Anon Takes Care of Aria - by HarleyKade

“Ok let’s see, one thing of Tums, a bottle of Tylenol, a pack of cough drops, a carton of OJ, a bottle of 7 Up, cans of chicken noodle soup with bags of crackers, and several rolls of toilet and a plastic bag. I think we’re all set.” >Putting his receipt into his back right pocket, he looks at you as you sit up against the headboard. Hair down and in your PJs you manage to give him an annoyed look. “Anon, you do realize it’s just a little cold right?” >Truth be told, your head already hurt, your throat was swollen, and you were up all night coughing and sneezing so bad that it began to hurt to breathe. You were so tired that you’re afraid of falling asleep in front of him. “I know, but you’d be surprised how easy it is for a cold to turn into something worse. Besides, I’d rather you be comfortable while you get better. I mean, that is why I’m here right? To take care of you?” >Giving you a smile and gesturing his arms, he pours and hands you a glass of orange juice. >Closing your eyes and looking away you slowly take the cup from him, holding it in your lap. “I don’t need you to take care of me Anon. Anyway, why are you even here so early? It’s almost six in the morning.” >Tightening your eyes, you groan as you sip the juice, clinching your teeth as you try to swallow it. “Aria!” >Anon quickly opens the pack of throat lozenges and hands you one while taking the glass from you and sitting it on the table. >You quickly take the lozenge and suck on its honey delight. Whether it’s the medicine or Anon’s presence, you already begin to feel better. “Th-thanks Anon…” >Crossing your arms, you turn your head away from him, again with the same look as before. “Hey, that’s what I’m here for right? Anyway, to answer your question, I’m here so early because I heard you had a rough time sleeping last night. Although, I should probably just let you-“ >Quickly turning your head towards him, you’re shocked that he knew about your troubled night. “How did you find out about that? I never told you I was sick, and the sun hasn’t even come out yet.” >Chuckling to himself, he grabbed a roll of toilet paper and used a piece to wipe your nose which began to run. “You’re friend Sonata called me earlier while you were coughing for an hour straight. She thought you were going to stop breathing because of it and begged me to come over and help.” >You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, Sonata worrying about you? And she took it so seriously too. >Turning your head and looking down into your cupped hands, you had your doubts, but you had to know if it was true. “Seriously?” “Well, maybe it wasn’t an hour straight, but she sure made it sound like it was. Honestly I thought she was going to burst into tears from the stress.” >You couldn’t help but shake your head at such a thought. Sonata was always the one to overreact at the smallest of events. Her silly nature was annoying, but it brought joy to you all the same to know that she cared for you. >You’d never let anyone know this of course, it would ruin your image and give people something to use against you. Especially Adagio. “Sonata’s always been like that. She gets distracted too easy and freaks out at little things. I bet she thought I puked up my lung earlier.” “Well, she did mention something about you on your knees huddled over the toilet.” “What?” >Your cheeks began to turn red and you quickly turned towards Anon to defuse the situation. “I-I wasn’t on my knees, and I wasn’t huddled over the toilet. She probably just said that to get you to come over.” “Yeah, you’re probably right. If you were feeling as bad as she said you’d be begging for the Tums right now.” >Anon had a little laugh at his statement. Obviously it was a joke, but he was wrong, you didn’t ask for the Tums because you afraid of trying to swallow them. “I don’t think Tums would help right now. Actually, I’d like some Tylenol for my headache please.” “Got the bottle right here.” >You were sure that you’d be able to take those tiny pills, but once he opened the bottle and began to pour the large capsules into his hand you winced at the thought of trying to make them go down. “Here, take two and wait six hours, then take two more if need be.” >Letting out a scowl, you took the medicine from his hand and the juice he held out for you. >Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes, you put one in your mouth and immediately took several gulps from your cup. “Heh, that was pretty easy. I guess those cough drops really worked.” >You smiled even though your eyes remained closed. Swallowing was much easier than before. “And look, it only took you one glass of OJ.” >Opening your eyes you looked at the empty glass in your hand. “Now you just have to take the other one.” >Letting out a moan, you remembered the second capsule still in your other hand. Looking back up at Anon you clenched the medicine in your palm. “You’re going to pour more juice and make me take this one aren’t you?” “Do you want to feel better?” >Without a word you frowned and gave him your empty cup. Within seconds he handed it back to you half full. >Remembering how easy the first capsule was to swallow, you threw the second one in your mouth and quickly drank the second glass of juice. “Just as easy as the first.” “Good, you should feel better soon. Would you like me to make you that soup now?” >Just then you began to realize how comfortable you were becoming around Anon. You weren’t sure what to do about it, but you knew that you couldn’t let the other girls find out about this. “Uh, yes please…” “Cool, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” >As Anon got up and started walking towards the door you couldn’t help but observe your room. It was almost completely empty as you had to pawn most of your things to help pay for another month’s rent. >All that remained in the room was your twin size bed, Rainbow Dash’s old radio that she threw out because it “needs to be 20% cooler”, and a small wooden table. >On the table was a cheap “Daring Do” lamp, pieces of the gems that were shattered on that horrid night, and one of the crude little lockets that Sonata made for you all with a picture of the “Dazzlings” inside. >She doesn’t know it, but you wouldn’t trade it away for anything.