Reforming the Sirens - by Anonymous

>It's been an everyday thing >And so far it seems to have worked >For this first Siren, you've chosen to prey on her fear of pain >"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" >Sonata is bent over your lap >You can see teardrops falling to the floor >Half of her rear end is exposed >"Please please PLEASE don't do it again!" "You're squirming again." >"Huh?" >She stiffens up >"I wasn't..." "Sonata. Don't lie to me." >"...I'm sorry." >You press your hand against her >"D-Don't! I'm sorry!" >"Are you incapable of learning?" >"I'm sorry! I'll be still, for realzies!" >THWACK >"AHH! Anon!" >THWACK >"Ahhh-ahhh!" >THWACK >"...Pl... please, it hurts!" >THWACK >"Anooooooooon!" >You grab the back of her pants and pull them down to her thighs "Do I have to take off the panties, too?" >She gasps >Looks at you with a pout "Well?" >"...Fine. You w-win, Anon. I'm..." >She runs her sleeve over her teary eyes >"I'm yo...I'm your Equestrian sla-ave and I'll never try to c-control humans with m-magic ever again." >She gives you puppy dog eyes "That's a good Sonata." >You grab her by the sides and position her in front of your chair "You promise with all of your heart?" >Sniff >"I p-promise. But..." "But what?" >"Can't I have my necklace back? I feel... u-useless without my singing voice." >You pat her head "What's wrong with your singing voice?" >Sniff >"It's all off-key and t-totally shaky now. It's ugly... I'm, I'm ugly now." "Sonata." >You stand, pull her up to her feet and hug her tight "You're just at square one. This is where everyone starts. You could have a pretty singing voice again." >"Really?" "Of course. If you work hard, every day." >"I'm not so good at learning stuff." "It's okay. Just trust me. Be a good Equestrian slave and I'll make your voice even prettier than that magic did." >She stares at your face, trying not to cry >"Thank you Anon. I'll be the b-best slave ever... I promise!" ___ >"And guess what else? Anon's teaching me to make my voice pretty again! It's going really, really well!" >One week since Sonata gave in >She's in the guest bedroom, singing Anon's praises to Adagio and Aria >They scowl all through out >"He's sooo nice to me. I get to eat Mexican food, and watch TV, and play video games. And if I keep being a good slave, I get to move from the couch to his big, comfy bed!" >Aria rolls her eyes, reminded of how unbearable sleeping on this hard wood floor has been >"I haven't been this happy since... I haven't been this happy since we lived in E-" >"Shut. Up." >"...s-sorry Adagio." >Sonata frowns >"I just wanted to warn Aria." >The angst filled siren gives her full attention >"He told me to tell you that your punishment starts tomorrow. But if you agree to be good like I did he won't d-" >"You IDIOT! He hit you! Four days in a row! He doesn't give a shit about you!" >Aria stands and the rope around her foot almost trips her >"He, he does..." >"Are you really that stupid? I knew you were dumb, but come on!" >Sonata is lost in thought before responding >"I've been thinking about it. And I deserved it. I was being bad. Really bad. To control people with magic is..." >Aria spits in Sonata's face >She presses into her shoulder and whines >"Sonata. You're no ally of mine. When we get our necklaces back, you're gonna pay." >"But... but! Adagio!" >Adagio raises one eyebrow >"Yes, traitor?" >Sonata's heart sinks >She backs away >The tied up sirens both look down to the floor >"Whatever... Anon doesn't want to punish you. Anon is really nice. You'll see, and then you'll be sorry!" >Sonata runs out of the room >And Aria stuffs her face into her hands ___ >You're downstairs, watching TV >Some dull documentary >"...Anonnnnn..." >Sonata comes in dragging her feet and extends her arms "How'd it go?" >"Annnoooon!" >She falls toward you and you wrap your arms around her "Bad?" >"Mhm. They're madder at me than ever. Adagio called me a... traitor. And Aria..." >Her voice softens as you stroke her hair "What about Aria?" >"She spit in my eye." "What?" >You pull Sonata down onto the couch and turn her face toward you >Some specks of spit are still there >How dare Aria? >You reach for a tissue and gently wipe around the left side of her nose "There." >"You got it?" "Yeah. You look as cute as usual." >She makes a cute hum and lays her head on your shoulder >"Anon?" "Yeah?" >"Do you think you could not punish them?" "What makes you ask that?" >"Maybe they'll just get tired of having no bed, and having to be taken to pee and shower and stuff..." >You wonder >It's been very comfortable since Sonata gave in >Waiting it out isn't such a crazy idea when you can have her wear them down with all the fun she's having >And yet, you don't want to wait it out >As long as they refuse to cooperate, you want... "Sorry Sonata. I don't think that would work." >"Oh....." "Don't go telling them this, but you know something?" >"What?" "They're a whole lot more evil than you." >You poke her nose "So it's going to take some more effort to teach them." >She nods >"Okay. Then, I trust you Anon." ___ >Late afternoon the next day, you decide to head up to the guest room >Adagio and Aria look as crushed as usual >The former doesn't look at you >The latter looks as pissed as you'd expect "Hello, Aria." >She sticks her tongue out at you >If her hands weren't bound, she'd probably flip you off >This one's just asking for it "Here's how this will work. You'll be taken to the punishment room every day." >"Gee, I wonder what happens in the punishment room?" >You smirk "Every day for as long as it takes. Understand?" >You take a step forward and she kicks at you with her free leg "Whoa!" >You grab hold of it, and she grunts in frustration >You take a moment to admire her body >While Sonata's a little bit on the chubby side, Aria's legs are toned >"Wh-what the hell are you doing!" >You run your fingers from her inner-thigh to her ankle "I'm really impressed." >"Fuck you! Don't touch me!" "Calm down." >You force her leg down and tie both feet together >Then, you undo the lower rope connected to the wall >She starts to wiggle, but you hold her down "This is the kind of thing you have to deal with, as long as you're a prisoner." >"...Fuck you." >Her spirit excites you "Do you hate it that much when you're touched?" >"Of course I do, asshole. Especially when it's a filthy human." >She's shaking and gritting her teeth >Punishment hasn't even begun and you've found her weakness "I'm going to remind you - both of you - that all you have to do is agree to be good. And you can start living a more comfortable life." >"Fuck. You. I'm not a chump like Sonata. Hit me all you wan-hey!" >You lift her up over your shoulder >"Let! Me! Down! I'll kick your ass! I'll kick your ass, man!" >You turn to Adagio >She's just staring at the wall >Not the most sympathetic leader "Let's go." ___ >A cheery little song is playing on the TV >It's the intro to a sitcom Sonata has fallen in love with "Sonata! Your show is on!" >"I know~" >She runs in with a bowl of chips and a tall glass of soda >"It's a new ep-" >She freezes in place and stares at Aria's rear end >"Aria...." >"..Yeah?!" >They're quiet >Wouldn't want Sonata to miss too much of her show, so you step in "Sonata's going to sit here on the comfy couch and watch TV, enjoying junk food. And you know what she'll be doing after that?" >"I don't give a shit what that idiot does." "....She'll be making her side of my bed nice and comfy. Any way she likes it to be." >Sonata's eyes widen and her jaw drops >"A-Anon! I, I get to move in now?!" >You smile and nod your head >"Thank you! Thank you, thank you! The couch is super comfy, but I- th-thank you!" >She bounces on the balls of her feet "Careful, don't want to spill those." >"Oh. Yeah! Heehee!" >Sonata sits on the couch and makes gleeful little squeals >You pat Aria's ass a few times, and continue on ___ "She sure has it tough, huh? If I feel extra cruel tomorrow I might take her to get ice cream." >"....this isn't about living comfortably." "Then what's it about?" >You make your way through the kitchen >"...we don't get controlled - we control. Maybe Sonata's happy submitting to you, but I never will." >At the end of a dark hallway is a pitch-black door >The entrance to the punishment room "Ready?" >"Fuck off." >The banter going on in Sonata's sitcom fades as the door is closed >It's dark in here aside from the light bulb above the chair in the middle of the room >You approach it and stand Aria up >"PFFT! This is the punishment room? Seriously? Weak." >Fair >It's just an unused room with no windows and a single chair >You hoped the ominous name would spook the sirens, but that only worked for Sonata >"What, is the chair for me?" "No." >You sit down >"...Sooo, what? You gonna punch me in the ass?" >That'd probably be fun, but no >You pull her down on your lap >"HEY! Hey! Not cool!" "Shut up." >"Sh-shu-how about you hang yourself?" >She flinches as your fingers wrap around her sides >You move your hands up to just below her chest, and then bring them back down >"....What are you doing?" >She's pretty fit >Adagio must have had her do all of the physical work in the past >Not that they really had to lift a finger to get what they wanted >You slide in under shirt and explore her stomach >"C-Come on! I thought you were gonna hit me? Did you do this shit to Sonata?" >Her hips jerk hard to the left as you slide the tip of your finger into her belly button >"Are you... a pervert?" >You lean in a bit closer to the back of her head and sniff "You need to wash your hair better." >"What?!" "Learn a thing or two from Adagio. This is fucking repulsive." >In reality, it doesn't smell good, but it doesn't smell bad either >But from the way Aria's shoulders tense up you can tell that this hits the same nerve "I know it's been a couple of days, but Jesus. Am I going to have to start cleaning you?" >"..." >You press your face into the back of her neck and she squirms "Disgusting. You smell fucking disgusting." >"You getting off on smelling me or something? Did you get dropped on the head as a baby?" >After leaning her back a bit, you take your hands out of her shirt >"S-Seriously dude. Is this supposed to be punishment? All you're doing is showing how much of a sicko you are." >You squeeze her kneecaps and swing her legs open and close, much like Sonata does when she's over-excited "You could learn from Sonata, too." >"Sonata couldn't teach a pony to eat ha-" "You carry yourself like a man. Being a tomboy is one thing. You're an embarrassment." >"..." >Her breath gets a bit quicker >"Knock it off. This is fucking stupid..." "I bet all of the boys ignore you." >"Wh-" "Why even bother with Aria when she's so outclassed by her companions?" >You slap her legs together "Am I the first guy to ever touch you?" >She's quiet "Well?" >You feel around her thighs for some time >No response "I'm not surprised." >Even spinning her around and placing her legs over your shoulders elicits no reaction >She just stares off to the left of you with a red face, and anger in her eyes "You're the perfect weight though." >"...What?" "Sonata weighs a bit more than is ideal. But you, you feel perfect on my lap." >Her eyebrows scrunch up >"...Whatever." >For more than ten minutes, you hold her with one hand while you massage her shoulders, arms and legs with the other >Her erratic breathing and angry face smooth out so much that by now, she look as though she could fall asleep "Hey." >"...Hm?" "Getting comfortable, are we?" >"...whatever. I've been sleeping on the floor for almost two weeks." >Her eyes meet yours, for just a second >"Anything's better than that." "Why settle for anything?" >"Hm?" "My bed's pretty big. More than enough room. Imagine, waking up in the morning after eight hours of blissful sleep. Then rolling over and going back to sleep. Fluffy pillows. Warm blanket." >With both hands on her back, you pull her closer "Some nights I dream about coming home, and laying down in my bed. It's that good." >Her eyes go straight to yours >And she just stares >Slowly blinks her droopy eyes >And says >"Hang yourself." >You have to force yourself not to smile ear to ear "Interesting." >"...What?" "I didn't expect you to break down so fast." >"The hell are you talking about?" "You were thinking about it." >Her 'offended' face looks pathetic when mixed with her exhaustion >"I was NOT. Thinking about it." "You imagined how happy you'd be, falling asleep in my arms like this. Every night." >"F-Fuck off! Idiot! You're not such a hot shot, okay?" >Your shit-eating grin only enrages her further >"Why don't you fuckin' hit me already? Go for the eyes so I don't have to see your stupid face." "Come on, Aria." >Holding her tighter, you lean forward >Her eyes shoot open as your faces get closer together >Until they're an inch apart >"...dude. Back off..." "There's one last thing I have to do before we finish your first day of punishment." >"...And it is?" "Close your eyes." >"N-No." >She does it anyway >"D-Don't." >She quietly groans >"I don't want- I d- stop..." >But before long, she's stopped resisting >You lower her just a bit further >Tighten your grip >And spit in her face ___ >"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" >Aria shouts from inside your personal bathroom >Heard over the shower and through the door >"So. Fucking. GROSS!" "Had to get you to clean yourself up somehow." >She responds by kicking the wall >You feel a surge of anger, but allow it to pass when Sonata walks into the bedroom >"Anon?" "Hey. What's up?" >She hesitantly approaches the bathroom door >"She didn't agree to be good, did she?" "I'm afraid not." >"Hm. What's this chair doing here?" "It keeps the door locked." >"Huh? No way! How can a chair lock a door?" "Go ahead, try to open it." >"Okay." >She tries her best to twist the doorknob and pull, to no avail >"Wow, you know everything, Anon!" "Ha, well, this is common knowledge in this world." >The water stops, and you can hear the slicked bottoms of Aria's feet smacking into the tile "Sonata, why don't you get your side of the bed ready now?" >"Okay! Wh-which side is mine?" "You can choose. I have no preference." >She giggles and hugs you before crawling onto the mattress >As soon as you realized you might be able to convince one of the sirens to sleep beside you, it felt obligatory to buy more pillows >Now there's a pile of them >It's fine, though >Money's not a concern, and Adagio looks like the kind of girl who'd want to be pampered in that way >Sonata starts sliding blue, fuzzy pillows to the left >She stuffs her face into one and you hear a muffled, excited shout >Adorable >"Hey! Idiot! You didn't give me a towel!" >Oh, right. She was pretty shocked over the surprise end to her punishment >As soon as the rope came off she went berserk >It was like caging a wild animal >You reach into your closet and pull out a fresh towel "Don't do anything crazy, now." >"Just hurry up and give it to me!" >You slide the chair out and turn the doorknob >It would be considerate to crack the door and throw the towel to her >But instead you swing it wide open >"W-What the HELL!" >Her tiny breasts are easy to hide with one arm >Her other and goes straight to her crotch "Don't flatter yourself." >You hold the towel out toward her >"...just put it on the counter!" "I don't know. You put all your dirty clothes on there." >"Th-then in the floor! What's wrong with you?" >With a smirk you shake your head, and Aria blushes >"F-Fucking. Creep." >You get one more glimpse of her perky tits before she snatches the towel and shoves the door closed >"...Anon?" "Huh?" >"I finished the bed." "Oh. Good. You can do whatever you want now." >You pat Sonata's head >"Anon?" "Yeah?" >She gets close to your ear and whispers >"Did you see Aria naked?" "Oh. I did..." >She looks deeply bothered "What's wrong?" >You sit down on the edge of the bed and she sits beside you >"Did you want to see Aria naked?" "Uh." >Anxiety builds in your stomach >So innocent >So cute >You lay back, placing her on your chest, and whisper "Is someone getting jealous?" >"...n-no. I mean, I don't know..." >She slides the material of your shirt up and down with her index finger >"You haven't seen me naked. Just my butt, so... d-do you not wanna?" >Something makes you want to go slow with Sonata >Probably just her demeanor "I don't want to rush that kind of thing with you." >"Why not?" "Because. You're special to me." >"...special to you..." >Feeling and hearing her breath on top of you is soothing >You're getting eager to go to bed >It's about that time now >Just have to wait for Aria to... >The door opens up >Oh fuck >You expect Aria to just make a run for it, but she stares at you and Sonata >"Wow." >You and Sonata sit up, and you wrap an arm around her >"Hi Aria." >"Hi, slut." >"Wh-" >Did she really just "Aria." >You stand up and she takes a step back >"I'm out of here." "Haha, what?" >"I'm leaving. You're a freak, she's a whore - Adagio and I are getting out." "Don't be so stupid." >"Who are you calling stupid!?" >You thrust your finger into her forehead and she squints "The twin-tailed siren who wasted her chance to run, and then announced her intentions on top of that." >"Well-" "You wouldn't last a week on your own, without your magic. You have no idea how this world even works. You're broke. You have no home. You have nothing without me." >"...where are our necklaces?" "Oh. So you admit it." >"What? No." "Go up and ask a stranger to buy you a meal without your powers. He'll laugh in your face. You'll go hungry, sleep on a park bench and miss my wooden floor. At least it stays warm in here." >"Fuck! You!" >She surprises you with a punch to the stomach and takes off >You snatch her arm and halt her, almost bringing her down to the floor >"LET GO!" "Don't even try. You might be tough for a girl, but I'm a guy." >You say that with confidence, but she could honestly break out of your grip at any second "Are you ready to change your ways?" >"NO!" >Well >Alright then "Time to go back up." >She yelps as you scoop her up onto your shoulder again >Her kicks jolt your entire body >While the awkward punches she delivers to your back kind of hurt, pinching would be more effective "Oh calm down..." >"Aria!" >You stop in the doorway >"Aria, I, I don't want you to be mad at me." >You can hear Sonata sniffling >"Anon will be so nice to you if you just be good. Please, please just behave." >"Behave? BEHAVE? Sonata, you are the stupidest girl I've ever met. Your voice is annoying, you s-smell bad, and you're ugly. You're REALLY fuckin' ugly, you're fat too! OW!" >You pinch her in the ass as hard as the fabric will allow >"OW! Stop it!" "Sonata. None of that is true. I'll be right back. For cuddles." >She looks a bit happier at that, so you head up to the guest room ___ >The next morning, you're in a fantastic mood >Aria's reaction was even better than you'd hoped >She's physically resilient, but emotionally vulnerable >As you slice up an apple to top off your breakfast, you try to imagine how Adagio might react to being abandoned by both girls >But your mind draws a blank >She's barely said a word since her capture >If she's angry, scared or worried, you have no way of knowing "Hey, breakfast is ready!" >Sonata enters the kitchen, yawning and carrying a blue pillow >She throws it onto the table and buries her face "Haha. Sonata, come on." >"Hmm?" >Her muffled moans can be heard as you rub her back "You need to wake up now." >"Mmm... but I'm sleepy." "Didn't sleep well?" >"I slept great. You were really..." >She raises her head and looks at you through the corners of her eyes >"...REALLY comfy Anon~" >It's hard not to get a bit excited >Having a girl like Sonata in your life is a dream come true >You've just got to find a way to make this all work long-term... >Gently holding Sonata's head so it doesn't fall down again, you put her plate of food on the pillow "I might have you start cooking soon. Would you like that?" >"O-Oh, uh, I... I don't know." >You can tell she's already filled with anxiety >It's hard not to baby her "If you don't like it, I'll make Adagio do it." >"...Okay. I'll try my best though." >You were right to start with Sonata >At first this plan seemed crazy and doomed to fail >You even considered releasing them >But the instant Sonata gave in, your life improved dramatically >It'd be impossible to bring yourself to stop now >"This is really, really delicio-" >She's cut off by three knocks on the front door "...who the..." >"Is that a visitor? I'll let them i-" "NO- No no no. Sonata, go upstairs. Make sure the guest bedroom door is closed. Then stay there until I come get you." >She notes your lowered voice and quiets her own >"Uhh, but-" "Please, go now." >"Y-Yes Anon!' >You check the peephole and your stomach goes cold at the distorted image of your classmate... >Twilight Sparkle >She's holding a notebook >Thankfully, she's alone >Maybe if you just wait, she'll leave >"Anonymous? Are you home?" >Please >Just go >"There's something very important I need to tell you!" >You run your hand through your hair, sigh and open the door "Good morning, Twilight." >"Anonymous! I need to talk to you. Please!" >She tries to walk past you, but you block her with your arm "Can we talk outside? My house is such a mess right now..." >"Wh- ughh, you and Rarity are very alike, you know. Okay come on, please hurry." >She steps off of your porch and you close the door behind you "What's this about?" >"Ummm... first of all, I owe you an apology." "What for?" >"Remember a few weeks ago when you confided in me that you overheard the Dazzlings discussing some kind of plot..." "Yes..." >"And I thought there was a misunderstanding, or that it was a prank?" "Yes." >"And I told you to stop eavesdropping." >Her face displays her considerable guilt >"They're, they're gone! The Dazzlings!" "Gone?!" >"Gone! They disappeared, nobody has seen them." "Huh... well, it is summer vacation right now. Maybe they're on a trip?" >"That's the thing. I tried to contact their parents, but couldn't get their names. In fact I couldn't get any information on those girls at ALL." "Really?" >"It's almost like you said. As if they're not from this world..." >Maybe it's childish, but you enjoy seeing her so panicked >After she dismissed you, her friend Rainbow Dash came and asked you not to waste their time about this kind of thing >They had their chance to deal with the sirens >Now you'll do it your way "So what do you think it means? That they're gone?" >"I believe they are preparing for something. Maybe the festival at the beginning of the next school year." >She flips open her notebook and runs her finger along its text >"According to Vice Principal Luna, the girls showed interest in performing on stage." "Hmm." >"That's... all I have. My investigation has been a disaster. I have so little to go off of. If I could just find them-" "Maybe if you hadn't assumed I was lying, you wouldn't have to find them." >"...I thought it was a prank... I mean... there was nothing strange about-" >She closes her notebook and looks away >"Are you mad? ...of course you're mad..." >You exhale slowly "There's not much I can do now. I assure you, I wasn't after attention, and I didn't appreciate being lectured by your friend Rainbow as if I was." >"...I-" >You feel relieved having voiced your frustration, but Twilight looks more upset than you predicted "Uh, hey. It's fine. All I had was my word to go off of anyway. I guess I can't blame you. I want you to find them... there's something that might be of some hel-" >"What is it?!" >She opens up a fresh page and prepares her pencil "....uh" >Your brain makes up a bullshit story so quickly that it almost frightens you "Aria, you know, the boyish one, mentioned that she's 'getting sick of the mall'. At the time I didn't notice - since there were far stranger things being said - but that kind of sounds like-" >"Like they go there often?! They live there!? Like their base of operations is there!?" >You nod "It could be anything, really..." >"Oh thank you! THANK you!" >She finishes scribbling down your information and pulls on her hair >"Finally, a- a lead... I..." >Is she about to cry? >"I should have come to you sooner, Anonymous." >You become nervous that she might start bawling or something >But she composes herself, and offers a handshake "You're welcome. I hope it helps." >You shake her hand and she starts off down the dirt road >It's quite a little walk to get into town >You consider offering her a ride >...but leaving Sonata home alone might end in disaster >Upstairs you find Sonata twiddling her thumbs >"Anon, who was it?" "Uhh... I'll tell you later." >Inside the guest room, you approach Aria >She stands up as if to defend herself >Expecting a kick, you hold out your hand >But she just stares >You can't quite imagine what she's thinking "You guys didn't by chance hang out at the mall a lot, did you?" >"What?" >Aria looks to Adagio, but she's looking away as usual >"...that's the big building, where shopkeepers all gather together right? We've been there a couple times." "Hmm." >"Why?" >Aria scowls as you run your hands through her hair and try and tidy it up a bit "I was hoping maybe someone there would recognize you. Or at least recognize the mountain-sized head of hair in the corner there." >To your surprise, Adagio turns her head >Stares blankly >And then smiles >"And why would you want someone to recognize us?" "Because. I just sent someone on a wild goose chase. I feel like an ass." >You stare into space and imagine Twilight walking out of the mall, soul crushed and in tears >At the very least she can hang onto her hope for a while, right? >Talking to everyone at the mall would be quite the task >Once the sirens are all reformed, you can have them show their faces again, but it will surely be a long time >"Hey." "...what, Aria?" >"You're too close." >You move in a bit and rest your arm on her shoulder >"H-Hey!" "Be quiet. I'm thinking." >"Think somewhere else! Idiot!" >You wait for her to shove you off or something, but she just takes it "Hmmm. So, your plans for the school festival are kind of getting out there." >Sonata pokes her head into the room, and the prisoners both look at you >" told someone?" "Nope." >"Then how could-" >Sonata groans when they look straight at her >She was the one who told you to begin with "No, it wasn't her this time. You guys are just naive, and seem to think you can pull anything off in this world." >"How much do they know?" >Aria looks on edge >You just smile "It doesn't matter. Sorry to say it, but you're all missing the festival." >Sonata gasps >"But it sounded so fun!" "Uh, we'll talk later..." >Maybe a disguise or something >"Whatever man. We'll get out. And we'll pull it off. We'll do anything it takes." "Anything it takes! Haha." >"W-what?" "Adagio, want to know what happened last night?" >She frowns "Aria had an opening to leave the house. I admit it, I was careless; she could have escaped pretty easily." >Aria glares >"Sh-shut up, man. Shut the hell up." "Instead of running, then trying to retrieve the necklaces, guess what she did?" >Adagio raises her eyebrows "She just stood there and gawked." >"I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna fucking kill you. Shut. Up." "She ignored what was likely her only chance to escape, over some petty grudge against Sonata." >Finally, she stomps on your foot >Gotta admit, it hurts >"He's lying. There wasn't an opening at all. Th-the door was locked, he did that thing with the chair, and-" >"Aria." >".....huh?" >Adagio looks back toward the wall and shakes her head >Aria's mouth just hangs open >"But I... he's lyi..." "Hey." >You whisper into her ear "You tried harder this time, huh?" >"...what?" "Your hair." >She recoils at your sniff >But stays still as you rub the top of her head "Anyway, I hope you two enjoy dwelling on just how hopeless your plans are." >Leading Sonata out of the room, you wave "And Aria, I'll see you tonight." ___ >You spend most of your time today trying not to think about Twilight >There has to be a way to dispel her worries, but you can't decide on anything >She'll be fine though, right? >It's not like Twilight over-stresses about even the most trivial things "Ughh..." >Time for another distraction "Sonata, where are you?" >"TV~!" >You head into the living room >Some cartoon is on "I'm going to check the mail, alright?" >"Okay~" "Can you do me a favor?" >"Of course!" >She hops off of the couch and beams >This girl's going to blow up your heart "Go to my bedroom and get my laptop. Remember what it looks like?" >"Uh-huh." "Put it on the coffee table for me please." >You head outside >Your lawn looks... pathetic >Needs mowed, weeds are appearing and the hedges look awful >Hiring somebody is probably a good idea - you were told to after all - but bringing anybody to your parent's house right now... >It's asking for trouble "Huh. Speak of the devil." >Inside your mailbox you find the usual junk mail, but on top is an envelope from your mom and dad >A phone call would be better, but... >You sigh, take it all into your hands and shut the mailbox "Wait..." >There's something in your peripheral vision >Across the dirt road, in-between some trees >Something that probably shouldn't be there "Oh for fuck's sake." >A shovel >THE shovel >You take it out of the ground and throw it into your shed "Talk about a give-away." >You never told yourself you were good at this kind of thing >But you've sure as hell told the sirens as much ___ "We have more magazines~!" >"OOH~!" >Sonata snatches them up >You used to throw them away, but she has her fun >"It's a fashion one!" >Her eyes narrow >"...Anon. You probably buy these because of the girls on them." "Haha, I think you misunderstand. They just send these to me because we've bought a lot of stuff from them. I don't even look at them, really." >Sonata flips the magazine around, hiding the voluptuous woman on the cover >"Good." >She gets comfortable on the couch and gawks at the pictures, while you power on your laptop >Best to stay online from now on since Twilight doesn't have your number >You're both in the school's social networking group, so maybe she won't bother coming to the house if she needs you "Oh, Sonata." >You hold up the envelope "We're going to have some money again." >"Someone sent you money?" "Yeah, my parents." >"You can mail things from a different country?" >While nodding your head, you rip it open >"Hello son." >"We hope you're enjoying your time off. And, we wish that we could get some of our own." >Yeah... >You know... >"...government grants... possible promotion... held an award ceremony, where we were thanked..." >As usual, it's just a list of things that happened >You don't share their interests, so most of it goes over your head >The worst part is that even the drama that goes on out there is boring as can be "Ughh..." >You know you shouldn't, but you scan ahead for a subject change >"There should be money in the account by the time you get this letter. Since it's summer, we included a little something extra. Try to have fun. But remember that school will be back in your life before you know it." >That's it...? >Not even a 'we love you' at the bottom "..." >It's fine >They're busy, right? >Probably have a lot on their mind "Anyway, I was thinking. You've been really good. So I want to treat you." >"Treat me?! Like, a doctor?" "We- what? No, I mean like get you a special dessert or something." >"OOH!" "Got something in mind already?" >"I DO!" >You chuckle "What is it?" >"Oh my god, oh my god! I'm scared you'll say no!" "Just tell me. I'm sure it's fine." >"T-T-T-" >She grabs hold of your arms >"Taco Bell! Please? PLEASE?" >Taco... >Bell? >Fast food is hardly what you had in mind "Have you ever been to Taco Bell?" >"One time! ONE time, but we didn't go back!" "Why not?" >She scoffs >"Aria got 'sick'. So dramatic..." >Taco Bell IS a pretty good test of your digestive system, though "Are you sure? We can do better than-" >"Anon. Please!" >She hugs your arm >You feel disappointed that your special treat will be no better than buying somebody lunch, but >Maybe it's better this way "Okay, okay! Then I'll go get it tomorrow." >"Go get it?" "Uh-huh. You get to stay home alone for a while. Think you can handle it?" >She backs away >Maybe it's too much for her right now? >She looks upset... >"I want to go INTO Taco Bell!" >...oh "Sonata. I can't let people... see you." >"But, but why? I don't get it, Anon." "It's..." >She pulls away >"Are you embarrassed by me?" "Sonata, this isn't. Um. How do I say this..." >"This isn't what?" "...people wouldn't like what I'm doing to you guys." >"Why? You're just making us good." "The thing is, I can't really prove that you were evil to begin with. I can't prove that you're not exactly humans." >"So?" >Sonata >Please... "If people find out about this, it'd be over. I'd be in trouble. We wouldn't be together anymore. You three would probably be... who knows what." >Your heart starts to race >It's easy to ignore how risky this all is when thinking of their true nature >But when you have to admit the realities of the situation... "I-" >You feel light-headed "I'm g-" >"Anon? Are you okay? You're shaking." >Standing up, you run a hand over your face and take a deep breath >It's too risky "I'm sorry. I can't-" >"It's okay. Never mind." >She's there, beside you >"I don't want..." >She wraps her arms around your waist >"I don't want to be taken away from you." "Sonata..." >You stand there quietly with her >Soon, you feel at ease... >And reminded of why you wanted all of this in the first place "Sonata." >A fast food trip >What could happen on a fast food trip "Let's..." >If you can't even do that much >You don't deserve her "Let's go. Tomorrow. Okay?" >"...Really?" "Yeah. I was over-reacting." >"A-Anon, are you sure?" "Definitely." >This will be fine >Just have to be careful >In fact, you're getting a little excited "Hey, you can order anything you want." >"ANYTHING?!" "Even if it's too much to eat at once. We can take it home and eat it tomorrow!" >"Or-or later that day, if I get hungry?" "Haha, of course, silly!" >She giggles and pulls you down to the couch >Normally she'd lay on top of you >But instead she rests your head on her chest and runs her fingers through your hair >"Anon. Do you feel all better?" "Uh, yeah. I'm fine." >"Hmmm. Are you sure?" "Well I'm a little on edge." >"Can't have that~" >She wraps her legs around you >It feels awkward... but secure >Very secure >"Just stay with me until you feel good again. Okay?" "Okay." >She grabs the remote and changes the channel >"I'll always be here for you, okay Anon?" "...always..." >You lay there with her as she watches several episodes of some drama series >While listening to the sappy exchanges, and listening to Sonata's heartbeat... >Every bit of stress inside of you drains away ___ >"Why the hell are you so upbeat?" >You're carrying Aria through the kitchen, humming 'Walking on Sunshine' >She makes sure to voice her disgust with your rhythmic pats on her butt "Because this is all gonna work out." >You kick open the door to the punishment room, and shut it with Aria's ass >"...hey. Wait. Hold up." "Yeah?" >You drop her in the chair >"Listen to me for a second okay?" >You kneel before her, press your elbows into her lap and hold up your chin "Alright. You've got thirty seconds." >"...ughh. Will you- like, go and. Like. Urghh..." >She rolls her eyes >Apparently considering her words carefully "Time's ticking. If you want me to touch you somewhere specific, you'd better hurry up." >"It's n-SHUT up! It's Adagio. Will you make it right, with Adagio?" "What do you mean?" >"She's really pissed off at me. It's not even fair... I was going to escape. It's not right. Just tell her that you were lying as part of my punishment. Please?" >Aria looks pretty worried >You wish you could say yes, and go upstairs right now, but you can't "Not gonna happen." >"What?! Come ON! I asked you nicely and everything! She won't even talk to me. And it's your fuckin' fault." "Sounds to me like Adagio's the problem." >She waits for you to elaborate "Someone messes up, and she just ignores them? What a terrible leader." >"You don't know anything..." "On the other hand, look at you and me." >"What about us?" "You've been nothing but a fuck-up since I brought you here, but I'm not about to give up on you." >"Oh yeah, thanks soooo much for perving out on me and shit. I'm soooo ready to swear my devotion to yo-aghh, don't..." "Is this what you meant by perving out?" >You drag the tips of your fingers up her legs >Up her sides >And press into her arm pits >"What the hell... is wrong with you." >The harder you poke, the more she squirms around >You lean in and stuff your nose against her >"Knock it off." "Does that make you uncomfortable?" >"Obviously. Idiot." "Well." >You back off and stand "Not half as uncomfortable as it makes me." >"Huh?" "Did you even wash your arm pits last night?" >"....shut up..." "When I told you to work on your hair, I didn't mean JUST your hair." >"I KNOW that. I just don't care. You're not my fuckin' boss." "Have you always been so filthy?" >"I'm not. Filthy." "I've had pets that smelled better than you." >She narrows her eyes and huffs >"This is retarded. You think I care about any of this? Well, I don't." "It's for your own good. You're not much of a woman if-" >"I could attract any boy I wanted, if I had my necklace. So shut up." >You can't help but laugh in her face "Once again, you prove my point." >"What?!" "You're saying: since you do not have your necklace, you can't attract any boy you want." >"....just." >She shuts her eyes tight and hangs her head >"...I know you're just trying to make me mad. I know this stuff isn't true." >She's become quiet >You feel a rush, but at the same time, you have an urge to take it all back "Well..." >You go the desk in the corner and take the pillow you'd prepared "You can tell yourself that if it makes you feel better." >"What? Gonna suffocate me?" "Maybe!" >You hold it up toward her and she backs away so hard the chair nearly flips >Her shock becomes anger when you crack up "So-sorry, I couldn't resist." >"I wasn't even scared!" "Calm down, twin-tails..." >You drop the pillow and pick her up, princess style >Then sit down on the floor and stare at her >"What?" "You look terrible." >"Kill yourself." "Er, I mean," >Her reddened eyes have bags under them >She's sort of trembling a bit "You've barely slept since you got here, huh?" >"Uh-huh, whose fault is that?" "Yours. Anyway, I don't want you to croak or something. You might be a prisoner, but eventually-" >Maybe too soon... "I just want you to remember that life would be a whole lot more comfortable if you'd give up on Adagio. After all, she apparently gave up on you." >"She did not... give UP on me... she's just ma-aahhgh!" >You turn her so that she's sitting up on your lap, and lay back "Plus I dozed off thanks to Sonata and now I'm really sleepy." >The punishment room's carpeted floor feels pretty good >You yawn and hold her tight >To your confusion, she doesn't say anything for a long time >Eventually you just assume she's already fallen asleep >Poor girl >But just before you doze off again, she pipes up >"Why are you so mean to me?" "Huh? I was about to head into dream land..." >She sighs >"Fine. Go to dream land, idiot." "Nah, it's fine. I just think it's kind of a dumb question." >"So it's dumb if I want to know why you treat me like crap for no reason, but Sonata has you wrapped around her finger?" >You wouldn't say that >... >Yes you would "I give Sonata a lot of leg room because she's proven to me that she wants to be good." >"Yeah right. She told you to spit on me and you did it. You're her bitch, huh? You take her orders, not the other way around." >Alright, that struck a nerve "Sonata didn't ask me to do that." >"Then why'd you do it?" "To teach an idiot a lesson." >"O-Oh yeah! I'm the idiot!" >You do your best not to laugh "You're always backing me up. Thanks, sweetheart." >"Ugh!" >She rolls away with an expert evasive maneuver >That's what Aria probably wants to think, but she actually just falls off of you "Come on, twin-tails." >"Stop CALLING me that!" >She flops around like a fish out of water >"In fact, just stop talking to me! Forever!" "Uh." >"I don't understand you at ALL." "Uh-huh?" >"If I'm so fucking gross and disgusting why are you feeling me up and shit?" "...Go on..." >She looks ready to explode >"There IS no more, retard, that's all I had to say!" "Oh." >You let her anger fester a bit >If she wasn't all tied up, maybe she'd be strangling you right now >Part of you really wants to know >"Fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK you, fuck Sonata, go to hell!" >Yeah, probably strangling "Okay YOU. Need to shut the fuck up." >"Fu-wha?" >Your tone was harsher than you've ever used with her by far >It seems to have been effective >While she's just staring, you reach over and roll her beside you "You know, after you spat in Sonata's face, she came running to me." >"...yeah...?" "Right off the bat she asks me not to punish you or Adagio. Poor Sonata is called a traitor, and even then she still cares about you two." >Aria doesn't swear or make any smart-ass comments >She just listens, so you keep going "She didn't betray you, either. She got out of a shitty situation. You and Adagio are criminals. Believe me, this is the best you could hope for in my world." >"...but..." >You cover her mouth "And yeah, I've been really friendly with you. You might be gross and disgusting, but you're mine. Unlike your current leader, I hold on to my people. No matter what." >It seems like a good moment, so you pull her right up next to you so that she's sharing the pillow, and rest your arm around her "Now go to sleep, Aria. You fucking need it." >You shut your eyes >The good mood you had has evaporated >You focus all of your energy on drifting off to sleep... >And pray that she doesn't say anything else ___ >Your back kind of hurts >Too used to your fancy bed >What time is it? >You just stare at nothingness through your pillow and try to guess >Has it been a couple of hours? >Feels like longer "Hey, Aria-" >You look over at her and can't help but quiet yourself >She's fast asleep >Looking far cuter than you've ever seen her >Gently breathing, in and out, her mouth hanging open just a bit "Oh boy..." >Waking her up now would just be too cruel >So you lay there and admire how peaceful she is "Could have this every night, twin-tails." >Hold on, there should be a clock hanging above the door "Fuck." >9:14 A.M. "Alright. Wake up sleepy-head." >"..nnnghh.." >You shake her a bit "You're going back upstairs now." >"..ghhnn-no!" >Her eyes shoot open >"Huh?" "How are you feeling?" >She looks around and confirms her location >"I don't know. Good I guess?" >You rub her head as you sit up "I'm glad." >"Psh..." >She watches you carefully as you stretch out your arms and yawn "Looks like you enjoyed yourself." >.... >No comeback? >Nothing? "You know, this floor feels like garbage compared to my bed. And of course, all those fluffy pillows. And it doesn't have the weird smell this room does." >"What's your point? If you're asking me if I'm going to be your slave now, then no." "Okay." >You go to scoop her up and she pushes away >"Wait!" "What?" >"Can you just wait?" "Uh." >"I mean. Weren't you supposed to punish me? All we did was nap." >Much more than a nap, actually "You're adorable." >"...wha?" "You want me to touch you that badly? All this time, you were the real pervert." >Her face turns red and she frowns >"Th-that's not. I mean, I didn't mean that. Okay?" "Yeah, I know twin-tails." >Her eye twitches "Your body's just going 'holy shit no, no more wooden floors, never again'!" >"" "So?" >"Ugh. So are we going to stay here longer or not?" >Too cute "Do you agree to do everything I say and never use magic to control humans again?" >"No." "ALL ABOARD THE FLOOR BOARD EXPRESS" >You throw her over your shoulder and carry her back up >She doesn't say a single word the entire ride ___ >You look for Sonata in the bedroom, but it's empty >Did she... "Sonata?" >Yup >Fell asleep watching TV again >You turn it off and sit down next to her head >"Hey. The day has started." >You mash your fingers randomly over your laptop's keys and the screen turns on "We've got a trip to m-" >A message >From... >"I interviewed every employee that was at the mall" >How could she possibly- "That's crazy, Twilight" >In no time, she responds >"Not crazy, just efficient. I have bad news" "Didn't find anything?" >"Nothing..." >"Anonymous" >"I don't know what to do" >You feel nauseated >Maybe you can work something out? >Some other, more elaborate lead that you 'suddenly remember'? >But that wouldn't be very believable >And the last thing you want is Twilight to get suspicious and snoop around the house "I'm not sure what to tell you. I wish there was some way I could help." >"Yeah..." >"Thank you Anonymous" >"I'm going to look around the mall again" >"I must have made a mistake" >No >You didn't... "Good luck." >You sigh and close your laptop "Sonata. Wake up." >"Ghnnn..." >You gently scratch her forehead "Come onnnn." >"Ehhh, what, Anon~?" "It's morning." >"Let me sleep longer~ I was dreaming about you~" >Really? >She's got to be making that up, right? >You smile and ruffle her hair "The real me is right here! Now get up, or else I'm going to Taco Bell alone!" >She jumps up to her feet and rubs her eyes >"Oh! Oh! I forgot! Let's go!" "Whoa, we need to get ready first." >"What do we gotta do?!" "Feed the prisoners, find you something to wear, and- it's been a while since you took a shower, huh?" >She pouts >"Taco Bell won't care if I smell like a man." >You rest your hands on your hips, imitating her >It's not long before she gives in >"Will you feed them, then?" "Sure. Just enjoy your shower." >"Okay~" >She gets halfway across the room and stops dead in her tracks >"Anon..." "Yeah?" >"I'm kind of sleepy still. I might forget to bring a towel~" >Uh...? "Just grab one right now?" >"....wh... um. Okay." >She looks at you with a blank face >And then continues on >Anyway >You're distracted thinking about food for the prisoners >Mostly they've been given plain old refried beans >Which is a pretty good punishment on its own, but it could be much better with a reminder of what they're missing out on >You scratch your chin and hum >Their breakfast will just have to wait until you get back "So then, clothes." ___ >This room is... uncomfortable >You were never allowed inside >Even with no one stopping you it just feels wrong >So you've been rushing through the closet, throwing piles of clothes into the floor, digging through boxes and avoiding your mom's underwear >She has a thing for dressing up as celebrities >But absolutely refuses to dye her hair >As a result, she has a few- "Bingo." >A super curly blond wig >It looks - and feels - like the real deal >That's good enough, you think >After all there's very few people who are looking for Sonata to begin with >"Anon! Where are you!" "In here." >She walks in, post-shower, with slightly wet hair and the same clothes as before >They need washed again. But more importantly, you need to buy her more clothes >"Who lives in here?" "My parents used to." >"Ohh. Are these your mom's?" >She points around at the mess you've made "Yeah." >"It's one of these!" >Oh god >Sonata >Don't "What about it?" >"A, uh, b-something." "Bra." >"Yeah. Some of the girls in the magazine were wearing just bras." >You poke at Sonata's nipple through her shirt "Why aren't you wearing yours?" >"Hee hee, Anon~! That feels weird..." "You know you have to wear it today." >"...but I don't like it." >You shrug "Sorry. It's not really an option. Especially with how much you move around." >"But Anon." >She stomps her foot, demonstrating your point >Of course your eyes go straight to them without a single thought >"Aria doesn't have to wear one!" >You focus all of your heart and soul into not laughing at the poor twin-tails >But you fail >After nearly falling onto the bed, you manage to calm yourself "It's, it's not something to be proud of. I bet she wishes she had to wear one." >"As if!" "Well in any case, I don't want you to embarrass yourse-" >You notice something hanging on the back of the door >An old gray hoodie, pretty large >Mom used to wear it when it was cold "Hmmm. Maybe you don't have to after all." >"Really?!" "But first, here!" >She looks at the wig with skepticism >But you go straight to stuffing her squeaky hair inside, bit by bit >"Heeeeeey..." "There." >You step back and admire your creation >Darling Sonata with huge, super-curly, blond... >lumpy hair >You pull the hoodie down and help her put it on >With the hood covering the back side of the wig it looks more natural "I think maybe that's- here, look in the mirror. It's good, right?" >She plays with the curls and turns her head to examine herself from different angles >The over-sized clothing and wild eye-covering hair make her look like some kind of basement dwelling nerd >There's no nerdy activities you can imagine Sonata taking part in, though >"Anon. Do you like girls who look like this?" "I don't really know anyone who'd dress like this. But it's cute in its own way." >To be honest she looks like a terrible cosplayer >You grab her by the sides and gently shake her >Jiggling is now at a more acceptable amount "That should work I guess. Let's get out of here." >"We can go already?!" "To be honest, I want to get this over with." >Probably shouldn't have said that out loud >Even if Sonata doesn't seem phased by it >She's holding your hands and bouncing up and down, all over a lousy fast food trip >It's not as impressive as the daydreams you used to have, but if she enjoys it, that's all that matters "Oh. By the way. I'm pretty new to driving, and it stresses me out. So please don't talk to me until we get there, alright?" >"Sure!" ___ Twenty-five minutes in, Sonata has lost patience >She's stuffing her face into the window and whining >"Whyyyy are we going so far? You passed it like twenty minutes agooo." "I told you. That Taco Bell is in the. Er, danger zone." >It's right around the mall, not to mention the school >You'd either bump into Twilight, or one of her friends as they return from a summer club activity or something "Try to have a little patience." >"Uuuughhhhhh. " >You take your eyes off the road for a second and watch as Sonata's face slides down the glass >If not for her seat belt, she would have slammed into the glovebox >She huffs and crosses her arms >"It's going to take ten years to get there. Why are you so scared of that girl?" "I'm not scared of her. She's-" >"Then whyyyy?" "She's very smart. If we run into her, she'll put two and two together and-" >"Ohh, so she's smart? Is she pretty too? Do you just have a crush on her?" >This is really starting to piss you off "I'm worried about you." >"Then why are you doing the opposite of what I want?" "...Sona-" >You go to comfort her, but something stops you: >Aria's words from last night >Though it seems natural to treat Sonata with kindness now that she's loyal to you... perhaps Aria had a good point "Sonata. This needs to-" >You realize you've waited too long to start slowing down >The limit line is right in front of you before you know it "Fuck!" >Squeezing the steering wheel, you hit the breaks >The car comes to a violent stop; the seat belts dig into your bodies >and a truck passes by you from the right >Holy shit "...Sonata." >"Huh?" "You need to stop." >"What?" >She points at the stop sign and you grunt "I mean you need to stop talking. I told you. I'm a shitty driver as it is. I need to concentrate." >"Oh..." >No one is behind you, so you take a moment to calm your nerves >Sonata watches you rub your temples "Okay. Okay. We're good, we're good." >Your shaky hands take the wheel and you turn right >Taco Bell's pretty close by now anyway >All you want is to get there and lay your head down > didn't almost crash >Right? >You would have stopped no matter what >... >No >Don't kid yourself >This is important "Oh thank God." >You're filled with relief as a certain warmly colored bell pops into your view >You pull in and sigh happily as you park >It seems like Sonata's excitement would have peaked here >However she just sits there and stares, fidgeting with her jacket pockets "Do you understand what just happened?" >"Um..." "You're not familiar with driving. Right?" >"Not really." "We could have died." >"Wh-what?!" >You tap your fingers on the dash and nod your head "You saw how fast we were going. If we had hit that truck we could have died, or killed whoever was driving it." >"That's crazy. Are you sure?" "Yes. That kind of thing happens every day." >She suddenly looks very upset >In hindsight, you should have lectured her about the road before taking off >She unbuckles herself and slumps down into the bottom of her seat >"I really messed up, didn't I?" "Sonata..." >You reach over to pet her head, but stop yourself again " did. Just let it be a lesson. If I ask you to be quiet, or to do anything for that matter, you do it." >"Uhhh... I-" "Understood?" >"Y-Yes, Anon." >She's jumped back up into the seat proper >Stiff as a board >This... feels shitty >You open the door, pull yourself out and close it >After a little delay Sonata sheepishly does the same >There's quite a few cars here despite how early it is >Anxiety starts to build, but you remind yourself that nobody here knows who she is >Nobody here cares >You're just some high schooler hanging out with his weird girlfriend "Are you ready?" >"Um... uh-huh." >She's practically hiding behind the car >Is she afraid of you? Like... those first four days? "Come here, Sonata." >She slowly walks over to your side >God damn it >This isn't what you wanted today "Stop... please." >"What? What did I do, Anon?" "I mean, please don't be nervous." >"...s-sorry." >She's keeping a bit of distance from you >You reach over and pull her into a one-armed hug "Hey. I'm sorry. I brought you here to have fun. I was just stressed out is all." >"...uh-huh?" "This is a treat. Let's relax, okay?" >"O-Okay." >Brushing the fake hair out of her eyes, you smile >She smiles back >That's more like it >Unexpectedly, she takes off "Whoa!" >A guy almost hits her with the door >The dirty look he gives her would upset you if Sonata didn't deserve it so much >"C'mon!" "Okay, okay!" ___ >The air conditioning >That pop music >This smell that has defined most of your high school lunch breaks >Now you're glad Sonata's so easily pleased >Some expensive restaurant would have just made you more tense >You rest against the wall and watch her gawk at the menu >Every now and then she looks over to you, smiles, and looks up again >Her being indecisive doesn't really surprise you at all "So. Any ideas?" >"There's. So. Much. Food." "Yeah, look at all those number orders-" >"And all those sections that are just WORDS!" "Crazy, right?" >There's no one in front of you, so you decide to give her some ideas "You like tacos a lot. True or false?" >"Uhhh! Tuh-RUUUE!" "How about buying the five dollar box?" >"The whuh?" >You point her up to the left "It comes with a hard taco, a burrito supreme, a "Bacon Club Chalupa"-" >"b-bacon!?" "And it comes with a drink of course." >"Okay! That! Please! I want it! I gotta have it!" "Are you sure?" >"WAIT." >She grabs the sides of her head and looks up to the middle of the menu >"I, am I reading that right?! A taco. Plus. A Dorito?" "Ooh! That is a thing now, isn't it? Want to try it?" >She pulls you over and hugs you tight >"YES!" >Feeling a bit embarrassed, you look up at the cashier >She's giving you two a sweet but awkward smile "We're ready. I think." >"Wait, I changed my mind again. I need the bacon." "Honey, you can just get both." >"Ho...ney...?" >You sort of drag Sonata a step forward and dig out your wallet "We'll take the five dollar box, two dorito locos tacos, a medium drink and two soft tacos." >You go through the motions of paying >The cashier appears to be holding back laughter the entire time >Probably because Sonata hugs you up until the cups are presented, and then snatches them right up >"I love this part! You get to fill it up yourself~" "I know~" >She runs over to the soda machines >"You two are adorable." "...Uhhhh. We, we um." >The cashier giggles >"Oh, let me guess, you're just friends right? Teenage boys, I swear." >You just smile like an idiot and hope you aren't blushing >A man and woman walk through the front door and the cashier gestures toward Sonata >"I hope you two enjoy your food!" " too." >Smashing your hands into your face at the soda machine, you sigh >Blondie's doing her best to get the lid onto her cup >In her defense, it's a pretty new concept for her "Here." >You snap it on instantly >"Thank yoooou~" >There's a lot of flavors these days >Maybe you should be adventurous and try something new? >...Nah, Pepsi as usual >She watches mere inches from your cup as you fill it up >"Why are you doing it like that?" "Tilting the cup makes it less foamy." >"Ohhh. Neato." >After you've both got your straws, Sonata hops over to the sauces "Do you like it hot?" >"I like it... I... like it..." >Uh >She's just staring at the sauce packets >The couple that walked in earlier has already seated themselves, and here you are doing this "Do you want some? Or-" >She stuffs her hands into two separate pools >"A-Ahhhh~ It feels so nice..." "Uhh." >The packets mound around her wrists as she wiggles her hands >"Anon." "Yeah?" >"I. Love~ Taco. Bell." ___ >She bounces in her chair as you return with the order >As soon as the trays are on the table she attacks "Don't choke or something, haha!" >"Ih woghn't!" >After every bite she shuts her eyes and moans in pleasure >It's quiet enough to where no one should be able to hear, but loud enough to embarrass you anyway >And kind of turn you on >Oh boy >"Anaghn?" >She swallows >"You didn't order very much food. Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm just pacing myself is all." >You also aren't as big an eater as she is >"Did I order too much? I took up all the money, didn't I?" "No no, don't worry. We have plenty of money." >She smiles and goes back to stuffing her face >You take the moment in >She's so excited. You were able to make her happy >It feels amazing >"Oh. And Anon?" "Yeah?" >"My heart got all dizzy when you called me that..." >Dizzy? >Is that good or bad? >"You should call me it more often~" >Oh, it's good >You smile and unwrap your soft taco "Okay, honey." >"Hmmhmmmm~" >She gently kicks at your legs from under the table >There exists no better way to start a morning than this, you decide >Sitting here with her, not a worry in the world >It's blissful >Until you see something out of the corner of your eye "...oh God." >"Hm?" >The side door to the right opens up >A girl in tall brown boots, a denim skirt and a hat walks in >You're almost certain she's Twilight's friend "Oh man." >" that's why you chose this wig." "What?" >Sonata's crossing her arms and looking over her shoulder >Turning to follow the girl as she makes her way to the counter "It's not like that. She knows the girl we're avoiding." >"Uh-huh." >After a tense pause, Sonata turns to you and smiles >"It'll be fine. Stay calm and hand me some napkins~" >She's right >Twilight's friend has seen you all of once >Probably wouldn't even recognize you >You grab the small stack of napkins and place them into Sonata's hand >In a half-assed attempt at being proper, she wraps one around her index finger and prods at the edges of her mouth >"This reminds me of the latest episode of All Around Familiar!" >After taking a glance at Twilight's friend, she leans in a bit and lowers her voice >"Susanne - their daughter - goes to a hot dog stand with her new boyfriend. And he's suuuper nervous, 'cause Susanne is SMOKIN' hot..." >You nod your head, and sneak a peek at the cowgirl now and then as she orders her food >"...and when he's putting ketchup on his hot dog he squeezes too hard and..." >They gave her a cup >She's about to circle around >Why did you have to sit here? >"...even the hot dog stand guy is staring at her boobs. Kind of like you, right now. With that floozy." "Uhh." >Your eyes snap back to Sonata >She's got her cheeks puffed up "Sorry. I was listening. Ketchup all over shirt, right?" >"Mmmhmm. And then he said sorry over and over, got a bunch of napkins and..." >Here she comes >Don't look at her >Look at Sonata >There we go >Just let her pass >Better hold still, too >She might work like a T-Rex >"...go back to his house to get her a new t-shirt to wear home, and she's impressed he has such fancy clothes and..." >Your heart skips a beat as the cowgirl's ass enters your vision >She's as close as she can get >"...he says, 'whaddo y'all think ah ahm? Sum kinda inbred hick?' whatever THAT means! Haha!" >Time seems to slow down >The girl turns to face Sonata, with an eyebrow firmly raised >Several seconds pass by as you try to decide on your next move >Slide under the table? >Run for it? >Put on a southern accent and pretend to be offended? >You cover your mouth and groan >"Anonymous?" "..." >"Is that you?" >You look up >Her offense seems to have faded >"Ya go ta Canterlot High right?" "That's me, yeah." >She sighs and looks around awkwardly >"Ah heard what's been goin' on while I was away." "Oh?" >"Yeah. Uhhh. Reckon ah owe you an apology fer-" "That's not necessary." >She squeezes her soda cup and scratches the back of her neck >"Ah was actually supposed ta message you. Ah'm not too good with the computers though. Ya know..." "Ehheh." >"Mind if ah sit here a bit?" >Sonata springs out of her chair, points at it, and then scurries over to your side >As soon as she's in range you get as close to her ear as her hood and wig will allow and whisper: "Not a word." >Then you clear your throat and look to AJ "...feel free." >The cowgirl sits and, after waiting for Sonata to pull her food across the table, sets her drink down "It's. Uh. Apple..." >"Applejack." "Yeah. Sorry, I-" >"Don't worry none. Ah only remember yers 'cause Twilight's mentioned ya over an' over lately." "Heheh..." >AJ takes a sip of her soda >"Just got back in town an' decided ta stop here. Not a big fan uh fast food, but I ain't had a bite ta eat in a full twenny four hours." "Heh." >"...anyway. Er. What I was sayin'..." >She takes a deep breath and rubs her nose >Clearly doesn't want to be doing this >"Truth be told, Twilight asked me ta do this." "Did she?" >"Yup. Ah mean, you might've been right, but- erm-" "You don't owe me an apology. There was no reason for you guys to believe me." >She nods >"Twilight's got me all stressed out. She called what happened an 'injustice' toward you." "Whoa! That's a bit much." >AJ beams and throws her hands up into the air >"Tell me about it! Every little thang is the end uh the world fer that poor girl." >Maybe you can end this quickly "Yeah. It's no big deal. Don't worry about it." >She seems to get a bit more comfortable >They call out a number and she heads to the front >She returns with four hard-shelled tacos and some nachos >Being surrounded by women who eat more than you do... >Is weird >You try your best to calm down and just wait for AJ to leave >All goes well for a few minutes >But the voice to your side - which is usually like music to your ears - comes off as nails on a chalkboard >"You're pretty." >AJ's eyes open wide >"Errrr. Thanks?" >"Isn't she pretty, Anon?" >Good lord >This is the most obvious trick question you've ever heard >Yet you have no idea how to answer >So you just smile and shrug >"Yes or no, silly~" >Urk "Sure, she's pretty." >Sonata tugs on the bottom of your shirt >What was she expecting? >You to call her ugly? >"Anyways. Who might this girl be, Anonymous?" "She's. My... cousin." >"Oh really?" "Yeah. She's kind of a handful." >She tugs even harder >"Nice ta meet you, miss..." >AJ holds out her hand, but Sonata just stares down at the table "Hey..." >You nudge her, but she doesn't respond "...her name is Bella." >Unsurprisingly, AJ looks confused >She lowers her hand and goes back to her food "She's visiting right now." >"Ah..." >The table falls to silence >After a while you hear wrappers crumpling >You look up and find that AJ has somehow already finished her order >Her eyes meet yours and she grins >"Anyhow, I should probably git goin'-" >"I'm not just visiting." >"...scuse me?" >"I live with Anon." >Sonata >What the fuck >"Uhh. That's nice. Why'd ya say otherwise, Anonymous?" >"We spend a LOT of time together." >"...uh-huh?" >"In fact. We share the same-" "Bella." >"...we-" >She hugs your arm >"...we're together. I'm his girlfriend." "BELLA." >Both girls jump >Sonata backs away and puts her hands on her head >"S-sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." >Your heart's about to beat out of your chest as you stare at the back of her hood >Unable to face AJ >For half a minute the three of you sit in silence >And finally, she speaks >"Anonymous, can ah talk to ya outside fer a second?" ___ >She knows >She's not stupid >Just southern >Wait that's fucked up >Can't control racing thoughts >She's not even looking at you >Her eyes are on the passing cars >"So." "So!?" >Too loud, calm down >"...So. You an' that girl are datin'..." "Uh." >Can't really deny it now "Yeah. I didn't want it to... get out there..." >"Because yer livin' together." "Y-Yeah?" >"...alone." "I guess you've heard that my parents are out of the country." >She pulls down on the front of her hat >"An' will be fer a while." "...yeah?" >She shakes her head >Wait >That can't seriously be why she asked you to step outside, right? "Is... is that a problem?" >She spits into gutter >With balled fists pressed into her hips, she frowns at you >"Yer parents never teach ya anything? Or are ya playin' dumb?" "Both of those sound like bad answer-" >"She pregnant?" >Your jaw drops "Does she... look pregnant?" >"Jus' tell me the truth, Anonymous." >Her nose is scrunched up and her eyes could turn you to stone >It's like being lectured by mom, but ten times as fucking weird "What in the hell makes you think she's pregnant?!" >"Ohh ah don't know. Maybe her eatin' three times as much food as you?" "That's not quite-" >"Ah saw her take yer taco!" "Well." >"An' that jacket's just embarrassin'. Talk about an over-correction. She's probly barely showin'. This ain't even mentioning that weird clingy behavior." "Apple. Jack. Could you just..." >You lean against the wall, and slowly fall to the filthy sidewalk >She gets down on her knees in front of you >"Ah'm right." "...let's pretend you were. What is your point?" >She smiles >"That's the first step. Bein' honest about it. No reason ta try an' avoid it." "Get to the point." >"Alright, alright." >She gives you a few good pats on the shoulder and then pushes her hat higher up onto her head again >"Ah've seen this four times in my family. It's real obvious at this point. Ah know ya probly think it rude uh me ta git in yer business, but ah've seen first-hand how destructive teenage pregnancies can be." "Go on." >"The time commitment. The stigma. The never-endin', unforeseen costs. An' fer God's sake, ya ain't even graduated yet." "True..." >"Ya gotta be mentally prepared for all uh that. Ah bet ya ain't given a moment's thought to the most critical events." "Like?" >"Like when her water breaks. Ya'll could be doin' anything and WHAM, yer entire day's plans are out the window..." >It's as if her voice moves further away >With it drowned out by the sound of traffic, your eyes focus on the buildings behind her >You just need a moment to sort your thoughts >But she keeps going and going >Like some kind of after school special >Health insurance, baby food, clothes >Baby wipes, doctor visits, health insurance >Pre-school, play dates, diapers >Birthday parties, presents, second pregnancy >Best stop her before she gets to the teenage years >You shake her hand to silence her and stand up >But just as you open your mouth to speak, the door opens >Sonata peers around its edge >Apparently unaware of its transparency >"...Anyway. Ah said what needed ta be said." "Uh-huh." >You extend your hand >She takes it, and you pull her up >"Jus' think about it, alright?" "I will." >Her warm smile doesn't make you feel better >It makes your stomach turn >"Ah'll be seein' ya. An' you too... Bella." >She walks back inside, and Sonata lets the door close >Then, she stares >From behind that goofy, unruly blond hair >"Anon..." "Yeah?" >She takes one little step forward >"I'm really. Really. REALLY. Really sorry." "Just-" >"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself." >As if that lecture weren't gut wrenching enough >Now Sonata's back to this scared-shitless state >Acting as if she doesn't even want to be around you >You almost let Aria's words stop you again >But fuck Aria "Come here." >You pull her into a hug, and rest your chin on top of the lumpy wig >Her arms just dangle by her sides "I'm not mad." >"Y-You aren't?" "Just tell me why you told her what you did." >"Uhhhm. Uh... I don't know why..." "I think you do, Sonata." >"...well, I was bothered because you called me your cousin. I don't want to be your cousin. Or anything else. I want..." >She goes quiet >Getting her implication, you pull away, look at her eye to eye, and lower your voice "I feel the same way. I never intended you to... be a slave forever." >"Huh?!" "I thought it was the only way... and... with how risky the situation is..." >"Anon...?" "What I really want someday is for you to be my w-" >Urgh >"w-wig wearin' girlfriend." >She smiles ear to ear and shakes her head >Air shoots out of her nose as she suppresses an excited giggle >"Anon... Anon, Anon, Anon!" >She wraps her arms tightly around you >"Anon~! I-" >It gets tighter >And tighter >It's sort of hard to breathe >"I'm. So. Happy!" >As she rubs her face all over your chest like an affectionate cat, your emotions start to normalize "Me too. But hey." >"Yeah?" "Don't repeat any of that to Aria or the hairball, alright?" >"...I can't tell them?" "It could mess up their punishment." >She sighs, but goes right back to her rubbing >"I won't tell them!" "Good. I mean... thank you." >In the parking lot, you catch a glimpse of Applejack as she walks back to her truck >As disastrous as this encounter felt, it could amount to nothing in the long run >She's not one to gossip, and you probably won't so much as speak to her again >...Yeah >The only thing you need to worry about is the girl putting on the most disgustingly adorable PDA ever right now "I know you ate my taco by the way." >"...Sorry!" "Hahaha. It's fine. We're going to stop somewhere else on our way home, anyway." >"Where are we going?" >You lead her back inside "You won't want anything after you finish all the food you got here." >"You don't know that!" "Pfft. In any case, you'll see." ___ >Your mood could not be any better >On the ride back, Sonata was happier than you've ever seen her >Going on about the things she likes about you >Before today it was hard to think of many positive things about yourself >But having a beautiful girl come up with over ten? >Can't stop smiling >You pop up from the top step humming and tapping the bowls and bag in your arm "Walkin' on Sunshiiiine~" >To your delight, your musical entrance into the guest bedroom earns a roll of Aria's eyes >Adagio just stares "Hey. Ready to eat?" >Aria sighs >"Took you long enough." "Ooh. Don't get too entitled now, little miss prisoner." >You sit between the two, and place the bag into your lap >And on either side of you, a bowl of slightly cold refried beans "Eat up." >"...was that a joke?" >Aria wags her bound hands around in circles "Haha. Who's first today?" >Adagio's hair is fucking massive >You have to lean around it just to see her indifferent face >Calling her name at least gets her eyes to focus on you >But in a calm tone dripping with finality, she responds >"I'm not hungry." >And goes back to staring at the floor "Uh. Are you sure?" >No response "I guess I won't force you." >That was disappointing >But there's a goofball to your left that's always sure to give you the reactions you want "Well. I guess that's that." >With the bag in hand you get up and strut to the door >"HEY! ASSHOLE!" "Hm?" >"...forGET something?!" "...No?" >Not cracking up is difficult with that look of disbelief she's sporting >You rub your chin and look around the room "Oh. Maybe I should feed you." >"Yo-You THINK?" >You snatch up the bowl and sit beside her, much closer than usual >The chill transfers through the ceramic and into your fingers >That's... disgusting >All the better >You scoop some up and bring the spoon to her angry face "...well don't just stare at it. Do I have to do the train thing? Are you a baby?" >"Shut up." >Aria takes the spoon in her mouth, and you pull it out >Instantly she whines >"Whght thgh fghk!" >She forces herself to swallow >"Why's it so cold? It tastes like shit." "Don't exaggerate." >"I'm NOT exaggerating." "I think you are~" >She shakes your pinching fingers off of her cheek >"Eat some of it and tell me it isn't disgusting." "...heh. How lewd." >Her expression softens up >"What are you talking about..." "You just want a second-hand kiss." >"N-No! Because I'm not gonna eat it anyway!" "Right. Well." >With utmost confidence, you scoop up some gross refried beans and stuff it into your mouth >You're quick to swallow "Mmmmm. Using the mindset of being a slave - who deserves nothing better - I find this abso-lutely-delicious." >"Pfft. I'm not eating it." "Haha!" >You place it in front of her and unravel the plastic bag "Suit yourself." >Inside is a smaller paper bag >And inside that is a wrap containing two segments of a foot long submarine sandwich, packed to the brim with meat, cheese, lettuce, mustard and mayonnaise >As you pull the wrap down to the middle of the half, its juices drip out >"...seriously?" "Mm?" >You take a bite and moan in pleasure >"All-hail Anon, cruelest human on the planet. Is that what you want me to say?" >With a forced look of confusion, you take a second bite >"...or do you think I'm gonna break over a stupid sandwich?" >The crunch of the lettuce >The texture of the meat >All topped off with whatever spicy sauce they smothered on there >No need to pretend to be satisfied >Aria looks increasingly angry >Which is almost as delicious as this sandwich "Mmm. You know, the place I got this at is about a five minute walk from the house." >"So?" "Driving there takes no time at all. These sandwiches are dirt cheap, to boot." >You take a third bite, and enjoy an aggravated sigh from twin-tails "The ingredients aren't exactly winning any awards, but damn, it's delicious." >"SO?" "So - you seem like the kind of girl who'd enjoy a good sandwich." >Instead of denying it, she shrugs >Bingo "The kindness of my soul urges me to share it with you... but prisoners can only enjoy things vicariously." >You rest your arm on her shoulder and scoot in just a little closer >If taking your time with your brunch weren't enough, this is what brings the fuming siren to let out a quiet growl >She hangs her head, up until she hears you crumple up the wrapping >"Done yet? Good. Get out." "That was half of the sandwich, actually. Besides, I feel kind of bad for you, so-" >"Bullshit. You're doing this specifically to be a dick." "You know that's not true." >"What?!" "Did you think I told you the shop was nearby for shits and giggles?" >Unsure of what to say, she rolls her eyes and shrugs "I was letting you know that you'd get to enjoy this..." >She squints her eyes as you hover the second half in front of her nose "...any time." >"What ever. Why should I even believe you." >Er, because Sonata's currently getting that treatment? "Oh, so what's holding you back is you don't think I'll deliver." >"Huh?!" "So eager to replace your leader..." >"Shut up! I didn't say that at all!" >Excitement rushes through you as you notice Adagio's head turn in your peripheral vision >There it is >What Aria seems to care about most >Good standing with, and respect from, the one in charge >Best to capitalize on this rare instance of Adagio appearing to give a shit "Your actions and attitude say more than you realize, twin-tails." >She looks past you >Probably right at Adagio >With a trembling bottom lip, Aria looks away >"I wouldn't betray my leader for anything, let alone a fucking sandwich." >Her voice is somber and shaky >You smile >A few moments later, Adagio goes back to the wall >Not a word? >No show of appreciation for her loyalty? >Aria has been sleeping on the floor and eating the most plain meal imaginable for weeks >All things considered, her faith has been outstanding >It's hard not to feel anger and pity "...hmm." >You unwrap the second half of the sandwich and tap her on the shoulder >She looks at you in defeat >Poor twin-tails >Her eyes narrow as you bring the sandwich up to her face and she looks away >Probably thinks you're being a dick again >Gently, you grab the top of her head and turn it back toward you, gesture to Adagio, and then press your index finger against your lips >She's clearly puzzled, looking from Adagio to you a few times >Oh come on twin-tails >You shove the sandwich into her mouth >"..mpgh?!" >Your cold stare signals her to be quiet >At first she lets it sit there >But as you pat her head she loosens up, and takes a bite >...there you go >She chews slowly >Almost like she thinks Adagio will hear it >Once at the point where the food must be mush, she stops to savor it >Then shuts her eyes as tight as she can >And swallows >You smile at her >She stares >Your smile fades >...and she keeps staring >This is usually where she'd lose her temper and start kicking at you >But her eyes have a certain softness that you've never seen on her "" >You raise the sandwich again, and after taking one last look at her leader, Aria shakes her head >Not in anger or with any semblance of attitude >It feels simple, and honest. Almost like a request >Continuing on would feel wrong, so you take the sandwich, the two bowls and stand up "Anyway. If you're both sure you don't want to eat, I have better things to do than hang out with prisoners." >You step outside "Daily reminder that your aspirations are shit. Being a prisoner is a choice, I can fund a comfortable life style, yadda yadda." >As you close the door you take note of twin-tails, who is just about curled in a ball >...poor girl >As bad as you feel... her conflict is exactly what you want ___ >"BoooOOOYYYFRRRRRIIiiieeend!" "Kitchen!" >Sonata skips in, free of the confines of her disguise >Sporting that big ponytail and a huge grin >Plenty of jiggling as well. What a stubborn girl >"Whatcha doin'? ...Boyfriend?" >Her enthusiasm is infectious "Finishing my sandwich. Honey." >She hugs herself >"Heehee~" >And then jumps into a more serious stance >"Oh! I was supposed to tell you." "Hm?" >"Your laptop made the beep noise again." "Oh!" >A message >...probably either from Twilight or Applejack >Great "Let's go see what it is." >"Okay!" >You stuff the sandwich into the fridge and follow behind Sonata ___ >You plop down onto the couch >Miss jiggles lays down beside you, her feet resting on your lap >After gauging your reaction and seeing that you don't mind, she giggles and changes the channel >You poke at the laptop's track pad >The screen lights up with Twilight's profile image in the corner, under a floating number one >This picture always cracks you up >Twilight seemed more interested in the technology behind Rarity's camera than anything >She's got these super focused eyes and had barely started opening her mouth to ask questions >That's what you can make out of it, anyway >'re stalling >Best get it over with >You click the notification and position your hands over the keyboard >"are you at your computer" "I am now" >"hello anonymous." "What's up" >"i went back to the mall" "Didn't go well?" >"they yelled at me for bothering them again" "Oh" "I'm sorry" >"it's my fault" "You were just trying to do the right thing." >"i mean it's my fault for not getting the information the first time" >Of course, there's only one person who can actually take blame for this >Your fingers move slowly and cautiously "It's not your fault" "Period" >"it is anonymous. theyre counting on me and i failed" "Who's they?" >"my friends" >"but now that i think about it, all humans" >"there are over seven billion of them" >"seven billion people are going to hate me, anonymous" "Twilight. That's not true at all" >"it is, i have multiple sources. this planet is bigger than it appears" "No I meant it's not true that everyone will hate you" >"they will" >"i told my friends they didn't have to worry because i can handle it" >"they trusted me" >"and now i don't even know how big of a threat i'm facing" >Your chest hurts >Every time you go to type a response, you backspace it away >It seems as though no hollow one-liner will satisfy her >So what can you do? >Pretty much nothing. And on top of that, this conversation is going to torment you if it goes on for long >You start typing something >Anything... "Twilight I'm sorry. Please don't worry. I think everything will turn out fine. I have to go" >Just before your finger hits the enter key, your stopped by a message from her >"i'm sorry anonymous" >She's... sorry >She's apologizing for her terrible crime of skepticism >God >Damn it >You control+a and backspace away your prior bullshit >"you might be in the history books" >"i'll at least make sure they know you tried to stop it" >"and that i was the fool who ignored you" "Come on. Don't think like that. I'm tired of it. This is not your fault." >You exhale sharply >Here we go >The "Twilight is typing a message..." text pops up and you get in there quick "No" "Stop typing" "Just listen for a second" >Sure enough, the message disappears "I'm really worried about you, so I'm going to step in" "From now on, I'm in charge" "As your investigation manager" "If there's one thing a manager can't stand, it's workers who blame themselves for mismanagement" "What I mean is, remember how I forgot which room I overheard the sirens talking in?" "I just remembered" >"what room is it" >That message came in so fast that you can imagine Twilight hunching over her keyboard with bulging eyes "Nope" "You'll go down there right now if I tell you" "I want you to just calm down and rest" "While I decide on how to handle the investigation" "Your job today is to relax" "Read a book or something. Knowing you, you'll read two" "Okay?" >There's a long pause >The typing notification brings anxiety >"Anonymous..." >"Are you sure you want to help me?" "I insist" >"Okay..." >"But." >"What time will we meet tomorrow? What equipment will we need? I have a spare notebook if you need one." "Don't worry, don't worry" "I told you, I'm in charge. Let me do the worrying" "I've got everything under control" >"Okay..." "Go relax" >"Okay." "Enjoy yourself" >"ok" >You smile at the shrinking confirmation and hope that she signs off >Before that happens, she sends one final message >"Thank you Anonymous." >Sonata bursts into laughter >Reflexively your eyes shoot up to the TV and catch Susanne with her shirt pulled up >Seeing a woman's bra on daytime television... >Feels kind of naughty >"...excuuuuse me?" "Huh?" >She kicks at your shoulder "Hey!" >"Those aren't the boobs you should be looking at~" >Her tone is threatening and cutesy at the same time >With frail little toes digging into your upper arm, you feel you had best stand down >But what fun would that be "It's my TV. Why can't I look at it?" >"...UHH. You're not looking at the TV! Duh~" "I am." >You're surprised to find that this Susanne character's tits are still on-screen "Wow. Check out the size. And that HD image quality. It's kind of getting me excited." >"Uuurgghh!" >Her big toe twists into your skin >It's more painful than you'd like to admit "And the low latency... gaming on this thing, I could fall in love!" >"A-Anon!" >She sits up and grabs you by the shirt collar >Then pulls you down on top of her, like yesterday >It's something you feel you'll never get tired of >"You're not allowed to look at other girls' boobs!" "Hahaha... okay, okay. I was only joking." >"But you were looking!" >You rest your arm against her side and snuggle up >Maybe you'll stay like this while you make your plans >Against Sonata's chest, nothing can quite get to you "True. You caught me. I looked at the boobs." >"Yeah... naughty, dirty boy..." ___ "You're awfully quiet tonight." >Aria bounces on your shoulder as you make your way down the steps >Even when confronted, she says nothing >So you head on through the kitchen and down the hall in silence >You shut the door, and stop in front of the chair "Prisoners don't have the privilege of keeping their feelings to themselves." >"...I just don't want to talk to you." "Oh? Are you mad?" >She grunts as her ass hits the chair and you get down on a knee in front of her "Let's play therapist." >"Let's not." "...not even a 'hang yourself'? You really are down in the dumps." >Her reaction is amusingly overblown; completely baffled >"Do you come from some crazy land where ty... tying girls up, being all pervy to them, calling them names and making fun of them and feeding them COLD BEANS, makes them HAPPY?" "Interesting..." >"It's NOT interesting!" "You've clearly got some baggage with a certain handsome slave owner." >"Haha... yeah. You're sooo handsome." >Her tired, shit-eating grin suddenly flattens as she realizes what came out of her mouth >You just smile and let her frustration soak in >"Yo-you KNOW what sarcasm is. Don't even start..." "Sarcasm? That was the most sincere confession I've ever heard." >"Fuck off... fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off!" >She wiggles left and right until the chair flips right over >Laid flat on her side, she stops moving completely >...poor, poor twin-tails >Even when unbound and granted an opening she fails to get away >So she must know that while flopping around, it'll never happen >"Hey. Where's the pillow?" "....ohhhh boy. Poor, poor, POOR twin-tails." >"What?!" "Did you think that was going to be an every day thing?" >She shows what you think is a bit of panic >But reverts to her pathetic, mopey state very quickly >"N-No. I don't know. I don't even want to do it. I just thought you were going to make me. Pervert..." "Didn't want to? You requested that we do it longer, this morning." >"No! I d-din't... I was just, um..." >You lay down on your side in front of her >"...I ju-I um, I just didn't want to see Adagio." "Why?" >"I don't have to tell you why." "So then I guess you just wanted to sleep by my side." >"...ugh. No." "Then..." >"I swear... maybe you didn't notice, since you're a fucking idiot, but me and Adagio are kind of on bad terms. I mean, we were even before you pulled all this." "Really?" >"And now you're making it worse. Way worse." >Her lazy, depressing tone slowly transitions as her emotions fire up >"She won't even talk to me. I'm th-the new Sonata. I KNOW that's what she thinks. She thinks I'm a fucking idiot. You just..." >She sits up the best she can, and so do you >"You just HAD to tell her about me not running away, huh? That was... COMPLETELY unnecessary!" "Aria..." >"And saying that upstairs? About how, 'ohh Aria just wants a new leader'! What the hell?! As if things weren't bad enough after the bus stop!" "Er. What happened at the bus stop?" >Her breathing quickens >And her eyebrows sink >Oh boy >"I just wanted to h... I just wanted. To show. Her. That I can be a leader too. I mean... help be the leader. We were trying to figure out where to eat. And I told her that, I thought I had a better idea, and told her we shouldn't go to the same places too many times, because it's suspicious. And..." "...And?" >"...she lost her shit. Kept telling me she was in charge. Made me feel like an idiot." >She pauses and scrunches up her face >You're not quite sure, but >Your gut tells you she's doing everything she can to avoid tearing up >"...anyway, she was just starting to stop lecturing me and shit. And then you have to go and... fuck it up." >At the end of her little rant, the siren nods her head with confidence >It's nice to hear so much honesty from her, so you humor her and pretend to think hard about your response " Once again, it sounds like the problem is Adagio." >"Oh fuck off..." "Seriously. You show yo-" >"Shut up! I don't want to hear it!" >You raise your voice a bit "Quiet!" >... >Just like before, she stares >Looking a bit surprised >Bringing such a mouthy ball of anger to silence... >It's exciting " I was saying. Even you know Adagio was out of place. Getting upset over her own insecurity as leader? Ignoring your advice - which was very good by the way - she's in the wrong." >You lift twin-tails up onto the chair and stand before her "Adagio's not worth following if you ask me. If she'll go berserk on her underlings over something so simple." >"How's it different?" "...huh?" >"When you're so mean to me. How is that different? What kind of leader are you?" >This time, you aren't pretending to consider your words carefully "I'm a leader who takes care of his people. End of story." >"Y-yeah, taking care of me by telling me I sm-eeehhhh..." >You'd interrupted by pressing your face into her neck >She smells... >Er >She actually does smell kind of bad "You're like a guy, y'know. Jeez." >"So...?" "Aria, I'm not telling you this stuff to make you mad. I'm hoping you'll improve yourself. For your own sake - so maybe you don't embarrass yourself around people - and for my sake too." >"Your sake?" "Yes." >You move away and look into her eyes for maximum effect "You're mine now. We'll be spending a lot of time together. Smelly twin-tails." >Her eyes narrow, her nose scrunches and she groans >"Wh-whate... yeah I bet you wish yo... urghh..." "Something wrong? Critical error? Do you need rebooted?" >"What does that even mea... just. Tell me why you have to be so mean." "Well that should be obvious." >"It's not." "Aria. Of course I'm mean to a prisoner." >You rub her cheek >She just takes it >There's no way of knowing, but >You hope she feels comforted by it >In fact, an urge to comfort her overwhelms you >Probably not the best action given your position, but damn it- "Hey. You still hungry?" >"Of course I am." "Wait here." >"Uhhh. Duh?" ___ >You throw the half of the sub into the microwave and hit the +30 seconds button a couple times >Out of the fridge's bottom drawer you take a bottle of coke >Ah, what the hell? >Might as well give her a full meal >From the cabinet, you take a half-eaten bag of Doritos >Perfect ___ >"What the heck is all that?" "A one time thing as long as you're a prisoner. Let's make that clear." >You place the shopping bag in the floor beside the chair, and lift Aria up onto your lap as you sit down >"What? You got me some cold beans again? I don't want it." "Ohhh no no no." >You chuckle and hold on to her waist as you feel around for the sandwich "Don't get get too excited." >"Huh?" >It pops up into her view >You listen hopefully, but she doesn't make any noise "It's still good. Nice and warm, too." >"...I don't want it." >That just might be the most obvious lie that's ever been told "Buuuullshit." >You haphazardly position her so that she's sitting sideways, cradled into your right arm >With her feet and hands bound, she's left to just stare at the sandwich dangling in front of her face "It's not cold like those beans, twin-tails. It's warm. Almost... hot." >She starts to mumble, but is cut off as bread, meat and cheese press into her lips >"...urmmpphh." >At this point she stops responding >Taking care not to go too far, you put on a tone that is only slightly commanding: "Aria. Eat the sandwich. I'm not letting you go without eating." >"...wph....wphtehvr..." >With a roll of her eyes she opens her mouth and takes a huge bite >Her chewing is full of sass >You didn't even know that was possible >Earlier today she took her time, but now she's shredding the food in her mouth like there's no tomorrow >"...ahh. Happy? I ate it. I ate your stupid sandwich. And guess what? I'm still loyal to Adagio. So there." "Ohh. You sure showed me." >"...yeah." "Haha... twin-tails." >"...what?" "You're cute." >You stuff the sandwich into her mouth as she fires up her retort >She squirms and closes her eyes and you struggle to keep her mouth plugged >It feels kind of... rapey >Thankfully, she just gives up and takes another bite >"SEE?" >Chomp, chomp, chomp >"LOOK!" >Smack, smack, smack >"I'm EATING it!" "Aria dear... don't talk with your mouth full." "Shut UP!" >She swallows hard, and takes another bite >"You make... no fucking... sense!" >And another bite down >"Pretending you... care about... me!" >She goes in for the next bite, but pulls away >"Ohh, Aria, sleep next to me! It's all warm and cozy and shit! Ohh Aria, eat this sandwich while she's not looking! Ohh here, just eat the whole thing in my creepy dungeon room! Ugh!" >Then, she takes that next bite >"I don't... even... care... you're just... I just..." >She keeps this up until the sandwich is gone >With her breathing heavily, red-faced, you silently admire her spirit >And then, you bring out the coke >"...ohhh, THANK you dear leader! You're s-so kind to me... I'm so happy... is that what you want me to say?" >You smile >"Well fuck you! I won't be your slave in a million fuckin' years! Are you gonna open the soda or what?" >You twist off the cap and slowly tilt it >A few drops roll down her chin with how forcefully she thrusts into the bottle >She gulps down half of the damn thing at once >Must not appreciate the water she's been getting >"...ahhh. It wasn't even satisfying." "Really?" >"Yes, really." "Well then. Do you want these chips?" >"What!? ...I mean..." >You pull out and unroll the bag of Doritos >Her mouth hangs open at the sight of them >"Oh. Those." "Do you like them?" >She shrugs "You like them." >The bag ruffles >The chip you present is masterfully crafted >Triangular with rounded edges, and smothered in powder that is already all over your fingers >You raise it toward her >She takes the whole thing into her mouth >...along with part of you "Ack." >After you've retrieved your finger, she crushes the chip between her teeth with alarming force >Every inch of her face is moving >You'd probably be just as eager if you'd gone so long without eating anything with actual taste >"...mmm. These are. Pretty well made." "Think so?" >"I mean, for humans or whatever. I always eat a lot of them..." >You claw around and bring up several additional chips >She's already trying to angle herself to eat them out of your palm >It's like feeding a deer or something >After they're all stuffed into her mouth, she lets gravity take over and falls into your arm >"You're sooo... fucking... stupid... what kinda... idiot..." >She swallows >"Gives his prisoner a treat?" >You reach in again and she shakes her head >"I'm serious. Tell me. Why are you doing this? Why be nice to a prisoner?" >You drop the Doritos one by one into the bag and wipe your hand on the front of her shirt >She barely seems to mind "Aria... maybe I don't want you to be a prisoner forever." >"What..." "Maybe I feel like I have to guide you toward the obvious best choice." >She focuses on the bag of chips and keeps her mouth shut "So?" >"So what?" "Do you want do finish off this bag, or not?" >She frowns >Then rolls her eyes >And sighs "Haha... okay then." >You dig in for another handful ___ >Having elected to draw out the trip upstairs, you casually stroll through the kitchen >When you told her punishment had ended, Aria had nothing to say >Didn't even make a face >Kind of disappointing >You creep up the stairs, one by one >Listening for a reaction of any kind >...halfway up now... >Nothing? >Three quarters >There's the final step >"Wait." >Lo and behold "Yeah?" >".......uh." >You wait patiently, but she delays for far too long >She gets a bit heavy on your shoulder >Once you feel an urge to set her down, you rush her "Go ahead." >"Just- ...ugh. Never mind." "What were you going to say?" >"Nothing." "I think it was something." >You pat her ass and she kicks her legs >"Fuck you. Go hang yourself." "Alright, alright." >You carry her into the guest bedroom >Adagio's fast asleep, her head hanging and hair obscuring her face >After Aria is tied up properly again she flops right onto her side and closes her eyes "Uhh." >It's almost funny "...sleep tight, twin-tails." ___ >"Anon?" >You jolt awake >The white glow of your laptop screen hurts your eyes >Sonata's hand rests on your knee >Shit >Why are you so tired? "Hey." >You rub your eyes and then sigh at the blinking cursor with nothing behind it >Some brainstorming session that amounted to "I thought you were going to go to sleep? That's why I turned the lights off." >Sonata grabs the remote off the back of the couch and lowers the volume just a bit before answering: >"I can't fall asleep." "Since when are you too good for the couch? Am I spoiling you?" >You absolutely are >"Hee hee. It's not that. I'm just worried about why you're so worried." "Er." >She gets up and sits so close to you that she's forced to rest her arm on your lap >If this is some kind of pressure tactic... >It's working >"You can tell me, you know." "I..." >Telling her couldn't possibly end well >Going out to spend time with a girl she's already shown jealousy toward? >She'd worry, she'd get angry >Judging by that little outburst at Taco Bell, Sonata might even contact Twilight to set the record straight >So, you can't >Sorry Sonata, but... "It's about the money." >"Huh? ...oh! Oh no!" "Wh-what?" >She covers her mouth and distances herself from you >"I knew it..." "What?" >"I'm so stupid..." "What?! What's wrong?" >She buries her face into a cushion >Her legs flop out onto the floor >"I spent all our money at Taco Bell!" >... "Not quite, haha. I'm not exactly rich, but I'm far from poor. I mean, we're." >"So I didn't waste the money?" "No, silly." >She perks up and sits down again >"Good! Then what is the problem?" "I uh. Uhhh. Well, this money was sent to us from another country. And the... government is suspicious, since it happens to often, and-" >"The cops and judges!?" "Yes? Sort of." >"Are you going to jail?!" >Jesus Christ >This girl goes from calm to panic in an instant >You ruffle her hair and shake your head "The government is big. The cops and judges are only part of it. The part that's causing problems with me is just making sure I'm not a criminal." >"Oh." >She puts on an innocent smile >Trusting your every word as you spew bullshit >God damn it "Yeah. I have to attend a meeting tomorrow and I'm just nervous about it." >"You should have told me. I can help you." "It's okay. I c-" >"Anon!" >She crawls into the floor in front of you and rests her head on your lap >Very quickly you start to feel her warmth >That, and her weight - this feeling of being trapped where you sit is oddly comforting >Why is she so good at calming your mind? >"I need to help you." "Need to?" >"Yeah... um." >She slips her arms under her face and settles in >"It's my job. You've been taking care of me, and you're so nice to me. And now, ever since T-Taco Bell we're-" >She stuffs her face into your leg for a moment to quiet a squee >"we're a couple." >You are, aren't you? >It still seems so surreal for this girl you met so recently, who was initially scared of you, to be with you >"And a girlfriend is supposed to comfort her boyfriend. Especially when he's about to face a battle." "Sonata..." >'Battle' is a bit dramatic, but you let it slide >A dog food commercial passes by on TV >Thirty seconds of contemplation as she hums and gently rocks left and right on top of you >Even though you aren't doing anything wrong, you feel guilty >Lying so that you can spend the day with Twilight... >Maybe it's best just to tell her? "Sonata. There's something I need to-" >The words escape you >Her head shoots up >"Uh, do you mean..." >She sit sup straight and lets her eyelids sink down a bit >"...that you need me?" "Huh?" >Her eyes revert as she studies your confused reaction >"Is it what you need?" "Uh." >"Anon?" >She runs her hand up and down your leg, very slowly >Your face heats up >Your mind draws a blank >Where is this coming from? >"I-Is it what you need or not?" >Her hand stops moving >Though it's hard to see her face with the laptop glowing behind her, you can tell she's nervous >Time to force some words "What's this all about?" >"What do you mean..." "Where did this come from?" >She waits a while >And then removes her hand >"I'm confused..." "Me too?" >"Don't you-" >Her ponytail whips around as she looks away >"Don't you want me, Anon?" >Of course >How could you not? >But so soon, and with this investigation shit on your mind? "Don't you think it's a bit early for that?" >"I don't know. Is it?" "Maybe. We literally started dating today." >You glance at the time "Yesterday..." >Sonata looks at your laptop, and then to you >"Isn't this what boys want?" "Well. Yes?" >"They want to get really close with a pretty girl." "Yeah." >"So I'm not pretty? Is that it?" >What?! >"Is it my hair? I can do twin-tails like Aria. Is- is that it? Am I not tough enough? 'Cause I can be. Beating people up and, saying bad words. Or is it my hair color? I can get the wig. Just tell me. Tell me what to do..." >As she goes on, the faster she talks, and the faster she talks, the higher she climbs up your lap >Once she's close to your face your stomach goes ice cold >Now you can clearly see the tears building in her eyes >"I can be smart, too. I can... maybe not as much as that girl. But I promise I can be smart..." >Her voice is shaken by her unsteady breathing >You feel stunned "Sonata, why are you saying this stuff?" >"Because." >She runs her fingers over her eyes >"I'm scared..." "Of what?" >She shakes her head >"You're more interested in all the other girls." >That's not true... >"Like how you wanted to see Aria naked, but not me." >Where in the world did she get that impression? >... >Your jaw drops as a sentence from earlier on hits you with all of its meaning >"And Applejack - you kept looking and, I know you said you were just nervous, but then you said she's pretty." >It was kind of forced out of your mouth, though- >"You didn't tell me what you talked to her about either." >A bunch of bullshit is all- >"When that smart girl came to the house, you wanted to be alone with her too!" >She knows why that is- >"And. And..." >She's lightly sobbing at this point >Talking so quickly you can't even think straight >"You spent last night with Aria, huh?" >... >Well >It's true >"It's just so... scary having a boy leader." "So that's what it is?" >Her mouth shuts tight and she leans in a bit >Apparently eager to hear your response >You reach around and rub her back "Sonata, you think I'm going to abandon you for other girls?" >She shrugs her shoulders and sniffles "Don't be crazy. Do you really think I'd trade you off?" >"If they were prettier." "Well I wouldn't. You're mine. No matter what happens you'll be by my side." >"Anon..." "Besides that, you're insane if you think you're not as pretty as those other girls. You're..." >You caress the side of her face "...the most beautiful girl I've ever met." >"...Anonnn..." "I don't want to hear about you being stupid, either." >"But I am." "You aren't. A bit naive maybe. But you're just saying this because Aria calls you stupid. Right?" >"I don't know." "I do." >She presses into your hand and whimpers >You'll have to do something about Aria... "And about last night. I was punishing her and fell asleep. That's all there is to it." >She looks perplexed for a moment, likely thinking back to her own punishment "Did you already forget what I told you?" >"What?" "You're special to me, Sonata." >The faint sound of the TV is all you hear for some time >You start to worry that she isn't convinced >But then she lunges into a hug so hard you nearly lose your breath >As soon as presses her face into your shirt, her quiet sob intensifies "Sonata..." >"Y-You mean it?" >You hug her back "Of course." >"I'm... I'm s... I'm so happy..." >You stay like this so long that your laptop's screen shuts off >Resisting the urge to reach over and wake it up, you decide... >Fuck it >You'll just wing it tomorrow >Right now, she needs you ___ >You wake up to the intro theme of Sonata's favorite show >The previously dark living room is lit partially through the windows and their closed curtains >Morning already "Your show is on~" >She stirs a bit "Don't you want to watch it?" >"Mmm... tired." "Come on~" >Truthfully, you just need her to get off of you >"tired..." "I've got to pee." >"Oh." >She gets up, rubs her groggy eyes and falls into the vacant side of the couch >Already fast asleep again >Time to get ready for the investigation >While making your way to your bedroom's bathroom, you strip off your shirt and pants >After you've done what must be done you stand in the living room and stretch >The fact that there's a girl in the room strikes you, and you feel a bit awkward >Too used to living alone >You start back to your bedroom to get changed and are stopped by three knocks on the door "What the hell?" >You glance at Sonata >Still asleep, thank god >You hop over to the door and look through the peephole >As you thought... Twilight >You can't let her inside with Sonata right there on the couch >But you also don't want to have to tell Sonata to head off to the guest room so you can talk to someone she views as a rival "Damn it." >You stand up straight, and try not to panic >She's going to knock again. What if Sonata wakes up? >After adjusting your boxers a bit, you open the door, step outside and close it as quickly - and quietly - as possible >"Hello Anoh my gosh..." >She raises her notebook over her face "Hey. Why're you here? You should've messaged me." >"Ahh... I, uh, I did. Five times." "Oh. Well it's so early. I just woke up. Please excuse me while I get dressed." >"It's twelve-thirty..." "Feel free to hop into the passenger seat of my car, I'll just be a minute." >"Okay. I will." >She scurries off >Perfect >You smile in victory and head back into the house >After shaking her a bit, Sonata springs awake >"Mmmmm. Anooon! You didn't tell me my show was on!" "I did too, silly. Hey, you have to get up." >"Noooo..." >She watches as you pass by the couch >"Anaawwwn~!" "Huh?" >"Oh my GOSH~!" >Oh, right >Almost naked "Sorry, I was changing for my meeting." >"Oh you don't have to apologize~" >You feel your face heat up and your stomach get all tingly >No time though >Got to act fast "No seducing your leader." >"More like you're seducing me~" "Oh boy." >Now you really don't want to leave >But you've got a girl waiting in your car >Urk "I've gotta get dressed, follow me!" >You dash into your room and throw on a fresh t-shirt and jeans >Your shoes are hiding under the edge of your bed, but you manage to find them >Sonata jumps onto your side of the bed and starts to get cozy >"It smells like you~" "Hey, hey, you have to stay awake. I need you to feed the prisoners." >"Awwww!" "Listen close, this is important okay? Remember not t-" >"to untie them, or listen to anything they say, EVEN if they say they're ready to be good. I'm not stupid, remember~?" >She smiles, and you do as well "Sorry. I'm nervous because it's a bit different this time. I might be gone for a long time today." >Hold it >Taking them to use the restroom involves untying them >You can't really leave that to Sonata "Fuuuuck. I've gotta check on them. Aria has to pee." >"What? How do you know?" "I just know. Hey, I'm going to head out right after that, okay? I'll see you later." >"Okay.... I'll miss you." "You too! Go get their food ready!" >"Arghhh!" >She forces herself to roll off the bed >You pull her up and she follows you out ___ >"Hey, asshole! I don't need your help!" "You sure?" >She shoves you, but you hold your position >Twin-tails could just sprint off if you don't >She stands there and glares at you "Forgive me. You just seem so feeble and helpless after literally eating out of my hand." >"I didn't have a choice." "Oh, you enjoyed it." >"Yeah, I just LOOOoove being at your mercy like that." >... >She groans and slams the door "Haha. Make sure you wash your hands." >"Don't be stupid!" >Oh, why not check that off the list right now? >Like an asshole, you wait a few moments before opening the door >"...what the FUCK!" >She's got her purple pants pulled down to her knees >For a split second, anyway. She practically falls over pulling them back up >"Get out!" "Just a moment." >"..Huh?!" >You shut the door behind you, and her eyes widen >"...hey." >She backpedals into the corner as you approach >"Wh-what? Freak." "I need to talk to you about something." >You lean over her and pray she doesn't kick you in the balls "Sonata, actually." >Like a child told to clean her room, Aria lets out an exaggerated sigh >"What is it now? You're the only one who's spitting on people lately." "Still mad I didn't kiss you?" >"I would've puked if you did." "So unladylike..." >You get closer and she mashes her face into the wall "Pfft." >"Just get out of here! Fucking creep!" >She pushes a hand into your chest with impressive force, for a single arm >You snatch up her wrist "Aria." >"Let! GO!" >She throws her fist >You raise your hand just in time to catch it, sending a sharp pain through your arm "Man. You're pretty strong, twin-tails." >With your leg firmly pressed into both of twin-tails', you shift your weight onto her >She groans and twists and turns as she tries to get away "Anyway, about Sonata. You're going to st-" >"Go! Go AWAY!" "Aria. Calm down." >"UGH!" >She thrusts herself into the toilet tank and tries to squeeze by you, and you catch her by the waist >Her grunts get increasingly pathetic >She tries to climb over your arm "Jesus. You're going to piss yourself if you keep it u-" >"I can't even go to the fucking bathroom now? God!" "Ari-" >"You are the WORST!" >Being interrupted by this girl is the most frustrating thing >And after what you did last night? >Maybe you're being too soft on twin-tails "ARIA." >She jumps >And then like magic she's frozen in place, and completely silent "Sit down." >"...ugh..." >Her head hangs low >The toilet seat clunks under her ass >That... >Felt ridiculously good "Okay. Now." >You take a seat on the edge of the bathtub, facing the top of Aria's head "I've got a problem with the way you talk to Sonata." >"Okay?" "Namely, you calling her stupid." >"...well." "Well what?" >She exhales sharply and lowers her head even more >"N-Nothing..." "Right. Anyway it's going to stop. From now on, you are forbidden to call her that." >"Forbidden? Seriously?" >She sits up straight again, you suppose to show off the irritation on her face >You take note of the blush as well "A prisoner doesn't get to exercise free speech, let alone use it to insult her superior." >"...SuPERIO-" >The tank's lid audibly shifts as the siren sits against it and grabs hold of her twin-tails >Again reminding you of an unruly child, she pulls on them, hard >"...FINE. I won't insult your PRINCESS. Happy?" "Yeah." >Every time you get Aria flustered, it gets even more exciting >Her tough exterior just begs to be fucked with >"Now let me piss in peace, will you?!" "Not yet." >You step up and raise out your hands >Trying to move further into the tank doesn't work out for her >Regardless, you freeze with your fingers grazing her sides >Something curbs your excitement >Guilt... >A bawling Sonata, hiding her face in your chest "...uh..." >Twin-tails eyes you up and down >"The fuck are you doing?" >Well, now you feel silly >You scratch the back of your head >Maybe you can play it off "You smell worse than usual. I don't want it on my hands." >"What... ever." >She relaxes a bit as you back off, then raises her hands in disbelief when you sit back down >"SERIOUSLY? How long am I supposed to hold it in?" >The urge to fuck with her is rising >But touching her is... >As much as you enjoyed feeling up her impressive body, you shouldn't >With how much pain Sonata's already gone through you'll have to make some changes >Aria raises an eyebrow at your sigh >...what were you thinking when you kidnapped them? >Why would it ever work out with all three? >Those daydreams about having a trio of loving, affectionate companions? >Sonata can't handle that... >And you can hardly blame her >It's depressing "I've got an idea." >You're fine with one wife and two servants >Right? >It can still work out >You don't even need to touch Aria to humiliate her, either >There are plenty of ways... >Such as: "Go ahead. Relieve yourself." >"...WHAT?" "You heard me." >"You. Have. Got. To be. Kidding." "Nope." >Her mouth hangs open >It seems she's waiting for you to laugh and tell her it was a joke >You cross your arms and give her a stern look "It wasn't a request. I have stuff to do, so get to it." >"A-Are you... serious... oh my god. Oh my fucking god. You're a fucking pervert." >Never has flipping the bird been so energetic >Her fist and extended middle finger are waved all around >"I'm drawing the line. This is beyond disgusting. I refuse." >She refuses >Isn't that cute? >Curious how her rude hand gesture disappears the moment you get on your feet >"I'm s-serious. I'm tired of being treated like garbage. I've had enough." "Garbage?" >"...huh?" "You'd be the luckiest girl in the world to be treated like garbage." >"What do you mean by THAT?" "That, as long as you're a prisoner, you're nothing." >You hold on to her shoulders and get in her face >Not eager to risk a kick to the dick, you step on her feet "You have no freedom of speech. You are not entitled to privacy. Cold beans are wasted on you. You're at the very bottom of the hierarchy. You get me?" >"" "And you've only got yourself to blame." >"No, I'v-" "Now hurry up." >Her lip trembles >She squeezes her fists >"N-N-" >With a stomp, she stands up and pulls her pants down to her ankles >She brings her hands back up and hooks her fingers into the band of her panties >As soon as they're far enough down falls back into the seat >Her eyes are full of hate >"Nothing. I'm 'nothing', huh?" >All of a sudden, the situation sets in >You're standing right in front of an angry tomboy who's about to take a piss >Displaying your discomfort would be bad though >So you cross your arms and wait >After ten seconds or so she mumbles something and you hear spattering against the bowl, alongside tiny splashes "There you go." >You give her two good pats on the head "Was that so hard?" >"...can't... believe... you." >The sounds fade, and she slumps "Good twin-tails. Okay, I've got other stuff to get to, so-" >"Take me upstairs then." >She stands and pulls her underwear and pants back on >To your amusement she slams her fist into the flusher >"I'm nothing, right? A f-fuck up. Go tie me up and leave me to die. I don't care anymore." "Oh, Aria!" >"...huh?" >You take a step back "Shouldn't you have uh." >She follows your pointing finger to the toilet paper roll >"Ugh! Whatever! It's your fault, standing over me like a sexual predator! Of course I forgot!" "Man. You really are gross." >With the doorknob in your hand, you motion her toward it >She steps forward "One thing though." >"What?" "Don't pretend you didn't hear me. I said you're nothing *so long as you're a prisoner*." >"" "So, how about you spend the day thinking about it." >"Just. Take me up." >Ew "I'm not carrying you this time. Start marching, I'll tie you up in the guest room..." ___ >Standing out by your hedges, you pet your pocket >An idea struck you after Aria was back in her place >The bullshit lead you needed was right there in your house all along >It took a while to find it, but at least now you have something >You run your hand over your pocket one last time >The fear of it creating a noticeable bulge seems inescapable, even after a test in front of the mirror showed just about nothing "Okay. Here we go." >You make your way out to your car >Twilight jumps as the door clicks open "Hey. Sorry I was in there so long." >"Oh. It's... fine." "Not very manager-like." >You climb in, close the door and buckle up >Twilight just sits there staring at the glovebox "Gonna go without buckling? I mean, I won't force you. But I'm a pretty bad driver." >"Oh! I'm sorry!" >She frantically reaches over her shoulder and secures herself >"I'd never go without it. It's the rules." "Uh-huh..." >Something's up >She's not looking at you when she speaks >Is it because you were in your underwear? >It's not that big of a deal, is it? "Um." >Well this is embarrassing "Sorry if I made it weird before. I'm not used to having visitors." >"'s okay, I wasn't even thinking about that." "Oh." >... >Awkward silence >She's fidgeting >This is going badly >Just start the car >Wait, what if she's like this the whole drive? >Or the whole day? >Fuck "You're acting kind of strange." >"...oh." "You alright?" >"Uh." >She rubs her face >"Please don't lecture me." >She looks over >Her eyes are red and weary >"I was up all night." >Not terribly surprising "What were you doing all night...? Reading? Because I was joking about two bo-" >"I decided to go to the school." >Your jaw drops >But, you should have expected this "Are you serious?" >"Yes. I feel so stupid." >She lays against the head rest and makes frustrated hand gestures >"It was dark, so I couldn't even find it." "You got lost?!" >"Yes! Why are there so many buildings?!" >How disappointing >Giving Twilight that little speech yesterday about relaxing and having fun felt good >Now you feel like an idiot for trusting the anxiety addict to not worry "You really shouldn't be wandering around the city at night by yourself." >"I didn't want to." "How'd you find your way back to Rarity's house?" >"P-Police officer..." "Uh oh. You got arrested?" >She looks genuinely insulted, at least a little bit >"No, no. He asked me if I was alright. Anonymous, I'd never be arrested, because I'd never commit a crime." "Of course. I know." >You chuckle "I'm glad you made it home okay." >"Thanks... I'm sorry." "For not doing what I said? You should be sorry." >"I know! That's why I apologized!" >Didn't expect her to snap at you >You back into the window and raise your hands defensively "It was a joke. Spare my life." >She looks confused, then apologetic, and then stifles a laugh >"Sorry. I wasn't mad. Last night was just so stressful." "That's why I told you." >Something bothers you "Couldn't you have pestered Rarity to drive you there?" >"No." "Why not?" >Twilight runs her fingers over the stacked pages of her closed notebook >"Besides the fact that she was already asleep... they don't know that I'm having so much trouble finding information. Mostly I've been talking to everyone on the Personal Computer in the living room. Rarity's suspicious, but I told her I've just got a lot on my mind about my home." "I see." >"Please don't mention it to them." "Don't worry. I probably won't even talk to them." >"Thank you. Thank you, Anonymous." >Her worries influence everything about her, from her restless posture to her antsy tone >She looks like she hasn't been sleeping well for a while >It almost feels that, by capturing the sirens, you've also imprisoned Twilight >That's not what you wanted >"Now then, to the school. We have a very thorough search to conduct." "...About that. What do you say we hold off? For just a little bit." >"WHAT?" >She seems to shock herself with her own volume >"Sorry- what do you mean?" "That. Exactly that. You are unbelievably high strung right now." >"That's not true! I'm just focused, Anonymous!" ___ >Giving in to the shaking hand guiding it, the spoon presses into the corner of Adagio's mouth >Not good, Sonata whispers in her mind >When she sees that her former leader's stare has become cold, her mind starts to yell >Not good, not good, not good... >"S-Sorry Adagio." >Sonata pulls back the spoon, takes a deep breath, and goes to try again >"Stop." >As commanded, her hand freezes in place and her fingers tighten >"What's wrong?" >" 'What's wrong' ? Do you really need to ask?" >Sonata shrugs her shoulders and looks away >Only for a moment >"Look at me." >"S-Sorry." >She snaps back to Adagio's face >Her droopy, exhausted, yet terrifying face >There's a bit of refried beans on her. Must be what the problem is >Sonata takes a finger and scrapes it off >"Same as always, Sonata." >"...what does that mean?" >"You know exactly what it means." >Sonata's heart was already beating fast >But now she feels a strong urge to either raise her voice, or run away >With no clue which to choose, she elects to look at the floor >"...SONATA." >"Ye-yes! Oh, okay! Sorry Ada... gio..." >What is she doing, she thinks, bending so easily to her? >For some time, Sonata rubs the spoon handle and studies Adagio's figure >She's sitting with her knees against her chest >Her head hanging a bit to the side >Rope around her foot, and rope binding her hands >What can she do? >"Adag..." >In an effort to muster up extra courage, Sonata thinks of you >Being so afraid of Dagi is a betrayal of you >Sounds crazy, but it's not, she asserts to herself >If Dagi can't do anything right now... >Being afraid of her is like admitting that she'll win someday, or that you won't be able to make her be good... >"Adagio." >"Yes?" >"...p-pr-" >Sonata scoops up some refried beans and holds it up to Adagio's face >Using every ounce of her willpower, she frowns and speaks up >"Prisoners will be quiet as they're fed. Even with beans on their faces!" >She said it! >Excitement and mortal terror bubble up in Sonata's stomach >Signals run to her legs telling her to stand and run >But she keeps her butt planted into the wooden floor >Adagio can't do anything >And yet Sonata's skin crawls as she sees her mouth open up >"So. The brainwashing has been going well?" >"Brainwashing? You mean like what we used to do...?" >Adagio laughs softly >"Oh, Sonata. I'm referring to something much more simple, and a victim who is far more pathetic." >Adagio shakes her head >After it's dropped, the spoon dings into the rim of the bowl >"Are you calling me a victim?" >"Do you think otherwise?" >"I'm not a victim... and he didn't brainwash me. He doesn't even have magic, so-" >"Exactly why this is so pathetic, Sonata. This isn't a matter of magical intervention. Instead, this is about a naive fool who trades her friends, her companions - her family - for hollow promises of a comfortable life." >"Wh-what are you talking about?! I didn't 'trade' you..." >"Have you forgotten your agreement with that human?" >"Well..." >"He is your new leader. Your loyalties have shifted. You, are a traitor." >Sonata shakes her head and clenches her fists >However, no proper counter argument springs into her mind >"It amazes me that you would even try to down-play what you've done to the person who's taken care of you for so long." >"Uhh..." >"So tell me. Are you going to admit that you've whored yourself out to him?" >It's not >LIKE that >Sonata's vision blurs and she runs her arm over her watery eyes >Is Aria hearing this, she wonders? >To her relief she finds twin-tails still laying on her side, arms over her head, with tightly shut eyes and slow, rhythmic breathing >"What do you see happening to you in ten years?" >"...I'll be here. With Anon." >"Will you be happy?" >"Yeah..." >"No you will not be. After ten years, you'll spend your free time daydreaming. Reliving the days when you were your own person. And those daydreams will be interrupted by a bitter man's orders." >"...what...?" >" 'Clean the toilet, Sonata.' 