Sonata's rebound (SonataxAnon) (clop~romance) - by HypeAholic

>"Hey Anon!" "Go away Sonata." >"Hey, don't be mean! I brought us some Tacos!" "Not in the mood." >"How can you NOT be in the mood for Tacos? Are you still sad that Dagi dumped you?" >You felt your forehead scrunch in aggravation. >She sits down next to you with the huge boxes in her arms. >She takes a taco making a plane noise as she flies it closer to your face. >You stare at it for a moment. >It smells good. *sigh* "Fine" >Sonata gives you a big smile >"That's better!" >You open your mouth and she inserts the mexican cuisine into your oriface >You grab the rest of the shell sticking out and munch on the remainder of the taco >She takes another taco out of the box and does the same >"Do gah wanna yalk about it?" >She manages to say that through the food in her mouth and some taco bits find their way onto your face >You wipe then off before responding "No." >"Are you sure?" "Yes." >You continue to eat box tacos >She scoots closer >"Are you suuure you're sure?" >You know where this is going "Yes, Im sure, Sonata." >She again scoots closer, she was now brushing up against you >"Are you suuuuuure you're sure that you're sure?" >You're not going to be able to say no, are you? "Why does it matter? It's over anyway, not like it matters anymore" >You stare deeply into the mexican dish, looking for answers >"Awww Anon..." >Sonata's arms find their way around you and pull you tight >You choke a little >She rubs her head under your chin and you have a hard time pushing her off with a taco in hand >You just let it happen >"What happened?" >You remember the conversation clearly, she said it was her not you >How she didn't want to hurt you by having to use her powers on other men >Bullshit >Every word >Always manipulating you, lying about everything >You knew it all along too "She..." >The blueberry smell of Sonata's hair was oddly calming >You start to lean into the hug and Sonata sighs happily, pulling you closer >"It's okay, Nonny" >All that time you spent together with her... >Did it all mean nothing? >It was all meaningless to her... >Why...? >Was it you? >You didn't know >You and Sonata both had put down your tacos, getting into the warm embrace >They were probably getting cold but you didn't care anymore >You didn't really care about anything anymore >You look down to the blue girl wrapped in your arms >Why does she care so much? >Almost every day since the day it ended she has tried almost non-stop to spend time with you >And every time you said no, or that you were busy, she always seemed so sad >You pull her into a tighter embrace, and you can hear a small giggle >You were still curious >Maybe you should ask "Why do you care about this so much...?" >She just snuggles into you before sighing happily >"Because I care about you, silly" >This only made you more confused "But *why* do you care about me?" >"..." >This time silence is your only answer >After a few moments of she puts a hand to your chest and looks up into your eyes >"You're very special to me, I don't think I need another reason." >You can accept that you suppose >She grabs another taco out of the box >She's making motions with it again >"Choo-choo, here comes the train~" >You laugh before accepting the food once again >Her and you happily munch down the rest of the tacos >She still sat snuggled up against you the entire time >Damn girl eats like a freaking machine >She scarfs down one, and then immediately goes for the next >She notices you staring and blushes >"Ob Im Sorray" >Again she speaks with her mouth full >And again taco bits find their way onto your face >You and her wipe them off again and laugh "Haha, it's alright. I was actually impressed!" >She swallows >"I must look like a food vacuum..." >You give her a reassuring smile and laugh "No it's cool, really!" >A smile forms across her face and soon she joins and laughs along >After the laughter calms down she looks at you, thinking >"Do you want to hang out today?" >... "Well, we already are kinda hanging out" >"Well yeah, but I mean doing something other than eating tacos!" >You bring a hand to your chin "What did you have in mind?" >Sonata thinks for a second before a huge smile appears on her face >"We should go watch a movie at my place! I know the perfect one!!!" >She nearly jumps out of her seat in excitement >You chuckle before picking up the trash and following her "Okay then." >Sonata's house wasn't too far away, just a short 5 minute ride >You remember something when you get there however >Something very important >Something you were surprised you forgot >Sonata lives with Adagio and Aria >Fuck. >Luckily neither of them seem to be here at the moment >But still, the idea of being back inside that house made you feel very uncomfortable >Sonata doesn't seem to notice your hesitation though >She excitedly jumps out of the car and rushes to the door >You turn the car off and quickly go after her "Sonata!" >Her key was already in the door when she turned around >"Yeah?" >You walk onto the sidewalk, making sure not to go farther than the front lawn "I don't think this was the best idea..." >She looks at you confusedly >"What do you mean?" >... >She seems to be thinking about it at least >"Oh... OHHHHH..." "Yeah..." >It would probably be best if you left "Maybe I should go..." >You start to walk back to your car >"No, Anon wait!" >You stop, and look back to Sonata >She looked the saddest you think you've ever seen her >"A-adagio isn't going to be home tonight! We can stay up all night and watch m-movies and eat popcorn, and she won't bug us, I promise!" >She was nearly on the verge of tears >"A-and you can leave in the morning, and s-she won't even know you were even here!" >Yep, now she was crying >She ran and threw herself on you, locking you in a tight embrace >She wasn't letting go >"Please don't go!" >You really don't want to be here >But she was looking at you with the biggest, tear stained eyes >Maybe... If Adagio wasn't going to be here... "Ok, I'll stay." >She tilts her head back to look at you >She looked surprised >"Really?" "Yes, really. Come on, let's go inside." >She smiles big and hugs you even tighter >"Omigosh you won't regret it, I promise! >She grabs your hand and pulls you inside the house >Everything looks familiar >It hasn't been that long since the last time you've been in here, just a couple of weeks >You still remember where everything is >There was a small living room area to the right of you when you walk in the door, it had a couch, and a TV up against the wall >Ahead of you was a short little hallway leading to the kitchen and the backyard >And finally there was a staircase to the left of you leading up to the bedrooms >As soon as you walk in you head into the living room >Sonata gives you that confused look again >"Nonny, where are you going?" >You return the confused look "We're watching the movie in here right?" >Sonata giggles >"Aria is going to be back soon, she'll want to use the TV in there. We're going to watch the movie in my room!" >Oh, okay then "Alrighty...Then..." >She leads you upstairs and down another hall to the last door at the end >She giggles again before she opens the door and pulls you inside with her >You've never been inside Sonata's room before, it's rather spacious >And pink >She had a king sized bed in the corner of the room, it had fluffy pink blankets and pillows >The carpet was pink >The walls were pink >Her dresser was a darker pink, but still pink >Pinkfuckingoverload "Uhhhh...." >"Come'on Nonny!" >She continued to pull you, and sat you down on the carpet in front of a TV on the opposite wall of her bed >She ran to her bed, practically ripping off all the pillows, blankets, and sheets >She walks with, and nearly stumbles, with the giant pile of blankets >Then suddenly you were covered in a giant pink pile of fluff >Not that you were complaining >You somehow manage to find your way out of the big pink mess and poke your head out of the pile >Sonata was giggling furiously at the sight "Are we going to watch the movie or what?" >You say, slightly embarrassed >She lights up at you saying this >"Oh yeah! Hang on!" >And with that she dashes back downstairs, leaving you in the pink pile >After a couple of minutes Sonata returns with a variety of different movie watching items >Popcorn bowls, candy, soda, you name it >Did she rob a movie theater? >Makes her way over to your pink prison and gracefully drops all of the food and drinks onto the carpet in front of you >Somehow without spilling anything >She must be a wizard >She sticks her hand into the massive pile of pink cloth and food items and picks out a DVD before walking to the TV >She turns on the TV and inserts the disc before running to the light switch at the door and making the room pitch black >Suddenly you feel something warm snuggle up against you >After a moment the room is filled with light as the TV activates and starts playing the movie trailers >You look to your side to see Sonata snuggled into the pile of blankets with you, looking at you expectantly >"Hehehe..." >She snuggles closer into you "What are you doing?" >"Getting comfy~" >You're not sure why she said it like that >Oh well >The movie starts >It was a romance, lovey-dovey stuff >You've seen it before, but you can't quite remember the name >The intro plays out with a man, who's lost everything >His job, his wife, his kids >Pretty much everything that meant something to him >And he's trying to cope with the loss >He's at a bar, drinking his sorrows away when he meets someone >(At this part Sonata snuggles very closely to you) >A girl who was an old friend, they meet and reacquaint >She asks him what he's been doing with himself for the time she hasn't seen her >He makes up a life and refrains from telling her about his wife and kids >They become fast friends, and hang out on an almost daily basis >They keep getting closer and closer, but the man is afraid that she'll find out about his old life and that she'll push him away >(During this part Sonata rubs up against you, almost signaling for you to do something) >The two keep getting closer and closer, until the man finally asks her out on a date >They go to a restaurant that night, and get a candle lit dinner >(Now Sonata rubs her head under your arm, and you put it around her. She holds you close) >They laugh and make jokes while eating >Then something happens >The ex-wife of the man was eating at the restaurant with her new fiancé >She attempts to mingle awkwardly with the man and he pretends to not know her >After the dinner, the woman asks the man who she was, and he cannot answer >She doesn't trust him and they get into a fight >At the end of it she says she doesn't want to speak to him anymore >(Sonata gasps and hugs you sadly, teary eyed) >The man falls into a deep depression, he lost the only thing that mattered to him again >He spends weeks pondering what to do with his life, he neglects himself and doesn't venture out anymore >(This part was very sad for Sonata and she cried into you while you hold and comfort her, telling her everything will turn out alright) >The man finally decides to go outside and walk down to a park he used to visit >In the park he has a revelation, and he must talk to the woman again to apologize to her >He goes to her house later that day and knocks on her door >(Sonata grips your shirt tightly, watching carefully) >She finally answers the door, and lets him come inside >They have coffee and talk >The man finally