A Dazzling Pack (NSFW, Sonata) - by LaPsbin

"--And then I carry the seven, right?" >"Nope! First you minus the four from the nine-fifty, then you square root both sides, and THEN you carry the seven." "...What about the eight? What the hell do I do with that?" >"I'll tell you when we get to that part, silly!" >As always, Canterlot High's library was pretty much empty >Ms. Cheerilee was doing something or another with a shitton of new books >And by that you meant that she was masterbating >There were a couple of weird girls messing around in the school's manga section >Human-Twiggles was huddled up at the table farthest away from you with a mountain of books in front of her >You were sitting at a desk near the computers >In front of you was tonight's math homework, along with some paper and a couple of pencils >You'd have had a calculator on the fucking table too--since you weren't some nerd that could do math without one-- but your tutor wouldn't have any of that shit "...Like this?" >You could see Sonata's eyes gleam as she leaned down and examined your work >"Hmm," she said thoughtfully, spinning a pencil in between her fingers. "I think... you might be a little off." >God.Damn.It. >Sighing, you placed your head in your hands "Fuck this math," you grumbled a little louder than you admittedly should have. "Fuck this math with a nine-iron." >Sonata giggled as you crumbled up the paper that you were doing the work on and threw it toward the trash can that was sitting next to the newspapers >You missed of course >...Fucker >"Come on, Nonny. You almost got it this time!" she said, wrapped an arm around your neck. "You just messed something up subtracting the last part." >You parted your fingers so you could stare hatefully down at your math book >HATEFULLY "Why the FUCK do they even have advanced physics in this high school?" you grumbled angrily. "And better yet, why the hell do I have to take the fucking class?" >Blue, making teasing siren sounds, leaned you toward her and began to nuzzle your cheek >Though you were a salty Wolly, you allowed her to do this >You were only a little happy about it though >"Come on, Nonny. This is the last question. You can do this," she said encouragingly. "I know you can." >Giving you a peck on the cheek, she released her hold on you >Reaching into your backpack, she pulled out another piece of paper and sat it on the table >She then began to rewrite the equation that you had been struggling with for the last fifteen minutes >Not very many people knew this, but lil' blue here was smart >Like genius smart >Like Stephen Hawking's level >From what you had gathered, she not only fluently spoke over three dozen languages, she excelled in math, science, biology, fucking STOCKS >Among other things >The other sirens were smart-- a hell of a lot smarter than you in many ways-- but Sonata was on a whole other level >She took this school's most difficult classes and, without any effort, aced them >She could calculate complex math problems in her head >You were pretty sure that she had created synthetic plastic during this world's World War I >She also might have been the one that accidently caused the Stock Market Crash in the Twenties >"I forgot to carry the two," she had told you when you had asked her. "A lot of people got really mad at me, and me and Aria and Dagy had to go away for a little while." >A hell of a thing for a girl that acts like she's twelve most of the time... >Sighing, you let your hands drop from your face as she finishes up rewriting the problem "Can't you just do the rest of the work?" you asked. "It's the last problem, for Christ's sake." >"You won't learn this if you don't practice it, silly," she said, poking your cheek with her pencil before placing it in your hand >You grimaced "I don't WANT to learn this shit," you mumbled. "I'm not going to do anything in physics. I was a history major goddammit. The only thing that I needed to learn was fucking college level algebra." >Lil' blue's smile diminished some as you slumped in your chair >Defeated >Her brow furrowed in thought for a few moments, before a smile exploded across your face >"Come on, Nonny, don't give up now!" she said, grabbing your arm and hugging it against her chest. "You're going to get it this time, I know it!" >You looked over a blue >She had angled herself so that you could see down her low-cut shirt >Her arms were mashing her breasts together, allowing you to see that she, in fact, was not wearing a bra >... >"How about if you get it right this time I give you a little... reward~" she cooed, giving you a saucy smile as she rubbed her tits against your arm >Her nipples were hard, you noticed >Very hard >... >Alrighty then... >Looking away from blue, you took up your pencil >Sonata, giving your shoulder a teasing kiss, released your arm and leaned toward the sheet of paper with you >"It'll be over before you know it, Nonny," she chirped, wiggling in her seat >She was, of course, wrong >It wasn't over before you knew it >You weren't good at math >You didn't like it; the equations, the formulas, the rigidness of the whole thing >This was made worse by the fact that you had to calculate everything in your head and on paper rather than using a calculator >...Why the fuck couldn't you use a calculator? >Everyone ELSE uses one >Even Mr. Cranky, the old shithead... >You don't care if lil' blue didn't use one back in her day >This was the modern era! >They had telephones and airplanes and stores that sold sex lube by the GALLON! >... >Still, no amount of bitching got you one, so the old-fashioned way was what you were going to have to do >Each minute doing the problem felt like an hour >You trudged through the formula, having to go back more than three times to fix some stupid ass mistake that you noticed out of the blue >Sweat was pouring down your face >Halfway through the problem you had an overwhelming desire to throw the table >The whole while Sonata was there, quietly encouraging you and giving you advice when you asked >Finally--fucking FINALLY-- after another ten minutes sitting there on the verge of causing a scene, you pushed the sheet of paper over to her "If it's not right this time I'm burning my book when we get home," you proclaimed with a groan, laying your head down onto the desk and closing your eyes >"I'm sure that you got it this time, Nonny," Sonata assured, picking up the paper and clearing her throat. "Alrighty. Let's take a lookse..." >For the next minute or so there was nothing but silence as lil' blue looked over your work >You just sat there, sweaty and angry and with a half-chub >Fucking math... >Fucking Mr. Cranky... >Fucking Twilight... >You should be trying to find work in a museum or in some college or some shit like that >You shouldn't be a fucking high school student again... >You wouldn't have to do advanced physics THEN >The cunting-- >You nearly fell out of your chair as Sonata let out a high-pitched squeal >"You did it, Nonny!" she cried, grabbing your head and mashing your face into her chest. "You did it! You got everything right!" "THnjnl mhmhn," you mumbled as lil' blue rocked you back and forth >She smelled fruity with a hint of salt >Her breasts were soft, with a pleasant firmness that made them feel good against your face >Her nipples were also still hard >.... >It WAS cold in here you supposed... >Sighing, you nuzzled yourself in between her boobs and just took a few seconds to enjoy your little victory >A soft, comfortable, nice-smelling , boob-filled victory >You had done it >After almost two hours of sitting here and trying not to scream, you had finished your math homework >Now you could finally go home, get something to eat, take a ba-- >Sonata grabbed your shoulders, pulling you away from her >There was a smile on her face >A devious smile >A hungry smile >"Good job, hon," she congratulated, leaning over and giving you a peck on the lips >At least, you thought it was going to be a peck >When you had tried to lean back, you noticed that Sonata's hand was on the back of your head >You weren't able to move back an inch before she jerked you forward, causing your lips to crash against hers >You gasped as lil' blue giggled, her eyes dancing as she deepened the kiss >She was pressing her tits together again >You could see them jutting out underneath her jaw >Her areolas could be easily seen >... >Oh could they... >You were barely able to look down at them when Sonata sprung her trap >Not breaking your kiss, she hopped from her chair and into your lap >You grunted in surprise, placing your hands around her hips to support her >She hummed, wrapping her arms around your neck as your eyes widened >You were in a public place >A VERY public place >If the wrong person walked into this library and saw Sonata and you like this there would be hell to pay >You might not get expelled--lord knows that nobody got kicked out of this fucking school-- but you were sure to get suspended >At the very least, the principal would give you a tongue lashing >Something that you didn't feel particularly feel like going through today >Sonata let out a quiet groan, digging her fingers into your scalp >She began to grind her ample backside into your lap, stimulating areas that you'd rather not be stimulated out here like this >You tried to look around, tried to lean back, but Sonata wouldn't have any of it, pulling you back to her with a growl that didn't sound quite human >Another fun fact about lil' blue here >While she appeared like a bubbly, cheery girl to most people, this was just a front >There was a sexual deviant underneath all of those giggles and smiles and that "playful" bouncing >A VERY smart sexual deviant with a libido that far outpaced any that you had ever seen lurked under that false facade >Lil' blue could go for HOURS; long after you and the other girls had conked out >And no one was safe >No you, not