Sonata's Serenade Chapter 4 - by Anonymous

>You are Anon. >And you're absolutely bored out of your mind. >You've been staring at the clock for what felt like the entire class period. >In reality the class wasn't even halfway done. >The teacher was droning on about the last lesson. >You rest your head on your hand and let out a small sigh. >You almost wanted Sonata to have a problem so she could get you out of class. >Sonata... >Your daydreaming leads you once more back to her. >More specifically to what you two were going to do later that evening. >You certainly didn't want to do anything that was school-related. >Taking her back to your place was probably not an option. >Your parents would find some excuse to constantly barge into your room to make sure you weren't doing the shiggy diggy doo. >You suppose you could just take her out to eat somewhere. >The only problem was that you were completely unaware of where people went for a night out on the town. >In fact, the only places you actually knew about was that place owned by the local millionaire, Filthy Rich. >And that place had exorbitant prices. >30 bucks was a bit too much to pay for a pasta dish, in your humble opinion. >You let out a small sigh as you reflect one more upon both the state of your finances and social status. >Neither left much room for choice on dining. >After much pondering, you admit defeat and decide that you'll just talk it over with Sonata to see what she wants to do. >You glance back towards the clock on the wall, searching for the faint glimmer of hope in the two ticking hands. >Your escape into your mind helped pass 15 more minutes. >Letting out another sigh, you pick up your pencil and start to take notes. >It doesn't take long until everything the teacher is blabbering on about just goes in one ear and comes out the other. >The greatest extent of your awareness is limited to absentmindedly copying whatever the teacher scrawled onto the board. >Any semblance of your attention span was completely obliterated by the last class of the day. >Scribbling all over your notebook and looking up occasionally to give the teacher the impression you’re paying attention. >The final bell sounds off like a fucking church choir, heralding your salvation. >You quickly cram your notebook into your backpack and head out of the classroom. >As you're doing so, you feel your phone give off its telltale vibration, notifying you of a text. >You pull it out of your pocket and see that Sonata had sent you a message. >"hey anon im outsde ur classroom <3" >Returning your phone back into your pocket, you exit your classroom and into the crowded hallway. >Making your way into the middle of the masses, you search for any sign of Sonata. >You spotting her ponytail sticking out above everyone's heads like a shark fin in water. >Making your way to the far wall where you assumed the rest of her was waiting, you call out to her while muttering apologies whenever you bumped into someone. >You see the ponytail flick up and bounce back and forth. >Finally making it through the thickest part of the crowd, you catch sight of Sonata. >You wave to her, managing to get her attention. >Her smile stretches from ear to ear as she enthusiastically waves back. >"Heya Anon!" >You finally navigate through to the edge of the student stampede where Sonata was waiting, leaning against a wall. "You ready to head on out?" >Her eyes light up at the thought. >"Yup! So where we gonna go, huh? huh? huh?" >You lower your head in slight shame and let out a sigh of defeat. "I have no idea where we can go. There's not a whole lot to do in the middle of the week." >Her smile fades and a look of dejection appears on her face. >" ya not wanna hang out with me?" >You shake your head vigorously and stammer out words in an attempt to reconcile. "N-Of c-course I don'- I mean I do! It's just I-I have no idea what you want do..." >She perks up at your beta apology and smiles once more. >"Oh that's okay! It doesn't matter what we do, Anon!" "Wait really?" >"Realzies! As long as you're around, we could be doing that chemistry thingie for all I care!" >You feel a little bit better now. "Alright. We can talk about it while we're in the car. Come on, everyone's probably left by now." >You and Sonata make your way out to the parking lot, talking about places to go. >Most of the lot was almost completely empty at this point; the two of you didn't have to worry about anyone around. >You arrive at your car and pop open the trunk, and the both you throw your bags inside. >You walk over to the driver’s side door as Sonata closed the trunk. "WHAT THE FUCK" >Sonata jumps at your outbursts and she immediately runs to your side. >"Anon what's wron...." >She quickly finds the source of your anger as she looked down at the side of your car. >A large dent had been made into the driver’s side door. >The paint was completely gone in the area where the impact had occurred. >There were also several scratches running down the length from trunk to hood. >You feel your hands clench and un-clench as you find a