A Dazzling Pack XI - by LaPsbin

>"So how about it? Do you fellas wanna’ come and cheer us on?" >"No we don't." >"Aw, don't be like that, ‘Mel." >"Your little make believe battles are stupid, Rainbow. I don’t care what you say." >Be Fancy Pants >Up until now your day had been going pretty well >This morning, you had managed to make your hair look JUST right >No other guy in school was wearing the same outfit as you >It was also a Monday, which meant that half of the teachers were so hungover that most of your classes had watched Bill Nye videos >...And sure, it had been a little weird when your history and art classes had put on Bill Nye, but you had long ago learned to roll with the punches at CHS >Everything had been going swimmingly until lunch, when the harpies decided to swoop down upon you and your fellows >To your left, you could see Rainbow Dash's face scrunch up as she looked at Caramel, who was glaring at her >You and your friends were all sitting at your preferred table, and all around you were girls >Some of them were just standing there with small smiles on their faces, but others were getting a little grabby >It wasn't enough that the teachers watching over the lunchroom were marching over to stop them, but you could see that more than a few of your friends didn't appreciate having their shoulders and back touched >Fortunately for you, you were in the latter category >Rarity was standing behind you, her slender, man-like hands gripping your shoulders >You could feel her hot, moist breath washing over the back of your neck >If it had been any other girl, you would have called the teachers over and sent the girls scattering >But with Rarity, you simply pretended to be annoyed as she rubbed your shoulders and neck >You might have liked the attention, but that didn't meant that you had to announce it like some sort of slut >"It's not ‘make believe’ and it's not stupid, Caramel," Rainbow snapped. "It's fucking awesome! All of the schools in the district come together and set up this whole thing--" >"I'm not interested and neither is anyone else here," Caramel interrupted. "We all have better things to do with our weekend that watching a bunch of topless girls running around with foam weapons." >"But those cunts from Crystal Prep are bringing a bunch of guys to cheerlead for them!" >Caramel took a bite out of his chicken patty, looking less than happy >You couldn’t help but shake your head >You had no idea why your friend acted like this… >Pretty much everyone in the school knew that he fancied Rainbow except the rainbow-haired girl herself >Maybe he was always so short with her because of her obliviousness? >"I don’t care. There’s going to be nothing for us to do other than watching you beat each other up with toy swords and eat turkey legs," Caramel said >Blinking, Rainbow nodded >"Well... yeah, that and cheering us on." >"And how is that fun for any of us?" >Rainbow's nose scrunched up in thought >"...Because?" >Rarity's fingers dug into your shoulders >A delightful shiver ran up your body, causing your back to arch >Hmm... >Say what you will about this girl, but she sure does know her way around a man's deltoids... >Caramel snorted, tossing his chicken patty onto his tray >"Because nothing. I’m not going to stand there for ten hours and neither is anyone else, and that’s final!" >Rainbow rolled her eyes >"Well why don't you come out and fight then?" she suggested sarcastically. "Maybe you'd stop being such a little bitch if you worked it out of your system." >Caramel stiffened >Oh here we go... >Quick as a flash, Caramel stood up and turned to face Rainbow >"Maybe I will," he growled, getting in her face >Rainbow, not one to back down, even from a guy, butted heads with him >"Yeah right. You'd get hit twice and you'd start crying like a little boy." >"I can do ANYTHING that you can, and so can any other guy here." >Caramel pls... >Pls don't go down this road... >"You can do a lot more bitching than me, but other than that you're full of shit." >"We could go out there and beat the stuffing out of any of you girls!" >Rainbow threw back her head and laughed >"You think you can take the Storm Shatter clan?" she asked with a grin >Caramel puffed his chest out >"I know we could." >Caramel ol' chap, pls... >This is a trap... >You know that it's a trap... >"Then how about a bet then? You go ahead and get a bunch of guys ready for the meet up. If you come and win, every girl on my team will chip in and buy you all something. Shoes, clothes, whatever you want. But if you lose..." >Rainbow's grin turned a tad more predatory >"You and your ‘team’ have to give mine a little ‘victor's reward’ if you know what I mean." >Around the table, you