Just a Normal Week Livin' With Dazzlings - by Anonymous

>*Riiiinnnggg!!!* *tap* >Another day on Earth, another trashing of hours until death >At least your friends make it worth it >Speaking of that *Thump* "Yo, Sonata, wake up. It's morning" >".... nyeeeh, five more minutes" "Adagio is cooking today" >The moment smyou finish that sentence, she jumps out of the bed, and runs to fresh up >You take your time to wake up, make yourself presentable, and go to the kitchen >You see the Dazzlings having breakfast. Aria is having coffee while Sonata is all giggly looking at Adagio, making breakfast and lunch "Morning girls" >"Morning" "Well, it's Monday. What are we having Adagio?" >"Here" >She passes you a bowl of cereal with some eggs and bacon "Huh, I though you made something weird or extravagant" >"Unless you get paid today, we ain't having "continental", sweetie" "Alright, I get. I think I may have the paycheck today" >You finish your meal, get your stuff, and go to the door. >"Hey anon, wait" "Hey dagi, what's up?" >"Your lunch genius. Here" >Aw, how nice. She bagged you lunch >"Try not to choke on it" "Will do. Anything else for me?" >"Like what?" "How about a kiss?" >"You wish" "Not even on the cheek?" >She kisses her fingers, and touches your cheek >"Make do with that" "Hehe, alright. See you in a few hours" >You wave goodbye, and go to work >You arrive to your wagecuck job >At least is simple: office work >Yeah, may be soul crushing and boring, but pay is good, can brag about it, and it allows you to have a decent apartment with your chicks >Speaking of which, today is pay day >You ring home >*tuuu* *tuuu* *tuu-* "Anonymous residence" "Hey Aria, is Adagio in there?" >"Sure, what do you need?" "Get her to my job. It's pay day, so maybe you can take her to do groceries or something" >"You only want to enjoy Adagio's cooking" "Are you with me or not?" >"You are lucky I like to eat good. We're on our way" "Good to know" >You hang up the phone >"Anonymous! No phonecalls on working hours! And I need those papers!" "Yes Mr. Rich" >A few minutes later, you hear honks outside. The girls are outside "Yo, Bob. I'm going out for a bit. Smoke break, you know?" >"You don't smoke" "Exactly. Cover me for a bit" >You go outside and meet the Dazzlings "How are my favorite fishy girls in the world?" AD: Fine, thanks for asking "Well, you are about to get better. Here" >You give Adagio the check AB: Now that is better. Any luck for a raise? "Sorry, no dice yet. Your van will have to wait for a while" AB: Ugh, work harder anon! "I am!" SD: Hey, we have money now. Can we buy more sugary cereal AB: You have been eating a lot of sugar Sonata. No sugar cereal. SD: Hey, don't be so mean. She can have cereal SD: Yay! >Aria gives you a stern look "... alright. No colored loops or chocolate" SD: But I like those AB: It's that or no cereal SD: *humpf* "And try not to burn everything too. We still have to pay rent and utilities" >You look at Aria "No vodka" >Now Adagio "No exclusive brand conditioners" AD: Oh, so you want to be stingy, huh. Well, what are you sacrificing mister? "I have no vices nor medical conditions. I don't have to sacrifice anything" AB: I know what you can sacrifice >You raise an eyebrow AB: No meat this week "No way!" AD: Yes, meat has been quite expensive these days SD: Yeah! Let's take anon's meat "I am a man, and I deserve the flesh of lesser beings on my plate!" AD: It's either all in or all out. "Dang it. Fine, I can deal with a no-meat week" >The girls get in the van, and you wave them goodbye >Back at your office, Bob is there giving you looks >"Hey man, saw everything" "So?" >"How did you get so lucky to be with those 3? Anyone would have taken advantage of that" "A mutual agreement. Besides, they can hold by themselves. I learn that the hard way. At least I end3d better than the last guy" >"Oh yeah?" "I got kicked in the nuts, the other is in a wheelchair for life">"Damn, and no advantages?" "Well, they clean my house and do the cooking. And I get to sleep with Sonata" >He is giving you looks again "Not like that you pervert. Let's get back to work" >You sit down on your chair and start typing. Not a second happens when your stomach rumbles >"Hey man, tell your belly to be quiet" "Ha-ha-ha. Good one Bob" >You aren't supposed to do this, but fuck it buy shitty candy and wait until lunch. You are hungry now >You open your lunch bag, and see what's inside: a weird pie >In closer inspection, there's two >Hey! you remember this. This is like some greek dish Adagio made once. What was it called? >Whatever, you know there's two, and it's a simple dish: layers of dough to make a crust, filled with cheese and veggies. Thanks Adagio >Day at work finishes rather quickly >After a few hours, everyone wave good bye and go home >Arriving at yours, the smell of tomatoes and pasta is really strong. You could smell it from the entrance >You reach to your floor, and knock on the door AB: We aren't buying! "Open the door Aria. I'm home" >She opens the door AB: We still ain't buying "Ha-ha. How you girls behave today?" AB: Good. Adagio has been stuck in the kitchen, and Sonata started practicing without autotune "You gals should follow her. If your fans discover the little "magic" you are pulling, they might get mad" AB: I sing in the shower already, come in. >You go inside your house, and salute Sonata. She has been improving, she really wants to sing like before >You check the kitchen and see Adagio cooking pasta >You sneak behind her and hug her "What is my "wife" doing today?" >She shocks and gives you a slap. You evade it luckily >"Anon, don't say those things!" "Hey, I was joking. Don't take it too personal" >"It is when you hug me like that" "Alright. Do you have the change?" >She gives you the money she cashied out >"We did our groceries. Don't worry, I already separate our allowance and the rent, so you may have some money" "Cool, what's cooking?" >"Some pasta. I learned it around... 