The Convenience Store Manager - by Anonymous

>It’s a late night at the Convenience store you work at. >Almost closing time in fact. >You’re being a lazy just sitting in the janitors closet with the door cracked open. >Well, you are actually doing something but it isn’t work related, hehe. >You are admiring one of your co-workers. A young, supply girl named Sonata. >She’s working the cash register, slightly leaning on the counter with her short school skirt. >If she were to lean any farther you would see her panties. >”Thank you! Come Again!” She said. >You continued admiring her curves and that ass. >But suddenly a towering figure comes between you and her. >A smooth leg and a short skirt the same color of Sonata’s >You look up to find it is Aria, her sister and another co-worker of yours. >She is hugging the underside of her breasts, which are large but no too large. A nice complement of her ass, which like Sonata’s is also nice. >”What are you looking at, old man?” >Old man? You aren’t even 30 yet. Only 27. Yet her she is, calling you old. >She doesn’t even tilt her head down, she just looks down at you with those big, bright, purple eyes. >As if you’re scum and not even deserving of her presence. >She’s holding a clipboard in her left hand. “The customer as they were leaving” you say in defense. >Obviously you were lying. >”What an obvious lie” She says with no hesitation. >Goddamn it. >”Tck, Geez. You are such a total creep. Look, I totaled up everything for the day.” >She holds the clipboard from your face. “Oh, great. Good job, Aria.” You say with a smile. >You take a look at her perfect thighs, which touch each other at the point of meeting and her tight school stockings wrapped snugged around her legs. >God her skirt is short. >She’s such a brat, but you couldn’t say anything since you slack off. >You look up from gazing at her thighs and see she squeezes her folded arms and it makes her breasts move. >”What’s the matter, Ariana?” Sonata asks from the counter. >Aria quickly turns around and faces a smiling, innocent Sonata. >”Hey, Sonata! I told you to not call me that!” Aria scolds. >Sonata gets on her tip toes and pouts. >”But I’ve always called you that. You’re Ariana to me” Sonata answered going back to her warm smile. >Aria just pouted, but you could see she appreciated her sister’s warm nature. >”Sheesh, Sonata. You idiot” Aria said. >Sonata looks puzzled. >”Huh? Why am I an idiot?” >Aria just turns her head slightly and closes her eyes in slight aggravation. >”You’re done, right? Let’s go home. We’re being eye-raped by that disgusting old man.” >With this old man thing again. Goddamn it. >You stand up, fed up with Aria’s bitchy attitude. >”Ariana! How rude.” Sonata says. >They both notice you stood up and aria turns back towards you. >“Sorry about that, sir.” Sonata apologizes. >You just stand there with a smile. >”Wait, I forgot to re-stock the toilet supplies. I’ll be right back, Ariana.” >Sonata then goes back to the bathroom, leaving you and Aria alone at the register. >Aria then looks back at you. >”You’re gross” Aria insults you. >This girl is really getting on your nerves but you remain a complete and calm composure. >You decide to change the atmosphere of the conversation. “You doing well in school?” >Aria backs up, clenching her shirt in defense. >”What does that have to do with anything?” >She looks worried. >”What are you, a stalker?” >She continues it. >”Do you work here to just to creep on and stalk high school girls all day?” >tck, you swear if she wasn’t your co-worker you would have done something about her by now. >”Gross, you’re disgusting, what’s the matter with you?!” >Can she please just stop? >“With your age, belly, and face, I think you’re getting in over your head.” >Th-this fucking kid… >You ty to shove your hand in your pocket to hide the fact you were tightly balling it up. “That wasn’t my intention at all. I was asked to work here, too.” >She looks at you with a face that screams smartass. >”Yeah, by my classmate.” She says with a smirk. >You both hear footsteps coming towards the desk. >It’s Sonata. >”Sir, I found this in the bathroom! This is a camera!” She says holding up the little, thin, black camera. >”In the public bathroom?” Aria asks. >Shit. Just