Aristocrat Adagio - by Phantom

The following are assembled from a series of posts made by scribe Phantom in thread number 364. I've added the name of the character speaking to the reader plus some dashes for the sake of clarity, and because I can't be arsed to add image embedding at this very moment. The narrative ordering of the posts are kind of confusing, but I'm going to just put these in the order they were posted in I guess. (Adagio) > Well, if it isn’t the new servant boy. I thought my farther only hired gutter-trash but I guess I was wrong. He also hires raw sewage ahahahahha. What? You got a problem with what I said Sewage Boy? Well, there’s the door of you can handle a little honesty. Hmph, that’s what I thought. Now I have a croquet game to attend and your going to be carrying my bags. I do hope you’ve eaten your, of what do the call the poor man’s breakfast? Oh yes cereal, or feed. Whatever they call the helps sustenance. Because your gonna be carrying everything for me. Now let’s go, don’t dally. You want your pennies don’t you? (Aria) > Heh, so you’re the new meat huh? Looks like Adagio is really Putting you through the regular, Ha!Pathetic, you look like you’re about to fall over. It’s only been a week I’m surprised you haven’t quit already like the others. Maybe there’s something to you after all? Although, if you were working for my family you’d be nothing more than a pile of bruised meat by the time I was done with you. So be thankful Adagio is speak so lenient on you. Because I wouldn’t be~Well you better run along now meat. I don’t want rumors being spread that I’m trying to steal you away. Oh, you didn’t know? Our family’s trade servants all the time. Although by the time they get to mine they usually quit. It’s so much fun breaking sniveling a little meatsacks like you. Oh? I think I hear your master calling for you. Best run along now~ (Sonata) > Um hey, wait don’t run! I’m not friends.I heard what Aria said. Please don’t think we’re all like that. Aria is just mad that her dad is secretly having an affair with,another dad. So she’s taking it out on the help,I mean people she knows she can get away with abusing. But we’re not all like that I promise. I’m not like that. I don’t wanna keep you too long. Adagio can get mad when she thinks her servants are slacking. Not like Aria but you get what I mean. She just likes hurting people. But you’re smart I know it. Not like the other people we hire. I know you didn’t ask for my advice but just keep your head down and do what Adagio says. Hopefully she won’t fire you if she likes you enough. I mean you are handsome, oh gosh! Please forget I said that. - (Adagio, smoking a cigarette) > *Sigh* What? Ever seen a woman smoking before? We’ll get used to it. I smoke when I have a bad day. if anyone asks you were smoking not me. Why are you even here? Your shift ended an hour ago. Shouldn’t you be in the servant quarters, gambling, fornicating and drinking with the others? You wanna hear about my day? You’re a therapist now on top of being sewage? You’re really pulling double duty huh? Fine if you GOTTA pry into my personal life. Things at school are getting annoying. Everyone there are such idiots. Jonathan, you know my boyfriend. All he wants to do is have sex, and when he’s not trying to have sex with me he’s partying with his buddies and sending me dick pics. Which I told him not to! Between you and me, I think he’s cheating. How could he right? I’m a goddess. He should be thankful I’m even giving him the time of day. But oh no know all he wants to do is have sex. I told him I’m not ready but he’s so damn pushy! So the way I see it, if he’s not getting it from me he’s getting it somewhere else. Which I get he’s freaking gorgeous like yo.....ok therapy sessions over get out. I don’t want to see you to tomorrow to take me to school. Appreciate the unpaid overtime. (Aria, wearing school uniform) > Heyyy meat~ Just saw you walk Adagio to class. I’m surprised they even let you in here. Oh you’re just dropping off her things for her? Figures, meat like you wouldn’t be able to get into a school like this. You know, you could come work for me instead. I’m sure I’d work that body of yours, real well. You wouldn’t be carrying my books to class like adagio makes you do. But their’d definitely be some, Extra curricular activities~I definitely like to put your meat through the grinder and see how you’d fair. But I guess you got to go now right? Don’t wanna be late to that backwater school Cantorlot right? (Sonata, wearing swim suit) > Oh hey Anon! Whatcha doing here? You’re not going to swim in your slacks and dress shirt are you? Wait what am I saying. You’re here to pick Adagio up from school right? Yea that makes sense. But I’d be careful, your soles won’t have any traction on the pool deck. I just love swimming you know? Diving beneath the water do you not hear anything. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and just let my body drift. It’s so quiet down there, no problems no crappy friends. Just silence. If I could hold my breath forever I just let myself drift away. Sorry don’t mind me just like to imagine sometimes. But it’s weird,Adagio is usually here by now. - (Adagio) > Jonathan stop. I told you before I didn’t want to. Why do you keep pushing this? I’m just not ready for that kind of stuff. I don’t care if everyone else is doing it. I told you when we started dating I wasn’t ready for sex. Jonathan you’re starting to scare me. Let me go I have to get home. What? Cheating? How dare you! You think I’m some cheap slut? Because I’m not giving it to you I got to be giving it to someone else is that what you think?! You know what Jonathan? I think this is over it’s obvious I can’t give you what you want and since you’re so eager to do it you can go do it with someone else. I am leaving. Jonathan. Jonathan get out of the way. Hey! Get your hands off me! Stop! I don’t want this! Jonathan you’re hurting me! > *Heavy breathing* Anon, Where are we going? No! Don’t take me to a hospital! Take me home, call my families private doctor. * deep gasp* I don’t care what you think. I gave you an order and you will follow it. Take me home, now. Please. *shallow breathing* Thank you. Call my friends while you’re at it. You know, Aria and Sonata. Don’t tell them what happened just tell him to come over tonight. And I don’t want you to breath a word of this to anyone. You understand? My father will handle this.*cough* I don’t understand this. How could this happen? I am a goddess. This shouldn’t even be in the realm of reality for someone like me to go through. Why Anon? I didn’t deserve this. Is this some kind of karma? For the way I treat people? I’ve never been so terrible that I deserve… This. You’re Mr.therapist aren’t you? Then explain! > I don’t remember giving you expressed permission to enter my private bedroom. But you must think you’re so sweet coming to check on me. Well it wasn’t needed. It takes more than a few bruises to break a goddess like me. Also, I’m not ready to talk about it.Besides your shift ended hours ago. You really enjoy doing unpaid overtime don’t you? Tch, whatever you’re here so sit somewhere I guess. I suppose I should thank you for helping me the other day. It was travesty you seeing me like that. But I was more than satisfied with the way you handled Jonathan. Expect a nice bonus in your next paycheck. I know You didn’t do it for the money. In any case what’s done is done so take it. Even now I feel like I haven’t done enough to show my gratitude. There is an event that I must attend in a few days and I think it would be adequate if you were to be my plus one. That’s right. You won’t be there as my servant. So I suggest you dress up properly. If you can’t I’m sure father will loan you something.All he’s been talking about the last couple of days is you. “A valiant knight rushing in to rescue the princess from the fiery clutches of the dragon. A man after my own heart blah blah blah blah”.But if he has it set up enough I will as well. Thank you, for being there when I needed you and going above and beyond what was required of you. - (Adagio) > Look at you, he cleaned up all that sewage and you actually look decent. I suppose no one will recognize you once we enter. I do Hope you know how to make conversation with the aristocracy. So probably be the only time you’ll ever be able to mingle with the Who’s Who of high society. Now, Back straight, head up, posture stiff. Perfect. You look like you actually belong here now. So, as my plus one you will be required to accompany me throughout the event. While you are free to mingle you must remain in close proximity to me at all times. Other than that feel free to enjoy yourself. (A photograph of the character 'Johnathan'; looks kind of like a Fallout mascot.) > you?! They look trash like you in here? I simply must talk to my father about the status of this fine establishment. Oh, you thought I’d get in trouble for that little distraction you caused the other day? Please when you are his riches me you do not