and the other guys stiffened >You all knew Caramel >Usually, he was the most sensible out of any of you >Ninety-nine percent of the time he would have refused such a bet >But he was talking to Rainbow Dash >And when he was talking to her all of his sense seemed to melt away >Before any of you could stop him, Caramel nodded >"We'll take that bet!" he said >... >Oh bother... >As the two shook hands, you all groaned while the girls around you grinned at each other >"Alrighty then. We'll see you guys in two weeks," Rainbow said, before making her way toward a table at the other end of the room with the other girls following >Looking very proud of himself, Caramel sat down and looked at everyone, who, to a man, were glaring back at him >It took several seconds, but he eventually noticed >"...What's wrong guys?" >You all groaned again >"Why the hell did you just rope us into that, 'Mel?" Thunderlane demanded >"What? It's not that big of a deal," Caramel replied, picking up his chicken patty again >He was about to take a bite out of it when Sandalwood smacked it out of his hand >"Hey!" >"I already have girlfriends, 'Mel," he said, teeth bared. "What the hell am I going to tell them when they find out I have to fuck a bunch of girls at some stupid larp meet?" >"It'll be fine," Caramel insisted with a wave of his hand. "All we need to do is get a couple of guys together and we'll beat Rainbow's team up and down the field." >Thunderlane rolled his jaw, his eyes narrowed >"I don't know if you’ve ever been to one of these things but there's not going to be just a couple of girls," he said. "THOUSANDS of people turn up to this." >You watched as the confidence instantly drained from Caramel's face >"...Really?" >"Yeah. It's so big that the minimum amount of players you can have on a team is eighty." >You raised an eyebrow >You knew for a fact that there weren't eighty boys in this school >There might have been thirty for all four years, and out of those you might have been able to get ten or fifteen to fight in this “battle” >Caramel seemed to realize this as well >Your friend went pale, his eyes widening >"...Really?" >"Yes. Eighty. And do you want to know who had the largest team last year? Maybe you'd like to know who's beaten every other team for the last TWO YEARS?" >Every guy at the table looked at each other >You knew you would probably be able to get a couple other guys from different schools--Instagram and Facebook were powerful things, after all--but none of you were fighters >Norman was the only one who had gotten into a fight in his entire life, and that was a ten-second slap fight that ended up with both boys crying >You didn't know how to swing a SWORD >No one here did >Flash, who was scratching his chin thoughtfully, summed the situation up rather well >"So we're fucked then?" >The boys once again exchanged glances >Some began to murmur >Others gave a now regretful Caramel some nasty looks >You were just sitting there thoughtfully, tugging on your mustache >The beginnings of an idea was starting to form in your mind... >It might not help this situation but... >... >Well, there's no choice but to try isn't there? >If you all lost, the whole school would hear about what you'd do, and you couldn't have that... >None of you would be able to show your faces in public again... >So, with that thought in mind, you stood up "I'll be back in a moment, gentlemen," you said, adjusting your monocle >Pushing your chair in, you marched up to the snack line and bought every chocolate cookie that was being served >Thanking the lunch sir, you carried the treats over to a nearly empty table, at which sat only four individuals >Anon, Sonata, Aria, and Mrs. Adagio >The four, so busy with their eating, didn't noticed you until you sat down in front of Anon “Good afternoon!” >Their heads snapped up to look at you >Sonata and Aria pressed themselves against their boyfriend, their teeth bared >You ignored the two, dumping the cookies into the table >Anon, looked down at them in confusion >"...Hello to you too, Fancy," he said, sounding a little bewildered >You smiled "Hello Anonymous, ladies." >Out of the corner of your eye, you watched as Sonata snatched a cookie from the table, unwrapped it, and began noisily eating >You nearly smiled at the sight, but managed to restrain yourself at the last moment >Your mother had taught you the importance of not showing any emotion whilst making a deal with an individual >Anon gave his girlfriend a frown before turning his attention back on you >"You mind telling me what all of these cookies are for, Fancy?" he asked "They're a way to grease the wheels, my good man," you replied, leaning toward him >Anon nodded slowly >"Alright... But why?" >You straightened your shirt and sat up straight >Looking Anonymous right in the eye, you explained the bind that Caramel had just gotten you in >It was a short story, but by the end of it the Dazzlings were laughing and even Anon had a smile on his face >If it you were in their position you might have laughed as well, but because you were the one with a proverbial axe over your head you didn’t find it all that funny >"Ha! What a dumbass!" Aria said, cackling >"Caramel and Rainbow just need to get it out of their system with a good fuck," Adagio said, taking a sip from her thermos >You coughed into a hand "Yes... quite. Still, I came to ask if you'd help us, Anon. I know that you're a very resourceful chap, if there's any man in school that can help us with this, it would be you." >The smile on Anon’s face diminished somewhat >"And what do you think I could do?" he asked, drumming his fingers on the table >You shrugged "To be honest, I have no idea. I just thought that I'd ask you since none of the other men are going to be useful in this situation." >Unwrapping a cookie, Anon gave you a shrug of his own >"Well, I really don't know all that much about larping to be honest," he told you. "I really don't--" >You watched as Adagio perked up >Slapping a hand over Anon's mouth, she looked at you >"So you’re saying that you need someone to train you to beat Rainbow Dash?" she asked >You found yourself wilting under the intensity of her gaze >Easy there, old boy... >Easy... "Yes." >"Do you know if those other BLASTED Rainbooms are going to be fighting as well?" "...Rarity and Twilight and the others?" >The Dazzling growled, baring her teeth >While you were no dentist by any means, you don't believe that someone's canines were supposed to be that long or that sharp... "I-I suppose they would be." >Thankfully, your answer seemed to satisfy Adagio >Her rage was replaced with a thoughtful expression >She lifted her hand from Anon's mouth, leaning back onto her stool >Letting out a hum, she grabbed her boyfriend's hand >"Anon may not be able to help you, but I believe that I can," she said, rubbing her thumb against one of his knuckles >Relief and concern filled you as you looked at the Dazzling "Really?" >She nodded >"Yes. My sisters and I are what you might call... experts when it comes to training warriors." >A small smile came to her face >It was an unsettling smile, you found >Very unsettling... >Lifting up Anon's hand, Adagio gave it a kiss, winking at her boyfriend before looking back at you >"All we'll need is some men, some equipment, and some time. If you give me all three of those my sisters and I will make sure that no one will be able to beat you." >... >This is a bad idea... >You knew it was... >Asking Anon for help was one thing, but receiving help from the Dazzlings was a very different sort of beast >... >... >... >Well... >What do you have to lose? "I'll see what I can do, but I'm positive that we'll be able to get everything that you need." >To your ever-growing concern, the other two Dazzlings grinned wolfishly >"Oh man... It's been forever since we've trained anyone..." Aria murmured, rubbing her hands together >"Are we going to make them legionnaires, Dagy?" Sonata asked >Adagio gave her head a pat >"That's exactly what we're going to do, Sonata," she said >"Hail Caesar!" The cobalt girl yelled, throwing up her hands. "We who are about to die salute you!" >... >What? ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ >Be Rainbow Dash, the leader of the Storm Shatter clan >Yours was a mighty horde, only filled with the strongest, the bravest, and the awesomest of the awesome >You were wearing your berserker garb, a rabbit pelt shirt and no top--because armor was for bitches and you weren't no bitch--and wielding your mighty warhammer, Dafuck >Around you were your warchiefs >There was Gilda, your great reaver, wielding her spear and fuck-off shield >There was Sunset, who's hard nipples glistened in the sunlight >... >N-No homo... >Your second in command Applejack was next to you with her greatsword >Rarity was looking over her twin short swords, making sure that they were still in tip-top shape after your last battle >Right next to her was Twilight and Fluttershy, who you had FINALLY managed to talk into coming this year >And sure, they had decided that they wanted to be a bunch of boys and hang back so that could be archers, but what mattered was that you talked them into this! >Rarity and Sunset had been iffy about this too at first, but now you had to DRAG them away from a battlefield! >All you needed to do was talk Pinkie into coming and you'd have all of your friends acting like a bunch of AWESOME vikings! >Around