reasonable outlet for your aggression. >You had figured that a target would be painted on your back after today, but you didn’t expect something like this. >Feeling Sonatas hand on your shoulder, you calm down to a slightly less belligerent state. >"Anon, I-I'm so sorry....This is my fault..." >You turn away from the scene and look towards her. >Her gaze was cast down and you could see more tears forming. "Whoa whoa whoa, Sonata, listen to me" >She looks up at you with sad eyes, tears starting to run. "This is not your fault, alright? This was the choice of some asshole to try and get a few cheap laughs at my expense. Don't you ever think that this is because of you." >Deep down you knew this was in part to the fact that you had made friends with her, but you couldn't blame her for the actions of others. >And you certainly don't regret getting to know her. "Come on, let's get going." >She wipes her tears on her arm and walks to the passenger side. >Taking another short look at the aggravating sight, you pull open your door, hop into the seat, and slam your door shut. >Sonata gets in as well, her head still hung in shame and guilt. "Sonata it's fine. I've got insurance. It'll be covered, most likely" >She sniffs and squeaks out a reply. >"Insurance?" >This will be a long one. "Basically, you pay some money to a business to protect your car in case of any damage." >Instead of calming down, she gets mildly annoyed. >"Well they didn't do a good job at protecting your car! You should get your money back from those jerks" "Well, they don't protect it from the damage at the moment, persay..." >"Then what are they any good for?" "Basically, they pay for whatever repairs it needs. And it's usually cheaper to do that than pay for the repairs yourself" >You're explanation seems to have calmed her down. >You place your hand on hers and give her a warm smile. "It's fine, alright? Even though this happened, I don't regret meeting you." >Sonata manages a sad smile at your kind words. >"Thank you Anon..." >You turn back towards the wheel and key in the ignition. >A frightening thought enters your mind. >What if they did something else to the car? >You breathe out a sigh of relief as your car roars to life. >You back up out of your spot and drive on out of the parking lot. >You merge onto the streets and come to a stop at a light. >While you still can, you plug your phone back into your radio and press the play button. >The music helps alleviate your anger as you try and forget what you had just seen. >It almost works, but you can still feel the memory biting at the back of your mind. >But you do your best to not let your emotions show in front of Sonata. >She would probably get upset again. >After about 5 minutes of idle chat and driving around aimlessly, Sonata sees something that catches her eye. >"Hey Anon, can we go over here?" >You flick your attention as quickly as you can to where she was pointing. >She was fixated on the local park, which was almost completely empty at this time of day. "Yea sure. A walk sounds nice." >You find an open space on the curb to park and position your car into the spot. >Opening the door, you purposefully try to avoiding drawing your gaze towards the damage on your car as you get out. >You meet Sonata on the other side as she's closing her door. >You motion towards the walkway in the middle of the park, and imitate a regal accent. "M'lady" >She giggles and skips on into the park. >You lock your car without looking behind you and run to catch up to Sonata. >She's turned to face you while walking backwards. >"C'mon Anon! I'll race you to the tree over there!" >She's pointing to one of the trees that line the hills in the distance. >You grin as you jog up to her and take a starting position. "You ready to lose?" >She looks at you, eyes burning with competitive spirit. >"I was gonna ask you the same thing!" >You fix your attention back towards your goal, tensing your leg muscles. >"GO!" >Sonata takes off down the slope, savoring the advantage her sudden start had given her. >Cursing to yourself, you launch yourself down the hill after her, pushing yourself in an attempt to catch up to her. >Pumping your arms furiously as your feet hit the grass with a dull thud, you set a maintainable pace for yourself. >You're slowly closing the distance between you two. >Sonata manages to look behind her, and her eyes widen in surprise as she sees how close you are to overtaking her. >Her legs go into overdrive as she attempts widens the gap between you. >You're just about to match her speed, when you happen to cast your eyes at Sonatas hips as she pushes ahead. >Her skirt hugs her quite nicely, exposing outlines of her slim figure as it swishes with the motion of her legs. >Your attention shifts down to her shapely legs, flexing and contracting with each step she takes. >While you're admiring Sonatas assets, you don't notice your foot catch something in the ground. >Soon your vision is full of green as you faceplant into the base of the hill. >Rubbing your head as you sit up, you look up to the