get in trouble. Now for someone like you. You should be thankful you’re not in jail for assaulting me due to a misunderstanding between Adagio and I. The only reason why you’re even alive right now is due to her father‘s good graces. I suggest you remember that. Because the next time you lay your hands on me or anyone like me. They’ll never find your body. Being a part of the aristocracy grants many benefits that you’ll never even dream of. One off which is take care of insignificantTrash like yourself. Getting angry are you? Go ahead since you were so keen to strike me last time. Hit me. Go on prove you’re nothing more than a frothing at the mouth dog in desperate need of being put down. Go on, everyone’s watching. Prove me right. (Aria) > Jesus Anon you knocked him cold! Look at him he’s completely blacked out. I had no idea you had that kind of strength in your right arm. I mean just look at him! One hit! You’re a goddamn demon! Freaking sick man !Wait is that his teeth over there? Dude you are like my new best friend. I can’t believe someone like you had that kind of power. You got to come over at some point. I got a boxing bag that you just got a hit a few times for me. I’ve never seen you in this light before. I won’t lie it’s kinda hot. I love a man who uses force to take what he wants~But in all seriousness you may want to get out of here before security shows up. I mean that was sexy as fuck but I’m not gonna defend you. (Sonata) > Anon over here! * door closes *what have you done?! Why did you hit him? In public of all places! It was different when you were in that classroom but there were witnesses here! You got to get out of here before security catches you. Listen, I’ve already called adagio she said she’s going to pull the car around but But you’re gonna have to jump out the window so you don’t get caught. I don’t like seeing you like that Anon. Whether or not he deserved Irrelevant. You can’t just go around swinging on the aristocracy like that. It will get you killed! I know this is not a world you’re used to but you have to understand where I’m coming from. I mean it you can’t get caught here. They’re not gonna call the cops. They’re going to take you in the back and there’s a solid chance you’re not gonna be walking out of here. *beep* OK I think that’s her. I’m going to open the window, I need you to slip out and as quietly as you can make it to the car OK? (Adagio) > * whispers * Quietly you idiot! You want security to catch you?! Get in here hurry up! * Vroom* Just keep your head down OK I’ll tell you when to pick your head up. -20 mins later- > *Sigh* OK I think we’re clear. Pick your head up. That was so freaking stupid what you did. I didn’t even have to be in the room I heard the thud.You attacked Jonathan. If he wasn’t going for you before he’s going to be now......but I will admit. That was the most satisfying thud I ever heard. That’s gonna get you some reputation. Well I won’t be taking you back to this place but knowing that is big brutal thug I’m my company with more than Likely give him a second thoughts about retaliation but we’ll see. You know, I think I actually like you. You’re not sewage anymore. You’re a big dumb gorilla. I like that Anon. If you were anyone else I’d probably have left you there to deal with security. But I think I’m going to like having a big dumb gorilla around (Adagio) > So hey, apart from the end tonight was a lot of fun. I didn’t know of someone like you could dance so well. I guess you got to be able to do something with those big beefy legs huh? I got a tail father what happened. Sorry but we got to get out ahead of this. Don’t worry though I’ll spinet so he doesn’t fire you. Reputation is everything to him but I know I can swing it so that it’s favorable towards you. In any case I’m gonna go to bed. My phone is probably blowing up from Aria and Sonata So I’ll probably be talking to them until I fall asleep. But thanks for knocking Jonathan out again. So nice you had to do it twice huh? So Anonymous. Thank you for today we should do it again - (Scantly clad Adagio) > Shut up, don’t talk, just lay there. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not drunk, and I’m not high. Sneaking out to the servants quarters what the hell is wrong with me?You’re gonna lay there OK let me do whatever I want. You should be thankful. I’ve read books. Aria says it’s awesome but Sonata doesn’t wanna talk about it. So I’m gonna , from you. So you’re going to do what I tell you. I see you sleep only in your boxers so that’s gonna make this easy. So take it out, I want to see it......... so that’s what it looks like soft right? Well get hard I wanna see what it looks like hard. Oh right I gotta... do stuff to it.Turn your head, stare at the wall. I don’t want you looking at me. It looks weird up close. So I just grab it an- shit did I hurt you? Sorry I’ll grab it softer. Don’t laugh! I don’t care if you’re ticklish! Just let me do this ok? Stop making it weird. Hey, it’s getting harder. You can stop grow-hey! cut that out! It’s too big now! can’t help it. Heh, that was a nice noise you made. Do it again. You make more noise the more I do this huh? You’re like a puppet. Wrapped around a my little fingers~ > *Heavy breathing*That face, I love the face you’re making. It satisfies me indiscriminately. Complete submission, wallow in pleasure as I use you for my satisfaction. You’re grunts, your gasp.*Shallows breathing* I can’t believe this is what it feels like. To think I hesitated before coming here. But seeing you believe me so utterly broken this is driving me insane I… I have to break you more! Squirm beneath my influence, does it hurt? When I grip you like this? Good, I will ruin your dick. No one else will compare to me. You’ll be ruined for other women no one else will ever come close. Worship me, adore me. I will be your goddess, your provider. And your master! - > Wake up jackass. Just so you know my crotch won’t stop Aching, my back hurts and you ruined my shirt with your “fluids”. Also, I need you to listen. What happened last night didn’t happen. It was a moment of boredom. You were a distraction. So don’t any ideas in that head of yours that I am your woman or something. This was a one off deal. So don’t breath a word of this to anyone. Tch, fix your face! You’re making me regret this! Just...get out of my be....I’m getting out of your bed. And I’m taking your pants. Stop snickering! You know what? Privileges revoked. Just when I thought maybe I’ll actually give you a second taste you go and start laughing at me. Your goddess has abandoned you. No more touching. From now on you can look but you’ll never get to touch again! > Tch,my hips still hurt. Thanks for that gorilla. I should have lashed. Whatever,Be back at 3o’clock exactly. I have ballet practice and I will not be late due to your dumb gorilla brain. You better remember what I said. Not. A. Word. Two. Anyone. Hmph, something wrong? I always stand like this. Not my fault you can’t stop yourself from lusting for me. But it’s too late you had your chance to worship this ass and now you will suffer under its influence.Think about that when you’re walking amongst the gutter trash of your school. Bye-bye! - (Sunset Shimmer) > Excuse me! Hey wait up! But you’re Anon right? I’ve heard about you and what you did to that idiot Jonathan. All us servants have! Oh I’m sorry I should’ve reduce myself I’m Sunset Shimmer, a servant like you,But I work for a different family. And you Anonymous have made quite a name for yourself. Twice you clobbered that idiot Jonathan and twice you avoided retribution. Do you know what they call you “Our Fist”! Oh, sorry. “They” refers to a small network of butlers, maids etc. we can talk about it more on our way to Cantorlot High, we people like us can talk a little more freely. I just had to come up to you when I saw you in the halls you are a freaking legend. You’ve got tell me the story of how you beat him twice! Come on, we can talk on the way. > That’s insane! You knocked his teeth out?! Anonymous, Peasantry laying hands on aristocracy is unheard of. I have to introduce you to my friends. They’ll love you. I don’t think you’ve come to terms with your status in the common populace. You’re an icon, something people can look to. A real champion of the people you know? I know it’s a lot to take in but trust me you’ve got a lot a allies where you wouldn’t think. I know you didn’t hit him to make a bid for revolution but know that your actions made waves.People are talking, “maybe we don’t have to live like this” “Maybe our greatest aspirations in life isn't just to serve the Aristocracy. That it shouldn’t be.” Sorry I’m gushing like this. I’m just so excited about what this could bring. >"So this is champion of downtrodden yes? Stryker of the rich, eliminator of the bourgeoisie yes?" > Trixie! I’m sorry Anonymous, this is Trixie, another servant. Trixie is no servant! She is magician! Master of own destiny! > Trixie doesn’t actually work for any particular family but it’s often booked for Aristocratic