Sonata's Serenade Chapter 5 - by jigglebilly

"Ok, now try and get the X by itself" >"Uuuuuuhhhh...." "You gotta take the derivative of both sides" >"...What?" >Reeee "Here, let me show you." >You pick up your pencil and scribble down your own version of the problem. >While doing so, you can feel Sonata's eyes on you, watching you intently. >It's been three weeks since you first started hanging out with Sonata. >Aside from classes, the two of you have practically spend most of your free time together. >People still seem to dislike her, most just making an effort to avoid her completely at this point. >Dirty looks are still quite common, but if it still bothers her, Sonata sure hasn't shown it. "Alright, look-" >You point the tip of your pencil at your handiwork. "That's X squared, yeah?" >Sonata squints at your example, almost as if you wrote it for ants. >"Yeah!" "Right. And a derivative for this would be bringing this-" >You tap your pencil on the 2. "Down in front of the X." >"...Ok. Why?" "To get the X on it's own, like this." >While scribbling down the rest of the equation, you feel a weight press down on your shoulder. >You look down to see Sonata laying her head on you, her bright blue ponytail brushing softly against your neck. "You ok, Sonata?" >"Mhmm!" "Then, uh, why you laying on me?" >"Because you're comfy and smell nice." >Sonata rubs her head against you, letting out a content sigh. "Sonata." >"Hmm?" "Sonata, you need to finish your assignment." >"mmmmmmmmmno." >You shake your shoulder in an attempt to get her to sit up >The blue girl lets out a small groan before sitting back up. >"I wanna be done, Nonny~" >She stares up at you with sad eyes. "Then finish you're work-" >You place the pencil in her hand. "-Sonny~" >A frustrated pout forms on her lips. "Hey, you're the one who asked me to help. This is me helping." >Yet another sigh before she turns to look at you. >"Can you do it for me? Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseee?" "You know I can't do that. You won't learn anything." >She bats her eyelashes and leans into you. >"Just this one? It's super hard. I promise I'll do the rest!" "..." >"..." "...Fine. But just this question." >Sonata squeaks in excitement and wraps her arms around you. "So. Like I said, first you take..." >... >"Hey Anon?" "Hmm?" >You hold the door open for Sonata and wave goodbye to the librarian. >The hallways are practically empty, as everyone has already gone home. >Even the classrooms are dark, all the teachers having left for home. >"I don't wanna go home yet." >Knowing the state of where she lives, you wouldn't want to either. "Alright, what do you wanna do?" >She looks down at her feet as she hums thoughtfully. >Damn she's cute. >"Idunno." >She presses up against your side. >"I just want to do something with you." "We could always study some more." >The blue girl emits an exasperated groan and nudges your shoulder. >"If I have to look at one more equation I swear I will, like, literally die." >You can't help but let out a laugh at her statement "Fair enough. Well let's see...could go see a movie." >"Oooooooh Yeah! I've never seen one since..." >Her enthusiasm fades as quickly as the smile on her face. >"-since Adagio never let me..." >Shit >You wrap your arm around Sonata's shoulder and pull her closer towards you, elicting a small squeak from the girl. "Hey, I'll let you pick out what we watch, and you can get some snacks too. Anything you want." >Sonata sniffs lightly and looks up to you with moistening eyes. >"A-anything?" "Anything." >You push through the exit and out into the school parking lot. "..." >"..." "You want Taco Bell." >"I want Taco Bell." "Fair Enough." >... >"I don't think it'll fit, Anon." "Nonsense, just got to get it past the widest part and we're good." >"There's so much, though!" "Only because you wanted it all. I don't understand how you can have so much and want more." >"I can't help it, I'm, like, always hungry for it." "I understand that, but two XXL burritos?" >Sonata just shrugs. >"I like their burritos." "And tacos. And Chalupas." >Her stomach emits a low rumble in response. >Sonata looks away sheepishly. >You finally manage to shift your jacket in a way that doesn't suggest you are looking to recreate Columbine "There. How do I look?" >"Fat." "H-hey!" >Sonata giggles before patting your jacket. >"I'm totally kidding, Anon." >She grabs your hand and tugs you in the direction of the