Aria and Anon - by Vell1245

>This show was going so well... >The battle of the bands was about to be wrapped up nicely... >For The Dazzlings, anyway. >And as their stagehand, a victory for them is a victory for you. >You had the perfect set of pyro to culminate the whole shebang. >But while it seemed like they were about to be the winners of this battle, something ruined them. >The Rainbooms, who were unaccounted for at the beginning of the show, finally arrived. >Watching the two bands fight back and forth was such an otherworldly experience. >You looked on as the two bands played their hearts out. >Absolutely nothing could have predicted what happened next. >Out of those lovely red gems around the necks of Aria, Adagio, and Sonata shot three gigantic serpents. >Their eyes glowed a powerful shade of crimson. >Well, there was no reason for your fireworks. >Cause you were just out shined. >The crowd was sorta dead, kinda lifeless. >All around you saw green eyes and drooling mouths. >As it should be. >With intensity that you have never seen before, the three serpents flew towards the Rainbooms. >Woah. >This is one psychedelic light show. >Beams of color shot out one after another at the serpents. >You couldn't really see much, the lights were simply too blinding. >But at last, when the lights ceased, your ears were met with the most violent and yet, harmonic wails ever. >Completely you just lost it. >The world turned and twisted, and you just blacked out. >Did you fall? >No. >Because when you snapped back into the world of the living, you were still standing. >It was weird... >You shook your head frantically, still a bit dizzy. >Deafening boos and the angry jeers of the crowd were the only two noises you could hear. >Trash and food was being thrown onto the stage at an alarming rate. >The Dazzlings bolted as they were being pelted with garbage by the angry crowd. >You only got a quick glimpse at their faces before they turned and ran behind the curtain. >They were...crying? >You tried to catch up to them, but they were way too fast. >After looking behind the curtain at the fleeing trio a good two minutes, they ran out of sight, into an alley. >Quite a few students began chasing after them in an angry mob. >Student after student jumped right off of the back of the stage, trying to catch the Dazzlings. >They were seriously pissed off. >Not pissed off enough though, because they stopped running after a few seconds. >While the Rainbooms were celebrating, you looked around at the mess on the stage. >Debris and trash littered the floor. >Plastic soda cups, chip bags, popcorn, and someone even threw some salad into the fray. >Everyone was happy. >Everyone was smiling. >But you weren't. >And the last time you saw the Dazzlings, they weren't either. >You knew you had to go check on them, you just had to. >Besides, you're not cleaning this mess. >"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Asked a cocky Rainbow Dash, high off her band's victory. >"I'm going home, why?" You dusted some popcorn off of your shoulder. >"You gotta clean this up, you know that right?" She kicked an empty cup over to you. >"No, I don't." Crushing the cup with a lazy stomp, you shook your head. >"Yeah, you sorta do, you're the stagehand!" >"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were a part of the Dazzlings." >"What?" >"I'm not THE stagehand, I'm A stagehand; and I only answer to them." >Dash eyes you with an irate look, stomping towards you. >"Well we won! You work for winners like me, not losers like them!" The sporty girl pointed her finger in your face. >"First off, I don't work for winners, I work for whoever I want to work for. Second, personal space is important, you should learn that." You took her wrist, and forced her finger out of your face. >Rainbow was furious, she looked like she was about to explode. >"Get to work! You work for me now!" >Ignoring the angry girl, you just walked away. You couldn't hear her irate yelling after a few minutes of walking. >It took a lot of walking, and a lot of trial and error, but at long last you made it to the Dazzling's house. >Wasn't anything special, just a small house sandwiched between two gigantic houses. >The house was also in pretty terrible condition. >Didn't have a garage, much of a backyard, or even much of a front yard. >While it was painted a nice bright blue color sometime ago, the weather really beat the house to hell. >As you approached the tiny home, you saw Adagio pounding her fist against the door. >"Open up, Aria, come on!" She peered into the residence through the eyehole of the door. >"Ugh, come on! I can't deal with you right now, Sonata's out there all alone!" Adagio continued to force herself against the door, trying to get in to her own house. >You tip toed closer to the frantic, poofy haired siren. >Didn't want her to pop you in the jaw. >"Come