Lewd Sonata Request (contains lactation fetish) - by Fife-Niner-Seven

>The squeak of the hinges on your door marked the end of your long day, as you closed it for the evening. >A slight shiver ran down your spine as the vestiges of the late-autumn wind's bite left you. >Setting your briefcase down, you sighed before tossing your suit jacket onto the banister to your left. >You wordlessly removed your dress shoes, when the pattering of feet caught your attention. >Looking up just in time to see your girlfriend running across th- “OOF!” >She crashed into you, pinning you to the door with a rib-crushing hug. >”You're HOOOOMMMMEEEE!” she squealed, nuzzling your chest. >You attempted to croak out a response, but couldn't manage it. >Doing your best to move your arms, you managed to somewhat clasp your left forearm with your right hand behind her back. >She looked up at you after a few more seconds, her eyes sparkling in the fading sunlight that was cast through the windows on the door behind you. >Her grip loosened slightly as she brought her chin up, her lips puckering as she begged a kiss from you. >Not one to keep her waiting, you gave her a good smooch, followed by a few short pecks. >”Mwah. Mwwwah,” she vocalized after each one, before releasing her death grip. >As your chest expanded again, you took a deep breath before giving a light cough. “G-good to be home baby doll.” you said, as she took your hand in hers. >I made dinner~” she stated simply after giggling. >Dinner. >Food sounded amazing right now. >Smirking down at her, you nodded before she proceeded to pull you across the tile floor. >Leading you forwards into the kitchen, you saw the lovely meal she'd prepared laid out. >Macaroni with hotdogs and peas. >Chuckling to yourself, you wrapped an arm around her waist and hugged her from behind once she stopped moving. >Releasing her after a moment though, you pulled your chair out and promptly plopped down in front of your meal. >Not waiting a moment longer, you grasped your tools of war. >A napkin, and a spoon. >They never had a chance. >Tearing into the bowl of food before you, it took you a moment to hear the thud of a glass being set down in front of you. >Gulping down a mouthful of food, patted your mouth and took another deep breath. “I love you.” you muttered, before taking up your decanter of cold milk. >Taking a sip, you smiled before downing it all in one go. >”Thirsty tonight darling?” she murmured from behind you. “Always.” you replied, looking directly above yourself. >She poked her head right above yours and gave you a light butterfly kiss with her nose. >”I'd be happy to refill you, but at least let me eat a little before downing that one.” she giggled, taking the glass from your grasp. >You didn't respond with anything more than another lop-sided smile. >Moments later another glass was filled from your stock in the refrigerator and placed before you. >Taking a few more bites of your food, you swallowed before sipping on the delicious liquid. >Controlling yourself, you put the glass back down before you drained another half in one drag. >”So how was your day sweetie?” she asked during a lapse in your assault on the food. “Nuuhhhh.” you replied, before taking in another mouthful of the warm cheesy goodness. >”That bad?” she asked, her tone changing slightly. >Taking the last bite of your siren-sent meal, you downed it before responding. “Aw it wasn't that bad. I'm just tired, and I'm glad it's the weekend.” you said with conviction, before draining your glass for a second time. >She nodded her head, obviously downtrodden. >Taking your dishes to the sink, you around the center-island to her side of the table. >Untucking your dress shirt, you dropped to your knees beside her and wrapped her in an awkward hug. >”Sweetie I'm trying to eat,” she said after a moment of nuzzling you back. “Mhmm.” you acknowledged, moving your head down a little and nuzzling her neck and upper chest as she giggled. >Planting a kiss on her cleavage, you rested your head there for a moment before she spoke up. >”At least let me finish you big snuggle-bug.” she managed to reply through her growing laughter. >Relinquishing your grip, you planted a kiss on her cheek before retreating. >Moving out of the kitchen, you trudged down the stairs, before looking up at your suit jacket. >Jumping up, you yanked it from the banister and took it with you into your bedroom. >Sliding out of your business attire, you donned a plain t-shirt and some loose athletic shorts. >As you pulled on a nice pair of fuzzy wool socks though, you noticed that it was unusually quiet upstairs. >Standing up from your seat on your bed, you almost made it to the door before she charged in, tackling you back down to your mattress. >She'd already lost her jacket and skirt, now clad in only her tank-top and some frilly