Psychonata - by PavementEggs

>You did it >You finally confessed to Sonata your long time crush >You had been planning this day for weeks and you didn't even stutter upon spilling your words of affection >She looks so happy >Her face with a small but visible plush and her hands close to her chest >She must be feeling her most likely pounding heart >Its funny you almost thought you heard a sound like knuckles cracking >You try to break the silence but a gust of wind blows by your sweating face then.... >Lights out >You wake up what seems to be hours later >For some reason your on your back and your nose is running with blood >You turn to your side only to see a taco bell gift card with a phone number scribbled on it >You put the card in your pocket and limbed home wondering how you needed up behind CHS in the first place >You are Sonata Dusk >Your behind CHS listening to Anon confess his love for you >Hes a sweet guy and his confession warms your heart >You see he stops talking but you don't say anything >You stare at him your heart racing a mile a minute >You bring your hands close to your heart >And crack your knuckles >Unlike most girls when you feel loved you show it in a very unorthodox way >You've been confessed to by a lot of boys and everytime it ends the same >But not Anon you won't hurt Anon >You begin to shake as the adrenaline builds inside you >Your hot so hot boiling with joy but you can't release it like normal >You're gonna hug Anon and accept his proposal for a date >Thats not what happens >Anon opens his mouth as if to speak >You cock back and plant a right jab square on his nose >It feels good >Anon drops like a brick >Swiftly you straddle this waist and unload a barrage of punches to Anons perfect head >”Yes Anon i'll go on a date with you” >You scream this to the heavens as you wale on Anon for a few seconds more >The friction of you knuckles on Anons face feels so good >You know its wrong but it doesn't stop you >You need this >Finally after blood leaks from Anons nose you calm down and get off him >The seconds you see his face you panic >”No no no no no again I did it again” >You try to wipe the blood from his nose but you only manage to smear it around >You decide to grab the first thing from your backpack and scribble your number on it > You toss it next to Anon and runoff ashamed of what you did >You know Anon will hate you when he wakes up,leaving him your number was your way of giving him a chance to rage at you when he awakens like all the other boys did. >You get home drop your phone on the table and pray Anon doesn't remember anything from today >You are Anon >You make it back home,grab a towel for your leaking nose and slum on the couch >Damn your head is throbbing >Its as if your head has a heartbeat the way it pluses every few seconds >You remember the card you found on the ground next to you,maybe you were attacked and some kind soul chased the thugs for you >But then why leave their phone number? > You reach into your pocket and pull out the card and your phone >You’ll call the number and hopefully find out what happened to you in the process >Its rings once >Twice >Three times >Maybe it was just a random number litter by your unconscious husk >Suddenly you hear the click of the receiver and a familiar voice speaks >”Hello?” >You instantly recognize the voice as Sonata Dusk your long time crush >You're gonna confess to her soon >At that thought your head throbs “Sonata?” >”Hey Anon I'm really super sorry about today. I just.. you were saying such sweet things to me and my heart was racing. I just had to let of loose please dont be mad.” >Wot? Saying sweet things? Let loose? >Your sure you hadn't spoken to Sonata at school today,you were planning your confession. What is she talking about? >As you ponder the meaning of Sonatas words you headache rages stronger than earlier “Sonata we didn't speak to each other today. Are you okay? >”You mean you don't remember. In the back of school today you told me somethings. Remeber?” “No im sorry Sonata I just don't recall much of anything after school” >Aside from waking up on the ground with a bloody nose “Did something happen?” >”No nothing nothing at all haha.” “Hey you wanna walk home together tomorrow?” >WHAT! First you wake up on the floor and now your crush asks to walk home together. This is the weirdest Wednesy ever “I would love to walk you home tomorrow!” >With that you both say goodbye and hang up the phone >You're not sure how you got so lucky as to find Sonatas number but you're glad it happened >You sleep on the couch with a pounding head and hopes for the same luck tomorrow >You are Sonata >You have just gotten off the phone with Anon >He seems to have forgotten about the beating loving you gave him >Your happy,it means you have another chance >This time you won't mess up >Obviously you didn't beat him love him hard enough >Wait wait.What are you thinking you don't show love by hitting? No you’ll tell Anon what happened and apologize. > School has ended and you and Anon are walking side by side >You notice him glance at you ever so often. So cute. >Neither of you speak >You mentally prepare yourself for the wrath Anon will unleash upon you when you tell him the truth of what happened yesterday >With that thought in mind you reach the apartment in which you,Aria and Adagio reside >You stop >Anon stops >”Anon the reason I wanted to walk with was because I wanted to tell yo- “I LOVE YOU TOO SONATA!” >Wot >He cut you off >What did he think you were going to say >Your body gets hot >Anon must have thought you were about to confess but that wasn't the plan at all > You you were gonna tell him about the love beating from yesterday >”Wait Anon I was going to tell you tha-” “Sssh” >Anons precious finger covered your lip “You dont have to speak Sonata” >Anons arms were spread wide and he started to lean in for a hug >A hug from Anon >You were burning up,so hot,boiling >You reached in to hug Anon to feel his warmth,his touch >Thats not what happened in the end >Your arms did infact open but your fists did not desire a hug >Your fists wanted to show love >And so they did