our asses, we cannot do anything but wait. But I will NOT do that." >"Rarity, don't you think you need to calm down?" Twilight spoke. >"For what? Give me my gun." >Pinkie pulled out a white revolver, handing it to her. >Don't tell me... *Click* >"Time to leave us, Rainbow." >Rainbow Dash is about to be executed... >You felt like saving her but you never think she'll be useful. >Fuck it. >You get up and pull out your 1911, aiming down where Rarity will hold the gun. >She lifted it up, right on her head. >"Please Rarity... No..." >"Shh~It'll be all over soon~" *BANG* *TWING!* >Rarity's gun flew off her hand, causing her to scream out. >"GAAH!" >Everyone backed away, Rainbow Dash getting on her knees in panic. >Rarity looked around and noticed the smoke from your gun. >You step out into the light and look down at her. "Surprise, did you expect this?" >They didn't move. >"Well well, fancy of you to join us, Detective." >Your gun was pointed down at them, rendering them to stay still. "I won't let you take another life, Rarity Belle." >She scoffed, shaking her head. >"I didn't do anything yet~" >You take out the bullet and tossed it down at them. "Your Fluttershy is down, you're all next. One by one." >They all looked out shocked, Rarity mad. >"We'll see about that." >She drew out a knife, throwing it at the electrical box, killing the main lights. >Footsteps made it clear that they ran away. >Fuck that, you stepped out towards the ladder and slid down. >You reached down to Rainbow Dash, picking her up. "Care to explain?" >"... I was forced to come here..." >You two left the hall, straight into your car as you rode back towards the police office... >Rainbow Dash. >You felt sore from the beating you've received before you were dragged in and cold. >Anon took you away, probably back to your cell. "What do you want to hear..." >"Everything." >His tone was rough, angered. >You took a deep breath and collected your thoughts. "Rarity's killing began a little while back, since the start of her shop... Her illegal export of her clothes and money flowing took her out of her routine. She began to drink and gamble, loosing cash after cash.. Her heart got broken after her last boyfriend, Fancy Pants, broke up with her and left town, leaving her stranded here. Once she started dating again, she didn't feel love anymore, but the urge to make people suffer. When she killed for the first time, she felt... pleasured but not satisfied... Noticing her successful business, she dragged us all in it... We robbed banks, beaten up different people, mugging, mostly plain ol' criminal stuff... But Rarity wanted more... Her pain along with her crazy mind driven her insane, I heard that she had an orgasm when she brutally murdered Coco... It was so wrong..." >The car suddenly stopped. "Uh... Anon, this is the train station..." >"I know." >He handed you a small roll of cash. >"Get out of here, head north and head to the police force there, deliver this then head to your relatives or friends to live." >He handed you a note and a larger mail. >"Tell them I sent you, and I have proof of a corrupted policeman." >YOu nod and got off quickly. >"Hide inside the train station until 5:00 AM, the train will leave then." "G-Got it! What about you?" >"I'll end this shit... Now get out of here before I change my mind." >He stepped on the pedal, leaving the car in a rush. >You get to live another day, Dash... >Chapter 8 : Shadows >Helping Rainbow Dash made you feel soothed. >She helped you, time to pay back the dept >The heavy rain intensified as you head back towards your home. >But what's this? >You notice lights on your rear view window. >The sound of the rumbling engine got closer and closer. >Well... *BASH* >FUCK, WHAT THE? >The car turned on your left side. >"HEY DETECTIVE, YOU FORGOT YOUR PRESENT!" >Pinkie... >She slid out the window. >Oh shit she has a tommy gun!? *CLICKLCIK* >"NIGHTY NIGHT!" *BRRRRRRRRRRRRR* >You lower your head, bullets striking your car as well as inside. >HOlyfucking shit everything is getting shot at and flying. >Do it, Anon. >You pull the wheel left, bashing into their car. >"Whoa!" >You pressed the break and made a quick turn right. >She came behind. >You can't recall the driver, but he was good. >She kept firing the gun, hitting your rear. >"BBRATATATATATATA" >She screamed like a lunatic as you see them going on your right. >She is reloading. >Moment achieved. >You pulled out your colt and shot through the window, aiming for the driver. >After 4 consecutive shots, you see blood. *SKRRRRRR.