your warchiefs stood the rest of your horde, talking and chatting and resting after a battle well fought >This was your best year yet for recruits >From humble beginnings a few years ago, you now boasted an army of five hundred girls >More than those stupid Knights of the Rose and their STUPID samurai! >And not only were you the biggest, but you were the best as well >Over the last two days you had fought six armies, and each time you had walked away the winner >You weren't going to jinx yourself or anything, but it looked like the Storm Shatter clan was going to win for a THIRD year in a row >And that was going to be great... >You always enjoyed showing up those dumb weeaboos that thought waving around katanas was cool >But, what was going to make your victory even better was having Caramel licking your sweaty cunt after this was all over >Yeah... >You could almost feel it now... >It was going to be so fucking AWESOME... >From what you've been told, his little "army" had won every match just like your army had >None of the knight factions were going to hit guys, foam weapons or not, and neither would any of the weeaboo clans >But you and your girls were going to have no problem with that >Not at all... >Applejack, leaning on her greatsword, looked out at the field that you were going to have your final battle on >"Wonder when they're comin’," she said >"One of the officials just came over and said they were coming right now," Sunset replied, giving her bearded axe a few practice swings. "We should start forming up." >You snorted "Nah, I doubt we have to do anything like that," you said with a wave of the hand. "You, me, or Applejack will lead like thirty girls to break their lines, they'll run, and we'll win. It's going to be a walk in the park." >Your Warchiefs chuckled, just as eager as you for the easy victory >It was going to-- >You were brought out of your thought as the trumpet of a horn tore through the air >Many people from the crowds of civies and defeated warriors that had lined the battlefield to watch jumped in surprise >Even a few of your girls looked startled >Not you though >Because you were fucking awesome! >You most certainly didn’t jump like five feet in the army and almost fall on your face! >Nope! >That’d be silly! >As your girls’ collected themselves, your head snapped toward the direction of the noise >Who the hell just blew that? >The only team that had horns was the Shield Breaker horde, and they had gotten the shit beaten out of them in the first round... >For nearly thirty seconds that horn continued to blow proudly before going silent >It was then you could hear the sound of marching >"Keep in step Julii! Raise that shield soldier! Get your fucking asses moving!" >At first, you could only see red flags and a golden eagle standard poke over the horizon >Then you could see the shields, then their bodies >Caramel and his team were coming toward you, and they were absolutely NOT what you were expecting >Since you and your girls had been so busy tearing shit up, you hadn't managed to see how his team had dressed and armed themselves >You had thought that they'd make a bunch of dumb looking outfits, and maybe a few of them would carry shields >But this wasn't that >No, what marched toward you looked like a Roman legion >...You think >Probably... >... >You should have paid more attention in history class... >They were holding identical shields with weird scribbles on them >Their armor and helmets looked like they were actually made out of steel or iron >There were short swords at their sides and they were also holding what looked like two throwing spears >Applejack whistled >"Well, will ya look at that. Them boys sure look fancy." >"Yeah they do," Gilda said with a nod, before a frown came to her face >Following her gaze, you found what had turned her smile upside down >There, marching alongside the team, wearing what was obviously the armor of generals, were the Dazzlings >Adagio was holding a cane, a great big smile on her face >Aria was screaming at the guys, a cooler under one of her arms >Sonata was skipping along, holding three fold-out chairs >... >What the heck were THEY doing here? >"Halt!" >As the team came within a hundred feet of your horde they stopped, their heels slapping together as they let their big ass shields rest of the ground >Sonata and Aria scurried over toward the sidelines, grins on their faces, while Adagio, her little red cap flowing in the wind, began to make her way toward you >A few of the guys peeled off from the little army to follow her >Captains or officers by the look of them... >You could see Caramel, wearing a bearskin and holding a standard >There was Thunderlane, who's helmet