200 years ago. You usually don't mix garlic and red peppers in the sauce, but this one does. It gives it a stingy taste" "Speaking of international meals, thanks for the cheese pie" >"Tiropita anon. You know, that was the first meal I learned to do when I came to this world. It's really simple to make" "It sure was tasty" >"Good to know. Tell the girls to make up the table" "Will do" >You leave the kitchen, and ask the girls for help >A while later, all the plates and glasses are displayed all tidy and ready to serve >"Coming! Make some space!" >Adagio comes in with a bowl of spaghetti, and serves everyone a portion >Everyone sits down, and you serve the girls refreshments >You want to laugh a bit. Aria bough cheap wine, and sure Adagio had an annoyed look. She always felt her cooking is 5 stars material. >Well, it is, but is a funny face >Everyone finishes dinner, but she asked to stay for a bit >She leaves the table, and goes back to the kitchen. A moment later, she returns with a small >Tunrs out she made turkish delish! The thing is a copycat recipe, the original takes too much time and it's too expensive >Still, it was really sweet >Having dinner and dessert, you take all the dishes and go clean them up. >With everything clean and tidy, you go to your room and change into your pijamas >A while later, Sonata comes in in her nightgown "Hey Sonny, what do you need?" >"Can we sleep together again?" "Sonata, we talked about this" >"I know, but you are so cuddly and nice" >She gives you her (totally effective) puyppy eyes "... Alright, come in" >She and you get in bed, and she cuddles next to you "Good night Sonata" >"Good night anon" >Tuesday, second day of the week >You will look forward to it, but no meat this week, so it will be very weak >Your morning starts as usual: you bump sonata, 3S, go to the kitchen for breakfast >This time is a glass of milk with Leicaj, some sort of honeycake loaf >Really sweet. Adagio remembers the time when they had to escape Greece for a while so they went east >Crazy sea times for sure >After you finish, you hug the girls goodbye and dagi gives you your lunch bag >Some minutes later, you reach your workplace >Time goes by as usual: now that everyone got paid, everyone is working happily for a change. Bob doesn't annoy you with his crappy humor >*growl~~~* >Welp, at least one thing stays with you >You grab the lunch bag and take whatever is inside this time >"Anonymous!" >Oh crap "Mr. Rich! Good day, I was-" >"Quiet! Eating on the job? We have an expendable machine. You know the rules" "I know Mr. Rich, it's just that I don't have much money and-" >"Don't lie, I paid all of you yesterday. Now you better give me a better excuse before I fire you" >Damn it, this is it >Well, if you are going to burn, may as well make a good flame "Truth is I rather eat part of my lunch than eat that cheap candy. Even the cardboard where it cames from has more flavor" >"And I'm supposed to believe that?" "Yes, because my food is awesome!" >"Prove it" >You take the meal inside the bag. There are two again >You grab one, and show it to Filthy "See? It's awesome!" >He is stunned >"Is... is that an italian style stuffed tomato?" >He is still looking at the tomato. May as well wing it "Ehh, yes! My lunch is always better than whatever that machine sells" >"Can... can I...?" >He takes the tomato and takes a bite >You are Filthy Rich >After taking a bite of the stuffed tomato, you suffered a flashback >You are back in Italy, in the 80s. Your arranged marriage with Spoiled is happening soon, but one woman changed your mind: Giustina >She came from a dangerous crime family from Sicilia, but both wished to have a normal life >Sadly, reality is harsh >You are back in the last moment you saw her "Giustina! Giustina! Wait!" >"Stop Rich, we can't see each other like this anymore?" "Why hide it then? We can leave all this. We still have a chance!" >"You have a chance, I don't. My family won't let me leave without consequences" "We will escape then. We can be free!" >"And run where? Argentina? Canada? Turkey? Be realistic Filthy: you have a future, but my family will destroy it. We can't see each other again" "But.... what about us?" >She holds your hands >"Avremo sempre Roma" >She leaves your hands, and runs away, lost in the darkness of the Coliseum ---- "Huh... Mr Rich, are you ok?" >Your boss started tearing up. This isn't good >"Mr Rich?" "Avremo sempre Roma" "Huh?" >He takes his handkerchief, and clean his face >"Sorry Anonymous, I ate your meal. You know, you are right, this is really good" "So... no problem?" >"No problem. In fact, you are right, the candy is very plain. I'll get a better supplier. And you are right, we could use an extra buck for better candy. Keep this between us, alright? I'll give you a raise. Just a little push so you can get some candy from the machine. We are a professional company after all" "Sure. I'll stop eating