* >"Oh fuck!" >She slid back in, the car loosing control. >As you know it, the side of the car bumped into a street lamp, causing it to go nuts. >You braked, drifting as you see the car rolling down the road and bashing into the side wall of a building. >You noticed her crawling out, making a run for it. >Without hesitation, you're out of your car and took aim for her leg. *BANG* >Tripping down, she slammed against the street, squirming in pain. >You look at the driver you've shot. >Not known to you, just some boy. >Time to end another... >You walked up towards her. >She stood gripping the pole, shaking. >"Y-you got me..." "Of course, and you did it yourself..." >She began to tear up, clearly scared. >Good thing you only shot near her leg, causing her to trip. >You pull out the bullet you used to scare her, one of the magnum's bullet >'Redemption' >"W-what..." "I'll let you live, go tell Rarity that she's next..." >You placed the bullet inside her cleavage. >Backing up, you turn at her. "Your driver got shot by Rarity's members, let this be a warning." >She nodded, sliding down the pole in the rain. >You made your way back to your car, driving back to your destination, your car looking like Swiss cheese. *Knockknock* >You knocked at the girl's home. >Aria opened. >"Hey Anon, you're kind of late..." >You sighed, walking inside wet. "Got caught up with shit..." >You dropped your stuff and planted yourself against the couch. >"Owh...Alright then." >Her odd care made you shiver. >You remember her being grumpy. "Where's Adagio and Sonata?" >"They went back at the Bar..." >You nodded and buried yourself in the couch. >"Hey Anon... Do you mind if I tell you something?" >You lifted your head. "What is?" >"Um... That night after you... did it with Adagio... I kinda..." >Whatthefuck? >"I kinda listened to all of it." >Oh shit.. >Was I that loud? "Oh... Um, I'm sorry that I was loud.." >"Not only that." >What could possibly be wrong? >"Let's say I..." "You what." >"Would molestation be a good word for this." >Hold the phone... "Wait... you did what now?" >She sighed. >"I molested you, in your sleep..." >Anon, were you... >You're confused. "W-why?" >She had a feint blush >"Because I also find you attractive and I was excited during that time..." >Splendid, now you have two girls on your ass, Anon... >Who's next? Sonata? >Hopefully not. "Rrrright..." >"Don't tell Adagio... I don't want to ruin your relationship with her..." "I won't even bother, I'll just ignore all this..." >She smiled. >Whoa... she really smiled. >"You're trustworthy~" >She got up and went past you, giving a soft kiss on your cheek. >Now your mind is in conflict... >That explain the sore feeling when you woke up that night >You were done two times. >By two different girls >One part of you feels proud >While another feels weird. >Your mind tells you that you've scored. >Your heart denies it because you love Adagio. >Great, I hate conflicts. *Knockknock* >You heard giggles outside the door. >Aria went to open the door, Adagio and Sonata walking inside. >"Hey girls, whats up?" >"We got a little raise!" Sonata cheered. >You were bluffed, but you needed to wash your face. >The black powder from all that intense shooting back there stained your eyes. >You noticed Adagio winking at you as you pass towards the bathroom. >With a smile, you get inside. >You turn up the sink, tossing cold water onto your face, cleaning your eyes. >Refreshing... >You took a towel to wipe yourself. *Door Unlock* >You lowered the towel, noticing Adagio. >"Hey Anon~" >Why do I have a feeling this is round 2? >Or three... "Hey Adagio, how's you day." >You get pushed onto the wall. >"It was great, I feel so happy that I want to share it with yo--" >She took a sniff of your clothes. >"You smell like gun powder..." >You sighed. "Yep, I got half of Rarity's group down..." >"Oh poor you... So exhausted and damaged... Let me help~" >She licked her lips, a hand gripping onto your junk. >Oh boy she's thirsty alright... >You couldn't help but untie your shirt and tie, you wanted to take a shower anyways. >"Don't worry, I'll be quick and out of your hair. I need to go with Sonata and buy some things~" >A quick one? Alright. >She kept her word and quickly unzipped your pants. >Your member was already half-erect from her contact. >She gripped it and gave you a long, slow lick from top to bottom then back up. >The wet, warm feeling caused your blood to sprint down, making you fully erect. >You restrained your groans as she took you inside. >Her tongue swirled around and sucked, the feeling was immense. >She slid a hand down to give herself service. >As you warmed up and ready to release, she pushed you onto the closed toilet lid and got above