on...come on come on, please just open the door Aria!" She fiddled with the doorknob in a frenzy. >Your foot landed on the second step of the porch, causing an extremely loud creak. >Adagio quickly turned to you, frozen in place as you two locked eyes. >"A-anon? You better not be here to start something! Because I don't have time to kick you in the balls!" "What?" >"I know you're here to bring us to that angry mob, you are mad because we hypnotized you into doing our bidding!" She stood her ground proudly, her face was covered in two streaks of black from her running mascara. "What are you talking about? Why would I turn you over to those bunch of angry dorks?" >"A-aren't you mad about the whole hypnosis thing?" "Hypnosis thing?" >"You know, the singing, the dancing, you working for us? Don't tell me you're this dense." "Oh, that." >"Yes." "Well, I'm just telling you right now, that I was in full control of myself while working for you girls. And now I'm here to help." >"I don't understand, and I don't have time to understand right now, Sonata ran off crying and Aria locked herself in the house!" "Go look for Sonata, please, we don't want her to get hit by a truck or something." You pointed behind your back with your thumb. >"No, I need to help Aria." "That's exactly what I'm going to do, now just go find Sonata." Grabbing Adagio by her shoulders, you swapped places with her. >"Can you really help her? She's wild, when she gets like this, I can't even help her!" "Just go, the more time you spend here, the less time you have to find Sonata." >"Fine fine, but I'm just giving you a warning, Anon; she's crazy right now!" Adagio stepped down the creaky stairs, looking back at you. "I think I can handle it, I had to help Sonata go shopping once, you probably know how much nonsensical shit she buys in one day." >"I do...okay, just be careful; Aria might just rip your head off." "Go!" You waved her away, and nodded in response to her statement. >Adagio left in a hurry, running as fast as she could to try and track down the hysterical Sonata. >An uneasy silence ensued, this street was positively dead. >You swear you could hear some off-key singing coming from inside the house. "Aria, open up, c'mon I wanna talk." You knocked on the door with two knuckles gently. >The off-key singing stopped. >Still, the door wouldn't budge. "There's gotta be a way in...maybe a spare key or something." >Searching around for a key, you tried absolutely everywhere. >"Go away" floor mat? >Nope. >Potted plant? >Nah >Garbage can? >Ding ding ding! >You pluck the key right out of the empty garbage can, taking a deep breathe to brace yourself. >Putting the key into the keyhole, you sighed. >Finally, you twisted the key and opened the door. >The off key singing was echoing throughout the empty house. >It didn't take long for you to find the source of it. >In the dark living room, Aria sat crying and horribly singing. >She sat there on the couch in a depressed state. >You flicked on a nearby lamp, the light quickly flooded the room. >"Anon?" Aria rubbed the tears out of her eyes. "Nah, it's dah tooth fairy here to collect ya debt, Aria." You put on your best Brooklyn wise-guy impression in an attempt to lighten the mood. >"Oh, it is you. I can tell from your awful jokes." Sniffed Aria, scratching the back of her head. "No need to be so harsh, just trying to put a smile on your face." >"I don't think you've noticed, because you're sorta stupid, but we lost the battle of the bands!" She clutched some red fragments of her gem in her hands against her chest. "Yeah, I noticed that as soon as you three ran off crying." >"Great, you understand, guess you have more of a brain than I thought!" Aria shook with sorrow and anger, holding her shattered jewelry tighter. >You know how to deal with Aria, you've been around her for months. "Look, if you're going to be so goddamn hostile; I can just leave! Right out the door I came in from if that'll help." You spun around, with your back turned to Aria you started to walk out of the room. >"N-no don't leave, please!" The purple girl started to cry again, tears rolled down her cheeks as her mascara began to run. >"AaaAAAh ahAHHah..." She started to crudely sing, her voice was horrible, the exact opposite of her previously amazing singing. >Aria let out a hacking cough, interrupting her own attempt at singing. >Reverse psychology worked with her, always. >Besides, you couldn't leave her, even if you wanted to. "I won't leave, just-" You walked back over to her, cut off by more terrible singing. >"AaahAAAAh...." Her singing fell into uncontrollable sobbing. "Stop singing, please?" >"No, Anon I can-I can still sing, listen! A--aaaaaHHHH" Aria was visibly heartbroken by the loss of her voice. "Aria...come on." >'D-don't you love my voice? Nobody can resist it!" Her lip quivered, as more tears ran down her face.