Taco's and a Movie - A. Sunderland - by Anonymous

You're Anon, what's more then that, you're Anon and you work at Taco Bell. It's a crappy job, pay is what you'd expect, your coworkers are lazy neanderthals and your manager is a faggot who wants control in their life. But it's work. At least you have something to look forward to. You started working every Tuesday for a reason. >"Hellooo?" >"You there Taco Guy?!" "H-huh? Oh, sorry, good to see you again, the usual?" >There she was, fancy purple jacket, short pink skirt, blue hair in that pony tail, you hadn't even learned her name but her bright smile and cheerfulness was all you needed. >"I'm feeling daring today, I'll try the Taco Party pack!" "The one with 12 taco's? How do you want them?" >"Supreme! Oh and a large drink for Baja Blast!" You nod filling the order getting her cup and sliding it to her as she pays. >Once her order is up you call her to pick it up, as she approaches its like you're giving her a million dollars. >"Thank you!" Going off to sit down you grab a cup and sign out after grabbing your jacket finishing off your shift. Your manager would have started bitching if he knew you grabbed the cup and signed out without asking but he could sod off. As you fill your cup with ice and Sangrita Blast you move to sit down knowing your ride wouldnt be there for another 30 minutes. As you checked your phone and took the occasional sip from you notice her taking down the taco's like no tomorrow. Time passes, you look back as she slows down with about 3 tacos left. At that moment she looks your way and smiles. You return the smile with which she follows by a hand motion for you to come sit with her. Of course you're gonna sit with her, she is the reason you work Tuesdays now. >"Mff-wan one?" "You sure?" >She nods with a smile and her mouth full of taco trying not to talk. >She sets the wrapped taco down in front of you and takes a sip of her drink. You unwrap the taco and take a bite, a familiar taste fills your mouth, but one you arent sick of. After all you usually took lunch breaks at other places. >"Maaaan, I love taco tuesday!" "I noticed~" You trail off laughing a bit taking a drink before going for another bite." >"Hmm? Oh wait...You do look familiar, you're always here when I order arent you?!" >She certainly was cheerful, but time to keep it cool, don't want to scare her away when getting this far. "Oh yeah, I think so, I work full time so Im here most of the time during the day." >Putting the taco down she was eating and extended her hand swallowing the bite she took. >"I'm Sonata~!" >That peice of cheese stuck on her face, hnng Reaching out you shake her hand returning her smile. "Anon." And with that mission accomplished, you found out her name. You finish off one taco taking a drink of your Sangrita Blast to wash it down as she puts another Taco in front of you, finishing her own and grabbing another. >"It must be totally awesome working here!" "It could be better, but I suppose I can't complain." The conversation trails off slightly as you two finish the taco's, sipping on your soda's, you checking your phone. >"So like, are you out of work?" "Yeah." >"Then let's hang out! I need something to work off these taco's anyway." >She just smiled brightly and innocently, she seemed to not really have a care in the world...other then for taco's. "It sounds fine to me, what'd you have in mind?" >"Well...there is this retro theater that Ive heard tooons of great things about." "They show old films?" >"They show all kinds of films. From older to really old to foreign even! It's totally cool I promise." Let's be honest you were already in the process of telling your ride you'd figure something out. "Sure, I guess it couldnt hurt." >"Awesoooome~" >She puts the drink and trash on the tray, you putting yours as well, taking it to the trash can to throw it out. Sliding out of your chair you slide your phone into your pocket and sliding on your jacket as you wait for her. >"Ready!" The two of your walk out of the Taco Bell, Sonata leading slightly in front of you since she knew where the theater was. "How far away is it?" >"Not that far, I promise." "So, you live around here?" >"Yup, I live with uhh...basically they're my sisters." >"Although I try not to hang around them toooo much, they really harsh my good times." Within a small amount of time you two arrive at the theater, it seemed to be one from the 70's and 80's but still working. >"Aaaand here we are!" >Her smile with the lights behind her, something about her was relaxing. Looking to the poster on the wall you raise a brow. "Brother...by...Takeshi Kitano." >Sonata picks up one of the flyers off the ground reading it. >"A Yakuza boss is forced to leave Japan after the head of the family is killed. Now alone in a new country with only his half kid brother, he plans to take on the mafia and return to power." >"Oooh, this sounds like there'll be a lot of action in it!" >She makes a grab at your wrist pulling you toward the ticket booth on the outside, paying for the both of you and pulling you in the theater. It was dark, and a bit chilly even but it didnt seem to bother Sonata. >She was busy munching away on popcorn holding the bucket out to you. >"Whan shome?" >Even though she was talking with her mouth full it was to adorable to be considered impolite. "Thanks." Reaching in you grab a handful and stuff it into your mouth, salty, buttery, and fresh. Better then the stuff they have at the big theater. After a short while longer the movie starts up. For the first 6 or so minute it starts slow, some Japanese guy going around a city until it starts to a flash back of him back in his home country. As his group recieves a call about their Boss wanting to go out for drinks. >Sonata leans whispering over to you. >"Oooh,I bet you this is where it's gonna get interesting." Despite a slow story these tough looking Yakuza look ready for anything. Maybe it will have action despite its slow start. As the movie