Dazzling Corps - by StarGhoul

(NOTE: Not by StarGhoul --- This is by Gasoline_Moose. I reached the guest account paste limit so had to put it here.) >You look back, noting the absence of yelling and flying food going towards your direction. >sonata and Aria are at your sides, breathing heavily as you are. >After a moment Aria kicks over a trashcan and yells, "FUCK!" >For once you could agree with her negativity. >Your powers are gone. >Everyone knows what you are. >All of that wonderful control you had over them has slipped away. >With your breath caught, you begin walking, giving a subtle hand motion for the other two to follow. >You keep your eyes forward, though you can guess Sonata has tears running down her cheeks. >"What are we goin to do 'Dagi," asked the taco blackhole, struggling to not cry. >Aria yelled out, "What the hell do you mean!? We lost! We're screwed! We are going to die and we might have not have lost if you weren't the worst!" >You've heard this routine a million times. You can already guess what Sonata is about to say... >"Oh yea Aria? Well rou're worse than the worst!" "Will both of you shut up? We have not lost. This is only a.. setback." >"Oh bullshit," yelled Aria, "If this is a setback, it set us back to off a fucking cliff!" >You feel a wetness on your nose. Just as you're about to wipe it off, a torrent of water begins pelting you. >The rain seems to have shut the two up so you could think. >Aria can't be right. It cannot be over. >You will not just accept defeat. >In the middle of your thoughts your attention goes to a set of television screens inside of a store, all displaying the same video. >They seem to have some pictures of men in uniform, with the ranged weapons of this world. >You didn't catch most of what the narrator was saying, though you heard the last bit. >"...Join the army today." >You felt that same spark of hope you had felt when you saw that beam of magic at Canterlot High. >You could feel your mouth curl into a grin as your idea began to formulate. "Girls... We may have lost the battle..." "But we WILL win the war..." � >You lead the girls through the rain to the public library. >Thankfully those who had seen the battle of the bands were still at the school and not here. >"What are we doing here Adagio. I thought your plan had something to do with that army ad," said Aria. "If we are to join the army, we need to know how to do in the first place" >You locate one of the library computers and plop down on the uncomfortable seat. >You glance up for a moment to spot Sonata reading a Dr. Seuss book by your side. >You try to tune out the bickering that ensues between Aria and Sonata concerning the childish book to focus on researching this army. >You search Google thoroughly on this subject, looking at as many websites as you can before spotting that there will actually be a recruitment stand at Canterlot High tomorrow. >Of all the places in this damned town, it just had to be Canterlot High. >"...that's why you shouldn't read this stupid book!" >They're really still bickering about this? >You get up from the seat and smack them both on the back of the head to get their attention. Not hard though, but hard enough. "Listen you two. We're going back to that school tomorrow." >"But why would we go back there," Sonata asked, "Doesn't everybody like.. hate us?" >"For once Sonata isn't saying stupid shit. Right when we go in there we'll get pelted with food again." >If only they had your foresight. Then again, it wouldn't be so easy to lead them in that case. "Which is why we must play this very delicately. The army is setting up a booth at the school tomorrow in the parking lot. If we get to the booth when no students are there, we can sign up without any problems." >Sonata put a hand to her stomach and said, "Can we get dinner first? I'm starving!" >Ugh, looks like it'll be tacos once again. � >You awake with the familiar back pain that comes from a cardboard bed. >You nudge Aria and Sonata with your foot to wake them up. >"Damnit Adagio.. Give me five more minutes.." >You slowly shake your head, remembering the last time you gave her "five more minutes" >That was the worst three hours ever. >At least Sonata was a bit more of a morning person, quickly springing to life, excited to go through with your new scheme. >She began one of her mindless banter storms that usually upset Aria. >"And then we would be flying jets around in the sky! We could go to the moon and stuff! Oh oh oh! And we-" >Her cheerful chatter was cut off by a grumpy Aria, "If I didn't want to wake up before, why the hell would I want to wake up to you spewing random shit!?" >Sonata just crossed her arms and looked away from Aria as she slowly got up. >You put your face in one of your hands, realizing that at least A LITTLE bit of intelligence in these two would be a good thing to have. >Oh well, one must make due with what she has. "Come, we overslept and I'd like to get to the army booth before school ends and all the students are in the parking lot." >Sonata and Aria follow you as you make your way to Canterlot High. >The walk doesn't take long since you picked an ally just across the street from the school. >The army booth is full of colors. >Only three actually. >A table adorned with a large American flag sits in front of a man in a dull green uniform who obviously should not be sleeping in his chair right now. >You are about to gently tap her shoulder to wake him, before Aria walks from behind you and takes in a big huff of air. >"OH SHIT THE TERRORISTS ARE BOMBING THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AGAIN!" � >The man flies out of his chair, frantically looking around and yelling out, "Shit! Where!? Where are they!?" >Her looks at Aria and stands up with an agitated look on his face. >After regaining his rigid composure and says, "That is not funny ma'am. That was a terrible event for our country." >You give Aria a dirty look before bringing your attention back to the uniformed man. "I'm sorry for my friend, she's not very bright." >You let out a small laugh as you pat Aria's head for emphasis. >Sonata holds a hand to her mouth, letting out little giggles, obviously happy the idiot title wasn't given to her this time. >"Apology accepted. Now are you three interested in joining the cheerleading squad or something, because that booth is somewhere else," says the man. >Apparently not many students come to this booth. >Probably too afraid to fight in the army "What? Oh we aren't interested in the silly cheerleading squad. We're actually here to enlist in the armed forces." >The man visibly lights up as he looks down at the table, grabbing sheets from each of the piles of paper on it. >He hands you the papers, aware you must be the one who could handle such paperwork among your group. >"You will just need to fill out the fields on these papers and wait for a vehicle to arrive to pick you up at the end of school." >He held out a pen to you which you promptly grabbed and began filling out the paperwork. >"Oh this is going to be great! We're going to take over the world," Sonata said ecstatically. >You, Aria, and the man all stare at Sonata. "What she meant to say was she's going to take some tacos with us. English is not her first language, so she often gets words confused." >The man shrugs it off and grabs the paperwork from you once you finished it. >He looks at it for a bit before extending a hand out to you >As you shake his hand he says, "Welcome to the armed forces Ms. Dazzle. Hopefully you and your friends make your country proud."