The Delivery Boy - by Lefty-T-Writefriend

>You look over to the purple giant, thinking she must be Adagio because she's such a big girl. "Hello there, Ms. Dazzle?" >"Down here you idiot!" >You lower your head to find a furious orange puff of hair in front of you. "I'm sorry, I was expecting someone a little... uh..." >"Go on, say it. I dare you." "A little taller?" >She grabs you by your shirt collar and pulls you down to her face. >"Listen here buddy, there's a reason why I'M the leader of this group. I could be wearing a tutu and a shirt that's two sizes too small for me, and I'd still run this show because that's just how I am!" "Alright, alright! Damn girl, what's gotten into you?" >"I'm just a little sick of people teasing me for being short, I'm the oldest you know!" >Her tiny hands ball up into fists, shaking with anger. >You hand the package off to her. "I uh, I gotta go um- do the thing with the uh, yeah." >She finally settles down, "Thanks for delivering our mail, sorry we couldn't meet in person before this. You have a nice day!" "Y-you too." >You spent the rest of the day wondering why you had the sudden urge for her to ride you all night long. >You awoke to the sound of an all too annoying alarm clock. >Shit, you went a bit too hard with the fap session last night. >You roll out of bed and grab a pair of jeans, heading to the bathroom to wash your face off. >You still need to throw away that empty pizza box on your dresser. >Wait, there's still a piece left in there. >Pizza for breakfast it is then. >You made by with what you could, being a delivery boy. >You'd prefer the term man, but your family said that it didn't matter you were technically an adult now. >You're still their baby boy. >You couldn't be too mad with them though, they did manage to get you a nice apartment. >Somebody had left an anonymous tip at your door for the delivery to the Dazzlings. >Apparently people thought it was funny to joke about your name. >Though it was partly your fault, since you had the bright idea to name your freelance work "Anonymous Delivers." >Ah shit, you forgot to get paid, didn't you? >That's what happens when you see a cute girl though. >It was a bad habit you needed to work on. >No problem, you'd just go ask for the money. >How hard could it be? >You turned the faucet off and rummaged around for a decent shirt to wear. >You threw on a Blind Guardian t-shirt and headed out to Adagio's place. >Knocking on her door, you shuffled around nervously. >She opened the door, her face meeting your waist. >It didn't help you were fairly tall yourself. >"Oh, it's you. What do you want?" "W-well I forgot to get paid and-" >"No, you didn't." "What." >"Should've read the fine print. We still need to get paid too." >Great, another act of charity. >Well, it wasn't so bad. >Just meant you wouldn't be getting the kind of dinner you wanted tonight. >You might be tight with your money, but at least it means you don't lose the things you need. >"If that's all, I'd kindly ask you to lea-" "Do you mind if I come in?" >"I beg your pardon?" "I mean, I dunno, you guys seem interesting and I've got nothing better to do." >She thinks for a moment, before a sly smile crosses her features. >"Sure, it's been a while since anything interesting happened around here." >She grumbles, "Wish it wasn't so... tall." "A little over six feet, how 'bout you?" >"A little over five." >Your mother always said you had a thing for short girls. "I think it's cute." >"I'll tear you apa- oh, well thank you. Never thought somebody would compliment me for being this short." >You shrugged, taking off your shoes at the doorway. "So where are the other two?" >"Right here." >You turned to see a purple grump staring you in the face. "Damn, you're tall." >She smirks, "Maybe you're just short?" "No, I think I'm a little tall." >"That... wasn't actually a question." "Then why did you ask me if you didn't want an answer?" >She has a look in her eyes, as if she's been here before. >"Oh my god, you're another Sonata." >"Did somebody call for me?" >She picks up the blueberry and stands her in front of you. >"You deal with this shit, I'm not having it. Not today, today is a good day." >You looked down at her... ample breasts. >"Eyes up here silly!" >You could feel your face getting hot. "S-sorry, kind of a reflex, y'know?" >She giggles, "You're funny! I like that. Can we keep him Dagi?" >"He's not a pet, Sonata." >These girls are crazy. >But then, you always did enjoy crazy. >You looked around the place before spotting a couch to crash on. >"Oh, I love this part!" >Sonata gets a running start. >Oh no. >"Cannonball!" >Shit, if you had a weaker stomach you're pretty sure your breakfast would be on the floor right now. "Wrap me up in a blanket of sadness and leave me to my pain." >"Oh no! Are you alright?!" >"Oh don't be such a baby, you aren't in that much pain." >You curl up into a ball, wrapping Sonata up with you. "You did this, you're gonna give me cuddles to make me feel better." >"Can do!" >Oh no her snuggles are too strong. "Not that hard, can't breathe." >"Let me do this Sonata!" >The cheese puff pushes her off of you and plants herself atop your chest. >"Now then, want me to kiss it better?" "Y-yeah." >"Too bad, you're gonna be a comfy pillow and you'll enjoy it." "Y-yeah." >What have you gotten yourself into? >You lay there, contemplating life. >A thought crosses your mind. "Uh, are you coming onto me?" >"Pillows don't talk, now shut up." >You just let the moment sink in. "Say, those are some nice necklaces you got there, where'd you-" >She cuts you off, smacking your hand away, "Don't touch them!" >You immediately apologize. "S-sorry, I wasn't trying to touch your boobs or anything." >She groans, "I don't care about you touching my boobs, I meant the gems you idiot!" "I, uh... huh?" >She leans into your personal space, getting up in your face. >"I was lucky enough to take one of the fragments with me. It took a while to rebuild our gems." "Wow, that's impressive!" >She curls her fingers around the gem, "I don't recall seeing you at the Battle of the Bands." "No, I was out sick. I heard that a group of girls trashed the school and..." >Your brain pieced it together. "What do you want from me?" >The fuzz ball lets out a hearty chuckle before composing herself. >"I want you to help us get revenge on the Rainbooms for what they did to us." >You were in no position to ask, but you said something stupid anyway. "What do I get out of it?" >She walks her fingers up your chest and to your face before running them down your cheek. >"I guess I'd be very... grateful for your hard work." >She places an emphasis on the word hard. >Unf. "So how exactly am I going to help you get revenge on them?" >She takes you into their bedroom and pulls out a box. >"You're going to give them these." >She opens the box, revealing a bunch of necklaces similar to her own. "Uh, I don't get how giving them jewelry is going to stop them. I mean, maybe Dash I guess." >"No you idiot, these gems will convert them over to our side!" "Oh, so like what Sunset did except not as obvious?" >"That's why I made them look like normal rubies, or tried to at least." >You counted nine. "Uh, is your math right? I get Sunset and her pals, but where do the other three come in?" >"Surely you didn't forget about Pinkie's sister, did you?" "Wait, you noticed her in all that commotion?" >She balls up her hands again, "I'm supposed to notice everything. I'm the leader, after all." >Probably shouldn't mention the failure if you can help it. "What about the other two?" >"Oh, we made one for Twilight Sparkle as well." "That chick Flash is always yammering on about? Would be nice to fuck with him a bit." >"Indeed, and the last one..." >She gives you a coy smile, "... well, let's just say that anybody who helps us will be well rewarded." >You point to yourself, and she nods. >"You didn't think I was your reward, did you?" >You shuffle a bit and let out a nervous laugh. "M-maybe a little?" >She laughs, not out of spite, but a genuine laugh. >"That's actually pretty funny! Me, with you? I'm not that easy!" "You should laugh more, it sounds nice." >She stops with a huff, "Whatever, you in or not?" >Your grin turns into a chuckle. >"What's so funny?" >You step up and take the box in your hands. "Just remembered something my dear old dad used to tell me." >"Oh?" "A little chaos never hurt anybody." >You place the gems in your bag. "Now then, what's the plan?" >She shouts for the other two, "Girls! We have a new helper!" >Sonata bounces into the room, jumping onto you and giving you a strong embrace. >Aria strolls in casually behind her. >Adagio pulls the blueberry off of you, "You can't crush him like that Sonata." >She pouts a little, "Aww, why do you have to be so mean Dagi? I just wanted to give him a hug!" >For a moment, you think you see the faintest of smiles on Adagio's face. >"Fine, but you have to be careful with him, alright?" >Sonata gives her a salute, and nuzzles her head into your chest. "Is she always like this?" >"She was always a very cuddly child." "Heh, kinda figured she was the youngest of the three of you." >"I like giving my big sis hugs! Even if Ria can be a bit grumpy sometimes." >You can see Aria blush, "Whatever, just be glad you're good at hugs, or something." >Sonata giggles, "She's not so bad once you get to know her." >"Yes I am." >"Nuh-uh." >"Yeah-huh." >"You aren't the worst, Aria." >"Duh, that's because YOU'RE the worst Sonata." >Adagio pinches the bridge of her nose. >"Girls." >"Maybe you should just go cuddle your teddy!" >"Hey! Leave Mr. Fuzzykins out of this!" >"What? Are you twel-" >"GIRLS!" >They both stop and stare at Adagio. >"Drop it. Now." >"Pfft, what are you, our mom?" >"No, but she did leave me in charge, remember?" >"Yeah yeah, still think I would've been a better choice." >You raise a hand. "Can we not involve me in a domestic dispute? This is kinda awkward." >Adagio blinks and bites her lower lip, "Right, you'll have to forgive them. And myself." "So, plan?" >"We've wasted enough of your time already, so I'll just give you the short version." >She pulls out a piece of cardboard with photos of your targets on it. >"First, you'll have to deal with Rarity and Fluttershy on your own." "Those two? Easy peezy." >"Right, next you and Sonata have to take care of Pinkie Pie and her sister." "Maud." >"Of course, and after that you and Aria will deal with Rainbow Dash and Applejack." "Sure." >"Which leaves the two of us with Sunset..." >She pauses, a look of anger crossing her features. "... you want to deal with her yourself, don't you?" >"Yes, she's the reason we failed, that I failed..." >You could tell she'd cry if Aria and Sonata weren't in the room with her. >She really wanted to make it up to them. >You give her a pat on the back. "Not to worry, we'll get those meddling Rainbooms yet, my dear!" >She let out a little giggle at that, "Yeah..." >You'd make an ass out of yourself if it meant she'd cheer up. >"You got any questions?" >You did have one for the yellow lass. >One the other two didn't need to hear. "Uh, Sonata, mind letting me have a chat with Dagi?" >"Ooooh, do you like her Nonny?" >What. "Uh..." >"He means no, now shoo, the grown-ups are talking." >"Whatever you say Dagi! Seeya later Anon!" >She skips out of the room, dragging Aria behind her. >"Knock it off you dork, I can walk too y'know?" >"Come on Ria, let's go play Scrabble!" >"What? Come on, you always win Scrabble!" >"Yeah! That's why I like playing it with you." >You watched those two scamper off. "They're certainly a pair..." >Dagi taps her foot impatiently, "Well? What did you want to talk to me about?" >You crouch down and scoop her up in your arms. >"Put me down! How dare you touch m-" >You rock her back and forth, cradling her in your arms. "You have to calm down, this anger isn't healthy, and it won't help you get your revenge." >She yawns, "N-no, this isn't happening... you can't do this to me. I'm a big girl..." >You look around the room for the first time, it's got all the typical things. >You can tell which sections of the bedroom belong to each girl. >At least, you think you can. >Girly stuff for Sonata, punk rock and "guy stuff" for Aria, and Adagio has classy stu- >Actually, Adagio's portion is mostly plain. >Not what you were expecting. >There was a bed big enough for four. >They must've hoped someone else would come along. >You clutch Dagi close to your chest. >"I just wanna make it up to them." "I know." >She mumbles something, "... I'm sorry for being such a jerk." "What was that?" >"Nothing, just talking to myself." >You laid her out on the bed and brushed her hair back, planting a little kiss on her forehead. "Sweet dreams, princess." >You can tell she's trying to get mad, but she's so tired she can't be bothered. >She curls up in the bed, cuddling the pillow, "Thanks Anon... you never heard me say that, got it?" "Heard you say what?" >"Good boy." >You gingerly shut the door behind you, only to hear Sonata and Aria arguing over a game of Scrabble. >You step over to the commotion. >"It is too a real word!" >"No it's not Aria!" >You notice something odd about Aria's word choice. "These... are all names of..." >She blushes, "Yeah, the characters from Pretty Pretty Ponies... wait, you watch it too?" "Well, yeah. Why not?" >"Cause it's something dorks do!" "Didn't you just say you watched it?" >"... Sh-shut up, I know I'm a dork now too. You dork." >Right. "Uhuh, well I'm just gonna go now. I have to get to school in the morning." >You can't help but grin. "Gotta deliver some gifts to Rarity and Fluttershy." >You jiggle your bag a little. >"Oh boy, I can't wait to expand our little family!" >"It's been a while, hasn't it? We haven't done that since we came to this world." >The two of them start reminiscing on times past, and you take that as your cue to leave. >Canterlot High has attracted fucked up shit lately. >You made it back to your apartment and hid away your bag in the usual spot and locked your door. >Can never be too careful. >Okay, maybe you were a little paranoid. It was just a good habit to get into. >You pull out your phone and go through your contacts. >There's Rarity, she'd contacted you for deliveries of silk and threads in the past. >She gave amazing tips, but now it was time to get a little... naughty. >You shot her a text. >"Hey Rarity, I got a present for you tomorrow if you want it. Gotta pay back those tips somehow!" >Wait for it. >"Oh darling, it's no trouble at all! Though I am curious as to what your gift is." >Huh, is that all? No, couldn't be, not with Rarity. >Another buzz signals the rest of her text. >"Of course, if it's what I think it is, we can certainly have more fun later in the evening. ;)" >That fucking winky face. >This was gonna be fun. >You tried to go to sleep. >You were too excited for tomorrow. >Just when your eyelids were about to shut, your phone buzzed. >How did Aria get your number? >"Adagio's asleep. She stayed up for three days planning this out, you do something to her?" >You were very thoughtful about how you responded to this accusation. >"Yeah, something like that." >You responded in the only way you knew how. >"Also, before you