Spooky Scary Sirens - by JustSomeAnon

>Pssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >Just a little more... >KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK >"Daaagggiiiii are you ready yet? I wanna go now!" >A muffled whine that’s filled with childlike anticipation can be heard from the other side of the door. >"You've been in there for, like, forever! All the good candy is gonna be gooone!" >If she wasn't your sister... >You give your hairspray bottle another vigorous shake and spray before you give up on it and toss it in the trash with the others. >Should have bought a 5th one, but Aria's accessories brought everything just over the budget. >Next year you're just going to give her a burlap sack to wear. >You run your hands through your voluptuous locks to ensure that it remains in place. >Taking a step back to appreciate your handiwork, feeling a sense of pride wash over you at the reflection that the bathroom mirror offered. >As much as you missed your true form, you admit that it didn’t allow for such...creativity. >This human form can have its perks sometimes. >"Daaaaaaagggiiiiiiii~" "Alright already, I'm done!" >With care as to not ruin your hard work, you gingerly grasp the doorknob and pull the door open. >Sonata greets you right at the doorway, bouncing enthusiastically. >Tightly clutched in her hands is a small plastic bucket in the shape of a grinning pumpkin and a pink frilly plastic wand. >The bucket bobs and bounces around in sync with Sonata as the pace of her hops quickened, her grin growing larger by the second >"Cmon Dagi, Cmon! Aria is-" >The small plastic crown that sat on top of Sonatas head slips off and clatters to the ground, which she quickly picks up and plops back onto her head. >”I think Aria’s ready! Let's go let's go let's go!" >Sonata quickly reaches out for your hand, but you pull back before she can touch you. "Careful, Sonata! Do you have any idea how long I spent on-" >You waggle your fingers in Sonata's face. "-These?" >Painted onto each nail are a series of small lighting bolts streaking through a black night. >Sonata leans in to expect your handiwork, a glint of childlike curiosity in her eyes. >"Woooooooooow, Dagi! That's, like, sooooooper cool! That must have been really hard!" "Yes it was" >The words flow from you with some degree of regret, as you recall the strain it took. >Most of yesterday was spent hunched over the dining table, painstakingly brushing the minute details onto your nails as the fumes of the polish assailed your nose. >But that regret washes away when you turn your nails towards you and appreciate your hard work. >These human appendages have proven to be quite useful and entertaining. >...In a multitude of ways. >"Um, what are you, like, supposed to be again?" "Humans have created interesting monsters in their folklore, so I decided to become one myself. I'm dressing up as 'The Bride of Frankenstein'." >Sonata Oohs and Aahs as you step out from the bathroom to give her a full view, twirling your flowing black dress for emphasis.. "I saw a picture of the woman and absolutely adored how her hair was designed." >You accentuate your statement by gingerly patting your hair. "And naturally, as somepo-someone who has such beautiful hair that is similar to hers, I decided I'd dress up as her." >Sonata just nods in agreement, and her bouncing slowly begins again. >"So? So? So? You ready? Cmoooooon Dagi I've been waiting so long. I wanna go!" "Yes! Starswirls Beard, you act like you've already eaten your weight in sugary treats. Where's Aria?" >Sonata points her wand down towards Arias room at the other end of the hall, leaving a trail of glitter in its path. >"I knocked on her door and she said a lot of mean words." "Dear sister-" >You reach out and gingerly pat her forehead, earning you a content sigh from your sister. "You must learn to be more...assertive with Aria." >Sonata tilts her head in confusion. >"But...you already told me that sisters don't do that to each other?" "What?" >"You said it was inapor-inparpo-gross to touch you guys li-" "Oh my god, Sonata. ASSERTIVE. Not-nevermind. Let me try." >As you approach Aria's door, the sound of muffled hard rock from behind the barrier becomes more notable. >You reach out to the knob and jiggle. >Locked. >As usual. "ARIA." >You pound on the door several times. >Shuffling