crest of the hill in time to see Sonata reach the tree. >"Yay! I won I won I won! I did it!" >She jumps up and down, raising her fist into the air. >You stand up with some effort, spit some grass out of your mouth, and hobble up towards Sonata. "That wasn't fair! You got a head start!" >Sonata feigns an innocent look, complete with the puppy dog pout. >"Whaddya mean, Anon? Are you saying I cheated?" >You chuckle as you gently nudge her with your shoulder. "That's exactly what I'm saying." >Sonata crosses her arms and turns away from you. >"Hmph!" >You laugh louder at her reaction and walk in front of her view. >She turns away from you again, avoiding your gaze and sticking her nose up in the air. >"HMPH!" >Trying to gain her attention, you continue to walk into her field of view as she spins around in place. "What, are you mad at me?" >Still in her pouting position, she opens one eye and glances at you. >"Yes." "Why ever would you be mad at me? Because you cheated?" >She turns to face you and stamps her foot in annoyance. >"I didn't cheat, you meanie!, I'm just better!" >Her childish outburst made you erupt in more laughter, causing a bigger blush to appear on Sonatas cheeks. >Crossing her arms once more and staring off into the distance with a bigger pout on her lips. >You recollect yourself from your fit of hysteria and take a deep breath before you speak again. "Alright, Sonata, you're better than me." >A curt nod and another "Hmph!" is the only response you get. >You sigh as you scan the park for anything to help quell her immature anger. >A smile forms on your lips as you spot a man pushing a small cart with bells attached to it. "I think it's safe to say you get a prize for 1st place." >You see this piques her interest, but she tries her best to remain mad at you. >"What do I get?" >Turning Sonata back towards the main pathway of the park, you point to the vendor and you see that she's squinting at the man to get a better look. "Winner gets ice cream." >That definitely got her interest >A youthful glint appears in her eyes as she gasps in happiness. >"For realzies?!? Awesome! I want choclate! No wait...Strawberry! Or maybe bubblegum..." "You can decide when we get there, C'mon! Before he leaves!" >Sonata takes off down the hill towards the ice cream cart, with you in tow. >The ice cream man, spotting potential customers, brings his cart to a stop, causing the bells on the front to rattle violently. >He puts on the smile that he's practiced for so long in order to attract more sales. >As soon as Sonata stops at the cart she's already listed five different flavors and numerous toppings. >The man is obviously not used to this kind of energetic behavior, the surprised look painted on his face makes it apparent. >You stop next to Sonata and place your hand on her shoulder. "Sonata." >She stops mid-sentence and turns to you, childlike splendor glittering in her eyes. >"Anon! I decided what I want! I want bubblegum with vanilla and rocky road and..." >That sounded pretty gross to you. >And expensive. "Sonata you can have two flavors." >Her pout starts reappearing on her lips. >"But Anon~" "No buts. Two flavors" >"Four." "Two." >"Three" >.... "Fine. Three. But no toppings" >"Anon~" >... "Alright Alright, You can have one topping." >The man with the cart just stood there and watched your debate, the smile still plastered on his face. >He turns to Sonata, ice cream scoop in hand. >"So what'll it be ma'am?" >This time, she decided to look at the list that had been taped to the side. >She taps her chin thoughtfully as she contemplates her unholy mixture of frozen treats. >Finally satisfied with her choice, she stands upright once more with a smile and lists of her flavors. >"I want bubblegum, rainbow shor...sher..shar..." "Do you mean sorbet?" >She nods happily. >"Yea, that one! And ummmm....." >She glances at the menu one last time. >"Berry Bonaza!" >The ice cream man, flips open the lid of the cart, pulls a large styrofoam cup out, and sets to his work. >He effortlessly scoops out one helping of each flavor and plops them into the cup. >He turns to Sonata once more. >"And what will be your one topping?" >Sonata, knowing what she wanted, immediately replies. >"Blueberries!" >The man pulls open a compartment underneath the handles of the cart and pulls out a small carton of blueberries. >He grabs a generous handful and sprinkles them over the ice cream. >Satisfied with his handiwork, he hands Sonata the large cup and a small spoon. >Sonata happily squues as she is given the cup and goes to work on devouring her mountain of frozen milk sugar. >The man turns to you and asks if there was anything you would like. "No, that'll be all" >You hand him a twenty from your wallet, and he pulls out the change from the pocket in his apron. >You thank him for his service and wave at him as he sets down the path again, bells jingling away. >Sonata has scarfed down a considerable amount of her treat by the time you turn back to her. "Be careful Sonata, you'll get a brainfreeze." >She looks at you quizzically. >"A