ask, your number was in the job posting you put up, remember?" >Oh yeah, you really needed to get your head in the game. >You could go back to your parents, but you preferred having a place to yourself. >So you had to work for your money. >You didn't exactly have a car, but your bike did its job well. >Besides, your parents' home was about fifteen minutes away. >It was less about distance and more about the principle. >Another buzz on the phone. >"So, you're not gonna back out on us are you?" >You smiled. >"Course not, truth is I've been a bit bored recently. Could do with some excitement in my life." >"Good, because that'd... be a pretty shitty thing to do to Dagi." >Huh, how sweet of her. >"She just needed a good cuddle to go to sleep, some people need that y'know?" >There's a pause before her next message. >"... yeah, you're right. Listen, I gotta go do something alright?" >"The kind of thing you need Sonata to help with?" >"Pfft, shut up dude, she's better at this stuff than I am!" >"Yeah yeah, g'night Aria." >"Good night, String Bean." >You put your phone inside your dresser's drawer and fell asleep. >You sat down with the Rainbooms at lunch the next day. >"Hiya Nonny! What brings you over to our table today?" >Pinkie, as usual, was pretty chipper to see you. >Your dad hired her to organize your birthday parties. >She was a nice girl, shame you were gonna have to throw a necklace around her as well. >No it wasn't. >Maybe a little, she was the only one you really felt bad about. >Harder to do something like this when you know them personally. "Oh, I just had to talk to Rarity about something." >"Go on, darling, I'd love to hear what you want to do with me." >Fuck, don't pitch a tent in school, don't pitch a tent in front of Rarity. >She leans in and whispers into your ear, "Is that your phone, or are you just happy to see me?" >Fuck. >"H-hey, maybe you should give Nonny some room to breathe Rarity!" >Rarity glances over at Pinkie, giving her a demure smile underlying something more smug. >"Why so defensive, Pinkie?" >She pokes her fingers together and whispers something to herself. >"What was that dear?" >"Because he's my special friend!" >She cups her hands over her mouth and runs away crying. >Rarity has a hand over her mouth as well, "I might've gone too far with teasing her." >Damn, you aren't sure you even need the necklace to convert Rarity. >She runs off after Pinkie and you can tell Fluttershy is upset. >"How could you Anon?" "What?" >She slams her hands on the table, "You knew she had feelings for you!" >You stare blankly at her for a moment. "Actually... no, I didn't." >You can see her face slowly turning supernova. >"OhmygoodnessIwasn'tsupposedtotellyouthatI'msosorryforgetIsaidanything!" >You awkwardly bid the rest of the table farewell as you went to your next class. >Did Pinkie actually have feelings for you? >... No time for second thoughts, you had to work out your plan of attack for after school. >You had English with Rarity, so you decided that was probably the best time to scope her out. >She looks somewhat more somber than she did at lunch. >She notices you and motions for you to come talk to her before class starts. >"Hello there darling, I'm dreadfully sorry about what happened with Pinkie earlier." "It wasn't your fault, I was dumb for not realizing it." >She waves her hand, "Nonsense! I knew exactly how she felt and I teased her about it..." >You sit down next to her and wrap an arm around her, giving her a hug. >"The poor thing wouldn't even speak to me, she just kept crying." >She frowns, "I've never seen her hair that straight." >Cheerilee walks in to get ready for class before stopping in her tracks. >"Should I leave for a moment? You seem... occupied." >You give her a nod, "Rarity had an argument with Pinkie earlier." >She smiles and nods, "Right, I hope things work out for all of you!" >If anyone deserved to have the word Cheer in their name, it was her. >Aside from maybe Pinkie. >You still felt bad about her. >Sighing, you turn back to Rarity. "Listen, I'm sure Pinkie will be fine. She has you guys to watch after her, right?" >"Well, yes, but... I suppose I'm having second thoughts about this whole thing." >Shit, you'd have to turn this around. "Look, if it works out between us, then clearly Pinkie and I were not meant for each other." >She wipes the tears from her eyes, "I suppose that's true..." "And if it doesn't work out, then Pinkie wins anyway, nobody has to feel hurt." >She pouts, "That's a rather... pragmatic way of looking at it, isn't it?" >Well no shit, you were talking out of your ass, but she seemed to buy it. "So, see you after school?" >"Of course, I'll meet you in the band room." >You were standing in front of your locker, holding a necklace in your hand. >That outburst earlier had gotten you thinking. >You dismissed those thoughts and focused on the task at hand. >Fluttershy had certainly objected to your course of action. >Hope that wouldn't cause trouble. >Knowing your luck though, it would. >"Yoohoo, over here darling!" >Rarity was motioning for you to hurry up, a look of glee on her face. >You almost felt bad for what you were about to do. >Almost. >You walked into the band room and followed her over to the make-up room. >Rarity was preening herself and making sure she was as pretty as possible. >"So, I've been ever so curious as to what you could have brought me." "Well, I know you like jewelry so I decided to get you a little something for your troubles." >She giggled, "Oh, I do so love a good... erm, what is it exactly darling?" >You leaned over and wrapped your arms around her, whispering into her ear. "I got you a lovely necklace, dear." >It felt good to turn the tables, even if you had to keep from cringing. >Still, that was the kinda shit Rarity was into, so you had to play along. >She shudders and squeals, "Oh you're too kind!" "Close your eyes." >She smiles and shuts her eyes, holding her hair aside so you could put the necklace on her. >You slip the gem around her neck, and watch as she shudders for a moment. "You alright Rarity?" >You see her grin slowly getting wider before she opens her eyes and a flash of green shines over them. >After the sheen fades, her eye color returns to normal. >Her voice is low and husky, "Never better, darling." >She traces her fingers around the gem. >"Such a dazzling design, wouldn't you say?" >She walks up to you, sashaying her hips. >Running her fingers along your chest, she asks you the obvious question. >"Where are they? I need to be with them." "I'll bring you to them today, I was just going to head over to their place, actually." >"Excellent, shall we be off then?" >You made sure to stop by your locker and pick up your bag. >You lead her out to your bike and had her hold onto you. >This wasn't the first time you had a riding partner, but her breasts certainly motivated you. >You pedalled your way to the Dazzlings' apartment. "Yo Dagi! You in there?" >The door opens to reveal a very angry cheese puff standing in front of you. >"What do yo- oh, ohohohoho, you actually did it! I'm a little proud of you." >She steps away from the door and motions the two of you in. >"Welcome to your home away from home, Rarity." >Rarity inspects the place, "Well, you three could use an interior designer, but I like it." >The ball was in motion, there were no brakes on this wild ride now. >You walked into their bedroom and found Aria sitting on the bed, playing with small toys. >She was putting on a gruff voice for what you assumed was the boy pony. >"Of course I'll marry you Princess Fluffybottom!" >"Oh Gallant Shield, I love you!" >She proceeded to make kissy noises. >You stood by the doorway with your arms folded, a grin on your face. "Having fun there, princess?" >A deep blush crossed her face as she threw the toys at you and chased you out of the room. >She'd taken hold of your hoodie before you could escape however. >"You tell Sonata about this and you'll find yourself waking up in a dumpster." "Alright, I get it." >She nods and lets you go. "Yo Dagi!" >She punches you in the face. >You almost forgot this girl was nearly as tall as you. >She was built like a fucking Amazon. >But sitting there acting like just another girl, it was beautiful in a way. >The tiny poof of hair, on the other hand, tugged at your hoodie for your attention. >"Anon! You called?" >You looked at Aria and shrugged. "She had something she wanted to tell you." >You put her on the spot. >"Uh, yeah. Listen, I think I should go with him to help out with Pinkie." >Dagi didn't seem convinced, "Oh? Why is that?" >"Because Sonata can't handle Maud! I've seen that girl at the gym!" >"Oh please, if it goes according to plan she won't need to fight." >"B-but what if Sonata gets hurt?!" >"Anon here won't let that happen, right Anon?" "Uh, yeah." >Aria places a finger on your chest, "If she is hurt, I'm gonna make sure you match her." >You needed to bail. "Right, gotta go!" >You ran out, hopping onto your bike. >If you knew anything about Fluttershy, she'd probably be at the park. >Maybe you could go "apologize" to her. >You found the stick of butter sitting on a park bench feeding a group of birds. >You pocketed a necklace and let your messenger bag hug your waist. >You walked up beside her and sat down. >Waiting for her to finish feeding the birds, you cleared your throat. >Fluttershy jumps off of the bench a little. >"Oh! Oh my goodness, don't scare me like that Anon!" "Hehe, sorry, you're too cute when you're startled." >She blushes and scrunches her face, "Rarity not good enough for you?" "Eh, didn't work out too well." >"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that Anon. Maybe you could give Pinkie a chance? You know she really likes you." >You wrapped an arm around her. "W-well I was thinking, maybe, y'know..." >"You were thinking what?" >Was this girl dense, or did you not want to play poker with her? >You leaned in and brushed her hair aside. >She really was beautiful, she just hid that pretty little face behind a head of hair. "... About how cute you look." >That got her to turn crimson. >"O-oh, w-well I- I um, uh, I dunno I'm not, uh, ahh..." >She covered her face with her hands. >You pulled her into a hug. >"H-how can you just b-bounce back so easily?" "You act as though it's the first time I've been rejected before." >You weren't exactly lying when you said that. >"S-sorry, it's just, y-you a-and me, I don't know what to say!" >You lifted her chin up and felt her breath hitch. >Pulling her closer, you planted a kiss on her lips. >A part of you told you to pull out the necklace and put it on her already. >But you were going to have fun with this before breaking her. >"B-but A-Anon, Pinkie will be really upset with me!" >You placed a finger over her mouth. "Shhh, how 'bout we take this to the forest over there?" >You leaned in close enough to feel her breath on your cheek. "Maybe get a little closer to nature?" >She nodded, biting her lower lip. Was this turning her on? >Why are all these girls nutjobs? >You weren't that surprised, everyone in this town is crazy. >You led her to a small secluded area in the forest and sat down with her. >The rays of sunshine beaming through the canopy of leaves, you took a look at her. >She looked magnificent in this lighting. >Too bad that smile couldn't stay innocent much longer. >She twiddled her fingers, still looking away from you and blushing. >"So, um, i-is this going to be serious, o-or... well, is it just... um, y-yeah?" >You wrapped your arms around her, running your fingers through her hair. "It can be as serious as you want it to be, dear." >She started shivering, so you decided to stroke her back. >She seemed to calm down a little, "O-oh... um, y-ye- I mean, t-thanks, oh shoot." "Take your time, I can wait." >She was crying at this point, "Why do I want this?" "Hmm?" >That was curious, you couldn't imagine her wanting to break Pinkie's heart. >"I mean, P-Pinkie gets plenty of attention anyway, r-right?" >Fluttershy, you naughty girl. "Of course she does, I'm sure you could too, you just need to be a bit more assertive." >She pondered this for a moment. >"Anon?" "Yes Fluttershy?" >She pulled you into a kiss and shoved her tongue inside your mouth. >"Let's do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel." >Her dirty talk had a lot of room to improve, but her enthusiasm was amazing. "Where did this come from?" >"You try bottling up all this tension, I need an outlet." >You might've done your job a little too well. >You didn't exactly enjoy the idea of being an "outlet" for her sexual frustration. >You wrestled with her for a minute, before pinning her below you. >She was giving you her best bedroom eyes. >To her credit, they kinda worked. >"Rut me like Angel does to that adorable bunny next door." >You didn't need to know that. >You didn't need to know a lot of things that came out of her mouth. >She pulled your face into her breasts. >Holy shit, you could fall asleep on these things. >She pressed her tits together, enveloping your head in a warm embrace. >You had to get out of this situation, no matter how great it felt. >You kneaded her plump mounds and managed to free your head. >Placing kisses along her neck, you felt her shudder at your touch. >You gave her lips a gentle kiss, running a hand down her cheek. >"A...non... I, I want y-you... inside of me!" >Your boner betrayed you. >She rolled you over and straddled your waist, grinding her hips into your crotch. >You would not leave this situation blue-balled. >Though you didn't want to stick your dick in crazy either. >She clasped your hands with her own and bent over to kiss your cheek. >She licked her lips, "I could just eat you up." >Wrapping her arms around you, she started nibbling your ear. >You weren't going to last much longer if she kept this up. "F-Fluttershy, I-" >She mashed her lips against yours, panting and moaning. >You buckled under the pressure. >"Finished so soon? I'm not done yet, Anon." >She stuck her hand down your pants and lubed it up with your cum. >Lapping her fingers with her tongue, she stuck them in her mouth and suckled on them. >"So Anon, was this everything you hoped it would be?" >You could barely speak. "Y-yuh, y-you too." >She lowered herself onto you, her body covering you like a blanket. >Her eyes fluttered shut and she had a tiny smile on her face. >Catching your breath, you pulled the necklace out. >You wrapped the fabric around her neck and fastened the clasp together. >You picked her up and carried her back out of the forest. >While not entirely unpleasant, that wasn't an experience you'd like to repeat. >Your thoughts were interrupted by a green glow coming from Fluttershy's eyes. >Seemed she was awake, and looking naughtier than before. >She nuzzled her head into your chest, "How sweet of you to carry me, Anon." "Yeah, well I hope you don't mind piggybacking, I gotta get you back to the Dazzlings." >You hopped on the bike and headed back to the Dazzlings' place. >If they could all be this easy, you wouldn't have anything to worry about. >You ran out of ideas for temptations after Pinkie Pie, however. >You might just have to use force for the latter half. >A bit inelegant, but