Adagio, not even Aria >When Sonata got horny SOMEONE was getting fucked >Most of the time she was able to control it, but sometimes... >"Ah... Is lil' Nonny waking up?" the blue girl murmured, panting hotly into your ear as she grinded herself harder and harder against you >She nipped your ear hard, causing your knees to knock together "Sonata," you grunted. "We're in school right now. We could get in a lot of--" >"No one's gonna see us," she interrupted, her tongue slipping out of her mouth to lick the side of your neck >She then bite down >Hard >You twitched as both pain and pleasure exploded down your body, causing her to giggle >... >That one was gonna leave a mark... >"Come on, Nonny. I'll take you someplace quiet and we can have a little fun before we go home," lil' blue said, her light purple eyes staring into yours with an unusual intensity >As you opened your mouth to say something, she darted down, taking you by surprise >A siren's tongue was a hell of a lot longer than a human's >Stronger and a bit thicker too >And sweet Jesus on a pogo stick did Sonata know how to use it >The second that her lips found yours her tongue was on the attack >It wrestled yours into submission, it teased your teeth and gums, it sent a wave of bubbly pleasure through your body that made you squirm >All in the span of seconds >... >Jesus... >You exhaled explosively through your nose as blue hummed >Not a second later, your tongue began to dance with her's on its own accord, further delighting your packmate and causing her grip on you to tighten >... >Fuck... >As best as you could, you looked around >Those two weird girls near the anime section were staring at you >Not-Twilight--in her own little world--still her nose buried in a book >Ms. Cheerilee was, thank Christ, nowhere to be seen >It wasn't that bad >Yet >Grabbing lil' blue's shoulders, you pulled away from the kiss "Sonata, we nee--" >Only for her to lean back, cup your face, and pull you right back toward her >Sonata was focusing whatever energy she wasn't using for your kiss to grind against you, teasing and tickling and making it VERY HARD to think >But still, you managed to pull away again "Sonata, at least let me get up from this chair so we can--" >Sonata grabbed you again, her tongue teasing you lips as she let out a hungry growl >Growling in frustration, you pulled away again "Ms. Cheerilee is gonna see us and you're going to get us in troubl--" >Again her lips captured yours >Again you somehow managed to pull away "Goddammit, Sonata!" you whisper-shouted, covering your mouth with both hands. "Let's go someplace before--" >Sonata, her eyes sharp and focused, crawled off of you and stood up >She then turned back toward you, bent down, and picked you up bridal style >Something which you weren't too happy about "You put me the fuck down right now!" you growled, your legs kicking pathetically in the air. "You put me down or I'll bite the SHIT out of you!" >That got a smile out of her >"Don't you promise me a good time, Nonny," she said, kissing your nose "Put. Me. The. Fuck. Down." >Sonata, carefully pushing your chair in, looked around the library--giving the weirdos watching the two of you a look that made them turn back to their nerd comics-- before making her way toward one of the rows of books >"Come on, let's find somewhere private." >You frowned, kicking and wiggling as hard as you could kick and wiggle, but it was no use >Sonata's grip on your green ass was iron >... >Fucking super strong women... >As she carried you, Sonata made sure to kiss and nuzzle your face every chance she could >This sometimes caused your legs to hit into something or knock over some books, but she didn't seem to concerned about it >You were though >Since it HURT and everything "Put. Me. Down." >Giggling, blue gave you another kiss on the nose >"Not until I find us a good place, silly." >You eyes widened in realization >No, no, no >Nononononononono... >You're not fucking her in the library >A bathroom would be fine; you wouldn't even have a problem with an abandoned classroom or something like that >BUT NOT HERE WHERE OTHER PEOPLE WERE! >"There we go! This place seems out of the way enough!" >... >You picked your head up from your herdmate's bosom >She had carried you to the geology section of the library >... >Why the hell does this school have so many books about rocks? >Sonata continued to carry you until the two of you were near the end of the row, right next to the wall >She then put you down >You scrambled away from her until your back hit the wall >"There we go!" she happily chirped, bouncing on her heels as she looked at you. "How's this, Nonny?" >Straightening your shirt--aka, trying to discreetly pick up the pieces of your pride-- you gave the blue girl a glare as she looked over her shoulder >You took a step toward her, your chest puffed out "Sonata! We are not fucking in the li--" >Seeing that the coast was clear, Sonata-- without a