pink panties. >Damn, she was hungry for something else. “Hi.” you said after blinking up at her a few times. >The room was becoming more dim by the second, but you could still easily make out her expression in the growing darkness. >She looked like she was about to bite through her bottom lip. >”Hi.” she replied, before dipping down on top of you, her mouth fever hot on yours. >Light biting and sucking ensued as you locked yourselves into another kind of battle. >A minute of this led to another minute of that. >You let your hands roam free over her sinuous body for a moment, before she deigned to pull her top off. >Pulling away for a moment, you admired the glorious view from below as her large breasts jiggled free from their imprisonment. >It was much darker now, but you could still make out the silhouette of where her nipples stood out erect from the tips of her mounds. >You could even see liquid beading on them. >Sighing, you pulled your own shirt off, before pulling yourself upwards. >Wrapping your arms around her waist, you took her rump in your hands and squeezed hard. >A moan followed your actions, turning into a cry as you took a nipple into your mouth. >Sucking hard, you felt some warm liquid pool in your mouth. >Swallowing, you suckled for a short time before unlatching yourself from her. >Looking back up at her, you noticed sweat already beading on her brow. >”Directly from the tap tonight?” she asked, her voice low and husky. “I've been thinking about you all day.” you replied, lightly grazing her lightly abused nipple with your teeth. >She shuddered before replying. >”Thinking about me, or thinking about 'these'?” she shot back, thrusting her chest forward, emphasizing the jiggles that each little movement made. >Your response was more physical, as you took the other nipple in your mouth. >Sucking harder, you let more milk flow into your mouth as her moans became more drawn out. >Drinking from her breast, you couldn't help but continue to grope at her soft body. >Grinding your pitched tent against her crotch kept you somewhat focused for the time being at any rate. >Riding it out for a minute longer, she eventually tugged at your hair with her free hand. >Pulling back from her abused tit, you sighed. >It was a mystery why she lactated the way she did, but god damn was it good milk. >”Mmmm...I've been like this all day just waiting for you to help me...” >You didn't even know you had a fetish for it until you two started dating. >To think your innocent little virgin girlfriend had such an odd ailment when you first met. >Now... >”Baby I hope you aren't doing anything tomorrow...” she whispered. “Why's that?” you asked, your mind coming with all sorts of possibilities as to why she said that. >”You'll find out.” she said, before your pants and socks came flying off in her grasp. >Even in the darkness, you could make out the glimmer in her eyes at your erection. >”Oh did I do that?” she asked, feigning ignorance. “Mmm, the question is what are you going to do about it?” you asked jokingly, your own voice moving down a few octaves. >”Oh dear, I think I have just the thing.” >Putting her arms to her sides, she gave her breasts a little shake before taking them up in her hands. >You could still make out a hint of milk lightly leaking from them, but you quickly became much more enveloped by the sensation of her tits wrapped around your cock. >Moaning aloud, you grasped two handfuls of your comforter as she began to lightly move up and down, giving you an unexpected boobjob. >Your light moans became deeper in tone as she gave little licks and kisses to the tip of your dick, and made little varying movements. >Here and there she would lightly speed up, before slowing down and pulling back, lightly dragging her nipples along the bottom of your shaft. >You felt a little bit of precum leak down at some point, joining the light trails of her own breast-milk that ran down your length. >Eventually though, she completely enveloped you with her impressive bust. “F-fuck.” was all you managed as she giggled, moving up and down with what felt like your heartbeat. >It only took a few more seconds of such torture, before you released yourself without warning. “Gah!...” >Three longs spurts and some dribbling later, you laid back on your bed, breathing heavily. >”Somebody was a little pent up~” she giggled, before making a very audible moan. >Looking up, you saw her drag a finger up between her heavy breasts, drawing a long line of your cum onto it. >Without breaking eye contact, she suckled it off of her finger, and proceeded to do it again. >Gulping, you waited for a minute or two, watching in fascination at her actions. >She was never this forward. >It wasn't long though, before you felt her astride you. >”More.” she said, before pressing her breasts to your face. >With her left