theater. >"Now hurry up, Anon!" >You feel all the food shift around underneath your jacket. "Whoa careful! This will all fall out!" >... >You said you'd let her pick the movie. >You can't fault her >Still... > [Embed] >Fuck, this movie is mind numbing. Doesn't help that Sonata wanted to be in the front row. >You've tuned it out for most of the time, absentmindedly chewing on your cheap mexican food. >Sonata seems to be enjoying, so there's that. >You turn to look at her. >She's absolutely glued to the screen, seemingly absorbing every detail >She brings a taco to her mouth, only to miss and hit her cheek before trying again and succeeding. >Must me the novelty of it. >Well, she did mention that her friends never let her see movies. >Her friends... >Sonata always gets really sad and distant whenever she's reminded of them. >Even though from what she's told you, that they didn't really treat her well. >After all they put her through, and she still misses them. >A pressure on your shoulder alerts you to the fact that Sonata is now leaning on your shoulder. >She wraps her arm around yours, settling further into you. >... >They were all she had in this world. >Pleasant or not, they were a consistent presence in her life. >Now that they were gone, she was left with no one. >No one but you. >Your train of thought comes to a worrying conclusion. >Is Sonata just using you to fill the void her friends left? >The thought never occurred to you, but now it's left you feeling...conflicted. >Sonata sits up and whispers into your ear. >"Anon, can you move this thingie here?" >You see her motioning towards the arm rest that separates the two of you. "Yea, you just do this." >You push it up, and immediately Sonata places her head on your chest, sighing happily. >"Did I tell you how comfy you are?" "Earlier today, yes." >"Ok, cuz you're totally comfy." >You wrap your arm behind her, pulling her closer to you, making her sigh again. "Good." >The feeling of Sonata pressed against you, the smell of her hair, the sound of her contentment... >It puts you at ease. >She wouldn't be the kind of person to use you like that. >And even if she was... >You're perfectly fine with that. >... >"Ohmigosh, Anon that movie was soooooooooo cute! Those babies and puppies were totes adorable!" "I'm glad you liked it." >You throw the discarded wrappers of your dinner away as the two of you exit the theater. >"What about you Anon? Didya like it? Huh?" >No. "I-uuuhhhhhh-it wasn't one I would have picked...but sure." >"For Realzies?" >No. "Yup!" >Sonata pumps her fist into the air. >"Yes! I made a good choice!" >You chuckle as you hold open the exit for her. >"Next time I wanna see the one with those little blue things, they look cute too!" >Fuck No. "Sure thing." >Fuck. >"What do you wanna do now, Anon?" "Still don't want to go home?" >"Nuh-uh." >She wraps herself around your arm. >"Anon stay." >Sonata looks up at you with her deep purple eyes and burys her face in your arm "God you're cute." >Sonata giggles in response. >"I try." >You fish your phone out from your pocket and glance at the screen. >9:35 >You look around the area for any possible ideas. >The sidewalks are populated with the nighttime crowd of the city. >Across the street, you catch a group of students from your school, most likely on their way to some party. >An older couple walk together, admiring the decorations that adorn the windows of many of the stores. "Well, I guess the night is still pretty young. We can walk around downtown for a bit." >"Ok!" >... >"Ooooooh Anon, look at this dress!" "And look at that price." >Sonata presses her face to the glass, as if trying to phase through the window. >"But it's so pretty! Look at the frills and the lace!" "It's very beautiful." >Sonata turns to look up to you. >"Do you think I'd look good in it?" >You shrug. "Ehhh." >Sonata recoils, a hurt look painted on her face. "I'm kidding, you'd look beautiful in it." >The blue girl squints at you and turns away from you with a curt "Hmph!". "Hey I was kidding!" >She just replies with another "Humph!" "Alright, I'm sorry." >"...For realzies?" "Yes." >"You have to say I'd look pretty in that dress." "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh" >Sonata stamps her feet and crosses her arms, fixing her gaze down towards the sidewalk. >"Hmph!" >Her tantrum makes you chuckle. "Alright, alright. You'd look like the most beautiful girl in that dress." >Sonata continues