Anon Goes to the Beach Part 1 - by Meleas

>You are driving your car down the highway leading to the interstate >There are three girls far ahead of you, seemingly trying to flag down a ride >As you near you look them over >One girl is in a punky rock outfit with long purple pigtails >The second is in a sporty jacket and looks as if she came from a tennis game >The third's body is almost matched in size by her hair >The first two are the ones flagging you down but the third is behind them with her arms crossed >You slow down a bit, thinking about whether or not you should help >But, you do need to get to your destination >Just before you accelerate again the one with the poofy hair suddenly kicks the two in front of your car >You immediately slam on the breaks >It continues sliding for all of two feet before stopping abruptly >The purple rocker is laying across the hood of your car looking away from you >The sporty girl is nowhere to be seen >You panic, thinking you ran her over and she's what you hit >The girl with the fluffy hair just knocks on your passenger window >You lower it "Holy crap did I run over her?" >"She's fine. We need a ride to the beach." >You look ahead >The rocker is groaning and getting up off of your car, rubbing her nose >"Ah, god, why'd you do that?" she says >"My hitchhiking thumb was getting tired." >In front you see a vibrant ponytail pop up, followed by the rest of the sporty girl >There's not a scratch on her but she's rubbing the side of her head >"That hurt, Adagio." >The fluffy one turns to look at her >"Lucky your head's so thick." >"Yeah, that would have really hurt." >The insult seemed to have completely bounced off her head >She turns back to you as the other two line up next to her >"Thanks for driving us," Adagio says while reaching through the window, unlocking the passenger door and climbing inside >You're not sure what to do as the two girls clamber in as well >You just blink at them >Is this real? >Adagio looks between you and the road >"Well? Go on." >You sigh and accelerate "The beach, you said?" >"Yep." "Well, that's in the direction I'm heading but far past where I need to go." >"And?" >She gives you a face of "Do I look like I care?" "Alright, jeez, I'll take you." >Pushy Hair "But since this is my car, you have to go by my rules." >You look at the two in the back seats and hone in on the ponytailed one >She has some bag of snacks in hand "First rule, no eating in the car." >"Aw!" >She slumps "I keep it clean and perfect like my clothes." >"Is that because you're wearing a business suit?" the punky girl chimes in "Somewhat." >The dark colors around her eyes makes it easy to tell she rolled them "Rule number two, no shoes or feet up on anything." >Shifting to your right reveals Adagio moving to lift her boots up onto the dashboard >You stare daggers at her out of the corner of your eye "Put those there if you want them gone." >Adagio recoils for a fraction of a second then promptly plants them on the floor >You switch back to the road >You thought the punk girl would be the one giving you trouble but she's sitting there properly while looking out the window "Rule three, if any of you are feeling sick then make sure to tell me so I can pull over or at the least give you a bag." >Your eyes rapidly move between them for signs of staining the upholstery >Nothing >The sporty girl smiles when you look at her in the mirror "Okay, good. Now, this isn't part of my rules, but since it's going to be a good bit of driving would you two mind telling who you are?" >"I'm Sonata, and this is Aria," the tennis girl responds while pointing to the rocker "Well, it's nice meeting you both. I guess." >Sonata smiles again "I'm Anon, so just ask if you need something." >"Nice meeting you too and yada, yada." >Aria lifts a hand and slowly spins it around in the air before planting it below her chin and getting back to staring out the window >You raise an eyebrow >"They're like that," Fluffy next to you coolly says >Your car joins onto the interstate road and smooths out straight with the others >Not that many cars today >You use your super awesome driving skills to keep straight while messing with the radio >Sirius XM, so wonderfully full of many channels [spoiler]This greentext is brought to you by Sirius Satellite Radio. If you want to get serious with your radio, get Sirius.