Anon World Order part 6 [NSFW] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> You are halfway through your bowl of cereal by the time Adagio comes to breakfast > You have a moment of hesitation, then you set about preparing her cheerios > She nods at you pleasantly, taking her time walking to the place you set for her > "Good morning, Girls, Anon." "Ah, likewise." > "Go~od morning!" > "...Morning." > Colonel Mustard picks up her spoon > "And how are preparations for today's excursion?" > Aria answers absently, peering into the coco rice krispies box > "I have enough to burn down whatever forest we end up in." > Adagio looks expectantly at Sonata > Bluey stares blankly > "What?" "Er, I handled the food prep. Seemed safer that way." > After some consideration, Orangy nods > "I had wanted Sonata to learn some planning skills, but this is fine too." > She goes back to eating > Aria leans her head on her hand > "And the tent situation?" > "Handled." > Bluey waggles her eyebrows > "Was it hard?" > Adagio looks her straight in the eye > "Yes, it was long and hard. By the end, I was sweaty and tired, but filled with contentment." > Three jaws drop open > Miss Dazzle returns to her breakfast, a smug smile playing about her lips > Sonata looks at you in confusion > "Is she saying you guys had sex?" > Facepalms all round > Bluey looks at each of you, becoming increasingly confused > "What?" > Aria sighs > "Sonata," > Adagio tenses minutely > Professor Plum continues, > "She was just going along with the innuendo you were making." > "Oh, okay. Thanks Aria!" > Adagio taps you on the shoulder > "I think Aria has earned a pat." "I agree." > The girl in question watches you approach warily > You stop just within arm's reach and turn around > Orangy looks at you questioningly > You bend over a little, sticking your butt out "Pat away, Aria. You've earned it." > Orange Creamsicle just sighs > Statuesque Grape grins and you hear some dishes clatter in the background > "Don't mind if I do." > What follows is a bit stronger than a pat, you can feel the flesh of your rear jiggle > After about five of those, you figure that's enough > As return to your seat, you notice Aria can't stop grinning > Then you notice your dishes are gone "Wha-" > Sonata kneels by Adagio, a pleading look in her eye > "Can it be my turn? I washed the dishes and everything!" > Adagio gives you a wry look > "You established a precedent. Your butt is no longer your own." > You pose heroically "I regret only that I only have one butt to give." > That gets you a chuckle > "Alright, Sonata. Have at it." > You were prepared for the groping, squeezing hands > You were not prepared for Blue Raspberry rubbing her face against you like some overly affectionate cat > Your reaction must have been unique, because the other two burst into giggles > You sigh dramatically "The sacrifices I make for my mistresses." > After a few more moments, you look behind you "You done down there?" > "Never~!" > Welp > Then a set of hands sets about massaging your pectorals "Er, that's really not much of an erogenous zone for me." > Adagio rests her chin on your shoulder > "Even so, I like it. Turn about is fair play." > The entire time Aria just sits there with a look of mild amusement on her face > "You know, this is more what I was imagining when we snatched you off the streets." "From what I now know of you, I am not surprised." > Sonata peeks out from around your hip > "You want to be surprised? Okay!" "Wha-" > You feel a slender hand try to wedge its way into your crack, blunted by the intervening cloth "Ah!" > You break free and stagger a few more steps away "That's quite enough, thank you!" > Bluey beams > "You're welcome!" > Soon after, the Dazzlings excuse themselves for some tactical singing > You take the opportunity to change into some shorts and a T-shirt > They still aren't done; you wander around, skimming the shelves of Adagio's library, then Aria's... video collection > Nothing really appeals, and you end up listlessly sitting in a recliner by a window > You used to be self sufficient with regards to your entertainment > After a moment's reflection, you decide to blame it on the girls; with them around, your attention is often thoroughly occupied > You just sit there, blindly staring at the wind rustled grass > There's a familiar irritating restlessness building inside > You stand up and stride out of the room > You snag a hand towel from the dining room and head back to Aria's video library > More out of habit than out of fear of being seen, you draw the blinds on the windows > That done, you haphazardly grab a DVD case from the R's > Upon closer inspection, it has no cover art or anything > You crack it open to find a similarly blank disc > Odd, but whatever > You pop it into the player and settle down on the couch > As the usual FBI warnings go by you unzip and grip your little friend with the towel > You brace yourself for whatever kind, what strange parody that will ostensibly help you get your rocks off > You were not prepared for the xylophone > Nor the trolley coasting through a miniature neighborhood > You freeze, overwhelmed by childhood fondness and the sheer wrongness of this situation > Just then the door opens, and you hear Aria say, "I knew he'd be here." > Your head turns slowly, but not before catching the episode title >> 'Mister Rogers Talks About Growing' > Two of the three Dazzlings stare at you in horror > You stare back, deeply uneasy about the evil light in Aria's eyes > Silence reigns, or it would except Mr. Rogers is singing > You frantically turn away, putting the reduced and confused Anon Jr back in > Adagio's mouth moves, but no sound comes out >> "~It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood, a neighborly day for a beauty~" > Sonata backs away slowly, her eyes locked on your now zipped up shorts >> "~Would you be mine?~" "I can explain!" > Aria saunters over, her voice low and breathy > "It's the sweater, isn't it?" "No! I didn't mean to-" > She puts a finger on your lips > "You don't choose Mr. Rogers." > The Lavender Offender has a presence like a large venomous snake > You are frozen in fear and fascination as she straddles your lap > "He chooses you." > Mr. Roger tosses and catches his shoe in your peripheral vision > Your boner has never been so confused > Aria rests her hands on your shoulders and slowly rolls her hips > "Won't you be my neighbor?" > Your breathing stutters and stops, much like your brain function right now >> 'Do you ever sing, "Won't you be my neighbor" while I sing it?' > Her voice is husky with desire > "Yesssss!" > Adagio creeps around the edge of the room, and turns off the TV > You can think straight again, and you > Okay, no you can't think straight > Aria is leaning forward, grinding her crotch firmly against yours > All you can see, all you can smell, all you can breathe is Aria > Then you hear a wooden thud, and you see Sonata standing shakily, baseball bat in hand "Th-thanks, I think." > She looks like she's going to reply, but then she looks away > Adagio is breathing unsteadily as well, but manages to speak > "You should... change your shorts. But I don't know if you will ever feel clean again." > You look down to see a damp spot, which may or may not have been from your own fluids > You don't really want to try to figure it out > You leave, not certain you could speak in that moment > You wash, and you wash, and your hands are still shaky as you get dressed Here are some very special quotes from the episode: Jimmy is a frisky cat Think of all the things you can do now, that you couldn't when you were a baby Can you say special words? Can you wait for a while for something you want a lot? There's lots we can do while we're waiting for growing Platypus mound, that's a surprise And what do you think that big thing will look like? Purple Panda, from Planet Purple I am not a scary, big thing, King Friday Our representatives will speak to the big thing Do you like to make up stories about little things that grow up big? After you play with things, you put them back Time to feed the fish I like the way you're growing up, it's fun, that's all Look how much she's grown, come on in I hope you'll come again