[SFW] Valentine's hangouts - by GreenReaper

"Aria?" >"Sup loser?" "What are you doing here?" >"What stupid question is that? This is our home." "No, I meant "here". Don't you go out with your sisters all the time?" >She groans >"Not today. Is Hearts and... Valentine's Day. I don't like it." "Why not? Chocolates, roses, pink drinks..." >"Ugh, too much sugar. I stick with beer." "Ok, but if you are here, where are your sisters?" >"Adagio got a gig, so she is seducing pervs and simps for coins, and Sonata just eats the food they leave." "And you didn't went? You never turn down candy." >"Is SIMP candy. They probably jizzed all over the glaze." "Good point." >"And what about you? Where's your fuckdate?" "What fuckdate?" >"It's February 14. Didn't you catched a girl to bang today?" "Love isn't just sex." >"And that kind of mentality makes you a loser." "Says the girl drinking beer alone on the sofa. You aren't even watching TV." >"Everything is sappy romance stuff today, even on the internet. I'll just get hammered and lose this day." "Sounds cheap, but whatever. Can I join?" >"This is my last bottle." "I have cans of soda." >"Wimp." "Whatever grump, just move your ass and let me sit on the couch. Maybe there's something good on TV." >"Sure, go ahead. Try to find something, I stopped a long time ago." >You are Anonymous. >Today is another February 14th that you spend alone because no girl to date, but with a twist. >Turns out miss grump fish doesn't have a date either. She hates this holiday. >Granted. This day is only an excuse for shops to paint their trash pink and overprice it. >You don't care, you only want the chocolate discounts that will happen tomorrow. >In the mean time, you are sitting on your couch next to Aria, zapping channels for something interesting. >No luck so far. >"Told you it was useless." "Thelma and Louise was neat at least." >"Maybe, but you catch it around the end." "Should've tried a bit harder searching, Aria." >"Whatever, I already saw it." "Ok then... pass me a cola." >"You finished the last can." "Really? I just drink one." >"I needed to wash up the booze taste." "Alright, want to accompany to the store?" >"Meh, I'm cozy." "Suit yourself." >You stand up, and grab your wallet and keys. >You leave your little apartment, and walk down the road to the corner store. >A ring comes from your phone. It's Adagio. "Hello?" >"Hiiii~~~. Enjoying Valentines anon?" "Could be better." >"Good, that means you are in the spirit for some adventuring!" "What are you getting at, Adagio?" >"Look. While I love my sister, she is a pain in the ass when she gets drunk. So how about you take her on a date for today?" "You set me up on a date with your sister? But you said-" >"I know what I said, and I know that I want to sleep without miss purple fatass crying about not having a boyfriend while drunk. Trust me, today makes her very concious about her love life." "I can't promise I will be able to get her out of the sofa." >"Try, you overestimated chimp. Your species thrived by trying, you can do that." "Trying AND succeding. The ones who fuck up are forgotten.... What the Hell? I'll do it." >"Thanks Anonymous, I'll make sure Sonata doesn't eat all the glazed donuts." "Pass, she can get those. See you soon." >You hang up, and pay for the beers. "I'm home." >"About time, I don't like to nap until I'm drunk." "Yeah, about that..." >"Hmm?" "Is this all you want to do? I mean, the day will pass faster if you do something." >"Nyeeeeehhh..." "And what if I take you out somewhere? I don't have anything better to do anyway." >Aria changes from laying to sitting on the couch. >"Really anon? Are you asking me on a date?" "If you want to call it like that. I just want to hang out." >"Which beer you bough?" "Stout." >"Well, you maybe aren't as squared as I though. Alright anon, let's "hang out", and see what happens." >You wait while Aria changes her clothes. Some time later, she comes out with green jeans and a purple sweater. "You look adorable." >"Keep talking like that and I will just stay here getting drunk." "As long as we hang together." >You always like to tease her. Her blush makes it worth it. >*Punch* >The hits to your sides, not so much. >You two leave home, and walk a few feet away. >Step one is a success. Now comes step 2, probably the most hard one. "So, any idea of places to go?" >"Really? You invited me to hang out without any idea of somewhere to go?" "I gotta be honest, I wasn't expecting to come this far." >"Fantastic", she fumes with sarcasm. "Hey, don't cut me down so quickly, there must be something to do in town. Is Valentines after all." >"Hmmm... well, I heard there was a show in the park. Maybe we can go there." "Only if we mock the indie bands." >You two walk to the park. >The Mirror Pond Park is active this time of the year >The autumn scenery, the silly tale of the pond, and many couples wandering around would make it a nice postcard. >But now, there's only you, Aria, and a simple concert to crash. "Know the band that is playing?" >"At least it isn't the Rainbooms." "That's a point up. The point down?" >"It's a group of fancy girls from downtown. I think they had a MV with them before." "Oh, I heard about that. Adagio was mad at the TV for the whole month." >"It was fun. At least I could watch it for the first time. Either is Adagio's soap operas, or Sonata's cartoons." "I like cartoons." >"You and your weird hobbies. I can't understand why you like shows for little kids." "Nostalgia or escapism. Why do