my lunch outside hours" >"Good we came to an agreement. Can I keep the-" "Just take it sir, I still have another" >"Good" >He leaves the office >You sigh relieved. Thanks Adagio >*Sniff* "Giustina...." >During lunch, Filthy was right. The tomato was delicious >Sadly, the sirens were right about the no meat thing. The original recipe has bacon, but Adagio change it for eggheads >Back at home, you salute the girls and tell them the story >"Oh, my italian stuffed tomatoes. A family recipe, passed down through generations" "Generations?" >"Well, you quit taking care of kids after 8th, but you remember your family dearly. When we were in Italy, I used to make this to our little Giustina. You know, I think one of my lineage had the same name during the 80s" "Oh yeah? And what happened?" >"I think she joined the mob. That was sad, I heard she had a boyfriend outside of the family. Maybe if she risked to leave that life, she could've got away with it. I mean, she had brothers and sisters too" "Tough luck, maybe they had a lineage rule or something" >"Maybe. Dinner's ready?" "What are we having?" >"Chole Bhature. Indian food is vegan, perfect for a man who doesn't eat meat" >Man, this week is going to be hard >Morning arrives home, but Aria is the one cooking now >If she is doing even one small thing, everything is done her way >It's 5:00 AM when she wakes up everyone and makes all of you run around the block and do a bit of pushups and situps. >After 45 minutes of training, everyone is back home >You shower first, then Aria, next Sonata, and finally Adagio >Adagio doesn't like it, but her hair requires a lot of work, and you can't go late to work >Now in breakfast, she gives you some coffee with milk and wheat waffels "Come on Aria, can I least get some honey or syrup?" >"No. You guys have been getting pudgier, you need to eat and work healthier" >"At least I have a good lunch?" >She gives you your lunch bag >"A caesar salad, but the beef is mushrooms. I'm aware you need your protein anon, so it has nuts too" "Gee, thanks Aria" >"You should be fattie" >Before you go, you see Sonata separating her cereal "Hey Sonata, what's happening?" >"I'm separating the normal flakes from the sugary flakes" >"You must lay down the sugar Sonata" "Meh, let her have normal cereal. No problem" >"No" "Alright, let her make her stuff then" >"She will be in the table all morning" "Good. Maybe that way she learns to eat more healthier. Take care gals" >You wave the trio goodbye, and be on your way >Things at work have been different >Looks like Filthy Rich was really depressed for some reason, so nobody annoyed you in your office >I mean, good for you, but it makes the rest of your friends raise eyebrows >Everyone reunited in an unofficial meeting during lunch. Fuck you guys, I'm still eating this salad. Is all I have >"What about an office card? Everyone loves that" >"Nah, remember Barbara's notes? That got her suspended, and we can get fired if she tries that again" >"You are right. What about casual Thursdays? Some of lax etiquette may cheer him up" >"He always dress in suits man" >"What about karaoke?" >Everyone: shut up Bob >Sorry Bob, but starting with your failed underground emo band is awful >"What about you anon? Any ideas?" >You want to say forget it, but a rumble in your stomach gives you an amazing idea "What about a small office party? Pepperoni pizzas, a few burgers, some hotdogs, and cheap soda may do the trick" >"Hey, that sounds good" >"Yeah, is fun" >"That's great!" >Your colleagues are inspired by your idea, so everyone starts preparing the party for the rest of the afternoon. When it's time to go home, everyone invites Rich to the party. It was a... success? He agreed, but it's still a bit blue >Whatever, you are about to have your mear fix tomorrow >Now back at home, things have been a bit awry >When Aria cooks, she likes to do it herself. Adagio is fine with this, but the thing is it focus a bit much in being healthy, so it doesn't have a lot of flavor. And Aria doesn't like to be bothered while cooking >At least they managed to compromise this time, so dinner today is white cream mushroom sauce with pasta >You are happy, but you see Sonata is still sitting with her bowl of cereal >"Sonata, did you stayed all day separating cereal?" >".... After I tried to eat more sugary flakes, Aria got angry and served me another bowl of plain cereal for lunch. I tried to eat it, but...." >Man, even when she is sad she is adorable >You take Sonata's bowl and swap it with your dinner plate >"Go ahead, you can have my meal. I take care of this cereal" >"Wah! Really anon?" "Really, good appetite" >"Thanks anon!" >Sonata hugs you, but Aria is giving you a stern look >Whatever, she isn't your mom. The cereal is way soggy tho >By the time you were done, Aria cleaned the dishes. You put your pajamas, but Aria is in your room this time "Aria?" >"You are too nice with Sonata anon, so I though I could do something to get my message across to her" "Sleeping with me?" >"Exactly. No teddy for her, and no cute girl for you" "Speak for yourself, I always though you were more cute than Sonata" >"Flattery won't get you hugs tonight mister, now to bed" >Both go under covers, separated from each other. Still, it isn't bad. At least you have a cute girl to sleep with >Thursday, most of the week is gone by now >You wake up realizing you are spooning Aria >Quietly, you enjoy being close to her, her