A Trip to Taco Bell - by otaku4242

>"Hello Sunny" >Sonata quickly ran up to you and took your hand into hers. >You can feel your face turning red as you feel her push her side against your own side. "H-hello Sonata" you greet her back, trying to ignore her fingers playing with yours >"Wanna go to the new Taco Bell? It just opened up today" she looks up at you, eyes glimmering >She always did this. She'd look at you with puppy dog eyes, ask you to go out for dinner, then she'd leave without paying for her meal. "Depends. will you be paying for you meal this time? >"Maaaaaaaaaaaybe" "Well, I suppose we could get a bite to eat" >You feel bad for giving in, but those damn puppy dog eyes just penetrate your soul >Upon arriving at the Taco Bell, you make your orders and take a sit by the window. >Oddly enough, she decides to sit next to you, and cuddles up close >What the fuck is up with her today >Your orders arrive, and Sonata is quickly chowing down on her taco. >Typical lettuce, meat, little dices of tomato, and....Olives? Weird. >It isn't long before she's finished, and you've only taken your first bite. "Uh, you want another?" >She smiles and shakes her head. "I don't want to drain your wallet again" >Strange, she usually wants at least 2 tacos >And then you feel something brush against your inner thigh. >You MEEP and jump into the air, but Sonata grabs you and pulls you back down. >You look down to see her fingers caressing against your panties under your skirt "W-what are you doi- aaaaaahhhhhhh~~~" >You groan in pleasure as she pulls the panties aside and starts playing with your outer folds "Sonata, we're in p-public, stop it" your words say one thing, but your soaked pussy tells another story >Luckily there's a cloth on the table that drapes down and covers up what she's doing >"Ssssshhhh, quiet now, someone will here you" She slips a finger inside you, and a rush of pleasure rushes over your entire body >She then quickly kisses you before you look to make sure no one is watching. >You knew you had to return the favor, you couldn't just let her have all the fun >You bring your hands down under the table cloth and mimic what she's doing, pulling her panties to the side and slipping a finger inside >She makes a light whimpering sound, similar to that of a dog wanting you to give it it's bone. >Her fingering becomes more ecstatic and random, as do yours as you finger eachother in the Taco Bell >She turns her head and pushes her ruby lips against yours. They're strangely soft, and the scent of her taco lingers on her breath. >You can see that people are now staring at you, hopefully they cant see the naughty things going on under the table cloth >She groans a bit into your mouth as you curve your finger upward, slamming against her inner walls >She does the same, and your entire body tingles in joy "S-S-Sonata, can we...g-go into the bathroom and....do more?" you ask >She quickly jumps over you and runs to the bathroom, and you follow after her, leaving your taco on the table. >You both run into the disability stall, since it's 3x larger than a normal stall, and she SLAMS you against the wall, your lips meeting again. >You slip your tongue into her mouth >She responds by tugging at your panties >You slip them off as quick as you can, and she does the same. >Soon the both of you are naked in the bathroom, french kissing gently against the wall, your tongues exploring eachother's mouths like a man delving into a dungeon, searching for unknown treasures. >You break the kiss, gasping for air. "Sonata, can you...um....you know" you can feel your face going red as fireworks >She immediately falls to her knees and gives your clit an eskimo kiss >Your face is ready to fucking explode with embaressment >She then gives your vag a couple of licks before full on munching on it "S-SONATA!!!!" you yell, your voice echoing throughout the bathroom. >She looks up at you as she eats you out, her tongue ravaging your insides. >Reaching down and grabbing her hair, she slides her tongue deeper into your snatch "F-FUCK" you groan. "I-I-I'M GONNA...I'M...G-GON-" a wave of cum spurts from your insides, forcing it's way down into Sonata's throat She groans and pulls her face away from your crotch, the rest of you juices dripping onto her face. >"Mmmm, delicious Taco"