'Sonata, cook my dinner.' 'And don't burn it this time, idiot.' After he's told you what you get to do for him, he'll go off on his own." >"That's stupid... what are you even saying?" >"That he will grow tired of you. You are his Equestrian trophy - mildly attractive, but untalented. Clumsy. Slow. Untrustworthy. Annoying. A handful. He'll groan at the sound of your voice and think, 'how did they tolerate this girl before I got her?' After he's grown bored of your body, and you're little more than a maid who sleeps in the floor beside his bed, you will understand how grave this decision you've made is." >Sonata squeezes tight around her wrist, wincing at each insult >She's wrong, Sonata knows she is... but she can't help but visualize you saying each and every heartbreaking word >Your face angry and impatient >Just like Adagio's >"Y-Yo-You're wrong." >"Am I?" >"Y-Yes!" >"I suppose those tears are joyful, and that you've reassured yourself that Anon cares about you." >Sonata quickly wipes her eyes and stands, sending the bowl of beans tumbling into the floor by Adagio's foot >"A-Anon WON'T get tired of me! He WON'T be mean!" >After glancing at the slumbering Aria and quieting herself, Sonata reaches over and grips her own arm again >"Anon is nice. The kind of nice where, if I'm upset, he doesn't get annoyed. He comforts me, and makes me feel better, and he. He-" >She shouldn't, and she's aware of it. But the words come so easily >"He loves me. He told me that I'm special to him." >Adagio's eyebrows raise, just a little. Interpreting this as surprise, Sonata continues confidently >"He doesn't want to rush into S-E-X, because we're doing things proper. Like, dating. He's my boyfriend now." >Sonata nods her head and smiles >"We haven't even kissed. He doesn't just want me for my body. He wants me to be by his side. Forever." >Her finger pushes painfully into her arm as anxiety builds. Every word she speaks at this point is surely a bad idea >Best to stop here, she decides >She releases her arm and rests her hands on her hips >"...Special?" >Adagio slowly turns her head toward Aria >When she looks back, the smile she's adopted sends a chill down Sonata's spine >"...mhm." >"You think this human is in love with you?" >"I think he is. No, I KNOW he is." >Her eerie smile strengthens >"Very, very interesting." >Scooting her foot around the bowl of beans, Adagio stretches out her legs and yawns >"Sonata, you've just given me something to think about." >"What?" >"Let's just say I'm going to have to re-evaluate Anon after hearing that." >"Wait. Really? Are, are you serious?!" >She bounces and clasps her hands together, which is enough to send Adagio right back into that irritated state >"Calm down." >"Yeah, yeah..." >"Listen. I'm not very hungry." >"Are you sure? You barely ate any." >"If I tell you that I'm not hungry, it means I'm not hungry." >Sonata nods and takes the bowl in her hands >The beans have slid up to the edge, but it's still fine >Trying to contain the excitement of her victory, she hums and kneels in front of Aria >"Don't worry about that. Just go down stairs." >"But, she'll be mad!" >"Being like this, eating as little as we do..." >Adagio cracks her neck, to the left, and then to the right >"...shrinks your stomach. Do you understand me?" >"Yeah. I do." >"So, go downstairs, Sonata." >She pokes at the side of the bowl for a while >Then she sighs and stands by the doorway >"You don't have to have a small stomach. If you jus-" >Adagio's face is hidden again by her hair as she stares at the wall >But that's okay >This conversation was a success, Sonata tells herself >With a big smile she dashes out of the guest room and down the stairs >If only Anon were here right now... ___ "I swear. You'll be thanking me." >"No! It's inappropriate!" "It's not about what's... 'appropriate,' for crying out loud. It's about enjoying yourself." >"Anonymous, I respectfully decline." "No you don't." >"WH- you can't consent for me!" "I so can. I'm gonna do it right now." >You reach out your hand and Twilight grunts >"I'll feel guilty. Just, please stop it already..." >The glovebox's little weight becomes apparent the moment its handle is pulled, and you let it fall open >You take your wallet and wag it in the air "It's nothing. Seriously." >Facing the speaker again, you clear your throat and try to talk loud and clear "We changed our mind, she'll take the deluxe ice cream sundae after all." >The passenger buckle clicks and the belt zips up and over >A palm presses into your leg >Hair fills your vision >"DISREGARD! Please, strike that from the record, I did NOT consent!" "Twilight. Come on..." >You push her back into her seat >"Unhand me, Anonymous!" "Alright." >You hold her down with your foot the best you can "Ignore her, she's just trying to be funny." >Twilight shoves on your leg, barely getting it to budge, and the speaker fuzzes >"...okay sir, please check the screen and confirm your order..." "That's right. ESPECIALLY the last bit, with the deluxe ice cream sundae." >"Anonymous!" ___ >Twenty minutes later you sit across from an irritated Twilight, at the tables outside a fancy book store >You've finished eating, but Twilight's pretty slow >Something has been making you feel a childish excitement since you got here: >She hasn't noticed where you are "So. Once you're done with your fries, and the sundae, I have another idea." >Her mouth shuts hard, mashing a fry in half >Through gritted teeth, she asks, >"Anonymous. Don't tell me we aren't going to the school next?" "Nope." >"Are you KIDDING ME?!" "Uh. Twilight?" >"I was only keeping my mouth shut because I knew it was almost time to go!" >She seems to notice the worry on your face >Twilight shuts her eyes, and while gesturing toward her chest, breathes in >Then while gesturing away, breathes out >"Ahhh... alright. Alright. I'm sorry for yelling." "It's fine." >"What do you have in mind, manager?" "I'll tell you right after you finish your sundae." >" be honest, I'm already full. Why don't you eat the sundae?" "Come on. I've come to expect girls to eat three times as much as you just did." >"What?" "Nothing, just enjoy the sundae. I want you to have it." >"I don't... want it." >Why's she being so adamant about this ice cream? "What is there to feel guilty about if I happily bought it for you?" >"I... don't deserve it. After what I did to y-" "Stop. Seriously. I'm not upset." >"Maybe because you don't know how big a deal this could be. In fact, judging by your attitude about this investigation I KNOW you don't understand." >Don't... understand? "I understand just fine." >"You don't." "Being responsible is one thing. Worrying yourself into the ground is another. Just eat the sundae, Twilight." >"No, Anonymous!" "Come on!" >"I decline! I'm FULL!" "No you're not!" >"First you consent for me, then you consent for my stomach?!" "I-" >You realize you've stood up >Twilight's glare doesn't soften, even after you smile and scratch your chin in embarrassment "Sorry." >"Yeah." >Uh oh >Sleep deprivation and stress are not pretty on this girl. Not pretty at all >Not that they'd be pretty on anybody "Tell you what. Forget about the sundae." >"Gladly. I didn't want it in the first place." "Eheh. Okay. Uh, about that idea." >Pointing off to the side, you drop down into your chair >You feel better the moment her eyes are on the hanging sign >"Oh. A book store?" "Yeah. You like books. Right?" >"I love books." "How about we look around? I bet you've never been in a human book store before." >"I haven't." >Twilight looks back with a faint smile, which disappears immediately after she sees the sundae again >She shoves it to your side of the table and continues >"But I don't have money to buy books, or the time to read them - I'm very busy when I'm in this world." "Exactly." >She frowns >"No thank you." "What?" >"I'm not going to let you buy me a bunch of books." "Really? Don't you wish you could amass a human literature collection, and bring it back to your world?" >"I d-... um." "You could build a whole library just for the stuff, back home. Our species has written so much that you'd need far more than just one library to contain it all though. Imagine taking books through the portal, studying them, and returning as a human expert..." >Her lips move as if to say something, but she just ponders "To start out, you could buy an encyclopedia. A few novels to get a better grasp on human to human interactions too. I bet you have a lot of questions about our biology..." >Her eyes widen a bit >"...there are books that cover each and every last detail about the human body. Isn't that the kind of stuff you're into?" >"Uhhhh." >It seems as though she's trying to be angry, and just can't >A potent curiosity is painted on her face >"They have those books here for sure?" "Yeah!" >That's how you catch a nerd >"Well. I guess a few minutes of looking around wouldn't hurt." "Damn right they wouldn't. Let's go." ___ >For the past ten minutes, she's been moving from section to section, gawking at the many different genres on display >"The art. There's so many beautiful covers." "That's a weird thing to notice." >"Well, I mean-" >She holds up a romance novel with a beautifully painted forest in Fall >As she swoons she rubs its side >"Art on the cover of a book is less common in Equestria." "Ah." >"I think it's fantastic. Imagine how many children it could lure in." >Creepy way to phrase it, but who can disagree? >She continues moving from shelf to shelf, reading summaries and noting which ones she's interested in >Eventually she stumbles upon a section with a big banner advertising pre-owned study material >Textbooks lay side by side on a few tables with reduced prices "Ah, we found it. Math, Science, Literature, Health-" >Twilight snatches up a biology book and flips it open >"Oh my gosh. There are so many pages..." "Yeah! You can read all about our weird fingers and stuff." >"Oh my gosh! A whole chapter on the human heart." "Uh-huh. A good thing to learn about, I guess." >She skips ahead >"Oh my... gosh." >She looks at you from beside it, apparently comparing you to an illustration, and quickly looks back to the book "...Twilight?" >Over the next ten seconds you watch a blush form on her face >You grab it out of her hands and put it back on the table "Alright, maybe you should start with another textbook." >"Y-Yes." >A little while later, you're looking around in embarrassment as the bookworm argues with you >"I. Decline." "Come on. It was the whole point of coming in here. I can afford it, so enjoy it." >"Anonymous, I really don't feel comfortable. I'll acquire human books on my own." "You're not even technically a student, right? Do you have your own textbooks?" >"If I find time, I'll study Rarity's..." "And then leave them behind?" >She stamps her foot and shakes her head >One by one she takes the books piled in your arms and places them back where they belong, in some instances sprinting across the store and coming right back >"There! Now drop it, would you?" "Twilight. You're... something else." >"Uh-huh! I'm going back to the vehicle!" "It's called a car you dork." >"Uh-huh!" >She stomps off ___ >Back on the road >Almost to Canterlot High >Thankfully for your nerves, Twilight is too mad to say anything >Her frustration is difficult for you to relate to >Probably because you know so little about Equestria, or magical beings... >...but you couldn't resist giving it one last shot >You pull the shopping bag further up your lap so that it doesn't fall to the floor as you turn >And there it is: the Taco Bell you usually eat at "Okay. We're pretty much there now." >A few minutes later you pull into the mostly empty High School parking lot >Before the car has even come to a complete stop, Twilight unbuckles and goes for the door handle "Wait a second." >No response, she's just frozen in place "I don't want you to be mad at me." >You notice her shoulders rise and fall before she turns around >"I just want to search for information." "Yeah. I get it. But just listen." >"...Okay." "Back in the book store, watching you look around like an excited little kid, was really amazing. That's the only time I've actually seen you happy." >"Oh, well I don't know about that." >With how little time you've spent with Twilight, it's very true "I know you feel guilty, but I have to insist. Because I want you to learn to balance your time." >"Insist on wha-" >She looks the shopping bag and sighs >"You said that you bought yourself a dictionary." "Ha!" >You pull the bag up from its bottom and catch the novel as it falls >Staring up at Twilight is that same romance novel, with the Fall forest >Upside down. Just as planned, right? >"A-Anonymous..." "Hundreds and hundreds of pages of humans being humans." >"But..." >Her voice softens "The protagonist is a dork, too. It's the perfect place to start. Just take it, in exchange for promising that you'll spend plenty of time unwinding while you read it." >She gently takes the book from your hand and places it in her lap >Running her finger up and down the cover seems like a pretty positive reaction >" is a beautiful book." "Y-Yeah, right?" >"And I know you're trying to help me." >She picks up the shopping bag, places the novel inside and pushes it against your leg >"But for the last time, I decline." "...What?! I had you that time!" >"Not even close actually." "This is so damn stupid... just take it!" >You drop the bag onto her >"Hey!" >She picks it up and drops it from slightly higher up >You similarly raise the stakes and go just about as high as is possible in the car >"ANONYMOUS!" >Twilight grips it tight >Smacks it into the ceiling >And slam dunks it into your crotch "...FFF-" >You grab the steering wheel and look away >Sharp pain rushes through you >You suddenly feel short of breath >And judging by Twilight's immediate ranting, she doesn't realize what she did >"There's something you REALLY need to learn Anonymous. And frankly, I can't believe I'm going to have to teach it to you!" "Y-Yeah? What? How to treat a small mystery like a blooming World War?" >"No, I'm going to teach you how to be a better friend!" "Th-this entire day was about being a good friend to you." >"Are you sure?" >You groan and look at her >She's crosing her arms and tapping her elbow >"Are you sure this is being a good friend?" "What are you saying?" >"I told you I didn't want you to buy me food! I practically begged you not to buy the ice cream! And now you've spent even more money on me!" "I wanted to-" >"Did I look like I wanted you to?" "...Twilight..." >"You can't do this to people. If you force something on someone, even if you THINK it's for the best, deep down they'll RESENT you for it!" >She opens the door, steps out and slams it >Though you're still suffering from an agonizing pain between your legs, her words seem to have struck you the hardest >"Don't wait for me! Just tell me what room you overheard the girls talking in, and go home." "...uh..." >Which room >Which fucking room? >How are you going to do this? "Uhhh..." >"What? You forgot? Great. GREAT! I'll just search every room in entire school, Anonymous! Or maybe you're just holding out until we spend some time at the gas station?" "Do you know where the art rooms are?" >"Yes." "It was in one of them. I don't remember which." >Though Twilight's anger doesn't dissipate, you catch a hint of a smile >"Good. Then, I'll be off." >She takes a few steps, and then returns to the passenger window >"Um. Anonymous. Even though you're absolutely in the wrong... um." >After grabbing her notebook off the middle seat, she forces a smile >"...I know you were... trying to be good. So..." >Twilight nods and takes off >You slide into your door >The warm window heats up the side of your face >But you can't bring yourself to get off of it >You just watch Twilight rush inside "...fuck." ___ >Dozens of channels surfed, and none have distracted you in the slightest >Annoying commercials trying hard to be "random" >The shopping channel feels pointless >Your favorite movie's playing >It seems like a perfect opportunity at first, but there's no way you'll commit to the run time "Ughh." >It's not the first time TV has let you down >The internet will have to pick up the slack >...though, if you're on your laptop, you probably won't be able to resist checking for messages from Twilight >You sigh and fall onto your side >Might as well just check if Sonata's show is on- "Uggghhh." >"Anon?" >You sit up and find Sonata, standing behind the couch "Hey." >"They don't need to go to the bathroom." "That's good." >Sonata smiles, opens her mouth to speak, but stops >As if unsure of what to say or how to say it >"...Aria wanted to talk to you." "About what?" >Once again she pauses >Ever since you got home today you've noticed this behavior >This subtle discomfort she's hiding >It makes you wonder: did it start today? >Or has she been doing this the whole time, while you've been too naive to notice? >"She wouldn't say. Do you want me to talk to her for you?" "Just tell her to give a reason, or I won't bother." >Sonata nods and heads on out of the living room >You sigh and lay back down "Twin-tails... let me mope in peace..." >Soon, Sonata's face is hovering over yours >"She wants to know when you're going to punish her." >Oh, right >You'd forgotten about punishment completely >The select button on the remote brings up the time >11:24 PM "I guess it is getting sort of late." >"...You don't have to punish her, do you?" "Still worrying about them?" >"Well. Yeah..." "Hmm. I don't really feel like punishing her. I'm pretty tired." >"Great! Then I'll tell her!" "W-Wait." >You sit up, rest a hand on Sonata's shoulder and she jumps >It catches your attention, but you try to stay focused "It's fine. I'll do it. I guess I have to." >"...Why?" "You know. Intimidation. I don't want to look like a slacker." >"Don't worry Anon. You're intimidating anyway." >It's like a knife through the heart >Your suspicions seem to materialize as ice packed into your stomach >You let yourself slide backwards off the couch >"Anon!?" >Her bare feet appear upside down before your eyes >"Anon! What's wrong?" >She gets down on one knee >It doesn't seem like she's aware, but her panties are in clear view >You can't quite muster up any excitement over it >"Are you sick?" "Nah. Nah... don't worry, Sonata. I'm just exhausted after today." >"Turning into a snake isn't going to help, silly." "Yeah, but it gives me an excuse to have you pick me up." >Sonata smiles >At least you hope she does >All you see is her legs straightening out >"You're a boy, so." "You calling me heavy?" >She takes both of your hands and pulls as hard as she can >Your back rubs against the cushion and your shoulders hit the carpet "Are you picking me up or pulling me into the floor?" >"Uh! You're a BOY, so!" "That's no excuse." >You lift your legs >Sonata grabs them and tugs >It works much better this time, flipping you onto your stomach "There we go." >"You look like you're really, really tired. Just punish her tomo-another day, okay?" "No, no... I went and said it would be an everyday thing." >You pull yourself up by the arm of the couch "Just prepare for relentless cuddles once I'm done." ___ >"Why are you going so slow?" >Aria's voice is practically a growl already >The microwave on the counter catches your eye >You hum and poke at the buttons "This thing's so old. I should buy a new one." >"I don't even know what you're talking about." "Oh." >You spin around. Aria's ass joins you in staring at the kitchen door for a moment before you turn back >"Well what is it?" "A microwave. It warms up your beans." >"Yeah, used to maybe." "Still mad about that?" >She wiggles around on your shoulder >"Just keep going." "I don't know... maybe I should google some good modern microwaves first?" >"The hell does google mean? I- I don't even care. Why do you keep stopping?" "Because you keep complaining." >"Well GO! I need to talk to you about something very, VERY important!" >Something important? >Maybe something along the lines of, 'I want to be your slave'? "Well, well, well." >She settles when you continue down the hall >Rather than kicking the black door open, you walk into it. Just as lazily, you lean your back into it to shut it >"OW?" "Oh right. Your face." >You drop Aria into the chair and cross your arms >"What's up with you? You're being even weirder than usual." "Don't worry about that. Just go ahead." >"Uh..." >She looks down at her lap >Given that it's probably a humiliating thing for her to say, you give her some time >About fifteen seconds >Then you lose patience "All that complaining and you didn't even want to tell me what's on your mind?" >"I want to. It's just. Ugh..." "Get it over with. You'll feel better." >"Er? Okay?" >Twin-tails takes a deep breath, and exhales very slowly >"Will you... fuckin'..." >She extends her arms as well as she can, pushes her bound hands into the floor and crawls onto her knees >"Talk to Adagio, and make things okay between her and I?" >Wait >This again? Seriously? >Before you can get a word in, Aria gets down on her arms and lowers her face into the smelly carpet >"PLEASE." "...Are you really begging, on your hands and knees?" >She maintains the position in complete silence "Wow, Aria. I don't know what to say." >You sit down in front of her "What happened to make you do this?" >A cute little muffled groan can be heard >She really doesn't want to say >Even prodding the side of her head doesn't get it out of her "Come on. Tell me. I'm not going to stop poking until you tell m-" >Your hand is pushed away by her head as she shoots back up >"SHE GAVE UP on me, like you said. She told me I should just do what Sonata did and join you. Can you fuckin' believe that? How could someone as stupid as you be right? I can't fuckin' believe this..." >Her face is already beet red >"You have to do something. She's only doing this because of what you said. If you take it back, she'll change her mind. So, please. Do something nice for me for once. I'll owe you a favor or something." "For once? Didn't that sandwich count?" >"Wh-whatever. Two favors?" "Don't forget about the chips and the soda." >"...Four favors. Okay?" "Man. Four favors for my prisoner. I'm awfully nice." >"Whatever. Just agree already." "Aria..." >Remembering the reality check to the balls from earlier today, you decide that forcing Aria to accept the realities of her own situation is the best course of action "Let's say I go up there, and take all of it back. Adagio's happy with you again." >"Yeah. Will you?" "So you go back to being tied up alongside her for another two weeks. Or a month. Or a year. Or longer? Is that your plan?" >"...N-No..." "You escape, right? Slip right out of the rope or something. Now what? You get your necklaces?" >"..." "That's not going to happen. Those things are gone. Search the city for the rest of your life and you'll never find them. In other words you'll be out on the streets without your magic." >She frowns >Time to lay it on thick "Maybe right after you escape you decide to get some food. Well, good luck. That costs money. And how much money do you have?" >She rolls her eyes "How much, Aria?" >"None. Obviously." "So you go hungry. At least you can get a hotel room and think over your options after a good night's sleep. Except you can't. Those cost money too. That leaves you with very few options. How do you like park benches?" >"You must think we're idiots. Maybe I'll find work?" "No one's going to hire a girl who can't prove her identity." >"Why would I need to prove my identity?" >You shake your head "This is what I mean. You're not stupid, but you have no idea how this world works. At the same time you've got this hubris. It's a recipe for disaster." >"So you're just trying to say that my ONLY option is to stay with you." "Well-" >"Why do you want this so fuckin' badly? Why do you NEED me to stay here with you? If you really think this is a good option for me, then tell me why you're so willing to take me in." >Ouch >She parried her reality check, and brought yours right back into focus >Judging from her suspicious stare she probably expects the answer to be that you're just a pervert "I'm... not sure anymore." >She raises an eyebrow >Punishing the sirens seemed like a necessary step >They're criminals, after all. But more importantly... >If you break them down, and turn them into slaves... >They'll have to depend on you >They CAN'T leave you >And the guilt you feel in doing this to them can be pushed away by just remembering: >They're monsters >They're not even people "I guess I was just trying to fill a hole in my life. But, it was a bad idea." >"What?" "All of this. I didn't think it through." >You pull Aria into the chair "I mean, fuck. I spray painted that door a few minutes before I left to kidnap you three. I don't even know why I did that. It looks goofy as fuck." >"Uh. That still doesn't tell me WHY you kidnapped me. What do you mean, hole in your life?" "You wouldn't believe my motives anyway. I'll just be a pervert to you. Hey, tell me something: you hate my guts, don't you?" >"Yes." >No hesitation... "You mean it when you tell me to hang myself, right?" >"Uhh." "See? I don't know why I ever thought this would work out." >"What are you saying?" "This was all... a mistake. That's what I'm saying. I should never have kidnapped you." >"M-Mistake? But you said-" >She slowly pulls her legs up to her chest "I said what?" >"You said... you said I was yo-" >Her face scrunches up >She lets out a quiet, exhausted whine and rocks around in the chair >"Wo-would you just hit me already?" "Wha?" >"Hit me! Like you did Sonata! No, worse than Sonata! Punch me in the stomach until I can't breath!" >On instinct alone, you take a step away from her >"Do it! You're fuckin' AWFUL at this. Maybe you can REDEEM yourself. Kick me until my teeth fall out!" "Twin-tails? You uh, you feeling alright?" >"NO! I'm feeling bored, because you're the worst wannabe 'master' ever. Saying I smell bad? Feeling me up? Cute! And that sandwich shit is just sad. At this rate you're gonna do more nice things than MEAN THINGS!" "Aria, are you... about to cry?" >"N-NO!" >She throws herself off of the chair >Her twin-tails spiral around her as she rolls to the wall and back, ranting all the while >"Kick my ass! 'You might be tough for a girl but I'm a guy' THEN PROVE IT! Hit me! Throw me into the floor! Step on my face!" "You're creeping me out." >"I'M CREEPY, RIGHT?" "Right now... yes..." >"I smell bad, I'm not pretty, I'm stupid, I'm NOTHING, and I was all a MISTAKE!" >Is she having some kind of meltdown? >The discomfort building in your gut makes it clear that you're not equipped to deal with this >Her rolling picks up in speed >The chair has officially tipped over >Aria's shirt is riding up her stomach, and her hair is a wild mess >"HIT! ME! IDIOT! GIVE ME A REASON! HIT! ME! HIT! MEE!" >She comes to a sudden stop against your raised foot >Her face is so scrunched up that you can't even tell if her eyes are closed "I'm not going to hit you." >"Right. Fuckin' coward..." "Aria." >"H-Huh?" "I think punishment is over." >"Whatever. Gonna be thirty seconds long every night or what." "No, I mean, I think punishment is over... forever." ___ >She's been standing against the kitchen table for a few minutes now >By your choice - since you refused to patch things up between her and Adagio, taking her back upstairs is probably a bad idea >You lean over and try and gauge her mood, but her face is just... >Blank "What do you think of sleeping in here?" >"The... kitchen...?" "Yeah. For now, anyway." >"...for now?" >You nod and tap rhythmically on the table "Yeah. For now." >She shrugs her shoulders as slowly as a person possibly could "Hmm. Alright. I'm going to get a pillow and a blanket or something, I guess." >"Uh-huh..." >You take a step past her, and her bound hands come flying into your chest >"Wait." "What?" >"Uh... I... uhhh... I, I need to go to the bathroom." >A loud, dramatic stinger plays on the TV in the living room >She doesn't find it nearly as amusing as you do "Heh. What, were you lying before?" >"No... just wanted to talk to you..." "Oh?" >You throw her over your shoulder and make your way into your bedroom "Are you feeling better now?" >"Uh-huh..." "Are you lying?" >"Uh-h-nno..." "Hmmm." >After getting the ropes off of her, you gesture toward the bathroom >She drags her feet on the way in >As if watching that freak out wasn't a big enough guilt trip... >"What are you doing? Are you not going to come in?" "I told you. We're not doing punishment anymore." >She shrugs her shoulders again, leans against the door frame and rubs her wrists >"Are you really going to give up? Kinda makes you a quitter, huh?" "Aria. Go to the bathroom." >"Hah. Anyway, there's no paper on the roll. I don't know how to put more on there, so." "What? There should be some." >"I just saw it, dude." >She steps in and points >Did Sonata play with the- >No, come on >She's not a puppy "Okay. I'll show you how to put more on. Pay attention, okay?" >Once inside, you reach down for the cabinet, but stop yourself "Aria. There's definitely still paper on-" >In an instant, you're staring at the clean, white ceiling >The very top of your head slams into one rim of the bathtub, and the other jabs into your back >You hear a gasp, a few stomps and a slam "What. The fuck..." >As you sit up, you notice a jingling of the door knob that is impossibly far away >And when stand you nearly fall "Holy shit." >You take a moment >Breathing slowly, waiting >The dizziness starts to fade >The throbbing pain just intensifies "Aria..." >Sliding your hand on the wall helps you keep your balance to the door >The knob won't budge >Not one bit "Aria. Aria!" >She's not there, is she? >Yeah >She's gone >You flip the lock both ways a few times, and obviously it makes no difference >Looks like you taught her a new trick "S-" >You ball your fist, and hit the door a few times "SONATA!" >And then you wait >You repeat this, two more times >Nothing "SONATA!" >Probably asleep >Or distracted by the TV? "SO... NAATA...aaaa." >The knob turns, and the door opens up slowly >On the other side is a terrified Sonata holding a chair up to her chest >"Anon! What happened!?" >The chair tumbles to the floor >She puts a hand on your shoulder and gets as far up on her tippy toes as she can >"Are you hurt?" "Did you see Aria?" >"Uhh. I." >Feeling your balance returning, you let go of the wall and walk to the doorway >The living room's empty >"I heard the front door slam, and I woke up. I thought it was you though." >So >She really did it "I didn't think she had it in her." >"Anon! Why are you rubbing your head? What happened?" "I fell. It's nothing. Come on." >You open your top drawer and take the flashlight "There's another behind the TV. Go get it, okay?" >"Wait. Is Aria outside?!" >You dash through the living room, and the door mat slides under your feet >If you hadn't grabbed the doorknob you'd be on the floor "Yeesh." >The chilly night air hits you >No time to get a jacket >You flip the flashlight's switch >Nothing "Seriously?" >You raise it up and slap its back end into the palm of your hand, over and over >"Are yo-you mad, Anon?" "No, this is how you get it to work." >"I didn't have to do that. Look!" >Bright light invades your eyes "SONA-Sonata." >Should have grabbed that one to begin with >You spin around and groan >This piece of shit never works when you need it to >"See? Just flip the switch Anon." "I have to do this!" >"You don't! Watch!" >She circles around you and points hers into your eyes as she flips it on and off "SONATA!" >"What!?" >Fuck it >You get to just beyond the hedges, wind up, and pitch the dollar store flashlight into the trees >Leaves shake and branches shift before you hear a quiet thud in the distance >"Why did you do that? I told you how to turn it on." >You reach for her flashlight and she raises it up above her head >"You threw yours away! I'm not giving you mine!" "They're both... mi- oh boy. Just follow me and point it around!" >She gasps, seeing you take off into the dark >You stop just before the first row of trees and point down the dirt road "Shine it this way! Quick!" >Nearly stumbling around on the road she could have been lighting up, she makes it to you and grips the bottom of your shirt >The light reaches far down the road and shows you nothing but dirt with trees on either side "This way too." >You turn Sonata around and once again stare down an empty road >She couldn't have gotten very far in either direction >So unless she's just hid herself in the back yard... "Fuuuck." >You take Sonata's hand and guide her around the side of the house "Aria! You out here?!" >Empty >In the back yard, Sonata tries to search thoroughly, but is distracted by the empty pool she had yet to see >"Arrriiaaaa! Aria out here!?" "Shit." >The two of you go by the other side of the house as well "Okay, we're heading into the woods." >"WHAT?! At night time?" "She ran through there. We have to go after her." >"But!" "If you're scared you can stay here." >You reach for the flashlight and she pulls it away >"No. No, I'll help..." "Then hurry up!" >You head on >She yelps and points the flashlight at your back >"Don't leave me behind, Anon!" ___ "Twin-taaaaails!" >The echoes are loud and clear >After they fade you can hear your own heavy breathing, as well as pants and snapping twigs behind you >"Anon!" "Hurry!" >Sonata groans >The hand slapped onto your back tells you she's finally caught up >She shines the light all around >This far into the woods, it's much easier to see since the trees are spaced apart >In fact you're almost to the other side >She goes from row to row, starting in front of you two and working her way up as far as the light will reach >Once she's ended up searching the direction you two came from, you decide to move on "Let's go." >"Waaait!" "Huh?!" >You freeze in the middle of a take-off, balancing on one foot "If she's not out here hiding, it means crossed the other side and is- Well, she could be anywhere." >"Well. I'm... I'm tired." >The light zooms across the ground and stops right beside her feet >She's resting her hands on her knees and panting a bit too much to be believed "I know you're not THAT tired." >"What do you mean!?" "You're gasping for air harder than when you'd just finished running." >"Well I'm still tired!" >Now she's straight up whining "Do I have to carry you?" >You flinch seeing her shadowy figure dash past you >Her arms wrap around your neck "Whoa." >Her thigh presses against your hip >"I thought you'd never ask!" >Once your hand is supporting her leg, she lifts the other >Sonata is heavier than she looks >But at least you get two constant handfuls and a hug from behind >Plus the light is now guiding you more or less constantly >The only true annoyance here is that you have to be extra careful about walking straight into branches >It takes you a while to reach the other side of the woods >Once the trees are behind you and a line of houses stands in front of you, Sonata sighs in relief >"I'm never touching another stupid tree again." "We're going through there to get home, of course." >You smile at her gasp, and point around for her to direct the flash light >"She's not here either. This is so annoying. Hey! Look, Anon!" >She's pointing it straight into someone's bedroom window "Sonata! Don't! That's rude!" >She points it into outer space >"Oops. Shining it at houses is bad?" "Into windows. Anyway, yell for Aria. I think she'll panic and give herself away if she hears us." >"She's not heeeere!" >You roll your eyes "Twiiin-taaaaaails!" >She's got to be here "TWIN-TAAAAAAAILS!" >Or at least, you want her to be here >You're very familiar with this area and the people who live here >But the city is a different story >You breathe deep, ready to yell again and are interrupted by someone shouting from a window across the street >"Shut the fuck up will you Anonymous?" "TWww-fuck off Kent!" >"ME fuck off?" "What are you doing, recording let's plays?" >"You know my mic is broken!" "It should stay broken!" >"Fuck you! You don't even live on this side! ...Wait, is someone on your back?" >He sticks his head out of the window >"Whoa! There's a guy on your back, dude!" >Sonata's arms tighten up a little and she whispers into your ear >"I'm not a guy..." >You make your way across the asphalt road, taking note of the houses to your left and right >Everybody's probably asleep at this time of night >Embarrassment sets in "She's not a guy. You hurt her feelings." >"Whoooa! Where did you find a chick?! Did you kidnap her or something?" "Er." >"Wh-why are you yelling at each other Anon? Are you enemies?" >"...What's she saying? Anonymous, what's she saying man? Don't keep me in the dark." >Kent backs away and you peer into his window >It's as though a garbage bag blew up in his living room. That, and a clothes hamper >Cup of noodles are stacked on about every flat surface in sight as well >His computer desk is positioned right beside this window >With how well sound travels out here, you've got to ask "Hey, we're looking for a friend. If you can help we'd really appreciate it." >"Oooh! Of course I'll help!" >His voice goes a bit higher and adopts touch of try-hard "Yeah, because it's for a girl, right?" >"I'd help anyone in need. But especially pretty women. Like yourself, m'lady." >"Hee hee. Hee." "...We followed the path through, and she probably did too. Did you see or hear anything before we showed up?" >He taps his chin for far too long before making an exaggerated "ah-ha" gesture >"That I did!" "Well tell us." >"I delightfully agree to that earnest request." >He bows >"But first, one request of my own?" "Huh?" >"The name of the maiden on your back." >Is he fucking serious? >You open your mouth to give him a straight answer, but is it a bad idea? >Even if he has no connection to the school since his graduation, will it bite you on the ass? >In fact maybe him seeing her at all was a mistake "For fuck's sake. Kent. No time for this..." >"Hmmmmmmmmmmm?" >Every 'mmm' brings his beady eyes, ear-to-ear smile and raised eyebrows closer to the girl clinging to you from behind >"Surely it can wait long enough to say a name?" "Our friend could be in danger. She's not from here, or the city. It's the middle of the night, and she's in... distress..." >"Distress?" "She's. Uh... she's..." >Your legs feel a bit weak "...really upset. She got put through a lot recently. A... a lot. I've never seen someone so upset." >"Hold it, hold it, excuse me! Please, pardon." >This fucking guy >"You're going to have to back that up with a short explanation, because I'm lost." "Are you... fucking with me?" >You bounce Sonata up to get a better grip on her legs, then kick the dirt "She's VERY UPSET, because someone put her through a bunch of shit. For weeks. That's ALL you need to fucking know!" >Sonata's arms tighten a bit more, and Kent raises his >"Whoa. Please, calm down, dude. If you can't even tell me what's wrong, it surely isn't that morbid of an ordeal." >You hold your breath for a little while, staring him down "It'd take too long to explain. Just tell us." >"Certainly. Of course, by the time I finish this sentence you'll be aggravated, and thus I will point out in advance that it is your own fault for being tight-lipped, but may I know the name of that maiden firs-" "It's BELLA! Holy SHIT! What's wrong with you?!" >You're so shaken up that you have to bounce Sonata again >Drop her and she'll probably complain about it for days >Kent rubs his fuzzy chin and hums >"Now then... your reward. I thought I'd heard a wild dog emerge from the tall grass a few houses down, but on further mental inspection, I have proper evidence to determine that the sound MAY have indeed come from across the road." >That doesn't really tell you anything you didn't assume, but for some reason it makes you feel better >"Perhaps you'd like to know which direction she ran? It was to the left! Her footsteps were loud and clear, and definitely followed the road." "Wait. Are you making this up? You said you thought it was a dog." >"I did." "If you heard foot steps, surely you could tell it was a person. The weight difference, running on two legs-" >"Look, when I play video games, I aim to fully immerse myself. Minute worldly details are distractions I do my best to-" "Okay, tell me if you're ABSOLUTELY sure she ran..." >You cock your head to his left; your right "...this way. It's really important." >"Yes! Anonymous, I simply did not think about it until I discovered that the footsteps I heard belonged to a dear friend of this beautiful girl." >Eyeing Kent down doesn't reveal any suspicious nervous ticks, and your Magatama doesn't go off >He's just acting weird because of Sonata >You carry her over to the road "So she's in the city." >"Well yes, that would be a reasonable deduction, to be certain. I bet you can see street lights from where you stand!" "Yeah. Barely, but yeah." >Aria, running around in the city after that breakdown >There are no good ways for that to end "Alright. Thanks Kent." >"Hey, I was thinking. If you're going to look for the runner, why not leave the lady on your back with me?" >She tightens her arms even more "That's... okay, Kent. She wants to help search, so." >"Well then I could come wi-" "We're really in a rush, so!" >Sonata bounces on your back as you walk energetically across the road >"I'm ready right now! No time loss!" >Unconsciously, you speed up >"Anonymous! Bella! I'm serious! I can climb through the window!" >And now your speeding up is extremely conscious >Soon you're hidden by several rows of trees "Sonata, press your face into my neck or something. I'm gonna run straight through." ___ >She's fallen onto the couch before you even walk through the wide open front door >"Ahhhh. This is where I belong. I've been through so, so much." "Oh yeah, carrying a flashlight and walking through the woods I played in as a kid... I feel for you." >"Well, I wasn't prepared." "Plus I carried you back." >While laying on her back, she tries to stick her nose up at you >The top of her head rubs into the couch arm >"Hmph!" >After taking the flashlight from the floor beside her, you head around "I'm going to talk to Cousin Itt and then head out." >"Wait!" >She pops up >"Do you mean Dagi?" "Yeah. I need to ask her where Aria might be." >"Uh, don't you think that's a bad idea? She might think that you're a bad leader, you know?" >Immediately, you think, 'I don't care anymore' >Yet you can't deny that the thought of losing any ounce of Adagio's respect you may have is frustrating >"You definitely shouldn't talk to her. Besides, I know where she might be." "What!? Why didn't you tell me?" >She grips the back of the couch >"Because! I was taken into a nightmare of darkness, stupid trees and Kent!" >A light bulb shines above her head >"Oh! I wanted to know. Who was that guy?" >You groan "He used to be my best friend. I don't want to talk about that - please just tell me where you think Aria is." >"Oh. Well..." >She smiles >Almost mischievously >"I'm not used to being the one who gets to say the obvious thing and embarrass the other person." "Sonataaaa." >"Okay, okay. She's probably at the school. We stayed there like, all the time." "Oh?!" >"Duh! Everyone leaves at night! You can even sleep on the teacher's desk and she'll never know! But the nurse's office is a better choice." ___ >Canterlot High's parking lot was empty when you pulled in >Still, you close your car's door very slowly >It's difficult to escape the feeling that you're about to get lectured for trespassing, even on break >The entire walk down the path you can only think of Aria >Rolling around the floor like a lunatic... "Oh." >The door has been left cracked >Sonata's going to get Taco Bell for being so right "Twin-tails?" >You push it open and start down the hallway >The rows of green lockers at your sides go from barely visible to glowing in moonlight as you pass each window "Twin-tails?" >Bringing the flashlight only to leave it in the car? >Not your smartest move "Twiiin-taaaails!" >You turn the corner, pass a trophy case, and start down a familiar hallway >Even in this darkness you can spot your locker "Hm. See you soon, you son of a bitch." >A few good pats after that mumble, and you continue on "Twin-tails! You're here, right?" >Math room is clear >As is science "If you can hear me, please, talk to me!" >Literature is empty >Business is dead >It seemed like a good bet that she'd be in the music room "Twin-taa-nope." >Sonata's definitely right. There's a couple of beds in the nurse's office after all >You've only ever had to see the nurse once >Tripped over your own backpack and hit your head on a garbage can >No one even saw it, but you cringe as you walk anyway "Alright. I know you're in there." >You fling the door open and step inside >It's a lot easier to see in here thanks to the rather large window >An eye chart, medicine cabinet, empty pill bottles, drawers, and two large privacy curtains - only one of them covering a bed >This is it "Okay. I'm going to approach the bed." >Your voice is practically a whisper and your footsteps are cautious "I know you're pissed, and I deserve to get hit, but please don't attack me when I slide this thing open." >You grip the edge of the curtain and hold out a hand, ready to catch a potential punch or kick "...I don't know why I'm so nervous." >Silence "Probably because I've been hit in the balls and on the head in one day." >If she's there, she's not going to respond >Might as well just do it >You pull the thing open and enter a defensive Karate stance you invented on the spot "Ah-HAAAaaa..." >Well >There's still other class rooms to check >All you've found here is a mattress and a rather stiff looking pillow >Probably the most uncomfortable one you've seen in your life >Doesn't even have a case >And yet >It's attractive after running through the woods, then running straight back with a girl hanging off of you "Ahhh." >Your face mashes into the pillow and the rest of your body slides onto the mattress >Not too bad >... >Nah, it's terrible >Sort of smells like bile "Oh god." >"Anonymous." "OH GOD!" >You push yourself up off the bed, wide-eyed >After a bit straining you make out the figure of a girl with crossed arms and a low-hanging head >"What are you doing." "I'm-" >Sitting up and crossing your arms like a cool guy will surely remove your little scare from her memory, right? "I came here to..." >You sit in silence for a while, and then she walks straight out of the room "Twilight?" >Down the hall and to the right, you follow her into another office >The principle's "Have you been here since this afternoon?" >She walks very slowly, dragging her fingers along the wall until her hand reaches the edge of Celestia's book case >It's mostly empty >You look around the room, and sure enough... "What are you doing? Why did you throw all of her stuff into the floor?" >"Because..." >Twilight sinks down onto her knees and pulls one of the few books remaining on the bottom shelf up to her face >There's a window on the other side of the room she could take advantage of >But she just sits there in the dark little corner, squinting "Twilight, what the hell is going on?" >"...Hm?" >She opens up to the first page, and skips a few into what you guess would be the table of contents "I asked you: have you been here since this afternoon?" >She lingers, pinches around for the corner a while and as she turns the page, nods her head "Do you know what time it is?" >"...Night." "Yeah. It's so late that it's actually morning." >"Hm." "You've just been searching here, this entire time?" >She doesn't respond >Feeling impatient and anxious, you repeat her name a couple times >She lowers the book and sighs >"Yes, I have." "That's..." >"What? What is it, Anonymous? Crazy?" "Yeah, kind of." >She shakes her head, very slowly and consistently >"No, no no. It's really not." "Twilight..." >"It's not crazy. It's my duty." >The pile of Celestia's property extends around the edge of the desk and almost surrounds Twilight, so you walk around >Sitting behind her and the pile, you notice a large bag stuffed into a swivel chair >There aren't just books inside >Rulers, a globe, binders, shoes, papers, some magnets and much more are packed in "Okay. Seriously. Why did you throw everything in the floor, and why did you stuff a bunch of crap in a bag?" >"It's not just 'in the floor'. It's being inspected. Spell books, or books that hide their true contents, have tell-tale signs such as... oh, why even tell you this? You'll just write it off as unimportant, right?" >The hostility in her voice is more than you thought she was capable of "I..." >So she's looking for books written by Equestrians? >Maybe one written by the girls? >Twilight's not wrong. Your first instinct is to reassure her that she doesn't need to worry "I won't say that. You're right. I don't really understand." >The book snaps shut and drops into the pile >"Well. How about that." "...What's up with the bag?" >"The gym bag?" "Yeah." >Another book leaves the shelf >Soon it too is discarded >"I threw anything that was suspicious into it, as well as the contents of lost and found, and of some desks. I haven't reviewed any of it yet." "Twilight. That's called stealing." >"Stealing? What!?" >She turns to face you and stands up >It'd be intimidating if she hadn't nearly lost her balance >"I am NOT a THIEF, Anonymous!" "I know!" >"How dare you call me a thief!?" "I didn't. I mean, what you're doing is stealing, but-" >"It's NOT!" >She steps forward, accidentally knocking some books over >"This is an INVESTIGATION! I am securing evidence that will identify those girls, which will allow me to bring them back to Equestria, have them prosecuted, and SAVE you! I am not a THIEF! I might be a failure, but I AM NOT A THIEF!" >Her cracking voice echoes through this section of the empty school "I..." >The book case behind her slams into the wall >She slides down to the floor and rests her head in her hands >Watching a second breakdown tonight is something you'd really like to avoid "I get it. It's not stealing. You're investigating. Like a detective." >No response "And that other world. It's dangerous. Really dangerous? I guess I've assumed a lot about Equestria... I don't understand what exactly makes this situation such a big deal, so will you explain it to me?" >Run through the motions of why she believes this world is in grave danger? >Brilliant suggestion >You go to take it back, but she cuts you off >"I'm supposed to be careful with what information I share with humans." "Oh." >"But I don't think it really matters anymore. Ha... if you'll actually listen to me, I'll tell you." >While Twilight explains, she slowly stacks the scattered books into nice, even piles by the wall >"First, remember what you said you overheard outside the art room. Those girls arguing, discussing some kind of plot." "Yeah. They were pretty vague." >"You said that you heard one say, 'The humans won't know what hit them'." >That was Adagio >"Considering those girls appear to be humans, we can be sure that this means they are not in their true form. Much like me." >It really weirds you out, so you do your best to avoid thinking of Twilight being anything other than a young woman >"To say 'won't know what hit them' is decidedly hostile. It suggests a sneak attack, meaning they are likely preparing." >You just nod your head and watch the books stack higher >"These are the obvious things. There are not many. But uncertain things are in abundance. I know so little about them, Anonymous... they could be an unruly group of friends, or scouts from a large gang. They could attack on the day of the festival, or tomorrow. They might not be willing to commit murder to achieve their goals... but then again, they might." >Fighting the urge to clarify these points to Twilight is a challenge >Especially since you realize that you don't know the answer to all of them >"And I must stress the possibility of murder. This world has little respect for magic. You all view it as a joke, some kind of fairy tale it seems. While it is currently difficult to use Equestrian magic here, trust me, it won't always be. The scary part isn't Equestrian magic becoming more accessible here, though." "What is the scary part?" >"This world has zero defenses against magic. None at all. If a single Unicorn crossed through to this side and maintained free use of her spells, she could reduce the population of this city to zero in one day." "That's... that seems so-" >"There are so, so many ways magic can be used for violence, Anonymous. Even the most simple spells, like telekinesis. Taking hold of a human's head and sn-snapping their neck. It wouldn't take much effort. So imagine more advanced spells, like teleportation on others. Intentionally botching a teleportation is easy and fatal." "I-" >"It doesn't even have to be so straightforward. A more stealthy approach would be to cast a spell on the humans that removes their urge to eat and drink, or gives them a craving to ingest dangerous objects. Manipulation of the vehi-cars on the road would also be relatively inconspicuous. Those kinds of accidents happen every day, you know." >She sets the final book down on the final stack >"These are just a few examples and any one of them could lead to mass murder. There are more spells in Equestrian magic than you could ever count. I... I know it's brutish, but you need to understand. With no