bit of hesitation-- grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled the thing over her head >You got to see her flat, smooth, perfect stomach for just a few sparse moments before her bare, naked breasts were out for the world to see >... >You had been right >She HADN'T been wearing a bra >... >Well then... >Your mouth snapped shut as lil' blue giggled >Her skin, as you said before, was flawless >There was no bump, scar, boil in sight >No imperfections at all >It was perfect >SHE, like her sisters, were perfect >Your gaze slowly traveled up from that cute little belly button of hers, up and up and up until you saw a pair of somethings that weren't too little on lil' blue >A pair of breasts, large and shapely, were staring right back at you >They were big >In fact, the only women that had bigger ones in this school were the principal, the vice-principal, and MAYBE Moondancer >They hung a bit lower on her stomach, sacrificing perk for mass, but their was only minimal sag >On these breast were a pair of quarter-sized nipples and areolas that made a man's mouth water >... >Goddammit... >You couldn't look away... >Sonata, giggling, bounced on her heels, sending her breasts bouncing in a way that could make a blind man see >"Thank goodness I "forgot" to wear a bra today, huh?" she asked, giving you a wink before advancing toward you. "Now, let's have some fun~" >You, to overwhelmed to do anything other than stand there with your mouth opened, allowed yourself to be pushed backwards until Sonata had pinned you to the wall >Her breasts mashed up against your chest as she wrapped her arms around you, grinning like a madwoman >"Nonnnnny~" >She leaned up, rubbing her cheek against your throat >"Nonnny~" >She then kissed your Adam's apple, before leaning up on her tiptoes, her lips puckered >"Mwah~" >This kiss was happy and sweet--just like the little blue minx in front of you--and fuck you with a rack if you didn't return it whole-heartedly >She was warm and soft and you could feel her little fingers digging into the small of your back >Shitty backdrop aside, it was wonderful >Like always >The stray little hairs that she hadn't managed to wrangle into her ponytail tickled your forehead >Her nostrils flared with each little breath that she took >She looked up at you with her nearly glowing eyes, so full of affection and love and want >You held lil' blue tight against you, making her giggle as she broke the kiss >"Hey, Nonny. Look at what I got!" >Reaching into her pocket, Sonata pulled out a rubber >You frowned "And where the heck did you get that?" you asked >Still pinning you to the wall, blue brought the little square package to her lips and ripped the corner of it using her teeth >"We were learning to put them on bananas during sex ed class," she told you, reaching down to unbutton your pants with a hand >You looked at the package carefully, your frown deepening "...They gave you Roman extra-lube, rubbed for his pleasure condoms to put on bananas?" >Sonata leaned up and kissed your nose >"Yep." >...liar >With a flick of Sonata's wrist, your pants dropped to the ground >Your cock was straining against your boxers, and you could nearly head it groan in relief as it was release from the confines of your pants >Seeing this, Sonata gave you length a squeeze, causing you to gasp >"Dagy would get mad at me if I didn't use one of these, so we're going to have to use it," she said--almost to herself, you noticed-- as she squatted down in front of you. >She licked her lips, eyeing your bulge "But that'll be fine. I'll have you cumming in a jiffy anyway." >You let out a quiet groan, covering your face with a hand >Having a beautiful, half-naked woman kneeling down in front of you... >Doing something like this in a public place... >Knowing what would happen to the two of you if you got caught... >It was too much >All of... THIS was working you up >It was working you up good >You looked down, watching as Sonata carefully stuck the open wrapper into the side her mouth >She then grabbed the bottoms of your boxers and slowly pulled them down >"Nonny, why don't you do a little dance?" she asked around the wrapper, wiggling her eyebrows as you >You laughed nervously, looking up to see if anyone was about to walk by "W-Why don't you hurry up?" you replied >Blue's nose scrunched up >"You're no fun," she said, sticking her tongue out at you. "But don't you worry, Nonny. Your Sonata's here to make you a WHOLE lot funner~" >Your cock fought the fabric of your boxers, trying to stand proud and tall even as she pulled them down inch by inch >You wiggled your hips, trying to speed up the process >It was only a matter of time before someone walked by this row >The longer that the two messed around the greater chance of getting caught increased >You had to hurry this up >You had to-- >With a final tug, your member was freed from the confines of your boxers >It sprang up, hitting Sonata on the cheek >Your