you. >"Don't hold back~" she whispered as she just shoved your dick inside her. >You jerked at the sudden feeling of your cock squeezed by her insides. >Adagio kept a strong grip of your shoulder, she dominated you and wanted your fluids hard. >"Ugh... A...bit more..." >Why does it feel like rape? >You loose thought as you grip her waist, ready to blow. >She slid off, dropping down to take your member deep in her mouth. >Her throat muscles throbbed as you violently released inside her. >She gulped each drop you've given, offering a last lick before dressing herself up. >"That was nice~ We'll talk at dinner, Anon~" >She left the bathroom, closing it behind her. >"Come on Sonata, let's go!" >... >The door closed, silence. >Wonder if Aria left too. >You drop your clothes and step inside the shower. >Washing off your body, you went into thinking. >Only Rarity, Twilight and Flash Sentry are left. >The last two will be harder since they are the smart ones. >Sentry is just a toy to them. >Pinkie is sure to avoid you. >Rainbow is out of town. >You're causing yourself quite the reputation... >Rarity is sure to reduce the murders since you eliminated her weapons. >Now it's time to relax and enjoy the evening with the girls. >You stepped out of the shower and wrap a towel around your waist. >Standing in front of the mirror, you run your hands along your jaw line. >Your beard looked nice. >But your jaw hurts a bit. *Knockknock* "Who is it?" >"Aria." >Oh great, she's still here. >"Listen, I don't want to look weird to you because of what I did to you that night..." "It's alright, Aria. I got over it." >Silence. >She went to her room I think >You got out of the bathroom, holding your clothes and stepped to Adagio's room. >You got yourself some relaxing clothes on you. >Better to get our of your work pants. >You heard the door opening behind you. >As you tried to turn around, you got tackled down. "Ack! What the hell?" >Aria stood over you. >"Sorry Anon, I'm a bit desperate..." "And why are you over me?" >"I just... Want to..." "Do... what?" >She blushed, looking down at your crotch. >Really!? "You do now... Don't you?" >"Yep..." >This is too much action for one day... >Should you or should you not? "No... Get off." >"Huh?" "I said get off, I'm not going to do it with you." >She sighed, getting off with a grunt. >"Hmph. You're not what I expected." >What is that supposed to mean? "Huh?" >She stopped at the door, looking at you before closing the door. >"You're not a man that goes takes sex over a relationship." >Wow... >You just saved your relationship there Anon. >As both of you finished the conversation, the door opened. >"Aria! Could you come here for a minute?" >Footsteps along the hallways. >You leaned in to hear. >"So... Did he do it?" >"No, he refused." >Wait... >Did they test you? >"I see he kept his word. But he still lacks a bit of control..." Adagio said. >I think she meant about you getting into sex to easily. >"Yeah, but you caught him after all that fiasco? Kinda bad choice there." >Nice defense, Aria. >"I'm just glad I can put my trust in him." >"Literally" She coughed. >Nice one Aria. >You laid back on the bed, rubbing you eyes. >Activity began to be heard in the kitchen. >Let's rest a bit... >Your body relaxed and slightly healed during that small nap >The smell of food woke you up. >Oh boy~ >Adagio was on the bed, next to you. >"Wakeywakey~ Time for dinner." >You nod and get up. "I needed that nap." >She kissed your cheek before walking out. >You follow behind, arriving at the table with diverse plates of food. >All four of you sat and began to dig in the food. >"So, how's with that group?" "I took out two and made other two to give up." >Aria nodded, Adagio followed in. >"And after the investigation? What will you do?" "I'll stay here a while, get paid for my work and live on." >"About your job?" "If someone wants my services, I'll answer to it." >The two agreed, Sonata just munched and watched. >You finished your plate, smiling as you relax. >"Did you enjoy it?" Adagio asked. "Loved it~" >"I made it for you~" >"Yeah... right." Aria grunted. >"Shush, Aria." >You just smiled at Adagio, ignoring Aria's mocking. >Aria gathered the plates and took them to the kitchen. >You got up, Adagio brushing her head along your legs. "I'm going to bed, good night girls." >You hear distant gunshots outside. >"What was that?" >All four of you looked outside the window, nothing. "Must have been the police, who knows." >"Isn't Rarity?" "No, I took out their arsenal." >They shrugged. >You dismissed yourself into Adagio's room, sliding inside the sheets. >Chapter 9 : Dark Tides >You stood