effective. >It took a bit more pedalling to get to their house this time. >You knocked on the door, too tired to yell for Dagi. >"Good eveni- oh, hello Anon. I see you brought another friend for us to play with!" "Yeah, I'm just gonna go crash." >You trudged over to the couch and slammed into it. >It wasn't long before Aria towered over you. >"You work fast, how'd you do it?" >You yawned, a little tired from the bullshit of today. "You don't wanna know how much frustration she had built up." >"Hah! So... didja get laid?" "No, I didn't." >"Why not?" >You could tell where this is going by the grin on her face. "Because of... well, Dagi I guess." >She snorted, "Wow, you really are a loser!" "Oh just shut up already, come back when you have a better insult." >She was taken aback by your sudden outburst. >"Did you just backtalk me?" "Yeah, why? Is that gonna be a problem?" >"N-no it's just... d-do it again." "What, you want me to tell you about how I want to bend you over and spank your ass?" >She bit her lip. Seems like someone has a fetish. >"Again." >"Aria! Stop bugging him with your stupid fetish." >You could see a faint blush form on her face. >"It's not stupid! You just don't get it!" >Dagi squinted at her, "Go to your room." >"You mean our room? Tch, whatever, fine!" >If she slammed the door behind her any harder the hinges might've broke. "A bit harsh, don't you think?" >"Yeah, well she shouldn't have tried to take you away from me." "Beg pardon?" >From the way her eyes dilated, she didn't mean to say that out loud. >"Because you're MY slave, not hers." "She... seemed to want it to be the other way around." >"Whatever! You know what I mean." "Also, wouldn't I be a servant? I mean, I have pretty good working conditions." >She placed a finger over your mouth, "Just be glad you're fairly cute." >You paused for a moment. >Against your better judgement, you started pulling her into a hug. >Trying to flee, she turned her back to you. >"Hey, let me go you idiot!" "No." >You nuzzled her hair, it was like a fuzzy pillow. >"This isn't funny!" >You took hold of her hands and wrapped your arms around her sizable hips. >"I don't like you, stop i- actually, this feels kind of nice." "Mhmm." >"I still don't like you, but this is very comfortable." "Yep." >"I command you to give me these... these..." "Cuddles, snuggles, nuzzles. Whichever you prefer to call them." >She thinks for a moment, "... these snuggles, whenever I ask you." "Alright." >"Good, now then... uh, keep snuggling me?" >You both laid there in bliss for a while. >"Where did you learn to snuggle like this?" >You blushed, it was actually kind of embarrassing. "W-well, I was scared of the dark as a kid, so..." >You could feel her grinning, "Go on..." "My mom would lie down beside me and just cuddle me." >"Did it help you fall asleep?" "Yeah, so I decided to cuddle her back, and I got really good at it." >"Sounds like you were close with your parents..." "Heh, still keep in touch with them. Though, I don't really live that far from them." >"So how was your father?" "Carefree, fun, a bit of a troublemaker. Supportive." >You remembered all the good times you had and laughed. "Yep, he was my daddy Discord." >Dagi flinched at that and jumped out of your arms. >"What? Y-you're the son of D-Discord?" "Yeah, why? He runs a party warehouse and hires Pinkie to throw parties for him sometimes." >She composes herself, "S-sorry, it's just, well, I've heard of another Discord..." "I don't think you really need to hide the fact you're from another world. The magic gave it away." >You did want to ask her about him though. "So what is my dad like in your world?" >Maybe he's a king, or the owner of a chain of prank supply stores, or even- >"He's the God of Chaos." >Oh, no wonder she was terrified. "Do you know how that turned out for him?" >"There were a lot of villains running around back in our day. I don't know what happened to him." >She sat down beside you again, "I just know he was the most dangerous of them all." >You wrapped an arm around her, but she batted it away. >"Whatever happened to him, it had to have been worse than our punishment." >She stands up and fixes her hair, "Whatever, you need to be ready for tomorrow. Good night, Anon." >Sonata was waiting for her to leave before pouncing on you from out of nowhere. >"Oh boy, I can't wait to go on an adventure with you tomorrow Anon! This is so exciting!" >You couldn't even muster up the energy to be angry at her. >You just fell asleep with her breasts squished against your own chest. >It was a beautiful morning. >The Sun was shining... >Birds were singing... >Flowers were blooming... >Sonata's tits were right in your face. >She'd fallen asleep nuzzled against you. >You gently nudge her awake. >She lets out the cutest little yawn, "Mornin' Anon." "Come on Sonata, gotta get off me so I can freshen up." >You roll off the couch and she shuffles onto your back, wrapping her legs around you. >You had to think of a way to deal with Maud. >You washed your face off and brushed your teeth. >You also washed Sonata's face off and brushed her teeth. >"Nonny I'm tired." "Hello Tired, I'm Anonymous." >She giggled, it wasn't that funny but you knew she'd like it. "Say, does Aria have any spraypaint?" >She tapped her chin, "Well she did try to be a rebel punk one time." >Her face lit up with a smile, "But then she found out about that horse show!" "So... does she?" >"I think she uses it to give her dolls the right color?" >Aria was standing by the door, squinting at Sonata. >"They're called figurines, Sonata." >Sonata sticks her tongue out, "A doll by any other name!" >The purple giant sighs, "Whatever, it's too early to get mad." >She slaps your shoulder, "What'dya need my spraypaint for anyway?" "Do you have any grey?" >"Yeah, why?" >You let out a chuckle. "I have an idea..." >You went back to your bag and pulled out another pendant. "We might be able to trick Maud into thinking it's a rock necklace." >Aria laughs, "Trying to fool someone who has a rock fetish? Ballsy. I like it." >"Wait here, I'll go grab some paint and a brush." >It didn't take her long to find what you needed. >"You should let Sonata paint it, she's... surprisingly good at it." >You hand it off to the blueberry and watch her work her magic. >Her tongue was sticking out in determination. >"... Alright, I'm done!" >Aria wasn't kidding. >You tousled her bangs. "Nice work Sonata." >She gave you a dopey grin, "Thanks Anon!" >You still weren't sure how you'd deal with Pinkie. >You turned to Sonata and gave her a pat on the back. "I'll go on ahead of you guys, they might get suspicious if we show up together." >She pouted, but gave you a nod anyway. >You hopped onto your bike and rode off to school. >You met Rarity and Fluttershy by the statue in front of the school. >"So who is on our hit list today, darling?" >"Yeah, I'd love to sink my teeth into them." >Rarity sighed, "That's still not a siren euphemism, dear." >You raised an eyebrow. "Have you been trying to teach her how to talk dirty?" >"All morning, it has been an... experience." "Well, Sonata and I are gonna try and take care of Pinkie and Maud." >Rarity giggles and runs a finger along your arm. >"Mhmm, I bet she'd love a strapping young man such as yourself." "Come on, knock it off before the others show up." >"What's wrong, afraid of ruining your chances with her?" >You could feel your face warming up. >"It's quite alright darling, she has assets in all the right places." "It's not like that, she's... she's a good friend, alright?" >"Did you ever wish you could be more than friends?" >You sighed in frustration. "Well, yeah! I mean, Pinkie's pretty amazing y'know?" >Rarity was having a gigglefit. "I mean it! She's pretty, and nice, and her hair is really soft, plus I like hugging her!" >"Darling..." "She was always more reliable than me, she and her sister kept me safe as a kid..." >"Please, dear..." "Mom always said I had a thing for girls with poofy hair, hehe..." >"You should stop talking." "Why? I'm just saying the truth, Pinkie is probably the best girl in the school." >"Behind you, dear." >You turned around to see Pinkie going supernova. >"M-me? I, uh, I-I mean I... IgottagotoclassI'llseeyalaterNonny!" >... Was that why you liked Dagi's poof so much? >Mistakes may have been made. >You spent the rest of the day worrying about her. >It's not like you knew Adagio that well. >The corruption thing is fun and all, but... >Thinking about it, the only reason you had a crush was the poof. >Talking about Pinkie like that made you realize something. >You didn't have a crush on Adagio. >You had a crush on Pinkie. >Having an evil party queen didn't sound so bad. >It actually sounded pretty appealing. >You pictured Pinkie in a leather suit, beckoning you for the D. >You walked over to Pinkie's lunch table and sat down next to her. >Your classes went by in a flash, you couldn't stop thinking about her. >She fidgeted around and blushed. >You just placed a hand over hers and squeezed it. "Calm down Pinks, it's alright. It's just me, right?" >She let out a nervous laugh, "R-right, just my old pal Nonny..." >She leaned over and whispered into your ear, "Um, wanna hang out later?" >You wrapped your fingers around hers. "Sure thing, Pinkie." >AJ smirked, "What happened with y'all and Rarity?" >You laughed. "Just a misunderstanding. I wanted to repay her for all the clothes she's given me." >Pinkie gave you a gentle punch and pouted, "Could've told me that sooner." "Come on, Rarity is way too high-maintenance for me." >She gave a mirthful giggle, "Good things don't come cheap, darling." >You rolled your eyes, playing along. "Yeah, well I still say Pinkie is better than you." >"We're all entitled to our opinions dear. Personally, I think you two are cute together." "Still, I don't see what's so great about me." >Pinkie smiles, "I'll tell you later, silly." >Rainbow Dash makes a gagging noise, "Yeah yeah, this is cute. Can we just finish eating?" >Applejack shushes her, "Now stop yer whining, sugar. You should be happy for Pinkie!" >"Fantastic, these two get to be all mushy and sweet. Can we talk about the big game now?" >You tuned her out and stared into Pinkie's eyes. >Corrupting her would be the hardest thing you've ever done. >It was the end of the school day and you were walking Pinkie to her locker. >She looked up at you and smiled, "T-thanks for walking with me Anon." >You shrugged. "It was nothing Pinks, anything for you." >She grabbed her backpack and tossed it on. >"It means a lot to me... you've become a lot more dependable, y'know?" >You pulled her into a side hug and walked with her. "Really? I didn't think I changed that much." >"I mean, as a kid you were always hiding behind Maudie with me." "Your big sis is pretty tough, none of the boys wanted to mess with her." >She giggled, "Yeah... do you remember the day you stood up to one of them?" >How could you forget? "Of course I do, Pinkie." >She hums to herself, "Can you tell me the story again? I want to know you remember." "Well, it happened when we were in fifth grade..." >You were a little boy back then. >Pinkie and Maud had been protecting you since second grade. >One day Maud got sick, and the two of you had to go alone. >Flash was a real asshole back then. >You'd say kids were assholes, but Pinkie was innocent. >"Come on, Greenbean! Hit me!" "Aren't they string beans?" >"What? Uh, maybe?" "Gotcha, there are also green beans." >"That's it, you asked for it!" >You covered your face and waited for the strike. >You heard the sound of someone getting punched and a squeal. >You saw Pinkie lying on her butt, starting to cry. "H-hey, st-stop it Flash!" >He shrugged, "Dumb girl got in the way." >You bit your lip and started crying. "D-do you wanna have a bad time?" >He scrunched his face, "Huh?" "C-cause if you don't tell her you're sorry, you're gonna have a bad time!" >He laughed, "Why should I apologize? She got herself hurt!" >You clenched your fists. "Welp, I warned you." >You threw your weight into him and wrestled him to the ground. >You started punching him in the face. "Nobody hurts my friend!" >The orange prick wasn't laughing anymore. >"H-hey come on Anon! I was just joking!" "I guess I'm just joking too!" >You kept beating him. "I wanna see you cry!" >He started sniffling, "B-but I'm a big boy. Big boys don't cry..." >You kicked him between his legs. >He started crying. >You felt powerful... and afraid. >You ran over to Pinkie and helped her up. "H-hey, you okay?" >She nodded, "Nonny, I think we should get the nurse..." "How bad are you hurt?" >"Not me, silly... him." >Flash had curled up into a ball on the ground. >"What was that, Nonny?" "I dunno, I just saw him hit you and I... I lost it." >She started lifting him up, "Come on Nonny, gimme a hand!" >The two of you carried him to the nurse's office. >There was explaining to do, and you were suspended for a week. >Pinkie came over every day to help you catch up on the classes you missed. >The two of you got even closer during that time. >Then she asked you something you only vaguely knew about as a kid. >You were lying on your racecar bed together, watching Shrek. >"Hey Nonny?" "Yeah Pinkie?" >"... Do you think we could get married when we grow up?" >You reached for more popcorn out of the bowl. "Sure, I like spending time with you anyway Pinks!" >She placed her hand over yours in the popcorn. >You just gave each other a smile and cuddled up closer. >Eventually the movie ended and you were falling asleep on her shoulder. "You smell nice, Pinkie..." >She hugged you, "Thanks Nonny." "I like like you Pinkie." >"I like like you too, Nonny." >You'd made it to her house while you were telling the story. >"... I never forgot that promise, Anon." >You gave her a hug. >Maybe after all this was over the two of you could get married after high school. >Right now you had a job to do. >You texted Sonata. "Hey Pinks, do you mind if I have a friend over for Maud?" >"No problem! Who is it?" >You chuckle. "Well, Sonata Dusk kinda wanted your help becoming one of the nice kids." >At least, that was the cover story you were telling Sonata to go by. >"Of course! I love making new friends! After all, even some of the worst people can change!" >Please don't make this any harder than it has to be, Pinkie. >"I mean... look at Flash, he's not as much of a d... a meanie anymore." >Pinkie never did like to swear. You always found it kinda cute. "I guess you're right... wanna head up to your room?" >She bats her eyelashes at you, "My Nonny, so forward of you!" >You blink. "Have you been hanging out with Rarity?" >She gives you a coy smile, "Maaaaybe?" >You pull her closer to you and feel her tense up. >Her heart was beating out of her chest. >Almost literally. >Pinkie was weird like that. >You gave her a peck on the forehead and she turned red. >She took hold of your hand and smiled. >"U-uhm, w-we should go inside." >Pinkie was carefree up until romance. >She forced you to be her wingman for ages. >Though thinking back, it was probably just to get closer to you. >You followed her tentative steps up to her bedroom. >Her room was still as pink as ever. >She locked the door behind you. >"There, now we can be