soirées through her agency. They don’t always pay her. Trixie gives best performance every time! Tricks you should always be paid! > sometimes the agency takes her money in exchange for feeding her and giving her shelter. ....... Trixie cannot afford private residence. > I’m sure you get where she’s coming from. You live at the Dazzle Manor done you? If they would’ve fired you for your transgressions where would you live.Hell, fitting would’ve been the most merciful thing they would’ve done. I’m sure they don’t pay you enough to live on your own but this is the reality that a lot of us face. You’re a servant, like us, which is why we’d like for you to join our little network. You will be secret agent > Yes what She said. See Anonymous, we all help each other here and there. Look at it as a kind of Underground Railroad. Servants that have crossed their master are quietly ushered away before they can receive any punishment. Most of the aristocracy right off runaway servants as abandoning duty based on the severity of the perceived slight and hire someone else quickly. Although if it’s more severe...... Trixie has lost many friends to the Bourgeoisie. > A lot if not all of us are in rotation to the different families in one way or another. Sometimes we’re maids, sometimes we’re gardeners, other times we’re cooks you get the idea.One of the huge benefits is that a lot of the aristocracy don’t really remember servants. You know, so long as you’re not constantly in their face. Don’t you want to see a future where the common folk don’t have to live as glorified slaves? Trixie tires of Subservience. > Exactly, so Anonymous what do you say? - (Adagio in sweaty workout garb) > Where have you been? What’s so interesting that you were late to retrieve me? HMPH, whatever practice ran late anyway so you are forgiven this time. Well? don’t just stand there, grab my bags and let’s go. Big dumb gorilla. What are you staring at now? Is my form so alluring that you’ve lost your senses again.Well like I said you’ll never be able to partake. You poor thing. You know what I think I’m going to go home like this. I’m not going to change so you get to see exactly what’s you’ve lost. Hopefully my feminine musk doesn’t overtake your control whilst your driving. I’m sure ideas of you pulling over in some desolate part of the road and having me anyway you like must be plaguing your mind. Careful not to lose your composure or you’ll answer to my father about the absence of my purity. > You brute,you beast! Have you no shame?! Mph! On the side of the road of all places! Yo… You’ll answer my father for this! You haven’t earned this *gasp*I told you never again how could you do this to me? My legs, they won’t stop shaking! You need to stop!It’s filthy I haven’t even bathed! You’re disgusting! Why won’t you listen to me I am your master! You… You’ll be fired! I’ll have you beaten! Out on the stret! Was this your plan?! To attack at my most Vulnerable? In the back of a car on the side of the road like some cheap whore?! How dare you! To be subjected to this by someone like yo! Useless! Filthy! DEGENOOHGODIMCUMMING! >*heavy breathing* Why? Was it the teasing? Ohhhhhh my legggggs. I was just toying with you a little. To think you would take it this useless man. Touching me so lewdly. No, not again my legs. You can’t anymore I won’t allow it. I don’t care if you haven’t had your turn yet. I will not entertain this anymore. Like I’m some floozy. Im am not beholden to you. Get your rocks of somewhere else.*light struggle* Anon no, I’m still sore. You really are a big dumb gorilla. Goddamnit I will not be had by a monkey! If you stick it in me I swe-.........hah............hah*groans* oh god Anonymousssssssss~ I hate you~I wish we never hired you~ A servant that can’t even follow orders~ Taking things he wants when I can’t fight~ I*moans* I swear. If someone see...