in your bed, reading the two remaining suspects. >Twilight and Rarity. >You came across a page... >It was about the Diamond Tower. >That's a bank. >Shard was assigned there for a regular night guard. >Alrighty. Poor him. >Adagio walked inside the room in night robes. >"You're not asleep yet?" "Nope." >She smiled and slid inside the bed, cuddling against you. >"You have to work tomorrow?" "Not quite, I need to let things calm down." >She hummed, resting her head on your chest. >You slowly drifted to sleep... >Next day. >10:55 AM >The ray of light entered the room, soothing you to wake up. >You open your blurred eyes, noticing things around you. >Adagio was not there, she must have woken up already. >You walk out of the room and do your casual morning routine. >Wash >Take a leak. >Eat something light >Sit down by the couch and read the newspaper. >The radio was playing a soft sway song until... >"Good morning, citizens of Manehattan, it's 11:00 AM and we will start with news..." >Oh good, you turn up the volume. >"Today's weather forecasts is of warm sun! So leave your umbrellas home and enjoy some sunlight!" >Awesome, perfect moment to stay in. >"In other tragic news, the police force has declared quadruple murder at Diamond Tower." >WHAT!? >You stood up, listening to the radio. >"...By preliminary analysis, the murders happened last night between 10PM and 11PM, the victims were 3 males and 1 female..." >No way... >"...The captain of the 3'rd Police Force, Shard, has been pronounced killed in action after he attempted to defend the building from a.." >You closed the radio and rushed to dress up. >Everything went fast, you panicked. >Adagio came in, noticing your quick dressing. >"Anon, what happened." "No.. I can't... I... Shard... I gotta'go, Diamond Tower." >Words were hard to come out as you rushed past her, straight towards your car. >This cannot be... >Not Shard... >You rush through the morning traffic, using your sirens to pass faster. >Not like this. >You had an undying respect for Shard. >Never wanted to deny his friendship.. >He was your first friend. >Your real friend... >Diamond Tower >11:10 AM >You pulled over, just dashing out of the car and straight inside the building. >A police officer stopped you. >"Wow, I'm sorry sir, I cannot- "I was assigned by your captain... I'... Just... Let me see the crime scene." >You showed your badge. >He stepped aside. >The place was a mess... >The bodies were still intact.. >God damn it Shard... >You and your fucking Beretta... >The scenery was horrid, blood and bullet holes... >You rubbed your nose bridge in anger... >Shard, another unit, the secretary... and... >The fuck... >You came across the woman that was killed. >Purple hair... >No fucking way. >You kneel down to turn her over gently. >Twilight Sparkle... >Fucking Twilight Sparkle... >Shard you fucking bastar-... >What's this. >A letter in her pocket. >You picked it up and opened it... >"Hello Detective, I noticed you came across this letter... I'm sorry for Captain Shard, he was in my way... And Twilight? No, He didn't kill her... I did..." >Are you fucking real? >"...Twilight was hanging by my mercy for a while, I gave her a chance because she had the brains, but not the way I wanted it..." >"...About Rainbow Dash and Pinkie? I admire your sympathy and I can say, you're a gentleman but a ruffian. Don't worry, I left her live.." >The paper began to rip slowly from your rage. >"...Let this murder be final in this filth filled city, with this, I say au'revoir. I leave and humble kisses to you~ - Rarity Belle, XOXO." >You ripped the paper, tossing it on the floor. >Rage filled you, heavy breathing... sweating... >You stepped outside, a police officer coming at you. >"Sir? Are you alright?" "No... I'm pissed... I know who the killer is..." >"Owh?" "Rarity Belle, you can already declare her killed when I get my hands on her..." >You stood still, thinking... >Where could this girl go... >Prance! >The boat leaves at noon! >You ran towards your car, loading your magnum for the final kill. "I'm coming for you, bitch..." >Chapter 10 : Nightfall >You are Adagio. >Anon left in a rush... >This is not good. >"Adagio! Anon's friend was killed!" "What? How?" >Sonata came with the newspaper, offering it to you. >'Captain of the Police forced killed in night raid.' >Oh no... Poor Anon... >I wonder how he felt. *Rrrrring!