you like car or wrestling shows?" >"I like this world's competitions. Everyone trying to be the big one or the cool one." "There you go. I like cartoons because you like wrestling: it's something we like." >"Maybe you could watch a show about talking cars." "And you could watch fighting cartoons. Wait, that would be anime. You may dislike that." >"If it is about fighting, maybe I won't care." "I'll take your word for it." >You two reach the concert, and the group is already singing. >They were reapeating their best song: Dance Magic. >Obviously, is lacking since the other half isn't with them. >The show is boring, and the people aren't even hiding heir jeering at this point. >The group leaves quietly, and the mob disperses "Well, looks like we didn't missed much." >"Any ideas, Romeo?" "How about the swings over there?" >"Do you enjoy being so childish?" >You only shrug >"Well, you better push hard." >And like that, you spend some time on the swings with her. >Time has passed since the swings, playing in the small playground. >By the time you realize it, it was way pass the afternoon, ready for sunset. "Well, for some "childish games", you really had your fun." >"Shut up, I was just faking it." >Her smile doesn't bother to hide the lie. >Anyway, you just play along. "In any case, I had it. Say, now that is almost twilight, want something to eat?" >"We have food at home." "We are also already outside." >Aria gives herself some time before answering. >"I do want to eat, but most places may be filled with couples." >Hmm... good point. >You have an idea. "And how about we pick a grill from the park and make some burgers?" >"Sounds good." >You go to a small 24/7 while Aria searches for one park grill. Some time later, you have buns, patties, mayo, ketchup, mustard, cheese and greens. >Aria managed to light up the grill. "Got the food here." >"Great. Pass me some patties, is ready." >She puts some on the grill, the small grease grilling melting and sparking around. >"Got to admit it anon, so far this day has been pretty chill." "Valentine is still a day in the end, and any day hanging out with my friends is cool." >"Yeah... friends..." >The patties are done, and the burgers prepared. "Yo, before we chew down, let's have a small cheer." >You pull out two cans of beer. "Cheers." >"Haha, cheers." >A good time passes, with burgers and small talk. >Suddenly, your phone starts ringing. Is Sonata. "Hello?" >>"Hiya! Nonny, is Aria with you?" >"Here I am Taco Girl, what is happening?" >>"Hi, hope you two are having fun. Say, where are you? Adagio got invited to this fireworks display, and she wanted to know if you two are still at home." >"We are at Mirror Pond Park. Did you two finished with my van already?" >>"Coming to get ya. See you soon." >Sonata hangs up. "A fireworks display? Sounds fun." >"Meh, I bet it will be all heart shapes and red sparks." "Is a reunion, so there may be some sweet pastries. Ever had strawberry shortcakes?" >"More than the breads in your entire life. Alright, let's watch some lights." >You two finish up the burgers and wait for Adagio and Sonata. >Twenty minutes later, they arrive around the corner. AD: There we go. Come on, we are starting to run late. AB: We will arrive on time if I drive, move back. >Aria takes the wheel, and you go to the back with the girls. SD: So, what were you two doing? "We didn't had much to do. We were playing on the playground and had some burgers." SD: Really?! Burgers? Did you saved some from me? "Sorry Sonata, it was only for the both of us. We finished them before you two picked us up." SD: Aww... AD: I don't know why are you complaining. You ate a lot of sandwiches, cakes and hotdogs in the small gathering. SD: But I want burgers too... "Maybe there are burgers in the display." AB: Speaking of which, where is it? AD: Uptown, in the Stallion Building. Our boss has connections. AB: Sounds fun. >Aria accelerates. >Some time later, the group arrives to the Stallion Building, one of the most exclusive buildings in the city. "How did you get entrances for this place? We are just a bunch of roomies that barely scrap the end of month." AD: I haven't lost my voice yet Anonymous. Humans are still gullible after all. SD: But Autotune did most of the work. AD: Sonata, shut up. >Everyone laughts. >In front of the building, a vallet boy is waiting. AB: Where's the parking? I don't trust you guys with my car. AD: Just give them the keys Aria, I can pay them enough to not scratch the paint. >Aria gives the key to the boy with a serious look AB: They better. >"Ehh... yes miss." >The kid takes the wheels, and goes to the parking area. >The group goes and present in reception >"Miss Dazzle? Yes, you are on the list. And these are your guests?" AD: That's right. My band, and our personal friend. >"Understood. The reception is at the 25th floor: the open meeting room. Here's the card pass." >The lady gives Adagio a magnetic card. >"Enjoy your visit." AD: We will. Thanks. >Everybody goes to the elevator, and mark the 25th button. AB: So, mind telling us how we got here now? "Wait, didn't you say your boss invited you?" AB: You need to learn how to read Adagio's lies anon. Well? AD: We are singing. We are part of the entertainment. AB: I should've known. "Hey, don't be down. After the show, we get to see fireworks." SD: Yeah! And there will be lots of cool stuff! We may sing here again! "That's the spirit. Perhaps you finally get a chance to sign a record." AD: Romantic dreams anon, but life