alone. T-together." >You placed a hand on her shoulder. "You don't have to be nervous, I won't judge you. You can be yourself." >She sighs and leans into you, "Thanks Nonny, I needed this." "You needed me?" >She giggles like a little schoolgirl, "That too." >She closes her eyes and smiles, humming a cheery little song. >You could stay like this forever. >Unfortunately, this moment couldn't last. "Hey Pinks, mind taking this to the bed?" >She blushed. "Y'know, so we can cuddle like we used to?" >"O-okay." >You let her lead you over to the bed and lie down. >You wrap your arms around her waist and she nuzzles into your chest. >"This is... comfy." "Yeah..." >It was now or never. "Pinks?" >"Yeah Nonny?" "... I uh, I'm working with the Dazzlings." >You can see her crack a smile. >"Yeah, I kinda figured that." "Then why trust me to be alone with you?" >"Because silly, even the worst people can change if they want to." >She squeezes one of your hands. >"... and you're not a bad guy." "But I was bored." >"You don't have to be bored with me around!" >You fiddled with the pendant in your pocket. "True, but since you're already sexy, imagine being a siren as well." >She blushed, "Aw c'mon, now you're just flattering me!" >You kissed her neck. "You want a release, right? To be yourself?" >She bit her lip, "W-well... yeah." >You planted a trail of kisses up to her cheek. "Whenever you get serious or sad, your friends think it's wrong, right?" >She stays silent. "That you have to be the party girl, isn't that right?" >You can hear the faintest of whispers, "Y-yes..." "There goes Pinkie, what an airhead! Am I right?" >"Mhm..." "I can make it all go away Pinkie." >You pull out the pendant and hold it in front of her face. "You just have to join us." >You could see her eyeballing the ruby. >"And... I get to be with you, right? This isn't a trick?" >You turn her head towards yours and give her a soft kiss. "I said a lot of things to Rarity and Fluttershy, but you?" >You intertwine your fingers with hers. "I was a hundred percent serious." >She thinks about it for a while. >"Alright, I'll do it." >She grabs the pendant and puts it on. >You saw her eyes glow green for a few seconds. >This time you actually witnessed it face-to-face. >She let out a sultry laugh. >"We're definitely gonna have to do some naughty things later, Nonny." >You have one job, boner. >"Mhm, don't get too excited. We still have to deal with Maud." >You had one job, boner. >"So, this is what it feels like to be a siren huh?" >You shrugged. "I guess? I'm not one of them. Yet." >She cooed, "So we can be siren mates together?" >She squished her cheek against yours. "H-hey come on, you're so... soft." >She ran a hand along your thigh and gave you a kiss. >"You certainly aren't soft." >You could feel your face getting hotter as she giggled. "... Shouldn't Sonata have been here by now?" >"Yeah, why? I'm sure she's fine down there with Maud." "Our plan was to trick her into thinking the necklace had a normal rock in it." >Pinkie's eyes dilate, "What." "What do you mean what? I thought it was clever." >"Nonny, she wants to be a geologist. That won't work on her!" "I thought she just had a rock fetish?" >"I don't know, maybe? That's not the point!" >You hear a banging on the door. >"Pinkie, open up." >Oh fuck. >You're about to have a bad time. "Listen, you're going to have to get the pendant from Sonata, I'll try to distract her." >She nods, and pulls you in for another kiss. >"For good luck." >Sonata crashes through the doorway. >"I might have suggested she use me as a battering ram." >You rushed over to her. "You okay? Aw man, Aria is gonna kill me!" >Sonata giggles, "I'll be fine Nonny, I'm just gonna take a quick rest." >She went back first, so you're pretty sure she didn't have a concussion. >Though she would be sore in the morning. >Maud walked into the room and noticed the necklace on Pinkie. >"You dirty sister stealer." >You tried to play it off with a laugh. "Come on, what are you talking about?" >She gives you a glare that sends shivers down your spine. >"That necklace matches those the Dazzlings wear." >She cracks her knuckles, "I'm no expert on the supernatural, however..." >Socking you in the jaw, she continues on with her speech. >"This may explain why Fluttershy and Rarity have been acting strange." >She picks you up off of the ground, "Plus, you have an erection." >The way she deadpanned all of that unnerved you a little. "Don't suppose we could settle this over a glass of milk?" >Her face scrunches up into an expression of anger. >"No." >She punches you right in the stomach and lifts you over her head. >You let out a little chuckle. "Oh right, you lift don't you?" >"I'm at two hundred and thirty pounds right now." >She tightens her grip, "I could snap you like a twig." >It was getting hard to breathe. >Suddenly, she loses her grip. >She looks down to see the pendant around her neck. >"P-Pinkie?" >It takes a moment before her eyes start glowing green. >"W-why?" >Pinkie wraps her big sister up in a hug. >"So we can stay a family, silly!" >Finally, Maud gives in to the power of the gem. >You see her crack the tiniest of smiles. >"This feels good, really good. Hey Pinkie, mind if I try something on Anon?" >Pinkie raises an eyebrow, "Sure?" >Maud pulls you into a kiss. >Felt rougher than Pinkie, but... not bad. >"Hmm, interesting taste. Take care of my sister, or else." "Why did you-" >"I wanted to see if I could put you under a spell." "The only spell I'm under is Pinkie's!" >"Interesting, can only one siren control someone at a given time?" "N-no, I just love her is all." >"... Well, that's boring." >You picked Sonata up on the floor and carried her in your arms. "Come on, we should get her back to their place." >You realized your bike wouldn't be able to balance the two of you. >And three people would be too much. "Maud, can you drive?" >"Yes, I can. Need a lift?" >You nodded. "That'd be helpful, thanks." >Maud found the car keys and you all went to the garage. "Their house is a few blocks down. Small town and all." >You gently laid Sonata into the backseat and sat down beside her. >Pinkie was right there beside you as well. >The ride was a lot quieter than you expected it would be. >Pinkie sidled up to you and rested her head on your shoulder. >"Love you Nonny." >You wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Love you too, Pinks." >Sonata started to wake up. >"Mmm, how'd we do Anon?" >You gave her a pat on the head. "You did great, Sonata." >She at least kept Maud busy long enough for you to work your magic. >You had to give her credit where credit was due. >She smiles, "Thanks, I tried my best!" >Maud pulled up to the building. >You helped Sonata up and let her lean on you. >Pinkie linked her elbow up with your other arm. >Maud knocked on the door. >You found Dagi eagerly awaiting your arrival. >"I see you brought us two new friendsssss..." >She trails off after seeing Pinkie so close to you. >"I don't care as long as he gets to cuddle me." >Pinkie bats her eyes and smiles, "I can join too, if you want me to." >Dagi's eye twitches, "I think I'm fine, thank you." >The poof stares up at you, "Congratulations." "For what?" >"You've been promoted from slave to servant." >What a joy. >You let her take Sonata off your hands. >"How badly was she hurt?" "Eh, she'll be sore in the morning but I think she'll live." >You see a look of concern on cheese puff's face. >"Should've sent Aria with you instead." >You would've ruffled her hair, but you weren't stupid. "She kept Maud busy for quite a while, at any rate." >Dagi smiles, "Is that so? Hmm, come on Sonata, let's get you a blanky." >Sonata give her a hug, "Can you read me a bedtime story tonight Dagi?" >"Of course I can, sis." >"Thanks... I like it when you call me sis." >The two of them walked off into their room. >"Don't mention it... seriously, don't. Ria wouldn't let me live it down." >Maud tapped her chin, "I'll go check out the place. You two have fun." >Pinkie rocked back and forth on her heels. >You sighed. "Yes, we can go cuddle on the couch." >She gave you a big grin and you started chuckling. >You walked over and crashed on the couch. >She hopped into your arms and cuddled you. >She hadn't really changed that much it seemed. >At least, not towards you. >You stroked her hair. "This day has been perfect, it's the kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small." >You hear Aria snickering. >"Hey loser, you get to team up with me tomorrow." >You give her a thumbs up. "I'm sure it'll be great." >"Oh, and uh... thanks for making sure Sonata was okay." >She leans against the wall, "She told me not to blame you for her being dumb." >"I might make fun of her, but nobody hurts our Sonata." "It was nothing, I'm sure you'd do the same for me." >She cracks a smile, "You put a lot of trust in me... thanks, you ain't so bad I guess." >She leaves you and Pinkie alone. >Pinkie gives you a smooch as the events of the day catch up to you. >"Good night, Nonny." "Night, Pinks." >You felt her head resting against your chest as you drifted off to sleep. >You fluttered your eyes open and gave Pinkie's forehead a kiss. "Hey there, sleeping beauty." >She yawned, "Morning Nonny." >You rubbed her back. "We have to get to school, but I really don't wanna get up with you on top of me." >"It's Thursday, soon enough you'll have me all to yourself!" >You unf'd externally. >She hugged your face with her breasts. "Phnke pleesh, cmmn't brrrthe!" >She lets go of you, "Whoops, sorry! Lemme give you some oxygen!" >She pulls you in for a kiss and you feel her breath fill your mouth. >The kiss ends with a wet smooch and a pop. >She looks at you through half-lidded eyes, "There, all better?" >You nodded furiously. >After going through the morning routine you set off to school with Pinks. >You held her hand as you walked. >She swung the both of your arms back and forth gently. >"I can't believe we're a couple now, like lovers!" >She leans into you, "Bet you want to do all sorts of things with me, huh?" >You can feel your face getting hotter than it ever has. >Except that one time at summer camp. >The sun was too fucking bright that day. "Y-yeah, like holding your hand and cuddling you." >She stands up on her tippy toes and whispers into your ear while blushing. >"That's super lewd, Nonny. I like it." >She gave you a peck on the cheek and wrapped her arm around yours. >You put your other hand over hers and smiled. "Anything for you dear." >You met up with Rarity, Fluttershy and Maud. "Hey guys, what's up?" >Maud gives you a small smile, "We were making rock necklaces, would you like one?" >You shrugged. "Sure, why not?" >You lower your head for her to put one of them on. >"There! I think it looks good on you." >You looked like a dork, but you couldn't turn down her enthusiasm. >You saw Rarity and Fluttershy snickering and just rolled your eyes. "You guys are just mad you can't pull this look off." >You struck a pose that would work better with a team. >Pinkie gave you some backup though. >Fluttershy didn't care too much, but you gave Rarity some pause. >"I can so pull it off!" "Prove it." >She put on one of the necklaces and frowned. >"I look absolutely ridiculous! Still, I must prove you wrong!" >She marched off in a huff. >"What's gotten her britches in a knot?" >Your heart almost jumped out of your chest. "When did you get here, AJ?!" >"Maybe if y'all weren't too busy looking at Pinkie you'd have noticed me." >"Tch, as if! He'd notice me before you! I'm awesome, after all." >Skittles wasn't too far behind. "I dunno, you're pretty small. Kinda like a chihuahua." >You can see AJ cracking a smile. >"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!" "Let's see, you're tiny, loud, and constantly want attention." >"Why I oughta-" >AJ is trying really hard not to laugh at this point while pulling Dash back. >"Simmer down, sugar. He's just teasin' ya, that's all." >Dash folds her arms, grumbling to herself. >"I see y'all tied the knot with Pinkie, that's good ta hear!" "Well, we aren't married yet but y'know, after we graduate and everything..." >You nuzzled Pinkie. >"Bleh, I could choke on how sweet you two are." >AJ pulled Dash into a hug, "Stop being such a downer Dash." >This really set her off, "H-hey! Stop it! I told you not to hug me like this!" >"Big girls can be emotional too, sugar." >"Nuh-uh, I don't care about all this gushy stuff!" >AJ pats her on the head, "Sure ya don't." >There's an awkward silence for a while. >"... Can you rub my hair?" >"Of course, sugarcube." >"A-and m-maybe give me another hug?" "Is it group hug time?" >She shot you a glare. >AJ had bigger balls than you to do that shit. >"That never happened, and if anyone asks I'll say you're lying." >AJ raises an eyebrow, "Me, a liar? Like anyone would believe that." >"Sh-shut up!" "So, are you two like, dating or something?" >Dash's face lights up, "W-WHAT?! N-NO!" >"Why'd you think that, sugar?" >You had so many jokes to make but you bit your tongue. "No reason." >AJ just looks puzzled, but Dash was looking at the ground. >"AJ just gives good hugs, y'know? It's not like that I swear!" >You shrugged. "Whatever, doesn't matter to me." >"W-well good! 