[/spoiler] >You flip over to your usual channels and land on Spa >"Oh, oh! I love that one!" Sonata leans up close between you and Adagio "Alright, how about this. We'll change the channel to whatever you three like as we keep going. Sound fair?" >Sonata nods, Aria basically shrugs, and Adagio simply says, "Sure, that works." >Sonata's back in her seat with closed eyes, swaying to the smooth and slow tranquil music >Certainly is easy to tell the difference between them >You continue driving easily and, as monotonous as the road is, you quickly find yourself 20 minutes later >The beach is only about an hour away so it'd be nice to set each girl's channel to 20 minutes >You look at Aria in the mirror >You flip the channels (which makes a sad Sonata) and stop on an older rock station >The radio host's voice comes over the speakers >"And here's a song by the great dual woman group, Heart. This is, 'If Looks Could Kill,' on Sirius XM." >You're pretty sure he doesn't need to tell that since the beginning is well known >A glance to the mirror again shows Aria tapping a hand on her thigh to the music >"Caught you in the act - can't put up with that." >She's even mouthing the lyrics in perfect time >As the song continues Aria starts moving more and more >You grin, earning a quizzical rise of her brow from Adagio >The song continues to its end >Both Aria and Sonata were rocking out in the backseats >The rocking intensifies when the next song came on >"Any self respecting rock fan will know this next song. This is, Bon Jovi." >You turn the volume up and change the speakers to focus more on the back of the car >"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame! Darling you give love, a bad name." >The two girls are rocking at maximum capacity with both Aria and Sonata singing the chorus >If Aria air guitars any harder she's going to hurt herself >"I play my part, and you play your game! You give love, a bad name!" >Eventually the 20 minutes of rocking enjoyment ends >Sonata and Aria both have big goofy smiles on their faces >"My fingers are cramping from all that air guitaring," Aria says to Sonata between chortles >More Bon Jovi and some Aerosmith songs were played all the while they kept having fun >They both seemed to really love Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" >It almost feels bad having to change the channel >You tell them that you have a few water bottles back there while you tune the station >You're not sure what Adagio would enjoy though >She's been pretty quiet and kept to herself >You switch it to classical music >"I'd prefer dance," Adagio states without shifting her gaze from the road >Dance it is then >You tune the radio again right when the host is talking >"Welcome to Dance of the 80's, 90's and Double Aught. Next up to groove on the floor is 'Love Me Right,' by Angel City and Lara McAllen." >Time to move the sound to the middle again >Sonata seems to enjoy almost any sort of music, as is evident by her moving with the beat >Guess that's why she's the cheery one of the trio >Aria also seems to like it a bit >Adagio unexpectedly starts to sing after a minute in >"Ooh, baby, understand, I want you to be the only man." >"Only man~" Sonata chimes in with the support singers >"But it seems though it's getting too hot. I think I'll start to have my own fun." >"Oh, baby, it's plain to see, that I'm qualified to fill your needs. You think you're puttin' over on me, oh honey, baby just you wait and see." >Now Aria joins in on the chorus >"Ooh, baby, love me right. Let me love you till the morning comes. Ooh, sugar, love me right. You know I want to be the only one." >Your car is filled with the singing of the three girls for the rest of the trip, even during the turnpike toll booth >The clerk said you have some music loving daughters and you just sort of laughed >If only >Pretty sure you're not that much older than them >Adagio smirks at you with the two in the back giggling >You finally arrive at the beach shortly after 10 o'clock >You let them out "Have a good day, girls. Enjoy yourselves." >You set the car in reverse when Adagio pops in the door again >"You're not coming with us?" "I just needed to drop you off, right?" >"Yeah, but..." >She looks over to the other two who are already looking out over the beach in excitement >Adagio gets into the passenger seat and closes the door then gives you a serious expression >"We haven't had this much fun in a good long while. Can you... stay with us for today?" >Bossy Poof who used Sonata as a tire stopper and got in on her own has warmed up "I need to get back though, had my stop a good bunch of exits back." >Her eyes look all over you then down to the center console of your car >"Just for today, please?" she pleads, her head back up >Hnnggg >She's giving you the puppy dog eyes >Oh how badly the fluff makes you want to pet her >You take a deep breath "Fine. I've been wanting a day off anyways." >Adagio instantly perks up, eyes and smile beaming >She leans over and gives you a hug >"Thanks." >She gets out of the car with you then whistles to Aria and Sonata >"Anon's staying with us today!"