warm being a nice welcome to life again >While she is has a bit of muscle, her body is really soft >You put your head closer to her, and take a good sniff of her hair. Lavender >While you want to call in sick and enjoy a bit of spooning, you need your meat. >You nudge her a bit, and she wakes up "Morning cutie" >She jumps out of the bed >"Did you were spooning me?!" "If it is of any consolation, my dick was far from your bum, and I only smelled your hair this time" >She throws her pillow at you. It hits your face >"I always knew you were a pervert. Now get your ass out of bed, I'm late for workout" >She leaves the room huffing while you giggle quietly "... hehe, every week the same" >You leave your bed and do your morning routine as always >As an agreement when moving in, the Dazzlings asked you to Sonata to cook once a week (well, more like Adagio and Aria. They said Sonata needed to do something so she shouldn't do nothing dumb) >You go to the kitchen, and see an entire mess of stains and spilled food >Yup, Sonata made breakfast "Morning girls" >"Morning anon..." >Poor Adagio, looks like Aria give her the slip and she has to clean the kitchen alone >"Anon! Anon! Look what I did!" >She shows you a heart-shaped pancake. It's a bit burned "Oh? Did you really did this yourself?" >"Yup! I know I always make juice or tea, but I wanted to surprise you today" "Aww, that's sweet. Thanks Sonata" >You pat her head and grab a bite. Is a bit hard, but the taste is fine "Hey, this is good" >She giggles "Well, I'm off to work. You gals see what you can make for lunch" >"Maybe we should ask for takeout if Sonata will leave the kitchen like this again" >"No fair dagi! I can cook too!" >"If the firemen come here, the tax is on Anonymous" "Deal" >You leave your apartment, and go to work >Work today is an interesting day >Everyone did their stuff until lunch, then everyone got ready for the party >It was a great idea: everyone is socializang, and Filthy looks a bit more cheerful >Meanwhile, you were on your own, but for a reason >Pepperoni pizza! Hotdogs! Cheeseburgers! >You were stuffing your mouth with glorious meat to the point only small holes were visible >"Anon, you doofus, now how can you will swallow all that?" "Hmmpfthuffhuff!" (I got a plan!) >You lift with bravery and determination your most useful side meal in this course: Cheap soda! >You lay on the floor and let the sugary drink fall through the holes, making the mush blander >All your friends are laughing and filming your feat. Aria will make you run everyday and Adagio will force you veganism for a year, but fuck it if this wasn't worth it! >You manage to finish the large bottle and the food in your mouth *gulp!* "Ahhh! I missed that" >*Growl~~~~* "Oh, crap. I need to-" >"Hey anon, come here. We are having a small speech for the boss, and you should give it" "Now? But I need to-" >Before you could protest, your colleagues take you to the stand >"Now Anonymous will give you a speech for this party boss, bring him here" >Your colleagues give you a slip of paper and a microphone >You are on the spot now "Shit... hum, here I go" >Everyone is gathered, ready to listen >You read the little speech. Damn it, Barbara wrote this. Is filled with innuendos and dirty jokes. Expected from someone who has been thirsty since her 15s. >Fuck this, time to improvise "Dear boss, we are thankful for let us gather all of us here. The food was awesome, and I had a lot of fun with my friends. Really, you are really the man" >Looks like they bought your bullshit "Yeah! Now let's raise our glasses to-" *blergh* >Oh no >Everyone is looking at you funny "What I meant to say was: let's raise our glasses and-" *whiff* >Oh crap >"Anon, are you-?" "I need a bathroom, sorry!" >You sprint to the bathroom, but Barbara didn't took fine you changing the script >"Be careful anon, don't trip" >She puts her leg in the middle of your run, making you fall on the mobile printer. You farted and shit your pants so hard, you proppel to the door >You friends were bringing a cake at the same time. You landed in there >Everyone is laughing now >"Hahaha, see anon? I warned you" "Oh, fuck you Barba-" *Blergh!!!* >That was the last push your stomach could resist. You vomit, and the propulsion made the slippery platter slip you to the stairs! >The fall wasn't pretty >"Ahahahaha!!!" "Damn it Aria, stop laughing! Ouch..." >"B-but this is just- ahahaha!!!" >Back at home, you are recovering from the hits. At least you get tomorrow free, and you don't have to go to work on weekendst. Long rest at least "Ow! Careful!" >"Don't move so much anon, you received quite the hits now" "This is all Barbara's fault. Fucking thirsty bitch" >"I still don't understand why you didn't read the speech. It couldn't be that bad" >You give her the speech that was cramped in your pocket "See for yourself" >"Oh.... Oh! OOOHHHH!!! This is like when we were in Paris" >"That phase of yours? Ugh, I though you left it behind" >"I did, but this woman didn't. How old is she?" "Like 68" >"Looks like she never got some" "Speaking of some, can I get some food" >"Here! Hope you like it anon!" >Sonata comes in with a plate of rice with cheese >"Sorry I didn't make something tasty, but Adagio told me you needed something soft and Aria said this is simple and soft in the stomach" "Well, I like it. It tastes nice. What did you have for lunch?" >"Hamburguers" >You look at Aria >"You were the one who couldn't