'Cause it shouldn't!" >"It's alright sugar, we get the point." >"I'm glad you do, because I definitely don't want to eat you out or anything!" "Mhm." >"I'm serious! Kissing AJ is like, the last thing I want to do!" >"Yep." >"And don't even get me started on hand-holding! Can't stand it!" >Pinkie rubs her chin, "Hey Anon, how would you put this?" >Dash growls a little, "Put what?!" >"Dashie, do you wanna have sex with Applejack?" >She runs off into the school. >"Uh, is she gonna be alright?" "I think she's gonna be fine, AJ. Looks like you got your work cut out for you." >"Why's that?" >She really was clueless. "You're a big girl, you can figure it out." >"I don't get it, what's the big deal?" >Fluttershy giggled, "Don't worry about it, she's just being Dash." >AJ just realized what Pinkie said, "Wait a sec, what'd you say Pinkie?!" >Maud had slinked off while this was going on. >She was the smart one. >"It seemed like she really wanted to get into your pants." >AJ gets huffy, "Well I never! This ain't Brokeback Mountain, Pinkie!" >"Well of course it isn't, neither of you are boys!" >She scratches her head, "At least, I'm pretty sure Dashie isn't a boy." >AJ starts to blush, "I know she ain't a boy, I've seen her lady bits!" >"Wow, you two work fast!" >"I mean in the locker room, darn it!" >"In public too?! Have you no shame, AJ?" >AJ storms off as well. >You shot Pinkie a smirk. "Heh, got 'em. Got 'em good." >She hums a little tune, "Well, I guess it's time for class." >You give each other a peck on the lips and see her off. >"Hey, what's up dork?" >You turned and smiled to Aria. "Oh y'know, stuff." >She chuckled, "Eh, I got nothin' against all that mushy stuff." >She bites her lip, "I guess it's kinda cute." "So, how are we dealing with the muscleheads?" >"I imagine we go in with speeches and bribes." "And if that doesn't work?" >"We threaten them and beat them up, then slap a couple of pendants on 'em." >You couldn't really argue with that. >Someone decided to bump into your shoulder. >"How's it going, string bean?" >Flash. "What the fuck is your problem now, you whiny little bitch?" >You see his nice guy smile falter for just a second as he looks to Aria. >"I dunno what you're talking about, sorry for bumping into you bro." >He walks off into the school. "He's gonna have a bad time." >Aria places a hand on your shoulder. >She was probably worried you'd run off after him. >"Don't worry, he'll get his." >You nodded. >You'd been waiting over a year for another shot at him. >You walked through the front doors with Aria and chatted about colorful horses. >The both of you kept it in hushed tones. >More for Aria's sake, since you were already seen as a dork. >"... and then Princess Fluffybottom stopped the evil overlord!" "Why do you like Fluffybottom so much?" >She blushed, "She uh... kinda reminds me of Sonata a little." "I thought Sonata was an idiot?" >"I dunno, sometimes she is. Other times she's some sort of idiot savant." "How so?" >She shrugged, "Like that time she made an entire taco dinner for us in like an hour." >You saw a smile grow on Aria's face, "Best darn tacos I ever had." >"Or that time that she helped us put on our make-up for the Battle of the Bands." "I would've figured Adagio did that." >"Right? Turns out Sonata is really good at... being pretty." >She looked at her muscles and frowned. >You knew what she was thinking and gave her a hug. "Come on now, you might have all those muscles but you're still one of the prettiest girls I know." >She cracks a grin, "You mean it?" "Of course. I mean, none of you can compete with Pinkie but that's cool." >She gives your shoulder a light punch, "Dork... you're really hooked on her huh?" >You nodded. >She shrugged, "Hey whatever man, that's your business. I'm totally cool with it." >"I just feel like I have a lot to compete with, y'know?" "Don't forget, you have the best ass out of your trio." >She smacks your cheek, "Sh-shut up man... but thanks for that." >You see her shake her head and sigh, "I gotta get to class. The teacher already hates me enough." >You give her a wave and head off to gym class. >You had the misfortune of being in the same class as Rainbow Dash and Applejack. >Rainbow Dash was the captain of every team in the school. >Applejack was Applejack. She had a farmer's strength. >You always hoped they'd be put on opposite teams. >Whenever they had the choice though, they'd always compete together. >Your fatass gym teacher made you all do the daily warm-ups. >You were blessed with the gift of dodgeball today. >You were also picked to be a team captain by sheer luck. >So was that really quiet DJ girl; she seemed nice enough to hang out with. >Figuring Dash would try to sabotage you even if it meant giving up her pride, you picked AJ. >Vinyl Scratch obviously picked Dash. >"Y'all don't gotta worry about Dash. I'll take care of her." "Thanks, the less I gotta worry about the better." >You pointed towards that yellow girl who helps Photo Finish. "Uh, Pixel Pizazz?" >She looks side to side, not sure if she heard you right. "Yeah, you. Come on." >She shrugs and skips over to your side. >Vinyl picked dreadlocks; he was a big dude. >You motioned for Big Mac to join you. >He gave AJ a high-five. >Vinyl gave that Octavia girl finger guns. >She rolled her eyes, "Very well, if we must." >The DJ poked her friend in the side and held her hand out for a fist bump. >You noticed a tiny smile on Octavia's face. >Musicians are kinda weird sometimes. >You waved Derpy over. >"Y'all sure about her sugarcube?" "Positive." >You could see Dash snickering in the corner of your vision. >Fuck 'em. You knew what you were doing. >You've seen the destruction she can cause. >You also know she makes a good goalie, so catching balls wouldn't be an issue. >Vinyl reluctantly motioned for Flash Sentry. >He was good, but he still had an arrogant streak in him. >You motioned for the guy with the long orange hair with bangs over his eyes. "Yo Valhalla, over here pal." >Vinyl waved to Bulk Biceps. >That's fine by you, she can have the walking target. >You were getting ready to point towards Scootaloo just to spite Dash. >She'd been replaced with Pinkie. "When did you get here Pinkie?" >"Scootaloo felt sick." >That was a lie, but you motioned for her to join you anyway. >The gym teacher didn't really give a shit. >Vinyl welcomed Trixie onto her team with a hug. >The match was set, it was time to dunk some fools. >Getting the ball away from Vinyl in the initial toss-up wasn't too hard. >Though it was only a matter of time before your gym teacher threw another ball or two in. >You dribbled the ball a little and passed it to AJ, who promptly nailed Bulk. >Flash slid over to the ball and tried to hit you, but you dodged away in time for it to slam into Pixel. >You'd hoped with all the posing she does that her flexibility would help. >Big Mac threw the ball at such a speed even Dash couldn't protect Flash. >You were hoping you'd be the one to knock him the fuck out, but that worked just as well. >Dreadlocks tried to avenge Flash, but Derpy intercepted the ball. >While they were caught off guard by her competence, she nailed Octavia. >The gym teacher decided it was time to introduce a couple more balls. >Trixie and Vinyl double-teamed Valhalla and Dash knocked out Big Mac. >AJ knocked out Trixie while Pinkie handled Vinyl. >Dash finally got to Derpy, and then knocked out AJ while she wasn't paying attention. >Pinkie threw two balls at Dash which she effortlessly dodged. >"Gonna have to try harder than that, Pinks!" >She got ready for a fast ball. >You dashed in front of Pinkie and punched the ball away. >You could've caught it, but that wouldn't have been as satisfying. >Your gym teacher had that weird rule where punching a ball counts as blocking it. >It almost hit Dash on the rebound, but she slapped it away. >Dash slung a ball into your face as hard as she could. >You took a deep breath and bit your lip, keeping your eyes on the ball. >It landed in your hands and you looked towards Dash with a teary-eyed smirk. "Looks like you lose, half-pint." >That got her steamed, but she held her tongue in front of the class. >You went into the locker room to change. >And you whined like a bitch. "Shit that fucking hurt! Argh, the hell was she doing?!" >You slipped on your shoes and stepped outside for Pinkie to hug you. >"Ohmygosh are you alright?! Sorry I couldn't have been more useful..." >You stroked her hair. "It's fine, I'm just glad you weren't hurt." >Dash walked by, scoffing at you. "Who pissed in your cereal today?" >"Seriously, what the FUCK Dashie?!" >Dash didn't care about what you said, but Pinkie swearing caused her to reel back. >"Y-you've been hanging out with him too much..." >"What, don't like my potty mouth? Seems like that's the only way to get your attention!" >She rubbed her arm, "F-fine, I guess I'm... a little jealous." "That I'm in a relationship and you aren't?" >She got ready to punch you before Pinkie stood in front of her and shook her head. >"N-no, I'm a little jealous that one of my best friends isn't hanging out with me as much anymore." "Dash it has been like not even a week." >"Yeah, but she clearly likes you more than me." "You're not wrong, but I don't think she's just gonna leave you behind like that." >She kicks her shoe against the floor and sighs. >"Just... don't hurt her, alright? I mean it, 'cause I'll find you and beat the crap outta you!" "Wouldn't dream of it." >Blocking a punch from Dash was like getting stung by a wasp, you needed to do this peacefully. >You extended your arms for a hug. >She rolled her eyes and gave you a hug. >You tightened your grip on her. "Grab the pendant out of my pocket, Pinks." >Dash tried to struggle, but by the time she broke free Pinkie had already put an amulet on her. >You started smiling as you watched the corruption process. >It was a little sexy. >This time however, was less sexy. >Dash's eyes flashed green erratically and she clutched at her throat. >"P-Piiiiiiinkie-" >She could barely choke out her friend's name. >You came up with a theory. "The more you struggle, the more it will hurt. Give in to it Dash. You'll be with your friends again." >"The others will stop you!" >You laughed. "Who, AJ and Sunset?" >Dash's eyes dilated, "N-no, you're bluffing!" "I'm afraid not, you see while you were busy ogling AJ's breasts..." >She growled at you. "I was busy getting shit done." >"But why?! We've never done anything to you! Pinkie's your best friend and your girlfriend now!" "Yeah but the Dazzlings gave me an offer and I was bored. Plus I get a free place to crash." >"Too bad, 'cause I asked AJ to walk home with me today! Once she sees I'm missing, she'll-" >"Get beaten up by me." >Aria came in holding AJ with one hand. >Aria herself was battered all over with some scratch marks here and there. >You tossed her an amulet and she put it on the weakened AJ. >She didn't offer much resistance to the pendant's enchantment. >Dash stumbled over to AJ, whose eyes were pulsating a brighter shade of green. >"N-no... y-you can't... do this..." "We already have. Sunset's all that's left, and then? Well, then we take care of Twilight!" >Dash bit her lip and pounded the floor, "D-darn it... I failed you guys..." >She finally gave into the gem and collapsed. >You motioned for Pinkie to help you carry her. "Damn Aria, the hell happened to you?" >"Got tired of waiting so I just beat her up while she was on her way here." "I guess we can say we found them like this and take them 'home' right?" >Aria smiles, "Magic powers, remember? I ain't got much, but I think I can get us out of this." >The three of you carried AJ and Dash out to the front doors. >The audacity of it was great enough to make it work. "Move aside fellow students, gotta get these two home." >Nobody questioned you, they just figured you were helping out. >Well, you were helping someone out. >Aria was lugging AJ along. "Hey Pinks, you should go help Aria. I got Dash." >She had a lot of muscle, but she was still pretty lightweight. >"Alright, just holler if you need me!" >You carried Dash over to Aria's car and set her down in the backseat, buckling her up. >Aria and Pinkie set AJ down on the opposite side and buckled her up as well. >"Alright Beanpole, you get to babysit these two while Pinkie rides shotgun with me." >You shrugged and took the middle seat. "They're knocked out, how hard can it be?" >"Remember Nonny, it's just half an hour or so! Don't worry, you'll be fine!" >You texted the other girls to cover for you in case anybody asked where you went. >"So Ria, how did you beat AJ?" >You could see a bit of a smirk on her face. >"Let's just say a few chairs were broken and I might've slammed her through a table." >"Wowie! You're pretty strong! You might even be able to beat my Nonny!" >You bit your lip and motioned for her to stop. >"Pffthahaha, yeah right. I'm not even gonna humor you on that one." >Pinkie shrugged, "Eh, you're probably right. I just like Nonny." >You let out a sigh of relief. >AJ started to wake up, "I feel like I just got bucked off of a bull." "Don't worry, you didn't sleep with Dash yet." >You chuckled, but she looked around trying to find Dash. >"Oh, there she is. I was a little worried for a second. What with y'all teasin' her." >She smiles and bites her lip, "That's my job, y'hear?" >You just rolled with it. "Yeah, of course. She is the apple of your eye." >She tried to scowl at you, but she ended up giggling anyway. >Dash decided this was a good time to wake up as well. >"Ugh, what happened back there? Where's AJ?!" >You placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, your girlfriend's right here." >Dash blushes, "She's not my girlfriend, I just really like hanging out with her okay?" >You thought of how to say this. "You two are closer than a couple of rattlesnakes in a snowstorm." >Pinkie started giggling and doing that cute little snort of hers. >Dash pouted, "It's not like that! She's just a best friend I wanna hang out with all the time!" >"Uh, sugar? It sounds an awful lot like you wanna date me." >"Who wouldn't wanna date you? You're pretty, strong, nice, cool..." >You tuned out Dash being a dork until AJ's hand reached across and held hers. >"It's alright, we can take this one step at a time. Truth is, I kinda like you too." "I kinda figured that wasn't just a big sister act earlier." >AJ poked you with her elbow and you shut up. >"You're like the one person as awesome as I am, and I have fun working out with you." >"I gotta admit, yer pretty cute when you get all passionate about stuff." >Aria stopped the car, "We're here, if you want us to leave you alone in the back of the car..." >AJ and Dash blushed, getting out of the car as quickly as possible. >You shrugged and slid out of the car. "Just kiss already or do something! Jeez, it's like you've never even held hands before!" >You turned to Pinkie and winked, she bit her lip and gave you bedroom eyes. "Well, is it hot in here or is it just me?" >Aria folded her arms, "We're outside, dork." "Right! I uh, gotta go use the bathroom!" >You rushed past Adagio. "Hey guess we're gonna take on Sunset tomorrow that's nice, I'll talk to you in a bit!" >You were looking forward to what might happen tonight. >You ended up giving Pinkie a massage in the guest bedroom. >You weren't complaining. >"Mmm, thanks Nonny, I really needed this." "No problem sweetie, anything for you." >You wrapped your arms around her and draped yourself over her back. >You showered her with kisses and snuggled her. >"Why're you so cuddly tonight, Nonny?" >You laid your head on top of her hair. "Because soon I'll get to be a siren with you dearie." >"You've still gotta deal with Twilight, remember?" "Oh I'm not worried about her, I have a plan for her. It's Sunset I'm worried about." >You looked in your bag at the last three pendants. "Hey Pinks, can I see your cellphone for a minute?" >She reaches over into her bag and fishes it out, handing it to you. >"Sure thing Nonny, but why do you need my phone?" "I don't actually have Sunset's number." >You went down her contacts list. >She put your name in as Snuggly Bear. >Finally, you found Sunset's number and called her. >"Hey Pinkie, you alright? It's kinda late for a phone call isn't it?" "Hey Sunset, I didn't have your number so Pinkie let me borrow her phone." >"Oh! Hey Anon, what's up? I haven't talked to you in ages, how've you been?" "I've been just fine, I'm sitting here in bed with Pinkie Pie and-" >"Did you call me up to tell me you had sex with one of my best friends?" "What? No, I just gave her a massage. I actually needed your help with a problem." >You could hear her clear her throat. >"R-right! So, what do you need?" "I needed some help with Flash, and I figured you'd know how to handle him." >"I could call him up and we can get together to sort this out if you want?" >You almost stopped her, but you had an idea. >A devious idea, one that would kill two birds with one stone. "Sure thing Sunset, wanna meet in the park in the morning?" >"Of course! Seeya later Anon!" "Later." >You handed Pinkie's phone back to her. >Pinkie hopped on top of you and made herself cozy. >"You know I'm coming with you two tomorrow right?" "Mhm." >"Just