Anon and Trap Dazzlings 2 - by Anonymous

Sequel to - >It's been several hours now since you've recovered from your oral violation by these three...witches (what else would you call them), a little longer since arriving in this cursed mansion >You could still taste the spunk they filled your mouth with on your tongue >They put you in a cage for temporary holding in the kitchen >"Temporary" as their leader, Adagio, she called herself, said they'd be back >They had to go make some "preparations" >She said this with a wickedly menacingly - and you could have sworn lewd - evil grin >Whatever those "preparations" were, you had a sinking feeling even worse than before >You knew it couldn't be good, after what you just went through >These witches bewitched your mind and got you to suck their...penises >It was so unnatural >But, you admit, it was a kind of novel feeling >You felt conflicted >Over and over these thoughts turned in your mind as you sat in the cage contemplating your coming fate >They didn't seem like the violent types, so they probably weren't going to kill you >You hope >But you never know >You looked around again >It was a very nice kitchen >Or rather, it used to be >It was not abandoned and dilapidated with dust and rust >Kitchenware and utensils were strewn about >You didn't know when they were coming back for you, but you had a feeling it was quite soon >As you lamented your fate some more, a slight glean caught your eye beside you from the moonlight through the window >Was it... >It couldn't be... >It was a carving knife on the floor, obscured underneath the furniture >Clearly they hadn't seen it, otherwise they would have moved it away >But it was just your luck that it was within reaching distance >Well, almost >It was just out of reach, but if you could somehow move this infernal cage... >You attempt to reach at it with your arm first >No dice >You try your legs next >Closer, but still barely out of reach >You glance around and listen for a few moments to ensure they're not coming >When you feel confident enough, you grab the bars of the cage and use your body to try and push it >It's heavy and doesn't move much >You try again >it moves a little more >Again >a little more >Each time makes a loud bang and scrape sound >You'd better hurry this up >You do this about ten more time, and then reach for it again with your leg >Success! >Your toes make contact and you slide it over to you >This was your chance now >You weren't at all interested in what they had for you in store next >This was your ticket out >Just had to keep the knife hidden, then pull it at the right moment to make your escape >Hopefully you wouldn't have to use it, but you resolved yourself to if you had no other choice >They didn't give you your original clothes back, but they did give you some ragged peasant pants to cover yourself >Guess it was meant to humiliate somehow? >In any case, you were lucky as you could hide the knife in there >They won't see it coming >As you predicted, you heard footsteps approaching closer >"Well, well, well. Looks like little doggy has been busy. Eager to get out of your cage?" She mocked you, noting the marks on the floor >You say nothing and just look down >"Mhm." Adagio chuckles to herself >"Well lucky for you, it's time to come out." >"Yeah! And you're not the only one who'll be coming...out!" Sonata jabs >"Can we hurry this up, Adagio? It's nearly midnight already and I need it now." Aria moans >"Soon, my sisters. Worry not. We will get what we want, and soon, this poor little boy will *want* to give it to us willingly." >You felt a pang of anxiety in your stomach as she said that "More brainwashing, huh? You may have gotten me off guard the first time, but I'm ready for you this time." You spit back at them >"As if." Aria retorts >"My sister is right. A feeble mind such as yours will crumble easily beneath us. Not that it matters telling you this. You'll bear witness yourself first hand." She laughs out loud in her confidence >Sonata and Aria join her >Quietly you seethe, envisioning how you're going to make your escape once you're out of this cage >Though, it's probably not a good idea to get them while they're on guard like this >You decide to let them walk you to wherever they were taking you, and then get them while they were distracted >They finally open the cage and pull you out >You obediently follow them as they lead you by each arm >They may look like typical girls, but their grips were surprisingly strong >You wonder how strong they actually were >They lead you through various hallways and staircases and rooms until finally you reach their destination >You're outside now in the middle of some garden or hedge or something >It looks like it's part of some kind of annex to the mansion >Nearby is a domed greenhouse-looking