authorities to stop a magic-wielding criminal in this world, their rampage would be devastating. By the time my own government responded... you could be dead." >On that note, she stops >You sit in the darkness with a racing heart and racing thoughts >About the sirens >About resting your head on Sonata's chest >And Aria scrunching up her face to hide her emotions >Adagio's still a bit of a mystery, but regardless: are those girls capable of what Twilight just described? >Given the chance, would they commit murder? >You rub the spot on the top of your head that's still glowing with dull pain >"...I'm sorry. I feel awful for saying such things. But maybe now you see why I would stay here all day, and worry endlessly. Keeping you all safe is my responsibility. I take it seriously." >Twilight takes her time placing the books back on the shelf >Maybe she's bothering to return them to their original order >Or maybe she's just exhausted >In any case you're staring at her back when you remember your failed plan from earlier "...Would it be possible to put magic into an object, and use it later?" >"Huh?" >You rub your hand over the lump in your left pocket "I've seen it in books and video games and stuff. Enchanting a weapon or piece of armor with a spell. Would that be possible?" >"Absolutely. Why do you ask?" "The girls. Do you remember their necklaces? They all wore necklaces that looked alike." >"Oh. Yes, I do remember. That's a possibility." "Have you found anything like that?" >She pauses, holding a book in the air >"I wish I had. But no." "Ah." >She goes back to it >You're not sure if this will ease Twilight's suffering or not >But you have to try something >Quickly, you slip a hand into your pocket and take its contents >As quietly as you can, you stuff your fist into the bag and leave the necklace at the bottom "Well, I'm not sure what to say, Twilight. Other than..." >Your knees go weak once again >"Hm?" "There's a lot more to the situation than I realized, so... I'll back off. Trying so hard to distract you from your investigation was wrong." >"That's not- ...I mean. Uh." >She turns around >You can't quite make out her face, but your gut tells you she's smiling >"Well, I'm sorry too." >Without any hesitation she kneels down in front of you and pulls open Celestia's desk drawer >Folders and stacks of paper pile up on the desk top >This feels pretty shady >"Anonymous? Why were you calling me twin-tails?" >Oh fuck "It's. Um. Slang for a lost person. Or someone who you just happen to be looking for." >"Ah, I see." "I guess I'm going to head out. I don't think I can really help with your investigation." >"Wait, Anonymous. Why did you come looking for me at this time? I don't really want to ask, but, did Rarity speak to you?" "No. I came here on my own, out of curiosity." >"Oh. Okay." "Are you going to need a ride or anything?" >"I can manage. I'll contact Rarity when she's awake." >You stop by the door and frown >She's still pulling things up to her face and squinting >Mere feet from the moonlight "Uh. Hold on, I'll lend you my flashlight. I'll be right back." ___ >"Ahhh, lahhh, la, la, la, la laaaah, laaah, laaaah, laaah!" >She stands confidently behind the coffee table >From where you sit, her voice is mostly drowned out by an orchestra blasting beside your head >You're snuggled up to your laptop >Normally you wouldn't be so selfish in a session >She'll probably understand, since you've been out until sunrise >Her arms move with her as the music builds itself up >On the high notes, she gets on her tippy toes >You smile and shut your eyes >She may frequently drift off-key and time some notes wrong but damn it, she's really trying >You can almost see her climbing up a colossus leg >Compared to the first session you'd say she's improved at least a bit >But you're no music teacher... >And probably aren't capable of giving her the voice she wants >Especially since her goals are unclea. You never heard her sing with her neckla- "Ugh." >Like a foot jammed right up your mood's ass >Thoughts come flooding into your head, about the sirens, Twilight, and Equestria >If only you could... sleep >Yeah... sleep... >With a deep breath held in your lungs you settle into your arm >A few seconds later, you sigh >This is the answer >You can't be anxious if you're asleep >Unless you have a nightmare >About horrendous murder using a force you can't begin to comprehend, for example >... >You raise your head as the triumphant song comes to a close >Sonata's enthusiasm has been curbed >Her arms cross, her feet stay still >With frustration on her face she stares into your eyes and sings the final notes "Uhhh. I'm sorry." >"Yeah." "I just shut my eyes for a second." >"Mmmmm-hm." "...Come on. You're not mad, are you?" >"Oh, no, no." >She taps her foot and stares off toward the kitchen >"My boyfriend just doesn't even want to hear me sing is all, why would I be mad?" "I do. I want to help you get better." >"Yeah." >Uh oh >Her foot tapping speed has almost doubled "Honey. I'm just exhausted from looking for Aria all night." >Her shoulders sink and her jaw drops >"Do-don-that's cheating!" >There's almost no sound from her feeble little foot stamp >"You can't just make me un-mad by calling me that!" "It's not my fault you're so sensitive to a word, honey." >"Stop!" "Or what... honey?" >"Stop stop stop! This is serious!" >For unclear reasons, Sonata climbs onto the coffee table >You reach over and hold the laptop after it's grazed by her foot >Then she sits up on her knees >"I think we need to have a talk about last night." "What about it?" >"You're just a bit too worried about seeing Aria again." >Is she... serious? "Are you... serious?" >"What do you mean?" "I want to see Aria because she disappeared, not because I like her more or something." >"Oh, so you like her?" "What?!" >"You like her, at least a little?" "...Yes?" >She raises one eyebrow at a time to give emphasis to the world's slowest eye roll >"Okay then." "I mean, sure. I like all of you enough to worry about your safety. I'd even worry about Kent if he went missing." >"Don't change the subject to scary stuff! This is about how much you like Aria!" "I just... want t-" >"To see her naked again?" "Oh geez." >You rest your back against a couch cushion >"I'm just saying, ever since you came home you've been going on and on about Aria. And now you're falling asleep during my singing practice." "You of all people should understand a person's need to sleep, you know? Waking you up is nearly impossible." >"Fine. Let's sleep." "Didn't you, last night?" >"Well you can sleep on top of me." >She nods her head >"You can't think of Aria with my boobs in your face." >A devious smile appears >"Aria's are really small." "Haha. I noticed." >Your eyes snap to Sonata's chest as she rests her hands on the sides >"Just thought I'd mention~" >As usual, she felt above wearing a bra today "Oh no. They're stealing my thoughts." >"Ha!" "Do Adagio's give memories back?" >"Ha- ...ha... ha..." "Speaking of which, I should check on her soon I guess. If we're all going to live together "forever", I need to make some changes." >Sonata slides her hands off of herself and hangs them in the air >"...Heh." >After glancing away for a moment, she brings them down awkwardly into the table >There's that behavior again >Because you mentioned living together, forever? "Something wrong?" >"Huh?" "You seem uncomfortable." >"Well, I'm on a table..." "I mean that you look socially uncomfortable." >Her raised eyebrows and complete silence cue your explanation "How should I say this... remember when Kent was hitting on you?" >"Ohhhh! Heh heh. I don't feel like that at all, Anon." >Mid-sentence, there's a beep, and Sonata takes it upon herself to climb off the far end of the table and spin the laptop around "Sonata-" >"When I was looking for songs I figured out how to open the beeping website. Can I check it?" >Click "I don't think that's a good... idea... hey-" >"Okay, it looks like you got a message fro-" >She goes wide-eyed and covers her mouth >You pull yourself up onto the couch, rest the side of your head on your fist and sigh >Why not? Might as well get this explanation over with >After all, there's no ACTUAL reason for her to be jealous over Twilight >"Pu-purpl-purple girl called you d-DARLING." "What?!" >She spins the laptop around and glares at you, her eyes barely reaching over the screen >"D-A-R-L-I-N-G!" >Sure enough, Twilight's sent you a message >It reads... >9:46 AM: We have to talk. Soon. This is very important, darling. Video chat me as soon as you see this. "I uh, uhhh." >"UhhhHHH?" >Sonata presses further into the laptop screen during her sarcastic echo, tilting it "Sh-she's just excited." >"Oh I bet she's excited, mister." "I can explain." >Deep breath >This is fine >Besides, what kind of leader gets intimidated by someone who used to be his slave? "Okay. Look, Twilight messages me sometimes. It's always business-type stuff." >"D, A, R..." "She's investigating you guys, and I'm pretending to help her..." >"L, I, N..." "...but instead I misdirect her. I gave her a false lead recently, and she's just excited over it is all." >"G!" "Are you even listening!?" >She huffs >"So when did you give her this lead, huh?" "I. Uh." >She turns the laptop back around "Whoa whoa!" >"I'm just going to say something!" >You slide around the table >She's hunted down and pecked a single key: "s" >With the help of backspace, it's erased >"Stop! Just let me say it!" "Say what?" >Each time she jabs the s key you quickly clear it >"Stop it, Anon!" "Just tell me what you're trying to type!" >"Ugh. Forget it!" >She throws up her arms and falls backwards into the carpet >"Why don't you ask her to marry you?" >Too tired for this >Hopefully Twilight didn't see a sporadic "Anonymous is typing" message "She doesn't really like me..." >Sonata silently rolls onto her face >Even after that talk, she's still worried about this? "Oh boy." >Even if she knows she won't be abandoned, seeing other girls as competition is probably just in her nature "You're jealous to the core, huh?" >"I'm not jealous!" "Haha... How about this? I'll prove it to you." >She takes her sweet time rolling back over >Clearly upset, but intrigued "Video chat means that we're going to be able to see and hear each other. If you listen to us talk, I promise you'll understand. But first you have to promise me that you'll stay quiet." >"Call her right now!" >She's already up, bouncing and pressing her fists together >"I'm gonna settle this!" "You dork. I just said you have to be quiet." >"Huh?" "We can't let her see or hear you, because she can't know you're here." >"Oh. Well... okay." "I'm gonna repeat that: you can't make any noise. At all. You can only listen." >"Okay." "If she hears you, it's game over." >"Okay." "It's seriously a big deal." >The more you talk, the more you realize this was a bad idea >"Mmm!" >Sonata's already on board >With her index finger and thumb she's got her lips squeezed shut >Out of the corner of your eye you see something shift on the screen >A new message: >9:48 AM: I know you're there. I can see you typing. >Fuck "Sonata, I think I know the answer to this, but I want to make sure." >"Mmmm?" "Do you remem- you can talk for now. Do you remember the lyrics to the first song we practiced?" >"Yes! They were about love and looking at people in bars!" "I want you to run upstairs, go inside the guest bedroom and shut the door, then sing those lyrics as LOUD as you can. Okay?" >She flinches >"Why?" "Please hurry and do it, okay? Remember to shut the door." >She goes on ahead >It'll probably be embarrassing to sing in front of Adagio >Fuck it though, she's sitting tied up in the floor, not to mention her singing voice probably isn't any better >She's got no room to mock anyone >You go into your laptop's sound settings and make sure there won't be any complications during the call >The desktop PC in your room has a proper mic and camera, but the laptop will do "Test?" >"Test?" >Sounds fine >The camera shows up, adjusts its brightness and gets up to a reasonable speed "Good, good." >When you hear Sonata's singing voice from upstairs you're relieved to find that you barely can >Concentrating and knowing the lyrics in advance, you're still unable to understand any of her words >Thankfully she cuts it short and is soon rushing down the stairs >Beep >9:49 AM: I have to leave the house very soon. Please hurry. "Sonata, quick!" >"I am!" >She comes to a sliding stop beside the couch and holds out her arms >There's a bit of a blush on her face >"Are you gonna tell me why I did that?" "No time! Get behind the coffee table!" >"Wait, I want to sit on the couch." "Don't you think it'd be weird if I was facing away from my TV?" >"Why?" >She makes a move for the couch, so you hold her hand and guide her to the entertainment center "Besides, she could see your reflection or something." >"Aww." >When you're on the couch and Sonata's pinching her lips shut again, you put on the most serious voice you can manage "She's going to say something to me, about a necklace. Don't be surprised by it. You know, don't gasp or anything." >"Mmmhhmmm." "Uh, I didn't mean to insult you. I know you won't make any noise." >"Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm." "I'm just being careful. It's, you know. Important." >She cocks her head and beckons you in impatience "Okay. Here we go." >Click >A notification pops up while it's connecting: >** A Friendly Reminder ** >** Your video call is being provided by your school group [Canterlot High School]! While your privacy is 100% guaranteed, please remember to keep things family appropriate. ** >It fades out to reveal a large box of messy pixels, as well as your camera preview in the top right corner "Twilight? Can you hear me yet?" >No response "I think it always does this, give it one sec-" >In an instant the pixelation is gone >A girl with big, looping hair wearing pajamas with fancy swirling patterns appears >The large swivel chair she sits in blocks most of your view of the dim room >"Good morning, Mister Anonymous." >A TV can be heard faintly over the rumble of a swamp cooler >The fluttering curtain in the corner of the screen catches your eye "Uh. Uhhhhh." >You move your mouth, but no words come >She rolls her chair a bit closer to the desk, obscuring the curtain and the light it's holding back >"A simple hello would be fine." "...Hello." >"My name is Rarity. I do hope you remember me." "Yeah. I saw you once before." >She hums >"Let me cut to the chase, as they say. I am a very, very good friend of Twilight Sparkle's. I believe you two have... met?" "Yeah?" >"I am aware of who you are, and who your parents are." "O-Okay?" >"You seem like a nice man. I know this is risky, for multiple reasons, but I have to know." >Rarity pauses "What are you talking about?" >She looks over her shoulder for just a moment >"I'd like you to know that when you told us about those girls, and the others dismissed you, I stood up for you." "Oh yeah?" >"Yes, they had written you off very quickly, but I reminded them of your family's accomplishments, and your overall good behavior at school." >How would she know how you behave at school? "Are you an old family friend or something?" >"I'm afraid I've never so much as met your family. Not that I would be opposed, of course! I-In fact, I'd be quite honored. As for how I know of your family, well, respectable people draw the attention of the self-respecting!" "Okay..." >She displays a friendly smile >"By the way, I think it's an inspiration that you've become the man of your house. Very, very mature of you. Most boys at our school wouldn't be capable." "Ha, it's nothing." >You don't even take care of your yard >"Oh but it is something! I thought it was an impossible rumor until the news story." >It was just the local news, they'd do hour-long coverage of a balloon's ascent into the atmosphere... >Besides, you thought only Kent watched that "Saw the interview, huh? How embarrassing." >"I didn't think so." >She looks up and down, examining the little bit of you she can with her limited view >"You were much shorter then. I didn't notice until you were standing so close to me a couple of weeks ago, but you're quite tall." >Hopefully you're not blushing >Confusion aside, a pretty girl is ruthlessly complimenting you >"I've been thinking for years now how you could have any girl you want. I wonder... are you seeing anyone?" >Is this just a way to ask you out? >Couldn't be, right? >You recall your moment with that cashier woman at Taco Bell >Much of your focus is spent in an effort to avoid that same embarrassment "No. I am not." >Perfect >Talk like a robot, that's the trick "I'm. I'm not. I mean." >She sighs in relief and smiles >"I'm glad!" >Uh oh >"I'm so, so happy to hear that!" >Let her down gently, stud "Wh-why are you glad?" >Rarity rolls even closer to the desk and clasps her hands together >"Never mind that." >You blink >"Now, about Twilight." "...What about her?" >"Twilight is one of my best friends, so I must look out for her. I've been very worried recently. Something's been bothering her, and I wasn't sure what it was... it pains me to say this but I've realized it all. This is your chance to come clean." "Wait, what!? Come clean about what?" >"What you've done." >You look over to your front door, and then up to Sonata >She's confused >That makes two of you "What specifically have I done?" >Rarity's hand hangs limp as she covers her mouth with her arm >"Ohhh, you wouldn't make a lady repeat such things, would you?" "I have no idea what you're talking about, so you'll have to." >"Please. Your words are safe with me. We can keep this all between us." "I don't have any secrets..." >"Anonymous, Anonymous, I understand. Men have certain needs. N-Not that it makes what you did okay-" >She waves her hands back and forth >"-but it was just a mistake, right? We can move past it." "I'm... going to end the call." >"What? Wait!" "Bye." >"Stop! Please! I'll say it if I must!" >Her hand shoots up to her webcam >The intensity of her stare makes it feel as though she could snatch your arm through the screen >Your cursor rests on the end call button >In that moment of internal debate on whether or not to click, Rarity's quiet, anxious groan can be heard >So, she's suffering too, huh? "...If you stop being vague, I'll listen." >"Yes, yes, of course!" >Once again she peeks over her shoulder, and rolls closer to the desk >Her stomach's probably making contact with it >"I believe you and Twilight have entered into some kind of a relationship." >Oh damn it >"How much you've done, I'm scared to ask. But you are seeing her, for certain." "I-I barely know Twilight. What makes you think this?" >"You were with her all night, weren't you?" "No." >Not all night >"Anonymous, I understand that you have desires. You can be honest." "I AM being honest!" >She raises her hands >Lays them flat >And pats down the air >"There's no need to shout." "N-No need to... no need... to-" >"Just admit it. I can talk to Twilight and make sure you two break it off gently." "There's nothing to break off! Where did you get this?" >"I-" "Don't just say you know! If you accuse me of something, at least give me evidence." >Her eyebrows sink a little >She reaches to the left, off camera, and brings out something gray >On second thought, presenting evidence is unnecessary >Totally and completely unnecessary >"Twilight had this when she got home a couple of hours ago. It's not ours. She didn't buy it. And what do we have here?" >The camera's lighting shifts as she searches for a spot that's close enough to see what's written without it blurring >And there they are >Your father's initials >"See?" "What about it?" >"Anonymous, this is proof!" >She sets it down and adjusts her webcam >"That you're the one who she's been seeing! For a while now Twilight has been very, very anxious. She looks sick all the time, goes without eating, leaves the house without saying anything... I've been worried to tears!" "I-" >"When I first saw the flash light I was confused. Then I remembered the time you approached her." "I don't-" >"You told her that story for a reason, didn't you?" "Stop..." >The urge to swear and slam the laptop shut rises, so you close your eyes and rub your forehead "I didn't tell her a story. I told her the truth." >"Well, I'm not so sure." "Excuse me?" >Rarity clears her throat >"Now, again Anonymous, I understand that you're a man and-" "Get to the point." >"Okay. Alright. Okay. Fine. I'll say it! You must have heard through the grapevines that Twilight becomes very emotional and vulnerable when faced with uncertainty. Not to mention how she's unfamiliar with our world's social norms." >You shrug >"So you got an idea, to make Twilight all riled up, and then..." >She hugs herself >"You-" >A sharp breath >"Y-You-" >Another >"Offered her the kind of comfort that only a man can provide a lady!" >And an exhale >"Oh my goodness. I actually said it." >Your mind goes blank >For fifteen seconds, all you can think about is the dog food commercial playing on Rarity's TV >With her eyes shut she gently spins her chair a bit to the left and a bit to the right >What all has she just accused you of? "Hold on. Let's summarize here." >Something moves in your peripheral vision >You look up to see Sonata spin around and sit with her back against the coffee table >When she's settled, she slumps "...Damn it." >Rarity's eyes open and her spinning stops >"No need for swearing, Anonymous." "Shut up." >"Wh-huh?!" "Do you realize what you've just accused me of?" >As an excuse for a moment of time to sort your thoughts, you scoot forward and tilt the laptop screen back up to its proper position >Now you have an even clearer view of Rarity's dumbfounded face "You're saying I told Twilight a lie about those girls to get her worried, just so I could comfort her? That 'I don't know what all you two have done' shit you said makes it sound like I took advantage of her for sex. That's bad enough, but you were asking me if I'm single to see if I was cheating on Twilight, or cheating on someone with Twilight... right?" >"...Excuse me for being cautious." "That's not being cautious. That's jumping to conclusions." >"Anonymous!" >She raises up the flashlight and you swat at the air in frustration, signalling her to put it back down "Yeah. It means I met Twilight at some point in the past and let her borrow my flashlight. So what?" >"Sh-she didn't HAVE it before last night, and she was GONE all night!" "How do you know she didn't have it?" >She maintains her scowl in silence "Do you think that little of Twilight's privacy? Snooping around in her belongings, messaging me on her account-" >A thought hits you and you tense up >Then you relax >Rarity can't have read Twilight's past private messages >This site doesn't archive them "...Besides. What sense does me telling her a false story about those girls make? Didn't she sort that situation out?" >"Yeah! And she won't tell me anything about it! So clearly something strange happened and I think it's very obvious, in hindsight!" "Then go ahead and lay it on me!" >"F-Fine! I, I will lay it on you!" >She sits up a bit more and straightens out her pajamas collar >"You and those girls were working together. The day you told Twilight about their fake plans, you had them go into hiding. Then when you made your move on Twilight you told her to tell ME that she sorted the whole thing out, that there's nothing to worry about! But the TRUTH is that Twilight is still worried! You're still comforting her!" >You scoff "Who the hell do you think those girls are, to be doing that for me?" >"Hired, probably!" "I don't have as much money as you think I do. Besides, why pull off such a trick when I could just pay the girls to sleep with me instead?" >Rarity cringes >"Anonymous, that's... repulsive." "But taking advantage of Twilight isn't? Is that why you're so quick to do it?" >"F-F-FI-FIRST OF ALL! I am Twilight Sparkle's BEST FRIEND in the entire WORLD! A f-friendship between girls is dif-different from boys, okay?! I'm looking out for her!" >She's full on yelling at this point >"Se-second! Paying three women to have relations with you is OBVIOUSLY worse than doing whatever it takes to date the girl you love!" "I don't love Twilight. We're barely even friends." >"Stop lying!" >As she becomes more angry, you become more calm >Sensing that you now have the upper hand, you cross your arms and smirk "All you're doing is exposing yourself." >She gasps and crosses her arms, grabbing her shoulders >"I wear something underneath..." "Not that. I meant exposing the inconsiderate things you've done to Twilight." >"I've been nothing... but a good friend." "So you'd be perfectly fine if Twilight went through your phone's text messages?" >Again, she scowls in silence "Well?" >"You're just trying to change the subject. I already told you-" >There's that flashlight again >"-I have proof." "Alright, look! I saw Twilight for all of five minutes last night. The reasons were not even remotely romantic. I realized she needed a flashlight and gave her mine. End of story." >"Where did you meet her? Your house?" "None of your business." >"I-It is!" "It isn't, because she asked me not to tell you. And now I can see why." >That's the limit >Even that might have been too much >So you sit back and watch Rarity go from shocked, to offended, to... the verge of tears >Her trembling lip instantly dampens your argument high "Uh. Hold on, that doesn't mean anything really." >"Just that Twilight... doesn't trust me..." "No, no, it's more complicated than that, okay?" >"Yeah. Yeah. It's too complicated to include Rarity." >Sniff >"I'm only the one wh-who convinced my parents to l-let Twilight stay." >Sniff >"I only converted the nursery into a suitable b-bedroom." >Sniff >"I only set up this account for her and taught her to use the 'Personal Computer' as s-she'd call it..." "Oh man. Please don't do that." >Tears stream down her face >"Do what?" "I didn't mean to make you cry. I felt cornered, so I went too far. I'm sorry." >As if it were a pet cat, you bring the laptop onto your lap and give it your full attention "Twilight trusts you a lot. It's just this one, small thing that she came to me for. You're an amazing friend to do so much for Twilight, and she knows it." >Sniff >"Anonymous..." >What a strange series of emotions >Embarrassed, to confused, to furious, to cocky, to apologetic >It's so exhausting >You just want to sleep "Hey, we don't have to be enemies over this or anything, right?" >"E-Enemies?" "Yeah." >She's unsure of how to react to the handshake you offer >"Uh. Haha." >She smiles and holds out her hand, then wags it up and down in sync with yours "You've got a strong handshake for a lady." >"Haha... very funny..." "So. No need for us to yell at each other. No need for you to feel like Twilight doesn't trust you. Sound right?" >"...Hee hee. You really are a ge-gentleman, aren't you?" >The sleeve of her pajamas does a good job of wiping up her tears >"But to be honest... no." >Damn it >"If there's even the tiniest chance that Twilight's naivete is being exploited, I have to do everything I can to protect her. I simply must know what it is you two have been doing in sec-" >Light smothers the sides of Rarity's office chair >"Oh goodness." >It disappears >She hunts and pecks a single key, then smoothly types something afterward >** The other user has hidden your webcam. Feel free to stretch your face muscles! ** >She spins the chair around >"As usual, you didn't call me." >With the widened gap on the left side of the screen you have a clear view of a brown couch, covered with stains >Its cushions have various holes that the stuffing pokes out of >A cute, purple backpack lands on the furthest arm, and two pink boots hit and slide down the wall, landing securely on the back of the couch >"So? I can walk home by myself. Last time you didn't come get me anyway." >"Sweetie! That is NOT where your boots go and you know it!" >"Shove off! Like you don't do it sometimes!" >The chair spins a bit more as Rarity launches off of it and grabs the boots >"I swear. How hard is it to leave them by the door?" >"Ugh!" >The girl is briefly visible as she stomps off to the right >Some things are moved around, at least you guess as much from the sound >Then Rarity sits back down and spins >"...Sorry. That was my kid sister. So immature." "Oh." >"She stayed at a friend's house last night, so." >You nod >Unsure of where to lead the conversation, you just keep nodding >And nodding "So." >"So..." >Her mic pics up something >A low, mechanical roar from another room that builds in intensity >Then finishes off with a blast of pressure and normalizes into a steady rumble >"Do NOT turn up the cooler! You know it'll trip the breaker in the summer!" >"It's hot!" >"Too bad!" >The younger one's voice starts out quiet, and gets louder over time >"When you're on the internet you care sooo much about the stupid breaker, but if I'm on Steam you don't give a crap!" >"That's not true." >"Just ask Scoots. You know how many games you've lost for us?!" >The young girl, quite similar to Rarity in appearance, shows up on the edge of the screen >Her clothes are much more modest than her big sister's - a solid red t-shirt and black shorts with no fancy, swirling patterns to speak of >"Well..." >"Hey! Are you in a call?" >"What?!" >"You are. Who is it?" >She pops up over the arm of the chair >"How can you tell? Ge-get away!" >"Because it says in bold text right there that the other person's camera's hidden, duh. Who is... Anonymous?" >"Back off!" >"Are you talking to a boy? I'm gonna tell dad!" >"You wouldn't dare!" >They engage in the girliest wrestle match you've seen in your life >Sweetie grunts as if she's using all of her strength as she pulls Rarity an inch or two toward the armrest >Rarity is probably pushing on Sweetie's head, but she might just be checking her temperature >If you were in a better mood you might laugh at them >"Stop! It!" >"Go to your room, little kid!" >"Dad said you can't call me that! ...That's it!" >She backs away from her big sister and dives right over the armrest >Her foot kicks the side of the desk and sends everything shaking >With a wobbling view of the action you watch Rarity wrap her arms around Sweetie's torso >"You are the most embarrassing sister in the world!" >"Who're you talking to? Who're you talking to? Who're you talking to!" >The "Twilight is typing" message pops up >Every time Sweetie types, Rarity frantically backspaces >"Knock it off, Despairity!" >"Go play with temporary tattoos or something!" >Sweetie leans forward >Grunts >And headbutts Rarity right in the chin, drawing her hands to protect her face >"Gahh!" >9:53 AM: /shwcam >9:53 AM: /sowcam >"Dang it!" >9:53 AM: /shoecam >9:54 AM: s/howcma >Oh boy >Poor Rarity is just clutching her face while her little sister types faster than she's capable, on her lap "Just do it normal speed, kid." >She pauses, raises an eyebrow, and types much more slowly >** The other user has re-enabled your webcam. ** >The kid gasps >"It's him!" >"Sweetie-" >"It's that guy!" >"Shut! Up!" >Rarity takes a fistful of Sweetie's hair and pulls her away from the keyboard, eliciting an instant yell >"Ouch! Ouch! Knock it off, idiot!" >She grabs her sister's wrist and squeezes >Seconds later Rarity has let go, Sweetie runs out of the room, and the camera feed vanishes >** Call ended at 9:54 AM. ** ___ >A drop of sweat falls from your forehead >You open your eyes and scan the dark gray sidewalk >With shadow from the tree above you masking the details, the drop may as well have vanished "Huh." >A bit of cool air hugs the back of your neck as you sit up >Your back shoves into the bench >Your arms fall over the back >Summer's definitely started. Thankfully school is about to end, too >No more uneventful hour long lunch breaks >Today was at least a bit better, since the math teacher had a small chat with you right after class ended "Oh shit." >Where is your algebra textbook? >You pull the strap of your backpack onto your shoulder and start off for the front of the school ___ >Strutting through empty hallways is a guilty pleasure of yours >Nothing here but lockers, so it's safe to enjoy yourself >One foot in front of the other >Marching to your destination like the CEO of some million dollar company >A CEO who really needs an algebra textbook >"Shut up!" >You freeze up about a foot from the doorway >"Can't handle the truth, can you?" >"Shut UP! I weigh the same as when we got here!" >"Then let's go step on the scale in the alchemist's room." >Alchemist? >"No." >"HA! I'm right!" >"Nooo!" >"Just admit I'm right!" >"You're NOT!" >Sounds like one of them pushes the other into a desk >Small objects rain off of it and pelt the carpet >"...Fine, wanna fight? I'll beat the truth into you, fatty!" >A large, striped ponytail pops out from the door way and waves around >"Wait. Wait. We're not allowed to fight. Right, Dagi?" >"You push me and then tell on me? You're the fuckin' worst. Besides, you OBVIOUSLY started it." >The girl takes one more step away from the doorway, revealing her full form and the terror on her face >Before you can even take it in, her arm is tugged and she's stumbling back into the class room >"D-DAGI! Dagi! We're breaking the rules!" >Two of them wrestle around on the floor, rolling into desks and punching at each other >Though the more you listen, it sounds like only one of them is doing the punching >The painful grunts are all from one girl... >...maybe you should step in? >A bang on what must be the teacher's desk makes you jump and silences the scuffle in an instant >"ENOUGH! Sit down and eat your food!" >There's a spell of silence before you hear chairs scoot out and the two girls drop into them >And then it's just the sounds of chewing and scraping plastic plates >Now that the argument's dissolved you feel you should head on in, but something is... off >So you cross your arms and rest against the wall >About a minute later she starts up >"I've got it all worked out now. Our new plan." >It's the commanding voice again >Does she always sound like that, or is she still pissed? >"What? You were serious about changing the plan?" >"Yes. For good reason." >"...Was there something wrong with the other?" >She hums, presumably while chewing her food >"It would have worked, but the reward is a bit small. Tonight I'll explain the new plan in full. It's very similar, but there will be a MUCH bigger payoff." >"Awww! But I already memorized the words! 'Battle... you wanna win it... let's have a battle... battle of-" >She lists in a monotone what sounds suspiciously like a magic spell before she's cut off >"We have to wait through the summer vacation period anyway. You'll memorize another." >Battle!? >"...Okay. Can we use it another time though? I like it a lot." >"Eat your food, Sonata, and clear your mind. We'll craft something more complex. It'll require full attention to learn, especially for you." >"Hey..." >The girl who got shoved into a desk snickers >Your heart races >The hell is this? >Not long ago you would have assumed they were from drama, but after the incident with Shimmer you feel glued to the wall >For several minutes you listen to the argumentative two bicker back and forth >Every time they start up again over some petty nonsense, you want more for the commanding voice to interrupt >"You can take the bed. It smells like someone puked all over it." >"That's probably because you slept in it." >"You know what?!" >"No fighting~" >"Stupid... fucking... ugh." >Just go back to the important stuff already >Lecture them some more >You've lost track of the time. The bell could ring, and who knows if you'll get a chance like this again? >Well, why leave it to chance in the first place? >You could just approach them and ask for clarification >With your hand laid flat against the wall you take one step toward the doorway >Just before you take off into the most inconspicuous walk you can manage, you're frozen in place by the commanding voice from before >Except this time it's more calm, a bit more quiet >"Don't expect to get a lot of sleep. We're going to the 'Beats Me' shop again tonight. We'll arrive at closing time, have the shopkeeper show us how to work the machines, then tell him to go home. That technology could serve us. If I'm right about it... the humans won't know what hit them." >Humans >THE HUMANS >That's a confirmation >It's got to be >You step away very slowly, and once at the end of the hall you take off >Got to find her >Got to tell her >Twilight Sparrow >Where is she?! >The cafeteria, probably >You reach another corner >What is Beats Me? >Other than obnoxious pun material >When you get home, you can look it up on the internet >...What if the bell rings? >Sitting on this during class would be awful >Got to hurry >Got to hurry! >Your back pack slips down your arm >You pull it behind you, swing it forward to scoop it back up, but lose your grip >It drops to the floor where your hasty feet slip over it >The the sprint you'd built up betrays you, launching you head-first into- >"Hey!" >Three pounds on the glass beside your head wake you up >"You are under arrest!" "What the fuck-" >The seatbelt keeps you from falling over >"You're being detained and shit. Open up!" >Sigh >With your face inches from the window, you frown >The girl on the other side presses her hands against the side of the car and leans in as well >Her white hair is easy to see in this darkness. Even the purple ends on the front side come in clear >The nose ring takes a bit of straining >She raises a hand up in front of the glass and circles her index finger around >"I don't got all night." >You roll the window down, and unlock the door while you're at it "What's with the yellow gloves?" >"They're for cleaning, dork." "I thought they might be a fashion statement." >"Who'd wear yellow gloves for fashion?" >You shrug "Who'd bleach their hair?" >"Ha, ha, ha." >The jab to your shoulder shifts you in your seat >"We've got a comedian. Hold up and I'll ask my boss if you can do stand up." "About that, I thought you got fired?" >"I did." >The girl digs into her coat pocket and produces a pack of cigarettes >"I guess I'm one of the only suckers willing to sit around all night in the shittiest convenience store in town." >With one slipping slightly between her glove's fingers and a lighter tucked under her thumb she drops the pack back in >Striking the flame takes a few tries >Once she's got it, she snuggles up to the car to protect her light from the cool breeze "Maybe your exotic appearance was good for tourism?" >"Ha! Ha! Ha!" >A couple more jabs to the same spot >It's probably bruised >"Fuckin' hilarious, what a jokester, you're killing me." >She gives you a little smile, and you return one >After taking drag she sticks her head right through the window and inspects the floorboard >"Got a girl down here or something?" >Smoke rises up into your face "Wh-why would there be a girl down there?" >She lifts up with a deadpan expression >"Use your imagination." "Uh..." >"She hiding in the back? Shit, it's dark, man." >The door opens up and now both her and the seatbelt constrain you "Hey! Hey! Get off!" >"Heeeellooooo? Who's the dirty bastard that took 'Non's virginity?" "F-Fuck off!" >You shove her out and fan smoke away "I'm not with a girl. I'm not with anyone." >"Hmmm. What is it then?" >She scoots into the seat beside you, as much as she can, resting one shoe in the floorboard and the other on the asphalt >"Are you high?" "Come on..." >You roll your eyes >"You drunk?" "Seriously? I've almost killed myself driving sober." >"Hmmm. Let me smell your breath." >She turns your head toward her by your chin >Your heart skips a beat >Her scrutinous golden eyes compel you to awkwardly open your mouth "Uh." >"Your breath smells suspiciously good." >She rubs her nose and pulls away >"Man! That's way too fuckin' clean! Suspicious!" "Maybe you should stop smoking." >She slams her hand down on the steering wheel, launching some ash into your floorboard, and gets close up again >One side of her lips curls down >"Maybe you should tell me why you're hanging out in a parking lot by yourself. It's after midnight." "Go back to scrubbing the floor or whatever you were doing." >"You're in an... unusually shitty mood, 'Non. What's wrong?" >Her tone shifts to something more gentle >As soon as that happens, you anticipate a touch on your aching shoulder >"...'Non?" >And there it is >She gets a firm but cautious hold on your shoulder and rubs up and down >Up and down >The frustration this causes is quickly blocked out by nostalgic comfort >Every time she does this, you turn into an open book >Right now that's not really an option "I just want to be alone." >"Ugh. 'Non! You're gonna like, hurt my feelings." "Don't do the whining thing." >You yawn "I've been up for fourty-eight hours... I have no patience." >She yawns too >"Why have you been up so long?" "Because. I'm an idiot." >"Why are you an idiot?" "Stop." >"Come on 'Non. It'd be a shame if I had to phone up your parents and tell them I caught you getting blown in the parking lot." "Wh-whoa!" >"While drunk off your ass. Boy that'd suck." "Don't even joke about that. My mom would believe you." >Though it's not as if your parents tend to take phone calls these days >She rubs her chin a bit >"Maybe I should call. Then she'd be like, 'our son is on the wrong path, he still needs a babysitter after all,' and I could quit this graveyard shift bullshit." "No offense but I think that's the last job you're going to get, with your current look." >She chuckles >"Yeah. Yeah, you're right." >Your conversation dies down, but the little massage on your shoulder is persistent >The longer it goes on, the warmer and fuzzier your stomach gets >Hold on >The gloves >Those are for cleaning "Ew." >You grab her arm "You haven't been scrubbing toilets, have you?" >Her silence is not very reassuring "...Why don't you take them off? This place has the most disgusting bathroom I've seen in my life." >"Awww. How sweet." "Wh-what?" >She reaches over with her free hand and pats your shoulder >"You don't want me to stop comforting you." "Not what I said." >"It's more like what you didn't say, dude." >She laughs as she pulls the gloves off and drops them onto the dash >"I didn't want to take them off because I'm super forgetful. If I lose them my boss will freak out. Not even joking." "Well, genius, you don't have to risk it." >"...What?" >Seriously? >You take the gloves, flip them inside out and move toward the nearest coat pocket >It's stuffed, with the cigarettes among other things >So you reach around and work them into the pocket on the other side "See?" >"Ohhh. 'Non. How sweet." >Her arm wraps around your neck and pulls you into her "Hey!" >"All that just to sneak a hug? Very cute, you little dweeb." "That was NOT what I was doing." >"So so so cute. It's just like old times, huh?" >You're pretty sure you try to break out of her hold >It could be that you were laying motionless against her chest the whole time >Too tired to tell >"Why don't you tell me what's wrong now?" "...Gilda..." >"An actual customer could pull in any second, so you should tell me while you can." >Well >Why not "Whatever. It's a girl I know." >"Fuckin' knew it! When did you hook up? What'd she do to you?" "Whoa. You've got it backwards." >"...What'd you fuck up?" >Sigh "Well. This morning I hurt her feelings." >She waits a few seconds before grunting in impatience >"Worst story ever, dude." >You try to sit up and she pulls you back in >"That means give me the details. How'd you hurt her feelings?" "Uh. She's... really jealous. She always thinks I'm spending time with another girl, you know? So I tried calling the one in question to clear things up." >"Oh shit." "Huh?" >"Keep going. Just, oh shit you fucked up." >You swallow hard "Uh, well the first girl, I'll call her Taco, just listens in on the call. Second girl, Pajamas, picks up and starts kissing my ass. Then asks if I'm single." >"Oh? You making this up?" "No. Why would I make this up? Anyway, the call turns into a heated, awkward argument. Then Pajama's little sister shows up." >"Did you make her mad too?" >You chuckle "No, Pajamas pissed her off. The call ended and I tried to explain to Taco..." >"...And she didn't listen?" "Yeah. Pajamas said a lot of things that sounded suspicious, but didn't mean anything. Tacos didn't want to hear my explanations." >She takes a drag and looks away to sigh >"Taco didn't say anything at all?" "W-Well, one thing." >It feels as though a knot forms in your stomach "She said 'you got mad at Pajamas for being vague, but you're vague with me all the time.' I got frustrated and left, drove into town, and searched all day." >"Searched for what?" >Should have kept your mouth shut "Um. I searched for... myself, man. You know?" >Gilda pokes a finger into the top of your head >If you weren't on the verge of falling asleep on her you'd care more about the pain >"I'm not following. You're being vague with ME now. Why did you argue with Pajamas? When did you meet Taco? Also drop the code names, this isn't the witness protection program." >Your scalp is spared for a moment, then she pats you on the side of the head >"Don't fall asleep while I'm so confused." "Uh. They're just usernames." >"What?" "Account names." >She rests her hand >"Wait. Is Taco like, your internet girlfriend?" "Uhhh. Sure. She lives close by though. It's an argument about internet stuff... you wouldn't understand." >"Dude, seriously?" >She pushes you up, rests her arm on your shoulder and then her chin on her arm, putting herself uncomfortably close yet again >"This is over an internet fight? Who cares?" "Well." >"Just call up your real life friends and hang out. Forget about Taco and Pajamas, they'll be over it next time you jack in or whatever." >The way she says it, as if it's the most obvious solution in the world >Call someone up >Hang out "I don't have 'real life friends', Gilda." >"Eh? That's not true. You have a bunch of friends. Sometimes your mom would call me and say I didn't have to check on you becuase you were at a slumber party or something." "Yeah." >You mash your hand into your face and then let it fall into the passenger seat "Back then I did. These days I have pretty much n-no one." >"Why?" >She turns your head toward her by your chin again, and you look away "Just didn't work out I guess. I don't want to talk about it, okay?" >"That's fuckin' crazy. Don't you want friends?" >What kind of question is that? "Of course I do." >"Then how can you not have any? You've got money, just throw it around and you can make as many friends as you want." >Thoughts explode inside your head >Your lips prepare for a hundred different sarcastic responses "That's..." >Your heart beats faster >Your face warms up "That's not the answer. That's the fucking problem." >After feeling around at your side a bit you find and undo the seatbelt so you can scoot a bit further away >Irritation builds as you wait for a hand on your shoulder again >You imagine you'll just push it off this time >But instead of comforting you, she taps on the door >"Maybe I'm dumb. I don't get what you're saying. Explain it?" "...I really don't want to talk about this." >"Dude, you're all pent-up over it. You should let it out." >She puts her weight on the steering wheel >"Maybe I can help you." >She's part of the... "You're part of-" >Yawn >"...Part of what?" >Maybe if you just say it, she'll let you go back to sleep "When I was younger, I did have friends. We'd hang out a lot. My mom, back then she had time to call up the other parents and set up slumber parties and stuff, or she'd send money for movie tickets. That's what you remember." >"Yeah." "Well when I was a bit older and they decided I didn't need a babysitter anymore, they gave me more responsibility. Instead of spending all of the money for me they opened an account for me to manage some of it myself, and gave me more and more control over time..." >Gilda nods and takes another drag of her cigarette "Things kept going the same as ever with my friends, except with less restraint. We spent a lot of money doing whatever. I was younger and less responsible so I'd run out fast. And that's when I realized that my friends would lose their enthusiasm to hang out with me as soon as we'd dried the account up. At first they just payed less attention... then they stopped coming over at all, until I told them my parents sent more." >You close your hand into a fist and dig it into your knee "It got to where I wouldn't see anyone for weeks at a time. But once I could buy us a video game or something, I was everyone's closest pal. You... you know?" >She says nothing "So eventually I told them I was sick of it. I thought it'd play out like a cartoon or something, that they'd apologize and we'd all become actual friends... but... w-well. I haven't talked to any of them in years." >"Man, that's kind of crazy. It makes sense, but it's crazy. You're telling me not even one of your friends stayed?" "No." >"...That sucks. I'll give you that, but-" >She squeezes the hand on your knee >"-that just means they were a shitty bunch of friends. You can make more." >Is she not self-aware? >Or maybe she's playing stupid >Your tired and irrational brain wants you to believe she's trying to piss you off "Everyone acts that way. I see it everywhere. Even Ra- even Pajamas... She wouldn't shut up about my parents' accomplishments, but I know she just meant my parents' money. She complimented me, but it's just because of the money." >"Anonymous..." "Maybe I could live with that kind of girl, and those kinds of fake friends. If I really had to, who knows? But here's the thing: I can't sustain it. I'm not my parents. Their work doesn't interest me. I tried to study it anyway, but it doesn't stick. You know? I don't care about it. Or maybe I'm not talented enough. Either way-" >You brush her hand off of yours >"I'm not going into their profession, and I'm sure as hell not going to mooch off their money after I graduate. My 'friends' would all be gone by the end of next year, so fuck them. Fuck everyone." >Your heart won't calm itself >Having all but said it straight out, you stare out the passenger window and cross your arms >So embarrassing >So exhausting >As you wait for her to acknowledge it, a minute crawls by, and predictions of her angry defense play out in your mind >She'll deny it, distort the facts >Slam your door and swear at you >You just wish she'd hurry up and do it >"...Is this what they'd call a complex or something?" "What?" >"Like, maybe you push people away because you see things that aren't there." "Things that aren't there? Seriously?" >She shrugs >"Well not everyone's like your childhood friends, 'Non. Maybe I don't count for much, but you've got me, for example." >Still playing dumb? >No, she must not see it at all "A-Are you serious?" >"Of course. You mean a lot to me. I hope I mean a lot to you t-" "You think you don't count?" >"Eh?" "When you do it it's far worse than if someone else does." >After a long pause she tosses her cigarette and grinds it into the asphalt with the tip of her shoe >"Wait. You don't think that I talk to you because you have money, do you?" "Gilda." >"What? Do you think that? It's not true." "Really?" >"Yeah..." "So you weren't going to ask me to lend you some cash for cigarettes? And you don't need help with the rent this month?" >"Wh-" "Don't act like that's not why you knocked on the window, or why you were so concerned about my mood. You know when my account gets refilled. And that's always when I run into you." >You can't even look at her >Short of breath, and with a burning face, you finally said it >She can explode in anger now, maybe jab your shoulder a few more times >She could at least >But she doesn't >Gilda slides out of the car and gently shuts the door >The click is barely audible >"I." >She's quiet >"I uh." >What? Not even going to deny it? >Is she going to guilt trip you? >"Um. 