Pregnant Adagio (Short request) - by Fife-Niner-Seven

>"Anon where are the blankets again?" Adagio called out to me. "Right there I left them, they're folded up on top of the dryer." >"Are you shi-oh hey, here they are...sorry!" >God damn this woman had been so needy the last few days. >"Anoooonnnn I'm going to the bathroom again!" >That's the third time today. We've only been awake for two hours. "You doing alright there?" I called out after a few minutes. Coming closer to the door, I heard a gasp. >Welp, I'm out. She's probably fine. >"Anon could I get some help in here." she called. >Turning back around, I moved back towards the latrine door. "Need me to come in?" >I heard her moan out what I assumed was a "Yes" >Walking in, I saw her praying to the porcelain gods. "Dagi..." I said, moving towards her to help hold her hair out of the way while another bout of rumbling came from her stomach. >Annnnnnd there it goes. >I can recognize some of what I'd made for breakfast in there. >"Uuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn" "Yup. Just let it all go sweetheart." >We sat there for a minute while tears lightly spilled from her eyes and she moaned at her stomach's revolt. >I kept my hands on her hair and shoulder, cooing and soothing her nerves as best I could. >"Anon I have to show you som-URGH" >She didn't manage to finish her sentence before another wave of bile stopped her short. >This went on for a good thirty seconds before it stopped. >Breathing hard for another minute, she slowly started to stand up. >I lifted her as best I could, sliding her arms around me and pulling her up. >I sat her back against the sink and got her a glass of water from the kitchen. >When I returned, she had something in her hands. >"'Nonny..." >Ooooohhhhhshit. She never called me that. Only Sonata called me that. >She held something out to me. It was only about the size of a pen, maybe a little wider at one point. "Is that a..." >"Yes." >I took it from her grasp and looked down at it. >It was positive. My brain stopped for a moment. "Well, then." >"A-Anon?" Adagio's voice broke through whatever haze was over my brain. "Yes? What's wrong?" I replied, my tone even. >"You've been staring at me for nearly five minutes..." >I looked back down into my hands. >It was positive. >"You''re not going to leave, right?" >The question sounded so innocent. >My heart shattered. "I'm not leaving, Dagi." >I looked up at her again, setting the pregnancy test down on the counter. >Tears were flowing freely from her eyes. >She was never like this. I should have known something like this was going on. >She hadn't been her usual domineering self for almost two days now. >Her crying brought me back to reality, her arms wrapped around me as she sobbed into my chest. >Slowly, I cradled her in my arms while she wailed, the sound of her cries such a brittle thing. >Burying my face in her hair, I kissed the top of her head over and over, whispering sweet-nothings to her in an attempt to calm her down. >By my internal clock, an hour had passed, but it was likely less than four minutes before she stopped bawling. >She looked up at me, the slight amount of makeup she had on smeared, her hair a somewhat bedraggled mess. >Fragile. That described this. >"Anonymous, I love you," she whispered. >There it was. The "L" word. She'd never used it before. Sonata enjoyed it. Hell, even Aria had told me she loved me before now. >Alright Anon play it cool. >I smiled down at her, with what I assumed was a reassuring grin. "I love you too, Adagio Dazzle." It was quiet, but I tried to make sure it sounded sincere. It was true. Just weird saying it for the first time. >At this, she started bawling again. >shitshitshitshitwatdo >Leaning into me again, she just stood there crying. >I just hugged her close, stroking her hair. "It's okay Dagi. >Time passed, but Adagio finally cried herself out. >"Anon...I'm going to clean myself up a bit..." she informed me. >I just nodded and gave her a light kiss before leaving the bathroom. >Moving into the hallway, I started to just wander aimlessly through the apartment. >I heard the shower start up. >Taking my time, I proceeded to clean up small messes in the kitchen, fold the laundry, just general chores around the place. >Adagio was pregnant. She and I were having a baby. >It finally hit me like a ton of bricks. >Adagio was pregnant. >We were having a baby. >Us. >Ohmanohboyohgosho "What are Sonata and Aria going to say?" I blurted to myself, dropping the pan I was cleaning into the kitchen sink. >Holy shit Batman, how are THEY gonna take it? >"Anon! Come here!" I heard Adagio call out. She sounded somewhat distressed, though. "Moving!" I called back, jogging back towards the latrine. I opened the door and made my way inside, the hot steam catching somewhat off guard as I walked in. >"I just need a towel," she informed me as she poked her head around the shower curtain. "Anything else while I'm here?" I inquired. >You interrupted my dishes for this? >"No." she replied flatly. >I waited until I exited the bathroom before grumbling. At least she was somewhat back to acting normal again with her demands. >At least it was drawing my mind away from... >Pregnant. My girl is pregnant. >I found myself on autopilot, obtaining a towel for Adagio and moving back to the latrine. "Here's your towel," I said somewhat absentmindedly as I said it down on the toilet-seat. >"Thank you." She stated as she stopped the water, stepping out from behind the curtain. >I turned and walked out, giving her privacy as she did whatever it is that women do to prepare themselves. >An hour passed, but the entire apartment was pretty much spotless, save for Aria's room. >I'd started to come to terms with the fact that I was going to be a dad. >"Anon?" Adagio called. "Yes honey?" >"I need help. I'm in my room." >No shit Sherlock. >Taking my sweet time to put a few things back where they were, I make my way to Adagio's room. >She's lying on her bed, tears streaming down her face. >...what. >"Anon I don't know if I'm ready to be a mother." >Little late for that now. >Rather than saying anything snarky though, I simply walk up to the bedside and sit. >She looks up at me, her nose starting to run as the tears fall. >"I mean, what if I can't handle it? What are the others going to say? I-I always have a plan, but I n-never thought I'd ever get pregnant!" >She's getting louder as this goes on. >I wrap my arms around her and she hits my chest a few times. >"Stupid stupid stupid..." >She eventually stops, falling forward and burying her face against me. >The tears eventually subside, but she still chokes and sobs a little. >Eventually she pulls away to lay back, but I follow her down. >Lying next to her, I cupped her face in my hands and had her face me. >"Anon what are yo-MMPH" >I silenced her with my lips, holding her in place for a moment until her surprise died down. >We stayed there for a while, slowly kissing. There was no fire in this contact, just simple comfort. "Now stop getting all worked up." I tell her, breaking contact with her mouth. "We can handle this just fine." >Her defenses start to come back up, the tenderness of the moment passing. >"You'd better be sticking around..." "I'm not going anywhere." >At this, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. "We'll be fine." I said with a confidence that I felt building up. >Pressing one last kiss to her lips, I closed my eyes and nuzzled her with my nose. >I didn't realize just how tired I was... >Adagio's light breathing lulled me to sleep.