to stare at the concrete, her cheeks puffed in a small pout. >"..." "No one could ever come close to how good you look" >"..." "Keep going?" >Your question is immediately followed by small nod. >Well shit. >That's about all you had. >Ever the charmer, aren't you? >"Tell me how pretty I am." " pretty you are?" >"Yes. Meanie." >You shrug. "Ok. You're pretty" >Sonata stamps her foot again. >"No! Say it like you mean it!" "I didn't say it like that?" >Sonata turns her back to you. >"No. Now say it right." "How?" >"Idunno. Just..." >Sonata wraps her arms around herself. >"...Just tell me I'm pretty..." >You're not really known for your creativity. >Especially when it comes to romance. >But you know enough cheesy romance movies to know girls like one thing. >Deep and meaningful eye contact. "..." >You grab Sonata by the shoulders and spin her around. >She eeps in surprise, but her eyes are still cast downward. "Hey." >"..." "Look at me." >"..." >Slowly, she looks back up at you. >The second she makes eye contact, you feel your breath hitch. >Her eyes stare into yours, a torrent of sadness swirling in the color of her eyes. >Just staring into them makes your heart feel like it's going to jump out of your chest. >The streetlights illuminate her face perfectly, catching a glint off the moistness in the corner of her eyes. >It feels like you've been staring into her eyes for hours. >But you can't pull away from them. >You want to say something to her. >To say something that will make the pain in her eyes go away. >A lump in your throat starts to form, as if the words you want to say are getting stuck. >Finally, the words seem to just burst out. "You don't need that dress to look pretty." >Sonata continues to stare into your eyes, but you catch see a faint glint deep in her expression. >You need to tell her more. >You want to tell her more. "Look." >You turn Sonata back to face the dress in the window. "You see the dress?" >She remains silent, but nods again. "You are too perfect for that dress." >You stare into the window, and see the reflection of Sonata staring back at you. "You're beyond being pretty...Sonata, you're beautiful." >You fall silent, watching Sonata through the window, her hypnotic eyes staring back at you. >Her face is as unmoving as a weathered stone. >The world seems to have held it's breath, waiting for what happens next. >The only sound is the breeze gliding listlessly through the street, and the dull hum of the streetlights. >Did you go too far? >Did you make her feel uncomfortable? >Is she gong to hit you? >Sonata's not pulling away. >She's... >She's getting closer. >You look down and see that she's stepping back towards you. "What are you-" >"Tell me that I matter." >She's pressed her back up against you. "Son-" >"I want to hear you say it." >A faint sniffle can be heard from the shivering girl as her head hangs low, her bangs obstructing any view of her face. >"I want to feel...wanted." >Another sniffle, and her other hand comes up and across her face, a dark smear of makeup smudged on the back of her hand when it pulls away. >"Ev-ever since...since Aria a-and Adagio left, I-I-I feel l-like...bad ab-about being here...l-like I don't belong." >Her breathing becomes more ragged and broken by sobs >"I don't want to feel s-s-so bad ab-about be-being me. I want to f-feel l-like I mean...s-something..." "Sonata. why did you never tell me how you feel?" >"I *sniff* I-I-I dunno. I guess I I didn't want to annoy you...*sniff* l-like Aria always t-told me I do." "You never annoy me, Sonny! Believe me..." >You turn Sonata around to face you, trying to look at her through her hair. "It's always fun having you around, I enjoy being with you." >Sonata just stands there, hanging limp like a discarded puppet. >"B-but I f-feel" "Useless?" >Sonata shivers at the word, but nods. >"An-and all th-the people *sniff* a-at school do-don't make me feel any better. Ev-even I c-can tell that *sniff they d-don't like me. I can see it in th-their faces." "Sonata you shouldn't care about them." >Sonata's head shots up, revealing that her face is streaked with mascara, as fresh tears roll down her face and down her chin. >"BUT I WANT THEM TO LIKE ME!! I WANT TO HAVE NICE FRIENDS!! I-I-I-I-" >Sonata suddenly falls into your arms, bawling into your shoulder. >All you can do is wrap your arms around the girl as she cries into your jacket. >You stand there on the sidewalk for what seems like