wanted to make sure." >She plants a kiss on your cheek. >You copped a feel of her breasts. >You could feel her shudder under your touch. >She let out a cute little squeal, "I didn't know you wanted to massage those." >She batted her eyes and leaned in with a half-lidded gaze. >"I can give you a massage if you want, Nonny." >Despite all your confidence from helping the Dazzlings, you were still a dork. >At least when it came to Pinkie Pie. "Y-yeahuh." >She let out a soft chuckle, "Don't be nervous, it's just little ol' me, Nonny." >She pecked your lips, and proceeded to probe your mouth with her tongue. >She took your hands in hers and you melted into her grasp. >You let the puffball of pink envelope you with her love. >You could feel her sweetness all over your body. >You could even smell it. >Your chests connected and your heart was, quite literally, laid bare to her. >"Your heart is beating as fast as mine, Nonny." >You looked into her sky blue eyes and smiled. "S-so, um... you wanna, y'know?" >"Do I want you to heat up my oven? Of course I do, Nonny." >She pulled out a condom from the drawer and slid off her panties. >The time had come, and you were about to as well. >You bathed in the afterglow, with your arms wrapped around Pinkie. >You'd cradled her nearly to sleep before she smiled and looked up at you. >"Thanks Nonny, for everything." "I still can't believe you joined us willingly." >"I just needed a little push in the right direction." >You stroked her hair, it was still hard to believe how soft it was. >She nuzzled your chest and sighed. "Comfy?" >"Mhmm." >You intertwined your legs with hers, giving her forehead a peck. >"I can definitely get used to this, being with you I mean." "Yeah, same here. You aren't just a lover, you're a friend." >"A very cuddly and snuggly friend." "Still a friend though." >"One you can make out with." "Oh hush, you know what I mean." >She giggled and started dozing off to sleep. >"I feel like I don't say it enough, but I love you Nonny..." >She scooched over closer to you. "I know Pinks, I love you too." >She hummed a lullaby as the two of you drifted off to sleep. >The faint smell of vanilla followed you to your dreams. >You awoke to a fluffy pink head of hair. >She was resting her head alongside your chest and letting out little snores. >You pulled her closer to you and gave her a hug. >She fluttered her eyes open and smiled at you. >"Morning my snuggly bear." "Morning sugartits." >She giggled, "I'd love to help you wake up, but we should get to the park." >You rolled out of bed and she hopped into your arms. >She wrapped hers around your neck and gave you a smooch. >You carried her into the bathroom and set her down in the bathtub. >You got in next to her and turned on the shower. >She slicked her hair back so it wouldn't get in her face. >You leaned in and rubbed noses with her and gave her a peck on the lips. >"Y'know, these shower curtains are pretty dark. Plenty of privacy..." >She runs a finger along your chest before pulling it back and licking it. >You lean in and kiss her neck. "Guess we can pull off a quickie, right?" >You planted kisses along her breasts and started sucking her nipples. >Before long she was fingering herself and biting her lip. >She tried to talk dirty through pants and moans. >"Ah! N-Nonny, I didn't realize you liked milk so much!" >One of these days milk would come out of these things. >Not today though. >She let out a grunt and sighed. "Well come on, don't blueball me." >She placed a jizz-covered hand over her mouth and giggled. >"Turn around and let me take care of you then, sweetie." >You pressed your back up against her breasts and leaned into her soft kisses. >She started stroking your cock as well as your ego with sweet talk. >"You're my one and only darling, as Rarity would put it." >She kept pouring on the compliments until you finally came. >You watched your bodily secretions spiral down the drain and leaned into her hug. "I've never gotten that dirty while getting clean before." >"Me neither, but I had fun doing it!" >After relaxing in the shower for a bit the two of you decided to get out. >You helped each other dry off and wrapped a towel around her waist. >You pulled her up against your chest and leaned down to kiss her forehead. >The two of you started putting your clothes on. >She put on her blue bra and panties and wanted to wear one of your shirts. >You then realized that she didn't bring any extra pants. "No big deal, we can ask one of the girls for a pair of jeans or something." >You decided to go to the Dazzlings' room first. >You ran into AJ and Dash on the way there. "Morning guys, sleep well?" >Dash was trying her best to whistle and was failing at it. >AJ nodded her head, "Sure did sugarcube! Though, we heard the two of you goin' at it." "Great, so do either of you have a pair of jeans Pinkie can borrow?" >"Uh, Anon?" "Yes Dash?" >"You brought us here right after school. During it, actually." "Oh yeah, well don't worry I'm sure someone has some pants." >You continued with your original plan and went into the Dazzlings' bedroom. "You guys got any pants?" >You caused Aria to screw up one of her nails. "Whoops, sorry I didn't realize you were doing your nails, I-" >"Five seconds." "Pinkie needs a pair of pants." >She set the brush down and opened the closet. >She threw a pair of jeans at you. >"Go. Now." >You went back to the guest room and watched Pinkie put them on. >Turns out she looks good in jeans. "Wow, you got a nice ass." >She slapped your shoulder and laughed, pinning you down with a hug. >"Hey Nonny, guess what?" "W-what is it Pinks?" >She started playing footsies. >"You're pretty cute." "Th-thanks." >She gave you a quick smooch and bounced off of you. >"We should get to the park though!" >She practically dragged you off with her. "What about breakfast?" >"We can have a brunch date later!" >It wasn't long before Adagio caught up to you on your bike. >"You didn't forget to bring me along, did you?" "No, but Pinkie is a bit... enthusiastic." >"I can see that, she reminds me of Sonata when we first arrived." >You got Pinkie to slow down and Dagi hopped off the bike. >"Aria and I were incensed beyond belief, but Sonata..." >You could see a faint smile form on her lips. >"Sonata was always hopeful, she kept us together even if Aria will never admit it." >She sighed and started chuckling, "I've never seen someone as hopeful as her." >"She could always find something positive to lift our spirits, even Aria's." "Huh, I'd never have guessed with the way she acts around Sonata." >"Yeah, well we weren't expecting that nitwit to keep us going either." "So that's why she's with you guys?" >She nodded, "Mhm, she's the best little sister I could've asked for." "What's Aria's deal?" >"Truthfully, I'm not sure. Perhaps she feels it's her duty to protect us." "She's certainly got that down pretty well." >"Yes I suppose she does. So, what's so special about this Pinkie Pie?" "Well, I already told you about how I've known her since I was a kid and the other stuff." >"That doesn't mean I get it." "She's... a special friend. I've always felt my best around her." >Pinkie blushes and waves her hand, "Aw shucks Nonny." "Pinkie's always kept me motivated and happy, I guess I wanted to do the same for her." >She links her elbow with yours and nuzzles your shoulder. >"You humans are a strange lot... but I suppose I enjoy strange." >You notice you're almost at the meeting spot. "Dagi, you should hide in one of those bushes." >"And get leaves in my hair?!" "Do you want revenge or not?" >You held out a pendant to her. >"Fine, just keep her busy for me." >You were getting a little antsy waiting for Sunset to show up. >Pinkie gave your hand a squeeze, "It'll be alright, Nonny." >You gave her a smile and nodded. "Yeah, Dagi can slip it on her and everything'll be fine." >Sunset pulled up in a familiar car and stepped out with Flash. >"Hey Anon! Hope we didn't keep you waiting too long!" >She ran over and gave the two of you a hug. >She stepped back and smiled, "You and Pinkie are so cute together!" >Flash strolled up, trying to look like a tough guy with his hands in his pockets. >"Whatever, I still think he's a jerk." >"Come on Flash, what happened in the past is not what matters today." >He sighs, "I still think coming here was a bad idea. It doesn't feel right." >Sunset raises an eyebrow, "What'dya mean?" >"I mean think about it, why's he suddenly getting along with all your friends?" >"Uh, because he's dating Pinkie now?" >He shoots her a glare, "Don't remind me of what you did before." >She blushes, "Oops, sorry about that. Didn't mean to bring that up." >You cleared your throat. "Can you guys not do the whole ex thing in front of us?" >Sunset laughs, "He's right, we shouldn't be having this argument here Flash." >"Right, sorry about that br- ugh what am I saying? You aren't my bro." >Dagi was right behind Sunset now. "Y'know, that's alright Flash." >"Look man... wait, it is?" "Of course! Because if we aren't friends..." >Dagi slips the pendant around Sunset. "It means I can give you a bad time." >Sunset started struggling against the necklace. >Flash tried to help her but you blocked his path. "You know it's very rude to ignore someone while they're talking to you." >You smacked a punch away and busted his nose with a swift jab. >You jammed your knee into his crotch and pushed him over. >He started to get up and you stomped him back down. "Didn't I warn you, Flash? I told you that you were going to have a bad time!" >You kept beating him while he was down. >He finally managed to throw you off of him and stood up. >He charged at you and you threw all of your weight into him, knocking him on his ass. "You're a big guy Flash, but I'm bigger." >He was panting pretty hard, "I won't let you get away with this." "That's where you're wrong, because you made one huge mistake." >He was gritting his teeth at you. "You decided to push me until I finally snapped." >"That was in the past dude!" "Hmm, interesting that you're listening to Sunset's advice now, isn't it?" >You kicked him in the gut. "I hoped you would put up more of a fight. This is boring." >You caught a bright flash of light out of the corner of your eye. >"In that case, allow me to entertain you." >You turned to see Sunset surrounded by some sort of fire magic. "What? What about the pendant?!" >"It's not gonna affect me as long as I've still got my magic protecting me." >You hadn't planned for this. >She turned to Dagi, "This isn't just about humans anymore, is it?" >"If I don't stop you now, you're going to keep going until you get to the ponies, right?" >She turned and glared at you, "Well I won't let you hurt my friends." >Flash had fainted at this point. >Sunset stepped up to you and frowned, "If you wanna take me down..." >Her eyes lit up with a magic aura, "You're gonna have to try a little harder than that!" >Sunset jumped into the air and swept her leg across your face. >You were sent twirling into the ground. >She picked you up, slapping you a few times before throwing you into a tree. >"Why are you helping them? Don't you know what they're going to do to everyone?!" "Eh, world domination isn't all that bad. At least they aren't trying to destroy the world." >She bit her lip in frustration, "How could you do that to Pinkie?" >You chuckled and stood up. "Do what? Give her more respect than you guys ever did?" >Her eye twitches just a little bit, "You take that back." >She throws a fireball at you, "TAKE IT BACK!" >You just barely roll out of the way in time. "I suppose I forgot to mention she joined willingly!" >"YOU'RE LYING!" >She grows a pair of wings and tackles you. >You keep laughing as you avoid her punches and throw her off of you. "I know you're probably expecting a villain speech, but you're not getting one." >She stops for a moment, "Really? Even I had one of those..." >You dust yourself off. "Do I look stupid?" >She stares at you and smirks. "... Cheeky bitch, aren't you? It's gonna make winning even better." >She dashes over to you and slams her knee into your gut. >You were sent hurtling towards Adagio and Pinkie. >They managed to catch you in time and set you down. >You were having a difficult time keeping up the bravado. "Seriously Dagi, what's the plan?" >She nervously bit her lip, "I... I don't know." >For the first time since you met her you saw fear in her eyes. >You got back up and marched over to Sunset. "Y-you can't keep this up forever, eventually you'll run out of magic!" >"Maybe so, but I can stop you before that happens." >She smacks you back down to the ground. >You see her walking towards Dagi as you lie there. >You manage to pull yourself back up with sheer determination. >You stop Sunset from getting to Adagio. "Don't... you dare... count me out." >You're clinging on with willpower. >You toss a punch and she effortlessly smacks it away. >"You can barely stand, just STOP fighting!" >You spit towards her. "Nah, I'll bleed on you 'til you give up if I have to." >She looks increasingly confused by your actions. >"Why go to all this trouble to help them?" "None of your business." >She turns her back to you and keeps walking. >You reach out and grab her by the collar of her jacket. "I won't let you." >She breaks out of your grasp easily. >"Please, I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to." "You'll be doing a lot worse if you hurt them." >She starts to turn around again. "Fuck you." >You grab her in a hold, using what energy you have to slow her down. >She breaks loose and you fall to the ground again. >You look towards the girls and Adagio is starting to cry. >"Don't hurt him!" >Sunset raises an eyebrow, "I'm surprised you care." >Adagio looks as though she had a realization. >You see Pinkie getting pissed off. >Pinkie stands up, "I'll stop her." >She runs towards Sunset before you can tell her to stop. >Everything goes into slow motion. >You remember Flash smacking Pinkie all those years ago. >You think about why you're here right now. >You realize Pinkie's about to get hurt again. >You know you have to get up. >The adrenaline numbs your pain and you rise to your feet. "No, not this time." >Sunset has tears in her eyes. >"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this." >She pulls back her fist as Pinkie approaches. >You take the full force of the punch on your chest. >You flinch as your head hangs low. "You're not a hero, and you're not going to hurt her." >You raise your gaze to meet hers and scowl. >You can feel your rage boiling. >You take all of the adrenaline and let loose on Sunset. >You start beating her back with all your might. "I'm so sick of Pinkie getting hurt trying to protect me!" >You smack Sunset hard enough to throw her balance off. "What did she ever do to you, huh? WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO ANYBODY?!" >You pick her up by her throat and slam her into the ground. >You mount her and start beating her relentlessly. >"Wh-what's happened to you?" "I told myself after beating Flash when I was a kid I'd never do this again." >You started laughing and crying. "But protecting Pinkie is more important." >Sunset manages to push you off and scurries away from you. >"You've gone crazy!" >You wipe the tears out of your eyes. "Crazy about Pinkie, maybe. I promised I'd protect her." >You ball your fists up. "I would never forgive myself if I let her get hurt." >You look at her and frown. "You wanna know why I'm helping the Dazzlings?" >She stands up and charges towards you. >You stand your ground and punch her in the face. "At first I just wanted to get paid in some way. But now?" >She tries to charge you again and you knock her on her ass. "Now I'm doing it for Pinkie." >You stomp her and pin her to the ground. "I'll do this as long as I have to, or until you kill me." >"Nonny please! Stop pushing yourself so hard!" >You feel Pinkie hugging you. >Sunset is crying. >Adagio looks almost scared of you now. "Have to... make sure you're safe." >Sunset starts shifting in and out of her magic aura. >Finally, she returns to normal and the pendant starts converting her. "Good... I did it." >You fainted. >You woke up and braced yourself for the pain. >You were surprisingly okay. >You looked at your chest and found a pendant. >Adagio was bandaging up some cuts. >"I uh, well I was saving that for after Twilight but... I had to save you." >You examine the pendant. "Is Pinkie okay?" >"She's just fine. Worried sick about you, but fine." >You sigh in relief. "What about you? You looked pretty scared back there." >You wince as she disinfects a scrape. >"You didn't strike me as the type to go... ballistic like that." >An awkward silence washed over the two of you. >"But... I guess we go crazy for the ones we love, don't we?" "You and your sisters seem alright to me." >You see her start to smile. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time, and I got to meet some cool people." >"Thank you. I haven't known you for very long, but you've done so much for us..." >She finishes her first aid and sits down next to you. "Heh, thought I'd finally been promoted from this couch." >She chuckles, "We were in a bit of a hurry to save our... brother." "We're family now?" >"We wouldn't have gotten our revenge without you... and, well..." "You care about me, don't you?" >She nodded, "Watching you fight that hard for us... you don't know how happy that made me." >You squeeze her hand. "Well then, let's finish the fight sis. Is Sunset up yet?" >"Yes, why? Do you have a plan?" "I'm surprised you haven't realized what we can do now." >A devious grin crosses her face, "Oh, if it's what I'm thinking then that's deliciously evil of you!" >You had Adagio go get Sunset for you. >She'd put on a leather jacket and a skirt. "Don't you look good as new? Or should I say old?" >She stretches so you can see every curve on her body. >"Drink it in Anonymous, you know you want it." >You roll your eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Do you have a way to contact Twilight?" >She looks at you with a smirk, "Why would I have one?" "Don't be a smartass, she always seems to show up when you need her to." >"Yes, I have a book that can send her a message." >You weren't going to question magic at this point. "How about we send out a distress call? We could definitely use her help." >"I like the way you think, this should be nice and easy." "Yeah, unlike the thrashing you gave me." >She shrugs, "Good things don't come cheap y'know?" >You push yourself off the couch. "Sure, now if you'll excuse me I gotta go find Pinkie." >You shambled over to your room. >You started to think about how they got an apartment this big. >Then you remembered that they have magic. "Honey, you in here?" >You were expecting her to give you a bone-crushing hug. >Instead she runs over and gives you a gentle squeeze. >"I was so worried about you. I don't want to lose you, Anon." >You stroke her hair and cradle her head. "Shh, don't worry about me Pinkie. I was more concerned about you." >You hear her sniffling, "Yeah, but you could've died!" >You guide her over to the bed and sit down with her. >"You've made me feel so special these past few days..." >This is the gentlest you've ever felt Pinkie cuddle. >"I've known you for so long and I was scared to death thinking you'd be gone." >She wipes the tears out of her eyes but they just come back. >"I don't really know a world without Nonny, y'know? Hehe..." >Her mouth starts trembling, "I don't wanna know that world..." >You wrap your arms around her and comfort her. >Aria and Sonata come in with some food they made. >"We figured since you didn't get any breakfast that you'd be hungry!" >"Yeah, so eat up... and don't worry us like that ever again, alright?" >Sonata smiles and leans into Aria, "Were you worried about Anon, Aria?" >"Were you expecting me to deny it? Because I'm not going to this time." >She sets the tray down and looks you in the eyes. >"You're a complete dork, and kind of a loser, but you're alright by me." >Sonata grins, "That means she really likes you!" >"Shut up, 'Nata!" "Uh, thanks?" >"It's the best you'll get out of me, okay?" >They leave you and Pinkie alone. >They'd made you bacon, eggs and toast. >Only one big cup of orange juice with two straws though. >You and Pinkie were both starving by now so the two of you dug into it. >It was actually really good. >It wasn't long before the food was all gone and the two of you started on the juice. "Usually they do this with a milkshake." >"Guess this'll have to do!" >The two of you gaze into each other's eyes as you sip the juice. >You were finally able to relax today. >You finished up the juice and set the tray aside on the nightstand. >You laid down and cuddled up next to Pinkie. "Just one more and this crazy ride will be over." >"The ride's never over, Nonny." "What?" >"Nothing! Still, that just means you and I can have lots of fun without worry from now on!" >You nuzzle her poof. "Mhmm." >You decide to take a nap. >The two of you had earned it. >You feel someone shaking the two of you awake. >You turn your head and see Adagio bouncing up and down with excitement. >"Come on, get up! Twilight's about to show up and I want you to have the honors!" >You grumble and roll out of bed, Pinkie hopping out alongside you. "How long were we napping?" >"A few hours, just come on!" >You all piled into Aria's SUV and drove to the school. >Pinkie cuddled up next to you in the back seat. >"Oh boy Nonny, wait'll you meet our friend Twilight!" >Maud sat down on your other side. >"She is certainly... interesting." >Sunset snickered, "She won't know what hit her." >Dash was resting on AJ, "Man, this is gonna be awesome." >Rarity and Fluttershy were sitting on the floor of the car. >"Quite, we'll show her just how good magic can feel." >"Mhm, this is the best I've felt in a while." >Sonata was sitting on Adagio's lap. >"We're gonna have a big party!" >"No Sonata, we're going to send Twilight back with a pendant." >"Oh yeah. Can we have a party afterwards?" >"... Sure thing, sis." >"Yay!" >AJ lifted the brim of her hat, "I think we're here y'all." >You all got out of the car. "Alright then, Aria and AJ you grab Twilight's legs." >They nod. "Maud and Dash, you grab her arms." >"No problem, just leave it to us!" >"I can assure you she won't escape." >You pulled out the last pendant. "Welp, let's get this over with." >You all walked over to the statue and got into your positions. >The base of the statue began to glow, and a purple girl hopped out. >"Sunset, I'm here! What's the... problem?" >Her limbs are restricted by your friends. "So glad you could join us, Twilight Sparkle." >"Who are you?!" "It's not about who I am, it's about who they are." >You step aside and let the Dazzlings come forward. >Twilight's eyes were filled with fear. >"No..." >"How? I saw your gems get destroyed!" >Adagio frowns, "Yes and it was very hard to fix them." >You pull out the last pendant and flash it in front of Twilight. "Why don't you join us, Princess Fluffybottom?" >"... What?" >You blinked. "My bad, you just really look like a character from one of my TV shows." >"You really don't seem all that evil." "It's always good and evil with you hero types, isn't it?" >She starts to open her mouth but you cut her off. "No no no, see your friends are enjoying being sirens." >"You've brainwashed them!" "Pinkie joined willingly, she hasn't changed a bit." >"It's true, we're kinda dating now too." >"Pinkie, how could you?!" >"Pretty easily, considering I don't get that much respect." >Twilight bit her lip, "So what now? Are you going to... kill me?" >Everybody but Twilight starts laughing. "Kill you?! We don't want to kill you!" >Adagio pulls Twilight's face down to her eye level. >"We want you to join us, my dear." >"I'll NEVER join you!" >She struggles in vain. "I don't think you really have a choice." >You slap the pendant on her and watch. >And watch. >Eventually you pull out your phone and look at the time. >Five minutes pass. >She finally gives out. >Her head hangs low and you see her eyes flash. >She smiles. >"Glad you could see it our way, my little princess." >Adagio caresses her cheek and laughs. "You should go tell your other friends we said hi." >Twilight laughs, "Don't worry, I'll give them a show they won't forget." >She gives Sunset a hug and waves goodbye to everyone before leaving. >You stretch your arms and smile. "Well, at least this whole ordeal is over." >Adagio puts her hands on her hips and grins, "Now we can start feeding again." "... Tell me more." >"Oh we're all gonna have lots of fun." >You all start chatting like one big happy family as you pile into the SUV again. >You were all having a blast just relaxing on the way home. >Your phone started vibrating and you took it out of your pocket. >It was mom. "Hey mom! Sorry I haven't called in a week, I've been kinda busy." >You heard her chuckle, "I'm glad to hear it Nonny! How are things?" >Pinkie gasped and leaned into your shoulder, "Hi Chryssi!" >"Is that Pinkie? Nonny, you aren't teasing her are you?" >You blushed. "Mom please don't embarrass me in front of my girlfriend." >You heard her squeal, "Oooh, so you finally figured it out?!" "Y-yeah." >"I'm so proud of you, my little baby is growing up so fast!" "Uhuh." >You could feel the heat on your cheeks. >"Honey! Our little Nonny has a girlfriend!" >You heard your father shout in the background. >"I hope it's Pinkie Pie!" >"It is, it is!" >Your mom whispers, "Your father is coming to talk, love you! Buh-bye!" >The phone exchanges hands. >"Anon, I know I'm usually a jokester, but I'm going to be serious just this once." >You'd never really heard your father get serious before. >It was a little terrifying to imagine. >"Take care of her. I've worked with Pinkie, as you know, and she'll always be there for you." "I've been trying and succeeding with that so far, dad." >"Good. Your partner is the best friend you'll ever have, so don't ever hurt them." "Dad?" >"Yes son?" "... I feel like I don't tell you this enough, but I love you." >You heard a soft laugh, "I love you too, Anon. Now go on and have some fun." "I will, tell mom I love her!" >"I'll make sure she knows, talk to you later." >You put the phone back in your pocket and wrapped an arm around Pinkie. >She rested her head on your shoulder and you gave her a little squeeze. >No words needed to be said in that moment. >The two of you were happy. >You arrived back at the apartment. >You decided to start calling it an apartment house instead. >Adagio didn't skimp out on expenses. >Everyone had decided a pizza party was in order. >You all chipped in to buy four boxes of pizza. >Scamming shitty landlords with magic is one thing. >You had to give the delivery boys and girls due respect though. >You personally gave the pizza guy a tip before he left. >Everyone was having fun it seemed. >Rarity was helping Fluttershy eat the vegan pizza she ordered. >It seemed a bit weird to you, but Fluttershy just enjoyed vegetables. >AJ and Dash were sharing a pizza together. >You caught them eating a slice together a couple of times. >You decided not to snicker, fearing for your safety if you had. >They were kinda cute together, in a way only two tomboys can be. >Sunset was hanging out with the Dazzlings and having a blast telling stories. >You were relaxing with Pinkie Pie and making cheesy jokes about pizza. "You're a real pizza work, y'know that Pinks?" >She giggled, "Oh you, peppering me with compliments!" >Maud sat next to the two of you and smiled. >"I'm glad Pinkie is having fun." "You can speak up and laugh too, y'know?" >"In case you haven't noticed, I express myself differently than my sister does." >She gave you and Pinkie a quick hug. >"I can assure you that I am overjoyed the two of you are finally together." >Eventually all the pizza was gone and you were all ready to hit the hay. >AJ carried a tired Dash back to their room. >Rarity insisted on Fluttershy taking her room for the night and took the couch. >The Dazzlings took Sunset to add to their cuddle pile. >You helped Pinkie back to your room and Maud laid down on the floor. "You can join us if you want." >"No thanks, you two can have the bed to yourselves." >You gave her one of the pillows for comfort. >"... Thank you." >You cuddled up to Pinkie and went to sleep. >A week had passed and you all had a very comfy position. >You were able to feed on the students of Canterlot High without opposition. >You were all walking to school and chatting when the statue started glowing. "Uh, Sunset did you call Twi back?" >"No, she's way too busy for me to bug her like that." >Twilight was flung out of the portal. >"Too... strong... sorry guys..." >She fainted and a group of familiar faces piled out of the statue. >Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash... >Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna even. "You were beaten by your friends and some school administrators?" >Celestia and Luna looked none too pleased at that remark. >The Vice Principal spoke up, "Bite thy tongue, evildoer!" >You rolled your eyes. "It's the twenty-first century, Luna." >Celestia sighed, "We're princesses where we come from." >You smirked. "Well then, princess, you can take your royal asses back to your own dimension." >"I was afraid you'd say that. Is there nothing we can do to change your mind?" "Listen, nobody is going to touch my Pinkie Pie while I'm around." >"Yeah! You better not hurt Nonny either!" >The other Pinkie looked confused. >"Uh, who are you?" >"Duh! I'm you, silly!" >"Nonono, I mean who is he?" "The name is Anonymous, and you must be the other Pinkie." >"Well, yeah..." "Do your friends treat you like dead weight as well?" >"What? No, my friends love having me around! Right guys?" >They were all quick to jump to her defense. >You laughed. "That's more than the Pinkie of this world could've said before I helped her friends." >You shrugged. "Though, I guess her sister still loved her." >"What did you do to her Maud?!" >The other AJ and Dash had to restrain their Pinkie. "Let her join our little club, of course." >The statue was still glowing. >"Regardless, you know we cannot allow this madness to continue, correct?" >Celestia's tone was starting to grate on you a little bit. "It's not about what you want, you don't have a say in the matter." >If she was going to be arrogant, so were you. >"I know you are simply trying to upset