eat meat, not us" >Friday baby, yeah! >Thanks to your unfortunate accident, you got a day off >Also, since the girls ate meat, you were allowed to eat meat too >Only thing of difference is that you didn't had a cutie to sleep. You got quite bruised, but you are alright now >You take your chance to surprise the girls. You sneak quietly, and see Aria leave to her morning workout. Now is your chance >You get in the kitchen, and start preparing your pancake mix. Adagio bought some fruits, so you can at least decore it >With the creamy substance ready, you turn on one of the oven's burners, and put a pan with butter. >A bit later is hot, so you put the mix on. Some seconds cooking, flip, some few more seconds, another flip, done: muthafuckin pancakes >You make around 3 per head, and check the cabinets: Strawberries for Adagio, blueberries for Sonata, some grapes for Aria. You would have marshmallows, but they didn't buy candy this time >You boil some water in the kettle as you fix the table. When you are done, you serve the water in cups >Coffee for adagio, tea for Aria, chocolate tea for Sonata. You feel like having yogurt today >You finish fixing the place, and Aria comes in >"Oh, hey anon, feeling better?" "Yup. In fact, I made breakfast. Want a bite?" >"After the shower. Thanks for the little detail" "Meh, it was something I could do. Can you wake up your sisters?" >"Sure thing" "Morning girls" >"Morning anon" >Adagio has a big poffy bed hair, Sonata is still grabbing the pillow "Looks like you two had a good rest, here" >You serve them their cups >"Hmmm... Just roasted. Good one Anonymous" >*glubglub* "Ah! Is really sweet!" "Glad you like it, there are pancakes on the table too" >"Thanks anon!" >Sonata hugs you "Looks like someone missed her teddy bear last night" >"Like you wouldn't believe, she was hugging Adagio's hair all night" >Aria is out of the shower dressed in her classic clothes "Anything interesting during the run?" >"Just this" >Aria gives you a pamphlet, the market is having good weekend discounts >Adagio laughs "Is interesting how you always have good luck after something bad happens to you" "Is called karma. Anyone want to accompany me?" >"Nah, I'm busy. I got laundry" >"I'll be working on the car" >"I want to keep practicing" "I guess is alone time for me. Whatever, let's enjoy breakfast" >You take a glass of yogurt and sit with the girls, enjoying the morning >Some news, some tv, and some shitposting later, you go to the market >Lots of goodies, and all for cheap >You take honey O's cereal. Maybe Sonata will eat these >Some acceptable whisky for Aria. It's the weekend, you can enjoy yourself a bit >Adagio will like this new shampoo. It says it's with long lasting effect >Grabbing some snacks, some meat, some greens, you meet with Bob "Oh, hey Bob" >"Sup anon? Feeling better?" "I shat my pants, I vomited, and I got my ass beaten down the stairs. Appart from that, I'm fine" >"Yeah, that was fun. Not saying you deserve it, but it was a fun fall" "Sure it wasn't fun to me" >"At least you are alive. Buying groceries" "Yeah, now that I have a bit of time. Say, you shouldn't be at work?" >"The quarters are closing today, so we got to leave early. Don't want to mess with their numbers now" "Lucky you" >"You are the lucky one, living with three chicks" "Pros and cons man" >"I'd give them something sweet if I were you. Maybe they will be more nice that way" "Hey, that's a good idea. Thanks Bob" >"Anytime dude" >You check the sweet aisle, and get some boxes >The discounts were really useful. It was almost given to you >Back at home, it's time to do lunch >You choose to make a simple lunch so dinner will be more filling, plus the chocolates will be a nice surprise >You grab a pack of sausages, and boil them. In the mean time, you also make pasta and boil some eggs inside. That should hold all of you until late at night >Adagio comes into the kitchen >"Hey anon, making something simple?" "I know, it's Friday. I just want to take it easy for now" >"Well, at least it will taste good" "Aria had any luck with the van?" >"For now it's fine. Nothing weird inside, but she still wants to tune it with better parts" "And Sonata?" >"She really has been improving. She stopped screeching, but it still needs attunement" "Good to know everything is coming together. Call everyone, tell them lunch is ready" >"Thanks anon" >After lunch, the afternoon and evening passed quite normal >Some shows, some vidya, a small workout >Everything was swell until you went for the chocolates: the boxes in your room were empty >No need to search for the culprit, Sonata did it "Sonata! You ate all the chocolates?" >"I know, but you weren't eating them so..." "That was a surprise! Those were for dinner!" >"What! But... but I though...." "Ugh, it doesn't matter anymore. I better get rid of this" >You take the boxes and start pondering about what to do for dinner >"Anonymous" >You know that tone of voice >You turn slowly to see a really pissed Adagio >"Why Sonata was sad?" >Shit! Little bitch snitched! >You can telll it was her fault >Wait! You can't prove you didn't ate those chocolates before, and you threw the boxes away, the only person who knew they even existed! >"Well, I'm waiting" "It was because.... because..." >"Because?" "Because.... I ate chocolates! 