hand, she guided a nipple to your mouth, which you eagerly latched onto again. >Suckling more, you alternated here and there, her seemingly endless supply of milk satiating your thirst. >Giving each one a final lick, you felt yourself grinding up against her wet sex. >It would appear she'd dropped her panties somewhere along the way, and now you could feel her pubic hairs lightly scratching along yours. >You stood up abruptly, causing her to squeak and wrap her legs around your midriff. >Turning around, you lowered her down the bed slowly, locking lips as her back made contact with the soft surface. >Without a word, you pushed your newly erected cock into her, bottoming out in one slow thrust. >A soundless scream broke her lips from yours, as she stretched to conform to your invading girth. >No matter how many times you had sex, she still felt as tight as the day you'd both lost your virginity. >Though you were past those awkward years of gangly limbs and embarrassed nudity. >With a deep breath, you slid back and forth lightly, making sure to grind yourself up against her inner thighs as much as possible. >Teasing her, you kept the pace slow as she gasped beneath you. >She had melted under your ministrations, nothing more than a quivering mass of hot flesh beneath you. >”Nyahhh~” >Your teeth lightly grazed her ear, causing a final moan to roll out before she tightened around your length. >A great shudder raked her body as she came, loosening up slightly before tightening down on your member involuntarily. >Slowly it passed, but you continued to lightly pump in and out of her. >Keeping your pace consistent, you felt your slick bodies slide along with each other like a well-oiled machine. >Focusing hard on keeping your composure, you continued to caress her with your hands, as well as your words. >Whispering dirty little things in her ears, she continued to breath heavily, rolling her hips in time with yours as she moaned incoherent words back to you. >A few minutes ticked by slowly as you kept this up, until her legs wrapped around your back again. >She was nearing the edge, as were you. >It was funny how cliché it seemed, but you always did your best to finish together. >You'd gotten rather good at it too. >”Right...there...” she managed to gasp as you slightly sped up. >Keeping your pace, you released any pretense of composure, letting yourself go to the sensations of her body on yours. >The heat in the air that you were radiating, as well as the cool sweat running from your limbs. >The feel of her large breast in one hand, and the soft spot at the base of her spine right above her buttocks in the other. >The way her quavering pussy felt wrapped around your cock. >The beautiful woman who loved you, moaning your name as you filled her up how no other man would ever get to. >With a final kiss, your tongues danced as stars crossed the insides of your eyelids. >Erupting inside of her, you gave another strong thrust as she convulsed. >Finally, spent, you fell to one side in a tangle of limbs. >Even though you were finished, you continued to kiss and nuzzle each other for some time longer. “I love you.” >”I love you.” >With another nuzzle, you gave rubbed noses before giving her one more thing to think about before she slipped off into dreamland. “I do have plans tomorrow.” you said, touching her cheek with your hand. >”And what might they be?” she murmured, a yawn punctuating her question. “A lovely night out with a beautiful woman.” >She didn't respond vocally, instead giving you another long kiss. >This one held passion, but a different kind than what you shared earlier. >This was pure. >As you broke contact for a final time though, a light trail of saliva connected you two. >”I love you.” she said, before quietly nodding off. >Smiling to yourself, you closed your own eyes. >Thinking of the ring box sitting in the pocket of your dress pants, you drifted off yourself. >You awoke to the feeling of...o-oh. "S-sonata..." you moaned, opened your eyes as you attempted to sit up a little. >She was underneath the comforter, attending to your...early riser. >"MMMmmm..." >Her response was lost on you verbally, but you could feel it as she gave you a hard suckle before diving back down on your morning wood. >Groaning aloud, you couldn't help but buck your hips a little as she ran her tongue along the underside of your shaft slowly, before bobbing her head up and down a few times. >Her hands held you in place though, as she continued to roll her lips over your length. >Gripping the sheets, you looked at the lump under the covers that was Sonata. >God damn this was a nice way to wake up. >Especially after last night. >Her ministrations quickly brought you back to the here and now though, as you felt yourself tensing up. >She stopped for a moment though, obviously noting that you were