toes curled at both the sight and the sensation >And the sound... >That meaty, weighty, incredible sound... "Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk..." >Sonata giggled, wrapping her fingers around your base and giving you a few quick pumps >"Hello there, big fella!" >Your cock twitched, sending a spurt of pre onto the floor >Sonata grinned >"Awwww... he's happy to see me, Nonny!" >She looked up at you as her fingers slide up your length, licking her lips with that long pink tongue of hers >"I'm happy to see him too~" >Not breaking eye contact, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the side of your headfvkjbdfkjvbdkjbkjb! >You knees slapped together as your cock throbbed >A squeaky, slightly high-pitched sound escaped your throat >Somebodyprobablyheardthatohfuckyou'regoingtogetsuspendedforthisorsomeone'sgonnarecordthisshitandputitontheinternetandyou'renotgoingtobeableto-- "Huuuuggggg..." >Sonata's tongue slide down your length >You could feel her lips, her hot, moist breath, the smooth skin on her cheek as she slide down >You twitched again, spurting even more pre onto the floor below >She was pulling the condom out of its wrapper >She was-- >Your knees jerked as she gave your base a kiss "Remember, Nonny, we gotta be quiet," she said as she buried her nose in the small patch of hair that you kept above your cock and inhaled deeply. "We don't want anyone to find us." >You felt something slimy and rubbery placed against the head of your cock >Focusing back on the tip, you saw that it was the condom >"We can be as loud as we want to be when we get home, but right now we gotta be like ninjas," Sonata said, looking up at you with those pretty, bright eyes of hers. "Do you think you can do that, Nonny?" >... >Fuck it >A beautiful woman that you loved was about to have sex with you >You're not even going to pretend to be against this anymore >Slowly, you began to nod >Sonata grinned, bouncing on her knees >Which, you couldn't help but notice, did VERY interesting things to her chest >"Great! Now just let me get this on..." >There was something infinitely satisfying about watching a woman putting your condom on >Feeling fingers that weren't your own pushing it down your length >Feeling the rubber stretch and flex as she adjusted it before pinching the little air bubble at the tip >It was enough for a guy to smile >"There we go! Lil' Nonny's all dressed up and ready for the party!" Sonata quietly cheered, giving your dick a little pat before standing back up >You quickly--eagerly-- leaned forward, hooking your fingers through her shorts and tugging at the waistband >Sonata's eyes widened in surprise >You grinned "Now it's your turn." >She giggled, leaning up and rubbing her nose against yours >"Oh? You wanna say hello to?" she asked placing her hands on your shoulders >She pushed down, nearly driving you to your knees >"Well, go ahead! She misses you!" >She pushed you down a little harder, shaking in excitement as she did so >... >Sea monster in human skin or not, a hundred and twenty pound girl shouldn't be this strong >It wasn't fucking fair... >Pushing that thought aside--you had a beautiful woman to see to you homo-- you placed a tender kiss on her neck >Your next kiss went a little lower, right on her collarbone >The kiss after that was in the middle of her sternum >After that the kisses turned into a barrage >Down and down you went >Down her breast--taking a moment to suck on her nipples and squeeze and grope to your heart's content-- and down her belly >You were slow, taking your time as you crouched down lower and lower and lower >Sonata was giggling and gasping, watching you eagerly >"You tease..." she cooed, patting the top of your head >When you got down onto your knees-- where your face was mid-belly height-- you began to pull her pants down, panties and all >Sonata hummed, running her fingers through your hair >"Come on, Nonny, take 'em off," she murmured, bucking her hips forward so that she could grind your face against her crotch. "I want lil' Nonny inside of me." >Kissing Blue's belly--making her twitch, her breath hitching-- you tugged her pants lower and lower >More perfect, pale flesh was revealed >Strong, thick legs >Wide, luscious hips >Lower and lower and lower you pushed down until, with a final tug, the pants fell to the ground with a soft thud, revealing your packmate in all of her naked glory >... >Woof... >You placed a kiss under her belly button >Then right above the little patch of hair that she kept above her groin >You could smell her excitement; could see her smooth, soft, plump little lips >She was soaked >Not only was her groin glistening in the artificial light of the room, but her thighs as well >She was begging to be seen to >Begging to be licked >"See how excited I am, Nonny?" Sonata murmured breathlessly, digging her fingers into your hair. "I can't wait to--A-Ah~!" >Leaning down, you ran your tongue up the length