hours, listening to Sonata's muffled sobs. >Her weeping eventually dies down to soft hiccups and whimpers. >The night, as still as if itself has fallen asleep. >The breeze starts to pick up, and you can feel the girl shiver in your arms as she wraps her arms around you. "Here, Sonata." >You step back, only for Sonata to pull you back to her. "Sonata, I'm giving you my ja-" >"No." "But you're cold." >"I don't want it." "Sonata, don't be like this." >"I-I d-don't want it." >She grabs your arm and tries to wrap it around herself. >"K-k-keep me wa-warm." >You sigh as you do as she says, slowly running your hand up and down her back. >Another prolonged moment of silence grows between you two. >Her shivering does not subside, however. "Sonata." >She remains clung to you, unmoving. "Sonata, you're not useless. You matter." >She shifts in your arms. "Your smile helps me through the day. Just being around you makes everything worth it." >You raise her chin up >Sonata just stares into your eyes, her gaze unwavering "I'm glad you came up to me the day we met. I don't know what it is, but you make ME feel like I matter." >From meeting her, to your time in the park. To every little moment you've shared with her so far. "I enjoy helping you with homework because the spark I see in your eyes when you get something it just makes my heart soar!" >Every moment you've spent with her, you've felt... "Whenever I've had a bad or lame day, I've always looked forward to being with you after school >Connected. >You run your palm down her cheek, admiring the smooth perfection of her azure skin. "So you do matter, Sonata. You matter to me." >Fresh tears start to roll down Sonata's cheeks, mixing in with the caked in makeup smeared on her face. >"Anon, I...I..." >Her response is cut short by a large gust of wind, forcing another shiver out of the girl. "Here." >You pull away from Sonata and pull your coat off you. >The wind rushes to greet your newly exposed skin, the icy tendrils biting against the flesh and forming goosebumps. >You whip your coat behind her and place it on her shoulders. "Don't ever think you're a burden to me, Sonata. I love being wi-?!?" >Your lips are suddenly met with a soft and sweet senation pressing against them. >Sonata wraps her arms behind your neck and pulls herself into you. >You can feel her tears cascade down her face and onto your cheeks. >Her eyes are shut tight, as if afraid of what might happen. >Her heartbeat pounds against your chest, almost matching the rhythm of your own. >The feeling her lips are giving you... >Happiness. Admiration... >Passion. >It feels so exhilarating. >As if a warmth is spreading through you from your lips >You place your hands on Sonata's hips and lean into the kiss. >Sonata sighs into the kiss, her hands reaching up to explore your hair and face. >You can feel her hands trembling at the touch, as they lightly graze across your skin, sending shivers up your spine >The two of you stand there locked for what seems like hours. >But you aren't complaining. >You'd stay here forever with her if she asked you too. >But the burning in your lungs reminds you of your rather mortal tendencies. >You pull away from Sonata, living a thin, glistening strand attached between the two of you and a vacant feeling on your lips. >Your eyes get pulled back into the hypnotic gaze of Sonata's eyes, as she stares back into yours. >Her chest heaves with every hastened breath she takes, every exhale visible in the chilling night air. >The mist wafts over you, the smell slightly reminiscent of the intoxicating taste of her lips. >She takes a deep breath before averting her gaze away. >"Th-thank you..." "Huh? F-for what?" >"For, like, being here for me and stuff. You've been so nice to me with, like, everything. And, and I just feel like I don't, like, y'know, deserve you." >She pulls her newly acquired coat over her shoulders, as she returns her gaze to you, a bright blush on her face. >"You've made me feel all nice and liked and I-I think you're nice an-and cute and, if y-you don't think I'd be, y'know, like..." >Her voice trails off as she just stares at you. >Say it. >You know what she's going to say. >Your entire body is shaking >"Will you...will you, like...bemineforevers?" >You grab Sonata by the shoulders and pull her into another kiss. >The exhilarating feeling comes flowing back as you lock lips in a more passionate manner. >A muffled moan echos from the girl, and