brainfreeze? What do you mea..." >Her sentence trails off as her look of curiosity turns into a look of discomfort. >Sonata almost drops her cup, but you grab it away from her just in time before she brings both her hands to her head. >"Owowowowowowowowowow! Ooooooooooowie! Anooooooooooon! Help me...." >There wasn't a lot you could do except save her pricey ice cream. > Price cream. >You chuckle at your witty humor and reassure Sonata "Don't worry, dummy. It'll wear off soon. Just give it a little bit. Try and relax." >She sits down on the edge of the pavement, rubbing her head and muttering "ow" over and over. >You kneel down next her and wait for her self-induced pain to subside. >After a minute or so, Sonata looks back up, searching for her ice cream. "I've got it right here" >You lift it up to show you were telling the truth. >Sonata reaches for it, but you pull it out of her reach. "Ah ah ah! Don't eat it too fast, alright? Or that'll happen again." >She nods in understanding, and you hand her the cup and spoon. >Sonata grabs it and goes back to eating carefree. >Once Sonata had fully recovered, the two of you spend the next couple of hours idly wandering through the park. >The conversation was never grew dull, the two of you always managed to find something to talk about. >Her child-like personality was made apparent by her attempts to talk to you between bites of ice cream. >From music to favorite things, you two went on and on. >When you brought up hobbies, Sonata went quiet, a wistful look in her eyes. >You decide to avoid the topic, and bring her back to you. >You point out the playground, completely absent of any children. >Sonata yelps in delight and tossed the now empty ice cream cup aside. >She ran up to the swingset, which was almost too big for her. >Fortunately, her slender figure allowed her to slide in between the chains supporting the swing. >She turns to you as she was bouncing up and down on her seat, making it rock back and forth. >"Anon, push me! Push me! I wanna go way up!" >You smile at how adorable Sonata is, and walk up behind her. "You ready?" >Without looking behind her, she nods happily. >"Yea! I wanna go fast!" >You smirk at her choice of wording and give her a firm push, sending her and the swing forward. >She sails upward, giggling like a toddler all the way up. >You time yourself as you wait for her descent. >Just as the swing hits the lowest point of its arc, you give another firm push, putting more power into it. >You continue the pattern for a good 5 minutes, striking more idle chat as you do so. >Suddenly Sonata pushes herself out of the seat as she reaches the highest point, sending herself flying through the air. >You hold your breath in nervous anticipation, hoping she doesn't land in a way that would end in taking her to get help. >But she manages to stick the landing, and you let a sigh of relief escape past your lips. >Sonata points towards the small slide in the middle of the playground and rushes over towards it. >"C'mon, Anon! This way!" >You jog up to the slide just as she's climbing the ladder to the top of it. "You're not going to be able to fit on that." >Sonata stops climbing and looks at you, cheeks puffed out in mild anger and flushed red with embarrassment. >"Are you calling me fat?" "No, I'm calling the slide small. You're going to get stuck." >For some reason, Sonata sees this as a challenge, as she continues up the ladder. >You shake your head as she reaches the top. "I'm going to laugh if you get stuck." >She sticks her tongue out at you and pushes herself down the slide. >Only to get caught halfway down and come to an abrupt stop. >The second she gets stuck, you're already on the ground, laughing heartily. >Sonata just stares at you with her arms crossed, cheeks puffed out once more. >Finally recollecting yourself, you heave yourself up, dust some of the tanbark that had collected on you, and walk on over to her. "You need some help there, little missy?" >She looks away from you, cheeks still resembling a puffer fish. >"No. I can pull myself out." >You laugh again, and reach around, placing your hands under her arms. >She squeaks in surprise at your touch. >"Hey I said-" "I know what you said; I'm still going to help you." >You lift her up and out of the slide, eliciting another squeak out of the girl. >However, you weren't completely prepared for the sudden weight shift, and you fall backwards, bringing Sonata down with you. >You hit your head as you come in contact with the ground, catching you in a temporary daze. >Thankfully the playground was lined with tanbark, so the pain was minimal. >Sonata was quicker with her reflexes. >She stuck her hands out in front of her and caught herself in time before she collided with you. >Groaning as you rub the back of your head, you sit up on one arm. "Eugh....Sonata are you alright?" >You open your eyes and come face to face with Sonata. >She's still resting on her hands so she doesn't fall onto you, and she's staring straight into your eyes. >Her scent fills your nose, and you can feel her breath on your