Am I blue? - by MactheTexican

>Be Anon >Sitting around at home, looking out at the window. >Rain drops hit tapped against the glass as you took a sip of some coffee before looking between the cup and the rain. >You look like you're in some real sappy movie. >But this was your life. >Sitting home alone. >Well at least nothing sad is playing on the radi- > >Son of a bitch. >You let out a long sigh before looking back at the table. >At least you won't be completely lonely for some time. >In front of you was a small bowl with water and A blue fish with a light hue to it. >You can't recall the name of it. >Hell this one isn't even the first one you got. >You kept getting them to keep remembering. >A better time. >A time where you went out of your house for more than just groceries. >Your phone rings a couple of times before you could hear the answering machine. >"Hey, this is Anonymous. Leave your message whenever."*Beep* >As soon as the message played a female voice could be heard, someone very familiar. >"Hey Anon, it's me Dagi. I got your message about coming to pick up your fish. Is something wrong?" >A silence filled your house before Adagio's sigh could be heard on the other side of the phone. >"It's been some time since we talked, and I hope we can get to that when I get there. I'll see you soon." *beep* >Shit she was right. >You should have at least called them up before. >But you didn't want to hear her and Aria talking at this point. >It was just going to make what was going to happen harder for you. >And fuck if you weren't right on the money. >You decided to get up and head to your room to prepare for the day. >Your room was almost barren. >You never were much of a decorator. >Opening up a drawer, you found the silver object that you needed and picked it up carefully. >Underneath it you found another item you left there for one reason or another. >It was you and Sonata at the carnival. >A big smile on her face with a small bag and blue fish as she hugged your arm. >You didn't really want to go, but the picture proved that her cheerful demeanor spread to you. >The first little fish that became a part of your family. >You gave the picture a blank stare before pocketing it. >Probably left it there as a way to maybe stop yourself from going on with your plan. >But you were resolved. >Nothing but a couple of people talking on the radio when you got back downstairs. >You got back to the table, coffee colder than when you left. >You took a small sip anyways, taking out the picture you picked up from your room. >Sonata. >At the beginning she was nothing special to you. >You were in high school. >A senior who just wanted this damn year to end. >You remember people talking about some girls in another school who hypnotized the whole damn place in a few days. >Sheesh, that's nuts. >It had nothing to do with you though so whatever. >A few nights later you were coming into a regular stop at a doughnut shop when three girls caught your eye. >Or more like you caught one of theirs. >You finished paying for your diet killers and turned to leave when you hear a grumble at the counter. >"Are you for realzies? Ugh, I'm short again." >Well to be fair she isn't the shortest of her group. >Oh, she means change. >You look back over to her uh...friends? >A low grumble could be heard from the purple pigtails one. >Sheesh what's made these girls so hungry. >Just walk away Anon. >You turn back to the blue girl who's stomach growled pretty fucking loud. >Jesus Christ. >You wanted to turn and walk out. >You could just leave them on their own. >The look on her face was killing you though. >Like a damn lost kitten. >After a sigh and scratch to the back of your head in thought, you decided to move back to the counter and put whatever change she was missing down on it. "Here ya go." >The woman behind the counter who always had the hairstyle of a woman from grease or some shit. >She gave you a smile before picking up the change, "Look at you, mister gentleman." >You grunted in response before turning to leave. >Something caught your sleeve, that something being your soon to be girlfriend. >And you'll never forget the first words she told you with a twinkle in her eyes as she looked straight into your eyes. >"Your really green!" >And from that your friendship took off. >"Come on Nonny, we'll have lots of fun!" >Not too much time after, you asked her at and she had said yes. >Well more like she leaped up into your arms with a hug and a kiss. >So a yes. >She had asked you to come with her to the carnival in town for the weekend. >Well she had been hinting towards you and the two other Sanderson sisters. >You gave her a wry smile and told her you'd be fine with going with her. >Sure enough Adagio and Aria also wanted to go. >You always felt they had a bit of a crush on your from the interactions between the four of you over time. >From what you heard about them and the whole siren thing, you'd have thought they'd be more aggressive about the whole thing between you and Sonata. >But they were pretty nice about it. >They gave you and Sonata time alone, seeing as it was somewhat of a "first date". >You both walked around, eating popcorn, playing some carnival games, eating cotton candy, going on a ride, Sonata throwing up. >Ya know, the works. >After helping Sonata with her situation, you both found a small game with fish and ping pong balls. >Standard thing. >You and Sonata decided to make a bit of a contest. >You were pretty damn surprised she was so good at it, getting the damn thing in the bowl in one shot. >You pretty sure it was rigged also considering the owner's facial expression matching yours. >She picked out a small blue fish and let out a giggle, moving it next to her face. >"It's just like me!" >hnnngh >She decided to bring you close to her and took out a camera to snap a shot