had some pretty sick plumage on it >Fancy was also amongst the group, his usual monocle gone and replaced with a pair of safety goggles >For some reason, Anon was even here, a look of exasperation on his face as he marched over toward you, wearing armor almost as fancy as Adagio’s >... >Hmm... >Maybe this will be a bit more fun than you thought it was going to be…? >Looking at your warchiefs, you made your way over toward the little group >Your chiefs followed you, weapons at the ready "What the hell are you doing here, Adagio?" >"That's Legatus Adagio to you, barbarian," Adagio said, her group stopping a few feet from yours >You sneered "What, did you decide to come and get your ass kicked with the rest of these guys?" you asked >To your surprise, Adagio chuckled >"A Legatus does not command a single century," she said matter-of-factly. "I'm not here to participate in the battle. I'm simply here to encourage my troops and see them drive you from the field as painfully as possible." >Not a second after she said that, you and your girls began laughing >Hah... >That was a good one... "Yeah right. I'm sure that you're gonna be able to beat my army with... how many guys are over there? Eighty? Ninety?" >Adagio turned toward Anon >"Centurion, a group of barbarians were thoughtless enough to set foot on my lands. Please be a dear and show them the might of Rome." "Your lands?" you said with a scoff. "Please. This is Storm Shatter territory!" >"Can't I just sit over there with you girls?" Anon asked, both him and Adagio ignoring you >"No. No you cannot," Adagio said, giving him a kiss on the nose. "Now make sure to grind them into the earth so that they may never rise again." >Giving you a smile that made you want to walk over and punch her so hard that stupid poofy hair of hers went flat, Adagio spun around and made her way toward the sidelines, where the other Dazzlings were already seated >... >Man... >You HATE that cunt... >Sighing, Anon looked over to you >"I guess this is the part where I ask you to surrender." "My army doesn't surrender, Anon," you said, puffing your chest out >Anon's nose scrunched up >"Please?" >You shook your head "No. We'll fight you to the last woman before we give up!" >Anon looked at his fellow officers >"Can we surrender then? Because I would much rather go and get a turkey leg or something." >Smirking, Caramel shook his head >"Unfortunately we can't, sir. There's barbarian SCUM that we need to destroy." >Anon looked hopefully at Thunderlane and Fancy, both of whom shook their heads >Groaning, he threw up his hands >"Fine! We'll beat the shit out of them and go home. But I swear to god if someone pokes me in the eye with anything I'm going to lose it..." "Don't worry, Anon. We'll make sure to kick the shit out of you all as gently as possible," you said, winking at Caramel, who scoffed >"Alrighty then. May the best team win," Anon grumbled, before looking over at Sunset. "Oh, and by the way, Sunny, nice tits." >Fancy perked up >"I also must say that you look rather dashing, Miss Rarity. While I'm not usually a fan of a minimalist design, yours is works very well." >Both of the girls smiled at the compliments >"Hey thanks, Anon," Sunset said with a little bounce, causing her tig ol’ bitties to giggle. "You look nice in that armor.” >"I must say that you looked delightful in your armor as well, Mr. Fancy," Rarity said, giving the guy bedroom eyes. "You really--" >Huffing, you grabbed both girls by the shoulder and began dragging them away "Yeah, yeah. Wait until we beat 'em before you start making goo goo eyes at each other." >"Someone's jealous," Sunset said, causing everyone to chuckle >You growled "Guess who just volunteered to lead the first attack?" >Sunset's smile widened >"I'd be happy to." >With that, the two of you went back to your teams >Officials ran over and gave you the usually spiel >No punching or biting >Don't try to hit someone in the face or groin >If you get hit you're out >If someone gets out you have to let them go >Blah, blah, blah >With that boring shit out of the way, you all lined up, warriors in the front and archers in the back >Sunset was getting her warband of eighty girls into position, ready to make the first charge >On the other end of the battlefield you could see Anon getting his "soldiers" in line >A quick count showed that they had four rows of twenty men >So just eighty... >Good... "Watch for those javelins, Sunset!" you called from your position on a little hill near the treeline >"We'll be fine!" Sunset called back. "Isn't that right, girls?" >Throwing their heads back, the warband let out a mighty shout >In response, your entire army let out a shout in return >The sound of it