*small shriek* s-s-stop getting bigger....inside.....inside...wait no! Pull out you’re not wearing a condom! *Incoherent babbling combined with semi serious struggle* Anonymous please, we can’t if you get me pregnant how will I explain.Not inside please not inside.You could close I could feel it pulllllllouuttttttttt > what? You expect me to apologize? You deserve that knee to the groin. You should be happy you didn’t get more. What were you thinking anonymous? You big dumb gorilla? You’re lucky I’m not in my cycle right now. That’s right I knew I wasn’t ovulating. I was just testing you and you failed. I know now that I can’t trust you to listen to me when I say pull out.I don’t care if my legs were wrapped around you.Don’t flatter yourself you’re not long enough that you couldn’t pull out. You had enough space. But that’s not what you wanted was it? Do you want to put me in my place. Be the man you think I need. Knock me down a few pegs. Please your technique is lacking. Nowhere near enough to make me a quivering mess. Never mind what I said in the car. Mild encouragement as to not hurt your feelings. I guess weak men like you need to feel empowered sometime.I could’ve pushed you off at any time. By the way that car detailing is coming out of your check.Well you should’ve thought about that before you Decided to ‘rape’ me in the back of my own car. I don’t care what hints you think I was sending out you need to learn to control yourself.If not maybe I’ll have to wrap a collar around that neck of yours and parade you like the beast you are.Who am I kidding you’d probably enjoy it you disgusting gorilla. - (Adagio in bed texting) >* {Hey you still up} *deletes text* {How’s your balls gorilla}?* deletes text* *sigh* ( what am I doing?) {Anonymous come by} *Sends accidentally* No! Nononon...Crap *text received* > what?! {Good I’m glad your ball still hurt } * sent * *text received * > The nerve of this asshole! {You don’t have the balls trust me I know I checked} *sent * Why am I even instigating him This is stupid. *text received* > Oh crap. { Gorilla are not allowed in my private quarters after hours. House Rule} * sent * Ha! *knock knock * > !!!!!!!! *knock knock* >{ Is that you outside my door?} * sent * * text received* > He’s not fucking serious. *Open the door* Anonymous have you ANY idea what my father will do if h-mph?! No! I’ve had enough kisses from you. You had your fun in the car now go back to your quarters before I give you a second helping of my knee! > mmmm again? No, I’m too tired. We’ve already done it twice today control your lust. Anonymous, listen. These last couple of days have been.… ok I admit it they’ve been nice. Now I know that being with me like this is dangerous for you. I know the risk you take and interacting with me in such away. I just want to say, I appreciate it. It’s just nice having somebody I know it’s not gonna betray me.Or make me do something I don’t want. I know that sometimes I pretend I don’t but I’m glad you know when I’m being serious and want I want you to keep going. You may be a big dumb gorilla, but maybe I like big dumb gorillas. I hope that we are able to continue this.Know that I will never be able to go public with our tryst. Yes I said tryst! It not like I’m falling in lo-falling in looooooooo.... growing fond of you. You are pleasant company when you’re not pissing me off. So I’d like to keep you around. For now. Now that I’ve said my piece. Shift your erection AWAY from my backside. > You idiot! I just woke up wakes the matter- *creak* Sweeti- > DONT COME IN DAD IM NOT DECENT! Oh of course my apologies darling. It’s just that I have some good news and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you. I know you must feel isolated being in this big manor with much older staff walking around and serving you so I thought I’d hire someone a little younger. I know there’s that fellow Anonymous but I don’t like the idea of him and you getting too friendly. Despite what he’s done to protect you. Between you and me sweetie I barely tolerate him as your bodyguard. > Aaassssss if I’d ever see that sewage waste of a man as any more than that. Besides, I DO have friends. *chuckles* yes yes of course.But I’d prefer to have someone here on a more permanent basis.That’s why I hired a female maid. Once you’re decent please meet me in the foyer. Love you *close door* > Anonymous… Anonymous I didn’t mean what I sammmmppph!!! Thats not a place you can enterrrrrrrr!!!! Front only front onlyyyyyyyyyy - (Sunset Shimmer in a maid dress) > This? This is who you hired to wait on me hand and foot and be my listening ear? Now I know how do you feel about aesthetic but I assure you she came highly recommended.AH, anonymous my boy good to see you guarding my precious daughter so well. Now miss, if you please. + H.hello Lady Dazzle I’m Sunset Shimmer. I hope we get along well and I’ll do everything I can to earn your confidence+ *polite bow* > At least you know your manners. Splendid! Now Miss shimmer if youll come with me to my office I’ll get you acquainted with some of the rules and regulations that I implement in my home. +Y.yes sir+ > Ugh that’s all I need. Another ass kissing yes