with the three of you. >Despite your initial hesitance for the day... >It's been fun. >You and Sonata went on a lot of dates after that. >Each one ended with her and that damn cheery smile of hers. >Some ended with a quick smooch and a wave goodbye as she went home. >Others led to her staying over and the night being >Saucy. >But no matter what it was, you were just happy to spend time with Sonata, even if your face never really showed it. >She always knew. >And it was times like that you felt like it would always stay like this. >A couple of months later and you both found yourself on a bench in the park. >Cheesy as hell, but you knew she wouldn't care. >The other two were getting on your case about not having asked her the big question yet. >You were just saving up for it. >And on this day, you finally paid it all off. >Sonata laid her head against you. >She's always done that in the past, but recently her eyes have had a bit of weary look to them. >Maybe she was tiring herself out on something. >"You lost in thought, Nonny?" >Her sudden intrusion on your day dreaming snapped you back to what you wanted to ask her as she showed you that cute giggle she always shared. >You let out a cough in embarrassment before moving to take the box out of your pocket. >Before you could pop the question, you heard Sonata breathing heavily and clutching her chest. "What's wrong, Sonata?" >"I-it's nothing Nonny, j-just a bit of heartburn, heh." >Despite her joking attitude, it was pretty damn clear that wasn't what was happening. >You called the paramedics as quickly as possible. >After hanging up, you decided to call Adagio and Aria as well to tell them the situation. >Sometime in the hospital a doctor finally got to the three of you on Sonata's condition. >"She's still breathing, but it hasn't gotten any better in there." >"We're not sure how long she has, so you might want to go in there now while you can." >You all walked to her room in silence, entering to the sight of a slightly awake Sonata. >Even in her condition her smile was still so bright. >Adagio and Aria were the first to talk to her. >Adagio put her hand to Sonata's head, her voice not as confident as it usually is. >"W-why didn't you say anything to us? We could have helped somehow...maybe." >Aria couldn't say much, her face too busy being buried in the sheets, muffling her crying. >You've never seen these girls so vulnerable before, it was a very unnerving. >Sonata just placed her hand on Aria's head, patting it softly and giving Adagio a small chuckle. "Hehe, it's been too long since you've treated me this nicely Dagi." >Adagio returned the smile and, tears slowly falling off her cheek. >"Don't get used to it shrimp...J-just get better and come back." >Adagio placed her head against Sonata's and moved back behind you. >You saw her eyes for a quick second and the way they looked. >The look of defeat. >You let out a heavy sigh and decided to move up next to Aria. >Her crying ceased as you got to the side of the bed and she looked at you. >Her eyes were puffy to hell. >She gave Sonata one last look before getting up and moving next to Adagio. >"Hey, Nonny." >Finally, it was just the two of you again. "Hey, Sona sweety." >She blushed at the nickname you had given her many dates back. >It always got this reaction out of her. >"Sorry about all of this." "It's ok, it'll be fine once you're out of here." >A nod and smile came was all she gave you in response. >"So, what was that thing you wanted to ask me at the park?" >The look in her eyes was one of hope and excitement. >You chuckled and decided to give this another go. >Taking out the box, you opened it in front of her and the others with a simple question. "Will you marry me?" >"Of course silly. Took ya long enough, heh." >You both shared a laugh before Sonata coughed heavily into a fist. >With a sad smile, you took out the ring and put it on her ring finger. >A kiss was shared between you and the girl you loved. >Soon enough, the moon shined through the window, the moonlight bright on Sonata. >Her eyes looked even more tired than usual. >She let out a yawn before putting her head back on the pillow. >"Hey Nonny. I'm tired. Could you sing to me like usual?" >You let out a loud gulp, hands shaking as if your body knew before you how this night would end. "Of course Sona sweety." >Closing your eyes and placing a hand on her stomach, you hummed a tune before singing Sonata to sleep. >"Am I blue? Am I blue? Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you?" >A soft hum instead of a steady beat from the monitor got you to open your eyes. >Sonata leaving you with a soft smile on her face. >Tears running down your face as you clutched her hand. "A-am I blue?You'll be too..." >You had cut off connections with most others after that. >The funeral was the last time you had even been able to stand near the other dazzlings or any of the other friends Sonata had been able to make on her own. >The sun was out but >It was raining. >Now here you were. >Sometime had passed and you went through a new regular cycle. >Just you and the fish. >But now, it feels like even that is looking at you like it knows how you feel. >It shouldn't. >It's not even the original. >You told Adagio its name was Sonata. >Which led you to the following moment. >A knock on your door. >"Anon? It's me, Adagio. Could you let me in?" >You hovered your head over the table, a new song soon playing." > >Heh. >=What timing. >With one more smile you put the gun you had brought with you from the bed to your temple. "I'll be seeing ya Sonata." >A bang was heard from the outside. >"There was a time I was her only one. Now I'm the sad and lonely one" >The door was slammed open by Adagio. >And soon there would be an ambulance. >But none of that matter to you now. >"Now she's gone and we're through" >"Am I blue?"