of her slit >Sonata's hips bucked forward, nearly sending your nose into her, but you ignored that >There was something about your girls' taste that you couldn't describe >Sonata, Aria, or the mighty poof; all of them seemed...sweeter than a normal woman >The cum itself was thicker, and the taste stayed in you mouth long after the fact >You loved it >Especially Sonata's >Wrapping your arms around Blue's backside, you dived in >Your tongue lapped at her thighs, at her flower, at her mound >There was nothing slow or teasing about these licks >Your tongue-work was frantic, hungry, determined >There was only one goal in mind >One desire >Sonata twitched and gasped with each lick, still running her fingers through your hair >"N-Nonny, stop that s-so we can--oh~!" >You slipped your tongue into her opening, tasting her essence from the source >Sonata's muscles rippled and tensed >Shaking, she grabbed the back of your head and forced your face against her sex with no smaller amount of force >"N-Nonny," she whined, squeezing your face in between her wet thighs, coating your already wet cheeks with both saliva and cum that you missed. "Noooonnnnnnyyyyy..." >Her inner muscles tugged at your tongue, trying to pull it in deeper >You pressed yourself so close to her that your nose was teasing her clit, trying to get as much of your wet muscle inside of her as you could, your tongue lapping at her walls >The result was another gasp from up above, which turned into a quiet moan >Giving her ass a squeeze, you let out a happy growl >Your whole world was Sonata >You could see nothing, smell nothing, taste nothing, and feel nothing but her >You forgot about the fact that the two of you were in the middle of a library >You forgot that there were other people around >None of that mattered >None of it >You were going keep licking and kissing until you passed out from lack of oxygen or she ripped the hair out of your head >You were going to keep licking until-- >"Nonny!" >A pair of hands grabbed your armpits >Before you even knew what was happening, your face was forced from heaven and you were yanked roughly to your feet >You were breathing hard, flushed and with a face that was soaked in fluids all the way down to the neck >Sonata was worse >Much, much worse >The blue girl's eyes were wild >Her chest was heaving, and her lips were drawn back into a snarl, her long, dagger-like fangs gleaming in the light >...Uh oh >You opened your mouth to say something, only for Sonata to crash her mouth against yours >"I wanna feel you twitching inside me," she growled, reaching down and grabbing your dick as she pushed you against the wall. "I wanna fuck you. I wanna fuck you until you can't WALK!" >She lifted up a leg and placed her foot against the wall >Pressing herself against you, she guided your cock to your slit >"Come on," she growled. "Come on, come on, comeon, comeoncomeon, comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!" >She pressed your tip against her opening >You tried to groan but Sonata fiercely kissed you again, muffling the sound >Lil' blue then began to rub your cock up and down her womanhood, teasing and parting those light blue lips to reveal the healthy pink underneath >Then, with a growl, she bucked her hips against your savagely >The two of you tensed as your cock was buried to the hilt in one smooth motion >DFgljndlknlknl! >Your hips jerked as Blue bit her lip and closed her eyes >"Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss..." >You were given no time to adjust >Were given no time to savor her tightness, her heat. the way that her muscles formed around you >The second that you were fully inside of her she was pulling back until just your tip was inside >Then she slammed forward so hard that the wet, meaty sound could no doubt be heard throughout the library >She did this again and again and again, as quickly as she could in the admittedly awkward position that she was in >"Come on. Give it to me. Give it to me, Nonny!" >The only thing you could do was stand there as best as you could and hold onto your packmate for dear life >Ididn'tsignupforthisshit.jpg >To keep yourself from making too much noise you bit down on Sonata's neck >She groaned, her fingers digging into your sides as her insides tightened around you >"Come on, Nonny. Fuck your Sonata. Cum all inside of her. Give her pups!" she growled into your ear >She was riding you hard >Savagely >There was no tenderness in this sex >You didn't play a major part in it >It was sex for one reason only >To be bred >You growled into her throat as you began to thrust as best as you could, wrapping your arms around her and pinning her against you >In and out, in and out >Tightness and heat >Wet, slapping, satisfying sounds >Groans and touches and licks >Sonata's ponytail bobbed up and down wildly in the air >Her breasts jiggled and wobbled >Her ass bounced >You began thrust as quickly as you could, breathing hard as