she wraps her arms around you once more. >They fit perfectly around you. >She fits perfectly in your arms. >her lips feel >She's perfect. >And you're hers. >You belong to Sonata. >Only Sonata. >*HOOOOOOONKKKKK* >The blaring sound of a car horn pulls you away from each other, jerking your attention to a car zooming past with a rather overweight man sticking his head out of a window. >"GET A ROOM YOU FUCKING NORmies...." >The mans voice echos into the night as the car quickly rounds a corner and disappears. >The two of you look in the direction ,before turning to each other. >After exchanging some sheepish laughter, you wrap your arm around Sonata's shoulder, and continue to walk with her down the sidewalk. >It must be pretty late, because even the streets are devoid of any activity. >The streetlights sway with the wind, their lights gently flickering. >You should feel cold with your skin this exposed. >But warmth seems to radiate off the small girl under your arm. >The two of you cross the empty intersection, paying no heed to the lonely stoplights flashing red and green in the night. "Did I answer your question?" >Sonata looks puzzled for a moment, then smiles and nods her head vigorously, before placing a light kiss on your cheek. >"Totes. I'm," >Sonata lets out a long yawn and rubs her eyes. >"so happy." "Sounds like someone's tired. Should I take you home?" >"No! Anon stay." >She wraps her arms around you more tightly. >"Don't...leave..." >She lets out another yawn, one more drawn out this time. "Yeah you're tired. I should get you back to your place." >"Nuh-uh." >Sonata rubs her head against your chest, brushing her ponytail across your body. >The soft hairs pass over your skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. "Sonata?" >"Hmm?" "School is tomorrow." >"No it's not." "Today's thursday." >"Nuh-uh~" "Sonata." >"Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh~?" "We don't want to be tired at school tomorrow." >Sonata just looks up at you at pouts. >Fuck she's good. >"I want you to stay." "Yeah? And where are we gonna sleep?" >"We'll....uhhh...we'll..." >Don't overexert yourself there. >"We'll...we'll go to the park!" "The park?" >"Yeah! Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseee~?" >Sonata jumps in place, a youthful glint sparks in her eyes. >No. >Say no. >It's late. "I suppose." >Damnit. >Sonata squeezes you in glee, and runs across the street towards the tree lined entrance of the park. "Sonata, wait!" >... >... >The park is super dark. >Some of the lights aren't even on. >It's really scary. >The wind is making really loud noises in the trees. >The branches look like arms trying to grab you >Coming here was totally like, really scary. >It's like, someone is gonna come out and... >Something is totally grabbing your shoulder. >"Sonata?" "EEEEEEEEEEEEE! ANON!" >"Sonata it's me, calm down!" "Wha?" >You look back to see Anon standing behind you, looking kinda worried. "Oh hi Anon!" >"Sonata, come on. I need to take you home. It's late." >But... "I don't wanna." >"Don't be like that, Sonny. I promise we'll do something tomorrow. >C'mon, girl. >Make him stay. >Never leave. "Pleaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee??" >Focus. >Just like Dagi always told you. >Look into his eyes. >Try and feel the connoct...the cennnect...the connectoo... >The thing between him and you. >You see the green stuff sparkle in his eyes. >It's working! >It's really tiring though. >You can't do it too much. >But you're, like, almost as good as Dagi and Aria were. >... >You're not like them. >They did it to be strong. >You just want love. >They wanted everyone. >You just want one. >That makes it ok. >"Sonata!" "Eep!" >Anon snaps his fingers in front of you. >"You alright?" >His eyes... >They aren't doing the green swirly anymore... >Tartarus. >You didn't do it long enough. "I..I'm sorry..." >Anon pulls you into a big embrace. >"Look, Sonny. Tomorrow-Well, today-is a friday. I promise we can spend all weekend together at my place or your place or anywhere you want to go." >... "Ok..." >"Alright. Let's get you back to your apartment." "Y-yea...My apartment..." >... >... >You want to tell him. >He's driving you back to the building. >You want to tell him. >But what would he do? >Would he think you're useless and say really mean things, like the girls did? >His eyes aren't doing the green thingie. >Does that mean it doesn't work anymore? >Did you mess up