room made of glass, except there aren't any plants, just a stone table or something in the center >You look up and see the bright moon, one day away from being full, lighting the way before you >"Just you wait, pet! We're going to have so much fun with you!" Sonata exclaims, clearly getting giddier >Finally the four of you arrive and enter into the structure >Looking at the stone table up close now, you notice that it has some kinds of runes or markings of some sort >Oh no >It hits you like a truck >The location of the room >The position it's into the moon >The markings on the table >The excitement of these witches... >This is a ritual room >And you were about to be a part of their ritual >You panic and try to flee, but their grips are strong >They push you towards the table >You twirl around quickly and decide now is the time >You reach into your rag pants and pull out the knife you concealed >Expecting them to be shocked in some way, you become surprised yourself as they just smirk at you >"Awww, did little puppy fetch us a stick?" Adagio mocks you >The other two sisters snickered in response >Defiant, you shout anyways "G-Get back! I will not be a part of your sick ritual thing!" >Their snickers turn to laughs >"Stupid pet. You can't hurt us while we're in here. Our powers are stronger in this room, given by the brightness of the moon." Aria informs you >"Yeah! You can't do anything to us! But weee can do anything we want to YOU!" Sonata adds >Shaky and resolve broken, the knife wobbles in your hand >"Now be a good little boy and give me that thing before you hurt yourself." Adagio coos >You could feel your mind becoming foggy again, but just >You're about to snap out of it, not believing them, but it's too late. Adagio has snatched the knife from your hand, and you are once again defenseless, at their mercy and whim >Pathetic >You were so weak and pathetic >You felt whatever was about to happen to you, you deserved >Adagio tosses the knife out the door onto the ground, out of reach and use now >They smirk at you once more >With shaky breath, you ask them "A-Are you going to kill me now?" >THAT puts a shock on their face >"What?!? Are you stupid or something? If we killed you, how would we harvest your energy?" Adagio asks, bewildered "W-well, I thought that's how it was done. That's what they do in the movies..." >There's a momentary pause, then they laugh again >"Oh, how naive. You mortals always twist and disfigure the truth. No, we harvest energy from LIVING beings. Living things always replenish their energies, so why would we kill them? No, we just absorb their energies and allow them to live before coming back for more. It just so happens that we found an "alternate" means of doing so, which, might I add, we've come to enjoy SO much more." Adagio explains to you >You glance down and see a slowly growing bulge in all three of their dress-robes "Oh. Hah. So that's it? I just have to suck your dicks again? That's not so bad." You sigh in relief >They chuckle to themselves again "...what?" >"That was just the appetizer. Like a snack." Aria says >"And we're HUNGRY for the main course!" Sonata quips >"Enough chitchat!" Adagio snaps at them. It's time now. It's midnight. Sonata, go get the restraints." >She happily skips out the door, returning several moments later with a crate of bondage items inside >Still confused and mind fog becoming increasingly more apparent, Adagio and Aria shove you on your back atop the table >It's cold >Before you have a chance to shout or fight back, Aria's grabbed your arms and pinned them down while Adagio roughly pulled your pants off >Once again you were entirely naked and exposed >The coldness had given you shrinkage, which they all laughed at >"Sonata, bind him as I told you" >Your heart thumping fast and another realization setting in, you watch as Sonata clamps your ankles in a spread-bar, designed to keep your legs apart and your ass open and exposed >Likewise, she attaches another one to your wrists so you now lay in spread-eagle form >Lastly, raising your legs up, she attaches a chain connecting the two bars, placing you in utterly humiliating and exposed fuck position >...fuck "Wait! Please! Stop!" You cry out in desperation now "Don't take my anal virginity! I've never put anything in there!" >"All the better." Adagio grins lustfully >You feel the coolness of the October air sweeping on your previously covered and warm asshole >Confined and bound, NOW there is absolutely NOTHING you can do whatsoever >They were going to rape you in the ass and you couldn't stop them >You watch on your back as they slowly and deliberately disrobe themselves once more, clearly savoring the moment >They lick their lips as the cloth falls off and they too are naked, unnatural penises pulsating with more energy than