goes on the scene switches to the main guy looking at a bartender, the bartender then going into the back and checking a bag with the gun it. As he's checking the bag the shot in near silence with no background music a shot fires off and kills the would be assassin. >In that moment Sonata jumps in her seat her hand moving over yours on the arm rest, startled but her grinning. She seemed to be the one that laughs when startled. The movie goes on and the boss and one of his men, presumably going to their hideout in a hotel. >Sonata whispers again. >"He's soo not gonna make it to the room." And she called it as assassins come from the corners, surround and kill them. "Good call." You whisper back to her as the movies goes on slowing back down as it shows yakuza from the main characters family surrendering to the other family and joining them, she hands you the bucket of popcorn and reaches in her shirt to pull out... Wait...is that one of the taco's from the 12 pack? >She opens the wrapper and bites into it, squeeing a bit from the taste, her face had that of pure joy on it as she tasted the crisp shell, warm meat, cold veggies, colder sour cream, and perfectly sprinkled cheese. You couldnt even begin to describe the joy on her face, you just smile at how cute she was, to be pleased by something so simple was adorable to you. Reaching for more popcorn you see as one of the main characters former family member is now tasked with killing him. Instead though they plan to send him to another country to be with his kid brother. >"So thaaats how he ended up where he is now." She says to herself, taco in hand as she eats and savors the taste of it." It flashes back to the present as we see his kid brother and two others appear. It soon shown through a scene and later dinner with the kid brother, his friends and the main character that the kid brother is a drug dealer. And we learn that the main character doesnt speak English. >"Mmf, that's gonna be interesting~" As things move on problems arise and the main characters now go to war with with a Mexican gang after an assassination of a low level boss. >"Oooh, here we go~!" She leans forward watching intently as things ramp up, the main character's 2nd in command shows up and a meeting is set up with the other major bosses. Them trying to store guns in the bathroom for the day of the meeting. >Sonata finishes her taco and leans over. >"Oh, I have to the bathroom, be right back." >She darts out of her seat heading off to the bathroom with haste, clearly not wanting to miss any of the movie. The day of the meeting finally comes as the main character and his kid brother are in the room with the 4 other bosses. One of the bosses starts tough talking them "So you think you can get away with what you did?" The kid brother translating and speaking for the main character obviously They hold their ground with the reply welcoming the challenge which after one of the other bosses says "Let's discuss this like gentleman yeah? We'll give you the territory. From now on, youre gonna be in charge." They accept and the brother goes to the bathroom to get the guns they stored for the assassination but someone was already in the stall where they stored them. "Why is Sonata taking so long...?" As the brother is gone one of the bosses says to the other "You let them have the territory, now why would you do that for these fucking Japs?" The other one says that it doesnt matter, that they'll wipe them all out anyway and then looks over to the main one smiling since he doesnt know English. As the brother returns he says in Japanese that he didnt get them, the main character says to feel under the table main character saying its good to have insurance. "She's gonna miss a good part...." As they slowly untape the guns they start unloading on the four bosses killing them in the process obviously. As the four bosses lie there dead the main character stands up and fires off five shots into the bodies of the now dead bosses. At the time when he speaks you head a whisper in your ear, matching the words. >"ファッキンジャップくらいわかるよ馬鹿野郎" You freak out launching forward turning behind you as you fall into the isle with Sonata perched over your chair grinning. >"Got ya~!" You have to admit, she did, with your heart racing a bit, you laugh a little for being startled so easily. >"Come on, let's get outta here, we can watch the movie another time at my place." ...Wait...did she bring you here...play dumb about the movie, make predictions, just to scare you at that scene? If anything, she's dedicated. >She heads out of the theater you following along with her. "So where to?" >"Sadly I think I need to head back to my place, but...you know...you could always walk me home." >She looked to the side smiling a bit occasionally glancing at you, she seemed embarrassed to ask if anything. "I would be happy to." >Walking in the way she was facing she walks along side, she reaches her hand over and weaves her fingers through yours. Looking over you see her blush and look down, it was surprising but fuck it, you werent complaining. >"Thanks you Anon." "For?" >"For being really nice and tolerating me. Most people just upset and annoyed with me." "Why would they think that?" >"They say Im ditzy or that Im that the worst. And I want to believe that they're joking but..sometimes I dont know.." >Her face turns from embarrassment to sadness as she looks down. Fuck it, it was bold and may be over stepping but it seems like it seems like a good idea. You pull her closer to you by her hand, letting go and moving your arm around her waist hugging lightly as you two walk. >"Anon?" >She looks up to you blushing but slightly confused. "Don't worry about what they say, you're a really nice person, and I might even say you're the best." You offer her a smile as she tears up slightly stopping and wrapping her arms around your sides and hugs you tightly. >She didn't say anything, and neither did you, nothing needed to be said at that point.