3 boxes! By myself!" >"What?! You had candy and didn't give it to us?" >Aria is coming pissed at you, but Adagio stops her >"I'll talk with anon after dinner. Leave this to me" >Aria wasn't happy with this resolution, but it helped, she walked away >"You better prepare something delicious" "Y-yes ma'am" >Adagio walks away >Crap, what can be good for a last meal? >Porkchops with rice, but man if you didn't tried to make it special >salt and pepper for the pork, obviously, but you added a bit of garlic, a bit of cumin, and some onions sauce. Make it fried. BAM! Awesome porkchops >Rice is usually simple: Some salt, a pinch of canola oil, add a spoon of garlic. Good rice. But you added chickpeas and corn. Great taste and good health value >While it was a good meal, dinner was tense >Adagio kept that intense glare, Aria was angry she didn't got to beat your ass for hiding candy, and Sonata was still blue >Well, she IS blue, but you know what you mean >Done with dinner, Aria took the dishes and went to clean them >You quietly walk to your room, and don't bother to change into your pajamas. You just sit on your bed >You feel someone called "dead man walking!" around >A few minutes later, Adagio enters your room in her black nightgown that looks more like lingerie >A beautiful view before dying >"Anonymous, you had, in this room, 3 boxes of chocolate, and you ate them alone, am I wrong?" "No" >"And Sonata found you, and you just keep eating everything, and then try to delete the evidence by trashing it, is that right?" "Yes" >"Anything to add?" >You could tell her the truth, but... "... No" >"Good. Then I'll begin now" >You close your eyes, waiting Hell to come >Instead, you fell a pat on your head? >"Sonata told me everything and I spoke with Aria too Anonymous" "Wait, so that means...?" >"No problems for you. It was nice of you give us a surprise for dinner" "Awesome! Wait, but what about Sonata?" >"Well, since she didn't shared any chocolate with us, she is going to have another anon-less to set her straight. Don't worry, a punishment two times, and she will be a decent girl. She learns fast" "That explains it. Well, I guess I'm off to bed" >"That's not all anon" "Huh?" >"Well, it was nice of you to protect my little sister, even if it would have give you problems. So I though, you deserve a reward." "A reward?" >"I'll sleep with you tonight" >Your mind is oficially blown "FUCK YEAH!!!" >She quickly grabs your crotch >"Calm down, you wanker. No funny business, we are just sharing the bed, I ain't bouncing on your cock. You are miles away from that. Got it?" "Yup.... got it..." >"Good" >She lets go >"Change your clothes. Don't try to be prude, I have seen my share of males. Sad it can't be said about the reverse" >Well, killing your mood was a good way to cool you off >You change into your bed clothes, and both get in bed >Floofy >"Have a good night anon" "Goodnight Adagio" >Saturday, weekend has arrived >You open your eyes after dreaming you were laying on a cloud >In reality, it was way better: You woke up next to Adagio >The floof really enveloped both of you, and both were facing each other's faces >A crazy idea comes to your head >She said you were miles away from sex, but now you are inches from a kiss >You get your lips close, but realisation hits your head >If she wakes up from that, you will truly be a dead man >Changing targets, you kiss her in the forehead, and leave the bed >You dress up in casual clothes, and be ready for breakfast >"No good morning for me Anonymous?" >You turn shocked "Are you awake?!" >She rises from the bed >"Most of the night. Never lower your guard, especially if you sleep with men. Still, I had a great night" "Glad we are ok then" >"Yes, in fact, I think you deserve another reward" >"Another re-!" >You got cut by a kiss from Adagio! >A moment later, she breaks it up >"Don't miss next time" >She leaves your room with a mischievous flirty giggle >.... >Doesn't matter what happens today, you are going to have sexual thoughs about this moment >You leave your room, and go to the kitchen >The kiss left you a bit hyped, so you decided to make a sweet breakfast >You get some milk and start boiling, while you check some stuff in the cabinets >A while later, you grab flour, sugar, and cocoa mix >You make muffin mix and start baking as you prepare cocoa with a hint of cinnamon. Really sweet >The smell attracted the girls >"Hey anon, what's for breakfast?" "Hey girls, here: Cocoa for breakfast. If you wait for a bit, you will get freshly baked muffins" >"Oh, how sweet!" >"Feeling a bit generous anon?" "Let's just say I wanted to give you all a reward for being nice with me" >Adagio giggles >"Really? It's all an honest treat, and not a pervy trick" "I swear on my honor I am just a nice man, doing nice things" >"You sure were nice last night" >Aria sights as Sonata miss the innuendo. Moments later, the muffins are ready, and you share with the girls a warm comfy morning" >Morning passes without shame or glory. Is just another lazy Saturday >No due paperworks, clothes are clean, Sonata had enough singing training, Aria is just chilling, and Adagio had enough flirting for today >Even lunch is nothing special. They are just leftovers >As you clean the dishes, Aria comes close >"Sup anon? Nothing weird today?" "Nope" >"Ugh, this is so boring! We had a crazy week and now suddenly we hit the brakes?" "What's bad about it? I like it when things are calm" >"Well, if you want to be calm is fine, but don't try to suck us in" "I didn't do this, you can't blame this one on me" >"Hey, I'm