doesn't work that way. AB: Who knows? Today's Valentine's. >The elevator welcomes everyone with a *ding*, and opens to a small open sector. >You can see most of the city, and the area where the fireworks will come up. >A man in a very expensive suit comes close. >"Ah, Dazzlings, good you came. Just in time." AD: We never arrive late, sir. We are ready. >"And who is this... gentleman?" "Their errand boy. I just make sure they are fine." >"You girls have your clothes, but him may have to wait outside." AD: Just get him a monkey suit. I know you have lots to spare, and he is really useful. >"Well, we need another waiter. Please follow one to the back area." AD: Go get some tips, pretty boy. "Yes Mistress Dazzle." >You weren't expecting working overtime, but it will have to do. >You follow one of the service crew to the back, and get dressed. You are lucky you rock the suit outfit. "Well, what am I supposed to do?" >"Just go outside with a plate of appetizers and check on the guests. If they need a drink or a snack, you give it to them." "Simple, I like that." >You come out, and grab a plate with small sandwiches and some glasses of strawberry champagne. >While walking, you find the girls on top of a stage, wearing pink dresses. For someone purple, Aria has the largest red face you ever saw. >If you could only use your phone now. "Would you like a drink sir?" >The night moves on, with random requests, small gossiping, and the sirens' voices. >It would be better if you didn't have to work, but beggars can't choose. >Time later, people is starting to gather around, ready for the show. >You managed to sneak and reach Aria. "Show was awesome." >"For you maybe. I don't like to sing unprepared." "Still, you girls rocked. Where are Adagio and Sonata?" >"Adagio is still enjoying the views of her public. As for Sonata, she sneaked to the snacks table." "Hey, speaking about snacks..." >You pull out a strawberry shortcake. "Here, I managed to sneak one." >"Thanks... hey, Anonymous." "Yeah?" >"I wanted to thank you for hanging out with me. I mean, I bet Adagio set you up so she could sing here and get a few extra coins, but I liked it when we kept it simple, playing on the park and grilling burgers." "I know this day can be a little weary on us, but I'm happy we got to enjoy yourselves. Besides, I got to hear you sing, and the tips recovered all I spent today, so it was a good day all around." >"Well, I think it can be better." "Oh yeah? How?" >"Come so I tell ya." >You get closer. "Now tell- hmm!" >*BOOM!* >Fireworks light up the sky, people cheering in awe, except for two who were kissing. "..." >"If you tell to any of the girls about this, I'll kick your ass." >Aria joins the crowd, watching the spectacle. >You only remain frozen for a bit, before recovering your senses and dress up in your casual clothes. >The display ends, and people start leaving. The girls included. >The fancy man joins the group. "Amazing! I knew hiring you for tonight was going to be a great idea." AD: We always take the stage sir, without any problems. If you ever have any gigs like this, please let us know. >"Really? Well, if you give me your agent's number..." AD: We don't have an agent sir, but we are open for business. >The man smiles >"Really? No manager? Maybe we should talk a bit more. How about you follow me to my office? Is on the 1st floor." AD: Interesting proposal. Guys, go get the van, I'll join you when I'm done with our boss. >Back at the 1st floor, Adagio follows the rich guy. Meanwhile, everyone leaves the building, and Aria talks with the vallet boy. AB: Hey, park kid, you still have my keys? >"Yes miss, let me-" AB: Not necessary. >Aria takes the keys and gives them to Sonata. AB: Could you get the van? I need to rest now. SD: Really? Can I drive? AB: Well, we all got fun today, so let's enjoy it a bit more. >Sonata gives small enthusiastic jumps, and goes to the parking area. >Now is only you and grump girl "..." >"..." "..." >"..." "... Hum, Aria, I-" >"Anonymous, I know that I always act all bitchy or I go walking around, screeching between my teeth. But honestly, today I really had fun." "For real?" >"For real. It's hard for me to open up. Years of experience taught me to just keep people at a distance, but maybe I am willing to make an exception. What I'm trying to say anon, is that you are a good friend, and I really liked to be with you." >You are a bit surprised, but you are happy you got to know Aria a bit better. >Your only reply is a friendly smile. She responds the same. >A while later, Adagio returns. "So, how's it going?" AD: We may have a contract. We have to try out this Wednesday, but we got it. "Cool, I'm hoping I serve in more bigger buildings now." >Adagio laughs. AD: Oh, don't worry, you will have a promotion before that. >Sonata brings the van in mint condition. SD: Look girls! I managed to bring the van without a scratch! AB: Well done Sonata, want to try all the way home? SD: Really? You think I can do it? >Adagio looks a bit reluctant, but Aria only nods in approval. SD: Alright! I won't let you down! AB: I know you won't. >The girls go inside, but Aria stays on the door before going in. AB: Hey anon. "Yes?" AB: Let's hang out again sometime. >You only nod smiling, as she rides on the back of the van. "Hey Sonata, I get shotgun now. Don't worry, we are here to support you." >You get in the van, as Sonata slowly but progressively drives the van back home. >It sure was a good Valentine's Day for a couple of lonely people.