you roughly bit and licked Sonata's neck >"Yes, yes! Just like that!" she groaned, her nails wracking your back. "Fuck me just like that. Fuck me!" >You could taste the sweat dripping down her neck >Droplets of it were sliding down her body, down those perfect breasts and that flat belly >You could see it dripping down your body as well "Fuccccck," you hissed, hilting and holding yourself against her so you could take a breather >Sonata giggled, pulling away from you >You hissed, your cock twitching, trying to keep yourself inside of her "Stop for a s-second. I need to--fuck!" >She slammed forward, causing you to breathlessly swear >She did it again, making you tighten your grip around her >She did it a third time and you could feel your head swimming >It was too much >You weren't going to be able to hold out much longer >You could FEEL your cock leaking into the condom >Your balls were tightening, ready to unleash their load >Sonata must have felt that you nearing your end, because she began to roughly bite your neck, humping you as hard and as fast as she could >"Cum inside, Nonny," she hissed. "Paint my insides. Put so much cum in me that it drips all over this floor." >Her cunny muscles tightened around your cock so much that you were afraid that she was going to force you out of her >You twitched hard in response, whimpering into her neck >"Cum. Let me make you into a man. CUM!" >Without warning, she bit down on your neck hard >Your mouth opened into a silent scream as you felt her canines sink into your neck, sending a bolt of searing hot pain down your spin "A-Aha~" >Your first shot of cum fired out of your tip with so much force that it felt like you were about to be blown off your feet >Sonata hissed, biting down harder on your neck and forcing you to hilt just as your second load fired into your condom >You could feel blood seeping from the teeth marks >Feel her tongue lapping it up as your body shook from both pain and pleasure >Your heart pounded in your chest >You couldn't catch your breath >Everything hurt so much yet felt so good >You tried to move, to squirm, to wiggle, but couldn't >You fired again and again and again, filling your condom so that it was nearly fit to burst >A torrent of fluids coated your legs and groin as Sonata let out a groan of her own >Your legs went limp and you fell forward >Sonata, panting even as her tongue lapped at your neck, leaned forward as well >The two of you stood there, leaning on each other as if your lives depended on it, shivering and shaking and trying not to fall over as you rode out your orgasms >Finally, Sonata pulled away from your shoulder, pulling those sharp teeth away >You winced >MotherFUCKER... >That shit is going to BRUISE >And you were going to get blood all over your shirt... >Still, after a cum like that you couldn't find yourself all that mad "Fill me... with pups?" you mumbled, trying to catch your breath. "What the... hell was that?" >Sonata, closing her eyes with a pleased smile on her face, giggled >"It made... you cum really hard... silly," she answered, licking the blood from her lips. "You probably filled... that WHOLE condom..." >You reached up and touched your shoulder >You then immediately flinched >...Yep, that's gonna leave a bruise >Probably a big one "You know... Dagy's probably going to... be pissed about this... bit right?" >Sonata leaned into you, humming a little tune to herself >"It'll be... fine," she said, patting your butt. "She'll only be mad... for a couple of... days." >She finally opened her eyes and gave you a heartfelt smile >"Love you." >Your brow furrowed >... >Aw.... >Wrapping your arms around her neck, you kissed her forehead before resting her chin on her shoulder "I love you to--" >"Excuse me?" >Quick as a flash, both you and Sonata looked over your shoulder >There, standing not ten feet from you, was Pinkie's sister, Maud >Like always, she was giving the two of you the blankest, most deadpanned stare that you have ever seen >... >Oh fuck... >"I wanted to grab Dr. Limestone's Advanced Understand of Bedrock, she said, nudging her head to a book right next to you. "But the two of you seem to be in the way." >... >You and Sonata, you without pants on and her completely naked, looked at each other >Without saying a word--still buried inside of your packmate mind you-- you grabbed the book that she was referring to and held it out to her >Without batting an eyelash, she walked over and grabbed the book >"Thank you very much," she said, taking a step back >She then looked the two of you over as she placed the book under her arm >Nodding to herself, she turned around >"You may continue copulation," she said, before promptly disappearing >Both you and blue stood there frozen for a few moments >Then, without warning, Sonata let out a giggle >"Well, that sure is a ROCKY way to end this, huh?" she asked >You frowned >Hard "If Adagio doesn't beat your ass when we get home I'm going to."