* >Phone! Must be Anon. >You picked it up. "Hello?" >"Well, Adagio Dazzle." >The hell, Trixie? "How did you get my number, Trixie?" >"Little importance, I called to talk with Anon, care to call him over?" "I'm not giving you anything, Trix'." >"Aww... Too bad, I was about to leave to Prance with my new dashing friend, and I wanted to say goodbye." >Wait... >Dashing Friend... "Who?" >"Oh, that would not be important." "Is it Rarity?" >"Oops~Guilty." >Oh no... >You cover the mouthpiece. "Aria!, Bring me Anon's files! Now!" >Aria was brushing her teeth, but went in to pick up the folder, offering it to you. >You flipped in the pages and get at Rarity. >Rarity Belle... Female... Yadayadayada... >Other known locations... >Prance.... >You closed the phone and yelled out. "GIRLS, ANON IS IN TROUBLE." >"WHAT!?" both said in unison. >You began to panic as you rushed to dress. "ANON MIGHT FALL INTO A TRAP!" >... >[Anon] >The final part, time to pull the curtains down. >The crowd dimmed down slowly, only a handful remained. >Check the clock. >11:42 >Still enough time. >You catched a glimpse of the Prance ship. >Whoa.. >There she is. >Every passenger needs to enter a hall. >It's time. >You sprint towards the hall, pushing anyone in your way. >Blood rush. >All you need to do is to catch her. >Only you and her. >As you reach the hall, you bust through the door. >Drawing your gun out, you aim towards Rarity, which was alone. "Don't move..." >She giggled. >"I wasn't planning" >You better not fucking be. >There you are... you... and the end of this. "There we are, finally in front with the leader.." >"Flesh and bones, detective..." "Tell me, why did you kill all there people..." >She dropped her bag. >"Because they were in my way. And it's fun~" "You do realise that your fun is twisted and sick?" >"We are all... sick..." "Shard...Spike...Twilight...you killed those that trusted you.." >"Because they were worthless! As you killed my friends, so I did to your own pathetic life. I was destroyed, doom to never have a normal life! But now? I'm happy." >This girl has no hopes. >She giggled again. >"So what are you waiting for? Shoot me!" >You raised your gun, pulling back the hammer. >It's over... >"ANON!" >Adagio? >You look behind. >"It's a trap!" >You turned your view back, she was grinning. >"Click...click..." >A figure came sliding from the second door. *Bang!* >Trixie?! >... "Ugh..." >You felt a sudden burning feeling... >I feel... lightheaded... >You stumble back, pointing to fire a shot at Trixie. >It struck her leg... >But you cannot pull the trigger again... >You slam yourself against the pillar, your vision blurred as Rarity ran away... >No... come back... >You put your hand on the pain. >It feels warm, I'm bleeding. >"ANON! NOOOO!" >You feel hands holding you... >It's Aria and Adagio... Sonata held your knee. >"Stay with me Anon... please..." "I'm... fine, I guess..." >"Good... just stay awake..." "Damn, so this is like to get shot." >"It's bad, I know..." Aria said. "Adagio... if I don't make it, promise me this..." >She leaned in. "I could joke with you but no.. please, I have faith in you. Get. The. Bitch." >"How?" "Find Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie, then get to Prance.." >"But Anon, we do not have money..." "I know you can figure something wrong." >The girls looked at each other. >Fuck... you feel like sleeping... >Eyes closing. >"Anon..no...anon..." >... >[Adagio] "Nooo! Please no!" >You shook Anon to wake up... >It didn't work. >"Step aside, Dagi, let me try..." >You've let go, Aria placing him down on his back. >"Ok, I want you to blow in his mouth three time when I tell you." >You nodded, holding his jaw after Aria positioned it. >"Ok..." >She began to pump his chest. >"One...two...three...go." >You leaned in and do as you said. >Please... >I knew I should have stopped him. >Why didn't I listen. >You kept doing it for 2 minutes. >"Dagi... it's no use..." >You didn't listen. >You watched Anon's face... >You disregard your ruined makeup... >You felt your gem lighting up. "Aaaah...aaaah..." >One final song... >The girls joined your humming lullaby as you mourned Anon passing away... "So... You got him, did you?" >"Yes." "Good, I'm proud." >"Trixie is happy." "When you're with me, you stop that third person crap." >"Uh... Ok." "Time to get some fun. You and Me Trixie, we will put terror in Canterlot and Prance." >"Tri- I mean, Can't wait." "And so ends Detective Anonymous's investigation, which was killed in cold blood by his own past lover... But as his final minutes approached, he felt proud of his success in this week, no regrets and no turning back. As for me, I'll keep moving, vouched to get Rarity Belle and avenge Anon... I've made mistakes, I've done the unthinkable... But I will not stand idle to let it go, wherever Rarity goes, so will we... We are not only singers, we are the Dazzlings... >The End.