man. - (Adagio) > I don’t know why father insists on constantly trying to get the help to ‘relate’ to me.This isnt the first time he’s done this Anon. Before her there was some purple haired slut, and before that there was this bitch that was obsessed with nature. No matter, she won’t last long, I will see to it. And you’re going to help me. Follow her around, this sunset girl. You know, when I am not in need of your company. Get chummy with her catch so she slips up and report directly to me. She’ll be out of here before the months out. What? don’t give me that look. Although I begrudgingly admit it, you are a cut above the common dregs that infests the halls of this manor.You are my confidant, my bodyguard, my consort. Although that last part is secret of course. Well, don’t just stand there I gave you a task. Get to it - (Sunset Shimmer) > Mr.Dazzles please! Shut up, you know you love it. It’s a cunt this tight I’m surprised you don’t have all the boys chasing you. Or are they chasing you you little cock tease? > M-m-mr dazzle! Please! I don’t like this! Since when does that make a difference to me? You thought you were just going to be cleaning? What a naïve girl you are. I really hit the jackpot this cunt feels like it’s barely been used. Who’s the lucky lucky man that popped your cherry? > * Incoherent mumbling combined with gasping* Heh, Never had a cock this deep in you huh? Well that’s what happens when you’re giving out ass to those little limp dicks you call classmates. Need a real man to stretch out your guts. Know what a proper fucking feels like. > It hurts! it hurts! I know it does you little slut. Never had a man feel you like this before. And stop all that whining I haven’t fucked your asshole yet. > Please don’t! I I’ll do anything just please stop this! You’re in no position to be making demands of me. But you are in a position to take this hot load.Better hang on because you’re gonna feel this in your stomach. > No Mr.Dazzle anything but that oh God oh God I feel it’s hot it’s so hot!! AHHHHHHHHH! - (Adagio) > You’re back already? That was fast. Little cunt must’ve been trying to steal something huh? OK what did you say? ......... > *looks up* You can’t be serious? *sigh* Father not again. I should’ve known he would’ve hired her for that. That’s gonna make things a little more difficult. When father finds a fuck toy the only way she’s gone is if she gets pregnant or worse.It’s gonna be near impossible to fire her now.*groans* All right, you can remain here while I finish his homework.I suppose if you’d like you can do yours as well. No sense you returning to spy on her as I’m sure they’ll be busy for a while. Wait no, I could probably make this work. Once you find her after she’s done servicing my father try to see why she chose to work here. Try to see if she has an angle. You’d surprise how any of my fathers fuck toys turned out to be thieves.Or worse golddiggers looking for a free ride. - (Aria and Sonata) So this is where you’ve been hiding from us. > Aria? Sonata ? What are you doing here? Checking in, because we haven’t heard from you since the event. But I see now it wasn’t necessary. +Hey Anon! Good to see you’re okay.+ Ignore the meat Sonata that’s not what we’re here for. +I really wish you wouldn’t call them that+ ANYWAY get dressed bitch. We going out. > Uh excuse me? To where? Mall duh + We thought maybe it would be nice if we all spent some time together. > I suppose it would be fun. Anonymous pull the car around. We’ll be out momenta- Nah uh He’s not coming. > And why not? + we kind of wanted it to be in all girls trip. Sorry Anon, no boys allowed+ > Ugh fine, Remain in the Manor anonymous. Keep an eye on at sunset girl while I’m gone. Sorry meat, you can’t follow around Adagio like a lost puppy today. Although if you are looking for some attention~ +You said you wouldn’t do that!+ What? he looks like he can spar. > Please keep your hands off my bodyguard Aria he is off limits to you. Oooooo taken a fancy to the meat bag? > I just don’t like the idea of you pummeling my belongings. Your dismissed Anonymous I’ll be fine. +Bye Anon+ See you around, meat~ - (Sunset) >Mr. Dazzle No! My shift is almost over I’m going home! Home? You could actually afford to live off grounds? You must have some money squared away. Smart girl, I like that~ > Mr. Dazzle I don’t want to do this. You still got 20 minutes before you can go. That’s 20 of you. Servicing me. > Why are you doing this?Why are you being so cruel to me? Cruel?I’m not cruel, don’t worry you’ll get a nice little bonus > I don’t want extra money if it means this! I’m not a prostitute. You’re a whore in a maid’s uniform and you know it. Now stop struggling I’m going soft. > Mr. Dazzle please. I like someone, so- So you’ll be giving him my sloppy seconds. Shame, I’m sure the lucky guy really likes you too > *Begins to quietly sob* Hey now, no tears. Or else I’ll start to think this was non-consensual.