Sonata Cheats on Anon - by Gritsaw

>It was a rainy day coming from from work. >The boss had yelled at you. >He didn't just yell, he had degraded you. >But you stood there and just took it with a smile on your face. >You'd learned the skill to hide your true feelings. >And you were happy you had this job to speak of, and happy you had a wife to come home to. >Your precious wife. >Her pretty smiling face. >As tough as your job was, that was what made it worth it to you. >Supporting her and giving her whatever she asked for. >But lately your job had demanded so much of you. >It hurt to be away from her for so long. >Working all those long hours. >You'd neglected her for sometime now. >You stopped in at a local flower shop. >The Cala Lillies, those were her favorite. >You looked through the shop picking out the perfect ones. >It wouldn't be much, but you hoped this would make her happy. >You paid for the flowers and left the shop. >Come to think of it, it's around dinner time. >She loves Tacos. >You stop in at a local Mexican restaurant and buy some to go. >You were tired, but it would all be worth it to see that pure and innocent smile as you surprise her with this gifts lavishing her. >Grabbing the takeout box you exited the restaurant. >Rain pittered on the windshield as you drove. >Such a dark and gloomy day. >Dark clouds are said to be bad omens. >But nothing could be bad about seeing her. >She was the light of your life, and no matter how dark the day she would illuminate your path. >She was the fun, she was the quirky randomness. >You were happy, happy at the thought of coming home to her. >You smiled as you drove home through the sleets of gloomy rain. >The lilacs were pretty, just like her smile. >The tacos were colorful and crisp, like her vibrant personality. >Some might say she's not the brightest. >But you know there is a hidden brilliance to her. >Something perhaps only you could appreciate. >You drove home. >There was another car in the driveway. >Sonata must have invited one of her friends over. >You step out of the car. >At least you know she isn't lonely. >You liked seeing Sonatas friends, even if they weren't always nice to her. >She liked them, and that was really what mattered. >You opened the door. >She wasn't in the living room, or in the kitchen. >She must be in one of the back rooms. >Maybe she's sleeping. >Hopefully you wouldn't disturb her too much by bringing this stuff. >You walk down the hallway. >The room at the end of the hall has the door shut with light coming from under the door. >You walk down to the end opening the door. "Sonata I've got a surprise for you-" >What you see makes you drop the food and flowers. >Sonata is naked straddling a blue haired man. "S-sonata.." >"A-anon, I can explain!" >She pulled the blanket over herself walking over to you. >"This isn't what it looks like!" >Her voice sounds desperate. "What is it then?" >"I-its.." >The blue haired man grabs his clothes making a mad dash for the window. >You make no attempt to stop him as he opens the window and jumps out. "Sonata, you cheated on me." >"Anon, come on, you don't understand what it's like!" "What don't I understand?" >"You just don't understand how bored I get at home just waaaitng around for you! Seriously, boring!" "I see." >"Anon come on, what was I supposed to do!?" "Get a hobby? Take up yoga, knitting, anything but banging some random guy." >"Pfft, yoga and knitting are super boring, and you wonder why I cheated on you! It's practically your fault, duh!" "I.. I see." >You turn around and exit the room. >"Where you going Anon, you just got home!" >You walk down the hallway and out of the house. >Rain still coming down hard. >Sonata suddenly chasing after you. >You jump in the car locking the doors behind you. >"Wait! Did you get me these flowers, and these Tacos!? Anon wait, I'm sorry Anon please!!" >She's crying as she bangs on the car backing out of the driveway. >You drive down the road. >Intense pain sears your chest. >You breath heavy through your teeth squinting through tears. >You sob as you grip the steering wheel. >Rain coming down like tears as if to mock you. >You can't believe you were such a fool. >You drove off down the road. >You didn't care where you were going. >The tank was 3/4ths the way full, you'd go where the road would take you. >Sonata had always been there for you. >All the dates you went on, all those nights you'd spent together.. >Introducing her to your parents. >All those fun memories. >All those happy times. >She was such a silly happy person, and all the times you'd been so serious she was the one who brought light and levity to the dark times. >The day you got married, she looked so pretty, you could still see her as if it was yesterday. >Standing there with those Lilly's like the ones you got today. >How could someone like that.. >How could someone like that be so cruel and insensitive.. >You loved her so much. >She meant everything to you. >She was the one you'd worked so hard for. >The one who you'd do anything in the world for. >Working those odd jobs. >Taking shit from your boss. >Just to see her smile that warmed your heart. >Somehow, you'd arrived at a bridge. >You stopped the car just before it. >You cried into your steering wheel. >How is it she didn't see that it was wrong? >How is it she didn't care about how you felt. >Did your relationship mean nothing to her? >You got out of your car. >Rain coming down in buckets. >You walked along the road. >Only a few cars passing tonight. >Rain pelted you as you walked along. >Tears streaming down your face. "I loved you dammit! I loved you Sonata! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" >You screamed. >There was no one around though. >Your words only barely echoed into the night. >She'd gone and thrown everything away. >All those years of being together. >You wanted to spend the rest of your life with her. >Have children together. >Watch them grow up. >Grow old together. >But all of that, gone like a pipedream. >Tomorrow you'd have to show up for your terrible job again. >The only motivation you had to endure it all was completely gone. >You'd have to explain to your friends and family why you lost your job. >Why you'd have to divorce her. >Why half of what you owned and worked for would be gone. >Everytime you thought of her now, it would only bring misery. >You knew your once happy relationship was over. >You looked over the bridge. >Maybe it wasn't meant to be.. >Maybe you just weren't meant to be happy. >This would be the easiest way out. >Nothing else matters anymore. >You get yourself on the ledge. >Balancing yourself just over. >This was it. >You took a deep breath. >The wind felt pretty strong as you stood on the ledge looking down at the water. >Your hands were shaking as you held yourself there. >All the things you'd never get to do. >But at least, at least you wouldn't have to live with the heartbreak any longer. >With that in mind you made the jump.