you remember >It might have been a trick of the moonlight, but you had a feeling that it wasn't >The fog of confusion and desire crept into your mind more strongly now as the musk of their exposed penises emanate in the air in the room, further concentrated than in the larger room where you serviced them with your mouth >You tried resisting so hard, but gradually your will was slipping further and further away >You were still lucid enough to consciously observe your surroundings, and as you did so while they were occupied with chanting something in their witch-speak, you see their cocks glistening >They look like they've been coated in some kind of oil or something, but you piece together that it was some kind of magical lubrication being secreted from the pores in their skin >How convenient you though >At least they weren't going in dry >You cry out in frustration "Please! Let me go! You don't have to do this! I-I-I'll help you find someone else! Just please don't penetrate my butt!" >Tears leak down your eyes and they stop their chant >They look down at you in unison, cocks visibly super hard, throbbing, pulsating with lustful energy, and perhaps something more >Adagio with the longest, golden-yellow in color >Aria with the shortest, but girthiest to compensate, royal purple >And Sonata, right in the middle, but definitely the most dangerous due to whom it was attached, baby blue >Their cockheads were peeled back fully, glans' revealed and ready to be stimulated >It was from there that the intoxicating scent which clouded your mind originated >"Oh, come now, boy, this won't be so bad...for us." She emphatically laughed >"I want to put it in him now!" Sonata exclaims >"No way, You're just going to ruin him before Adagio and I have a chance. You're the worst." Aria shoots back >"Neither of you will be going first. I will be the first to penetrate this pathetic little boy, as I am the leader. And besides, you got your first chance earlier, so you'll be the last to go this time." Adagio explains >Sonata laughs at her grouchy purple sister and Aria just scowls in response, but ultimately acquiesces >"Fine." "P-Please..." You stammer out again >"Daw, don't be so worried. This'll all be over a few hours." She chuckles evilly, tracing her finger around your tender boy hole, prodding it as if looking for weakness >You felt every little bit of violation as her finger continued exploring your virgin hole >You weren't aroused, mentally, at least, but your own penis told a different story, twitching as blood began flowing into it >"Awwww! Look, his little dicky-wicky likes it, Dagi!" Sonata teased >"Mmmm." Adagio just vocalized in response >Dragging you forward on the tables so she could actually reach your ass with her cock, she prods the entrance with the head >You were still losing yourself, practically floating in a miasma by now, aware, but with less and less care of your situation >Still, though, you weren't going to give her the satisfaction, defiant even now >Now was your moment of redemption >As she rubs her oily head at your entrance, ready to penetrate, you clench your sphincter tight right before you feel she is about to thrust >Y...You won't get in my ass that easily." You shoot at her >As you look up, you see that her grin has disappeared, and before you had a chance to react, she had your balls in her grip >Without even a warning, her grip tightened and a great aching pain exploded in your stomach as your testicles felt the crushing fist of her squeeze "HAH! AAAAAHHH!" You cry out in immediate pain >Only being able to focus on the pain in your balls, your asshole relaxes quickly, and Adagio takes this opportunity to slide her slippery cock head in to your ass, your entrance breached now >Finally she releases >"I will not be denied your essence, thing." She said coolly said as-a-matter-of-fact >This was it. She was in now >You resign yourself to your fate, and look up towards the moon >Maybe you could tune it all out and disassociate yourself >But the mind fog wouldn't let you >It kept you focusing on the sensation of your stretched open ass and the long, hard rod pushing itself in and sliding back out >She was slow at first, allowing the oil to coat your insides for most efficient lubrication >At first it was just her head >Then it was inch above that for a few strokes >Then a an inch more, and so on, until finally her length hit a wall as far as it could go >9 inches was a lot, and there was only so far it could go "Hmm, hmmm, hmmmm" You whimpered out in pain >You were not used to this sensation >It felt uncomfortable, but at the same time, you could feel a tingling feeling on your own glans, and below, where she was rubbing inside >There was nothing more to say at this point, just whimpers and whines as you took what they gave >"Woooow, Dagi! You almost got your whole thing in there!" Sonata remarks, watching eagrly >"Ugh, I'm so tired of waiting. At least let me play with the rest of him." Aria says afterwards >Both of them were slowly stroking themselves and rubbing their tips >"Fine. But make sure you don't spill yourselves prematurely. You know how important this is." Adagio says >With a satisfied smirk, Aria climbs atop the table and hovers over your face >She drops her swollen purple balls on your mouth >"Go on. Suck them." >The overpowering stench of her sweaty balls and taint mixing with the erotic scent of her penis thrusts you into delirium >Unable to say no anymore, you oblige her request as she drags her testicles all over your face, rubbing her pheromones all over as if marking you >Finally, the land on your lips, which you open, and she drops them in >Your mouth is stuffed with her balls now and you suck on her smooth, purple scrotum, nuts occupying your cheeks as you sucked on them like gumballs >"Oooooh, yeah. Gooood boy." She moans out, clearly deriving pleasure from your sucking >Meanwhile Adagio continues to pump steadily, attempting to control her breathing which has become heavier now >Her pumps are slow and tender for now, but you knew that that was only the precursor to the hard pumps >Tears came out your eyes again as you thought of your situation >Though it wasn't for what was happening this time >It was because you were starting to like it >The pain has mostly gone away and it's pleasurable now, having all your agency and choice taken away, a part of you stimulated that you didn't even know could be stimulated >Humiliated beyond measure as you were used as a ritualistic piece of meat being fucked >Stroke after stroke >Suck after suck >It felt good >You've become aroused >Sonata gasps >"Look at his little weenie! It's getting bigger like ours! Though not nearly as big" She laughs >"I'm going to play with it!" >"Just *uh* make sure *uh* you don't *uh* make *uh* him cum *uh*" Adagio says between thrusts >Clearly there is some sort of importance here >Sonata doesn't respond and instead goes straight to your hanging limp dick and balls, fondling it between her feminine fingers >She continues to molest you, massaging your balls which were still ginger from Adagios punishment grip, and stroking your own penis back and forth between her index and thumb, like it was an icky thing >Aria pulls her balls out of your mouth, seemingly satisfied, and then rubs her shaft slowly on the bridge of your nose >Every inhalation of her cock scent brings you further into your lustful delirium >You have no idea how long it's been, must have been ages, but you can't tell >Adagios rhythm has increased as her thrusts become longer and harder >"Luckily" for you, their stamina seems to be boundless >Must be that moonlight thing they referred to earlier >"Hey Aria! Let's rub our thingies on his nipples! Won't that be embarrassing!" Sonata exclaims >Aria, clearly in a better mood now, smirks and agrees >She gets up and goes to one side of you, Sonata on the other >As Adagio pumps harder and faster now, you feel a pressure building up inside you >Aria and Sonata laugh as their glans' circle around your erect nipples, toying with you, humiliating you any way they can >Adagio is in the last mile now, pumpkin like a piston, but she positions herself in such a way that the pressure from before disappears, and only the sensation of being stretched open remains >"Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AHHHHH! Adagio yells out in climax as you feel a foreign liquid squirt inside your ass, hitting your anal walls and coating them >She pushes as far as she can, slight pain coming back as the hard, ejaculating tip presses within >Eventually it subsides and you can feel her penis softening once again as she slips out her golden sausage >You instinctively shut your sphincter to keep it in (or maybe to keep anything else out) >"Wow! Sonata exclaims >"You look like you came lots!" >Aria merely bites her lip in response to the sight before her - Adagio's long, floppy cock, just spent and relieved (for now) >You just muffle out a soft moan of your own satisfaction, though it isn't without guilt >Mentally aware, but still in physiological delirium, you look to the side and notice that the table your on is glowing faintly now >The ritual must not be over, else the table would be glowing bright by now, you reason >"Did you enjoy it, pet?" Adagio cooed, almost motherly-like >"Don't you worry, you're not done yet." She said as she stroked your hair as if that were supposed to comfort you >"IT'S MY TURN NOW!" Sonata exclaims in glee, her cock still erect, along with Aria's >Your anus, coated in oil and cum, doesn't give much resistance as Sonata doesn't even wait to shove her member right