'Non, I..." >It's all a misunderstanding, is that it? >Just a huge coincidence? >Don't even bother "I'm done with that stuff." >You retake your seat and pull the belt back over you >Once it's clicked in you rest your hands on the steering wheel >The frustration fades >There's relief, but much more powerful is some kind of fear >You close your eyes and wait... "Uh-" >With a blurry, half-lidded peek out the window, you see her >...She's just walking away >Past a promotional sign, halfway to the front door to the store >She's not going to yell? >Or hit you? "Wait..." >You go to open the door, and stop yourself "Gil-" >Soon she's pulling the yellow gloves out of her coat and pushing the door open with her shoulder >The bell rings out into the empty parking lot until the door shuts itself, leaving you in silence ___ "Whoa..." >A wall of cold air hits you as the front door opens >It's worse than outside >You step in, shut it and run your hand underneath the doorknob a few times until it's locked again >Maybe teaching Sonata to use the AC is a good idea >Where is she? >You lean down near the coffee table and let your laptop slide out from under your arm >Your keys hit the edge and fall into the carpet, your shoes roll under the table and you drag your feet over to your bedroom doorway >The lights don't need flipped on >The three or four blankets she's wrapped around herself would be impossible to miss "Sorry, Sonata." >You whisper to yourself and step over to the couch >It does occur to you to return the temperature to something more reasonable >But four blankets >Could be FIVE blankets >She's probably warm >Adagio can sleep inside her hair >From where you stand you're barely able to see the electronic clock on top of your microwave in the kitchen >12:32 "Good... night..." >Your weight shifts on its own, pulling you over the back of the couch >Cushions smash into your face >Your limbs fall here and there >And the phone rings "What... the fuck." >It reaches far, but is pretty quiet >So much so that maybe it's your imagination >Scheming brain wants to stay the fuck awake >You squeeze your eyes shut harder and sigh in contempt ... "OH!" >Barely keeping your balance you jump up and stumble through the living room >Your feet slip on the tile, sliding you right into the counter >RIIING "They never call at twelve in the morning. What gives..." >You look to the clock >5:06 "The hell!?" >RIIING "School's going great, what am I learning though?" >RIIING "...School's out, damn it. Everything is going good. I got a girlfriend. N-No, I can't say that." >RIIING "There's a girl I like. She's pretty, nice, really jealous... she eats a lot, like dad. She'll fit in." >RIIING "I've been reading the textbooks dad told me about. It's starting to click, m-maybe?" >RIIING >You raise your shaking hand over the house phone "Summer's been fun. Met a girl. Studying. Okay. Okay..." >A deep breath >And a sigh >You snatch up the phone and lean against the counter "Hey! S-Sorry, I was asleep. Not that it matters, of co-" >... >... "Oh." >... "Yeah, that's me." >... "You remembered right. Is there something you need?" >... >... "WHAT? Are you serious? No, no, no! Don't call the police! She's still there right?" >... "Okay, keep her there! I'm coming over right now!" >... "D-Don't let her leave! Bye!" ___ >He's standing outside when you drive into the lot >After the sloppiest parking job of your life you fling open the door and rush out, only to freeze in place >The trip down here was rushed to say the least >"She could leave," "Got to hurry," and "Please don't call the cops" played over and over in your head >Just about the only new thought you had on the way was "thanks for nothing, Kent" as you passed his house >You have no idea how to explain this >"Howdy." >He's on his way... >You shut your door and wave >Might as well let him come to the car, right? >Is what you think until he leans against a gas pump and beckons you over >Alright >Don't be awkward >And don't say anything suspicious. Not too complicated >First course of action will be figuring out what Aria has said "Hey, sir. I got here as fast as I could." >You rest your arms on a newspaper dispenser a few feet away from him >"No worries kid, feels like I just hung up the phone. I'm glad you're here, really didn't want to go to the authorities." "So uh, why were you going to do that? What all has she done?" >He groans >"Gosh, I'm being rude. Before that..." >He holds out his hand >You aren't prepared for the strength of his handshake >Being pulled forward, stumbling a bit, it brings up a memory from your childhood: seeing your father over-correct his balance and send himself into shelves of junk food >Now you feel bad for laughing at him >"Haven't seen you in ages, Anonymous. You were practically in the womb!" "I've stopped by here a few times but didn't go inside, so... it's nice to see you again, Tom." >"Next time you talk to your dad, tell him he should hurry back. Hasn't felt right since he stopped popping in for coffee." "Haha. I'll tell him." >Tom nods his head, but his goofy smile disappears >"Anyway. The reason I was going to call the cops." >He stuffs his hands deep into his pants pockets >"To tell you the truth, I just don't know what to do. Yesterday I got a call about a kid just sitting outside the store, coming in to use the bathroom and that's it. I told them to leave her be." >After glancing at his watch, he sighs >"I showed up at midnight and she was still there. So, it's chilly. I tell her she can come inside and talk if there's a problem. She comes in, ignores me and sits in the corner. Strange, but weirder stuff's happened here so I go back to work. She's here for hours, right? Shaking, rubbing her wrists and ankles. Mumbling. I'm no expert but it's pretty obvious the kid's on something." "No, no, no, it's not like that-" >"At least that's what I thought!" >He bends his knees and shakes his head as he chuckles at your frantic, waving hands >"I feel bad for her, so I ask if she's thirsty. She won't say anything. So I give her a soda and she stares at me, makes a weird face and takes it. Ten minutes later the twerp's a totally different person." "What do you mean?" >"Going on and on about how she's going to work for me." "...What." >"She takes a broom out of the closet and sweeps around. Every twenty minutes or so she wants another task! It's driving me crazy. And I was quick to say this wasn't a thing! I said, plain as day, 'we're not hiring right now,' and she'd just interrupt me and shout 'I'm Aria! I AM Aria!' ...But there's one other thing she kept saying." >Tom cocks his head >"'I don't need them. I don't need Anonymous. I don't need them. I don't need Anonymous.' Eventually it clicked in my head. When I asked if the Anonymous she knows lives out by the woods, she acted funny." >He rests a hand on your shoulder >"Look, I'm sorry for calling at this time. I go home in a few hours and the kid's definitely got some problems. Can't call her parents, she won't say who they are. I'm hoping you can deal with her." "She's got some issues going on at home is all. Nothing serious, don't worry, she's just... really emotional. I'll take care of it." >"That's what I wanted to hear!" >Tom plants his hand on your back and guides you forward >The storefront blurs; you focus through the large glass windows on a girl in the back >She reaches up to the highest shelf and prods a box around with her index fingers >Once she's got it facing neatly toward the aisle, she scoots over to the next product and gives it the same treatment >Tom pulls open the door and claps his hands >"Kid! Report!" >The girl stumbles backward, and rather than trying to stabilize herself, launches into a sprint down the aisle >Grabbing on to a counter lets her swing around the corner >"Shift Manager Tom! I tidied the entire ai-" >She comes to an abrupt stop >Though initially wide-eyed, she takes on a stoic expression and locks eyes with Tom >"Surprise! I called in your friend!" >She blinks >This girl... >For a moment it's as though you're meeting her for the first time >A red bandanna with a skull and crossbones pattern hugs the top of her head >A gag "BURNT TOAST - MY SPECIALTY" apron that's just a bit too large covers her torso >And she looks more... >...alive >"What? Don't be shy. He drove straight down here to see you." >"Uh." >"Why don't you talk to him for a while?" >She shakes her head >"That has nothing to do with running a 'gas station,' Shift Manager Tom." >"Well. Ha ha. You got me there I guess." >He scratches his nose and looks all around the room >You join in, to distract yourself from the tense silence >There's one customer here: a girl in her twenties reading the back of a candy bar wrapper >"...Why don't you give Anonymous a tour of the station?" >"Sir..." >"He's a valued customer. Goes way back. He's probably interested in knowing how things have changed around here. Huh Anonymous?" "Sure. I'm curious." >Aria's line of sight doesn't budge >"He can look around the store himself." >"I wasn't asking, you know! That was your next task." >"S-sir!" >Her eyes shut >She sighs >And takes off down the aisle to your right >Tom gives you a quick pat on the shoulder and heads to an "employees only" door in the back >Once you hear it shut, you hesitantly approach twin-tails "...Hi, Aria." >"These are our big sodas." >She points to a black shelf packed with two-liter bottles laying on their sides >"You aren't allowed to drink them unless you buy them. Not even a sip." >Her finger waves over to a row of boxes, each presenting a bull mascot >"Those are beef jerky. The next one is slim jim. All the other brown stuff is beef jerky too." "Oh." >She shakes her head and takes a few steps forward >"We keep the chips here. They have the same rule as the soda bottles." >She runs her finger down the multiple rows of chip bags, making sure to hit each brand at least once >"There are chips in a tube, too." >You follow around to the other side "Hey Aria, I'd like to talk to you about something el-" >"This ENTIRE row is candy. So is the other row. Some of it is from another country and that's why it looks like dirt. Basically this is the aisle for fat people." >Aria moves on so quickly that she doesn't see the twenty-something year old's glare "Uh. Hey-" >"These are medicine." >She holds up a big pink bottle of pepto bismol >"This potion helps when your stomach hurts I think?" "Yeah. That's right." >She rolls her eyes and sets it back down >"Humans can be pretty smart. These little white pills make your head stop hurting, and there are even ones that put your enemies to sleep." >Her arms cross tightly against her chest >"Apparently humans who aren't idiots exist. I wouldn't have known." "...Ha..." >"...Maybe you should get some of the white pills. Since, s-since you're so stupid you can't even fall in a tub right." >She glances at you, then proceeds >Around the end of the aisle again and you're at the soda machines "Wait-" >"This is the soda fountain. It has like, a huge-ass bottle of soda inside. Well it has to be a lot of bottles because there's ten flavors. When you push a button..." >She cautiously taps at the Mountain Dew square >Then she moves all the way over to the other side and jabs at the Pepsi button >"...See? There's no delay. Maybe there are ten big bottles. But they never run out, they must go into the wall?" "Ha ha ha... ha ha, Aria..." >"What?" >You can't help but chuckle a bit longer >Her cold stare is unchanging, and soon you're not much in the mood to laugh "Is that the end of the tour?" >"This is coffee." >She steps over to the other side and rests her hands on the granite countertop >"It looks like chocolate or something but it tastes like shit." "I kind of like coffee." >"It tastes like SHIT." "Okay." >She pokes around at some pink sugar packets in the corner >"These will make it taste better. But why bother? Soda tastes good in the first place." >In her effort to tidy up she knocks a box over, spilling its artificial sweeteners >"Damn it." >She whispers and scoops them up >You watch as she pours her handful into the box, then shifts them one by one to stand upright and face forward >Her tour comes to a halt as she gives her full attention to this tiny, insignificant task "Are you... having fun here, Aria?" >She doesn't respond >Soon she finishes up the final row, straightens out her apron a bit and rests her hands on her hips >"Maybe if you weren't so stupid I wouldn't have dumped them." "What?" >Before you know it she's standing in front of the cash register >"Hurry up!" "Alright." >You stand beside her and flash an uncomfortable smile to the guy behind the counter >"When you have soda and chips or whatever, you bring it here and pay for it." "Cool. Is that the end of the tour?" >"There's one more thing." >She leads you over to the door and points over her shoulder to a display case >"He wouldn't tell me what these are, but I have a feeling you're the kind of guy who would buy them." >Row after row holds magazines with women on the cover, living it up in their birthday suits >Stickers block out the good stuff "Very funny." >"...I wasn't trying to be funny." >The cashier stifles a laugh >Aria smirks >Impatience sets in "Okay. The tour's done. Can we talk?" >"Um. No. I finished my task, so go home." "...Please. Give me one minute." >"No. Go home." "I'm worried about you." >"WORRIED about me?" >She closes the distance between you and scowls >"Go. Home." "Of course I'm worried. I was scared you got... hit by a car or something. I've been searching pretty much since you disappeared." >"I don't care." >Her breathing speeds up >She balls her fists "I'm willing to talk about it. About everything. We can... figure this out." >"Would you go home already!?" "Twin-tails-" >With both hands she shoves you into the edge of a shelf, sending you flat on your back in the floor >A few beef jerky packages rain down around you >The air inside your lungs escapes as her knees sink into your stomach, and her hands slap onto the tiles beside your head >"Do not. Fucking. Call me that." "Get off..." >With one good push she's forced to her feet, but immediately dives down again >This time squeezing her fingers around your throat "Aria! What the hell!" >"I don't need anything from you. I don't NEED anybody. I'm staying here." >Cautiously, you dig your fingers under hers "You... can't live here..." >Her right hand loosens up and you slip in to interlock fingers >After doing the same with the other hand you roll over, throwing her to the floor and giving you enough momentum to pop up by the cashier >His mouth hangs open "Uh." >The candy bar girl watches from a couple aisles down, snack-filled bag in hand >At least she's not holding out her cell phone >But of course... >...a security camera is watching anyway "Hey, Aria?" >She lays still on the floor "How about we take this outside?" >"Fuck off." "We're scaring the customers. That hurts the store's image." >"Fuck! Off!" "Isn't that right?" >You go to the cashier for backup >He pouts, leans over the counter and nods his head to Aria >"Sorry, intern. It's like, a total rep killer when the employees choke customers on the floor." >"But he started it!" >"Weeeeeeell, like, I dunno, you did throw the first punch." >"UGH!" >She gets up and runs to the corner of the room >With a broom in hand she holds the door open with her back >Stares into your eyes >And unscrews the end, very slowly >"Like, I'm still on your side, intern!" >The broom's head falls to your feet and she heads outside, taking a left >...Intern? >You frown at the cashier "Please don't encourage her." ___ >The alley between the station, and some fast food place >It's pretty dark but there's a light near the middle. You both gravitate to opposite ends >Aria holds the broom handle out horizontally "Drop the ninja stance. I'm not going to fight you." >"Then you're gonna get your ass kicked." "I know that I deserve it. But can't we just talk?" >"Talk about WHAT?" "How to fix things. And why you ran away." >"Why I ran away!?" >She stomps >"WHY I ran away!?" >The end of the broom handle slams into the ground >"I'm sorry, you can't shop here after all. We don't serve the mentally retarded." "That's... a really bad PR move." >"You have ONE MORE CHANCE to go home!" "Aria!" >She steps forward, dragging her makeshift staff with her "I can't... I can't go home without you. I told you, no matter what happens, you're one of my people now." >A whistling sound from the right sends you stepping back >Your right arm is grazed "Hey!" >It swings in from the left >Again, you barely dodge >Just as you've prepared to catch the next swipe she pulls it back like a spear "S-Stop. I don't want to do this." >"Do what?" "Fight you." >"Hmmm." >She stops in the middle of the light >Not moving a muscle >"Then just take it away from me." >Your heart races >What a stupid challenge >It'll be easy >You were gonna do it anyway "Fine." >You raise your hands up slowly, bit by bit >Waiting for her to make a move >She doesn't >So you reach in from the edge of the light and before you've even closed your hand into a fist, the handle has circled around, risen up and comes whistling down toward you >The sting on your chin, you expected >But the force of the blow disorienting you, sending you into the brick wall, you did not >With squinted eyes you fall on your ass >"Nice one." "...Com-" >The same stinging sensation hits your neck and you raise an arm over your head >"What a fighter. Maybe you can train Sonata." >While your face and neck are safe, she swings the handle in from side to side, striking your arm and shoulder repeatedly >"What's wrong? What's wrong!? I'm strong 'for a girl,' right? Does that mean you're weak for a boy?" >God >Damn it >Your eyes refuse to open out of fear of being struck >Every time you go to get up, she hits you even harder "This is stupid..." >"You know what's REALLY stupid? Thinking I'd ever..." >Your elbow is hit >"...EVER..." >A burning sensation fills your left hand >"...go back with you!" >The tips of your fingers ache >It's... >Not a choice, Aria >Your legs do a sloppy job of getting you off the ground >For a moment, you rest awkwardly against the wall with both arms crossed in front of your head >The broom handle catches you one more time on the arm before you charge straight into Aria and pin her to the wall >"GAH!" >You feel around to the left and find her lower arm, which you follow down to the handle >With one hand on her wrist, you grab the weapon and pull >Her grip is no joke >It takes several seconds to break it free >"Sh-shit..." >The broom whistles one last time as it flies through the air, into the grass >Aria tries to squirm out from under you >Pointless >You grab her by the arms and press her up against the wall "I can't leave you alone. You can't stay here. Do you understand me? " >"L-Let me go!" "The girl, the one who's after you, she told m-" >"Let GO!" "She told me about how dangerous th-" >"let GO OF ME!" >Aria always has to interrupt you >Every single damn time... >You squeeze her arms tighter >And tighter >Digging your fingers in until you get a vocal reaction out of her >A quiet groan that captures your attention in full >A sound that you wouldn't mind hearing again "It's not a choice. For either of us." >She puts a lot of effort into escaping to the right >So you drag her to the left >You spin her so that she's facing away, then bend her legs "I have to..." >Aria falls face first into the dirt with your knee resting on her thighs, and her arms held tightly behind her back " this." >Warmth of her skin on your fingers >Brushes from her ponytails hitting your face as she tries desperately to get a look at you >Her painful grunts as you put pressure on unexpected places "I'm just doing what's right." >Bringing her to a dead stop when she tries to roll away from you >The feeble kicks on your lower back, delivered by legs she can barely move "I'm doing the right thing. That's what this has all been about. Ever since the music store... no, ever since lunch that day. Maybe I went too far but I'm doing the right thing. You'll understand that eventually." >Something moves beneath you >She's managed to pull one leg up far enough to where her bare toes rest against the wall "Just stop. Okay? Because I won't. This is the only way." >Still, she fights >The toes flatten out and, at an agonizingly slow speed, she pulls the rest of her foot on >Her excited gasp drives you to wait it out "I'm a dick. I know. But can't you understand? You HAVE to be reformed. I'm the only one who can do it. It's..." >Her second leg moves even slower than the first >You let off, just a little "This is my responsibility." >With both feet against the wall she grunts once again >She uses the last of her energy to kick out from under you and slide into the light >Immediately she rolls onto her front and lifts up "Aria." >A puzzling warmth builds in your abdomen "Stop." >You could pick her up... "Just stop." >You could carry her right to the car and stuff her inside >Just like the very first night >Instead, you watch her muster up strength to get onto her knees >And onto her feet >Then you grab her shoulders and force her down on her back >"I'm g-gonna... kill you..." >Her arms can barely compete at this point >You let off enough for her to raise them up, to where they lay flat around her head >And you let them fall down to rest straight out >The important thing is that you decide where they stop "Stop struggling, and this will be over." >Her face contorts with disgust at your whispers "We'll go straight back to the house. We'll work this out. Okay?" >Just as you hoped, this fills her with another burst of determination >Once again you have to struggle to keep her arms down >Your fingers dig in around her wrists >All of a sudden, you're aware that you're smiling >At the sensation of her pulse on your thumbs >The way her legs shift your entire body while trying to get away >Her sharp breaths that seem to finally hint at genuine fear >The furrowed brow and squinted eyes >Her scrunched up nose and contorted lips >The tears rolling down the side of her face "Come on. Stop. Stop and..." >Aria's next sharp breath is a lot stronger than the ones that came before it >Afterwards, you can hear an almost inaudible whine as she lets the air escape >Her chest rises and falls very slowly "...Uh..." >Your mind races >Images force themselves upon you: >Approaching Twilight and her friends >Excited to tell her about what you had heard >Thrilled to be the one person who they could rely on to secure an advantage against a new threat >Maybe you could help them, you wonder >Perhaps you'd be spending a lot of time with the group. And after the city is safe again, you might even become part of the group "This is..." >Rainbow Dash scoffs >Your story, she declares, is suspicious >The way you kept correcting yourself on what the girls said and the convenience of how you learned about their supposed plan >One by one the girls all agree with her, except Rarity who sits quietly and stares >Even after explaining that you're nervous, they don't reconsider "...the right..." >You park outside a music store, at an address you'd just pulled off of the internet >It's closed and yet some of the lights are on >A brief screech comes and goes, followed by distant yells >This is it, you think >Everything works out perfectly >No need to even talk to them. More direct measures are fine >After all >You're hunting monsters "...thing..." >Sonata sobs into your chest on the couch >Aria ignores a chance at escaping over a petty grudge >Adagio explodes in anger, no doubt after a stressful day of managing a group of three in a strange world >Sonata lays against the coffee table and covers her face, none of your explanations dissuading her from feeling hurt and confused over Rarity's claims >Aria rolls across the punishment room floor, begging you to hit her, to give her more of a reason to run away from what she knows deep down could truly be her best option >Bile builds in your throat "Mpghh-" >You let off, and stand up >But your balance fails and you're soon staring up at the piercing yellow light and black sky >With your arm pressed into your mouth, you take deep breaths >Clearing your mind as much as you can >Thinking only of the cool night air >The bugs building on the hanging lamp's base >Graffiti barely visible at the edge of the darkness >Sounds of scraping dirt a few feet away from you >And a red bandanna >Covered from the top to the bottom with tiny, human skulls >"I..." >She sniffs and wipes her eyes >"I hate you..." >Her fingers slip into your shirt collar and under your arm >She drags you deeper into the light's range, prompting you to raise your arm from your mouth to your eyes >The first kick doesn't hurt >It's just a light blow to your leg >But every succeeding one is harder >Soon you're wincing and rolling over >"Do you know how long you have to lay on a wooden floor before it hurts?" >Her strange question is delivered with a mixture of a sob and a whisper >You don't know what to say; you take a few more kicks to your side >"About two minutes." >Your arm slides out from under your face and moves to protect you >Instead it lays still on the ground >Aria switches feet and stomps into your back, over and over, forcing the air from your lungs >"You don't know. Huh?" >The stomping gets harder >"You're not a slave." >And harder >"You're not 'nothing', right?" >Gasping for air, you roll onto your back >Before you can bother to block out the light, Aria's head does it for you as she drops over you the same way she did in the station >"I hate you..." >Her fist hovers above you for so long that you feel a couple of tears fall onto your face >"I really... really..." >Your eyes shut in advance >"...hate you..." >White pain fills your cheek and slowly changes to a burning one >The force behind her punch leaves your cheek resting in the dirt >Unsure of why, you look up to face her again, and you wait >"I w-want you to die..." >Another blow, to your temple >"Just. Fucking. Die." >Your closed eye shuts twice as hard after it's struck "A-Aria." >"I hate you. I hate you so much." >Perhaps solely because you spoke, she punches twice as hard >Once into the side of your nose >Again across your forehead >And a couple of times straight to the mouth >Your entire face burns, and it's complimented by a what you're certain will turn into a terrible headache >"You ruined ev-everything. Took aw-away ever...ything..." >Though the punches only hurt more over time, the desire to protect yourself fades >Until consciousness seems as though it might slip away >"Ad-Adagio... Sona-ata... ne-necklaces... Eques..." >She sniffs >"Eques-" >The punches stop, probably so she can wipe tears away >"We. We can nev- we can never go ba-ack. Our..." >You wince as her hands press into your chest >"...neckla..." >The gut feeling you've got makes you expect a headbutt >A few seconds later the pressure on your chest disappears, and you sense the light through your eyelids >"I..." >She falls to the dirt >In interruption to her sobs, she whispers one last time >... >"I want to go home." ___ >How much time has passed? >Ten minutes? >Twenty? >It's hard to tell, when you keep dozing off >Your sleeves scrape against the dirt as you stretch out a bit >Pain shoots into several different points on both arms, but at least you feel a little less stiff "...You're still there, right?" >There's no answer >You hesitate to turn your head thanks to your aching neck >Your left eye won't open at all and the right one puts up a fight >The will to look at her just isn't there >Getting up and walking to the car? >Probably not happening >So you do your best to get comfortable "Back inside, when I called you twin-tails and you shoved me, I didn't undertand why. Kind of felt like an overreaction. But after a few punches, I understood." >You pause >Subtle movements in the dirt beside you fill you with relief >Followed by a short-lived fear of another blow to the head "Well, I always understood. I'm really good at ignoring the big picture. Or sometimes the small, obvious things." >Through your eyelids you sense the light above flicker >At the same time, something rumbles from within the gas station walls "...Yeah. That's it. My true talent. Telling myself that everything is okay. It's gotten me through a lot, and now... haha. God..." >It takes all of your strength not to groan as you sit yourself up against the brick wall "Now I have no idea what I've actually done. To you, to the other Equestrians, or to myself. It's a mess." >Things you thought had gone perfectly, even "Sonata, she isn't interested me in the way I thought, is she?" >As expected, Aria says nothing "I forced her into this situation and she's terrified of being abandoned. I wonder if her affections are an act, to stay in my favor? Sometimes she seems so uncomfortable..." >Your chest protests your chuckle with stabbing pains "There I go again. Acting as if there's any reason she WOULDN'T be uncomfortable. It really must be a talent." >Another chuckle quickly transforms into a cough "Pretending you all wouldn't hate me. Acting like everything will just work out. Telling myself that Twilight would let it go. It all felt so possible... until now." >Sounds of scraping dirt and a small thud against the wall suggest she's now sitting next to you >You wait a long while in case she wants to respond >She doesn't "This is the end. So I'll be honest with you. About everything. " >Starting from the beginning... "At school, the day I kidnapped you, I overheard Sonata arguing with you over her... weight? For the record, I'm pretty sure you started it." >Her foot stomps into the ground in warning >You flinch, and then smirk "It was really obvious that you weren't from this world. So I listened in to get more info. The way you guys fought was stressful then, but later I found it really funny. Anyway, I went to tell someone about you right away." >Your stomach sinks as you recall the long walk to the end of the cafeteria, the six girls in your sight the whole way "In the cafeteria I found the girl who saved the school last time. Her name is Twilight Sparkle, and she's from Equestria. She's got several friends. I wish I could say that all I wanted to do was ensure the safety of my peers or something, but that's not true. It was my initial thought, and afterward all I could think of was whether this would put me in good standing with the magical girl and her pals." >You shake your head "I wasn't very convincing; they thought I was lying, though it was mostly this Rainbow cu- girl's fault. She was-" >Perhaps? "M-Maybe she's an incredible judge of character? Haha. I left, and waited out the day, getting a look at you three from far away when I could. I was pissed. Absolutely pissed. When I got home I looked up that Beats Me store's address and closing time, and I'd made my decision. At first, kidnapping you was for proving my honesty. And then it hit me: a more complex plan, with a bigger payoff. The reason I kidnapped you..." >Your lip quivers "The reason I kidnapped you." >There's no way to phrase the truth without revealing things you'd rather not >So you sit there and stall, with a heavy chest >... >"Well?" "Huh?" >"I'm listening. So go ahead." "Oh." >Her soft voice brings a smile to your face "You girls were interesting. You're all very pretty, too." >... "I live alone. It's been that way for a long time. I have no friends to speak of. In those hours before I kidnapped you, I daydreamed about a life with you three. Sleeping next to each other, hanging out in the living room. Everyone working together to fix dinner. Helping Adagio with her ridiculous hair. Managing a diet for Sonata, and introducing you to video games. I wanted all of that, no matter what. I realized that if I took a risk or two I could force you to depend on me. You know. Forever." >... "It's frustrating. I already tried once to make a friend who'd desperately need me. It worked at first but now he and I have a terrible relationship. Why did I try it again?" >Tears threaten to build in your black eyes >You fight the urge "Well there it is. I'm Anonymous, the lonely opportunist. Going by what I've done to you, just now and at the house, I'm a pervert too. I don't think reforming you the way I tried is even possible, and if it is, I apparently don't have the guts to go through with it anyway." >With some forcing, your right eye opens and you look to the slouching Aria at your left "I'm- I'm a hypocrite, too." >"Hypocrite?" "Yeah. Punishing you for forcing people to bend to your will? I tied you up for weeks, insulted you, tried to make you as uncomfortable as I could and I did it to make you think a certain way. To make you..." >You look back to your lap "...adore me. There's only one difference between us: the necklace that used to hang from your neck." >She hums quietly in acknowledgement "I told you before that staying with me was your best option. It was probably the worst. The suffering I've brought you, Sonata, Adagio, Twilight and Rarity is unforgivable. With all of you, and with Equestria's leaders too I'm sure. Twilight's really high up in her government, and she thinks you might be a threat. Here I am hiding you. I really... don't even know what I've gotten myself into. Or you three - the first girl who Twilight stopped was an old friend of your world's leader, so she's on parole. Would you be so lucky?" >"No... we wouldn't." "Would, would they execute you?" >She shrugs >"I don't think that ever happens in Equestria. But crueler things do." "Would those 'crueler things' happen if you were caught?" >Again, she shrugs >"Abusing powerful magic is kind of a huge deal." "That's what I was afraid of." >After taking a moment to appreciate the calm, honest conversation with Aria, you grit your teeth and get on your feet >As soon as you're standing up straight, the pain fades "I've put myself in a shitty position. Obviously I can't give you your necklaces. It'd be irresponsible and dangerous for us humans, and for you three, too. I can't turn you in either because I don't want you to suffer anymore. There's no easy answer." >"The 'end', huh?" >She looks up to you >"If you don't even know what to do, how can this be the end?" "I'll probably end up experiencing those 'crueler than death' things you mentioned. Twilight will find out in no time." >"Wh- are you serious?" "I'll do anything I can to help you guys get out of this city, at least. If you keep to yourselves you can probably live on. Especially if I go to Twilight and confess something." >"S-Something being?" "Like falling in love with three sirens and helping them sneak into Equestria, by convincing Twilight that they're up to something here." >You nod "She wouldn't be so stressed then. Her targets would be in a place where she could properly search for them. It's a good idea, isn't it?" >The thought of a delighted Twilight sticks with you a while >Smiling as she instructs workers on where and how to investigate >Maybe then she could put this all behind her, and study the human world instead "It's what she and I both deserve. I've done the wrong thing at every turn, so-" >"So you'll just throw your life away? Did I hit your head one too many times?" >Aria hops up on her feet and surveys the bruises on your face >"If we're the same, why should only you face trial? Idiot..." >The jab to your arm nearly knocks you over "Y-You sure you're okay with being called my equal?" >Her apron twirls around as she spins to look down the dark, empty alley >"I like it a hell of a lot more than being your slave. And... it's not like I don't know that what Sonata, Adagio and I do is 'bad.'" >She slumps down a bit >"Sacrificing yourself for us? Why the hell would you even say that? Besides, it wouldn't fix everything." "What?" >"We don't have our magic. Can't work either, huh? We'd have to steal things. What then? Banished to the moon? Humans seem really proud about being able to get shit up there." "I didn't... think about that." >Where would they stay? >Would they often go hungry? >If they were arrested, how would the police react to their non-existent backgrounds? "I. Don't know..." >If they could just find work, it'd be fine "...what to do, Aria. There's no way out of it. If I can't even sacrifice myself, what can I possibly d-" >"Come ON!" >She advances toward you >You step away >"I thought you were better than this!" >Her glare puts you on edge "Wh-what?" >"You're an asshole." "...Well." >"You're a HUGE dick, obviously. I can't even think about you without getting pissed off." >Aria paces to the right edge of the light, then to the left >"But I get mad when I think about Adagio, too, you know?" >The pacing continues >What is she saying? "I don't follow." >Her arms shoot up in frustration and fall to her sides >"She's really bitchy sometimes, and yells at me, but Adagio NEVER gives up. Even when it's really hard she tells us what to do and it works. That's what holds it together." >The gag apron shifts upward as Aria lays a hand over her chest >"So you can't give back my necklace. I get it. But you can't GIVE UP. A leader doesn't SACRIFICE himself for a half-assed fix. That's called running away!" "Running away...?" >"Yeah! If you really want to live with us? If you ACTUALLY care about us? Then prove it." >She crosses her arms >"Because if you stop acting like a leader now, you'll just be a pathetic pervert to me, who PRETENDED to be in charge." "What...? I'm so confused." >She rolls her eyes "You think of me as a leader?" >"Y-Yeah? A really fucked up one who I can't stand. But when you tell me to do something. Uhh." >She scratches the back of her head >"I feel like... I should... really do it..." >Air shoots out of her nose and she shakes her head "So, what? You want me to lead you after everything I've done?" >"If you become a better leader, and make decisions for our sake, then whatever. I-" >She peeks at you through the corner of her eye >"I guess I... could give you... you know, a sh-shot." "Are you serious?" >Hesitantly, she nods her head >The aches and pains that weighed on your mind moments before seem to disappear >Leading the sirens for their sake, huh? >Where would you begin? >What changes would you actually make? >You decide to keep your mouth shut until something comes to you >... >Nothing does "Aria. You're filling me with hope, but at the end of the day I don't actually know how to 'reform' you or lead you." >She hangs her head "I want to take responsibility. I just don't know how." >Fixing the situation with Twilight aside, what would it take to help these girls? >You've only seen Aria genuinely happy and excited a single time: in the gas station >Smiling wide and rushing to tell Tom about the task she'd completed >What would it take to recreate that? >What could you possibly- "Wait." >You briefly stare at the wall and rest your hand against it "Wait, wait..." >Then make your way out of the alley and back to the front of the store >"Hey! What are you doing?" >Aria calls out from the alley >You look around, through the glass >At the trashy cashier >At shift manager Tom >The soda fountain in the back >A couple of customers who browse through the refrigerated soft drinks >"Dude?" >She joins you >"What are you looking at?" "Hey. Aria." >"...What?" "Do you like working here?" >She considers the question for a few seconds >"It felt really good, I guess." "Would you keep working here for a long time if you could?" >She sighs >"I can't work here. That's why Tom called you. To get rid of me." "Yeah. There are strict laws about that in my world, but my point is, would you do it if you could?" >Again, she ponders >"Y-Yeah. I think I would." "THEN-" >You slide a couple feet and come to a stop in front of her >Her vision's filled with the black sky above, a calm gas station, and your clenched fists shaking in front of you "Then you're in luck, outlaw!" >"Uhhh." "Aria!" >You stroke your chin >Even it feels a little bruised "I faced you in battle and, look at me. I'm barely standing! The simple act of breathing fills me with pain." >"Only because you let-" "Years from now I'll still have nightmares about the relentless beating you gave me." >With confusion on her face, she cocks her head and sticks her hands into her apron pocket "You're the strongest woman I've ever met. You'd call anyone out on their bullshit. Just the kind of person I'm looking for." >"For... what?" "My brand new company." >You throw your arms into the air and imagine fireworks shooting out of the gas pumps >Littering the sky with loud, colorful explosions "Mercy Quartet. Mission statement: Fix. Everything." ___ >You wake up again, and raise your head >With hands rested on the steering wheel you sit in total darkness >Passenger seat's still empty >Aria continues to sit outside the- "Ah." >The gas station door is now entirely unobstructed >She went inside, right? >You lean back and lay your hands in your lap >The moment you expected a yes or no answer out of Aria, she backpedalled >First you had reminded her of the difference between a slave and an employee "It's basically the same, except you get money and respect." >She seemed intrigued at that point >When you went on about teaching her to enjoy an honest life, she wavered >And when you held out your hand and asked her if she was onboard she covered her mouth >"Wait. Wait. I need to think." >That much is only natural, but her next statement took the excitement out of you: >"I got... caught up in the moment." >So she sat down, immediately got hit by the door >Yelled at a couple of customers and then sat back down a bit to the right >Before heading to the car you told her, "I understand if you don't want to be around me after everything. Take as much time as you need." >By now the sun is about to rise >At first you were terrified to get a "no" >Now you're just anxious to hear an answer at all >You consider turning on the radio to distract yourself >That'd just make you more anxious >With a grunt, you shut your eyes again and gently tap your leg with your fingertips ___ >Something scrapes the window on the passenger's side >You open one eye >The door's handle moves >Various colored bags hug the glass and display their stylish logos to you >Sounds like a bottle falls and hits the cement >"Shit." >The colorful mountain slides down, a couple of bags rolling off in the process >Then it comes back up and the handle resumes its resultless clanking >"Fuck!" >Muffled swears keep rolling in >Eventually you think to reach over and pull on the lock >Her door flies open >The mountain tilts back and for a moment you're sure it's going to fall >Against the odds she spins around and gets everything inside, most of it landing between the seats >"Stupid metal box bullshit! Can humans make ANYTHING right!?" >Cars work shockingly well, all things considered >"'These things are just too easy to sit down in, let's make it FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.'" >She knocks a couple of bags into the floorboard as she jumps in, then pulls a two liter soda off of the ground "Um." >The door slams and she sighs with relief >"I swear, dude." "...Aria?" >The bags laying on your lap are snatched up and stuffed above the glovebox "What is all of this? I hope you didn't-" >"Steal it? I wouldn't betray Shift Manager Tom. He-" >As if an idea had just struck, her face lights up. She digs through her pile and lifts a big red bag that reads "Doritos" >"He, he bought me these!" "Really? Why?" >Her raised eyebrow shouts "dumb question" >"This is my pay. Like, for doing my job. He let me buy whatever I want. I got chips, beef jerky and soda. Mostly chips, but... now I wish I got more soda." >She sets the bottle on her leg and faces the label toward you >"Pepsi. I bought it, so I'm the only one who gets to drink it." >As she stares down at her junk food, a smile appears on her face >"If Sonata tries, you know what's gonna happen." >Her fingers move to twist the cap, but she stuffs it back into the floorboard instead >"It's hot... can you make it cold like you did to the beans?" "Oh. Of course." >She hums and grabs the Doritos >"Let's go back." "Aria? Does this mean-" >"I get my own room, right?" "S-Sure?" >You think over what rooms there are to spare >Making her sleep in the punishment room would be a bad idea >The guest room's not really an option either >Giving up your room doesn't sound great >There is your parent's... >Wait, this is beside the point "So your answer is y-" >"Just make sure it has a bed in it." >She grips the top of the bag and attempts to tear it open, with no success >"Oh, come on." >You smile "Okay. I won't make you say it, but I'm taking this as a yes." >The bag hits you directly in the face >It falls into your hands >"Open it." >You present it to her, fingers pinching opposite sides >The squealing plastic backs a cringing Aria into the car door >When it gives and the chips go tumbling around, she pulls it down between her legs and digs in >Each chip she stuffs in her mouth earns a loud crunch and a faint "mmmm" >Once she takes the time to swallow and breathe, she mumbles, >"Thanks Anonymous." "...Huh. That's weird." >"Hm?" "Is that the first time you've called me by my name?" >"I guess? Probably." "It felt weird." >Much better than "idiot", "pervert" or "asshole" "Felt good." >She snerks >"Don't blow your load." "I didn't mean it like that." >"I know. It feels good to hear your name." "It does." >Aria nods her head a few times >"Everyone should get to hear their name at least once. It's something I feel strongly about." >The steering wheel spins under her clawing hand >"Would you hurry up? I hate being in this thing. Brings back *memories*. Plus, we've gotta talk." "About what?" >"The Twilight girl. And what you're going to do for Adagio." >You watch her chomp down on a few more chips "I'll give her a job, too. I don't understand the question." >Aria immediately shakes her head >"She's not going to work for you." "Why not? Can't you convince her t-" >"No. She will never be your employee." >Before she's even finished her sentence, another chip is on its way to her mouth >You run a few fingers over your black eyes "You're not making me feel too great, Aria." >Her feet push bags out of the way as she stretches her legs and sinks into her chair >"A warning's not supposed to make you feel good, dude." __ >Chilly air pours out from the front door >It bathes the scrapes and bruises on your face with even more discomfort >The living room's barely lit by the rising sun >Your AC is still going strong >The TV's on, though turned down low >You flick on the lights >"Hm?" >Various pillows fall into the floor as a giant worm rises from the couch >Its head end bobs, then bends in your direction >"Anon?" >Its attempt at climbing over the couch arm end with a collision with the coffee table >You wince as a mostly empty soda glass rolls into the floor "Careful." >"It is you!" >An arm forces its way out of the creature's mouth and grips the carpet >"Finally!" >It bends and straightens out frantically, making little progress each time >Halfway to you, another arm comes free and feels around at the worm's base >"Dang it." >It finds a small string, and tugs >Initially it seems to make things worse >Once it switches to a shorter string the entire thing loosens up >It sheds its outer layer sleeping bag and a few bunched up blankets unravel into the floor >"Anon! Anon!" >And up from this mess springs Sonata, with red eyes and a fearful expression >"I'm sorry! I'm not mad any mo..." >She freezes in a second sense Her eyes wander up and down your entire body before settling on your face >"Anon. Oh my gosh. What happened!?" >Her hands go straight to your bruises >You expect comforting warmth that you'd regretfully brush away >Instead, it's like being attacked by an ice box "Whoa! Cold!" >She gasps and apologizes, repeatedly "It's fine." >"No really, I'm sorry!" "I know you're sorry." >She bounces nervously and rubs her hands together >"I'll make it warm. I'm so sorry..." >She's on the verge of tears >Trembling lips and all "Sonata, why are you so worked up?" >"Here!" >The hands make a return "Gah! It's just as bad as before!" >"Ohhh!" >She sighs and rubs her hands against the front of her shirt >"Sorry, sorry!" "S-Sonata. Enough with the apologies." >"Okay." "My face doesn't need warmed." >She pauses >"...Okay." "Why don't you tell me what's got you so scared?" >"Oh. Um. Ummm. Y-You were gone all day." >You nod >"I was worried that I. You know. Uh. R-Ruined things." "...As in our relationship?" >She stares at the floor "...Have you been crying?" >She shrugs her shoulders and sways her arms >What a hassle she's been through >Worrying about this all day, then freezing all night >But it's okay "Sonata. There's something that we need to talk about." >On the drive back from the station you made your decision >As gut wrenching as it will be to go through with >This kind of fear... >It's the first thing that has to go >"What? Tell me?" "Uh. Oh boy. I don't know how to say this. Um." >You rest your hands on her shoulders "We. W-We have to. Uh." >It's alright >It'll be fine >Just be gentle "Look. Let's go make you something for breakfast, and we'll discus-" >You headbutt Sonata >She yelps and falls to the floor >Pain barely registers on your punished forehead, and the hand on the back of your head slides away >"Could you move already?" >After you get out of the way, Aria takes two big steps toward the couch >Her collection of junk food pours onto the coffee table and her Pepsi bottle proudly stands at its corner "Aria? What was that?" >You reach under Sonata's arms and lift her up >"Aria is back?" "Yeah." >You rub her forehead "She's going to stay, too." >"Why's it so cold? There has to be a better way to chill my soda." >Aria gives you a thumbs up >"Sorry. I interrupted it. Go ahead." "Hush..." >Sonata looks to each of you >"What is going on?" "Things have changed." >"What does that mean?" "We're..." >You're... >It's... "Jesus it's cold. One second." >You run off to the hallway >Sonata watches you go with a hand resting on her forehead >"Wait. Why didn't Anon tie you up?" >Aria puts on a little smile >"The better question is why he didn't tie YOU up." >Sonata covers her mouth >"What does that mean!? What happened?" >Silence >"Aria, what's going on?" >A quiet snicker >"Is Anon... mad at me?" >The bag of Doritos is noisily opened up >Aria stuffs one after another into her mouth and stares >Her chewing is uncomfortably slow >"Y-You're scaring me." >You make your return "It'll warm up soon. I'll teach you guys about the AC later." >Sonata wraps her arms around your waist and buries her face in your chest >"Please don't tie me up! I'll never get mad again!" "What!?" >Aria points her finger and bursts into mean-spirited laughter "What did you say?" >"Nothing." >"She says you're gonna tie me up!" >"N-No, I said you SHOULD be tied up." >"Same thing!" >Aria pushes the Doritos aside and leans over the back of the couch >"No it's not." "Guys." >"Yes!" "Come on." >She hops over the back and pries Sonata off of you >"This is your chance to start fresh and stop being a tattletale, so make the best of it." >"Just tell me what's happening!" >"You're at the bottom now, that's what." >"What does that MEAN!?" >"It means there's only one slave in this room, and it's not me!" "Aria! Would you shut up?! I can handle it." >She looks to you for a moment in surprise, before rolling her eyes and leaning against the couch >Sonata grabs hold of your arm and whines impatiently "Aria isn't a prisoner anymore." >"Sh-she agreed to be good?" "Uh, more or less." >Aria goes back to munching on her chips >"So Aria is your Equestrian slave now?" "No. She's-" >Aria's hand shoots up "She's an..." >It waves back and forth "She's... what? Do you want to say it?" >She nods, and you sigh "Okay. Restrain yourself." >"I'm no slave!" >She pokes Sonata in the chest >"'Cause I don't give in after a few days like a wimp." >"What...?" >"I waited it out, and now I'm a RESPECTED employee. I get money, my own room, and look at all this shit I can buy." >Aria gestures wildly to the coffee table >"Look at it!" >"Employee? Huh? ...Wait! I'm not a slave!" >"Pfft. You agreed to be a good little Equestrian slave and you know it." >"Yeah, but I'm not now!" >Sonata squeezes your arm tighter >You tense up >"I'm special to Anon!" "Sonata, things have-" >"He loves me! I'm his girlfriend!" >Aria's cocky smile turns into shock, then disgust >She looks to you for confirmation "...Well. I never said that I loved her. And we haven't done anything. I mean, we never even kissed." >Just like that, Aria's cocky smile returns >"Never. Even. Kissed." >"Anon?!" >Sonata backs away, mouth hung in disbelief >"How could you say that!" "Look, it's not like I... unlove you... I just feel like things developed in an inappropriate context." >Her expression stays "...You feel pressured into being my girlfriend, don't you?" >"No. I like being your girlfriend." "You seem really uncomfortable around me sometimes. Like you're forcing yourself to look happy, and-" >"Nooo!" "-Sonata. I'm pretty sure I'm right about this." >You rub the back of your hand "Like yesterday, when you were on the coffee table." >"The fuck?" >Aria chimes in, and you ignore her "Out of nowhere it was like you desperately wanted to be somewhere else." >"Nooo." "Be honest. Did you feel like that at all?" >She eyes the forest painting on the wall, then your shoes, in silence "You feel that way because you have the fear of being tied up or abandoned on your shoulders. I can't... force you to live like that." >"You're WRONG." >Sonata shakes her head >"I felt that way for another reason!" "Huh? Why, then?" >"Because I, I messed up. Really bad, and I didn't want you to know." >She covers her eyes with one hand and lowers her head >"I felt bad." "About what?" >"About..." >Huff >"A-About!" >Groan >"...Adagio. The day Aria ran away, I told Adagio that I'm your girlfriend, after you said not to, and I was really excited at first 'cause it WORKED Anon, she said that she was gonna reconsider you and stuff, and I wanted to tell you but then I remembered you saying not to tell Adagio and felt really really bad and I didn't want you to be disappo..." >She takes a breath >"Disappointed in me." >The will you'd built up on the short ride home to make this change starts to crumble >Could that really be it? >Something so small? "Sonata. Are you serious?" >You smile "That's not such a huge deal, you know?" >"R-Really?! Then!" >She perks up and opens her arms in invitation, just a little >"Then, then!" "I. Um." >Something drives you to check with Aria >The moment you see her angry frown, you realize: >It's all the same >"Then it's fine, Anon?" >Sonata takes one step forward >"You forgive me?" "I forgive you, yeah." >Her hug invitation becomes more blatant, and her relieved smile warmer >You reach out and hold her arm away "Hold on." >"What?" "That doesn't change things." >"What?!" "The point behind all of this is that becoming my girlfriend while I'm your 'master'... would always cause problems. It's not right. And on top of that, things are going to change. I want you to be focused on those changes." >"...What are you saying?" "That..." >You can feel her hopeful, nervous stare "We have to break up. Like I said, it's not that I dislike you. It's something that has to happen. Do you understand?" >That stare shows no signs of ending for several seconds >She might even have been holding her breath >When you see her shoulders rise and fall again, it's accompanied... >By a weak smile, scrunched up eyebrows and tear-filled eyes >"Anon." >She shakes her head very slowly >"You just broke... my heart... into a thousand... pieces." ___ >The box drops with a thud >While you hover over it and scan the instruction on the side, Aria taps her fingers on the other end of the table >Muffled sobs from the living room have both of you at your wit's end >"I'm just saying, you gave me permission." >She whispers to you "Aria." >You whisper back >"It's not my fault she can't handle anything. All I told her was the truth. If she would just act like an adult, there wouldn't even be a problem right now." >Your eyes move from word to word, but none of it really sticks "Aria, I'm reading." >"Just tell me this then. Am I a slave, or not?" >Sigh "What are you getting at." >"Am I allowed to speak my mind or not? Getting mad at me just for talking, gee, that sounds like something a slaver would do." >You push the box aside >It's just an air mattress, how complicated could it be "Don't pretend to be stupid." >She mouths a "what?" "You're trying to get out of trouble." >There's a chair that sits in the corner of the kitchen with little purpose >You slide it over and drop the box onto it "The way you talked to Sonata was meant to upset her. That's why I'm unhappy with you." >"That's not true. I told you, she's just LIKE this." "You toyed with her because she's like this. It's called pushing her buttons." >"I told. The truth." >A few minutes ago, after Sonata stuffed her face into a couch cushion and began to cry, Aria went to work defending herself >Following you into your parent's room and going on and on while you dug through their closet >Pausing when she realized you were about to go upstairs and see if Adagio needed anything >Now that the hairball's locked in your downstairs bathroom, the argument with Aria continues quietly in the kitchen >Raising your voice would probably shut her up >But maybe shutting her up isn't the best choice >With the chair resting in your hands, you stop next to her on the way out "Aria." >"Mhm?" "Remember back when you spat in Sonata's face?" >"Wha? Eh..." "And she came and told me?" >"..." "And asked me not to punish you for it? Or punish you at all?" >She rolls her eyes >"That has nothing to do with this." "In a way it does. It says something about you." >"Oh yeah?" >Her head, which was leaning to the right, cocks to the left >"What?" "There's no hierarchy anymore. Starting right now. I want to make that clear, but: when Sonata was higher than you, she tried to use it to make things easier for you." >"So?" "And when you got higher, you gloated about it, got her all worked up, ruined my plan of breaking it off gently, and now you're trying to get me to say it was SONATA'S fault." >"It... was..." >Her whisper becomes even more quiet >Her shoulders sink "I- Look. I've got to take this to the guest room. Give it a few minutes, okay? Instead of telling me I'm wrong over and over, would you please think about what I said? We can talk about it more in a few." >"But-" "I'll think about what you said too." >"...Um." >You lean down a bit to meet eyes with her in her slouching state >"Wh-whatever. Just fuck off then." >...Well >After sliding the air mattress back to the center of the chair, you head off ___ >You're sweating >Thanks to this shrimp's body heat; her back and hair sandwiching one arm, her thighs and legs sandwiching the other >Thanks to the heightened anxiety you feel toward this girl, due to Aria's warning >And thanks to your over-correction on the thermostat >Having to pass right by the weeping Sonata to get to the staircase was the worst part >If Adagio were more talkative to you, she'd probably have some choice words "Here we are. End of the line." >At the top of the stairs, you turn and carefully slide through the doorway. Her hair doesn't quite fit >Though she always looks away from you when you're around, this time you can at least tell she's staring at the chair outside the guest bedroom >And then at the coffee table near her spot by the wall, which is joined by a flattened plastic mattress and black air pump >And finally at the box laying on top of a big blue, fuzzy pillow "Surprise." >You sit her down on one end of the table and stand behind the other >Unsure of what to say, you watch her thoroughly examine each of the room's additions >Though the coffee table has been here the entire time, and was simply out of her reach >She lays a hand flat on it and curls one finger at a time, taking in its texture >"Presents?" "...Uh, no. Bare essentials." >"Damage control?" "No? What do you mean?" >She takes the blue pillow, rolling the box into the floor, and places it on her lap >"The cold. I thought perhaps you were desperate to make me forget about your failure." >She puts on a smug face and leans against the wall >Her tone is lowered slightly as she quotes: >"You'll get hungry, sleep on a park bench, and miss the wooden floor. At least it stays warm in here. You said this to Aria." "That's still true. I was just gone..." >"Well, you're here now. Why is Sonata in such distress?" "Uhh." >"Why haven't you announced Aria's defection? Something gone wrong? Does it have anything to do with the sorry condition of your face?" >Her eyebrows sink, and her lips curl into a cruel smile >Maybe it wasn't so bad when she didn't talk "Everything is fine. I had a wake up call recently..." >AKA getting the shit beat out of you "...the effects of it are causing some small problems." >"Elaborate." >She snaps her fingers to direct your attention >Snaps >Her fucking >Fingers >"What was this wake up call?" "I'll tell you later." >"Then leave." "What!?" >A burst of anger suggests standing up and yelling >But you hold your breath for a moment, then exhale slowly "See this?" >You raise the empty box up and then discard it over your shoulder "It's your bed." >"This flat piece of garbage?" "You've got no room criticizing things for-" >Dial it down >Stay calm >"...Excuse me?" "It's not aired up is all." >You scoot next to the pump "You might have to do this on a regular basis, so-" >She stands up >Your heart skips a beat >Her threatening posture and mountainous hair go a long way; as short as she is, it feels like she's towering over you >"By all means, human, finish your sentence." "F-Forget about that. Haha, just look at the pump." >"No room criticizing things for..." >She takes a step "Nothing, nothing. Pay attention." >She takes another "Look at the pump, shrimp." >Her eyes go wide for a moment, then glimmer with violent intent "...L-LOOK AT THE PUMP!" >You flip the switch >A puny but confident motor pipes up, louder than you expected >Adagio hops an inch off the floor >The back of one hand covers her mouth, and the other raises, balled into a fist "...It's just a pump!" >God it's loud "IT'S JUST A PUMP." >"WHAT?" "IT'S SAFE. IT JUST AIRS UP THE MATTRESS." >A swift kick sends a small piece of black plastic flying across the room >A much harder second kick silences the pump and rolls it across the floor "...Seriously?" >Her shoulders are tensed up, and her eyes opened wide >Focused on the demon contraption "It's a pump. It shoots air into the... god." >You reach over and bring it back to the mattress >Adagio's foot waits raised above as you re-attach it "It's harmless." >"Don't do it again." "Adagio." >"I'll kill it again." >You rest your forehead in one hand, and shift the mattress around with the other >Once it's connected you pull the pillow over and set it on top "Don't kick it. Please. I don't even know where to go to buy one of these." >Her foot lingers in the air >Sigh >You reach under, flip the switch and then smother as much of it as you can without dislodging it >Though still annoying, it's far easier to listen to "See?" >Her suspicious stare shows no signs of disappearing even after she sits down >In fact, after the mattress has come to life and the silenced pump is stuffed back into the box, her eyes follow along "This is a bed. Not a real one, obviously, but it's pretty sweet." >It moves around as you pat it "Much better than the floor." >Expecting Adagio to try it out, you sit behind the coffee table and toss the pillow over >She sits up, brings her legs up to her chest... >Yawns, and looks at the wall to her left >She'll probably use it once you've gone >Hopefully >You stand up "Are you hungry?" >"..." "I can make you a sandwich or something. I'm going to go grocery shopping soon, so we'll have more." >"..." "Weeell, if you decide you want anything." >Back to the usual it seems >You bend over to take the pump - for its own safety - but change your mind, sitting down again "It's true, Aria defected. Kind of. Here's the thing though: It wasn't her idea." >Unless your eye is playing tricks on you, her hair shifts toward you "Even if you weren't happy with her, why send away your only ally?" >You wait patiently for an explanation that doesn't come "Maybe it has to do with Sonata's slip-up?" >"Huh?" >Her attention returns to you >In response, you clasp your hands together and lay them in the center of the table "Bingo? It's all I can think of. Both happened on the same day." >Adagio's face is smug as usual, but there's a hint of... nervousness? >That'd be a first. Brainstorm, go "Pushing Aria to my side. Like I said, it doesn't make sense to ditch your ally, so you must be hoping for something to happen." >Her eyebrows raise "Something between those two. No, between the three of us?" >Her eyes squint ever so slightly "Aria definitely isn't a fan of Sonata and I dating, for whatever reason. And it's already fueled an argument." >She swallows hard "You gambled away your only friend because you thought it might cause. Uh. ...You thought it would break my control over them! That's it. Now that I'm aware, I'll double down on keeping those kinds of arguments in check." >"B-But! You weren't supposed to find out!" >Her mouth hangs open, perhaps in awe of your speedy deduction >"My plans! They're... how did you..." >She rests her hands on her chest, grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes shut >"They're ruined. How could I be so careless?!" >You put on a big smile "Don't worry." >Rubbing it in her face was your first idea, but all things considered, you should hold back "Don't be embarrassed. The other girls were bound to give me those clues eventually. You don't need your 'plans' anymore, anyway, I'm changing things to-" >That face of a vulnerable woman who, after losing her last chance at bringing you down, had dropped her tough act... is gone >In its place is a cold, dismissive stare that says, "you're an idiot" "...Oh." >Your smile didn't last long >She hums a single, somber note >"Is a house made more stable, once you learn it's been built with cards?" "...Of course not." >"There you have it. I don't care in the slightest if you've caught on to my intentions, or the obvious problem on your hands. They weren't much of a secret in the first place." "I can protect it. If I focus on the problem, it won't ever ruin things." >"Protect a house of cards? It'll collapse sooner rather than later. On top of that, ask yourself if it's worth protecting in the first place." "So you think, what? That I can't control them? That they'll come running back to you?" >"I think you're a human, who lives in a big, comfortable house, whose idea of 'danger' is not getting what he wants. I think you're a human who believes companions can be earned with spankings and violation, after weeks of sleeping bound on the floor." >Without thinking about it, you feign a disgusted, confused expression "No... I mean... at first. That's what I was going to talk to you about. I'm going to change things." >"Change." "Yeah. I realized how dangerous it is to be hunted by Equestrians, and how terribly I've treated you. I want to start over and work together." >"Just like that. Forget everything that's happened?" >You avert your eyes in embarrassment >"Do you think that's all it takes, or that I would ever believe you? Has your simplistic human brain convinced you that I would accept YOU of all people into my group, and treat you as I treat Sonata or Aria?" "That's not what I had in mind. I'd still be the leader, but-" >"You! Leading me!" >Anger builds as you listen to her condescending laugh >"Shut your mouth, and listen close. This dynamic that you've created - one girl whose head is filled with thoughts of love towards you, and rivalry towards another girl who is determined to stay second in command to a man she has troubling, conflicting feelings about - it'll end itself. You'll go through new lectures every day and find that nothing changes. While trying and failing to pick up the pieces, time will run out. The Equestrian will find you. You'll rush into this room, fall to the floor, and beg me to take control. When that happens?" >She kicks the table into you, then lifts and slams her feet down toward your fleeing hands, one at a time >"Don't forget my necklace." >You stand, a hand laying against your stomach >Still unable to look at her, your eyes take to the ropes to her left >The frustration builds upon itself in the silent moment before you respond: "Are you sure you want to piss off the person who decides whether you sleep in a bed or on the floor?" >"Haha." >Adagio yawns, and grins with half-lidded eyes >"What a weak, short-lived change that was, hm? Giving up in less than a minute. Anonymous... a leader, you are not." "I..." >You sigh into the palm of your hand >That, too, was never much of a secret ___ >With the chair in place under the doorknob, you approach the staircase empty-handed >There's not even time to think about what she said; having told Aria you'd consider about her argument, you feel pressured to do so before the discussion starts again >Your feet move as slowly as they could down the steps. One arm slides down the rail >For most of the way down it feels as though you're weighing your points against hers rapidly >Taking in what she intended, what happened, why it needs to stop >Her angsty face and sarcastic mannerisms play out in your head >But by about halfway down, you notice that Sonata is no longer crying, and after that you realize that your thoughts aren't amounting to much >It's just emotion >You continue on, Aria still occupying your mind's eye >Yelling >Cursing >Punching >For a moment, you swear you actually hear her hushed, pissy voice >"Look at me you mental retard." >Oh >A few more steps down, the back of the couch comes into view >Aria sits on the left side and stares down at what must be the emotional Sonata laying flat on the other >"Sonata!" >Shouldn't listen in, right? >You start to turn around to head back up, so as not to interrupt whatever she's trying to do >Of course, that idea dies fast >You sit down and rest your arms in your lap >"You're going to make me mad, and then you're going to look like Anonymous." >Sonata lets out a muffled, frustrated groan >"I'm serious. I'm going to count to three." >Aria raises up her fist >"One." >A finger pops up >The count crawls, with nearly five seconds before the "two" >Then she stops, with a peace sign floating in the air >... >Another muffled groan sends Aria into the couch arm, where she lets out a heavy sigh >She springs forward again and tugs Sonata up by the ponytail >"OW." >"I said TWO, so you better stay up." >Sonata scoffs >"It's only scary when Dagi does it, stupid." >"Y-You want scary!?" >Aria raises her fist, hesitates, then lowers it >As soon as her hair is released, the gloomy siren faceplants the couch again >"God damn it Sonata, it's not that big of a deal." >"It IS though." >"Why do you even like him? He's an asshole." >A weight sinks into your arms, and they slide down the sides of your legs >Sonata's pulled up again and Aria gets inches away from her >"The only butthole here is you. I wish your face was beat up, instead of Anon's." >"He is a COMPLETE asshole. He hit you and tied you up. Don't you even care?" >"Only because he had to." >"No, he said he DIDN'T have to. Even he knows he's an asshole. I know it, Adagio knows it, the Twilight chick probably knows it. I bet he's in the news back home for being such an elusive ASSHOLE." >"You better shut up. And don't EVER. Say that girl's name. Again." >Aria grabs Sonata's shoulders and shakes her a bit >"About Twilight Charkle. We have to deal with her, so stop being a baby. Accept that he's an asshole and that he never loved you." >Come on... >Sonata shoves Aria away and falls backwards herself >They both cross their arms >"You know what? I think you're jealous." >"Pffffffffffft!" >Aria breaks into a short, wheezy laugh >"I think you should be jealous of me, if anything." >"Talking out of your butt as usual I see." >"What!?" >Interrupting seems like a very good idea at this point >...then again, those details have to come to light eventually >You rest against the wall and close your eyes in awful anticipation >"He like..." >"Whuuuut? Saw you naked? Wow, big deal. OOPS! I meant small deal, 'cause like, your boobs are tiny." >"Shut the fuck up. That's not what I was going to say." >"Then whuuuut?" >Aria looks at the carpet for a while, enduring a few more annoying "what"s >Then she waves her hand back and forth >"...Whatever. I was talking out of my ass." >Your eyes open and your eyebrows shoot up, half in confusion, half in relief >"We're sidetracked. This is about... you not being a mopey loser." >Sonata's arms fly into the air >"I got dumped like TEN MINUTES AGO!" >"Shhh! And I don't care! You can't date him!" >"Why not!?" >"Because!" >"'Cause you want to date him?" >Aria slaps both hands onto her face >When they slide off, they shoot right to Sonata's collar and pull >"No, because he's our leader. ...In this world. Would you date Adagio? No. So you can't date him either. It's fucking weird. But even if it weren't weird you'd still be single, because HE. Broke up. With YOU." >Sonata opens her mouth, no doubt with another sarcastic response readied >Something seems to catch in her throat >She swallows, fidgets around >Shrugs her shoulders >"He... he did. H-He broke up with me, huh?" >That weak smile returns >Sonata chuckles >Scratches her cheek >Nods her head >Then bursts into tears >"Wh-wh-why doesn't he liiiike meeeeheeeheheheeeeeeee!" >Aria props a leg up on the coffee table, knocking off a few bags of chips >Since she's looking away, not so much as shaking her head or cursing, you suppose she's spent >You can relate. Sleeping is the most tempting thing in the world right now, regardless of the sunrise >Falling asleep right here on the stairs would be acceptable >But, seeing Sonata like this... >Is too much >You pull up on the railing until you're to your feet and brace yourself >"He DOES like you, fucktard." >"...Huh?" >You sit right back down >Aria throws the bag of chips to Sonata >"God, do I seriously have to explain this crap to you? He said himself that he had to do it." >"B-But..." >"He stopped the car on the way here just so he could bitch and moan about it." >"...what?" >"Yeah. 