face, still an icy cool from the ice cream she just had. >Her eyes had such depth and color, you felt like you could stare into them forever. >You feel your face get warm at the thoughts your mind conjures up. "Sonata?" >"Wha-huh?" "Are you alright?" >She slowly gets up and examines herself. >"I guess...but are you alright?" >A dull throb emanates from the back of your head, reminding you of it's existence. "Agh...Yea I'm fine. Just hit my head a bit" >Worry starts to appear on her face as she pulls you up. >"I'm sorry..." >What. "For what? I chose to do that. You've got nothing to be sorry about." >You grab the edge of the slide and pull yourself up, picking tanbark off your pants. >>22486416 >Once you’re finished, you extend your hand out to Sonata, who takes it gingerly. >You pull her up and continue to clean yourself. >"Anon?" >Still picking the chips off of you, you look up to her. "Hmm?" >"Are you sure you're okay?" >Unsure of what she means, you just nod. "Yeah? I mean I feel fine other than a little bit of a headache..." >She seems satisfied with your answer. >"Ok! Whatcha wanna do know?" >You pull out your phone to check the time, and see that it's almost 5. >Looking at the sky, you just notice that the sun was lowering. "Actually it seems like it's getting pretty late....I should probably get back to my place or my parents will be pissed." >Sonatas smile vanishes at your announcement. >"Oh...." >She looks physically pained by what you said. >You wished you could spend more time with her, you really do. >Your mom probably had a lecture prepared for you already, not having been home when they got back from work. "I'm sorry Sonata...We had fun today though right?" >She looks up and a sad smile appears on her face. >"Yea...we did..." >Sonata pulls you into an embrace, letting out a content sigh >You wrap your arms around her as well, enjoying the moment. >A moment which lasts for several minutes in silence, Sonata gently nuzzles your chest. >A strange thing to do, but certainly not unwelcome. >After another minute, Sonata breaks the silence. >"Thank you so so so much, Anon~. You're the best friend I've ever had, much better than Adagio and Aria." >You smile and squeeze her tighter. "Of course, Sonata....I'd do anything for you." >You end the hug by stepping back and gently patting Sonata on the head. >She happily sighs at your touch. "Well we should probably get going. I'll drop you off at wherever you live" >You and Sonata both walk back down the path towards your car, admiring the scenery in silence. >Quiet rustling of grass piques your attention. >You turn your head towards the source of the noise, scanning the hill to your left. >You feel uneasy as you continue your walk with Sonata. >The rustling trails behind you two, but you never see anything that the sound is originating from. >Sonata notices the sound too, as she looks around aimlessly for the source. >She turns to you, sounding anxious. >"Anon...What is that?" >You shrug your shoulders as you make an effort to ignore it. "It's probably nothing. Maybe some animal. Just ignore it." >Your response doesn't seem to alleviate her anxiety. "Sonata if someone is out there watching us, I assure you, I'll keep them from hurting you." >She smiles sweetly,and starts walking a little closer to you. >You make it to your car without any occurrences and turn to scan the park once more. >A pale yellow and pink blur disappears behind a tree. >Was that the same person from earlier at school today? >You start to feel a little nervous yourself, as you quickly get into your car and pull the door closed. >You wait for Sonata to close her door, turn your car on, and drive off. "So where do you live, Sonata?" >Sonata looks around the area you're driving in, adjusting herself to the environment. >"Ummmmmmmmmm.......go this way" >She points to a road on the right. >You make your turn and await her directions. >"Go" >After several twists and turns, you end up in the less reputable part of the town. >Seedy apartments and rundown buildings are commonplace in this area. >The roads have fallen into a state of disrepair, your car vibrating as it trails over numerous potholes. >With every passing second you drive in this area, your worry for Sonata grows and grows. "Sonata...are you...sure this is where you live?" >She nods as she looks around at the scenery. >"Adagio made me memorize where we lived so I wouldn't get lost...Here it is!" >You turn your head to see a nearly dilapidated apartment complex. >Entire sections of the walls were completely gone, bricks scattered about the ground. >The windows and doors were fenced off, with barred gates allowing entrance to the front of the apartment. >You'd feel uneasy leaving your car unattended for more than 3 minutes here, let alone dropping off a cute, innocent high school girl to sleep here for the night. "Sonata are you....sure you'll be alright?" >She turns back to you and nods. >"Yea I'll be fine! My room is near the tippy top, so I'm safe!" >This still leaves an awful taste in your mouth. >But there isn't much