*chuckles* > *looks over * ( Anon?! Don’t look! Don’t look at me like this! I’m not a whore! I’m not!) * looks over * Anonymous? I’m busy. Either join in or close the damn door. - (Aria and Sonata) Ok spill it. You humping your bodyguard? > I have no idea what would even give you that insinuation. Well since the event you’ve been joined at the hip. I’d be jealous if it wasn’t so cute. I haven’t seen you this relax in a long time. You’re usually so frigid. > I’m just happy to finally be rid of Jonathan that’s all. It has nothing to do with Anonymous. + Adagio it’s OK if you want to be involved with Anonymous. Lots of aristocracy have relationships with their servants + I know I do~ +No aria you’re just abusive+ Tomato tomato > This is ridiculous. Anonymous it’s just my bodyguard there’s nothing more to it. I’m sure he guards your body all night~ + Aria stop being so vulgar+ Psh, what are you my mom? > Why are we even having this conversation? Because you need to stop acting like you’re above it all.I saw the way you looked at him. Hell you even called him by his name, you never did that with the other meat bags. > I uhhhhh Hell even goody two shoes over here likes to have a little fun every now and again. +I’m sure I don’t know what ou mean Aria!+ Two words: Beef bourguignon. +That’s impossible! How did you-+ Tell Chef boy I said hello. > girls can we please stop crying into my personal life. Anonymous is just a friend. Busted! Now he’s a friend before he was just a bodyguard. > I didn’t mean! Ugh! Mmhmm Let’s go get a bite to eat I’m starving. + Yes maybe food in your mouth will stop your rampage.+ Like Chef’s boys beef in yours? +ARIA+ (Adagio, drunk) > He’s Such a good listener, so stoic and yet approachable. I can never really tell what he’s thinking but that just adds such a mysterious air that I adore!!His hands are so rough from hard work but when he touches me, it’s like he’s afraid I’ll shatter. I admire his care. But I love it when he’s a little rough. It gets my blood rushing. I feel high. Like she’s holding me above a huge chasm. I know he will never throw me in but the knowledge that he could scares me, in a good way. My big dumb gorilla~He smells the way a man should to. Not with all that sickly cologne an ax body spray. Just simple sweat and soap. I can’t get enough of it it’s intoxicating.I do wish he’d talk more. +What have we done+ Yeah I actually didn’t expect her spill her guts like this. +You are the one who suggested we get her to drink+ Yeah to loosen up, not give us her whole damn life story. > Did I ever tell you girls about the time anonymous pulled my car over on the side of the road an before I knew it + Check please!+ Adagio shut up do you want everyone to hear you?! - (Aria and Sonata) >Well meat, She’s your problem now. + Sorry Anon, We didn’t mean to let her get this drunk. Just try to make sure her dad doesn’t see her like this OK? We got to get home ourselves we don’t want our folks wondering what’s taking us so long+ You are going to have to make sure she gets out of her clothes so she doesn’t ruin them. Don’t have to much fun with that~ + Aria Stop!+ What are you my probation officer? Knock it off Sonats. Anyways meat. Have fun pulling overtime. + Bye Anon and again,sorry+ - (Adagio, holding a 'sub sandwich') > Stop squirming you know you like it. That’s right be a good little gorilla and sit while I use you. How’s it feel? To have the lips I have an aristocrat around the base of your cock, don’t deny it I felt you twitch. Am I that good? Or are you just sensitive.You didn’t know I could take you all the way to the base did you? I’m full of surprises. If you last long enough maybe I’ll be full of you too,in more places than one. Mmmmmmmm.*Bobs head,For salad made it before coming up for air* Listen to me carefully gorilla. I want you to take your hands, place it on the back of my head and throat fuck me. Now! I wanna feel you throb in my throat as you fire off your load to my stomach. Put me in my place, slap my face, make me your little whore. Fuck me down, choke me dumb, gag me too you make me cum. - That's all that was posted.