getting close. >"Mmmm give me your milk~" >Yup. >Couldn't hold on after that. >Her lips quickly fell over your tip again, and with a final pull you erupted into her mouth. >You could feel each time she suckled, perfectly in time with your pulses. >Your seconds of ecstasy though, were slowly cut short as you felt the feeling fade. >What greeted you thereafter though, was the sight of Sonata's nude body as she climbed out from under the blanket. >She crawled over you and laid on your chest, her mouth closed. >Looking at her with half lidded eyes, you were pretty sure they quickly became the size of dinner plates as she opened her mouth and rolled your cum around on her tongue. >She winked at you, before leaning her head back slightly, swallowing your load before running her tongue over her teeth. >"Your milk is just so tasty~..." she trailed off, before shifted her weight further up on you. >The feeling of her silky skin on yours had you worked up again already, but as she pressed her generous bust to your face, you let your hand roam again. >Taking a nipple into your mouth, you began to take a drink of your own. >Her sighs of contentment at your ministrations though, quickly became moans of her own ecstasy. >Squeezing her butt, you ran your fingers all over her rear end before slipping into her wet sex. >This. >This was what you lived for. >This woman right here. >Minutes passed as you shifted from one breast to another, never ceasing in your efforts to make your lover feel just as good as you did. >That was, until a shudder ran through her, and she pulled her chest from your face. >Shifted her weight again, you felt your fingers slip out of her as she sidled back down your front, until she was face to face with you. >Biting her collarbone, she gasped before leaning in to your ear. >"I need you...inside. Now." she whispered, before lining up with your stiff manhood. >You weren't sure you'd heard any words in the English language that were more beautiful than those. >Grunting in confirmation, you grasped at her legs as she did the same to your cock. >As she slid down on it, you both moaned deeply, before bringing your lips together. >You could feel her already getting close. >The telltale signs of her hands grasping at your hips, trying to grind against you harder. >Pushing into her quickly, you did what you could to keep yourself going as she rode you. >Her moans quickly took on a higher pitch as she continued to increase her pace though, and you felt yourself already building to a climax. >God, she really knew how to get you going. >Pushing hard, you let your hands roam again in an attempt to distract yourself long enough to cum with her. >Rocking your hips hard with each thrust though, you felt yourself bottoming out inside of her. >You didn't even notice the sounds until now, your own voice mingling with hers in your lustful fit. >"I looOOohhhh..." "SonnaaHHHHhhahhh..." >Sitting up, you watched her from behind as she swayed her hips, a hypnotic rhythm playing in your head. >You bit your lip as your eyes strayed a little lower where traces of your seed had run down her legs. >You felt rather spent...but wouldn't be opposed to another little session. >She had other plans though. >Namely, making your breakfast. >You weren't sure she was going to get dressed, but then again...you could always take her from behind while she prepared it all. >Something inside of you had awoken last night, and it was hungry for more. >"Come on baby, come help me." she stated. >Looking back up, you met her gaze as she pinned you in place with an intense gaze. >"If you help me, then you'll get a good helping of me as well." she purred, half turning and hefting a breast in her hand. >Something must've gotten into her as well, as she was never this...forward. >Not that it bothered you. >Today was supposed to be your day with her, and tonight was going to be memorable to say the least. >Swallowing, you realized just how dry your throat was. >You weren't craving water though. >Your eyes were glued to the rear end that was walking out the door, in fact. >Rolling out of bed, you quickly made your way to catch up to her. >You met her on the stairs, reaching out and placing your hands on her hips as she walked along. >She didn't make any movement to stop until she reached the top of the landing, twirling to face you then. >You found your face pressed into her breasts from here, as she hugged. >"Just a siiiip~" she sang, before presenting a nipple to you. >She didn't need to tell you twice, as you latched onto her left breast and began to suckle. >She wasn't quite beading up in the same way as earlier, but it took almost no time at all to get a steady flow into your mouth. >It was always so...sweet. >Warm, sweet, and creamy in a way that no other milk could match. >Some might have construed such a thing