can be heard from the other side of the door, and the music becomes quieter. "Aria, hurry up. We're both ready." >"Fuck off." "Damnit, stop being so difficult. Suck it up for night and have fun with your sisters." >There's a brief moment before the door swings open to reveal Aria, wearing her… >Costume doesn’t seem to be the proper term for it. There’s barely enough fabric to qualify as clothes. >The ripped shorts she wore cut off above her hips, with not much else to cover her shapely legs except thin lines of black fishnet stockings. >Her “Shirt”, for lack of a better term,is a black short sleeve croptop made of an incredibly thin and trnaslucent material, leaving very little to the imagination. >Visible underneath the mesh, are two neon green pasties that covered her perky nipples, and a black leather harness wrapped around her chest and torso forming a pentagram in the middle. >Most of what you saw on Aria you did not recall her buying for her costume. At most, the only things you recognized were the piercings that adorned her lip and nose. “What is this?” >Aria shook her head and shrugged. “What’s what?” “THIS!” >You sweep your hands over Aria’s scandalous frame. “This is your costume?” >Aria rolls her eyes and crosses her arms. “Yea MOM, is there a problem with it?” “Uh, yes! Look at you! You look like you’re going to work a corner downtown tonight! I mean, it looks like you smudged half your mascara around your eyes and face! >Aria gingerly touches the makeup smeared over her face and frowns. “I did it like that on purpose.” >You tilt your head and raise your hands in a gesture of confusion before waving them away. “Aria, I can appreciate wanting to show off, but this is hardly appropriate for trick-or-treating. You realize how much we spent on those stupid little accessories so we’d go out, right?" >"Oh…” Aria shrugs. “Yeah I changed my mind. I'm not going." "What do you mean." >"I mean I don-" >You hold up your hand to shut her up. "I know what you SAID, Aria. I'm just tone deaf now, not completely deaf." >Your quip earns you a scowl. >"There’s a rave at the abandoned hospital outside of town. I was going to it" "A rave?" >"Yea. My friends are on their way to pick me up." "...You never intended on going with us tonight, were you." >Aria slowly nods, but you can see her start to get nervous. >She knows what's going to happen. >You turn to Sonata, who is avoiding your gaze. "Sonata, please give me and Aria a moment. Go wait outside, for now.” >Sonata just nods and skips away. “Now then…” >... >... >The porch is cold. >You should have gotten a sweater. >But then it'd mess up your fairy princess dress! >Your skin is getting all bumpy. >... >Boy. >They're shouting loud in there. >You'd go in, but Adagio is scary when she's angry. >... >Those little humans have so much candy. >That one dressed as a bat has a pillowcase. >That must hold, like, a ton of candy! >You look at your little pumpkin pail. >It looks so small now. >You want more candy. >Maybe you can sneak into your room while they're fighting. >You want a lot of candy. >The door swings open just as you're about to get up. >Aria steps out in her freaky looking costume. >It's full of black straps and spikes and and stuff. >You can see a lot of her skin. >Like, a lot a lot. >Like, why even wear anything. >She looks scared though. And she doesn't have a pail. >Adagio stands at the door with her arms crossed. >She looks angry. >Angry at Aria. >At least she's not angry at you. >You just want candy. "So...candy?" >Aria grumbles but doesn't yell at you. >Adagio nods. >"Yes. Now make sure to be back before it gets too dark, okay? I don't want you guys catching a cold. Sonata here's your sweater." >Adagio hands you your favoritest sweater. >A pink fluffy hoodie with a big cat face on it. >It already feels warm. >"HEY WAIT!" >Aria turns towards Adagio, looking angry again. >"It sounds like you're not coming with us!" >Adagio smiles, but its not a good smile. >"Someone has to give out candy, right? Can't be you, especially in that rave outfit of yours." >She fluffs her hair a little bit. >"I'll have to stay here and give out candy to the young humans. It'll give me a chance to show off my wonderful work." >"WHY YOU -" >Adagio throws Aria’s black jacket in her face. >”Have fun, Sonata!” >*SLAM* >... >You still want a pillowcase.