Winters Misadventures (Dazzlings) - by Manners

>Be Adagio >Looking out the window you couldn't tell what had changed more, the environment or life itself >You never really paid attention to the subtle changes that arrived with each season >But now that you were no longer chasing power you are finally able to sit back, relax and enjoy such a rare view >The town had been covered in a blanket of snow that was as captivating as it were miraculous >The blanket spread out as far as you could see, covering countless buildings, hills and even the countless post lights and poles >Yet it looked as if it were just a smooth pure white sheet that drape over everything, It was very bizarre >Even in the winter snow wasn't a common occurrence in this region >You'd be damned if you allowed yourself to be trapped inside during your first real winter >It was settled, turning your head you yell "Girls! We're heading out!" >Sonata >You hadn't left the house since before it began snowing last night, and did it snow >This being your first experience with snow you were in for a treat >Taking your first step outside you heard- >No >You 'felt' the snow crunch beneath your feet >It was extremely quiet out today, no animals or cars to be heard >Only silence >Not a sound, other than the crunching of the snow >With each consecutive step you couldn't wait to hear the next one >The pause between each step slowly became shorter until they were nonexistent >It was truly an invigorating sound >It really got the heart pumping >And the blood running >Turning back you see you'd put quite the distance between you and your companions >You couldn't help but laugh and wave to them >Even from here you could see Adagio's attention drifting from here to there >Aria even seemed to be enjoying herself, well as much as Aria could enjoy a walk anyway >Turning back you decide to go ahead and keep walking >They would just have to meet you there >Taking your next step you awaited the anticipated sound >The day hasn't even begun and it was already off to a magnificent start >Aria >So this was winter >You couldn't help but be genuinely curious >It wasn't as bad as you initially thought it'd be >Sure you would rather be home but this isn't a disaster by any means >It was quiet >But more so than that >It was calm >Before the destruction of the amulets you had to deal with constant shouting in one form or another >This was your chance at a completely calm day, no cars or bustle that you'd of dealt with on a normal day >The snow had been very unexpected, even the forecast had it wrong >Because of this you wouldn't have to work today >You had been designated to deliver orders from the local pizzeria >The manager would always pester you with the same saying >"You should smile more, it would surely help you receive tips" >Needless to say you didn't receive many tips >Regardless this wasn't the time nor place to rethink your job choice >Winter really was a spectacle to behold >The sky was a lighter shade of blue than you'd ever seen it >There wasn't a cloud in the sky, allowing the sun to shine down and seemingly reflect from the snow itself >With not much on the agenda aside from buying winter gear today actually looked somewhat >Promising >Adagio >Before long you meet with Sonata at the store "We are only here to pick up general gear let's try not to take to l-" >Someone was tapping your shoulder >Turning you see it is a man wearing ragged clothing and a scarf >"Spare some change?" >Aria was quick to dismiss him >"Let's go already, stop wasting time." >You also ignore the man, walking into the store >You peek back to see Sonata handing the man a dollar before rushing to catch up >Less than an hour later the shopping had ended and you were leaving and the man was still outside, pacing the road >He waved, a smile occupying his face >The three of you had only been walking a good three minutes when you felt someone drape their arm around your shoulder >"Evening friends!" >Accompanying these words was an affectionate and rather overbearing squeeze >It was him again >You turn and quickly grabbed him by the scarf, Aria had reacted in a very similar way both of you raising a fist >Quickly releasing his grip he raises his arms but the smile never leaves his face >"Ladies please, let's be reasonable here." >Shoving him back he loses his balance >The smile holding strong >It was really annoying "Bug off or that smile of yours will be missing more than a couple teeth." >Even as you began walking you could hear him following behind you "Don't you have anything better to do?" >He crosses his arms >"Now that is no way to speak to a friend." >He was doing nothing more than wasting time at this point >You turn and begin walking again >"Happy Holidays!" >Would he ever give up? >Your curiosity gets the better of you and you find yourself peeking back >He was gone >Sonata >Dropping your bags and closing the door to your room the mans words echoed in your head "Holidays..." >Even after the countless years you've been banished to this world you never had a chance to celebrate any of the holidays >This was the first time you really would be able to celebrate one >But Aria and Adagio didn't seem like the type to be into holidays >You had to admit, since the amulets were gone things had become boring >"That is exactly what I was thinking!" >You jumped, startled by the voice behind you >Turning you see the man from before "What are y-" >"No no no keep going, I want to hear more about how terrible life is without power." >You hadn't been thinking out-loud again had you? >"Oh no you're fine." >He lay stomach flat across your bed, head propped on his hands and feet treading through the air "A-Are those my pink slippers?" >Tilting his head back he grinned >"Oh these? They are absolutely divine." >For a moment he looks dumbfounded before the smile returns to his face >"Did I say that, I really need to stop talking to Rarity. Anyways are you going to finish that story or am I wasting my time?" >You are at a loss for words >A moment passes before his trademark smile slowly becomes a frown before he removes the slippers and stands up >"Even Applejack was more interesting than that story." >Walking passed you he handed you your slippers >They were very warm and drenched in what you could only assume was sweat causing you to immediately drop them "What did you do to them!?" >"Come on, my feet are not that bad!" >Opening the door he left and you awaited the sounds of a surprised Adagio and Aria "Three..." "Two.." "One"