not asking for a crazy adventure. I just want something to break the mold for a bit" >Break the mold for a bit? >Suddenly, you got an idea, but you will need help for that one >"My singing machine?" "Uh-hu" >Sonata looks at you confused >"I though you said you didn't liked us singing in the middle of the room" "I know, but today has been a bit of a long drag, so I want to at least have a bit of fun. Netflix and social media can only get you so far" >"Hmmm.... ok! I'll help" "Thank you Sonata. Now let me-" >"No need, I can do it" "Are you sure? That equipment can be a bit of a problem to untangle and uninstall" >"Nah, I read this. I can do it" >Before you could protest, Sonata has already unplugged most of the cables, and sh was starting organize them >"Come on anon! Help me with the microphone" "Uhhh, sure!" >You carry the mic and the screen, while Sonata carries the cables and a few USBs >"Guys? What are you doing?" "Nothing weird Adagio. Just installing the singing machine on the living. Want to try some karaoke?" >"Karaoke? Come on anon, we aren't in our fifteens" "You kept the shape of a teenager for millenia. I think you can't deny this" >"Still, there are better things to do than just singing" "Like?" >"Hummm... well, in TV there's a.... Netflix just released Cuties, so.... I saw this on Snapcap, it's a new pic of Vignette.... fine! You win! Today is boring!" >Sonata finished installing the (now) karaoke machine >"All ready!" "Whoa, how did you do it?" >"Aria told me that if you are interested in something, you should study it. I read the instructions manual a lot of times" >She really wants to sing like before "Okay, who goes first?" >And so the afternoon went away in songs >To be honest, you mever were much of a singing guy, but singing with the girls made it more fun >You are pretty sure her siren charm are still there because during some moments your neighbors knocked to join >It was a good sing around, and the girls had fun >It was nightime when the karaoke was finished, but your neighbors were so hyped they called a few pizzas and takeout >A small party out of nowhere really lived up the place >Sonata entertained the guests, Aria got to meet some of the motorheads from the building, and many guys asked for Adagio's number >You were just happy you didn't had to cook for tonight >Some hours later, the party dies down, and everyone go home >You strecth your tired body "Whoa, that was really nuts. I'm busted" >"Me too" >"Me three" >"I'm tired, I don't want to count" "We should clean this" >"Do you really want to clean up now?" "You are right, fuck it. I'm off to bed" >You drag your body to your room, and barely manage to change into your pajamas >When you get into bed, your door opens and Sonata jumps, landing next to you >"Yay! Time to go to bed!" "Hehe, looks like somebody missed me" >"You are really soft anon. I promise I won't get in trouble anymore" "Hehe, now that's a good girl" >You two bundle up "Have a goodnight Sonata" >"I will! Sweet dreams anon" >Sunday, the last day of the week >Strangely, your favorite. For some reason this day is like the day the entire universe said "alright, take it easy f4m" >You find Sonata hugging you. A bit tightly, you might add >Is not annoying, but you are up. Time to enjoy the day "Hey, wake up sleepyhead" >*Groan* "I know, I know. But the sun is up. Time to wake up" >*Mumble.... mumble* >"Well, what can I do to help you rise up?" >*.... mumble?* "Ok, I'll bring it to you later" >She releases your body, and you leave the bed >You fresh up and change your clothes, and go to the living >You still see all the junk food and Aria sleeping on the couch wasted >You shake your head, thinking how cute she looks >You grab your jacket, and cover her >Searching around, you find a few slices of pizza, some juice, and a tray >You fix it up, and make it look good >You return to your room, and shake Sonata a bit >"Breakfast is here princess" >Sonata sits on the bed, and removes the crumbs around her eyes >"Hmmm.... thanks anon" "Sorry I couldn't do something better, this is all I cound find" >"Is fine, I like pizza. Thanks" >You give her some headpats, and leave her enjoying her junk food >Outside your room, you think it would be a good idea to fix some breakfast for the girls >You go back to the kitchen, and get the kettle >You start to boil some water, and clean some of the place while you wait >The water gets hot, you serve it on some cups, and start making coffee >With the cups ready, you find some muffins from yesterday. They may be a bit hard, but they will do >You go to Aria, and shake her up a bit >"..... Hmmmm.... fuck off" "Is that a way to greet your friends?" >"My head spins, don't talk to me now" "At least get this. It will help" >You lay the coffee with two muffins on the living table >"Thanks anon" >You give her a thumbs up, and go to see Adagio >She is on her bed, she didn't bother to change clothes or cover up >A pervy idea comes to your head >She is laying on her belly, so her bum is exposed >You extand your hand to cope a little touch >"Do it and I'll kick your balls" "At least you were more kind than Aria" >"What do you want?" "Nothing, just serve you this" >You lay a tray with coffee and two muffins >"Aw, how cute. You still aren't touching my ass" "Was worth a shot. Have a good day" >You kiss her on the forehead, and leave her room >With the girls having breakfast, you go and fetch some too >Some