A Dazzling Birthday - by Anonymous

>Be Anon >You wake up in your room >You struggle to open your eyes and turn them from the ceiling above >The clock was the first thing to enter your vision >8:52 >Thank god it was a Saturday >No work and no school >Which was perfect for you, considering today was sort of a special day for you >Your birthday >Another year older, and your tired body helped make you feel more like it >You took your phone from the nightstand and sifted through the messages on your phone >"Happy birthday, Anon! Love you so much!" >"hey happy bday bro drinks l8r tonite?" >The messages went on >You couldn't help but smile at all of them >You felt sort of grateful for having that many people care about you >But one thing was off... >You were surprised that none of your roommates barged into your room to wish you a happy birthday >Almost as if on cue, loud knocks on your door filled your room with its sound >A shrill voice followed >"Nonny, Nonny! Wake up, birthday boy!" >You sighed, sitting up from your bed >You began to rub the sleep out of your eyes in an attempt to wake up >This apparently wasn't done fast enough >Your door flew open and a blue-haired figure occupied the opening >With a huge grin on her face, she ran over to you and practically pinned you to the bed in a hug >"Happy birthday Nonny!" >You struggled to catch a breath to respond to her "Thanks... Sonata... Now please... get off of me." >She obeyed your command and sat upright, your legs becoming something a chair for her >She began to bounce up and down in excitement, as if it was her birthday too >"You gotta come with me. We all got you presents!" >So the other two actually cared, huh? >Surprising, considering the nature of both of them >You smiled and nodded to Sonata in response "Alrighty. But you gotta get off, can't really go anywhere with you on my legs." >She looked down, forgetting that she was sitting on top of another human being >"Oh. Right. Sorry, Nonny." >She climbed off of you and extended her hands to you >She picked you up off of the bed with little difficulty >"Hurry, hurry! Get dressed!" >You sighed, walking over to your dresser >Basketball shorts and a sleeveless top should do it >After throwing on your clothes, you followed an anxious Sonata out to the living room of the apartment >As you both entered, you could see your other two roommates waiting for you on the couch >On the table in front of them lie three carefully-wrapped gifts >"Dagi, Ari, Anon's up Anon's up!" >The orange-haired girl smiled, standing up to greet you >She walked over to you and brought you in for a modest embrace >It was almost impossible for you not to get a faceful of hair in the process >But hey, her hair smelled really good >It was like she washed it with $30 shampoo or something >"Happy birthday, Anonymous." >Her voice was so soothing >It actually felt genuine, a turn from her usual egotistic attitude "Thanks, Adagio." >You could feel her nod slightly in response >She broke from the hug and stared at you with one of the warmest smiles you'd ever seen >You couldn't help but smile back >"Yeah, happy birthday, loser." >Your third roommate's monotonic voice all but ruined the moment >You shot a dissatisfied look to her >It soon turned into a look of smugness "Hey, don't I get a hug from you too? Dagi and Sonata gave me one." >She flipped her hair as if you deny your request >But it didn't take long for her to stand up and you give a hug of her own >Huh, it was much more gentle than you thought >Though as you were getting used to it, she put you in a bearhug-like grip "ThaAAANKS Aria. You can let ME GO NOW." >She released her death grip and shot you a look of victory >"Still as weak as ever." >She returned back to her place on the couch >Adagio was the first to speak up afterwards >"So Anon, are you going to open your presents? >Sonata interjected before you could get a word out >"Oh oh oh, can we have the cake first? Pleeeease?" >Adagio's face transformed from one of pleasantry to one of irritation >A small grunt escaped her >"That's all you wanted today, isn't it?" >Sonata's giddiness ceased at Adagio's coldness >"N-no. I just thought that maybe Anon wanted cake too." >She looked straight at you with puppy-dog eyes >"R-right, Nonny?" >It was impossible to resist, she was just too cute "W-well..." >You began to rub the back of your head at the uneasiness of it all "It's like 9 in the morning. A little early for cake. But sure, why not?" >Sonata's face lit up as you said this >She threw her arms around you >"Yay! Thanks Nonny, you're the best!" >She planted a small kiss on your cheek and took off towards the kitchen >Adagio still looked very annoyed with the whole situation >It wasn't long before her anger was directed at you >"You HAD to encourage her, didn't you?" >And because of cake, she was back to her crabby self "Oh, come on, Dagi. She just wants everyone to be happy." >She folded her arms over her chest and averted her gaze from you >"I suppose..." >You sighed at how hard it was to budge her >You took a seat in between her and Aria >Aria kicked her feet up onto you to get into a more relaxed state >"You make a pretty good footrest, you know?" >Oh really?" >She had practically set herself up for this >You began running your fingers along the soles of her feet >Loud, stifled giggles came from her and she began to wriggle slightly >Soon, laughter was flowing out of her and the wiggling had only grown more violent >"Goddamn it Anon, hahahaha, st-stop it! Hahahahahaha!" >"Will you two just quit it? I'd rather not get one of Aria's disgusting feet in my face." >"Ahahahaha, oh, f-fuck off Adagio, hahahaha!" >After you feel as though you've had your fill, you stopped for her to catch her breath >Her chest rose and fell and deep breaths took over the silence >"Hey, you guys better