me, but I would advise against that." "Personally, I'd advise against messing with my friends." >"Why are you so upset at me?" "You had your little lackey banish the Dazzlings to this realm, for starters." >"It was... necessary. They couldn't be allowed to wreak any more havoc." "Whatever, so where's my counterpart? Too scared of facing himself?" >She looked troubled, "I don't know how to put this... but, you don't exist in our world." "That's not how these parallel dimension things work." >"Perhaps you passed away before I could meet you, it matters not." "You talk like you've been around a while, aren't you like thirty-four or thirty-five?" >"A thousand and thirty-five maybe, I tend to go by centuries now." >Shit, maybe you were in over your head. "For the first time in a while, I felt like I had a clear goal in front of me." >Pinkie gave you a hug. "I have friends I know I can count on now..." >You laughed. "I'm not going to let you take all of this away, you're not going to harm them." >The other girls were getting antsy, and their Dash spoke up. >"Come on, what are we waiting for?! Let's kick his butt!" >She tripped over herself. "Not used to legs?" >She gritted her teeth, "Not... two of them, no." "Shame, that means our Dash won't have as much fun beating you." >Everybody lined up and stared each other down. >Adagio and Sunset took Celestia while Aria and Sonata took Luna. >Pinkie and Maud teamed up on their Pinkie. >You got to sit back and watch. >That is, until a tall, slim figure stepped out of the portal. >Everyone stopped before the fight broke out. "Holy shit..." >It was your dad. >He sighed, "I was afraid it was this timeline..." "Say, you're my other self's dad right? What happened to him?" >"I don't have a son, or rather, I do but he's not mine." >Now you were confused. "Don't tell me, you're as old as the princesses, right?" >"I'll have you know that I'm far older than they are." >Now you were in supremely over your head. >"I suppose they couldn't talk you out of this, could they?" "Not a chance." >"This is a dreadfully boring affair for me." >He let out a bitter laugh. >"You can't possibly know how this feels, how could you?" >He walked up to you and stopped five feet short. >"I have seen it all. I have met nearly every version of myself." "Where are you going with this?" >"I have gotten complacent, knowing that these ponies would solve everything." >He grinned, "I figured I didn't have to bother trying. I got lazy." "I feel bad for you, but what's the point here?" >He sighed, "This is what happens when people such as myself take breaks." >He looked around at the scenery. >"It's a beautiful day out, isn't it?" >You were getting a little uneasy. >"The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming..." >He chuckled and closed his eyes, "On days like these, kids like you..." >He suddenly opened them back up and turned them yellow and red. >"Should be rotting in Tartarus." >He snapped his fingers and suddenly a giant candy cane smacked you. >While you were reeling from the hit he snapped his fingers a few more times. >You never thought you would dodge deadly licorice, jawbreakers and peppermint. >Finally, you stood in front of him, smirking. >Everyone else had started fighting. >"Well then, let's begin shall we?" >You threw a punch at him and he side-stepped you. >"You didn't think I was just going to stand there and take it, did you?" >He snapped his fingers and sent bubblegum bombs your way. >You managed to avoid getting your feet caught but your arms were stuck together. >"I'd sensed an anomaly in this timeline, that was because of you wasn't it?" >You struggled against your gummy bindings. >"I have to admit, I'm curious. Who's the mother?" >You growled at the smug prick. >"No wait, let me guess, hmm..." >He tapped a finger against his chin. >You were still struggling. >"Fluttershy and Pinkie are too young, Celestia is too uppity..." >He yawned, "Luna is a little weird but would've raised you to know better." >He chuckled, "Is it me? Am I the mother? No, you already said I'm the father..." >"Don't tell the other Discords and Erises I made that joke." >You broke free of your binds and rushed him down. >He zipped around you without a care in the world. >"Wait a moment, I've got it now! It's Chrysalis isn't it?" >He created a flashbang out of poprocks and glowsticks. >"She's a real piece of work, would she be proud of you right now?" >You thought about it for a second. "Probably not, but I'm in too deep to turn back. Besides, I have to fight for my friends too!" >You kept swinging and he kept dodging. >"These eyes of mine allow me to see everything you have done, and everything you intend to do." >You were blinded by a shot of pixie stick dust. >"I must say, you're very loyal to your friends and family." >You wiped the sugar out of your eyes. >"It's what you're going to allow the Dazzlings to accomplish that worries me." >You could see clearly again and you took a swing. >"My, you do enjoy swinging those arms around, don't you?" >He conjured up some phantom fists to beat you back. >"It's a shame your talents are going to waste like this." >He wrapped your arms back up with some taffy. >"I can't afford not to care at this point, you understand?" >You strained against the taffy. >"I thought that maybe Twilight could convince you to stop this madness..." >You tried headbutting him and he slid out of the way. >"So much for keeping an eye on Twilight. This is why I don't make promises anymore." >He made a candy bar minigun and pelted you with pieces of chocolate. >You were starting to get a little irritated. >You broke free of the taffy. >"It would appear that I'm quite good at my job, you seem upset." >You took a swing and missed. >"The lengths you're willing to go for Pinkie Pie, it's certainly touching..." "Don't you say a word about her." >"It would be more touching if you hadn't pushed her into villainy." "She deserved more goddamn respect than they gave her!" >You threw a barrage of punches, hitting nothing but air. >He can't keep dodging forever. >"There were so many other ways you could have helped her, but you chose this path." >You tried to kick him and nearly tripped over a bunch of gumballs. "Just shut up already!" >"Surely you knew there would be consequences for the actions you took?" "I don't care about your stupid speech!" >"Too bad, you don't have a choice in the matter." >You swung in frustration. >"This is exactly what I'm talking about, this kind of anger is not healthy at all." "You're just mad 'cause nobody wants your old ass in your world!" >He frowned, "I know what you did to Fluttershy." >A grin spread across his face, "Perhaps I should show you some... healthy anger." >He snapped his fingers and a dozen phantom fists slammed into your body. >A jawbreaker nailed you right in the stomach, causing you to fall on your ass. >You were reeling from the assault and held your head in your hands. "Ugh..." >"Congratulations, now I'm serious." >He sent a conga line of candy canes your way. >He made sure to put barbs on all of them as well. >"Let's see how well you can dance!" >You gained a few scrapes and cuts from close encounters with the candy canes. >"Too easy for you? I can remedy that." >He started showering you with hard candy. >Really hard candy. >You kept pushing through and trying to punch him. >You could see the sweat starting to form on his brow. >"You're incredibly determined, I'll give you that." >He batted you back with a giant popsicle. >"Take it from me though, sometimes you have to know when to QUIT!" >He summoned gummy bear claws to slash at you. "Oh come on, I liked this shirt!" >One of the paws punched you onto the ground. >You rolled out of the way of a pounding. >You couldn't give up now. >You kept swinging. >"I thought that maybe whatever caused the anomaly was just unhappy." >You tried to deck him in the face. >"That all they needed was some good food, some bad laughs, and some nice friends." >You gritted your teeth. >"But you... you're a dirty friend stealer." >You attempted to grab him and were smacked down by cherry bombs. >The sweat was really starting to show. >"If you don't stop now, I'll be forced to end you." >You took another shot at him and were beaten down by phantom kicks. >"You're... very sturdy, aren't you?" "If I don't stop you, you'll hurt the Dazzlings... but, more importantly..." >You stood back up. "If I died that would break Pinkie's heart, and I can't allow that to happen." >"I don't understand why you're fighting so hard for the wrong team." "The same reason I assume you changed your mind about the ponies." >"Ah, so the Dazzlings told you about me eh? I was pretty infamous back then." "Whatever, we gonna sit here and talk or fight?" >"I was afraid you'd say that." >He summoned a circle of cannons in front of him. >"Survive this, and I'll be forced to end you." >They all shot party supplies at you, tangling you up. >He sent out a row of candy canes for you to jump over and poprocks to avoid. >Cherry bombs smashed into the ground and exploded as you charged at him. >Taffy nets tried to subdue you and licorice whips tried to stop you. >Phantom punches and kicks were sent your way. >They couldn't stop you. >He lifted you into the air with his magic and summoned some chocolate bar walls. >"Well then, don't say I didn't warn you." >He repeatedly slammed you into the walls of the cage he constructed for you. >You kept holding on. >Eventually, he was too tired to keep going. >You smirked. "That all you got, old man?" >He laughed, "Alright then, let's see how you handle this." >He snapped his fingers and the two of you were in a void. >The cage still had you trapped. "What are you doing?" >"Absolutely nothing. I know I can't beat you, so I decided to simply trap you here." >You could see the wear on his face, the battle had drained him more than he let on. >"You're the determined type, aren't you? Well it's the end of the line now. Nowhere to go." >You rolled your eyes. >"In fact, I'd argue the most determined thing you could do would be to stop this nonsense." >You lounged on the chocolate bar floor of your cage. >"You'll get bored eventually, and if you don't? Well... I'm ready to stand here for the rest of time." >You started counting the segments of the chocolate bars. >He yawned, "I'll finally be doing something right for once in my lifetime." "You really regret being an asshole, don't you?" >"I wouldn't say it like that, but yes I do." "I'm a little tired of this too, could you let me out of this cage?" >He frowned, "Do I look stupid to you?" "... A little?" >You weren't sure how much time had passed. >You just kept staring at him, waiting for any signs of weakness. >His eyelids started to lower. >Eventually, he fell asleep. >You started pushing the cage over to him, making sure not to wake him. >Once you were in range, you punched through the chocolate wall in front of you. >He dodged out of the way. >"What, did you really think it would be that eas-" >You twirled around and punched him before he could react. >You knocked him on his ass and the void disappeared. >"Hehe... you got a pretty good arm there kid..." >The princesses looked horrified. >Everybody around you was battered and bruised. >The Sirens had won. >You looked down at Discord and laughed. "What've you got to say now, huh?" >"You... fed quite a lot, didn't you? The power behind that punch..." >He winced in pain and laid down on the ground. >"I suppose I've had a fulfilling life, haven't I Celestia?" >She crawled over to him, "J-just relax, you'll be alright." >"I thought you just wanted me to help run errands... now I see why you freed me." >He was starting to tear up, "I can't tell you how sorry I am that I didn't fix this sooner." >He chuckled, "Sorry that I didn't realize sooner, sorry that I was such a fool..." >She carried him back through the portal. "This is the last chance you guys'll have to leave. Go, now." >They all carried each other out of there. >Their Pinkie stopped, "What about Twilight?!" >Their Dash frowned, "Forget her, she's... she's gone..." >Just like that, they were gone. >A silence washed over everyone. >You broke it with some laughter, and Pinkie pounced on you and joined in. "It's over... it's finally over. We're free to do what we want!" >You hugged Pinkie. "Though... with you here by my side, you're all I really need to be happy." >She nuzzled you and you gave her a kiss. >Everyone was nursing their wounds. >Sunset picked Twilight up and set her near the statue. >"Hey come on princess, wake up will ya?" >Twilight opened her eyes, "Ugh, what happened? Did we win?" >Sunset smiled, "Thanks to Anon over there." >Twilight motioned for you to come over. >Pinkie hopped onto your back. >"How did you beat Discord?" >You grinned. "Determination, Twilight." >She frowned, "Seriously though, how?" "I had more stamina than him I guess." >"You guys must've had a pretty big meal this past week." >Sunset let her lean on her shoulder as she stood up. >"I... can't go home now." "Nah, don't be silly. You are home, Twilight." >You all had a big group hug. >Pinkie smiled, "Y'know what this calls for?" "A party?" >"No silly! Well, kinda. A slumber party, 'cause I'm tired!" "We've had basically an extended slumber party for the last two weeks though." >She squeezed you a little and hopped off your back, wrapping her hand around yours. >"Yeah but I wanna cuddle you even harder now." >You all went home and crashed into your beds. >Pinkie nuzzled her head into your chest and you rested your head on her poof. "This has been a crazy month, hasn't it?" >"Mhmm, I'm glad it happened though." "Yeah, me too. G'night Pinkie." >You kissed her forehead and she giggled. >"G'night Nonny, I love you." "Love you too Pinks." >It'd been a couple of years since the incident. >You and Pinkie were engaged. >You all had moved on to bigger fish. >You decided to take over a university to feed on. >Canterlot University. >Half the kids there were already under your spell. >The other half were from some place called Crystal Prep Academy. >Sounded like a bunch of rich snobs came from there. >You were glued at the hip to Pinkie, walking through the hallways. >You'd bumped into an interesting sight however. "My my, rocking a new look there Twilight?" >"Do I know you?" >You'd found this world's Twilight. "Sort of. Not in this world though." >She gasped and ran off. >You shrugged, Twilight was weird enough to do something like that. >You texted Adagio and the others. "Looks like we're gonna have some fun here after all, aren't we Pinks?" >You pulled her into a hug. >"Yepparooni! I can't wait to make lots of new friends here!" >The two of you laughed. "Neither can I Pinkie, neither can I..." >She gave you a peck on the cheek and sighed. >"I can't wait until we get married, then I can throw a wedding party!" >You tilted her head up and leaned in for a smooch. "I'll be sure to get you the most beautiful sapphire bracelet I can find." >She giggles, "You spoil me Nonny!" "Only the best for my princess." >She blushes, "Aw, I guess I turned you from a frog into a prince huh?" >You chuckled. "I guess you did Pinkie." >You gave her a hug. >The Sirens had found some new playmates in this school.