in >You anticipated it, but you still grunted out loudly in pain >Sonata tried to push her penis in as far as she could, and let it sit there several moments, like she was waiting for something >Finally, she pulls back out, all the way this time >Then, she rams it back in before you could anticipate it >"He's still tight!" She remarks >"Or maybe I'm just so big" She laughs >She does this several more times, each time as uncomfortably painful as the last, but not excruciatingly impossible >Aria, watching her annoying sister having fun, garners an envious scowl of impatience >Sonata, unlike Adagio, is mercilessly relentless >Her thrusts are quick and deep and hard >However, her stamina seems to remain the same as you sense she isn't cumming any time imminently >The entire time this is happening, you're mind has become utterly lost in pleasure >Though you can reason out what's happening, just barely, your thoughts are on nothing more than the being fucked in the ass >The pleasure is nothing like you've ever felt "p-please..." >"Hmm? Did you say something" Adagio inquires "p...please" >"Please what, pet?" "P-please. Please use me harder." >Aria and Adagio glance at each other and grin >"I knew you would give yourself up to us so easily." She smugly responds. >"Sonata." She looks at her and nods. >"YAY!" She pants out >her thrusts become bursts as she repositions herself to hit your prostate with every stroke >The pressure came back, but for Sonata, it meant she would be cumming soon too >As every stroke with her rock-hard cock head hit your P-spot, a clear fluid began to leak out of your penis >A few drops at first, then some more >You felt so close, but also felt there was something extra you needed >Pretty soon, Sonata was at her edge and made it audibly and visibly known >Her body began to shudder, her normally oblivious and goofy nature seemed to serious-up, and her moans soon became gasps as each final thrust was one closer to ejaculation >Both of you were moaning hard now "Nnh, nnh, nnh!" You moaned >"AH! AH! AH!" She gasped >Even amidst the sheer pleasure of it all, you could feel the change in her penetrating cock as you sensed cum ready to shoot deep inside you once again >Sure enough, she loud orgasmic shout >"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" >Her ejaculation you felt even more than Adagios >It was like mini punches inside of you with each rope of witchgirl semen unloading inside >You were so close yourself, but ultimately she arrived first >You felt so unbelievably desperate now, but thankfully there was one more cock to take >Sonata, like Adagio, panted until the cum stopped and her blue stick began to soften too >She slipped it out >She came so much that some of it couldn't help but spill out with it as you once more closed up your fuck hole "Please, I was so close." You gasp out in desperation and wanting >Aria looks exceedingly pleased at this admittance >"I guess it's up to me to untether your energies and spill your fluids." >Adagio's and Sonata's penises now lay flaccid, while Aria's still pulsates with sexual energy, even more than before now >You don't notice, but the stone table glows brighter now >"Don't you worry. I'll make sure you enjoy this as long as possible." She assures you cruelly, knowing full well you want to climax now >"First, a little foreplay, though. Don't worry. We've got the whole rest of the night." >Instead of sticking her cock in your ass, unlike her sisters, she decides to climb atop the stone table on her knees and play with your penis first >Still flaccid due to the nature of anal, she strokes it and stimulates your glans, , causing it to become erect like hers >Then, she raises it up and begins frotting with you, stroking both her cock and yours at the same time >Comparatively, hers is so much bigger, it's humiliating >But you don't even care at this point >You just want her thick, girthy, juicy, succulent purple dick in your ass >A little bit of precum leaks out from her tip, which she scoops up with her finger and rubs on yours, like she was marking you again >She plays with your balls, pulling them apart, squeezing them, rolling them around in her palms >After some time, she decides that's enough foreplay and she climbs back down, ready to open you back up again >"Hmmm." She ponders >"You're like a dog. That means you should be pleasured like a dog, don't you think? Don't you think, sisters?" She looks towards Adagio and Sonata." >Understanding what she meant, they grin, then help her to pick you up and reorient you so you are on your arms and knees instead, face down ass up, rather than on your back >Now you're a bitch >On your hands and knees with your asshole forcefully open and exposed, you never felt more submissive than you did now >Aria was about to turn you into a bitch