you can do right now, though. >Your parents would probably turn her away, seeing as you just met her. >You sigh and turn back to her. "Just stay safe okay? Will you text me when you get to your place?" >"Yup!" "And in the morning?" >Sonata just giggles at your nervousness >"Anon I'll be fine. Trust me" "....Alright. Please stay safe" >"I will." >Sonata smiles, kisses your cheek lightly and gets out of the car. >"Hey Anon." "Yea?" >"Could you come and pick me up for school tomorrow?" >You smile and nod. "Of course! I'll come by first thing in the morning" >She grins ecstatically and skips over to the back of your car. >Grabbing her bag out of your trunk, she slams it shut and waves you off. >You give her a wave back and start your car. >But you don't drive off just yet. >As much as you want to leave this part of town, you stay a couple seconds longer. >You watch Sonata as she opens the gate and shut it closed. >Only when you see Sonata walk through the front door do you feel satisfied and drive off. >Now all you need to do is explain the damage on your car to your mother. >You'd honestly much rather walk around this part of town at night... >... >You watch Anon through a window as he drives off. >You wished you could have gone with him back to his home. >That would have made you so happy. You wanted to be with him. >The entire day he made you feel so special. Like you mattered. >He treated you better than the girls ever did. >You sneak past the landlord guys office quietly, so he didn't come out yelling at you. >When the three of you had originally come to this place, you all sang your song that made him love you guys. >He loved you all so much, he gave you all one of the best rooms at the top. >In exchange he wanted you all to sing for him every week. >Now that your amulets were gone, he always yelled at you a lot. >He yelled at you for never having paid your rent for the past 3 months >After that all he said to you was to have your stuff out of the room by the end of the week. >First you lost your amulets, and now you were losing your home. >The only home you've known for centuries. >You didn't even notice you got to the top of the stairs. >You walk up to your door and notice a pink paper nailed to the door. >Pulling it off to read it, there are some big words that you don't know. >"Ev-Evic-Evicshi-Ecvtion?" >You toss the dumb paper aside and enter your apartment. >You bring your phone out send Anon a text saying you're in your apartment as you open the door and walk in. >You throw your bag into a corner just as you receive a reply message. >"Thank you for telling me. I feel much better knowing that you're safe." >You giggle at Anons smart sounding texts and quickly tap in a reply. "Np ill c u tmrw? :P" >You put your phone away and and let out another sigh. >The apartment was empty except for three cots in the middle of the living room, a kitchen, and a tiny bathroom with a lame shower. >Adagio assured you and Aria that this place was only "temporary", whatever that meant. >She always went on about how they would soon be living in a giant palace with lots and lots of cool stuff. >But now that they were gone, you had nothing left... >All that was left of them was a picture you all had taken recently. >You had managed to get a frame for the picture, and it was laying underneath your cot. >You pull it out and hold it in your hands >Adagio didn't want to take the picture, and Aria called it "the worst" >But you made them feel bad about not taking it. >The picture showed the two of them with their arms crossed, scowling at the camera you were holding up to take the selfie. >This picture was all you had of your time together. >Placing the picture back under your cot, you go over to the fridge. >You pull it wide open to look at what little food you had. >Leftover tacos from a week ago, food you had gotten from the trash at the school, and spoiled milk. >You grab some of the tacos, sit on the ground in the living room, and pull out some of your homework from your bag. >While you munch on the chewy tacos and work on math, you think about the girls again. >Even though you didn't like them that much sometimes, they were with you for so long. >You were all on your own now.... >No one to take care of you... >Your phone gives off a vibration, and you perk up happily at the sound. >You had Anon. >Anon made you feel so happy. Happier than you've ever felt. >His text reads "You can count on me, Sonata. I hope you sleep well" "u 2 anon <3" >When you've lost everything and are out on the streets, Anon will take you in. >You couldn't stop thinking about Anon. >When everyone hated you, he was there to help you. >Your eyes get watery as you remember what he said in the library earlier. >He's been alone for so long...You felt so sad for him. >You wanted to hold him tight, and never let him go. >You wanted to be alone together. >You wanted to tell him that everything would be okay as long you had each other. >Your tears fall onto your homework, smudging your writing. >You wanted to tell him you love him... END CHAPTER 4