Anon and Futaria Short - by Anonymous

>Aria sat on the couch bottomless and shameless >You walked into the living room and just saw her there, shirt on, but no pants or underwear >And in between her barely spread legs was her flaccid purple penis >Ever since the Dazzle sisters have been seeking out new magic sources, some of them came with unintended side effects, some of which were brief, others which were, well, not so brief >It's been two weeks now and the bottom swap which happened to them after they sought out the legendary Cortes Sextant, but instead accidentally found an Aztec artifact of corrupted sexes >You don't know why they sought it out specifically >They're always hunting for these things >In any case, when they found it, a sort of slow transformation took place, and where their female bits were before was now, well, not >At first they were upset, but within the week, they didn't seem to mind >They're still figuring out how to reverse the effects, but they're in no rush >You walk over and sit next to her on the couch >She says nothing, but gives you a little smirk as she catches you eying her junk >God, it's so cute >Her little purple buddy sits there, naked and exposed, and you can almost hear it beckoning >It's like a voice in your head, whispering **play with me, play with me** >Your mouth starts to water as you stare at it and lick your lips >Aria still says nothing and has closed her eyes and crossed her arms now, looking like she's thinking about something >Your heart starts thumping and your breathing heavier >**touch me, play with me** >The voice is incessant >Unable to resist any longer, you slowly move your hand down to her groin and finally touch her penis >It's so soft and smooth as you rub it gently >Aria doesn't react or stop you >Taking this cue, you grab the top of her penis where her foreskin rested and gently peeled it back to reveal her dark purple glans >Butterflies leapt all over your stomach in anticipation >Holy shit, it was SO CUTE >You give it a few slow strokes, covering it up, then pulling it back again >Glancing at Aria's face, her eyes are still closed, but she's smiling now >As you stroke some more, the stimulation has caused her penis to embiggen >Larger and larger it was becoming as you kept stroking, gently and slowly, back and forth >The glans had become engorged by now, much larger and more succulent than before >You would estimate her cock to be between 7 and 8 inches, maybe a little more >As a result of this stimulation, her exposed head gave off a sweetly erotic musky scent which was becoming utterly intoxicating >You took a deep sniff to capture the aroma, but it wasn't enough >You wanted to be closer >You move your body and get on your knees in front of her >You bring your face right up to her erection and sniff slow and hard the smell of her penis and damp balls nearby >It's like an aphrodisiac as your own member swells in your pants >You're utterly blinded by lust now >The arousal has her leaking a droplet of precum from her tip >You want nothing more than to worship it and please it >You stroke her penis back to fully reveal her glans and lean in for a kiss >As your lips make contact with her purple-colored helmet, you hear a loud snap in your head >Within seconds, you've fallen into a drunken delirium as all you desired and could think about now was sucking on her cock forever >You never wanted it to leave your mouth >But wait...these thoughts, they don't feel like your own...are they? >You look around, then above and see Aria's face >Her eyes are open now with a fiery passion now, with a wicked but not malicious grin >"Well? Why'd you stop? What are you waiting for?" She asks rhetorically >Yes...why did you stop? Her beautiful cock should be in your mouth >You look back down in your haze >Her thick cock is throbbing now >Without hesitation you fold your lips over her glans and begin licking like you would a lollipop >As you sucked on her fleshy meat which felt turgid in your mouth, you could only taste Aria >You suck on her like a pacifier, feeling nothing but comfort at this nursing act >Yes, Aria's penis will comfort you >The taste of her is so sublime, tears form in your eyes for how delicious she tastes >You start sucking deeper, taking in an inch of her shaft, then out, then another, and out again >Her purple rod penetrates your head over and over again >You do this for about a minute before Aria finally stops you and pulls your head back >"Suck on these", she commands, pointing to her smooth, plump balls >You obey and run your face and nose down her shaft before slipping her testicles into your mouth >You're harder than ever, but you have no desire to touch yourself, only to please Aria and her cock >While you suck on her balls, alternating from one to another, she rubs her tip with her fingers while stroking your hair >"Good boy." she coos >A few minutes of sucking her balls later, she wants you back on her cock >More precum has leaked out >You lick it up immediately, and another pang of desire floods over you >You want her white ambrosia now >You NEED it >You want Aria's semen to fill your mouth full and gulp down every last drop >There is literally nothing on your mind now but her cock and making cum >The only words floating in your mind now are "ARIA, COCK, CUM" >Aria obviously knows, so she sits back with her arms relaxed and simply lets you work >You stroke her shaft back and forth, foreskin covering her glans, then pulling back >The act of doing this released wave after wave of her intimate scent into your face >With every breath you sniffed deeply until you couldn't take it anymore >Then you placed it back in your mouth and began sucking once more >Back and forth, back and forth >You sucked deeply, swirling your tongue around her glans expertly by now, making sure to stimulate her intricately, touching and tasting every single little last nerve on it >The feeling of your mouth and face stuffed with her cock gave you the greatest comfort you've ever felt in your life >You never wanted to be separated from her and it >Words flew around your head in an intense flurry until eventually all you could think while performing this debauching act was, "I WANT TO BE ARIA'S COCK SLAVE FOREVER" >Over and over on repeat >She's getting close now >You can feel her starting to buck her hips slightly as her penis convulses, turning briefly harder like it's trying to push >You don't let up >You cup her balls in one hand, fondling them like marbles, and her shaft in your other hand, stroking at the base, all while you sucked and pumped at the head, rubbing her glans with your tongue rapidly now >Aria's making audible feminine moans now, her face contorted in sheer ecstasy >Any second now >And... >"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" >Aria screams out loud as her thick purple cock utterly erupts in your mouth >You want her ambrosia so badly >Not a single drop will be spilled or wasted >As her penis pumped over and over again as the semen flooded out into your mouth, you ensured it never left >It tastes so good >You feel your mouth filling up until there is actual pressure between your cheeks >You move your tongue around inside, allowing the taste of her cum to coat and penetrate every bud >Eventually her penis expenses itself and there is nothing more to give >Finally you release her cock from your mouth >You did not swallow yet, wanting to savor it for a long time >Aria looks immensely pleased >You could swear she's glowing >Like literally, actually glowing >She looks back down on you >"Open your mouth. Let me see." >You do >It's like someone dumped a cup full of jizzm into your mouth >"Very, very good boy." She says again, ruffling your hair >"Now drink." >Obeying, you close your mouth and swallow the entire volume >A deep shudder passes through you as the haze begins to fade away >Aria takes her shrinking cock now and places it in front of your mouth again >You don't even hesitate before putting it back in your mouth to suck off the remaining excess cum, giving it a nice wash >Aria sighs in pleasure >"Thank you. You're the best." >You get back up and sit on the couch next to her again >This time, you say nothing >As the delirium wears off more and more, you get a sinking feeling >What did you do? >Anakin.jpg >But before you have more time to contemplate it, Aria clambers on top of your lap, still bottomless, and CUTE >You lock eyes with her as she leans in and starts kissing you >You kiss deeply with each other, tasting each others' mouths, making to sure to swap plenty of saliva with each other >Whatever you were thinking of before has disappeared >This is nice >Just kissing for what seems like forever >You could get used to this >Who knows, maybe you can be Aria's kiss slave forever