as being unnatural, but you found nothing wrong with it. >In fact, it was the complete opposite. >You were addicted to her breasts and the waters of life that flowed forth from them. >Sadly the euphoria you were experiencing was cut short all too soon when a giggle, followed by a jiggle, noted that you had to let go. >With a final suck, you swallowed as much as you could before she pulled away from you. >"Wash me off so I can make your breakfast." she ordered, giggling as she walked towards your decidedly large bathroom. "Maybe I want to watch you cook my breakfast naked and dirty, ever think of that?" you retorted, a laugh of your own barely contained. >She stopped short of the door, before bending forward slightly and turning to face you. >"Oh? You don't want to wash, THIS?" she said, lightly shaking her exposed rear to you. >You bit your lip again, nearly drawing blood at the sight. >Your eyes strayed to her honeypot, still slightly leaking from your session. >...fuck that was hot. "Be right there." you hollered, snagging a few towels before chasing her into the bathroom. >By the time you were inside though, she already had the water going. >Setting aside your towels, you began to pick through a few soaps and things that she had under the sink. >Picking a few that you liked, you considered what might happen during this shower. >Lord knew you were already getting worked up again. >"Come onnnn, you've got work to doooo~" her singsong voice called from behind the curtain. >You'd contain yourself for now. >Or, at the very least you'd try. >Collecting your handful of soaps and body washes, you managed to get into the shower itself without slipping and falling. >As you entered though, you found her lips on yours in a warm kiss, her hands cupping your cheeks. >Returning it for a moment, you pulled back to set your handful of products on the little shelves to your right before giving her a somewhat lewd hug. >It would've been a perfectly normal hug, if you weren't naked and somewhat aroused. >She didn't seem to mind though, and you began to kiss under the cascade of hot water that fell upon you. >Running your fingers through her hair, you held her close. >Standing there for a moment, you felt her skin against yours in a way that was no longer unfamiliar. >Until you parted, your rumbling stomach distracting you for a moment. >"Get to cleaning." she ordered again. >Nodding your head, you grabbed a bottle of shampoo and quickly began to rub it throughout her luscious hair. >Giving extra attention to her scalp, you listened to her light whimpers as you attended to her. >Minutes passed, before you finished her mass of hair. Not that you minded in the slightest. >No, it just made it even more fun as you lathered up her from behind with a sweet scented bodywash. >Running your hands over her stomach, you pushed yourself up against her rear in a teasing manner, your arousal no longer denied. >She gave a light push back, before gasping at your sudden invasion of her nethers. >Running your fingers across her vulva, you lightly pushed them into her slit before slowly bringing them back out. >Had to make sure she was good and clean. >That's why you were rubbing those puffy lower lips of hers. >Yup. >Crouching down a little, you slid your hands down her legs, before coming back up. >She was turning into a quivering mess in your hands. >Which was...well, not really surprising. >You'd been very active this morning, but a beast inside of you just wasn't sated yet. >You needed to hold off for now though. >As much as you hated to. >You were in the shower to clean her, and get clean yourself. >No point in getting dirty all over again, at least not right now. >That and your stomach couldn't be denied. >...still. >Running your hands back up her sides, you let your fingertips glide lightly along the curves of her stomach before reaching the bottom of her ample bust. >Moving around the curves, you tickled her lightly under her arms, before running your soapy hands along them as well. >Clasping hands with her from behind though, you pressed up against her again, her rear providing a nice cushion for your stiff cock. >"Ohhh...you sure are on a h-hair trigger today~" >Licking your lips, you released her hands and grasped her supple breasts with your own powerful digits in one swift movement. "We'll see just who finishes first." you growled in her ear. >Sliding your member between her ample butt cheeks, you released her left breast and slowly brought your hand down her stomach. >Rubbing against her, she began to lightly buck her hips forwards until your fingers found the edge of her pubic hair. "Guess you aren't wet just because we're in the shower, huh?" you asked teasingly in her ear, before giving her a light nip. >Tracing your fingers around the edges of her lower lips, you lightly brushed at them