confesses that he was wrong, and that shouldn't have lied about his old self >She starts to cry, and says she is sorry too >She should have just accepted him for who he is, not who he was >(Sonata looks into your eyes, her face close to yours, you can feel her warm breath on your face) >They both admit their love for each other >They make up and kiss >(Sonata softly whispers the words "I love you...") >(She moves in and kisses you, you return it gladly) >Then something happens in the movie that you didn't remember >A sex scene >The new couple goes into a back bedroom, and they start to undress each other, kissing passionately >Sonata seems to be in a similar mood, you two start making out as well >She's really getting into it, listening to the couple make love in the background >She pushes you onto your back, and sits on your groin, grinding against you >"Do you know how long I've waited for this...?" >She calmly asks this to you >Anon Jr. starts to get excited >"I watched you and Adagio for so long... I wanted you so badly..." >She bends down, and rubs her face against yours, still grinding against your dick through your clothes >It was turning you on >"When you'd make out with her, cuddle... Make love... It made me so sick..." >"But I have you now..." >She slides down, under the blankets and you can hear the unzipping of your pants >She grabs hold of your pants and pulls them down >Your member was making a tent in your underpants and you feel it rub up against her face >She giggles >Finally, she peels the last article of clothing separating you and her >You can feel her hot breath against your member, you could feel it twitching in anticipation >She whispers to you, telling you she loves you one last time before you feel the warmth of her mouth wrap around you "Ahhhh..." >You can't help but groan slightly in pleasure >She starts bobbing up and down under the blankets, making them rise and fall with her motions >She occasionally stops to swirl her tongue around your member, then continues sucking it, milking it >She's not giving you any mercy >She's like a machine >Finally you can feel yourself getting close >You put your hands over the blankets where her head was bobbing and start giving light thrusts >She must be able to tell you were getting close, because suddenly she takes you all inside her >Your tip was brushing against the back of her throat >Finally you can't hold it any longer and you release, pumping your seed down her throat, and she gulps it down hungrily >You look under the blankets just in time to see her let go of your member with a wet *Plop* >She opens her mouth to show you that there were no left overs >She was hungry >She crawls back up on top of you and gives you a kiss before getting up >The light in the room was still dim, the only source being the TV >She struts over to her bed and and sits on it, beckoning you to her >You eagerly, but not too eagerly, get up and walk over to her >She grabs you by the shirt and starts undressing you fully >You start to do the same >You pull down her skirt first, revealing her (surprise, surprise) light pink panties >Her thighs and butt were surprisingly plump, and you grab a handful, squeezing >She shivers at your touch >Next you move to her shirt >You unbutton one at a time, slowly revealing more of her feminine body >Finally you remove the rest of the shirt, exposing her chest and bra >Again it was pink >Her breasts were supple at first look, nothing to really brag about >Time to see the rest >You reach around her, in an almost hug like embrace to get at the bra clip >It takes you a minute, but you finally unhook it, and it fall to the floor, revealing the rest Sonata's goodies >She had very perky nipples >They had to be sensitive >You pull her in close and grab a tit before starting to suck on it >Sonata starts moaning uncontrollably at the feeling >Yep, they were. > You turn her around and push her front down into the bed to get a better look at her panties >They were soaked >You wedge two fingers between both sides of the damp cloth before pulling it down >Her slit was absolutely smothered in fem juice >She shivered as it was exposed to the cold air >She looked ready >And so were you >You were rock hard, and your member stood ready >You inch closer to her, with your dick in hand >You gently rub the tip against her entrance and she whimpers impatiently >It's time >You slowly move forward into her, guiding your length into the dark tunnel >She moans with pleasure as you hilt inside of her >She was surprisingly very tight... >You take a minute to get used to the feeling, then you begin to move >You start slowly pulling back, not wanting to hurt her, and then push forward again >You repeat this process, gaining speed every time >Sonata just lays her head into her bed, letting you have your way with her, while she moans into the cushions >Finally you were picking up some speed >You slam into her orifice with every thrust, not letting up >Her butt jiggles after every impact >She yelps every time you do so >"Ahh! Ahh!! Ahh!!!" >You could tell she was getting closer, she got tighter and she tensed up >You were close too >Finally after another minute you were on the edge >You, with the last of your strength, slam one last time into the blue girl and release your baby batter inside of her >Sonata screams, and holds onto her sheets tightly >You pull out your softening member, your fluids remaining trapped inside >You breathe a heavy sigh >Exhausted, you collapse next to her >She soon follows and snuggles into you >Not wanting to be cold, you quickly get up and grab one of the many pink blankets before returning to the bed >She awaits you and accepts you back into her warm embrace >You both snuggle together warmly, and fall asleep