not be having fun without me!" >Sonata came into the room with a tray in her hands >It was a decently-sized cake, and it even looked like it was professionally-made >Blue, thick lines of icing lined the cake and small, round sprinkles decorated the standard white frosting throughout >The words "We love you, Anon!" were written in the same blue icing as the lining >You couldn't stop your stomach from growling in hunger at the sight of it >Not only that, but you couldn't help but feel touched that they actually thought to have that custom writing on the cake >Hell, you were touched that they even got you a cake at all "Wow. You guys went all-out, huh?" >Aria leaned forward from the couch and brought herself to a sitting position >"Yeah. We all kinda threw suggestions into what the cake should be, and this came out." "What do you mean?" >"Well, Adagio picked the colors and cake flavor and Sonata wanted sprinkles on it." >Well that was two suggestions "And what was yours?" >She opened her mouth to speak again, but instead looked away >Sonata rose her voice to give you the answer >"Oh, she was the one that wanted the custom writing. You know, THIS one." >She flourished her hand over the writing on the cake >Aria wanted to say that? >You turned your head to her >She still had her gaze elsewhere and even grew a slight shade of red >"Wh-whatever. It's your birthday, and I didn't want to be lame and just have "Happy birthday," on it." >She turned her head back to you, a flustered look decorating her face >"Just don't make a big deal about it." >You nodded in response, silently promising to honor what she said >Her face relaxed into a small smile before looking to the cake >"So how much is gonna be left after Sonata takes her piece?" >Sonata's cheek puffed up in protest as she set the cake down >"Hey! I may like cake, but I know to save some for the rest of you!" >You all shared a laugh at this >Even Adagio, who was so against cake this early, joined in >"Sonata, be a dear and get some plates for us, please?" >Sonata nodded and took off back into the kitchen >Adagio sighed as her gaze was set on the cake "A little hungry there, Dagi?" >A quiet giggle came out of her >"No. Just thinking about how good the cake turned out. Aria's custom writing was the best idea, I believe." >You both looked to Aria, who had grown the same shade of red as before >"We all love you, Anon. Please don't forget that." >Adagio wrapped her arms around your waist and laid her head down onto your shoulder >You brought your arm around her and began to stroke her hair >"I know, I love you guys too. I don't need writing on a cake to know that you guys love me." >Adagio moved ever so slightly further onto your shoulder, as if she were acknowledging your statement >You could feel the other side of the couch shift just a bit and felt another pair of arms embrace your waist >The same person rested her head on your free shoulder >"Thanks, loser. Love you more than Poofy here." >"Shut it, Aria." >"Awww, you guys are hugging without me?!" >Sonata set the plates and silverware down onto the table and ran over to your group, bringing her arms around everyone >"So, what are we hugging for?" >Adagio's muffled voice escaped from underneath Sonata >"We're just saying how much we love Anon." >Sonata brought her face next to yours and pressed her lips against your cheek once more >"Oooh, really? Well, he knows that I love him the most, right?" >The other two girls seemeingly took offense to this as they broke from the hug simultaneously >"Ahaha, not true, Sonata. I love Anon the most." >Sonata scoffed at Adagio's statement >"You wish. Who was the one that woke him up this morning?" >"Because we told you to!" >"Yeah, but YOU could've done it!" >"Why? I had someone perfectly able to do it for me!" >The friendly fight between Sonata and Adagio showed no signs of stopping anytime soon >You felt another kiss touch your cheek, though this time, it wasn't from Sonata >You looked over to the source and discovered a beet-red Aria >A smile formed on your lips >She looked away in embarrassment >"Let's just have some cake..." >She took a plate and the knife to cut the cake >Perfect opportunity >You snuck a kiss onto her cheek and could feel the heat from it on your lips >Aria jumped in surprise, but regained her composure with a modest smile >She fidgeted a bit with the blade, but managed to cut two good-sized pieces >You both began to enjoy your cake and looked back to the quarrel between Adagio and Sonata still unfolding before you >Though it wasn't long before Sonata picked up on the scent of the treat >"Heyyy, no fair, I wasn't looking!" >She scrambled to cut a piece of the cake >"I'm gonna have... this piece!" >She positioned the blade near the middle of the cake, where the writing was >She began cutting a quite large piece out of the cake where the words "Anon" were >Adagio smacked her hand onto the table >"Hey, that's MY piece! I wanted the "Anon" piece!" >Sonata stuck her tongue out to her orange-haired rival >"Too bad, so sad!" >Adagio grunted, but soon returned to herself with an evil grin >"Very well. Then I'll have the "Love" piece to show how much I really love Anon." >Sonata's eyes practically pierced through Adagio as she said this >"Nuh-uh, that's MY piece too!" >"Oh, no you don't, Sonata! I hope you get a stomachache from all of the cake you'll be eating!" >You sighed at the events folding in front of you >You were sort of starting to feel bad for the cake, with how much Sonata was stabbing it >And to think, after this, you still had to unwrap the presents >You couldn't help but feel that that was going to turn out exactly how the cake was turning out >How the hell you managed to rope yourself in this situation with these girls, you'll never know >But you really wouldn't want to wish for anything else