before circling them around her clit. >Her breathing was already getting erratic, but you imagined that might have had to do with the assault on multiple fronts, as you put it. >Grinding yourself against her rear more, you did your best to overwhelm her with your presence. >She was doing a rather good job at keeping her voice at a whimper, but you wouldn't be satisfied with that. >Sliding your right hand from one breast to the other, you pulled her tight before letting loose with your other hand. >Slipping two fingers into her dripping slit, you pressed harder against her rear again. >Lust had overtaken you again as you bit down on her collarbone lightly, pumping your cock between her cheeks hard and fast. >Bending forward, you forced her to do the same as the hot water continued to cascade down on you from above. >The familiar sound of your own groans filled the warm air, ripe with the scent of shampoo and sex. >"B-baby I-iooohhHHH..." >She was getting close. >As were you. >In fac- >"NYAAAAHHHH~" >For the...you weren't sure how many times in the last twelve hours it'd been actually, but she came. >Speeding up, you continued to hotdog her for a little while longer while holding her up, one hand around her waist and the other grabbing at her jiggling breasts. >Slowing down as you felt the pressure rising in your nethers, you released her breasts and leaned back a ways. >Squeezing her ass with your free hand, you spread her cheeks a little wider before releasing your seed directly onto her puckered hole. >Each subsequent spurt caused a shudder to run down her spine, your cum creating a sticky mess down her crack. >Licking your lips, you held there for a moment admiring your handiwork. >Breathing heavily for a moment, you waited for your erection to subside. >"N-now clean up t-the rest s-so I can make your f-food." she managed to stammer, still with her singsong voice. >Although now, it was a good bit huskier. >Couldn't argue with that though. >Stretching out your arms a final time, you felt your back crack a little bit as you pushed your chest out. >You felt clean and rather satisfied right now. >The smell of bacon frying from upstairs was heavenly too, but that was unrelated. >Rolling your neck around a few times, you relaxed yourself once more. >Pulling your robe on with a quick movement, you deftly tied it around your waist and put your slippers on. >It was going to be a lazy day for the most part. >Yawning, you made your way back upstairs at a rather slow pace, the sounds of her bopping around with pots and pans bringing your attentions back to her presence. >Reaching the top of the landing, you poked your head around the corner. >You couldn't see her right from where you were, so you assumed she was further to your left and deeper into the kitchen itself. >Slipping your way around the corner, you planned on coming up behind her. >Sadly, your plan was cut short as your jaw hit the floor after walking through the doorway. >Sonata was...well. >Her rear was exposed, and she seemed to be dancing to the music in her head as she cooked. >She was wearing an apron and...nothing else. >Taking in a deep breath, you steeled yourself. >As another part steeled itself as well, the symptom of watching her butt jiggle to and fro. >"Ah ah ah, down boy." she called out suddenly, before you had time to reach her though. >She was good at that. >Turning herself partway around, you caught a glimpse of her areola as her breasts attempted to escape from the apron that bound them. >Biting your lip, you took a good long look at her. >You really were insatiable today. >Not that it was a bad thing. >"Enough of an eyeful for you baby~?" she inquired, before giggling and returning to her cooking. >Sitting down at the table, you glanced over the newspaper she laid out for you. >You wanted to leave your eyes on more interesting thi- >...watching intently as she finished mixing up some eggs, you saw as she put a light squirt of milk directly from her breast into the bowl before mixing it all a little more, leaving her right breast exposed until she put the bowl down. >Her eyes met yours, a quick wink from her as she tucked her lovely chest away again. >Looking back to your paper, you attempted to find something interesting on the front page. >To no avail it would appear, as she appeared right next to you, a mug of coffee in her grasp. >Placing it before you, she leaned in front of your face and gave you another fantastic view of her worship-worthy tits. >Untucking her boobs in front of you again, she squeezed a nipple over your mug until a steady stream had made its way into your mug, turning the black liquid a much creamier brown. >"Sugar?" she asked, your eyes flickering up to hers. >She didn't await a response before giving you a deep kiss, prying your lips apart with her tongue, but only for a moment.