'Ohh Aria, ever since I met Sonata my life's been ten times better! I won't be able to fall asleep without her next to me! I won't have anyone to cuddle with! Woe is me!' He wouldn't shut the fuck up about it." >Sonata doesn't say anything, but after a loud sniff, scoots closer to Aria >"That's not even the worst part, he turns into a total pushover when it's about you. He said he's giving you his bedroom, and sleeping on the couch." >"What!?" >Aria raises an index finger to her mouth, and nods her head >"You're like his stupid prized cow. That's why you can't be the leader's girlfriend. Besides, we've got a real chance here." >"Give me... his bed?" >"We have to make this work really well so we can convince Adagio, and fuck up Twilight." >"He really does like me..." >"Adagio told me to switch sides you know, and Anonymous isn't being a complete idiot at the moment, so-" >Aria punches her palm >"-we HAVE to do this. If we show Adagio that we're doing fine without her, I think she'll go 'well it was my plan all along' and join our side." >Sonata scoots even closer, pausing Aria's speech >Eager to hear more of it you sit forward on your step >"Aria." >Sniff >"Wh-what?" >"He likes me, but he broke up with me anyway." >"...Yeah." >"So this emotional torment in my heart was pointless." >Aria scoots away >"I guess." >Sonata goes searching for the bag of chips behind her >"He. He made me cry, even though he loves me." >"Likes you. I said he likes you." >"He broke up with me even though he still wants to call me honey and stuff?" >Sonata practically punches the bag to secure a few chips to toss into her mouth >"Honey?" >"He shattered a poor girl's heart for NO reason?" >"There IS a reason, I literally just said what it was. The three of us are a team now, and we have two huge problems." >"It makes me so MAD!" >She punches into the bag again >The chips she retrieves crack into pieces in her fist >"Mad at... him?" >"YES!" >She raises her hand above herself, tilts her head up, and with shut eyes and an open mouth, lets the shattered chips rain all over the place >Fuck >Gilda's not around to clean that these days >"I wasn't trying to make you mad at him. You better not say that I was." >"I won't. I'll freaking tell him how dumb he is." >Like her companion, Sonata rests a leg on the coffee table >"That's. Better than being sad I guess. But like, use that anger toward Twilight." >"Twilight!?" >"It's basically her fault that he broke up with you. If she wasn't in the picture he'd probably still be with you." >"WHAT!?" >Aria looks to her right, and you can see a devious smile on the side of her face >"Yeah. It was DEFINITELY Twilight's fault, so we have to work together and stop her. Partially for revenge." >"REVENGEANCE?" >"...Yeah. Revenge. For making Anonymous... let me... make you... cry." >That >Was almost an actual apology >Must be a rare thing to hear from her, since Sonata's angry yelling stops immediately, and her leg slides off the table >"...Aria..." >"If you say it I'm going to hit you." >Sonata scoots a little closer, a smile appearing on her face and leaving Aria's >"I-" >"Shut up." >The distance between the two shrinks bit by bit >"I for-" >Aria covers Sonata's mouth >"This is my button, and you're trying to push it. So stop." >While mumbling into Aria's hand, Sonata latches onto the much stronger girl's arm and pulls down with all her might >Soon her face is free and she lunges into Aria, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling her into a hug >"I forgive you!" >"G-GE-GET OFF." >That weight in your arms seems to be gone completely >You stand up again and rest your hands on your hips >Perhaps Adagio underestimates her own companions? >"I forgiiiiive yoooou!" >"So-so-sona-sonata, STOP." >You smile, watching your employee get smothered with unwanted affection >That anxious, imaginary barrier that was keeping you between floors disappears >When the right moment arrives you'll march downstairs and do whatever you can to keep this exact mood going >Sonata giggles >Aria squirms in a circle, trying to free herself >"Sonata. I'm not kidding. You're PISSING. Me. OFF. Stop." >The giggling intensifies >Being part of this would be nice >The wait for that perfect moment becomes tedious >"I'm not gonna say it again." >Her attacker snorts with laughter and rubs her face into her cheek >"Aaaaria said soooorry! Aaaaria said sooooorry!" >"...Get the fuck OFF OF ME!" >Sonata's big, blue ponytail twirls around as she spins, having been violently shoved away by the right shoulder >When she comes to a brief stop, she's nearly standing up >Then she falls >She panics, twisting and grabbing at the large standing pillows >One joins her in a plummet to the floor, during which the back of her head smacks loudly into the corner of the coffee table >You gasp >"...Oh, fuck. That was definitely YOUR fault. You just knocked over my soda, too." >This is the moment to be acting on, probably >You rush down the stairs ___ >"Don't push so hard, I don't want them to break..." >Instead of shoving, you poke at the chip bags with both index fingers >Slowly, very slowly, each slides into place in the top cabinet >Aria sighs in relief >"Finally. That's the last of them." >She gets on her tiptoes and hooks the cabinet door with a finger >It... >Doesn't shut all the way >Close enough for her, apparently >She heads back into the living room and grabs her prized possession >Two whole liters of Pepsi. Still a bit shaken up from its tumble >You open the fridge "Put it anywhere." >She rolls it onto the empty top shelf >Huh >Thought you had more food than this >Definitely need to go shopping >With the last of Aria's purchases in place, you turn your attention to the table >More specifically, the girl sitting there, burying her face in her arms "Alright. We're ready." >Aria spins a chair around and sits leaning on its back >With the dry erase marker you found in the drawer, you write on the fridge's whiteboard: >"Mercy Quartet Initiation Meeting" >Then stand proudly beside it >Sonata doesn't even stir when Aria nudges her >"Wake up." >She whines, though "It's okay. She can rest if she wants-" >Aria glares "-is what I would have said before. But now Sonata's got an opportunity, like the one Aria has. And I don't think she'd want to miss out on it." >... >Sonata raises up >Her eyes still red from crying, and her posture weak and mopey >"Excuse me if I'm not feeling so well after my INJURY." "It's not really an injury, is it?" >"What? I was knocked out for like, months." "Unconscious people don't sob." >She slaps the tabletop >"I meant it FELT like I was knocked out, Anon!" "Alright. Alright." >You hold your hands up and nod your head >It's tricky to fight off two urges at once. The first to point out how much worse shape your own head is in, and the second to baby Sonata and let her skip the meeting "I'm sorry your head hurts, but we need to talk." >"About what?!" >You point the marker at the board and smile >"What? Is that our name?" "Yes, and we're here to discuss terms, and our group's goals." >"It's dumb." "...What?" >"That's the dumbest name I've heard in my life." >She turns her nose up at you >"And I live with a girl named Aria, so that's saying something." >It strikes you as unbelievable that Sonata would openly taunt Aria >A girl who seems to regularly beat the stuffing out of her >A girl who shoved her into a table not half an hour ago >Aria's new expression is probably asking you to lecture Sonata >But how do you stay mad at a girl who brings so much pain on herself? "Hey." >You lean onto the table, opposite of Sonata and drop your voice to something more gentle "I know you don't feel so great. I'm sorry about your head. Looks like it hurts pretty bad." >She inspects your hand on her shoulder "We can be head injury buddies." >...She doesn't buy it "Look, I think we're all feeling pretty bad. Aria's been tied up for ages, you know? This is the first time she's ever gotten to sit in this house at ease." >You look to Aria >Her eye contact takes you off guard, so you quickly return "Adagio's still locked up. She might look tough, but I bet she'd love to come down from there." >She melts into the table, toward your caressing hand "This meeting is about making everyone feel better, permanently. So can you work with me for that?" >She looks up to you and whines, with vulnerability, rather than sass >"...Okay Anon." >You stand up with so much excitement that you bounce on your heels a couple of times >The whiteboard shakes as you underline the company name "Alright! Welcome to the group!" >Writing "terms" in big bold letters is the next thing that comes to mind >Even for these two, it's probably obvious that you have no idea what you're doing "The big thing about our group is that there are no more slaves, and no more iron-fist leaders. I'll serve as the boss, who makes sure we're on the right track, and you guys will be my employees. If you ever have suggestions or questions, feel free to bring it up." >Aria looks pretty comfortable >You take your chair and sit the same way "My money isn't infinite, though. In fact it might be hard to pay you guys consistently. So I'll give you other benefits to make up for it." >"Like what?" >The tougher of the two sirens sits up straight >"Like bedrooms?" "Yeah. Anything you want in exchange for working for me." >"I want those." >She grabs onto the chair with one hand, leans back and waves the other all around >Pointing to each of the cabinets resting under the ceiling >Most of which are currently filled with her junk food "What? Why do you want cabinets?" >"Because." "...Can't we share them?" >"No. SOMEONE will end up eating my chips if they're in EVERYONE'S cabinets." >She discreetly gestures to Sonata "Are you going to ask for the fridge, too?" >"No... there's only one fridge." "Hm." >There are plenty more places in here to store stuff. Why not? "Fine. The top cabinets are Aria's, and can only be used by her." >She smiles "Do you have any others?" >"Yeah, what room do I get?" "Oh yeah." >"I want one with a bed, and a door. And a bathroom." >At that rate she'd rarely have to leave it, would she? "Only my room has its own bathroom, but my parents' room should work fine." >She crosses her arms >...Oh "You want my room." >Sonata spins around and throws her hands into the air >"EXCUSE me!? That's Anon's room! And he kind of had PLANS for it!" >"I think it makes sense to give it to the girl who deserves it." >"I, I deserve it!" >"Ha." >"I do!" >Uh oh >You scratch the back of your head >"Just like you deserved the bed in the nurse's office?" >"Oh my GOD are you still mad about that?" >"I was never mad. It just wasn't fair." >"One of us had to sleep in the floor when Dagi moved in. Might as well be the one who's practically a boy, huh?" >"You know what?" "You know what? I'm keeping my room." >They both go quiet "If it's going to be such a big deal, I'll take it off of the table." >The girls look at each other, and fidget around a bit >Their silence is pretty awkward >After a while Aria raises her hand >You call on her as if she were a student >"I. Uh. That argument was..." >Her face goes red >"m-my fault, or whatever. So just give Sonata the room." >The other siren's face lights up and she claps her hands together "Wow, I wasn't expecting that, Aria." >She scowls at the threat of extending her time in the spotlight "Okay! Moving on. My mom and dad's room should work for you. The bed's bigger than it needs to be, just like mine." >She raises her hand again "...Aria?" >"No one's allowed in my room without permission, and if the door is closed, no one's allowed to even knock, okay?" >Well aren't you territorial "That's fine. No one's allowed in your room." >She clenches a fist in victory >Sonata leans out of her chair with a devious, toothy smile >"Oh I know why you want privacy so badly." >"...Trying to push my buttons again?" >"I think you're more than capable of THAT..." >You nearly drop the marker "Moving on!" >The three of you spend some time spitballing some general rules >Though Aria doesn't quite understand what a TV is, she jumps in on the discussion of how it will be shared >Your approach starts very business-like, assigning time slots >That doesn't sit well with the sirens, and beyond that... >They should learn to share the things that everyone owns >Once everyone is content with the outlined terms, you clear the whiteboard and move on to topic number two: "Reforming the Sirens." >They watch you write it out in big letters >"But weren't you already doing that, Anon?" "...Not really. This is a different kind of reform. Instead of fear and..." >Guilt draws your eyes away from the girls "...Instead of that kind of stuff, I want to give you three a chance to live honest lives." >"Honest?" "Yeah." >"Do I have to do a job?" "Yes." >Sonata grunts "We'll all have to do jobs once I graduate. For now, we have my family's money to carry us. That lets us focus on a big problem." >You take the marker again and write "Twilight Sparkle" on the board "Sonata, do you already understand how illegal your use of magic has been?" >She nods >Something tells you she's more upset about having to work than about being hunted by the government "It's dangerous. Twilight is some kind of official from Equestria, and she's spending every moment of every day looking for you. If she captures you, well, I can't give you honest lives." >Aria punches her fist >"So we capture her and tie her up." "Yeah. Wait what?" >"And beat the crap out of her." "No! No, no! We don't do that at all!" >"...What else can we do? Come on." "Let's just figure out what we know." >You add "is a pony?" under her name "First off. She's not human. You two are the Equestria experts. What can you tell me about her?" >Aria launches into an explanation of the different races >"Earth pony is the one I saw the most. That's what you want. They kick hard as hell, but other than that, pushovers." >She stands beside you and borrows the marker to draw a squiggly circle, with four lines, an oval head and an extremely sharp tail >"And this is a Pegasus." >Aria duplicates the first drawing, but adds a couple of baseball mitts on the back >"They can fly fast as hell. If one chases you, you're going to get caught." >The third drawing has some kind of growth on its face >"And then there's Unicorns. This is what you DON'T want." "Oh?" >"Yeah. They can cast spells." >She circles it >"Hundreds of spells. Thousands. They don't need enchantments, and they're arrogant." >Then she scribbles into the circle until it's nearly filled with black >"But that doesn't matter here, right? She's a human, and humans can't do anything." >Aria takes her seat again "Hm." >... "Ponies aren't this ugly, are they?" >Your marker hits you in the side of the head >At least you manage to catch it >"They're like, obnoxiously pretty, Anon! And they think they're sooo special." >Sonata takes your side next >She presses her palm into the board and smudges out each of the doodles >"Don't even worry about ponies. We can deal with her while she's a human girl. That means she's delicate." >She clutches her heart >"Like me." >You hum, tapping your chin and staring at Sonata's ruffled hair "So there's just three races? No others?" >As Aria formulates her answer, she shifts around in her seat >"Well, technically there's... another..." "What is it?" >"...You don't even have to worry about it." "What? Why? Tell me." >"It's... there's something called an Alicorn. It's a mix of all of the races. Strength, wings, and magic." >Your jaw drops "Why would you think that wasn't important?" >"Because you could probably count the number of Alicorns on one hand." >She wiggles her fingers >"They're gods, and they're even worse than Unicorns. But gods don't hunt down petty criminals." >You decide not to acknowledge her shaky voice "So Twilight's not an Alicorn?" >"Don't even worry about it. She's probably an earth pony." "I see." >The girls spin around in response to a faint noise from outside >One you're not used to hearing here >"What was that?" "Someone pulled in." >"Did what?" ___ >You stand by the front door >The girls wait inside the punishement room >Whoever's here takes their sweet time >Sigh >You step outside and walk past the hedges >To the right, behind your car is one you don't recognize >The kid balancing on rocks nearby's a different story "Hey!" >She slips off, spots you >Looks over her shoulder and then heads your way >"Hi." "What's up?" >"Nothing. Waiting to go home." "You didn't drive here, did you?" >Sweetie scratches the inside of her ear and chuckles >"Yeah right." >With the same hand that was just scraping ear wax, she offers a handshake >"I'm Sweetie Belle. Did you lose a fight or something?" >You choose to wave your hand, instead "Anonymous. Yeah. I lost a fight. What's going on? Is Rarity here?" >Her eyes roll into the back of her head >She stuffs her hands into her pockets and groans >"Unfortunately." "Why?" >"She's having one of her episodes." >You both look out to the cars >If you squint, you can see the back of Rarity's head through three windows >"She's talking to dad on the phone." "Oh?" >"They're fighting." "Oh..." >"Yeah. Rarity's fighting with dad and dad is fighting with mom." >Energy leaves Sweetie's voice >"We came here to talk to Twilight." "She's not here." >"You sure?" "Very." >"Well, can you let Rarity look for her? The longer it takes, the better. Your house is big, so it's perfect." >It is? >You kneel down and talk face to face "Is the argument that bad?" >"I dunno dude. I've never heard dad yell like this. He was like, honey if you believe I'd do such a thing, you really are a stupid cunt!" "What?!" >The shock of the crude, scratchy, manly impersonation kills your balance for a split second >"Yeah, he called mom a cunt." "Don't... don't say that." >"What?" "That word." >"Cunt?" >You cover her mouth for a moment "That's a bad word." >Sweetie blinks, apparently indifferent "Uh, why do you need to talk to Twilight?" >"Ummmmmm. It's no big deal. But it's sort of my fault. ...Dad was rude to Twilight, and I saw it, and I accidentally told mom. But Twilight's as nice as it gets, she'll be like, it's fine! I wasn't offended!" >She goes back to scratching her ear >"Dad's just not good at being polite is all." "Oh. That's not that big of a deal." >"...Yeah..." >The faint sound of a car door flinging open catches your attention >"SWEETIE BELLE, GET OVER HERE!" >The kid flinches, but is quick to march >You consider following, but maybe approaching Rarity while she's arguing on the phone would end badly >... >Sweetie returns, kicking up dust as she walks >"She said to tell you to bring Twilight to the car." "She's not here..." >"I told her, and she started-" >She twirls her index finger around her temple >"-crying. What a baby." >Seeing the alarm on your face, she shakes her head >"Don't freak out, dude. She gets like that sometimes. It's fine." "Are you sure?" >"Just between you and me... my sister's a bit of a drama queen." >Sweetie kicks up some more dust >"I dunno what to do. She's going to go crazy if she doesn't see Twilight. She's not going to talk to you, either. Her makeup is all messed up." >You stand up and, hesitantly, make an offer: "How about we meet up at Taco Bell in thirty minutes?" >"Ooh! I love Taco Bell! Are you buying? Tell me you're buying." "No, I meant I'll bring Twilight to you." >"Well, can we buy food too?" "Huh?" >She sways left and right with a big smile "We'll... we'll see." >"YES! WOO!" >Sweetie spins around, punching and kicking >"I'm ready! Ready for the Bell!" >Her relentless assault on thin air continues >"Bell is my middle name, dude!" >Then she takes off >"Okay! Thirty minutes. Bring our nerd! Bring your walleeeeeet!" >She zips around the side of your car, hops into hers, and you wait >It's not long before Rarity pulls out, and you watch her car disappear down the dirt road ___ >You find yourself driving with extreme caution minutes away from Canterlot High >With a girl asleep, snuggled up to the car door >The smile she wore still faintly visible on her mostly blank resting face >Part of you wants to let Twilight deal with a little bit of her sleep debt >Your new position as "boss" insists you don't >Calling her name doesn't work... >At the next stop sign you reach over and firmly shake her shoulder >"Hmm?" "Can we talk?" >"Of course, Anon!" >She shows you an eager smile >"Given a list of ten thousand humans I could pick and choose for conversation, you would be at the top." "Really?" >"Yes. Yes!" >She rubs her knees >"Yes, yes, yes." "Why?" >Then fiddles with her seat belt a while >When it's resting comfortably, Twilight reaches down under the seat and pulls up a book >"Oh, these beautiful Fall trees. What I'd give to rest right here in this painting." >Her finger traces over the warmly colored leaves >"In a sense I already am. Up here." >Your eyes dart between the stick figure family decal on the car in front of you and the red-eyed, messy-haired girl poking her forehead >"It's as though I have been granted freedom after years of incarceration. My heart is singing. I can... breathe." >She touches your arm >You grip the steering wheel tight >"I shouldn't tell you, really. In all honesty Anonymous I have broken many rules with you that were stated by Princess Celestia herself. Even her name and title are privileged information at this time." "So, coming to me for help was..." >"A moment of weakness. Sharing information about Equestria with beings from a world so little understood?" >Her words grow hesitant and sad >"I fear what my Princess would say. Or what she would do." >As your destination comes into view, however, she perks up again >"But you're my lucky charm. And I know I can trust you with this, at least." >You pick out a parking spot >"It's because of you... giving me the idea of an enchantment..." >You pull in >"That I ended up finding it." >And you display pretend curiosity >She lifts herself up to dig into her pocket >A golden chain dangles from her fist >Twilight presents it to you and, slowly, extends her fingers >In her palm is a red gem >Beautiful, though not as genuine as your mother would sometimes pretend >Or as genuine as your forced look of awe and words of congratulation suggest >"This is all I need. I can go back home, sort it out, and put it to rest. When the time comes to return to this world I will do so with a smile, and a mission to collect as much human literature as I can. All... thanks to you." ___ >You're dragged through Taco Bell's front door >The cool air is welcoming, but your mind struggles to ignore the two girls speaking in whispers outside >Rarity was initially shocked by your condition >When reminded of her own family situation, she moved on >"You promised my baby sister a meal," she practically mumbled, "so why don't you two go on?" >So here you are, Sweetie's painful grip on your wrist guiding you up to the counter >She lets go and does a little dance >"Best day. Ever! Best day. Ever!" >Order ideas are listed one after another. This taco or that burrito, weighed as if it were a life or death decision >Though she debates with herself thoroughly there are repeating ideas >Only three or four >Following from the back of her head it seems like she's reading off of the dollar menu "What are you doing?" >"Huh?" >You let a customer pass by and then join her "Why the dollar menu?" >"...Well, I want to get a soda too. If that's okay." >She grins and holds her hands together >"Please be okay with it." "Well, the numbered orders come with a soda. Let's stick to those." >"Don't think I'm gonna be one of those people who go crazy with other people's money." >She wags a finger at you "Don't worry about it. Order what you normally do." >"...I was." >Sweetie turns back to the menu >As realization hits, your eyes drift from the side of her head, to Twilight Sparkle through the large window >Cupping a cell phone and speaking with highly animated hand gestures >Rarity taps her arm here and there >No doubt reminding her to stay quiet ___ >She looks ready to defuse her soda >Her trembling fingers poke at the sides and then retreat as the ice shifts around >"So. Much. Sprite." >Next she picks it up and marvels at her ability to lift it, a second time >"It weighs like forty pounds I bet." "Not quite, haha." >Some time passes >Both of you turn to check on the girls outside >You agreed to buy her food, not babysit her, so you're direct: "What's happening out there?" >"Hm? Oh. Uh..." >Sweetie fidgets with a stack of napkins >"She's talking to dad maybe? Or mom, definitely mom." "What about? Are you okay with telling me?" >For a while you interpret her awkward expression as a silent no >But half a minute later she responds: >"Like a week or something ago, I was watching YouTube and the internet started being slow-" >She squints momentarily >"-probably Despairity torrenting things again. So I paused it and went to get a drink. When I walked into the Kitchen my Dad was talking to Twilight." >Sweetie spins the receipt around and takes note of the order number >"And then he hit her on the butt." >... >"Like a football player! You know? Like, good job, star Nickelback player, you won the game. You know?" >She forces a laugh >"My dad was just being nice. He didn't know that you only do that to other guys." >The receipt is spun around a second time >Her waiting goes from charmingly energetic, to anxious and uncomfortable >In your current state no words come to mind >So you sigh and lean back ___ >Outside, you first spot your car door hanging wide open >Then to your right you find Rarity, head resting in one hand, and Twilight, head nearly inside a familiar gym bag >Though much smaller this time >...Surely she wouldn't tell Rarity about the investigation? "Hey, Belle. Were you serious about wanting one of those crunch wrap things?" >Her lit up eyes give you your answer >You dig out a bit of cash, stuff it into her hands and hold open the door >Rapid fire thanks fade quickly as she charges for the counter >By the girls, you announce your presence with a yawn and lean on the edge of their table >"Hello again Anonymous!" >The dork pulls her head out of the bag >"We've got everything sorted out!" >Rarity taps her shoulder again >"Nothing in particular, though. Just things!" >You spin a chair around from a different table and sit "How'd you sort it out?" >"Simple, really. I told Rarity's mother that-" >"Anonymous, if you could mind your own business?" >You look to Rarity, whose eyes are now covered "It's funny hearing that from..." >Shoving your drink's straw into your mouth is about all you can do to shut yourself up >Rarity drops her hand into her lap >"Care to finish your sentence?" "No, not really." >"Well, I'm not too surprised." "...About?" >"You staying silent, even though I know what's on your mind." >You bite your lip and glance at a now tense Twilight >No need to disturb her happy mood "Anyway, do you guys want anything? I've got enough cash." >Rarity rolls her eyes "Is that a no?" >"Changing the subject, another one of Anonymous' habits." "Excuse me?" >"And I don't NEED any cash I'll have you know." "It was just a friendly offer... I already fed Belle, I might as well." >She taps all five of her fingers on the shiny table >"I said I DON'T NEED it, Anonymous." >Her hushed yell is still far too loud for comfort >A couple of customers on their way out look over their shoulders "Hey... calm down." >"I am calm." "Uh, Twilight, maybe we should all get going." >"OH, GREAT! That's perfect. Maybe she should go with you? You could drive back to your little paradise in the woods." >... >"You go right ahead and teach her-" >Finger quotes pop up >"-human relations. Everything will sound brilliant and romantic with you pulling her strings." >Rarity grabs something from beside her purse, and presents it as her smoking gun >A book >On the cover, a bright and warm Fall forest >"Yeah! That's right! She told me allll about your little training program." >The confusion on your face must be pissing her off even more >"Where are you two at? Timid hellos? Awkward first date? First kiss? Tell me, Anonymous." "Would you-" >"She's not a virgin anymore! Is she!" "Rarity." >"You slept with her and I even know when and WHERE!" >At your hands slamming onto her table, she flinches, eyes shut tight, one arm raised in front of her face >She shrinks into the corner made by the back of the chair and the fence surrounding the area "...Shut. Up." >"O-Okay." >Her voice is just above a whisper >Rapidly, your anger turns to a powerful mixture of confusion and embarrassment >You look to Twilight for some kind of explanation >Her shaky voice is muffled by the gym bag covering her mouth: >"Maybe my explanation should have been a bit more clear." ___ >"It has to be today." >Twilight tends to ease up quickly if she has the pleasure of explaining something >This time was no different >As she gave Rarity the innocent details on your nonexistent tutoring sessions - in which you taught her day to day interactions between humans of different ages and personality types - her shoulders lowered and her smile returned >At the end she added in that this was a good time for her to return to her home >With a bit of excitement, she digs deep into her bag and pulls out a thick, shiny brown book >On the front is a white feather symbol >"Goodness! I almost forgot to give this to you!" >She strokes it a couple of times before laying it into your hands >"This is a ma-" >She leans closer >So does Rarity >"Magical book. It's used for long distance communication and, believe it or not, communication across different worlds." "Huh?" >"...It's like talking on a personal computer. Write in one book, the words print themselves in the other." >You can't tell if she's proud of her world's technologies, or proud of her explanation >"I need you to keep this close and write once a day if you can. Just to check in and let me know how things are. Now, keep in mind that this book is normally reserved for those in my government and has next to no restrictions. It's very important that you write the correct code on the line on page 1-" >Rarity interrupts >Shocked that Twilight would trust such an item with you, rather than her, the conversation regresses >But this time Rarity is calmed to silence more quickly >The discussion slows to the point that Sweetie showing up outside again becomes the new topic >Before you know it, Rarity's storming off to her car, Sweetie's shaking your hand and Twilight's thanking you again >You sit in your car and watch her pull her trusty gym bag into the back seat of theirs >She's buried back there >... >You've never been more exhausted in your life >Seeing Rarity hop out of the driver's seat, seemingly under Twilight's frantic instruction, is something you're unprepared for >Her shoe scrapes to a stop on the road beside your car >... "What's up?" >... >You shut your eyes and sigh "I'm tired. Too sleepy to argue. Okay?" >... >"Anonymous?" >You open them up again to a similarly tired, frustrated face >"Would you consider telling me what's going on? What's actually going on?" >She rests her hands on the half-raised window >"If only so that I'll be able to sleep tonight?" >That's the right tactic for appealing to you >But, it's hopeless >You quietly tap the cover of Twilight's magical book "She already told you. If you don't believe it, I'm sorry." >Her fingers tug on the glass >A step back, with spiteful eyes, she shakes her head >"She forgot to tell you the code. 'Loans and Hesitant Travels.'" >Huff >"What will you discuss with her?" "I don't know." >"Why would she give this to YOU?" >This girl... >You shut your eyes >After ten seconds or so, she stomps away ___ >Back at home, just after sundown, you prepare the couch for one hell of a sleep session >Your two employees had mixed feelings about Twilight's departure >Sonata innocently assumed that it solves all of your problems >Aria helped you explain that the fake necklace is, at best, a bit of time bought >Still, the worst problem on Sonata's mind was you neglecting to order her anything this afternoon >With her asleep in your bedroom and Adagio hopefully asleep in the guest room you lean into your new bed when you notice >To your right, light coming in through the bottom of your parent's bedroom door >Knowing how tired Aria must be, you knock >When she doesn't answer you crack the door >...and find her sitting in the corner "Aria?" >She's silent until you step inside >"What happens when you break the rules? Do you get punished, or do I get something?" "Oh. I'm sorry." >You scratch the back of your head and say you'll be going to bed >"Wait, idiot. Did you want something?" "Just wondering why you're in the floor." >"I don't know." >The bed's properly made, with a giant pillow and thick, fuzzy blankets "Don't like the bed?" >"The bed's fine." "Aria, if something's wrong, you can tell me." >She looks down at the floor and sighs >"...I just don't want to sleep in a bed when Adagio's on the floor." "Is that all? Remember that box I carried up to her?" >You grab Aria's wrists, gently pull her onto her feet, and lead her to one end of the bed "That was a bed." >"Really?" "Yeah, a comfortable one too." >"...Are you lying?" >You pull the covers up over and push her into the pillow "No. Everyone gets a bed. Everyone gets to sleep. Let's all sleep." >As you're leaving, she stops you again >"Wait! This pillow sucks." >She shoves it into the floor "Seriously?" >"I want... uh, I want that one you made me use." >After a moment you catch on, and head into the punishment room to find it >When you present it to Aria you can tell she feels a bit better "Don't worry." >She throws up a hand to catch it "I'm sure it still smells like me." >Then opens it up to let it fall beside her >She frowns and stutters out something you can't understand "Just a joke... I'm going to sleep... too tired." >The light's turned off and the door shut >You fall onto the couch >Soon after, a girl slides over the back and on top of you "What are you doing." >She speaks in an angry whisper >"Why were you in Aria's room?" "Checking on her." >"Why didn't you check on me then?" >She grunts, seeing you shut your eyes and look for a comfortable position "You don't need help sleeping. Aria does. Don't get all jealous." >Sonata sits up >Knees press painfully into your stomach >"I guess that makes sense. Aria doesn't like to sleep by herself." "Really?" >"Don't say that though, or she'll get mad." >Sonata waits for your response before realizing you're nearly asleep >"Anon. I'm going to propose something... and I don't want to get lectured. It's been a looong day and we're both very tired. Aria's not the only one who hates sleeping alone..." >You wake up fully again >With lungs filled to the brim you sigh, scoop her up and carry her to your room like a princess >Sonata gives you a big smile, until you put her down and turn around >"Where are you going?" "To bed." >"Anon! Pleeeaase?" >Temptation sets in "Aria thinks you and I are a bad idea, and I agree." >"But-" "We have to convince Adagio that we're a capable team." >"But!" "We, we can't do this sort of thing." >You step out and grab the doorknob >... "...For now." >And close it >You feel a bit frustrated looking at the door and imagining her gleeful expression >Regret weighs down on you as you drag your feet to the couch, >collapse, >and finally... fall asleep ___ "Wake up already!" >Standing outside your house with the girls, you pat Sonata's head >"Two more hours... please..." >It's warm, not hot >The wind feels nice and gently shakes the rows of trees across the road >It's a perfect day and you're facing it with a full night of sleep "It's your first day of work!" >Sonata groans in disgust >Aria stands up from the rocking chair on your left, having finished tying her bandana >"Ready." "Your first job, Aria..." >You point to an ocean of weeds, tall grass and an embarrassing amount of random items littered in your front yard >The tall grass is on you, but everything else is hers >"Wow, lame task." >She steps off the porch and gets a good look >A tug on your sleeve draws your attention >"I'm allergic to weeds. If I touch them I die. And really Anon I'm at my best when I'm not sweating or feeling tired. You understand, ri-" >She turns around to investigate your line of sight >Aria, bent over with both hands wrapped around a red weed, unknowingly presents her back end and the purple pants that snugly rest against it >She wiggles left and right as she searches for the best possible grip "Maybe I should supervise you guys." >Sonata's too sleepy to work, but not too sleepy to swing at you >Down the road, with a fold-up chair and battery powered radio in your hands, you guide Sonata to her task "I've got the perfect job for you." >"What? Are you gonna look at my butt all day? In a place you don't even go!" >She gestures towards the woods >"We've been in here once and it was awful." "The chair is for you." >You stop by a dirt trail and set it up >Sonata stares in confusion >Once sure you weren't joking she's quick to sit back and relax >"What kind of job is this?" "Lookout duty." >She takes the radio "There's a pretty good chance that Rarity or someone else will show up. They'll be in a car. The things on the road." >"I know." "Watch through these trees. If you see a car, get up and run-" >You point toward the dirt path which leads deeper into the woods "that way. It'll lead you to the house faster than you would think." >"So I have to sit here all day?" "Long enough for Aria and I to do our chores." >She thinks it over >"I guess this job is okay. But I'm gonna be bored." "Got you covered." >Sonata gasps at the radio's static >You play with the dial >It fades into Spanish music, then a talk show, Classic Rock and more Spanish music "Play with it, find something you like. And get comfortable! You're going to be doing this every day!" >"What!?" >You head down the dirt path >"WHAT!" >And grin >"EVERY DAY!?" >A little spin nearly tips the chair over >"NOOOOOOOOOooooooo... okaaaaay..." ___ >You press the tip of your pen to the top line on page one >A chill runs down your spine >There are eight lines in total. The top of the page is filled with instructions >" not attempt to analyze, remove or duplicate this item's enchantments. Illustrations should be sent on odd-numbered pages. If multiple contacts are registered here, designate per page in the provided box. The cover's insignia will glow when new messages are available. Black ink is heavily recommended..." >After skimming them, you continue writing Twilight's code on the top line >It's difficult not to back away as ink bleeds its way onto the empty second page, letter by letter >"Needless to say, everything written in this book, by you or by your contacts, is confidential." >You inch closer to the words, almost in disbelief >"Sharing the contents of this book with anyone other than your contacts, the superior who issued it to you, or to your Princesses, is absolutely forbidden." >Then inch away again >"Accidentally rewarding this book to citizens, criminals, or members of enemy nations especially, due to negligence, warrants a severe punishment." >The writing stops briefly before finishing up on the bottom right: >"Communications begin on page ten." >Slowly, you turn pages, examining the strange swirling symbols that fill them along with an alphabet you don't recognize >Page ten is another story >"Please write as soon as you see this." >Unsure of what you're doing, you move a shaking hand a few inches below and write, "Twilight?" >A response fades in quickly >"Thank goodness, she gave you the right code. I've been worried all day." "Sorry, was busy." >Not used to writing things by hand, you keep your responses short >"No worries." >... >"Anonymous, please remember to write regularly." "Ok. Try to relax." >You stretch your arms above your head and smile >"It won't be easy after all that happened." "Don't worry. I'll continue without you." >"What do you mean?" "I'll look for the girls. If I see them I'll write." >You lay back on your couch with the book open on your stomach >"Thank you, but please be careful." "Say, how long will it take to check the necklace for enchantments?" >Twilight's response takes much longer this time >Probably carefully calculating her answer in fear of losing her know-it-all status >In the meantime, Aria opens the door, bandanna and apron crumpled into a ball and thrown into the corner >"Done." >She rests her hands on her hips as you walk to the window to pull up the curtain >The right half of the yard is covered in patches of dirt >Random junk from this morning has all been moved into the shed, except for a box which is packed full of weeds >It's impressive work for only a handful of hours >Eager to return to the book, you give her a thumbs up and turn around >"Excuse me." "Huh?" >... "What?" >You shrug and turn around again >This time she grabs your arm >"Really? A certain other employee got a pat on the had just for waking up, and I bust my butt all day for a thumbs up?" >She looks away "I see how it is." >You smile and raise your hand >"Hey. I didn't mean-" >Aria freezes >Her hair flattens and stands as you give her four enthusiastic pats on the head, then an affectionate rub for good measure >"GE-" >She shuts her eyes and sinks into her shoulders so far that she gets a double chin >"STOP-" "You did a very good job Aria. I'm proud of you." >"...Sto..." "You're awesome." >"Sssto... oh man-" >She ducks under your arm, runs straight to your parent's bedroom and slams the door >Probably shouldn't push her, but teasing comes too naturally >Back on the couch, you need only wait about a minute longer for Twilight's reply: >"The first test is complete. No traces of enchantment were found. Hiding enchantments is common, and several layers of protection are possible, so it could take days or even weeks to be certain." "Sounds rough." >Weeks would be nice >Maybe it's enough time to make the Sirens convincingly civil? >Your thoughts drift from Aria and Sonata to... Adagio... and you find yourself wanting a lot longer than that ___ >The next day goes even smoother than the last >Sonata, having seen the work Aria put into the yard, suddenly adores her low effort job and complains little about waking up to it >With the random garbage cleared out of the way you dig out the lawn mower and spend a good hour figuring out why it won't start >Eventually, the grass is cut and the walkway is clear >The yard looks good for the first time in years >Aria hides away in her bedroom before you can compliment her work >Feeling especially good today, you sit back and relax, ready to write to Twilight when Sonata pops in through the Kitchen window and yells, >"CAAAAR! CAAAAAAAAR!" >The book falls >After gesturing towards the floor, and waiting for Sonata to hit the dirt, you open the front door in time to see a familiar truck pull up >A family friend of sorts pops out with a box in her hands, slowing once she gets past the hedges to look over Aria's handiwork >"That's a first." "In a long time..." >She puts the box on the nearby rocking chair and stands tall >"Whoa!" "It's nothing. Kent and I fought. Already got him back." >"Oh, boy. Guys are dumb." >Your face is gently poked >After your last conversation it seemed as though you'd never speak to Gilda again >Yet here she is, smiling at you >"What's up 'Non?" >You step back and invite her in >"No thanks. Can't stay. In fact I'm in a hurry." "Why are you here?" >Slowly, her smile fades >"...You've grown up a lot, haven't you?" >She checks out every corner of the yard >"Maybe things hold you back, but you're not a kid anymore, huh?" >You don't know what to say >When she faces you again, it's with obvious shame >"...Maybe some people hold you back." >Gilda takes the box and thrusts it into your arms >It's plain brown, covered by dust and recently taped shut >"It's all there... with interest, too." "You mean-" >"Don't worry. I'm not lying." >She winks >"I even counted it to make sure." "But how can you afford that? ...You don't have to pay me back, alright? Rent's not a joke." >"I didn't-" >She sucks in some air and lowers her head >"...I didn't... use the money for rent... I saved it. All of it." >The conversation comes to a screeching halt >You try to be upset, but don't feel anything >With the box resting on the floor beside your feet you turn the doorknob left and right, mulling over how much money she could have just handed you >"I know you don't want to hear this, but I think I'm right about you pushing people away. Maybe, m-maybe because of people like me. You'll do better with better people in your life. So I-" "Gilda-" >"I got you a friend!" >Her smile returns, though it's forced >"She's a chick. Don't get any ideas though. She's a ton of fun, a bit of a butthead when she's mad... a lot like you! And between you and me, she really wants to make some more friends." >She takes a step back >"The important thing is that she's super loyal. Unlike some... people. So, I want you to give her a chance." "Who are you talking about?" >"You'll see tomorrow. Or the next day. Whenever she shows up." "You gave her my address?" >Gilda's shocked, only just realizing she might have disrespected your privacy >"Sh-she's cool, don't worry. I... aw, did I fuck up?" >Honestly, yes >"...I'm sorry. I'm... I... I'm gonna go." >She steps off of the porch >Once you hear the dirt road crunch under her boots, you follow after "Hey!" >Her door hangs open >An irritating tone invades your ears "I don't want you... out of my life. That's not what I was trying to say that night. I mean, that'd be like-" >You rest a hand on her back >"...that'd be like losing my sister or something." >She doesn't say anything back >After a tense seven seconds she nods her head >Then jumps into her truck, slams the door and heads off without so much as looking back ___ >The girls watch closely as you press the sharp side of a kitchen knife into the middle of the tape >You have to remind Sonata twice not to get so close, before you slice it in two >With the flaps pulled down you sit back and let them investigate >"Holy. Shit." >Aria takes a lumpy pile of cash in both hands and carefully raises it up >Taking note of the varying numbers and portraits >"Holy FUCK! Whose is this?" "Mine." >Sonata digs under the bills and retrieves some change "I've been lending it to that girl off and on for years, but she gave it all back." >"Seriously?" "Yeah. There should be thousands of dollars here." >Sonata hums >"Is that a lot?" "Well, sort of. It depends on what situation you're in." >"What about ours?" >You take a particularly crinkly five dollar bill from both ends and flatten it against the edge of the box "My parents cover the bills and the food, which is expensive. We can spend this on anything we want." >Aria's eyes open wider >The cash pours from her hands back inside the box and she picks it up from the bottom >"We have to hide it." "Don't worry. No one knows we have it. Let's leave it in my closet for now." >She sticks her face into the box to admire it all again >Meanwhile Sonata, for some reason, doesn't seem excited or intrigued >She sits back on the couch and holds a quarter up to her mouth, licking it back and forth "SONATA! Haven't you ever heard of ass pennies?!" >"No..." >You snatch it away and wipe it down on your pants leg "Jesus." ___ >During the next several days, a schedule is born >Seven in the morning you wake up the girls and check on Adagio >Sonata takes her little radio down the dirt path in the backyard >While Aria does talk back when you give her a task, she does it to the best of her ability, every time >The girl is so efficient that sometimes you're left with nothing to do >Luckily you always need to report to Twilight >You look forward to it >Knowing that she's happy eases your guilt >Thanks to your box of money, you've begun paying your employees consistently >10 dollars a workday for the sake of preserving the cash as long as possible >It's plenty of money to Aria, who's developed a list of things she wants, ranging from specific brands of junk food to an electric fan >Sonata hasn't even bothered to keep count of hers >Today you follow her out to her spot >"This is gross." >It rained a little last night, so it's cold and damp >Every time she feels her shoe sink into the ground she hops to a new spot "I found your money on the kitchen counter last night." >"Oh." "You should keep it in a safe place." >Sonata opens up her chair and quickly sinks into it, arms wrapped around her torso >"Okay." >She takes her radio out of her pocket to flip it on and fiddle with the dial >Once she's got some pop rock song going, she hugs it and closes her eyes "You don't seem very excited about the money." >"...Should I be?" "Well, Aria's is. She even said thanks when I paid her yesterday." >Sonata looks at the ground "Is it because you're not being paid that much?" >"No, it just seems... pointless." "What?" >"Money. Things are getting bad, so I don't think we're gonna need it." >You rest against a tree "What does that mean?" >"You know..." "I don't." >You do >Sonata is extremely hesitant to continue: >"We never used money anyway, you know? We just got what we needed right away." "Sonata..." >"Why even bother with money? It's pointless." >She pulls a quarter out from her coat pocket and raises it into what little direct sunlight slips through the trees >"It looks pretty, but I have something worth more than a million bits. All money does is make people mean anyway." >She flips the coin >In an instant it's lost behind her in the mess of grass and weeds >... "You don't have shit, Sonata." >Her eyes open wide >Well, what was she expecting? "I thought we covered this." >"I'm not... a slave anymore." "What difference does that make?" >She turns her radio down a little and drops it into the cup holder >"So it's MINE again." "Is it?" >"Y-Yes!" >You feel so frustrated that your lip trembles "Don't you understand the point of all this?" >"Tell me, Anon. Tell me what the point is." "To teach you guys to live an honest life." >"Aria tried that. They almost called the guards on her. You said that we can't work in this world unless it's for you." "So-" >"S-So, it's the same as Equestria! No one trusts us, no one wants us around. Why give them that choice? ...You'll understand if you see it. If you just give it back. It'll solve all of our problems in a day." >With a hand on each arm rest you lean down over Sonata, who sinks further into the seat "It's not about how