I want to be closer to you (Adagio Dazzle + Teenanon) - by Anonymous

Sequel to http://pastebin.com/xP7ahXd2 >Be anon >And be running down the halls of Canterlot high to get outside before too much damage was done >Long story short, my mom, Sonata Dusk, was out of town >And being the obsessive clingy mother that she was she couldn't even dream of leaving me home alone for just a week >Unfortunately for my already shit school reputation this meant a woman who could barely fit all her hair in her car was raising hell outside of the school >Even inside the school I could hear the car horn and the screaming of my name >And no doubt everyone waiting around for the buses could hear it >Thankfully slamming through the front doors and into sight seemed to stop the noise >Though now I had to face the walk of shame >For once in my life I'd like to go home without drawing the attention of the entire student body >Keep your head down, just get into the car and get out of here >"Finally, what took you so long anon?" "I was on the other side of the school." >Lucky for me she had no intention of waiting around here and quickly began driving off >"So, how are your grades?" "Fine" >"'Fine' isn't an answer anon." >Fuck, no way I could bullshit my way around her like I do with mom "Not great, I'm failing math." >"Of course you are, Sonata doesn't make you study. When we get home you're going straight to the guest room and you're not coming out until I tell you to." "But Dagi..." >"That's auntie Adagio and there's no buts about it." >"Anyway, we're here, grab your stuff" >She parked her car on the driveway and got out, walking towards the house >And holy fucking shit it was mesmerizing >There were no words to describe auntie Adagio's perfect hips >The way they swayed back and forth with every step >Even mom's ass and hips couldn't compare to the glory that was auntie Adagio >... >That's really fucking creepy isn't it? >"Anon, are you coming?" >I was so transfixed by her ass I hadn't even gotten out of the car watching her go >I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran over to her >"Dammit anon, I'd like to spend just one day with you where you don't spend the whole time checking me out" >You and me both auntie, you and me both. >Well not like I was gonna be able to admire it sitting in the guest room all day looking at math >Fucking math >Well, maybe I'd be done quickly and could do other stuff then >*2 hours later* >Fuck, I haven't even started on a single question... >I couldn't stop thinking about my aunt >"Hey anon, how's the studying going?" >Fuck, when did she get in here? >Shit, I couldn't let her see my blank notebook >I quickly rested my elbow on top of it, trying to act casual... "Fine, fine, studying is going great, no issues here!" >...And failing miserably at it >auntie Adagio just gave me a raised eyebrow before walking over and grabbing the notebook away from me >"So let me get this straight, you've been spending the last two hours drawing my ass?" "What? No, I didn't draw anything, I've been spending the last two hours just sitting here doing noth-" >She turned over the notebook >Good lord, I should go to art school, the shading was amazing! >Wait, when did I even draw that? "I don't remember drawing that." >Auntie Adagio slapped her face and tossed the notebook back on the table >"Anon..." >She reached over and put both her hands on my shoulders, looking me right in the eyes >"I'm your aunt, you shouldn't have those kinds of feelings for me." >No, that would imply I was a normal person with a normal family and no very strange sexual issues that would no doubt make my future therapist a very rich man >As most the events of my life have shown, I am not that sort of person "You are aware of my relationship with my mother and auntie Aria right?" >"And somehow that makes it right?! I want to be closer to you anon, but you're just..." >"...Nevermind, get back to studying anon" >She quickly ripped the masterpiece ass drawing out of the notebook and walked away >*several more hours later* >Nothing, absolutely fucking nothing >No matter how hard I tried to focus I never could get it right >All my attempts at redrawing that perfect ass failed miserably >And there was something about studying but I'd forgotten about that at this point >"Anon! Could you come here!" >I heard auntie Adagio yelling from her room >Begrudgingly I got up and walked over to it >What did she want! Didn't she know I was trying to make art here! >I was about to call her out on it, but then I opened the door >Auntie Adagio was there alright, sitting cross legged on her bed wearing some sexy lingerie holding a glass of red wine >Her room itself dimly lit with candles and incense burning away as soft calming music played from a large stereo >Adagio patted the bed next to her >This was too fucking much "Really auntie? Really?" >"What?" "This is just silly" >I flipped up the dimmer switch to light up the room "I mean come on, maybe the dim lights alone or something would be okay, but this whole set up is cheesy as fuck" >"Oh well excuse me! Maybe I should just chain you up in the basement and spit in your mouth, you'd prefer that right?" "Sorry auntie, it's just a little too mu-" >"anon, just let me have this, alright?" >I rolled my eyes and turned the dimmer back down, then went to sit down next to her >"So anon" >She wrapped her arm around my shoulder >"How's the studying going?" >You make this giant fucking setup with candles and shit and that's the line you open with? "It isn't" >"Of course it's not... Listen anon, I want to help you, trust me, with a mom like Sonata you need all the help you can get" >Ain't that the truth >"But that's not going to work with so much sexual tension between us, so guess what, you win, we're putting an end to it now." >Oh shit, was she serious >Good lord this must be a dream >Ever since I was ten or so I've wanted to fuck my aunt >That soft, huge poof of hair >That lean frame >Those magnificent hips >That bulge >... >Wait, what the fuck was that? >Nope, it wasn't the lighting or my eyes playing tricks on me >right there, masterfully tucked into auntie Adagio's panties, was a huge bulge "Uhhh, auntie, what's that." >I pointed towards her crotch >She looked down flustered, put her wine glass on the nightstand, and got on all fours on the bed >"D-don't worry about that anon, it's not important" >She slowly pulled down her panties, only enough to reveal her ass but keeping everything below that point hidden >Oh fuck me that glorious ass, like two of the suns lounging together and beckoning you to come forth >And yet, now the only thing rushing through my mind was the bulge >"Come on anon, what are you waiting for? This is what you wanted right?" >It was at one point, but now... >Auntie Adagio quickly pulled her panties back up and sat down next to me >"You weren't supposed to notice that anon... Could we just forget any of this happened, maybe just do some regular tutoring?" >Wait, did she say something? The whole time my eyes and mind were transfixed by her panties, or rather, what lay within them >"Anon, stop staring at-" "I want to see it" >"What? Anon, are you..." "Please auntie." >Her eyes shifted between me and her crotch >Taking a deep breath she stood up in front of me and grabbed her panties >"A-are you sure about this anon?" >I nodded >She pulled her panties down and let them drop to the floor, revealing the monster >It was fucking huge! Almost hanging down to her knees, and so thick too! >How she managed to hide it in such a small pair of panties was a complete mystery "Auntie, why would you be ashamed of this? It's amazing!" >Her face curled into a smile when I complemented her >"Do you really think so anon?" "Of course I do" >She seemed to relax a lot with the knowledge that I accepted her as she was "Can I touch it auntie?" >"I don't know if... Okay anon, go ahead." >I slowly reached out towards it, hands shaky and sweaty >I took hold of it, rewarded by a slight gasp from auntie Adagio >My god with was truly amazing! Soft but with a certain firmness to it, and incredibly warm, I could play with it all day >Auntie Adagio's bush was incredible! >But I could only appreciate it for so long, and after what seemed like an eternity of running my hands through her god-tier pubic hair she sat down on my lap, pushing that marvelous bush into my own crotch as her hands reached around my neck >She grabbed hold of my shirt, lifting it off of me >Once my bare chest was exposed she wasted no time, pressing her lips against mine and exploring my mouth with her tongue >I tried to put my own tongue out but she simply overpowered me anytime it moved, she was in control here, a fact she reinforced when she forced me onto my back >Taking her tongue out of my mouth she began tracing kisses over my body, down and down, stopping every now again to give extra attention to certain area's like my neck and nipples >But down she kept going to get to the real prize >And once she got down there she didn't bother with any slow and seductive movements, she just grabbed my pants and pulled them off in a flash >"My anon, you've sure grown to be a big guy..." >Her hand took a tight grip of my shaft as her face went below it, sucking one of my balls into her mouth as she slowly pumped my dick >The speed of her hand increased every second, and before long my other nut joined its twin inside the warm and wet cave of her mouth >Her other hand came up and the finger began playing with the tip, lightly pressing directly on the hole as her other hand viciously pumped away and she juggled my balls in her mouth, occasionally giving them a light nibble >Auntie's mouth will make you believe in a kind god "A-auntie, I'm gonna..." >She immediately unhanded my dick and let my wet balls drop out of her mouth, crawling forward and looking me in the eyes >"Oh no you're not, you don't get to cum until I tell you to" >She got on all fours again, this time with no panties to hide her dripping wet pussy and massive hanging bush >I quickly went over to her, taking hold of my dick with one hand and lining it up with her hot cunt as the other grabbed as much of her glorious firm ass as it could >I began to slowly push into her, savoring every moment of it >She wasn't having any of that though, the moment she felt me in her she brought her ass back hard and forced me to slip balls deep into her >Good lord she was tight! Is this what the pussy of a woman who's never given birth feels like? Fuck, no wonder mom didn't want me dating. >"Hard anon! Fuck me hard!" >No question here, I thrust in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could manage >It didn't seem to be enough for her though, after only a few seconds she began slamming herself back in sync with my thrusts >I wasn't going to hold out long like this, in fact I could already feel the telltale signs of an approaching ejaculation >"Anon! Pull my hair!" >I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her glorious poof >"No anon! Not that hair!" >Oh, right, I let go of her poof and reached for her bush >That whole damn thing was soaking wet with her juices but I managed to get a firm enough hold >Using her bush I pulled her harder and harder against my cock, almost scared that I would rip it off, but her yells of pleasure just kept encouraging me to pull harder and harder on her pussy beard "Auntie..." >"Come anon! Come right inside me!" >I don't think I'd have time to pull out even if I wanted to >With one more powerful tug on her bush I sent her ass slapping against my crotch and unloaded everything I had into her, her own cunt constricting to milk every last drop it could get >Finally, we collapsed next to each other >We just lay there, listening to each other breathing and trying to regain our strength >We didn't even have the strength to cuddle, at most we just held hands while staring at each other >Eventually auntie Adagio recovered enough to speak >"Damn anon, that was amazing!" >She scooted back, sitting up against the headboard and motioned for me to join her >I immediately joined her, snuggling into her soft poofy hair and closing my eyes >"Hey, keep your eyes open anon, it's not time to sleep yet." >She reached into the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a notebook and pen >"Alright anon, lets see what we can do about improving your math grades." "Wait, what?" >"There's nothing to distract you now, so, where do you struggle the most, fractions? Algebra?" "This is the strangest way I've ever spent the afterglow in my entire life." >And yet, despite how strange it might have seemed, I soon went from failing to the best marks in the class Fin