for real, not just a victim of circumstantial rape >The cum of Adagio and Sonata was still inside, but you couldn't feel it at this point >All you could feel was the aching desire of Aria stretching you open wide >Like Adagio, she circles and prods your hole with her tip for a few moments before pushing her slick head inside >Just the tip at first, which she let sit, savoring the sensation, then further in, inch by inch, slowly >She squeezed your ass tenderly, like you were a lover or something "Mmmmfff" You let out a pained-pleasured cry >Her girth was considerably different from her sisters >You could truly feel the stretch of your boy hole with her "Hah, stretch my hole please..." You say to her in bliss >As soon as you said that, she pushed herself further in, all the way, hilting you, being the shortest >Once again, the lustful delirium exploded in your mind and all you could think of was witchgirl cock in your ass >She pulled out and pushed back in tenderly, being gentle, but deliberate >Your cheek rested on the floor watching the other two sisters grin and enjoy themselves at your expense >Like Sonata did, Aria pulled out completely before opening you back up again a few times, but instead of roughly, she was more "considerate", if that made sense >Her fat purple cock stretched you open, then exited >The stuffed feeling drove you wild "Pound me as hard as you can." You say, this time without hesitation or guilt >Aria's breathing is still normal as she paced herself, but obviously feeling the pleasure herself, she couldn't help but oblige >Her strokes became gradually faster and harder, feeling every bit of her hard glans exploring your depths >Your penis is leaking again, dribbling onto the table and making a lewd puddle >This continues on for a while until Aria reaches her last mile and starts pumping without abandon >Positioned to brush against your prostate each time, her cock rams in and out, each thrust stretching your hole all over again >Your mind was like a static television screen, screaming pure ecstasy, focusing solely on the delight of her ramrod >That familiar pressure showed up again and this time, due to the edging of the prior two sisters, held no reservations >Your half-hard clearly aroused cock went from leaking to full on dribbling of cum >Aria wasn't quite done yet, but she was also nearly there >Her moans became loudly audible too as her cock stiffened in anticipation of ejaculation >As semen flowed out of your penis in a deluge, the table glowed brightly and began pulsating itself >"AH, AH, AH HAHAAAAAAAAAA!" Aria yelled out loud as finally her cock stimulated itself to ejaculation too and spilled out inside of you >She came a surprising amount and you could feel it filling you up >Your orgasm wasn't as strong as hers, but it was just as fulfilling >You couldn't believe it >You literally came from being fucked in the ass >Hands free >As Aria's penis pumped it's final loads, you felt it relax like the others, and she slipped it out >Filled with the cum of three hot witchgirls, utterly dominated and humiliated, you only wondered what happened next >Coming out of your foggy haze, you notice the pulsing table, the runes on it glowing too >"Well done, Aria." Adagio commends >"Now for the final step." >She and Sonata step forward to unlock you and let you off >Adagio brings forward a bowl of some sort >"Squat." She commands you >You obey without question >"Release our fluids." She tells you >You let the semen of the three sisters flow out into the bowl until nothing came out anymore >"Good boy. You have given us great power this night." Adagio says, almost lovingly >She picks the bowl up and brings it to the table >She pours it out and spreads it around, making some kinds of arcane swirls with it >The glowing and pulsing of the table grows stronger and more intense, as the moonlight fills the room with some kind of energy >The pulsing grows faster and faster, the light seemingly be siphoned off and into the mouths of the Dazzling witchgirls which they consume eagerly >This continues for several more moments until stops >Still recovering from the mind cloud, you could have sworn it was a trick of the light, but where their penises and testicles used to be now resided normal girl genitals >Full on vaginas, as in 100% females >What the... >When the hell did that happen? You didn't even notice... >Either way, you were so exhausted and drained of energy that you couldn't find it in yourself to care >You just slouched on your knees with your head down, waiting for them to say something >"Good boy. Good pet. I think you'll find that we'll have much more fun with you yet." You hear Adagio say >Then they laugh >Evil laughs >Laughs that reverberate into the dead of the night, moon full and bright and filled with eternal mysteries