Adagio Footjob - by Anonymous

>As an outsider, Adagio doesn't really 'get' some human fetishes. >Lingerie? Sure, as long as you bought it for her, she'd wear just about anything. >She could slather on make-up to give her an extra trashy look for a night, and participated in denying your orgasms with gusto. >But when you asked her to put her foot on your dick, she blanched. >"Y-you want me to -what-?" >With a sheepish grin, you try to explain what it is you're wanting. >As you detail your desire to feel the soles of her feet against your dick, you see her shiver. >"I, don't really know about that. I mean, wouldn't it hurt?" >You shake your head and try to assure her that she's not supposed to crush your cock underfoot, just to play with it with her feet and toes. >Adagio gives an anxious squirm, sending her cacophony of copper curls bouncing. >"And, you're sure about this?" >Absolutely. >You tell her as much before giving her a gentle push backwards. >She lands on the table with a surprised squeak, her eyes following you as you sit down in front of her. >With a little encouraging, Adagio sighs and kicks off her boots, but as she reaches to slide down her leggings, you catch her wrist in your hand. >She stares at you in confusion as you shake your head and tell her to leave them on. >With a reluctant sigh, Adagio makes a face and pushes her toes, en pointe, into your chest. >While not painful, she manages to do so with enough force to press you into the back of the seat. >"Now listen here; just because I'm anxious doesn't mean you get to tell me what to do, dear." >You shiver as you feel the breathable fabric tickle at your chest even through your shirt. >Adagio, finally in her element, gives an elegant smirk and slides her toes down the middle of your chest and over your belly, before finally settling in your lap. >Making a small, dissatisfied sound, the blonde songstress places the bottom of her foot gingerly over your crotch and begins going through a small circular grinding motion with her heel. >The pressure isn’t much, but you can feel the firm bone of her heel grinding into your pelvic bone, causing your dick to spring to attention at the sensation. >Despite the fact that this isn’t her first rodeo, Adagio looks surprised as your pants begin to tent up; her eyes flitting between your own and the bulge slowly making itself known under her ministrations. >Without warning, she gives a firmer press down with her heel, which causes your dick to arc upwards, straining through the thick fabric of your pants and seeming to reach hungrily for her ankle. >You give a groan of distress, and watch as the blonde is quick to reduce pressure. >She stares in quiet wonder, assessing the situation before sliding her heel away from your pelvis and giving your dick a friendly stroke, caught between your thigh and the arch of her foot. >Shivering under her attention, you make another small sound, this time of delight, and see Adagio’s face light up. >As she continues to experiment with pressure and different locations of her foot against you, you close your eyes and try to focus on the sensations. >There’s the problem of your pants dulling the feeling of her stockings sliding against you, but as she’s more exploratory than hungry at this point, you’re willing to let her do as she pleases. >The tickling sensation of her toes against your scrotum snaps you back to reality, a broad smile decorating Adagio’s lips. >“All right,” she whispers, her toes trying, unsuccessfully, to undo the button of your pants. “I think I’m ready for the real thing.” >The siren makes a few more attempts before huffing in frustration and giving a firm nod to the obnoxious object. >She doesn’t need to tell you what to do, as you quickly unbutton your pants and kick them away before sitting back down. >Adagio hums to herself, her feet taking up a position on either side of your dick, resting comfortably on your thighs. >She presses against you, once with her left foot, and then with the right, alternating back and forth as she initiates long, playful strokes that she clearly has no intention of finishing. >With only your underwear in the way, you squirm under her touch; your breath escapes in short, ragged gasps as you realize how much pleasure your pants were protecting you from. >Adagio has only just begun her affections and you already feel as though the head of your dick is about to burst. >The situation is made worse when she switches over to rubbing the sole of her right foot up and down the length of your dick, while the toes of her left gently stroke lower, making a delightfully clumsy attempt at cradling your balls that leaves you shuddering. >The girl’s eyes sparkle as she whispers, “That always seems to be your weak point,” before pressing her big toe more firmly into your testicles. >You wince at the pressure, but don’t tell her to stop and so she doesn’t, instead focusing her attention on your penis for a few seconds more before gripping the waistband of your underwear with her toes and pulling it down and away. >She makes sure to drag the soft fabric over the head of your meat missile a few times before letting it bob into view. >Adagio’s face falters for a moment as she sees the swollen nature of your semen splatterer, but then giggles and goes right back to teasing you with her feet. >“I don’t quite understand, but you certainly are a strange one, aren’t you?” >Giving a lengthy, pleasured sigh, the siren places her heel down towards the base of your dick and tries to conform the rest of her foot to the shape of your shaft. >It’s the sensation of her tactile tendered toes tickling the head of your penis that finally pushes you over the edge. >Moaning her name, you feel the rush of heat surge through your body before splattering lewdly against Adagio’s stocking-clad feet. >“Ew! That’s so gross!” >You can’t hold back a tired chuckle as she bounces away and hurriedly strips out of her soiled stockings. >Despite your half-hearted apologies, she keeps shooting glares in your direction as she kicks her stockings away. >“I told you about giving me a warning before you do that, pervert!” >Another apology, but it still doesn’t take. >After several long moments of hate filled glares, Adagio grips the stockings in her hand and storms back over to you. >“But, whatever, I can just wash them, right?” >You bob your head. >Adagio cocks a hand onto her hip, looking thoughtful. >“But, since you seem to like them so much…” >A cold sneer breaks out across the siren’s lips. >In a flash, she reaches out and pinches your nose. >Catching you off guard, your mouth opens wide in order to breathe. >“Why don’t you take care of it for me?” >And, just like that, your mouth is filled with a raunchy blend of sweat, hers, and sex, your own. >You gag, even as she continues forcing the soiled garment into your mouth, laughing the whole while. >Just as your eyes threaten to roll back into your head, Adagio stops and gives you an evil look. >“And I don’t want to see a single stain, got it?” >Around the stockings, you gargle out an affirmative. >Content with your lesson learned, Adagio turns on her bare heel and sashays over to the couch. >The television thrums to life, leaving you to your labor. >So much for a pleasurable night in together… >Oh well. >The way she's squirming against the cushions, you might be in for a long night yet. >You'll just have to wait and see.