fucking easy it is, Sonata. Using magic like that is wrong!" >She stares up at you in silence "Don't you understand that? Don't you feel guilty stealing from people? I mean-" >Pressure builds around your eyes >A bit embarrassed, and wanting to calm down, you stand up >"Anon? Are you okay?" >... "Watch the road." ___ >On the outside of your front yard, you sit with your back against the unruly hedges >Aria's been trimming them since she woke up, but progress is slow >Still manages to make it up to your spot though >You feel her pants leg against your cheek as she snips away above your head "That's kind of nice." >"Idiot." >Your hair and lap fills with nature >Should probably move "Can you bring me to my couch?" >The trimming stops with a forceful snip >"No?" "Carry me." >"Are you stupid?" >You shrug "If you do it I'll give you an extra ten dollars." >Aria's insults stop dead in their tracks >After a moment you hear her stuff the trimmers into the hedges and kneel down next to you >"This is dumb." "Good luck..." >One hand squeezes underneath your leg and awkwardly grips your thigh >The other forces into the hedge and presses against your back >She makes three attemps, each time her grunt becoming more angry >"...FFFFFFFUCK this!" >She drops you from about an inch off of the ground >"You weigh a thousand pounds!" "My doctor said I could benefit from gaining a little weight." >Aria seems genuinely embarrassed >You stand up and stretch "Sorry. I was just joking around, but that was a good effort. I'll give you the money." >She gasps as you scoop her up, the same way you did to Sonata the other night >"Wh-what the fuck?" "Forget about the hedges for now, I'll buy a tool that isn't rusted from top to bottom." >She rests her hands between her thighs as if afraid of letting them hang, but also afraid of touching you >Inside the house, you drop her to her feet "Can you sit down with me for a minute?" >"Why." "I want to talk to you about something important." >This catches her interest >Probably because she realized you brought her inside so that Sonata can't possibly hear >She kicks off her shoes, sits down and rests her feet on the coffee table "You're making really good progress." >"What do you mean?" "Your mind is way more open to change than I expected." >Aria hums and scratches her leg through her pants >"Working? It was never a crazy idea to me. It's just not how we did things." "...Which do you like better?" >She thinks for a while >"Getting anything I wanted was obviously nice. But working feels... good." >Time to be blunt "Do you still want your necklace back?" >You stare at the black void of your powerless TV and listen for any signs of conflict in her response >Then tense up as Aria's reflection goes at yours >She pulls you closer by the chest of your shirt and frowns with deep disapproval >"Are you trying to tempt me?" "Huh?" >"Are you fucking stupid? I'm trying to learn to forget about my necklace, and you're asking me if I want it back?" "Uhhh..." >She drops you against the couch arm and shakes her head >"I thought you trusted me a little bit more than that." "I wasn't trying to trick you." >You wave your hands "Uh..." >She turns away "...look. I talked to Sonata. I don't think she's as strong as you." >"She isn't, I kick her ass all the time." "Tougher at heart, I mean. I don't think Sonata can leave that lifestyle behind, especially now that she knows my world will never fully accept you." >It takes a bit of time, but Aria turns back to you looking a bit less angry >"So I'm tougher in the body and in the heart?" "I'm not trying to stroke your ego. I need your help." >To your surprise, she scoots a bit closer, roughly to the middle of the couch >"What kind of help?" "Well I've discovered that trying to tell someone how to think is pointless. I want you to help me convince her." >"Of what, exactly?" "That money isn't useless. That manipulating people, taking their things, maybe even damaging their lives, is awful." >You rub your face "You can... use the example of what I did to you guys. It's the obvious thing to bring up to her. I don't want you to think I'll get mad if you do. Remind her how I treated her, and you-" >You tense up, lightly pressing against your temple >An attempt to change the subject fails as you open your mouth, but can find nothing else to say >You shut your eyes and rest against the cushions >Since she's heard clearly what you expect her to do, you let her leave on her own >... >"I've done bad stuff, you know." >With one opened eye, you see her standing and brushing dirt off of her clothes >"Plus, I got you back pretty good." >Aria pulls off her apron and shakes it clean, over your coffee table >"I'm not saying you're a good guy or anything. We're all assholes, you know? And I don't think you're a bigger asshole than we are." >She slips the apron onto you, then steps back >Clearly made uncomfortable by your dumbfounded stare, she looks away and crosses her arms >"Anyway, I'll do it." "Really?" >"Yes. Sonata's kind of stup... stubborn, so it might take a while. And don't get mad at me if she comes bitching to you about what I say." ___ >Something catches your attention >Footsteps in the yard, then on your porch >Leaving her post? It's like she's trying to piss you off even more >You approach the door and inhale, prepared to call her name, but you stop yourself on a hunch "...Hello?" >Their shoe scrapes the wood >"Hi?" >Some girl? "Are you Gilda's friend?" >"...Yes." >You crack the front door, your eyes snapping first to her bright, multi-colored, unruly hair >Then to her untrusting eyes, white tank top and black shorts "What's up?" >She looks over you in the same way >"You..." >Then vigorously rubs her nose >"You're a guy." "I am." >"You're THAT guy." "You're that girl." >She checks out your property >"Didn't know you lived like a hick. Aren't you rich? Like, millionaire rich?" "...You shouldn't believe everything you hear." >"Yeah." >She turns back around, even more cautious >"Especially things I hear from you." >A bit of that frustration you just had regarding Sonata is more than happy to return "Calling me a liar?" >"Ha." "...Twilight backed me up, you know. She already dealt with the girls." >"I heard that. I also heard microwaving your cell phone recharges it. And guess what? I DON'T believe everything I'm told." >Now you share her unfriendly stare "Hang out with Rarity a lot?" >"Hey man. She's far from the only person who doesn't like you, but she takes it so far." "Oh?" >"Yeah, she thinks those girls are in hiding and stuff. In reality they left town and you found out in advance. People move all the time. Easy as one, two, three." "You know a lot about people you've never met, don't you?" >"Was that sarcastic? ...Whatever, dude. You got the attention you wanted. I heard Twilight's been hanging out with you." >Her arm extends quickly, startling you >With a cocky smerk Rainbow Dash pats your shoulder, harder each time >"Judging by how she's been lately you're a stick in the world's deepest mud puddle. I'm out." >She freezes in the middle of the yard just before kicking an empty bucket >"Crap." >Rainbow explains that she doesn't actually know where she is >Even though she had been given directions she drew a blank and had Gilda drive her >She had dropped her off on the dirt road left of the house, a place only a family friend would think to go >Fortunately for Sonata, who is posted to the right, there's no griping in her immediate future >Rainbow considers calling Gilda >And reconsiders, given that she'd get pissed if she bailed >Eventually the girl caves and demands that you bring her to the nearest bus stop >On the edge of the woods, you freeze and let Rainbow pass you up, having spotted a very anxious Sonata making strange hand gestures from beside your hedges >You shake your head and move on ___ "Should have just let me drive you." >"Like I'm going to get in a car with you." >You look back at her and wave a pointed finger to the surrounding trees "Driving you is too risky, but walking through the woods is fine?" >She doesn't reply "What the hell do you think I'm going to do?" >"Who knows." "Isn't the woods more dangerous? Seems like the kind of place you'd get mugged or raped, or..." >You bicker back and forth >By the time you're over halfway to the other side you notice... >Her voice sounds kind of strange >"Why does the crime rate matter?" "I'm just saying, how often do teenagers get kidnapped by teenagers?" >"Would you just drop it?" "What?" >Some twigs crunch as you come to a stop "Just forget that you implied I might kidnap you, to be an asshole?" >"Dude. Come on." "What do you guys say about me behind my back?" >"...Uh..." >You close the distance >"I don't know." "You don't know." >She rushes past >Wanting to get back to the house you try to drop it >But the specific crime she's hinted at digs under your skin >You pick up the pace and stop in front of her again "Why don't you answer my question? What do you think, that I manipulated Twilight?" >... "That I tricked her into sleeping with me? Even if that were true, how the fuck does that translate to kidnapping you?" >Her shoulders rise up "I'm getting sick of Twilight's friends thinking they know more about her personal life than she does. She's fine with me, so how about you-" >"Who cares! Let's go!" >Her voice cracks twice in a single sentence >She rests her hands on her waist and looks around "...Are you... afraid of me?" >"What?" >You get closer >She backs off "Oh my god. You actually think I'm going to do something." >"We-well-" >Rainbow groans >"You had to go and talk about the woods and rapists and stuff." >While lightly stepping in place she looks in every direction for a way out "Scared of being raped?" >"Who the heck isn't scared of that?" "Scared of being kidnapped by hicks?" >"Sh-shut up, dude!" "Scared of-" >"Shut up shut up SHUT UP!" >She continues on the path you had been taking alone >Letting her get lost in here would be kind of funny, but far more cruel >You take her by the arm "Dork. We're going straight through." >Your hand slips down to her wrist and she gives in to be pulled through some particularly tall grass and low-hanging branches ___ >You stand in the middle of the road and stretch >Rainbow emerges from the woods behind "Here we are. Hick town part two." >She looks both ways before joining up "You haven't said anything in like five minutes, what's wrong?" >"Nothing." >After looking her over with light and up close you notice that she's drenched with sweat >On top of that, she's pale "Jesus. You look terrible." >"Screw you, dude..." "No, I mean you look like you're going to pass out." >She takes a deep breath "Were you actually that afraid?" >"...n... n..." >Ahem >"No." >She moves back, under the shade >"Where to..." >The poor girl slouches a bit while reading all nearby signs and store names >What a nervous wreck >If you had known a friend of Gilda's scared so easily you would have dropped the subject "Hey, there's a convenience store right here. Let's..." >You take her by the wrist again "Come on." ___ >"Ahhhhh." >Rainbow slams an empty fountain cup on the table >"That hit the spot." "I sure hope you enjoyed yours..." >You prod your half-filled cup of Hawaiian Punch >"Shouldn't have told me to fill up your cup." "Who likes this stuff?" >"I do. Sorry man, just thought you shared my good taste." >Rainbow leans back in her chair until it threatens to tip >"I'll drink yours if you don't want it." "Feel free. Though, aren't you afraid of cooties?" >The snerk and eye roll suggests no >She takes your cup and chugs all that's left >"So how do you know Gilda?" "She was my babysitter." >"That makes sense. She was mine too." "Really?" >Rainbow nods and pokes your cup as you had just done >"You kind of reminded me of her when you led me through the woods. She used to do the same." "When?" >"When we had to go from house to house at night. Not that I was afraid of the dark or anything. Couldn't risk getting lost..." >Right >The cup comes closer and closer to tipping as the chat goes on >"Hey, level with me. I won't go telling anyone. What did you do to Twilight?" "I didn't do anything. Ask her. She's swamped with work from her world." >Rainbow's smile fades >She looks you in the eyes >You feel obligated to stare back, letting your expression normalize as well >The two of you sit alone in this tiny little air-conditioned cafeteria, while a nearby microwave hums and a customer up front loudly requests a certain brand of smokes >It becomes uncomfortable >Before you break and open your mouth, Rainbow slaps her hands onto her lap >"Want to get out of here?" "Oh, yeah." >Outside, the previously quiet road feels different >A little more alive >No one has left their houses, and the other stores are as dead as usual >It bothers you as you walk and talk >A sound, maybe music? >Like an ice cream truck >Over time it gets closer. An energetic beat and colorful lyrics paint the dull surroundings >You both stop, turn and... >...a girl with curly blonde hair trips, her gray hoodie having snagged on a tree branch, and loses grip of her radio >"Gahhhh!" "Oh boy." >Rainbow laughs >"Who the heck is that?" "Her name is... Bella." ___ >Your front door flies open >Sonata dashes through, pulling the wig from her head >Once the hoodie is unzipped she strips it off and falls spinning onto the couch >"Awesome as I wanna be!" >Her legs raise in sudden jerks, launching shoes into the floor >"La la la la, nothing you can do, to beat me!" >You take a quick look around the nearly pitch black yard before shutting the door >Hard to believe you were out so late >In contrast to the gleeful girl on the couch, a livid Aria peeks out from mom and dad's room "Hey, we're back." >"Where the fuck have you been!" "Uh... the city..." >Sonata jumps up to take the radio from your hands and caresses it >"We were hanging out with my new best friend!" >"Excuse me?" >"The coolest girl EVER born." >She forms a gun with her hand, aimed at Aria, and pulls the trigger >"Everyone in town knows it, too." "They don't." >"She plays guitar, sings, and HER HAIR-" >You nearly fall over with Sonata clinging to your shirt >"Aria her hair is practically enchanted with magic. All colors of the rainbow!" >"Who the hell is she talking about?" "Her name is Rainbow Dash. She's a friend of-" >"DASH!!" >She makes a woosh noise and spins, then falls >"Aria! Aria, guess what?" >"What?" >"She's going to teach me to sing! We're having lessons!" >... >Aria takes your shirt and drags you into her new bedroom ___ >"What is wrong with you?" "Are you mad?" >Sigh "I'm already exhausted with all this talking and keeping tabs on Sonata." >"I've been sitting in this room with the lights off for HOURS!" "Why didn't you turn them on?" >She slugs your shoulder "Whoa! Don't hit your boss!" >"I didn't know what was going on, obviously I didn't turn them on." >She paces back and forth >"Is Rainbow an enemy?" "Depends, I guess. Anyone would be an enemy if they knew too much." >"I mean, is she like Twilight." "No, no... she's fine." >Never thought you'd say that about Dash "Besides, it was nice seeing Sonata so happy. Even if I had to interrupt her every time she tried to mention you guys." >Aria rolls her eyes >"Great. So I sat here scared to even get myself a snack, while you and the princess were out having fun with the 'coolest girl ever'." "Sorry, I didn't plan it that way." >"Yeah? Why does it feel like you're not gonna plan it any differently in the future?" "It wasn't even that great." >"OH? What all did you do, then?" "Well first Sonata needed to rest, so we took her to get a soda. Rainbow didn't like the station on the little radio, recommended another, and that sparked a music discussion..." >Her tapping foot and tightly crossed arms practically order you to go on, and urge you to downplay any fun that was had >You're the boss here, damn it "The girls hit it off and we decided to walk into the city and. You know. A little window shopping, we checked out a music store, thrift shop... got food... and..." >Aria's cold stare falters into something a bit more vulnerable >Considering things from her perspective, of course she's upset >All this time stuck here with terrible living conditions >And before this their day to day was a mixture of fear and trespassing >Her adventure at the gas station might have been the most fun she's had in a long time >So, what? >Dress her up? >Introduce her to Dash? >One cousin out of nowhere is already pushing it >Especially when the only thing Twilight's friends know about you is an association with three mysterious, missing girls "I know it sucks. It'll be different someday." >"Yeah." >The bed squeaks under her weight >"Whatever. Mind leaving me alone? I've got some laying around to do." "Aria..." >She could watch TV >With... Sonata >What else is there? >You consider what you might like to do if stuck in a similar situation >The laptop, for sure >There's a way to give her the same thing and keep that to yourself "It's perfect! It's better for games, too!" >"What?" "Hold on." ___ >The top of your head stings, and everything on top of the desk shifts >A quiet snicker can be heard behind you >This time you stand up at a safe distance, transfer the monitor from the box you carried it in to the desk, and plug everything in "This stuff is fragile, in case that wasn't clear by my last three warnings." >"Yeah? Then stop shaking the desk." "I'm serious, Aria-" >You step aside and present it all >The tower, screen, mouse, keyboard and headphones >No tangled wires or random peripherals strewn about >Impressively tidy considering how rushed the setup was "How should this be expressed?" >You scratch your chin >"I get it, it breaks." "Not just that, I mean how valuable this machine is." >This catches her attention with no hint of subtlety, as moments later she stands to inspect the PC more closely "All of this stuff combined is worth more than one thousand dollars." >"WHAT? How?!" "This isn't a bunch of junk. It's a product of my world's technology. All of these parts work together to create a digital world, where you can do anything. Paint pictures, watch videos, play games, read books, everything." >The power button clicks >White text appears on a black screen >The only chair you could get was one of the uncomfortable kitchen ones >Good enough for now. You plant it in front of the desk and sit down >After signing into your account, the screen fades in to reveal a photo of a married couple holding hands "Uh..." >Click, click, click >It fades into a desert landscape "This is called the desktop. It's your base of operations. These little icons are 'programs' that let-" >A portion of folders and shortcuts are blocked off by Aria's hand >Her fingers stretch as she cautiously presses her palm against the screen >Then pulls away >Once sure she won't be burned, she feels across the cracked ground, the blue sky, and timidly pokes at a cactus >You weren't expecting to impress her that quickly >Excitement builds as you imagine what's going through her head "Pretty cool, huh?" >No response "There's so much to do on this thing that some people replace their entire lives with one." >So many things you want to show her >It turns into white noise >There's Notepad, may as well >The white box pops up and you start typing >"Hello Aria. How are you tonight?" >"...Hello..." >"Computers are cool, right?" >Aria sheepishly nods her head "You know it's not talking to you, right?" >You guide her hand to the keyboard and mash random keys >She looks to both and realizes what's happening "There's more stuff." >You feel like Bob Ross swinging the brush around in paint, with an observer so easy to wow >She even gasps when you use the fill tool to change white void to a light blue sky >When you play some random rock song, Aria's excitement maxes out "Let's make you your very own account, okay?" >"Huh?!" "A fresh desktop that you can use however you want." >"R-Really?" >Her name flashes by followed by a mostly empty screen and blue wallpaper >You get up and sit her down in the chair >For half hour or so she quietly listens to your instructions, which you give while getting some things set up >One being signing into your Steam account >You've only got a handful of games installed >It's the most exciting thing you have to offer her, so you ask her if she wants to try one >The very first thing that catches her eye is an open world RPG of considerable difficulty >Your dad's favorite game >Attempts to steer her away are taken as insults >"So I'm too stupid?" "It's a bit tricky for beginners." >"That's like saying I'm too stupid." "No it's not." >"Forget it, I don't even want to try video games." "Sometimes you're really difficult, you know that?" >"Well you said you like it, so I want to see it. But if I'm too RETARDED-" "Okay, okay." >You launch the launcher >Then launch the game >Aria jumps at the loud splash screen and brings the headphones down around her neck "This game is old though. If it frustrates you, there are plenty of others." >As rowdy as Aria can be, she can sure focus when she wants to >"First by carriage, and now by boat..." >The girl's inches from the screen during the intro movie >"Wake up. We're here. Why are you shaking? Are you okay?" >A blue-skinned, shirtless man appears on screen >"Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming... what's your name?" >She stares at a black text box for several seconds before whispering, >"Aria." >The ensuing laughter isn't appreciated >You help her name herself, then go to work writing the most important controls on a few sticky notes and placing them on the wall >Walking through the boat is confusing, and a plank leading to the dock stresses her out >Then the experience slows to a crawl as she carefully considers each race she could be >Her class is internally debated for even longer >By the time she steps out of the character creation area, she's a lizard with the power to open locked doors once a day, who favors short-bladed weapons and enchantment the most >You would have guessed Aria's attention span to be much shorter, especially when reading is involved >But the inspection of the many menus carries into a talk with a local elf of the small town >Every chat topic clicked is carefully read >Listening to the soothing music and sitting back on the bed gets a little too comfortable >And soon... ___ >"You N'wah!" >The sound of a fist clashing with armor jolts you awake >Aria's standing, leaning over the desk and clicking wildly "What's going on?" >Ignored >You get up by her side and- "You're almost dead!" >She glances at her nearly empty health bar and bites her lip >The blue-skinned attacker's injured as well >Not nearly as much >THWACK >Her character falls to the floor >"No no no! No!" >As she waits for the stun to wear off, she tugs on one ponytail >Red flashes light the bedroom >It feels like an eternity before Lizard Aria stands back up "Hey, you should swing harder!" >"What?!" "Hold the button for a second before you swing your sword!" >"HUH?" >Swish >Swish >Swish >THWACK >"O-Oh man!" >THWACK >Swish >Swish >THWACK >Much larger chunks of his health disappear >Before long they're about even >Aria's free left hand rests on top of the monitor >The clicks get louder and louder until >"OOPH..." >He collapses >The tense battle music fades into something peaceful >She falls to her chair and gasps for air >Panting, resting her hands on the edge of the desk, Aria looks up at you >"...I.." >And smiles >"You saved my life!" "Oh?" >"He was going to KILL me." "Looked like it!" >"He..." >She has to pause and calm herself down >"He murdered the tax collector. I didn't want to kill him, but he went crazy. I wasn't going to... oh god, I'm dying... I need to report this..." "Why not use his bed to rest?" >Aria looks at you like you're insane >"That's so creepy." "I guess it is." >She walks around the swamp town with clunky movement, her feet and head moving one at a time >Every time the low health catches her attention she panics all over again "Did I not explain saving?" >"What?" "...I should explain saving." ___ >"Wake the fuck up!" >You open your eyes, then shut them tight to block the sunlight flooding in through the door >"Hey!" >Aria slams it and drops something onto the coffee table "What?" >"Look, man!" >Aria's got both hands on the table, with her face inches away from a... box? "Where did this come from?" >"It was on the porch. I think the chick gave us more money!" "...No, this was delivered by a truck." >She lets you flip it onto its side "What time is it? We can't oversleep like th- no way!" >"What?!" >The tips of your fingers struggle to catch the edge of the tape "This is from my parents!" >Aria reads the label stating the country and address it came from >The excitement from her end of the table deflates in seconds >"So it's not money?" >The tape takes a healthy chunk of coardboard with it >Past the flaps, and some packing peanuts, is a stuffed animal with a note taped on >"Letter soon" "Are you serious?" >Out comes the modestly sized brown bear, wearing a black suit and an expression even goofier than yours "Hahaha! This is awesome!" >She takes the note >"Where are your parents?" "Working. Out of the country. It's hard for them to find time, so this kind of thing is rare." >"I don't care." >That comes out as one big groan while she drags her feet into their bedroom and closes the door >You hold up the gift "Not sure if anyone told you, mom, but I'm not five anymore." >Either way, you happily clear a spot on the entertainment center for the little guy ___ >The following four days are a mighty test for your social abilities >Rainbow's been over each afternoon for a very loud practice session >She seems to genuinely like her new student... >...and love being worshiped as a "musical genius" >The lessons involve playing the vocals on that band game that was really popular a few years back >At the moment Sonata's singing a slow-paced pop song. You can sense the incoming lecture >Her voice is frail and shaky; she's not using her "diagram" or whatever >"Doesn't this worry you?" >Aria's hushed voice from the nearby hallway startles you into spilling some of her soda onto the counter >Forgot she was there >You set the bottle down and stand by her side >It's dark, as usual, and the black punishment room door is open "Rainbow being here?" >"Duh." "Yeah, it's a little scary. But it's under control." >"I've been sweeping this hallway for a while." >A few exaggerated sweeps that lift the broom end higher than Aria's head, catching no filth of any kind, prove her point >"It's getting hard to do my job." "Call it quits for today. We'll start setting your tasks after she's left. I think it's worth it. You girls need to get used to being around humans besides me." >Through the kitchen doorway, you watch Sonata dance >Her pitch shakes briefly as Rainbow presses one hand to her back, and another to her front >After a miniature lecture her voice stabilizes, more confident than before >"...Why does Sonata get everything?" "What was that?" >"I said..." >Huff "You're mumbling. I can't hear you." >She pokes at her bandanna with the tip of the broom handle >"It still feels like Sonata is your favorite." "...Why?" >"She sits around on the job. She gets your bed. She gets to leave the house. She gets singing lessons. As for me? I get to spend my free time nagging her about the necklace thing." >She unties the bandanna, stuffs it into her apron's pocket and removes that, too "Hey. It's not like that... she's a stranger to hard work, so I gave her an easy but important job." >You feel a bit panicked when she lowers her head >"Do you think I'm worth less than her?" "...What do you mean 'worth less?' I told you yesterday that I'll give you all the things Sonata has as soon as possible. All I can manage for now is the computer-" >"I like the computer." >Worried you might take it back, huh? "Well, it's there as step one. Know what I mean?" >"...Yeah. Yeah. I know things will change. I guess this is about something else. That I don't really want to talk about." "What is it really about, then? You aren't scared I'll get mad are you?" >She shakes her head >Rested against the wall, just out of view from the living room, she rubs her left wrist >Every second she takes preparing her words slumps her that much closer to the floor >"...You didn't... touch Sonata... at all, back then. You did it to me, even in front of Adagio." >Your heart skips a beat >"...I..." >Huff >"...feel like I'm some kind of. Extra, or, or I feel like some kinda... f-failed Sonata." >A quick look at your face lets her know you're both uncomfortable (and confused, at that last bit) >"Like, you know why you kidnapped us, I'm not gonna, um, I won't go over it. But keeping that in mind, the things you kidnapped us for, which I'm not naming-" >HUFF >"-AND DON'T want to be a part of, to be crystal clear, just talking about the stuff YOU want, since you're, well, the one who started this shit, and-" >She quiets down and looks away from you >"-it feels like what you wanted right at the start was for me to be a toy, and Sonata to be the real one. ...It's hard to forget that." >Got to say something >But you wonder if matching her gloomy mood and stammering out a basic apology will really mean much >It's easy to forget, with her attitude, but she views you as a leader >"Never mind. Don't forget you're paying me back for the soda." >The broom and her little work outfit falls to the floor as you guide her into the punishment room and shut its thick door >Just as Rainbow took the microphone, too. What a shame "It was a tactic." >"Huh?" "When I kidnapped you, I paid attention to the way you all acted around me. You're scared of different things." >She crosses her arms and cocks her head "Sonata was afraid I would hurt her. So I spanked her. You're tough; I knew you wouldn't cave just from some slaps on the ass, you know?" >Adagio, who's still a mystery, is conveniently skipped >You gather every ounce of fake confidence you can and use it to smother the guilt "Your 'personal space' bubble is as big as it gets. I exploited it, doing the thing that would get to you the most, it's as simple as that. I'd say it worked. My very first employee is just so resilient that it didn't matter. Get mad at me all you want, but don't misunderstand." >"" "And from now on when this comes up-" >Her eyes track your pointed finger "Focus on how strong you were. It's like nothing I've ever seen. If Equestria's government is as tough as you say it is, I need a girl like you, Aria. In fact you're the only one who's completely on board with Mercy Quartet. In a big way, you're the most important person to me!" >Fired up, you're ready to keep your little speech going. However that was it >You awkwardly lower your hand "Anyway..." >She stares at your chest without making a sound "You still there?" >"Most... important, huh?" >It's pretty dark in this shithole of a room >But the blush on her face is unmistakable >"I put up with your shit because my leader was counting on me, you know?" "You refused to let Adagio down." >"...If someone captured us now... no matter what they did to me..." >The floor creaks as she steps closer >Her tone is soft, and her words carefully chosen >"...we could sit tied up for a year and I wouldn't give in." >A year? Not bad, not bad at all >Her grin expands into a full-blown smile >She waits for you to say something >Anything >Where- >Where did that fake confidence go? >You gawk and rub the back of your neck >"Sorry. I'm not good at talking." >The heart to heart, gentle voice and freed hair drooping over her shoulders... >Not so much feeling bold as it just seeming right, you rub the top of Aria's head >Her squirming away lasts about two seconds before she rolls her eyes and stands still "Don't worry. Your meaning was loud and clear." >Four muffled symbol crashes and a holler from Rainbow lead into a catchy chorus >It's destined to get stuck in your head the moment you leave the room "I'll bring them their drinks. She chugs like we're in the desert. Before long it'll be a trip the bathroom and I'll come get-" >"Can I go questing?" "Of course. Use those headphones, okay?" >An enthusiastic thumbs-up pops out in front of you, half blocking another big smile on Aria's face >An "I know, idiot" is what you would have expected... >...anxious from this uncharted territory, you hurry out of the punishment room like a bumbling coward ___ "John! Wait up!" >He heard you >He must have! "Joooohn!" >Your backpack flings all over the place during your slowdown >"Oh. Hey Anonymous." "Where are you going?" >"Home. Mom will get mad if I don't hurry." >Is he speeding up? "Want to hang out at my house?" >"Um." "Tell your mom and we can." >"I can't." >He sped up AGAIN! >What is with him? "Come on! You did this yesterday, and the day before that. Arnold is doing it too." >John won't say anything back "Like your mom is going to get mad because you played with your friend!" >"It's not that, okay? It's about something else." "Then whaaaat?" >"I don't want to talk about it." "Tell meeee!" >"Anon!" >John stops so fast you have to turn around to look at him >There's a kid coming up, a little ways behind hi- >"You do this every freaking day!" "Huh?" >"I don't want to hang out all the time okay?" >What... >"See you later." "Wait. Come on. Why not?" >John's backpack bounces with him "What? Gonna play with someone else?!" >He says nothing "Fine! I don't even care!" >Is your fist shaking? >Why? You're not mad! >John is an idiot! >A stupid retard! >No one likes him! >You kick the grass >... >"Hi." >Oh, the follower >It's a girl? >"I hea... I he-heard that." >She's got a pretty dress, like at a wedding >And one of those hats ladies in the western movies wear. Of course it's a girl >It's turned down so far you can barely see her "Who are you?" >She fiddles her thumbs and makes noises like a scared hamster >Sigh "Want to play with me? My babysitter is going to pick me up and bring me home, but we only have TWO minutes!" >... >You said two minutes! >This dang girl has been quiet for probably three!! "Are you going to come with me or not, hat girl?" >"I... I wo-would ve-ve-very much like t-to..." >What's wrong with her talking? >It's like a scratched up Playstation game >"...But da-daddy will g-get..." >Sniff?? >She's crying?! >"...I'm n-not allowed, s-so-" >Sniff! >"I... really wan-wanted to talk-" >Sniff!! >"I'm sorry!" >Whoa! >She turned around and ran like a crazy woman! "Hey! Weren't you headed this way?! Hey! Heeey!" >You sit up >... >It's raining again tonight >The satellite turned off from inactivity, leaving the living room in darkness >Resting against the couch with her head nuzzled into your lap is- "Sonata what the hell are you doing?" >"Sleeeeping~ did you have a dream?" "Yeah." >"What was it?" >You mash your face into your hands "Something I haven't thought about in a long, long time." >"Oh. Was it bad?" "It..." >"It? It what?" "It's time to go to your own bed." >"Wait! No! Please!" ___ >You double-check the number on the fridge and dial >Ahem >AHEM >Okay >Don't be the dad >Please >"Hello?" "Hi." >Thank God "My name is Anonymous. I go to the same school as your daughter. Our math teacher has this summer project idea and I'm asking around to see who's interested." >"...Hold on." >You cover the phone and exhale >Theirs is loudly dropped, and soon picked up again >"Scoot?" "It's Anonym..." >"OH!" "Sweetie Belle?" >"What's up!" >There's no way you sound like a preteen "Not much. How are you?" >"Good!" "I was calling for your big sister. Your mom must have misunderstood." >"Ohhhhh." >She momentarily quiets down >"She's a bit out of it right now." "Is Rarity there?" >"Why are you calling my sister?" "To say hi." >She gasps >"Mister, why are you REALLY calling me sister?" "Just to chat." >"Why?" "Don't you ever call your friends to chat?" >Sounds like she giggles with a hand over her mouth >"I hope you know what you're doing dude." >Once again the phone thuds, and is picked up a little while later >This time the feminine voice is quiet and monotone >"Auntie, it's flushing now. I forgot to call back is all." "...Hi Rarity." >From the right side of the window, on the path you showed her, Sonata comes hopping over the more damp parts of the ground >Fully dressed up, headed to wait and see if Dash drops by >She's out of sight again before you get a response >"How did you get this phone number?" "Rainbow Dash. You weren't online, and your cell phone kept going to the machine, so-" >"What do you want?" >Truthfully, it's unclear >The only thing you know for sure is that you wanted to hear Rarity's voice >Not with a pained, unchanging tone though "How are you doing?" >"What do you want?" "To talk to you." >"Why?" "Because I was thinking about you." >The phone cord twirls around your spinning index finger >"...I'm doing fine." "That's good. How is Sweetie?" >"Fine. I sincerely doubt you called for a status update." "Yeah, you're right. There are some things on my mind today." >"Such as?" "Well, after I said all that stuff to you over video chat, and when we met up at-" >"I don't want to talk about it." "Hear me out." >"Don't call my house phone again. And Anonymous? Don't talk to my sister." >The fuzzy TV narration in the background silences in an instant >At first you let frustration set in >But of course she's still mad after that argument >This time you'll just sidestep it >"Hello?" "It's me again. Forgot to tell your daughter something." >"Hold on." >You flinch at the plummeting phone and gather your nerve >"Anon! Rarity just told me not to talk to you." "Oh." >"Let's chat to miff her off." "I need to speak to her please." >"Whatever you say, lover boy." >... >She says nothing, but you can tell from the sound that Rarity has pressed the phone against her head "This call isn't for arguing. We've done enough of that, right?" >... "I brought up those fights because they were distracting me from something important." >You decide to wait and see if you've caught her interest >"Important, I'm sure." >Seems as though you have "Very." >"What is it then?" "Regarding you and your little sister-" >Something almost seems to pull at the hair on the back of your head as you try to find the right words >Out of nowhere you're terrified of how she might react "...Does Sweetie have a lot of friends?" >"More than enough." "That's good. She seems like a friendly kid. And you've got the five girls?" >"This is certainly not important." >You stare at your reflection in the half-filled sink "Are you two happy?" >... "If there's anything making you unhappy in your life..." >... "There are a lot of friends you could talk to." >... >Her phone picks up a faint scraping noise as she, presumably, presses it more firmly against her ear >When Rarity opens her mouth that depressing monotone has left >Replaced with drawn-out words and suppressed anger >"What, exactly, are you implying?" "I've noticed a lot of things. I guess they could be called signs. It's a distracting time for me, and I'm a bit scared to ask, but after thinking about what it could mean-" >"Examples?" "What?" >"Of the 'signs,' Anonymous. Examples." "One thing was that an argument between your parents seemed devastating to you." >Letting her respond to each point individually might not let you paint the picture, so you rush on "During our video chat, you were very cautious. Almost terrified of somebody walking in on you. Nervous that I would see the room, too?" >Beyond that... "Sweetie came in and threatened to tell your father that you were talking to a boy. The urgency in your voice stood out very much." >Speaking of... "She told me other things. Like how you have 'episodes'. That you break down a lot. ...That your dad got a bit too friendly with Twilight Sparkle recently." >Her gasp interrupts you for a moment "The way she said it makes it seem like this isn't the first time something like that has happened." >Amazingly, she hasn't begun explaining it all away "This might be too far, and sorry if it is, but... when I got fired up back then and hit the table, your reaction was odd... and the way you behave in your friendship with Twilight, it all feels a bit-" >"Anonymous." >There's Sonata >Hopping back from her post >Seems as though the girl forgot her trusty radio >"Anonymous." >Rarity's shaking >Her teeth gritted, phone tightly gripped, to be sure >"That. Is. Enough." >The last jump ends poorly >Dodged a puddle, snagged the end of a log >Sonata lays face down in the mud "I've spent time around people in bad situations. Oppressive ones. So, if that's what you're in, Rarity, maybe I can help." >Without saying another word, you watch Sonata behave as though the world conspired against her, kicking the log and tugging on her actual hair >After you've heard her re-enter the house and stomp into your bedroom... >"Don't. Ever. Bring this up. Again." "What?" >"Don't speak to my sister. Ever again." "Rarity." >"Don't come to my house. Don't go near my friends. Don't call this phone. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?" "Hold on." >"I'm going to hang up. If you call back-" "Wait!" >"IF YOU CALL BACK, I swear to God you'll wish you hadn't!" >You swallow hard "What does that mean?" >She stops talking, but you can hear that fuzzy TV >Eager to keep the conversation going and nervous it will end, you blurt out: "If you ever need help, or somebody to talk to, then please. Let me be a friend." >And once again she pauses for an uncomfortable length of time >Until >"You don't have much of a choice in the matter." >...Silence >Followed by running water and tumbling soap and shampoo bottles a couple of rooms over >You lower and stare at the phone, before laying it down on the counter ___ >"Scrub it harderrrrr." >"You wanna do it yourself?" >"Ariaaaa!" >Sonata grips the edge of the bathtub and presses against it, backing Aria away >"Hey!" >"Harderrrr it's so groooooss!" >"That's it. Clean your own hair." >The filthy siren wipes sudsy blue hair out of her face, then pretends to choke >"It's in them agaaaain!" >"For fuck's sake!" "Aria, can you get her jacket? And the wig." >"...Fine by me." "I'll deal with her hair." >Aria pauses in the doorway to express disgust with her eyes "It's a bubble bath. I can't see anything." >The following cleaning process is tempting >Sonata softly moans at your touch, pressing into your wiggling fingers and holding your arm >Scratching behind her ears elicits one long sigh of content "You were wearing a wig. How did this much mud get in your hair?" >"I fell a second time after taking it off." >Wow "Maybe the world IS conspiring against you." >"Hm... I don't know what that means, but there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about." >You turn on the shower head and go to work, leaning her back and starting with her face >"This is a good time." "What is it?" >She opens her eyes far enough to see a blurred bathroom, and when she feels no pain, goes all the way to make eye contact >The lathered up target slips through your fingers and slowly rises to her feet >Contrary to what you would have expected... >...bubbles don't magically cling to every inch of her body >"You said something the other day. It made me really happy." >You try and fail to maintain that eye contact >"Remember? It was-" >Her dripping hands soak through the shoulders of your shirt >"We can't do that kind of thing, Sonata. For noooow~" "Ha ha ha... I did say that, didn't I?" >"You did. And that now was back then. This now is... n-now." >... >"SONATA!" >She ducks back into the tub >The surrounding tiles are flooded >Aria carries in a ball of clothes and tosses it onto the toilet lid >"I found thirty dollars in your pocket." >"So?" >"I told you not to carry it around. If you lose it, I'll bust your chubby ass." >"...Anon, Aria called me fat." "No offense Sonata-" >You gently pinch her arm "-your butt is probably a little chubby." >The way Sonata looks between the both of you, more angry after seeing her companion, suggests the grump behind you is wearing a shit-eating grin "Doesn't mean you're fat. It looks good on you." >You pat her shoulder >She sticks out her tongue >The muddied clothes reminds you: >Having to wash them when Rainbow could show up is the kind of tough spot you were afraid of >Besides, what kind of girl owns one outfit? "Would you rather shop for clothes or hang out with Dash?" >"Dash. Duh! Wait, we're buying clothes?" "Yeah. I'll pay for it, of course. What colors do you want?" >Pfft >"You know the answer to that!" >...Not really "Okay. Aria, I need your help with something." >She follows you into your bedroom >As soon as the door is shut you turn to her "Still eager to get out of the house?" >"Of course. ...Uh, do you mean..." "Yeah." >She shakes her head >"Too dangerous." "Sonata's getting the secrecy thing down. I haven't had to interrupt her a single time since Dash started visiting." >"Still don't trust her." "Then trust me. It'll be fine. Rainbow said she's leaving pretty early today, so we won't even have to sneak in. Besides, you probably want to spend some of your money." >Her eyes light up >Bingo ___ >"Oh FUCK!" >Aria ignores your shush and nearly sprints down the aisle >"Dude!" >Her hands slap loudly onto the metal shelf >Here you are, in the next town over, babysitting an unexpectedly giddy siren as she gawks at soda bottles >Everything is a big deal when she might be able to afford it, apparently >It IS an impressive wall of soft drinks >Everything from knock off brands to household names >"I bet I can buy ten of them." >She turns to you >"What do you think?" "You could get more than that." >"Oh man..." >Her money's counted and options weighed >Once your cart's got five two-liter bottles rolling around an extra large bag of chips, she drags you to the electronics department >"I'm taking a break from music," she says, "so just take me to the games." >Usually you wouldn't care about a person's performance in a video game >The trio of kids standing behind Aria at the demo station, watching her struggle to win a sword fight on easy mode, subjects you to some embarrassment >She flinches at every slash that comes her character's way, all while running into walls and ignoring the game's advice to block >Eventually the tallest of the boys has had enough >He forces himself between Aria and the console >"I'll show you how." >"Beat it, I don't need your help." >"Are you kidding? You're worse than my sister, and she's garbage." >Her mouth hangs open, and her grasp on the controller weakens as the boy pulls it away >"Listen up lady. B is the block button. If you hold it he can't hurt you." >He walks straight up to the enemy and stands still, taking strikes like they're nothing >Aria's anger disappears without a trace >"Whoa..." >"See how he pauses there? That's when you-" >The swordsman who'd killed Aria a dozen times previously is sliced in two >"BAM!" >Her little knight rests against her stomach and engages the next enemy >"Guys, find mom without me, I'm gonna show this girl how to heal. Not that I ever need to, personally." >The others head off "...We came here to buy clothes, you know." >SHHH >"He's going to show me how to heal!" ___ >"What kind of games do you like, Anonymous?" "Huh?" >Her voice is far back >Distracted by posters... >You backtrack and show her how to sift through them "I like a lot of games." >"That's such a lame answer." "What? It's true." >A poster advertising some reality TV show about a motorcycle gang >Interest is quickly lost and the browsing resumes >"Specifically, what games?" >The weight of the situation you find yourself in has had some odd effects >Early on, your appetite for television, video games and the internet weakened >At this point devoting time thinking about yourself or your hobbies fills you with dread >When some games finally come to mind you shake your head and say, "I don't know." >"...Fuck, fine, forget I said anything." >The next poster slams into the last >"God." "Why are you mad? Does it matter what games I like?" >The posters continue to be sorted with a bit too much force >"Why would I ask a question I didn't care about?" >The final case is shoved to the left >After a tense pause, Aria begins examining the right half of the posters, seeing as she just skipped them all >Question she cares about, huh? >She wants to know more about you >That should inspire some confidence >All you feel as you formulate your answer is the urge to change the subject "I like most kinds of games, but my favorite kind..." >The shopping cart brushes against some hanging clothes as you roll it back and forth "...are ones where I have absolute freedom." >You wait several seconds for Aria to turn her head, confirming with a curious raise of an eyebrow that the answer is still welcome "Where I'm free to make my own choices. Go anywhere, try anything. Things try to mess with you, but there's always a chance to steer clear." >In an attempt to raise her spirits, you present a clenched fist and smile "That's what enemies in games are always trying to do, take away that freedom. But with time you can become stronger, so powerful that you begin making choices for the game instead. Which zones are too dangerous for you, which enemies would dare attack you..." >"Huh... that sounds like..." >She points at you >"You're talking about my game." "It's one of them." >"I already knew you were into that though." "I'm saying I like all games like it." >"...There are other games like that?!" >In fact, there should be a- >You quickly check the posters from the left >Around the middle you find one for a recent sequel to the RPG in question >A dragon emblem floating in a misty, black void "There are tons. As far as this series goes, you've got like four more worlds to conquer." >A revelation so earth-shattering that she takes a step back >You find a copy of it below, wrapped in plastic "Why don't you buy this? Put it up in your room. A reminder of what you've got left to enjoy." >She takes it from you and holds it close >"...Um..." >It is a bit pricey >You nudge her side "I'm not supposed to buy you guys luxuries, but hell, you deserve it. Pick out any poster you want." >For a moment she looks angry >Before you can wonder what you did wrong THIS time, she smirks >"I'll get the one you showed me." "You don't have to get that one." >"...I want to." >It prods your thigh, and you take it >The poster rests comfortably in the corner of the cart ___ >"How much money would it take to buy EVERYTHING in the entire store?" >She stops in the middle of the walkway to scout out her next destination >"I mean everything dude, every pack of gum, every can of soda, everything." >Phew "You'll never be able to afford that. Sorry." >The people going around you look a bit annoyed >You try to guide her away when she grabs you by the wrist and dashes on >"Ooh!" "What? Oh. Chairs?" >"I want to get one. Yours suck." >She falls into a computer chair, arms planted on the rests, legs spread out >"Would this fit in m... my... mmmyyyy..." "Fit in what?" >"...ohhhh..." "Aria, that sounds kind of-" >"Ahhh, GOD that's niiice..." >She shifts between edges of the seat >"It's like it's hugging my ass!" >You quickly look down the mostly empty aisle "Careful how you talk in public places, okay?" >The hung price tag lowers under your hand and appears before her eyes >$159.99 >Too expensive. For now "Sorry, let's move on." >You drag her away >She clings to a nearby couch like a cat >"One hundred and fifty dollars? For a chair? What the fuck?" >She trudges forward, dragging you and pulling on other, lesser chairs >"But I need it." >Having reached it again, Aria falls to her knees and lays her head in the seat >"This is the one. It's my chair." "You have to save your money if you really want it." >She groans "This is why you could never buy the whole store. The good things are more expensive." >Her head is firmly planted for some time >When you pull her up and turn her around, she's wearing a playful expression >"That makes it fun, you know? One hundred fifty dollars. One hundred fifty dollars, just you wait..." >It's the end of your trip by the time you make it to the clothes section >Most of it is awkward - especially having to ask female employees questions in place of your "sisters" - but now you're left with T-shirt browsing >"A mushroom? Who wants to walk around with that on their chest?" >Aria's energy hasn't even begun to run out >You, on the other hand, rest your weight on the shopping cart and dream of your couch >"If I had ten thousand dollars, I'd buy twenty just to decorate Sonata's room." "...Hey, were you always this excited?" >"By what?" "Stores. I've never seen a person so happy to shop." >"Oh. We never spent time in shops. And I definitely didn't get to buy things." >She feels around her bulging pocket >"Didn't have money." "You didn't need it, though." >"Well, we either didn't need them or-" >Hangers clash together as she pushes shirts aside in one of those circular racks >"In Equestria, there are no bigass metal boxes that zip you around. Ponies would travel home the same long roads, usually on foot. They basically robbed themselves. As far as this world goes... have you heard of the eyes in the store? That watch what happens, to catch criminals." "Yes." >"All stores have them. It was the first thing we learned from interrogating humans." "Excuse me?" >"It shocked us. Not even Equestria has something as magical as machines that can see and remember forever. That can tell the guards who was here and when... so we stayed away." >Regardless of the somber subject, she smiles at the goofy logos and texts >"There are a lot of humans crammed into public places and they usually don't carry stuff. It was awkward... we began waiting outside of taverns and stuff to charm people out of their leftovers. But-" >Once again, she feels around her pocket >"-the machines can look at me all they want now. Why should I care? I have money, like everyone else." >Her voice trails off as she gets reimmersed in the collection of shirts >"I spoke to them, in the musician's shop. Told them we were just trying to learn, dug out my pockets in front of them and stuff. They wouldn't even talk back. ...I'm glad that... I'm glad that I don't have to feel that way anymore." >The hangers stop scraping all at once >To her right Aria pulls out a black T-shirt far too big for her, with a tacky design on the front >A wizard, long white beard, pointed blue hat and all, guzzling down a mug of mead >Like a senior citizen's garden gnome >It's ugly enough to wipe the smile off of Aria's face >She lets the fabric slip from her pinching fingers and drops both arms to her sides "Aria?" >Her face scrunches up in that familiar way >Without really thinking about it you rest a hand on her shoulder "What's wrong?" >"...Just..." >She wraps sprawled fingers over her face, high enough to cover her eyes >"Sometimes I think this was a bad idea." "Coming with me today?" >She shakes her head "What are you talking about?" >Slumped, she sighs with shaky breath >"I get this feeling that I should have stayed tied up with Adagio until the Equestrian caught me." "Why would you want that?" >"Because every day has been awful since we got here. Even worse when you tied us up. Part of me wanted to go back, even to a dungeon." >Her fingers tighten >"N-now, out of nowhere, everything changed..." >Aria does everything she can to hide her trembling, but you can feel it in your fingers >"...I don't want to lose it..." >The last few words fade into a whisper >She moves away and your hand falls to piled clothes in the cart >A fistfull of dollar bills are pulled from her pocket and scattered inside >"Buy my shit?" "Aria, hold on." >Through the little forest of shelves, she disappears ___ >The front yard is littered with bags full of women's clothing >A pack of socks hits the walkway >That was yours >The quiet siren in front of you chose to carry her fast food and nothing more >Should have taken two trips to the car >Whatever >You rush towards the door and trip on the top step >Clothes pour into the corner of the porch "God damn it. Could you-" >Aria rests against the wall of the house, arms crossed, facing over the hedges and into the pitch black woods >She hasn't said a single thing since the clothing department "Hey... do you want to talk?" >... >"Can you talk to Adagio instead?" >You stare at the side of her head >Just hearing that name sends an unpleasant tingle through your stomach >"We can't even start to make it better when one of us is basically a prisoner, right? ...I know you avoid Adagio. I get why. But-" >Perhaps- >Maybe you didn't want to talk about it after all >The door opens up to a fully lit living room, flashing TV and occupied couch "Don't worry, Aria. I'll figure it out." >It's warm and lively >Returning home used to be the most depressing part of your day, and now... >Aria doesn't have to worry >Regardless of how you feel, you HAVE to make it work >You'll convince the hairball >You'll unite the girls >Before they know it, the sirens won't be locked up, or punished, and certainly won't have to hide their faces "Shit!" >You shove Aria into the pile of clothes and shut the door behind you "Raaaarrri... ty..." >No? >The mound of purple hair pushed against the couch grows as you step closer >It belongs to someone much shorter, less intimidating, and more asleep than expected >One hand tucked behind the cushion and the other resting on top of a box of soda cans "Sweetie Belle?" >As you carefully shake her shoulder, you notice the red eyes >Uh oh >"...Hm?" "Sweetie, what are you doing here?" >The girl lazily sits herself up and scoots back against the couch arm >Her pout and hung head make you anticipate tears you don't know how to handle "How did you even get here?" >"Walked." "From your house?" >"Yeah? You live closer to me than Scootaloo does." >She talks like she's on the verge of death "Did something happen? Are you okay?" >"...Yeah. I'm okay. Rarity yelled at me and said I'm not allowed to talk to you ever again. I told her to shut up, and to stop telling me what to do." "Oh." >"And then later I went on my computer and all of my steam games were gone. When I asked Rarity about it she yelled at me again. It's stupid, I know. But it's gonna take weeks to download my games." >She rolls off of the couch and stretches >"Mom told me to get rid of these drinks my dad bought... Instead of going to the neighbor's dumpster I came here, 'cause I couldn't stop crying." >You lift the box to the coffee table and sit down >Wait. This isn't- >"Blood... sugar... or something. My dad's health is as pretty as Rarity's face." "He probably shouldn't be drinking this." >"Yeah." "I'll take it for you." >"Okay." >She was watching some cartoons >That, or Sonata left them on- >You sit up and frantically check every corner of the room >The bedroom doors are closed "Were you scared here by yourself?" >She shrugs >"A little." >Phew "Hey. You might get in trouble being out this late." >"I will." "Want me to take you home?" >"Yeah." >You stand before