again? >Maybe you aren't that strong... >They were so much better. >You can hear them in your head. >"Well, I can't say I'm surprised. But even for you..." >No. >"This is just what you get. You deserve this." >Stop... >"I suppose we should have expected her to do what she did." >"It's only fair." >Go away. >"You betrayed us, and you can rot in-" >"You betrayed us, and you can rot in-" "STOP!!!" >"Wha-huh?" >The car suddenly stops. >You keep going. >*Smack* >"Shit, Sonata are you ok?!?" >Anon pulls you back into your chair and you feel his hand on your head. >"You hit the dashboard pretty hard. Are you ok?" "I...yeah..." >It feels like when Dagi would... "I'm ok..." >"Good. Also, we're here." >You look out the window. >There's the gross building. >You're glad that... "..." >"Hey." "Hmm?" >"Everything ok?" >... "I just don't want you to go. I want to stay with you longer." >... >He's super quiet. >Is he waiting for you to get out? >You sigh and grab your backpack. >"Wait." >His hand brushes yours. >He's looking at you with those eyes. >They're... >They're green. >Ohmigosh They're green! >"Sonata. I promise you, I won't ever need to leave you soon." >He holds onto your hand tightly. >"We'll be together as much as you want. As much as we want." >Wait. >It's going away again! >No, stay! >Focus, Sonata, focusfocusfoc- >Your lips touch something soft. >It's Anon. >You can smell his...musk... >He smells like soap and sweat. >It makes you want more. >Undoing your seatbelt, you grab hold of his shirt and pull him into you. >You hear a muffled grunt, followed by a soft click. >He leans out of his seat and more into you. >'That's it, come to momma.' >You can feel his hand going down your side. >'Let me mark you.' >You lick his lips. >Anon moans and you feel his tongue press against yours. >Good boy. "Mmmmm~" >He tastes exactly like you wanted him too. >Like he belongs to you. >He stops kissing you and looks at you with his green, shiny eyes. >His smile is making your heart feel light. >"What say we...take this to your room?" >Oh no. "M-my room? You mean th-the apartment?" >"Uh, yeah? Where else?" "Uhm Well, you see, I uh, was, like, uh...was, like, thinking we could, y'know, like...go to...your place?" >"My. Place?" >Wait. >No! >You're losing him! >Again! >"I-I-I'm sorry Sonny, I-I don' par-I mean,your si-they-I don't thi-" >He's stopped looking at you, he's looking outside now. >Like he thinks someone is watching him or something. >"Li-listen I-I ha-have to go, it is-it is late after all a-" "But what about I come home with y- >"NO!" >Anon looks away. >He seems scared. >"..." "..." >"...Look I'm sorry I just...I should just...go home." >What?!? "Wa-wait , Anon, y-you can co-I mean, like, umm, you-we-I." >He's still not looking at you. >"...I...I need to go. I'm sorry..." "But-" >"I promise I'll pick you up tomorrow." "An-" >"Good. Night." "..." >... >You watch Anon drive away. "Damnit!" >You were really close. >You kick a dirty looking glass bottle off the steps. >And then step away from the front doors. >You can't get in anymore. >That fat, nasty man yelled at you and took your key. >Your stuff isn't in there anymore. >He threw it out into a gross dumpster. >You walk down to the side of the building. >The alley is really empty. >Just a big, stinky dumpster, with your stuff in it. >At least you got your blanket out of there. >The wind is still super strong. >You pull Anon's jacket closer to your body. >It's still warm from him. >It's nice and big and goes down to your knees. >As you go down the alley, the smells make your nose wrinkle. >You pull Anon's jacket over your face. >It still smells like him. >It makes your chest feel funny. >You grab your blanket and- "EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" >A big rat comes falling out of it and runs away. "Grossgrossgrossgross!" >You throw the blanket back in the dumpster. "So gross." >You don't need it anyway. >You have Anon's sweater. >You grab some cardboard and drag it to the other side of the alley, by some old looking boxes. >Its the only spot that isn't wet or stinky. >You let your backpack fall off your shoulders and sit on your...bed... >It's cold. >But Anon keeps you warm. >His jacket feels like his hug >He promised he'd keep you warm. >That he'd keep you safe. >You pull the strings on the hood. >It's warm. >It smells like him. >You like that. >It makes you imagine he's here. >Holding you. Protecting you. >You like that.