brought a smile to your face >You could feel it coming on >That excitement and nervousness that came just before a battle >Soon you'd hear the sounds of war cries, screams, foam sword hitting shield and flesh >This was why you did this… >Why you spent all of your money on foam weapons and outfits... >You were born for this... >It was in your blood... >And now those silly men over there were going to learn that the hard way... "Fuck'em up, Sunny!" >Sunset waved her axe around >"You heard her, girls! CHARGE!" >With a shout, the girls began racing toward the line of guys as fast as their feet could take them >You could hear taunting, promises of lewdness and pain when you won, and even animalistic noises coming from your girls >But nothing from the enemy >They stood there with their shields raised, waiting patiently for them to come >Anon was right there in the front row, looking like he needed to go to the bathroom >Heh... >Knowing him, he probably did... >Sunset’s warband closed the distance quickly, only fifty feet away from the enemy >That was when they reacted >Anon, placing a whistle into his mouth, drew his short sword >"Century! Formation!" >Silently, the soldiers in the front row sat down their javelins and drew their swords >Behind them, you could make out the other soldiers leaning toward the front row >... >What the hell were they doing...? >Your girls were thirty feet away >Then twenty, then ten >"Brace!" >Screaming at the top of their lungs, your girls slammed into the guy’s line >You expected it to crumble, to break >But it didn’t >Instead, the guys let out a shout and all four rows leaned forward, their shields at the ready >When your berserkers put their shoulders against those shields the guys not only held firm but slammed them forward >Your eyes widened as your warriors were thrown back, some of them physically lifted into the air >Anon blew his whistle >"Century! Forward!" >Sunset's warband, confused as to why their charge hadn't automatically hit home, faltered >This gave the guys the perfect opportunity to march forward >Their short swords began stabbing and slashing at your girls with terrifying efficiency >Before Sunset could order her warband to step back, fifteen girls had already fallen >"Get back! Watch those fucking swords!" she yelled, dragging a girl back by the back of her skirt >"...What in tarnation...?" Applejack said, perking up. "What the sam hell's goin' on?" >You frowned "I don't know, but I don't like it..." >You turned toward Gilda "Gilda, take your band and reinforce Sunset. Hurry up before they break." >Nodding, Gilda jogged toward where her warband of a hundred warriors were standing >"Come on girls! Lets show 'em how it's done!" >With a shout of their own, Gilda and her girls charged toward >Anon, seeing the force, blew his whistle again >"Change ranks!" >In a flash, the front rank of soldiers retreated toward the back row while the second row moved up front >These fresh troops then began slashing and stabbing at your retreating girls >... what the hell? >You looked are your War Chiefs, who were staring back at you with confusion and concern >None of you had seen anything like that before... >Weaving around Sunset's berserkers, Gilda slammed her shield against the nearest Roman soldier >He might have stumbled back, if not for for the guys behind him keeping him in formation >"Come on girls!" Gilda roars, trying to stab the soldier over his shield. "They're just a couple of guys! We can--oh dammit!" >You watched as three swords shot out from the gaps of the Roman shields >Gilda, a veteran just like you, managed to block two of the blades, but the thirds managed to get her right in the stomach >A fatal blow... >She was out... >Gilda's warband, seeing their warchief laid low, surged forward, determined to make the enemy bleed >But the Roman shields were too big >No matter how much they slashed or stabbed all they needed to do was hold their shields up and they were untouchable >And then there were those short swords, stabbing again and again... >Your girls did the best of that they could, but for every Roman that fell twenty of them hit the dirt >Anon blew that stupid whistle of his >"Change ranks!" >... "Everybody! Get ready! We're going to charge 'em!" you yelled, readying your weapon. "They won't be able to get us all!" >Without hesitation, you launched yourself forward >A second later, the rest of your horde let out a warcry and followed you >Anon, stabbing one of your girls in the chest, perked up >"Century! Hold onto your butts! They’re all coming at once!" ~_~_~_~_~_~_~ >Be Signifier Caramel >You were tired, you were sweaty >Your body ached like it had never ached before and your ears were ringing >If someone put a gun to your head you still wouldn’t have been able to lift your arms over your hand, and you REALLY needed to go to the bathroom >But there was a smile on your face >A big smile >A victorious smile >For almost three hours, Rainbow's team had charged your line >When charging hadn't worked, they had fired arrows at you >When that didn't work, they tried to surround you >They tried a dozen different things, but it all failed >Your unit had performed flawlessly >Each charge was thrown back, each hail of arrows was blocked by your shields >You lost a few guys here and there, but they had lost far more >Enemies laid all around you >If your swords were real they would have been red to the hilt >You had won >Even though the enemy had six times your number you had won! "Hah! In your face Rainbow!" >Your defeated nemesis stood next to you, a frown on her face and her arms crossed >She, like the the rest of her army, had been beaten while trying to break your line >You hadn't been the one to stab her--unfortunately-- but you had gotten to see the look on her face when a javelin had bonked off her forehead >Heh... >Even though the Dazzlings "training" had been the most horrible thing that you had ever experienced, it was almost worth it to see that look >Beside you, Anon stood there, haggard and sweaty, with your victory trophy in hand >But you barely noticed that, too focused on rubbing your victory in "I hope you have a lot of money saved up, because you and me are gonna go shoe shopping!" you taunt >Rainbow grumbled to herself, covering her face with a hand >"I can't believe that I lost to a bunch of fucking guys..." >Your smile widened >This was the best-- >"Attention!" >Two weeks of hard, difficult training had you, Anon, and every other guy within earshot snapping to attention >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Adagio making her way over toward you >Rainbow sighed loudly as she walked over to Anon and took the trophy out of his hand >"You all did very well," she said, giving Anon a pat on the cheek. "A few of you were a bit sloppy, but that's to be expected." >"Can we go home now?" Anon asked, his shoulders sagging. "I want to get out of this shit and lie down. Some chocolate would would be nice. A lot of chocolate... Dagy, get me chocolate.." >Chuckling, Adagio kissed her boyfriend on the cheek >"Aria has a turkey leg awaiting for you, and Sonata will help you out of that armor, honey," she said, before turning toward Rainbow. "Oh, and Rainbow?" >A groan escaped Rainbow's lips >"No, no. I don't want to hear it," she said, waving a hand dismissively. "Just... just go. Please." >Laughing, Adagio give her boyfriend another kiss--which he tiredly returned--, grabbing him by the hand and leading him away from the battlefield "Thanks again for the help, Adagio!" you called. “We couldn’t have done this without you!” >"Yes, she and her sisters were worth every penny, weren't they?" >Turning around, you saw Fancy, arm-in-arm with a grinning Rarity >Your Optio had removed his helmet and his safety glasses had been replaced by his usual monocle >"That was an invigorating battle, Caramel my good man, but I believe that I must now depart," he said, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow >Leaning over, Rarity whispered something into Fancy's ear >Giggling, your Optio gave her a playful shove >"Ms. Rarity here was kind enough to invite me to her home so that we may freshen ourselves up and relax." >... >Looking around the battlefield, you saw that your century and Rainbow's army had intermingled >Girls were talking to their boyfriends, single guys were getting hit on, everyone was laughing and talking and having a good time >Your stomach tightened at the sight >Oh... >Fancy's smile turned into a grin >"Rainbow dear? There's a movie that Caramel here has been dying to see for quite some time. I'm sure that if you asked him to go he would say yes." >Giving you a wink, both him and Rarity turned away from the two of you >Perking up, Rainbow looked over to you >For some reason, the ground suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world, so you stared down at it >... >Wow… >The grass looks REALLY green... >"What movie do you want to go see?" your nemesis asked >A small blush came to your face "B-Before I Fall," you mumbled, kicking at the dirt >"Well, if you want, I can pick you up at seven," she said after a pause. "We can go get dinner or whatever then go see your movie." >Hah! >Like you'd ever want to see a movie with someone like HER! >... >... >... >Shoot... >Face reddening, you looked up at her "M-Make sure to wear s-something nice. I'm n-not going to be s-seen in public with some s-slob..."