her and kneel to see eye to eye "Don't tell Rarity where you were." >"Okay." "...does she do this kind of thing to you a lot?" >Her head shakes with zero enthusiasm >"She's always a jerk, but she's never been this mad at me." "I'm sorry. This is my fault." >"How?" >It seemed likely that Rarity would take out her frustration like this >But if it leads to fixing their family situation, it's worth it >Right? "Sweetie. I need to know about your dad." >She blinks and tilts her head "Does he ever get mad, like Rarity?" >"What?" "Has your dad ever yelled at you, hit you, or hurt you in any way?" >"No?" >The lack of hesitation makes her answer sound more sincere than you want it to be "It's okay to tell me. If he does anything at all to you-" >"He doesn't!" >She's upset >Though not in the same way that Rarity was "How about your mom?" >"What about her?" "Same question." >"No! Mom doesn't hurt me, what are you saying that for?" "Then-" >Tears build once again in her irritated eyes "Okay. Okay, I understand. I'm concerned about your family is all." >Sniff >"Because you wanna marry Rarity?" >No >Wait, that's perfect "Marry's a strong word. For now I'd like to get to know her. If there's any way to figure out why she's behaving this way..." >"Like a therapy?" >She taps her chin >"Like a brain scan? Or waterboring?" >The pointed finger forces off the side of her face and into the air >"How about a diary!" "She has one?" >"Yeah. It's got a lock on it, but you're a grown up, you can take it off." "That's perfect! Do you know where it is?" >"In her pillow. Always is." >The kid chuckles, wiping away tears >"All her juicy secrets will be in there. That'll teach her to mess with my stuff." >After checking and confirming that Aria isn't sitting around on the porch, you open the door and offer to drive Sweetie closer to her house >She pokes you in the back on the way to the car >"I was on your Steam." "What?" >"I sent myself a friend request. Can I have your cards?" >But >You were going to use them >Someday! >"The an- a- "annie may" game ones are worth A BUTTLOAD and you've had them for years." "Well... fine. In exchange for the diary." >Her fist pump is truly pathetic, lacking any hint of energy >"The trade has to wait though. I lost my cell phone again so I can't confirm it." >Thanks for nothing, Steam ___ >Today's been repetitive >Rainbow decided a good way to teach Sonata would be to have her practice one song until she's perfect at it >The improvement's showing, but this chorus drills right through your ears, into your skull >"Anon. Want to give it a try?" >Rainbow takes her drink from you and offers the microphone "I'm not a singer. That's what I've got this dork for." >Sonata looks over in panic, as if you might be pointing at someone other than her >When satisfied, she picks up the second microphone and winks >"Listen to me sing this song!" "Ha, already have, twenty times!" >"Well listen again!" >You rub your chin "How about you sing together?" >Rainbow slams her empty glass onto the coffee table >"Yeah, let's do that!" >"Okay!" >Sonata gets up in front of the TV >Thankfully her anger over having to hide from some kid last night - and the talk of you marrying Rarity - was gone by the time she woke up this morning >With a much needed smile, you move into the kitchen ___ >This time you leave the guest bedroom door open behind you >Just enough to fill the room with the duet downstairs >Behind the little table, in the floor beside the air-up mattress, is the shrimp "When are you going to give up and try your bed?" >There are bags under her eyes >Judging by her arms, checking beneath her clothes might reveal minor bruises >The group's former leader looks more like a prisoner than ever >You sit down across from her "Going to talk today? You've done it before, so..." >"Are you really so careless as to let some woman spend time alone with Sonata?" "...I wouldn't call it careless." >Her eyebrows raise >"That doesn't make it any better a decision." "You think too little of your companions." >Her eyes lock on to your hand as you reach into your pocket and retrieve a chilled can >It slides smoothly across the table "Brought you a treat." >"Poison." "Ha!" >Adagio's a bit alarmed by the sharp crack as you pull the tab back "Those girls wouldn't forgive me for that. Besides, I'd never want to kill somebody, and even if I did I'm too much of a wimp to go through with it." >"I can agree with the third point, I suppose." >She picks up the can and reads over its text >"...Alcohol." "Yes." >"How adorable. You think getting me drunk will help sway my opinion." >You shake your head "I just want you to talk. I'm here at Aria's request. Reporting back that you stared at me for ten minutes would suck." >"Aria's request...?" "Don't you think refusing to talk hurts both sides anyway?" >She continues to read over the writing, most words in the nutrition facts section likely going over her head >Then she takes a sip and rests against the wall >Looks comfortable enough with her massive, poofy hair "Did you mean to imply that Sonata and Aria would forgive me for killing you?" >... >She takes another sip "It's okay if you were trying to sound cool and didn't think it through. I've done that before." >"More than likely, they could." "Seems hard to believe. They talk like you're their big sister." >"Do they really?" "Yeah." >"Or was that your first guess about our relationship, when you stalked us outside the music shop?" >Stalk... is a strong word... >"I doubt those two have said a single kind thing about me since they left this bedroom. Or Equestria, for that matter." "...Why?" >No answer comes >It seems like Adagio is more likely to respond to statements rather than questions >Especially if you hit some kind of nerve "Because your leadership fell apart when you got here." >Just like that, she takes a moment to let your comment sink in before firing back, >"In my worst moment I was ten times the leader you are." "So your worst moment was here in my wonderful little city." >Adagio pulls a mound of hair over her lap, raises her shoulders and wraps both arms around her chest >"If only I had the good sense that led you to freeze your own home for hours on end. If only I'd resorted to beating my friends into submission, or touching them against their will." "We already went over my fuckups. Let's talk about yours. You know, how you dropped the ball as soon as you got here." >"I did not drop the-" >She shoves the can into her mouth and takes a couple of swigs >"...Imagine waking up in a strange Equestrian city, with two scared girls clinging to you. The streets are alive with impossibly fast carriages. The stores are run by foreign creatures and, to top it off, your body has changed into something small and frail." "I'm sure that'd be scary." >"The money is different. Locals use words you've never heard. Sonata is hungry, and Aria launches insults at her. I give you one day before they abandon you." "Could be right. If you of all people failed so terribly, then-" >"Human." >Adagio stands >"Your tactics aren't clever or subtle." >No choice other than to join her. If she runs, you're fucked "What do you mean?" >With a few more chugs, she empties the can and sends it rolling over the tabletop, into the floor >"Whatever I say, you'll twist into an insult, hoping I'll share more than I mean to with my defense." "It's about all I can do to get you talking. Your special talent seems to be doing nothing." >Her eyes narrow >This is kind of... >Fun "This is some next level stuff. It's not enough to stay locked up while your friends do what they want, you refuse to use your own bed, too!" >You lift it from the side and let it plop onto the floor "Are you going to look at the window? Your most powerful strategy." >"Aria asked you to come and insult me?" "...No." >You hold up a hand "Of course not." >"Then I suggest you start talking about whatever she was too afraid to bring up on her own." >Dash and Sonata's song fades, as does their singing >Your cue to shut the door "Well. It's simple. Hear that? How happy Sonata sounds, singing with her very first human friend?" >Adagio sits down >Like before, you join her "Aria wants that, for you and herself. She's as tired of this prisoner setup as I am. Plus, you're a leader. We can work together to-" >"That's just beautiful." >She shakes her head >"He scrutinizes my leadership during its biggest challenge, then shows that, in reality, he values it. It reminds me of something. A time he said horrible, degrading things to Aria she's believed about herself her entire life, all while petting her wherever he pleased." >Adagio's stretched arms pop, as does her back and neck before she rests both hands on her knees "Let's just stick to Aria's request." >"It's related. Pay attention, human." "...I am, Adagio. How does this have anything to do with you joining us proper?" >"I'm not Aria. Convincing me that you're the only one in the world who will value me isn't going to work. That aside, I would never work with someone who could treat his companions like trash." >You open your mouth and get cut off >"Don't bother saying you've 'changed'. As I just said, you'll sink to the same tactics. That's why this won't happen, whether or not Aria wants it to." "I have changed." >Don't get mad... >That's what she wants "We're doing things in a COMPLETELY different way." >There's her smug smile again "Ask Aria." >"Aren't you representing her?" "...Yes?" >"So talk." >Fine >You were going to detail this anyway "Everyone's on equal terms now. There are no prisoners." >"Except for me." >That's... her fault... "The girls are my employees. They're paid for their work." >"A cute little fraction of your overall wealth, I'm sure." >It's all you can manage... "I give them a home and a bed. That's more than reasonable." >"How generous! What a kind, noble man! Taking two girls with no home, no chances of finding work, and offering both to them. For their sake, of course!" "It IS." >"Fooling them is one thing, but yourself?" >She moves closer >Your faces are little more than a foot apart >"At some point you realized that Aria craves respect from people she thinks are above her. So after you violated her to stir her feelings, turning a new leaf was the perfect way to build her loyalty." "That's not what happened!" >"Maybe you didn't realize it, but this is just another step towards getting the obedient slaves you want so badly. Nothing else needs to be said. Human." >The table flips into your legs, then falls back in place as you stand with Adagio hanging from your hands >Heavier than she looks >Your palms rest against her armpits, and your fingers squeeze her arms "Anonymous. My name is Anonymous. Go ahead and start using it." >"Aw!" >Her laugh makes your blood boil >"He's mad that he can't force me to respect him." "Don't I deserve it? Where the fuck would you three be without me?" >... "Twilight would've caught you after the festival. She's obsessed with criminals like you." >You're lightheaded "I'm trying to make a life for you and you're too fucking stupid to take advantage of it!" >Every part of you wants to piss her off >To share your anger >She smiles wide and shakes her head "Do you even understand how weak you are? It's not just that you're a human." >... "You're a woman. A short, petite woman. I could... I could-" >"You could what?" >Her weight increases rapidly >That, or the life drains from your hands >In the face of your threat, she looks even happier with herself >Your beating heart, slipping hands and frustration take their toll >The shrimp falls from your grasp and hits the floor >Need... >Need to get out of here >You pull open the door >That same bright, happy, cheery pop song blares from downstairs >Loud enough to let you slam the door and force the chair back in place >Your hurried steps down the stairs slow midway and come to a stop >Aria's waiting in the other room. Eager to hear the results >You rest a shaking hand on your forehead and hold the handrail tight ___ >Music forces its way through the pitch-black door, muffled into little more than vibrations beneath your feet >This chair is too short >The carpet smells like garbage >Best of all, it's darker in here than usual. The single light bulb above your head flickers on and off as it slowly dies >This was a good fit for your "punishment room" >Now that there's no need for one, it's as useless as you are "...Aria?" >She's been laying on her side near the door for about five minutes "Hey. Are you asleep?" >"How's someone supposed to sleep with all this noise?" >She rolls over, and sits up "Good point." >"Ready to tell me what Adagio said?" >You involuntarily scowl, as you tug at a torn edge of the box in your lap >Nearly a dozen cans move around inside >"I promise on Sonata's LIFE that they can't hear you in here. If they could, we'd already be fucked." >Aria jumps to her feet and cups both hands around her mouth >"PLAY A SONG THAT DOESN'T SUCK." >She needs a few seconds to quietly laugh at herself before continuing >"GET OFF THE STAGE! BOO!" >She knocks as loud as she can "Aria. Please." >"OUTLAW SPEAKING! I'M BEHIND LIKE, OVER TEN THOUSAND CRIMINAL MISUSES OF MAGIC!" >Each time she bangs on the door Rainbow and Sonata's singing voices come in more clearly, for a moment >If you were closer you might hear the piece of shit tearing off of the wall >"HELP, I'M TRAPPED WITH A PERVERT!" "Would you shut up already?" >"I'M... huh?" >She looks over her shoulder "Knock it off. It's not funny." >The already tense atmosphere becomes so uncomfortable that you take to staring at the floor >Just have to wait it out... >Once Rainbow goes home, you'll have the peace and quiet you need to think about your next move >... >"Someone's in a bad mood." >Aria falls to her knees in front of you and tilts the box up toward the dim light "You're always in a bad mood." >"Well, cheer up." >She squints, either struggling to see the words in these conditions, or trying to remember a brand she's never heard of >"And at least tell me whether Adagio said yes or no." >Aria tears the top off the box, revealing eleven silver cans "It was a no. A very clear no." >You take one and open it >Been a while since you tasted this stuff >Aria seems to look down on your decision to drink it as quickly as you can >"I bet you didn't even taste it. What a waste." "Yeah. Hey, I'll talk to the hairball again later. Let's drop it for now." >She inspects a can of her own >Crrrrrack >"Fine. What is this?" >Sigh... >You drop your emptied can into the floor, beside Twilight's communications book, and grab another "Beer. Should have saved it, but-" >"Are you SERIOUS?" >With a covered mouth she brings the can to her nose "Yeah. I'm serious." >"How?! You said you weren't old enough to buy it!" "I'm not." >After an experimental sip, she really goes at it >"Ahhh... I haven't been drunk in-" >Aria's fingers pop up one at a time >At four she shrugs >"Fucking forever." "Don't go crazy. We do have a visitor." >Her emptied can joins yours in under a minute >"This stuff is terrible... hand me another." >Nervous about serving as a bad influence, you slow your pace and insist she does the same >Still, by the time you're halfway through your second can, she's finished a fourth and started the next >"I'm telling you, it's okay!" "Your real body is different, remember?" >"And?" "Bigger, right?" >"So?" "Let it set in. Your limits have changed." >"Whatever, iiiiidiot." >Her can is dug into the carpet, and her arms cross >"If it was Sonata you wouldn't say that." "I'd say it twice as loud..." >"No." "Yes." >"No." "I promise I would." >"Nooo!" >You stand and lift Aria to her feet "Walk to the wall and back for me." >Your words are serious business for a moment >Then, with her tongue stuck out, she waddles away >Thankfully this room is mostly empty. Her attempt at a strut sends her stumbling right into the door >"Whoa." >Her elbow scrapes the frame as she turns around >The strut is attempted a second time, and goes much more smoothly >"What d'you know, stupid, I did it." "Barely." >On the floor again, she reaches for her can >You snatch it up "Five minutes. If you can do that again in five minutes, I'll give it back." >"For fuck's sake!" >Sitting with her hands planted beside her hips, she frowns ___ >Maybe four minutes in, Aria's at her limit >Impatiently rubbing her hands around the carpet and kicking the legs of your chair >Every sip you take of your drink risks triggering another World War >"How'd you get it, anyway? Can we get more?" "Probably not. A little girl gave it to me." >"Bullshit." "Seriously!" >"Buuuull. You didn't steal it right?" "No." >"You didn't find it outside?" "Nope." >"So how?" "A little girl showed up and gave it away." >"ANONYMOUS." >The massive forward sway as she stands startles you, but she catches herself... > time to fall flat on her back instead >This time she gets up very slowly >Once on her feet, she grabs your shoulders for support >"You need a girl like me, right? So be honest with me." "Haha, what are you talking about..." >"Do you trust me or not?" "Yeah." >"Where'd you find the beer?" >A moment of complete silence follows, as Rainbow navigates her game's menu to the replay option >Your playful expression strongly contrasts Aria's "police interrogation" mask "It was given to me." >The same damn pop song starts all over again "...By a little-" >Aria sits in your lap, her legs hanging off to your left >The cans that were there pile up beside the chair "Hey!" >If you hadn't raised your right arm to support her back she'd have fallen again "Are you crazy?" >She snatches up your wrist with one hand >Using the other, she desperately claws at the can >"Just give it to meeee." >Better than dropping it, you suppose >You let go >"Yessss!" >Aria chugs away, perfectly confident that you'll hold on to her >"Ahhhh!" >... "What are you doing?" >"Hmmmmm, nothing." >Her rocking legs shift her around in your lap >She's wearing some new clothes. Gray shorts and a loose-fitting, black T-shirt >The shower she took last night left her hair looking smooth and silky, and smelling a lot more delicate than she tends to be >Having her so close feels better than the drinks would >But... "Hey. You should get down." >"Ha! Fuck you." >She's got a hostile tone, and a shit-eating grin "Not joking, Aria." >"Neither am I." "I swear to whatever gods Equestria has that I told the truth about the beer." >"You won't even tell me what 'Dagio said. You think I'm a fuckin' idiot." >You shake your head, and she nods hers "She said a lot of things." >"Like what?" "...That I haven't changed." >She blinks "And that she won't work with me because of my... actions. It's about you, so I don't feel comfortable-" >"What about me?!" >Her urgency is followed up with a lazy swig of her drink that leaves a trail of beer running from the side of her mouth >Maybe Aria won't even remember this? >You carefully lower her to the floor >"Hey..." "The way I treated you. Saying terrible things, touching you, and acting like no guy would want you." >Her face had been lively ever since the first sip, but suddenly goes blank "Adagio thinks that my 'change of heart' was a trick to win you guys over, and that I'll go back to doing things like before. After all, if Mercy Quartet works out, what's the difference? I get you guys where I wanted you." >You bring your can to your lips >... >It ends up standing on the carpet instead "Even though I told her she was wrong, the more I think about it... when I offered you the job, what I wanted most was for you to stay with me." >Aria's eyes are gentle and attentive >Every time she gets this way, you fight the urge to stare at them "You know that those things I told you were lies, right?" >"Hm?" "Every insult I threw at you was either made up or really exaggerated." >Her eyebrow jumps up "You're not ugly. In fact, you're very pretty." >Air shoots through her nose "You don't smell abnormally bad. If you have any trouble with guys, I bet it's because they're intimidated is all." >So awkward... "Lately I can't stop thinking about the damage I've done to everyone around me. And what Adagio said feels so true. There are plenty of selfish things I've done without thinking about it-" >A faint chime to your left catches your attention >Twilight's book. The feather emblem on its cover glows >You crack it open to the bookmark >"Anonymous, are you awake?" >Aria's head hovers above your lap so she can watch you write back "Yes" >The book is shut and dropped back into the floor >"...Are you stupid? No shit you wanted this." >She sets her drink aside and rests her hands on your stomach >"That's how the world works. Everyone's kinda selfish no matter what. And if you think you aren't..." >Her index finger jabs into your forehead >"'re retarded. And if you think you shouldn't be selfish ever..." >Then it moves down to your cheek >"'re retarded. Why do you say nice things to your friends, huh?" "Um. To make them happy?" >"YEAH. But also 'cause you want them to keep being yoUR friend. Get it?" "...I do." >"I see right into your head, Anonymous. You're not one hundred percent selfish. You never were." >Her eyes roll back >"Adagio ran that garbage by me, too. About you 'tricking' me into having 'feelings'." >She climbs on top of you again >This time her legs wrap around the chair, and her arms around your neck >"This feeling didn't even appear until super reshently." "What?" >"I'm shellfish." >... >Aria traces shapes into your hair >"All the time lately. I think stuff like, 'forget the couch. Forget Sonata. Stay in my room.'" >Her arms tighten >"Like that time... in here... remember? I think about it a lot." >Twilight's book chimes again >You glance at it, and Aria hangs off to your side to keep your eyes on her >"It makes my heart beat so fuckin' fast I almost die. Seriously." "You've... had too much to drink." >"Fuck Sonata." >She flinches >"Not... like that. I'd kill you. Just, fuck Sonata, y'know?" "You should probably stop talking." >Picking her up wins you a merciless pinch on the back of your neck, sending you down into the chair again >"I'm trying to TALK TO YOU so STOP!" >She hasn't pulled, but you can feel her grip on your hair as well >All this moving around has gotten her backside well acquainted with your lap >You've never been so nervous and excited at the same time "These are things you might regret saying. And you'll take it out on me later." >"I want to say it constantly! Because I know things aren't gonna change. You'll still look at her, and give her the easy jobs, and give her your stuff, in different ways BECAUSE I can't say anything." "...What?" >She scoots closer >There's that hair tug you were afraid of >"And..." >The book chimes once again >"Heart feelings and body feelings are different, y'know? I've had the former-" >Blink, blink >"I mean the latter since the beginning, and now the heart feelings are making the body ones so much shtronger..." "Ariaaa-" >She tilts the both of you so far that you have to reach back to keep the chair off of the floor >"...I'm not a words person... more like an actions person..." >Her eyes slowly close >"" "Hey." >The closer she gets to your face, the harder it is to support the weight "Hold on." >She doesn't "Aria." >Her little nose brushes against yours >On instinct, you shut your eyes >Your heart beats so fast that you can't think straight "St-stop. seriously-" >Anticipation holds your tongue as you focus on nothing but the barrage of sound coming from the living room, another message from Twilight Sparkle, and the uncomfortable shift of weight pushing you closer to your back >... >Something warm hits you between the eyes >It's quick to run down past your nose >When it touches your mouth you retreat into the sleeve on your free arm "What the fuck-" >The hand balancing the chair slips, crashing both of you into the floor >The cruel, immature delight on her face... "Did you- seriously?" >You wipe away spit with the other arm, too >She snickers >And chuckles >Then bursts into laughter, resting her head on your chest "Ha, ha." >Your attempt at sitting up is denied by two wobbly hands pressed into your shoulders "What? Was there more?" >"Hahaha." "Damn drunk." >"Haha, I. Haha-" "You what?" >Aria wipes the back of her hand across your mouth >Then leans in and forces her lips onto yours >Your entire body tenses up >Her fingers find their way to your hair again, and gently burrow in near your ear >Anxious burts of air through her nose tickle your face >After the kiss breaks, her eyes quickly open so she can guage your reaction >Whatever look the shock left on your face must be satisfactory... she shows off the most genuine smile you've ever seen on her >"Next time, we'll talk to Adagio." >The tip of her index finger presses into your palm >"Together." >A white flash briefly illuminates both of you >Twilight must have something important to say >Of all the times she could have chosen... >Aria sighs, sits up and opens it >"Would she fuck off already?" >A cheaper book would fall apart from the force of her page turning >She scans over all the messages she hasn't seen >On the newest, she frowns >"How? How's that possible?" "What is it?" >The book's stood up and flipped around >You start back at the end of the last conversation you had: "It works like that here, too." >"That's true. I imagine our worlds have many more things in common." "Something you can study, in the future." >"Indeed." >"Anonymous, are you awake?" "Yes" >"I have incredible news!" >"Want to guess what it is?" >"Anonymous?" >"I can't wait! Too excited! The examination was just completed. The necklace is, without a doubt... enchanted!" ___ "Sorry again." >"It's cool!" >Dash tucks her karaoke game under her arm and cracks the front door >"Listen to your big cousin, Bella." >Sonata shrinks away at the pointed finger >"If you get grounded I won't have anyone to sing with!" >"O-Okay!" >The door is shut >'Bella' rushes to the window and watches her friend go >"...Anon I do NOT have summer homework and I am NOT behind!" "I know. Lock the door." >You reach through the kitchen doorway and take Twilight's book from the counter >"Aria. It's clear." >With it opened on the living room coffee table, you sit down on the couch and read over your last message: "Really??" >Two question marks felt right, in the moment >Just like hunching over and fidgeting feels right in this one >Twenty minutes... >It's been at least twenty fucking minutes since you received that message in the punishment room >What is Twilight doing? >Aria's arms pop into your peripheral vision from behind the couch >"What's she said now?" "Nothing." >"Really?" >Sonata nearly falls over tugging the blonde wig off of her head >After she shakes her head to get her real hair in order, you're joined on the couch >"What's happening?" >"Shut up Sonata..." >"You shut up!" >"YOU shud up!" >"No, you-" >She invades Aria's personal space and sniffs >"Anonymous! Aria is DRUNK!" >Your fingernails dig into your cheek >"Sooo?" >"Where did you get alcohol? How come no one told me?" >"That's the last thing you should be mad about. There's something else..." >"Huh?" "Quiet, guys. I can't think." >They go silent. You can feel them both staring >... >It HAS been nearly two weeks since Twilight went back to Equestria >Though early, the examination could have completed by now >But this necklace has been in your family since childhood >It originates from THIS world >How could it possibly be infused with magic? >Five more minutes pass >Then ten, twenty, half an hour... >You've added five more messages in this time: "Twilight?" "Are you there?" "Congratulations!" "What kind of enchantment is it?" "Twilight?" >Pulling your hair out is appealing right now "Aria. Come with me. Just in case." >"Oookay." >She does her best to follow you up the nearby stairs >Better hold her hand... just in case ___ "How could that happen?" >Adagio refuses to even look at the book held open before her >You drop it onto her coffee table instead "It's just a normal necklace. I was there when my mom bought it." >Aria hides behind you, with hand rested on your back >She nods after everything you say "You have to know something, Adagio." >The shrimp looks you up and down >"It sounds to me like you've made a monumental mistake." "What kind?" >"Where, exactly, were you keeping our necklaces?" "Across the-" >Slow down... "The real necklaces are hidden well. If someone found them, trust me, I'd know. Not to mention they look different. Mixing them up is impossible." >"For most. But for you?" "Adagio. Listen to me. This could end in disaster. You need to tell me anything you know about enchantments. Not just for me, but for Sonata, Aria and yourself!" >You slide Twilight's book closer "That message comes from a member of the Equestrian government who is dedicated to finding you." >Finally, she bothers to look over its text "Now, I'm asking again: how could this happen?" >Sonata peeks into the room from the hallway >She and Aria wait in silence >... >"Human." >With a light laugh, Adagio scratches her chin and says, >"I know no more about enchantments than those two do." >Of course not >Adagio, contributing? >What a fucking joke >You pace back and forth >"...You seem to be confused about the nature of our necklaces. We didn't forge them. They're as strange to us as these bodies are." "What? What do you mean?" >"You must have learned enough about Equestria to know that Unicorns don't go around teaching their secrets to anyone who asks." "Then how did you get your hands on the necklaces?" >"They've always been ours. A part of us-" >She raises a hand and separates her fingers >"-that was ruined by this world. Just like these bodies." >...You carefully consider her words, but in the end, what do they matter? >Twilight still has an enchanted necklace >Is the LAND... enchanted? >Could the magical necklaces have infected a normal one? >Why would that happen? >Are you supposed to believe anything in the house could be enchanted? >"I do know one thing you'll want to hear, though." "I'm sure. Spit it out." >The book slides back across the table >"Words are writing themselves out as we speak." "What?!" >"Enjoy." >You drop down and read: >"I'm very sorry Anonymous. Unscheduled meeting with the Princess." >"It was scary, but went better than expected!" >"This type of enchantment is somewhat rare. Though I'm unsure of its exact use in this case, I can say it is potentially dangerous. Illegal too, naturally." >"More good news: this class of magic is easily tracked. The other necklaces, and even any person who has worn the necklace before, can be located from up to four miles away!" >You raise a shaking hand and press your pen to the book "That's great when are you coming back?" >... >... >... >"Three hours, hopefully!" ___ >In the kitchen, you let Adagio down beside the microwave >With a hand on her arm of course >Aria goes through her designated cabinets, pulling every kind of junk food she owns down into your dad's large duffel bag >Sonata fiddles with her fingers as she waits for direction "Find your money. All of it." >"O-Okay." >You start on a mental checklist as you watch her run off >Keys from the kitchen counter, check >Phone, check >Wallet from the living room's entertainment center, check >Aria's got the box full of cash Gilda returned sitting on the couch >All the clothes have been stuffed into garbage bags, plus a few blankets and pillows >And the laptop and desktop computers were the first things to be loaded into the car >"What in the world are you doing, human?" "Getting ready to go." >You double-check a nearby drawer >Should you take the things in the fridge? >"Where will you go?" "Uh... not sure." >Not much in here anyway >You can buy food on the road "At least five miles away, I guess?" >Aria slowly disappears through the kitchen doorway, stuffed duffle bag in tow >"I'm... ready, Anon..." "Okay. Once Sonata's done we're out of-" >"What will you do after you leave?" >Good question "We'll figure it out, Adagio." >"She'll find you. Don't be a fool. Five miles?" "So we'll go ten. Twenty. Fuck it, we'll leave the state. What else can I do?" >"The necklaces." >She rests a hand on her chest "...Not going to happen." >"You wouldn't leave them behind. As I said before, with my necklace I could solve this situation in a single day. Retrieve it." >Even if she could, confronting Equestria in that way would not end well >It's not worth it "Just shut up and hope there's room in the car. You might be laying in the floor, yet again." >"Human. Where are they at?" >Keys into pocket >Wallet as well >"Buried? You buried them, right?" >Sonata runs by the kitchen doorway again, with a ball of cash in her hands >Her footsteps transition from carpet to the wood of the front porch >Looks like it's time >"You CAN NOT be stupid enough to abandon them. At least relocate-" "Shut up." >"They'll take them! SHE'LL take them! You have no choice!" "So I'll drop you off, drive back and do it alone!" >You feel her body stiffen, and her breathing slow >Looking back at her, you find her eyes are on the rows of trees visible outside the kitchen window >Barely lit by the midnight moon, brushing together in the wind >It's a beautiful place to have grown up >To think this could be the last time you see it... "Listen. Forget about the necklaces. This is it for you. Either leave them behind, or get left behind by Sonata and Aria." >Slowly, she lowers her head >A frustrated, exhausted sigh escapes her lips "They care-" >Your grip tightens around her wrist "-about you a lot. Coming with them, on our terms, is as good as it's getting for you." >For the first time since you've met her it feels like Adagio is genuinely worried about her future "Believe me. If not for those two, I doubt you'd have much to look forward to anymore." >"Anon, I found all of the money! Come on!" >Sonata calls out from the living room "Good job! Don't forget your disguise!" >"Already got it!" >She runs off again >Well, can't afford to stall if you're coming back to dig up the necklaces >You pull the girl behind you around the counter, past the open cabinets and drawers >Then stop beside the fridge. A foot from the doorway >You nearly back at the sudden change in weight >She's latched onto something, probably >You turn >In one moment, just a fraction of a second, a sound and image register in your mind >Of metal scratching against plastic >Of a glimmer that disappears as it leaves the moonlight >Ducking, raising your free arm to your face and shutting your eyes all take equal priority >You land in the floor "A-Adagio-" >Its cold tiles send waves of irritation to the stinging skin on your left arm >As you sit up, Adagio's bare foot comes crashing down into your chest >Your words mix into a strained cough >Seen through cracked eyes, the white tiles blur into your arm and the warm, red streaks you make as you try to force out from underneath Adagio >Her weight shifts. The heel of her foot slides down to your stomach, and becomes far heavier >Fully, but cautiously opening your eyes, you see her staring down at you >She carelessly lowers the knife to your face >Its tip digs into your cheek >"I'm going to ask you a very simple question." >She's... calm >Controlled breathing, a steady grip on the knife... >What little of her face isn't hidden by hanging hair is cold and focused "Hey-" >"I'll know if you're lying." "Hold on. Hold on..." >"Where is my necklace?" "It's-" >You take as deep a breath as the pressure on your gut will allow "It's too dangerous to give it back to you. I'd be betraying my entire-" >The metal slices its way to your jawline >A moment later, the sting sets in >Before you can so much as gasp in pain the tip presses into the same starting position >"Where. Is. My necklace?" >... "Think about the girls. You'll ruin their chances at-" >This time it drags angled to the right, just missing your mouth, and stopping at your chin >Visited by the tip of the knife, your right eye shuts and refuses to open >"Do you value your vision, human?" >Can't breathe >"Is Sonata's body and Aria's loyalty worth one eye, or two?" >Can't think >"Well?" >This knife >It's the only reason >The paralyzing fear of it resting so close >The thought of struggling and suffering a terrible injury >If not for that, what power could she have over you? >Your left eye struggles to leave the blade pressed into the side of your right >...but it does >Something catches your attention, up behind Adagio's back, in the doorway: >Absolutely nothing "Aria, DON'T!" >The mountain of hair moves toward you >Her free arm raises up to serve as a shield >With both hands, you take hold of her wrist and push >Once the metal is far enough away she comes tumbling into a cabinet door under as much force as your arms can provide >Even with one losing blood and both shaking uncontrollably, it's enough to knock the knife out of her hand >You kick it across the room and push Adagio to the floor >For a while, you stare at her pinned below, blood dripping onto her chest, hair and face as she thrashes around "...So stupid. You're so fucking stupid." >A shaking, bleeding human talking down to her >Surely that's enough to piss her off? >The struggling slows "Why can't you just listen to what I say?" >Her eyes switch between your own, and the cuts running down your face >Then, she looks away. To the bottom of the fridge >You raise her up by the arm and slap her hard across the face "Fucking... idiot." >Apart from shutting her eyes a bit, she doesn't even react >So you slap her again >And again >Harder each time, ending with so much force that she can't help but flinch >So much pain that her body won't LET her ignore you >Twitching fingers rush to her face and she rolls onto her side >One last time, you sit her up and run the palm of your hand across her now guarded face >At first, it's blissful >You imagine the frustration and humiliation she must feel >But in a familiar way, your stomach sours, and you stop "...Adagio." >She twists her torso further away from you "What is it going to take for us to work together?" >Slowly, her hands pull down far enough for her to look over your now less violent posture >She cautiously pulls her hands away from her reddened face and teary eyes >Her mouth opens to display gritted teeth >When she's ready to speak, she says: >"A necklace." >Even after all that? >Unbelievable "...You know what? Alright." ___ >You drop the shovel beside the porch steps and head back into the living room >Sonata comes stumbling in behind you, covering her ears to escape the rant outside >Pausing, you squeeze the three black bands in your hand and turn around >"Stop fucking ignoring me, Anon!" >Aria trips on the second step to the top >She lands on a knee and her palms >"I'm not-" >Sonata moves aside as Aria stands again and stomps through the doorway >Poorly balanced on her tiptoes, waving outstretched arms, she shouts: >"I'm not going to let you DO this!" "It'll happen no matter how long you argue." >"Why does it have to? Why just give up?" >You point to the triangular mess of blood-soaked, hastily-applied gauze and medical tape on your cheek "She forced my hand." >"But-" "Look at this, Aria." >She tries, but quickly averts her eyes "Adagio wanted to do far worse." >"Still, we could trying something else..." >Her voice fades as you shake your head "There's no time. I'm sorry, but I've made my decision." >You give her a moment to get it one last thought >She uses it to grit her teeth and glare "Let's go." >You gesture to the stairs and Sonata sheepishly climbs them >As you follow behind, Aria fires off one last time >"You're unbelievable. Fucking UNBELIEVABLE! What was any of this for, huh?" >... >"How about you go back to calling me twin-tails? Why not start doing YOU-KNOW-WHAT again!" >... >"Anon!" >By the time you reach the second floor, she's given up >The conversation officially ends with a slam of the front door. One hard enough to shake the framed family portrait hanging beside your head "She'll understand. Later." >"I hope so." >From the moment you told Sonata your new intentions, she's been visibly anxious >It's most obvious here in front of the cracked guest bedroom door, as she squeezes the skin around her wrist and takes deep breaths "Don't worry. I'll do the talking." >"Okay." >You guide her inside to greet her former leader, who was left here with wrists and ankles sloppily tied up >When she notices you two, her violent attempt at pulling an arm or leg free of their binds comes to an end >Right away, they catch her eye: >the three necklaces dangling at your side "Hello again." >Her mouth hangs open in disbelief. Probably assumed you were bluffing >She sits against the wall as usual, while you and Sonata take a seat on the hard, wooden floor "Take a look." >You place the necklaces on Adagio's little table and slide them forward >She leans in to inspect them >It doesn't take long to convince her "Go ahead and count them. Maybe our totals will be different, but I doubt it." >"Why did-" >Her shaky voice gains strength as she clears her throat and sits up straight >"Why did you tie me up, then? Conditions?" "You'd never accept conditions, we both know that." >Her suspicious eyes move on to inspect you for several seconds >Then Sonata, who groans and hides behind your back "Just needed time to deal with the cuts you gave me." >"Really." "Yeah." >You run a finger down your arm, crossing over another first aid disaster and ending at your lightly bruised hand >Speaking of which... >Fresh, light red marks cover Adagio's face >Dried specks of your blood decorate her from the chest of the shirt to her spiked hairband >And that mountain of hair is in more of a mess than you've seen prior >Having to sit here in that state, in front of Sonata... "So." >You do what you can to suppress a smile "Does seeing all three necklaces with your own eyes make you any more curious about the messages I received?" >"...It's strange, yes." "Can you think of any explanation?" >She lightly nibbles her bottom lip in deep thought >You don't mind waiting. It's relaxing sitting around without being blasted by Rainbow's favorite songs >So you sit quietly >If only this floor weren't so exhausting. Not even two minutes in and your ass kind of hurts >"Sonata?" >The girl hiding behind you sticks her head up past your right shoulder, at least far enough to see >"...Hm?" >"Did he ever give you or Aria your necklaces?" >Her lips and nose rub against your back as she shakes her head >"Think hard, Sonata. If you sang in this house with the necklace on I need to know." "They had no idea where to find them, until a few minutes ago. What do you have in mind?" >With a sigh of frustration, Adagio lays her bound hands beside a necklace >She feels along the band to meet with the red gem on the end and, fingers spread as far as the rope comfortably allows, she holds it tight >"Like I told you, we know little about enchantments. I thought using them might leave evidence behind that a Unicorn would mistake for an enchantment." >The gem is dropped, and the next necklace is held in the same way >"Then again, you shouldn't underestimate a Unicorn. Their wisdom is matched only by their arrogance." >Again, the gem falls from her hands >Adagio takes the final necklace by the band and slowly, awkwardly raises it, so that it hangs inches away from her eyes >"It doesn't really matter. The messenger said she doesn't know the specific way we use our magic. You three will set up a trap, while I clean this... mess you made." "Trap?" >You lean forward and rest your chin in your hands "What kind of trap?" >"Something so simple that even you could pull it off. Write the Equestrian, asking her to hurry to this house to review more clues you've found for the 'investigation'. Lead her into this room and lock her inside with Aria, Sonata and myself." "Interesting. What will you do to her?" >"Put her to work." >A smile creeps onto Adagio's face >"Government official, huh? Who knows what I could accomplish with someone like that?" >Sonata pulls on the back of your shirt collar >... >You ARE sidetracked, but you can't resist: "Adagio. I of course need to ask you how I'll be treated, once you've got the necklace." >Apparently a very troubling question >She stiffens up, frowning and twisting the necklace band in her fingers >The conflict of being so close to regaining her authority, but being afraid to lose it with a rude remark? >"I'm not going to promise you anything. But giving me this necklace, and doing exactly what I tell you to, will go a long way." "Wouldn't I do what you tell me to either way?" >"Ha." >The necklace comes crashing down into the table with Adagio's fists >Sonata jumps, and tugs on your shirt twice as hard >"Have we become that distant, Sonata?" >The question is left wide open for a response. The only one Sonata gives is an impatient tap on your back >This leaves her former leader looking more than a little disheartened >"...There's your answer. They trust you more than they trust me at the moment, and wouldn't forgive me for taking away your free will. Your job for now will be keeping these two in line. This government girl is a big opportunity, and I won't have it stalled by arguments over... weight, or sharing beds, or which restaurants to wait outside..." >She stuffs nine of her fingers away, leaving an index finger bent your way >"Speaking of which, my help is going to cost you. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I'll be taking control of this hideout." "Oh, of course." >"You'll continue to stock up on food with your funds." "A girl's got to eat." >"And that human Sonata's been spending time with will stay away from now on. Take Sonata out to meet her if you have to." "Right." >A fire lights in Adagio's eyes as she lists off conditions, and you continue to accept >"You'll teach me everything there is to know about this world's technology." "I can show you how to use a computer and a TV..." >"The equipment in the music shop, too." "Hey, I'm no musician, but I'll look it up." >"Good. You own one of the machines on the roads, correct?" "A car? Yes." >"Getting around will be simple then." >She takes notice of the dark, splattered mess staining her shirt >"I can see you bought my companions new clothes. Did you think to do the same for me?" "We got you a little something." >"Then prepare a bath. Quickly. Three hours is not a lot of time." >She lowers her head to the table >"And... I can't put this on with bound hands. Go ahead and do it. Then, get rid of these ungodly ropes." "Sorry. I forgot! Haha!" >You stand and take the necklace Adagio had seemed most interested in "Guess I'm used to seeing girls all tied up." >Closing it tight in your palms, you focus your attention as she did >There's no tingling, burning, or other sensations as far as you can tell >With a shrug you take it by the band and dangle it in front of Adagio, who is little more than orange curles and tangles from this angle "This one is yours?" >"...Yes." "Looks just like the others to me." >Sonata crawls to your right side and pinches the skin on her arm >"Anonnnn..." "Alright. Alright. So, Adagio, what if you put on the wrong necklace? Would it still work?" >"Yes. But you're holding the correct one. Don't waste time." "You're sure? This is DEFINITELY, for sure, Adagio Dazzle's very own necklace?" >Adagio jerks up. A large group of hair lags behind and covers her face >It's quickly swept away, revealing the impatient death-stare your long, drawn-out words sparked >As she takes note of the smug smile on your face, her anger gradually gives way to wide-eyed realization >Then, as the dangling gem makes its way to Sonata's chest, and the necklace is slipped over her head, Adagio's shoulders fall "That's just great. Sonata, this WILL work, right?" >"What do you mean?" "Have you ever done this before?" >"Of course not." "But you said it should work." >Adagio's eyes shift between you two as you casually discuss >"Yeah. When we're not wearing a necklace, for all intensive purposes, we're just... humans." "Hm. You mean intents and purposes, dork." >"Oh. Whatever." >She gives you a weak smile >The remaining two necklaces are swept up and stuffed into your pocket >You give Sonata a pat on the back, and make for the door >"H-Hold. On. You, you can't be serious." >Oh? >Did that pathetic, stuttering voice actually come from Adagio? >You can't help but delay things a bit longer by watching from outside the bedroom >"You wouldn't. You would never." >Sonata looks away. Toward the room's window, on their left >"...Come on-" >Your prisoner's arms stretch out across the table >"This-" >Her fingers force their way open against the constricting rope, left shaking in pain, inviting either Sonata's hands or the enchanted item hanging above >"This is a mistake. The biggest mistake of your life. I know you wouldn't." >Sonata's eyes stay glued to what little of the night sky can be seen, through the half-drawn blinds >"You would never be so reckless-" >Adagio shuts her eyes for a moment, forcing air into her lungs and releasing it into a shaky sigh >"We've been through everything together. I've always been there for you and Aria." >It works out perfectly. You didn't even ask Sonata to give her the cold shoulder >Now that it's happening, it's difficult to pull away >The satisfaction you exude briefly catches the hairball's attention >She slams her closed fists into the table and uses them to lift up as high as possible >"Do you think he cares about you, Sonata?" >... >"He's USING you. He was ALWAYS using you. This is what he wanted for all three of us. Don't you get that?" >... >"What has he done to deserve your loyalty?!" >Her voice cracks, and her arms tremble under her weight >"So he gave you a comfortable home. Don't you think I would do the same if I could?! What of the abuse? Have you forgotten about it? Can my lifetime of companionship really be outdone by this abusive, selfish human?" >As she pleads, her face goes a bit pale >"Sonata, you CAN'T. Listen. Listen to me! I'm the only one who can get us out of this. If you leave it to him, we'll end up in an Equestrian Dungeon... or worse." >... >"Give mine to me... and we'll retrieve yours... and Aria's. It's okay. I forgive you." >Her knuckles slip, and her shoulder slams into the table >"...You'd..." >She straightens out the best she can and shakes her head, sending her hair into hefty sways >"You'd NEVER DO THAT TO ME, Sonata!" "Please. This was practically her idea!" >Though she doesn't look at you, your voice has an immediate, powerful effect on Adagio >Her eyes shut tight, and she bites into her bottom lip "Sonata, why not count to sixty instead of thirty? To be safe. Who knows where Aria went." >"Okay." "Let's get this show on the road." >Just before the door clicks shut, Adagio's strained shout stops you >"ANONYMOUS!" >It's like... the satisfaction of scratching an itch >At the same time you feel butterflies scatter in your stomach >It's your move >After allowing things to sink in for ten or so seconds, the door is swung open "Yes?" >Sonata looks over her shoulder with both hands covering her mouth >Adagio sits in her original position >Trails of fresh blood run down her chin "...Jesus." >With you startled by the teeth digging into her flesh, and with her left gasping for air, the conversation halts >Droplets hitting Adagio's shirt form even more dark stains >Messy strands of hair hang over her face in every direction >The struggle against the ropes have left her wrists and ankles a painful bright red >All on top of the bruises the floor has given her frail body... >...and the hunger she's built up from her frequent refusal to eat >The joy you felt seconds ago begins to fade >That high from besting her proves to be a fleeting emotion, as it always is >"I'll-" >Her brow trembles, exhausted by a frown more hateful than humanly possible >"Co... Co-operate... with you." >She goes right back to chewing into her bottom lip >Sonata looks up at you again, hands clasped, her uncovered mouth open in a relieved smile >You stare back in discomfort >When she reaches beneath her neck for the necklace you hold out your hand, and she stops "...Co-operate?" >It doesn't have to be a fleeting emotion >The anger and satisfaction fades, why? Because she's a girl? "You know what I think?" >Because she's weak? >Because she's pretty? >No, none of that >It fades because you let it "I think you'll 'co-operate' yourself to the nearest sharp object." >You offered this girl a comfortable, honest life, and she spat on it >The moment she had the upper-hand she threatened to blind you >Compared to that, you've treated her as a welcomed guest >"I said... I'll... co-operate." "It's too late for that." >You ignore Sonata's shock and focus entirely on Adagio's growing anger and confusion "This-" >A sting runs through the cuts on your face as you rest fingertips against the gauze "-tells me everything I need to know." >"Are you... joking?" >Your stern expression surely suggests otherwise >"What about... these ropes, biting into my skin?" >She presents her hands >"What about leaving me on the floor for endless days... what do you think that tells me?" "You poor soul." >She takes a sharp breath upon seeing you grab the doorknob again "You chose to sit tied up like a slave. It was a long time ago that I offered to release you as my equal. Your companions have made progress with me, while you've sat here, clinging to your pride. You're different from them." >"Do not. Close. The door." >She practically growls out the command >How can you not smile at that? "They've tried to accept their fate, while you've fought against me to the very last second." >Your heart pounds against your chest, and your fingers refuse to stay still "So I'm giving up. Adagio... you don't deserve to be reformed." >With the door shut halfway, you take one last look at the trembling, filthy mess of a former-leader "Sonata. Start counting." >"But. But, Anon, she said-" "Sixty seconds. Go." >The door clicks shut >Force of habit compels you to reach for the chair to the left >However, it's not needed anymore >This will be the last time "That's right." >You let that thought stick as you head down the stairs >You'll never have to lock anyone up again >And with Adagio working with the group, her companions should be even happier to adopt this new lifestyle >Maybe... you should have done this a long time ago? >In the living room, something shines against the arm of your couch >You reach over the back and retrieve Twilight's book "Close one." >It was nearly left behind >Seconds after it's tucked beneath your arm, it chimes again >And by the time you've opened the front door it chimes a third time >Not the best moment, Twilight >You shut the door >The woods and most of the sky are smothered in darkness, from below the powerful porch light >As you cross the tidy yard the front line of trees reveals itself >Stars above shine brighter. Your car, and the bags stuffed into the open trunk, slip into view on the right as you pass the hedges >Pressing up against the window confirms that Aria's run off somewhere else >...Again, the book bathes its surroundings with gentle light, almost seeming to pulsate in your hand "Aria?" >The ground in front of the car is unoccupied >What little you can see down the road is clear as well >Orderly, trimmed hedge leaves which fade into an unruly mess all reflect another burst of light "Ar-" >You rush back into the yard >The door to the small shed (tucked away in the left corner of the yard), nearly overtaken by the hedges at this point, is pulled open >Buckets of weeds, boxes of random parts, your dad's revolver, no Aria "Hey!" >It chimes again "Where are you?" >How many seconds has it been since you left the bedroom? >... >You tighten your grip on Twilight's book as you sprint into the narrow passage formed by the side of the house and the hedges >The back yard leaves you nearly blind >All you can do as you walk past the empty pool and abandoned garden is call her name and watch for movement "She didn't..." >Another chime draws your attention "Damn it!" >The other side of the house is free of hedges, letting you scan the woods as you run. Nothing >As soon as your feet enter the moonlit grass of the front yard again you freeze >The... >...guest bedroom window is directly above you, on the next floor >You do what you can to cover your ears >Stuffed against the side of your head, the book's next chime is painful >Running through the front yard and onto the dirt road again, beyond it and past a freshly dug hole, through a couple of trees and into the woods you shout: "Where are you?!" >... >There's a bit of an echo >Other than that, the chirping of bugs and your beating heart, it's completely silent >... >Until- >"What the hell is wrong with you?" >The relief weakens your legs, leaving you latched onto a tree >Just a few feet away you find Aria. Sitting on the ground "Thank God." >You, too, lower onto the blanket of leaves and branches "I thought you ran again." >"Are you seriously panting? That's sad." >Though you disagree, you try to slow your breathing >It felt so much like last time is all "...Thank God you didn't go." >Aria's face is hidden by shadows, so you give up on reading her expression >Not that you needed to. She returns a cold silence "Look, about Adagio." >... "Um." >Yet another chime and flash of light >You anxiously open up the book and head for your bookmark "I..." >The turning stops suddenly, your finger stuck bending the next page as you focus your hearing on the house >It seems like Sonata's voice can just barely be heard in the distance >... >Time slips by as you try to decide if it's just in your head, and if this really is enough distance >By the time you return to your conversation you can't even remember what you were going to say >You pull the pages into little hills, lazily slapping them to the left >Inefficient use of page space has left you at nearly the middle of the book >Once the construction paper bookmark comes into your limited view, you dig out your phone and lay it on its side >With a click its lock screen lights up and reveals a long stretch of tightly-packed but neatly-written lines: >"Three hours, hopefully!" >"I can't wait to put all of this behind me." >"Can we meet up at your house?" >"Hey, you could take me to that book store again to celebrate. Wouldn't that be nice?" >"In fact I'm very excited to see you." >"Actually, could I stay at your house for the rest of the night?" >"Are you busy?" >"Please let me know when you get this." >"Anonymous?" >"Hello?" >"Anonymous" >"Are you there?" >"APRIL FOOLS!" >"The necklace ISN'T enchanted!" >"I mean it is but I haven't proven it yet." >"Were you convinced?" >"It's my first time pulling a prank. Oh! It's not April" >"Oh no" >"cultural confusion" >"Anonymous?" >"Anon" >"I'm a bit worried." >"anon" >"please pick up the book" >"anon" >"anonymous" >"anon" >"hello?" >"Anon" >"hey" >"don't do anything you'll regret" >"." >"." >"." >"." >"." >"." >"." >"." >"." >The trail of dots continues down to the very bottom of the page ___