Musical Sunset - by Sadnon

>"Hey." >A piercing scream and the sounds of break glass shattered the silence of the apartment. >Sunset spun on her heel towards the window. >Glowing magenta eyes stared at her through the gloom, crinkled in amusement. >The figure in the window stepped in, catlike the graceful. >She straightened and stepped forward into the light. "Oh god, Adagio. You scared the hell out of me." >"That was the point, Sunny. It smells good in here." "Right. Before my heart gave out, I was making dinner." >Adagio's lids fluttered and her lips pulled into a smirk as she got close to Sunset. >Their bodies were almost touching, and Sunset could feel her breath on her neck. >"Dear, if your heart gave out think of all the fun we'd miss out on." >Sunset felt her cheeks heat as Adagio stepped forward. >She stepped back, then back, then back. >Her butt hit the edge of a table, but Adagio didn't stop. >Adagio was almost touching her, lips still pulled back into a smirk and eyes half lidded. >"So tell me Sunny..." >Her fingers danced up Sunset's stomach. >"What's for dinner?" "S-spaghetti..." >"Oh..." >Sunset gulped when Adagio crowed in delight. >"You know what they say about spaghetti." "W-what d-do they say?" >Adagio's gaze turned wicked, her lips just hovering over Sunset's. >"That it's straight until it gets wet and... Hot." >Adagio crooned delightedly as she stole a kiss from Sunset and danced away. >Sunset took a few long, slow breaths to steady her furiously beating heart. "You're a menace." >"And you are a great cook." >Sunset looked over at Adagio. >She was busy sampling the sauce. "Hey, it's not ready yet! You get away from that!" >Adagio laughed, stopping Sunset in her tracks. >Butterflies fluttered up her chest at the sound. >"Fine, fine. I concede. I shall leave this to you, Sunny Bunny. For a price." >Adagio gave her a wry grin. "W-what? Adagio!" >"O fairest princess of bacon, will thou grant me a simple request? Just a kiss, not on the cheek, I beg of thee, on the lips!" >Sunset laughed. "Fine, fine! I give. I will grant your humble request, fair knight." >Adagio's eyes glimmered as she embraced Sunset and kissed her hard. >They separated, Sunset flushed and Adagio grinning like a cat. >"I do believe your sauce is beginning to burn." "Ah!" *** >"Delicious, as I thought it would be. You've out-shown yourself once more." "Thanks, Adagio. I'm glad you like it." >"Indeed I do. What's for dessert? I know what I'd like." "Dessert? I didn't make anything- Adagio! Pervert!" >Adagio laughed at Sunset's hissing retort and narrowed eyes. >"Calm down Sunny Bunny. You're always so tense." >Adagio leaned forward, hiding her smirk behind her drink. >"I'd like to help you with that, if you'd be up to it." >Sunset blushed. "You're irredeemable." >"For you, my dear. For you." >Sunset laughed and covered her face with her hands. "You know something?" >Adagio's eyebrow quirked. >"What's that?" >Sunset peered through her fingers, green eyes dancing playfully in the dim room. "I really love you." >Adagio's smile wavered, and to Sunset it looked like she was about to bolt from the table. >Sunset grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "I know you don't want to say it yet. I get it. I'm not mad. I just want you to know, ya know?" >Adagio smiled softly. >"I know, Sunny Bunny. I'm sorry." >Sunset matched Adagio's smile. >"Walk me out? I think I should be going. Sonata and Aria are probably waiting." >They stood up and interlocked their fingers. >The trip to the window was short and brief, as was the gentle kiss they shared. >"I'll see you here, same time, same place, tomorrow night?" "And every night after?" >Adagio laughed at the hope in Sunset's voice. >"Of course, fair princess. A kiss before I go?" "I will grant you this request, my noble knight." >They laughed after their kiss. >Sunset stood there, in her dimly lit apartment, eyes closed and the lingering feeling of Adagio swelling around her. >Even after the window was shut. *** "I love days like these." >"Really?" >Adagio sounded disgusted as she wound her scarf tighter around her face and burrowed into it. >She was glaring at the fine flecks of snow that were falling, as if personally offended by their existence. >"I hate the cold." "Is it because you used to be a fish?" >Adagio shook her head. >Or shivered, Sunset couldn't tell which. >"No. Sonata loves the cold. The snow, especially. It's just a terrible time of year." "Yes of course. All those holidays that promote love and kindness are just awful, aren't they?" >Adagio's nod was stiff and firm. >"Holidays. Pheh. Over-commercialized pieces of crap." >Sunset offered her a pitying look. >She sidled up next to Adagio and interlocked their arms as they continued their walk. "Adagio, commercialized doesn't mean bad. You can still love and care for someone. The best gifts I've ever gotten are from my friends, and they've barely spent anything." >Adagio peered at her suspiciously. >"Your friends and you are weird outliers." "Outliers?" >"Outliers." >Sunset flicked her nose. >"Ouch! What was that for?" "Well dear, us outliers always have such extreme reactions to things, don't we?" >"Yeah yeah, I get it." >Sunset yelped when Adagio pulled her arm free and landed a smack on her rear. >"I'm still not happy about it." >She rubbed at her rear and glared at Adagio. "Not funny." >"You're right. Smacking your ass is sexy, not funny." >Sunset turned away, tilting her head up and crossing her arms. >Adagio stopped and looked at her oddly. >"Are you pouting?" "I do not pout! I'm declaring protest." >"You're really pouting. Wow." "Protest! My body isn't your plaything-" >"I wish it were, you'd be wearing a lot less." "And I demand to be treated with some respect!" >Adagio sighed and shut her eyes. >She counted to ten, then backwards, then back to ten. >"Sunny?" "Ye-" >Sunset's eyes stared into deep magenta as Adagio furiously kissed her. >In a rare act of spite, Sunset stuck snow down the back of Adagio's coat. >Like a woman possessed, Adagio began flailing around, jumping up and down and side to side to rid herself of the freezing cold snow. >It took her almost a minute, but when she did and she turned to a laughing sunset, her face was bright red. >"That wasn't funny." "Then why am I laughing?" >"Oh you're gonna get it, Shimmer." >Sunset kept laughing, even as Adagio tackled her to the ground. >Now it was Sunset's turn to dance, or writhe around on the ground, when Adagio copied her act of vengeance. >Now it was Sunset's turn to dance, or writhe around on the ground, when Adagio copied her act of vengeance. >Adagio pounced on her, fingers coming up under her clothes to scratch at her sides, sending Sunset into peels of laughter. "Haha! Dagio, stop! Stop! I give!" >"Say uncle, Pony!" "Uncle! Uncle!" >Adagio began laughing too. >They rolled around in the fresh white snow for a little longer before stopping, flushed and sweaty and panting. >"Y-you know, Sunny?" "What's that?" >"I think I'm starting to like days like these too." "Oh? What changed your mind?" >They sat up, and Adagio turned to Sunset with a wide grin. >"You did." >Adagio's eyes closed and her lips pulled together as she leaned in for a kiss. >Sunset smirked. *** "SUNNY!" >Adagio shrieked when Sunset met her lips with a snowball. >She looked up to see Sunset sprinting away from her, laughing all the while. >"YOU COME BACK HERE!" >Adagio bolted up from her spot and began chasing her wayward charge. >She loved days like these. ***