coffee, junk food. It will do >The silence in your house is peaceful and refreshing >You finish your meal as quietly as possible. Even your bites were a bit loud, and you tried your best to keep the peace >With everything finished, you go and start cleaning the dishes >The sound of water wakes up the "ambiance" around, and Aria gets close >"Morning anon" "Morning. Your head isn't spinning anymore?" >"Nope. Thanks for the coffee" "No problem" >A door opens, and Sonata is bringing the tray >"That was yummy!" "Glad you like it Sonata" >"Morning Aria" >"Morning taco girl" >"Say, dagi is up?" >"I am" >Adagio is up, bringing her tray as well >"Morning guys" "Well, the gang is here. Anything you gals want to do?" >"How about cleaning this place? I bet I sleep on top of a bottle" "That's fine. How about turning the TV on so we do it with some tunes?" >"I'll do it!" >Sonata found the remote, and turns the TV on. Suddenly, rock music starts blasting >Sonata quickly mutes the TV ".... I think some silence is fine for now" >With the dishes clean and drying up, you and your friends start to clean the house after the party >Sonata uninstalled the "karaoke" and move it to her room >Aria cleans the couch, and finds out she indeed slept on a whisky bottle >Adagio is fixing the place up, opening the blinds and accommodating the furniture >You take all the trash and put it in a bag, and sweep the living floor >This work takes all morning, but thankfully it was all fixed up >You take out the trash, and rest on the sofa, the girls following suit "Well, that was a workout" >"It sure was. Our neighbors brought a lot of stuff here" >"At least it was a fun party" >"Sure was! I liked to sing in front of people!" "You sure missed the applause" >*Growl* >Everyone shares a laugh "Ok, looks like we are missing something else. I don't want to cook right now, if I'm being honest" >"Me too" >"Same" >"Let's go outside" "Sounds good to me" >You go to your room, take a jacket, your keys and wallet, and go out with the girls >Walking around the streets, you are deciding where to go "So, any ideas?" >"How about this new restaurant? I heard is quite popular and the food is great" "Nhhh.. can't strecth my check enough" >"Well, I can go for hamburguers" "You just wake up from a small hangover, it will hit you" >"How about tacos?" "Tacos again? Nah" >"Well genius, what is your idea" "Well...." >It was a bit weird, but the food truck meeting in the park was a neat idea >Fresh air, good ambient, and the food was great >Everyone separates to pick whatever they want to eat >You go to one truck, and get yourself a pasta cone with meatballs. Funny looking >You sit on a table, and Adagio sits next to you after a while "Hey dagi, what are you having?" >"Pizza bagels. I saw the truck bill, and I had the commercial stuck in my head" "The 90s were cool" >Aria arrives shortly "Sup Blaze. Anything sweet?" >"Calzones. I didn't had these since the concert" >"That was fun, even if bacon hair was around" >"At least we didn't see her" "Did you? I always felt you saw her more than once" >"Hey guys!" >Sonata sits on the table with her.... food? "Hotdogs?" >"Yeah!" >"Weren't you getting tacos?" >"Why would I?" >"You said you wanted tacos while we were picking places" >"So? I was just suggesting tacos, but hotdogs are good. What? You think I can only like one thing to eat?" >Everyone is looking for a comeback, but nothing comes up >".... Anyway, lunch time!" >You only sigh, and follow suit. Everyone has lunch in the park >A lunch later, you and the group walk around the park: enjoying the scenery, sharing a few laughs, streching the legs >Some hours later, everyone returns home happy "That was a good time" >"Sure was!" >"It's been a long time since we just had a time for ourselves, and a lot of people were looking at us" >"It was really fun. I missed the adulation of all the human scum" "Adagio, your evil ruler is showing again. Besides, it's not common seeing a man like me surrounded by 3 cuties like you" >"Granted" >Everyone relaxes, see the TV, preparing everything for next week "Say, anyone want to cook dinner? Or leftovers are fine" >"Let's cook. I had enough takeout for now" >"What do we do? We only have ground beef, flour, and vegetables" >"I have an idea" "Tacos?" >"Why does everyone thinks I want tacos always?" >"I'm not the one getting excited for Taco Tuesday" >"Or buying a taco dress" "Or shoving a taco inside the toaster" >"I only want it crispy! Anyway! Let's do my idea" "And what is that idea?" >Turns out it was meatloaf >Sonata likes the feeling of ground beef slipping and smudging around her fingers >Aria worked on the dough, flipping and hitting the mass, getting it soft >Adagio cutted the greens and shared her old stories >You? You helped. The girls are a good time, you are like an extra capable hand >The meatloaf gets made, and everyone share a ood dinner with laughs and chatter >When you were going to your room to change to your pajamas, Sonata had another idea >The girls brought their mattresses to the living, and wanted to sleep with you >You agreed happily >Everyone bundle up in a big bed, The Dazzlings accommodate to have a bit nonny next to them "This was the best idea ever" >"You better enjoy it, it may not happen again" "I'm already enjoying it. How about a pic" >"Working on it. Cheese!" >*Snap!* "Goodnight girls" >"Goodnight anon" >A normal week with The Dazzlings ends just as comfy as it started