act cool and deny it. >”This is a crime. We should give this to the police.” Sonata says. >Ok, not well. “Wait, if I remember right, the manager said something about preventing shoplifts.” >”So you think maybe…..But if it was in the restroom, then…” >Sonata looks at the camera worried. >”If the owner put it there, wouldn’t there be a live feed in the office?” Aria asks >Aw fuck. “U-uh, I’m not sure about that. I mean, you know the owner just does whatever, right?” >”I don’t trust him at all.” Aria says. >Of course you don’t, brat. >”Maybe we should contact the owner.” Sonata says. >Alright time to rap this up. “I’ll confirm this with him later, in the report.” >”All right, then” Sonata says, still looking worried and confused. >…. >”God damn, that fat ass beating around the bush pissed me off so much.” Aria exclaims. >Aria and Sonata are now walking home from work. >”He used to be pretty cool.” Sonata says with an optimistic smile on her face. ”I don’t care. Let’s just get back home and study.” Aria says. >”You need to well on the next test to keep your scholarship, right?” Sonata asks. >Aria looks down, worried. ”Yea, I need to step my game up.” >”You can ask me for help, you know.” Sonata says. “I’ve done enough of that, I’ll return the favor soon.” Aria looks down. “You don’t need to.” Sonata says sympathetically. >”Oh but if you come over to my house, you can’t bring your boyfriend over.” >Aria punches Sonata’s arm lightly. >”Owwie.” Sonata says “Geez, you know neither of us have on.” Aria says with a smirk on her face. >”Oh come on, Ariana, stop it.” “I keep telling you to stop calling me that!” >Aria looks down and realizes she forgot something. ”Fuck! I forgot our dinner at work” >”Oh man, me too.” Sonata says with a pout and kicks the dirt on the side walk. “Now that I think about it, we’ve been going to work and then back home every day.” “Shit, now we have no dinner for tonight” Aria says. >Aria sighs loudly and looks back towards the way she came. >She then looks back towards Sonata and smiles. “You can go back home first, my aunt should be home” >”Are you sure you will be alright?” “I’m sure, if fat ass tries anything I’ll beat him real good” >Aria then begins her walk back to the store. >”Try to be a little nicer to Anon, ok?” Sonata asks as Aria began to walk away. >Aria just snickers and puts her hand up. “Ok, whatever.” >…. >Aria goes back to the Store, and finds her and Sonata’s dinner still sitting in both lockers. >While she was gone, you too some time to yourself to review the footage you captured on your little spy camera. >Smiling you watched the two girls earlier today undressing in the employee room and playing around. >~Gah! Stop that Sonata.~ ~You touched me first Ariana~ >You smile, but you hear a sound coming from the back door and quickly close the laptop. >You walk out and see Aria, back, inside her locker. >She notices you right off the bat. >”I forgot something, I’ll be out of here soon.” She says, seemingly annoyed that you discovered her. >She then pulls out a small plastic bag. >You subtly smile as she has fallen for your trap. “Aren’t those from the store?” >She looks surprised at your accusation. >”What? These are the ones you gave us. Like, the ones you were going to throw away.” >That’s what you thin, brat. “That’s not the one I gave you.” >Her face goes from pure confidence to absolute shock. >The room goes silent for a moment. >”How senile are you? Geez.” She then goes to take on of the lunch packages out. >Her eyes go wide when she discovers that the packages were indeed, from the store. With the Sticker of the barcode still on it. >She looks in shock as she reads the bright bold lettering on the boxes. >Then, another voice comes from a different room. >”Why’d you call me out here, Anon? This better be important.” >Out walks the manager of the store, and sees you and Aria standing in the employee locker room. >”What are you doing?” He asks. >…. “You’re not even friendly with the customers, and now you’re stealing?” >You and Aria are alone in the office, discussing what had just took place. >You are sitting down, while Aria stands in front of you, her head down, hair covering her eyes but you can see she’s crying after being embarrassed in front of the store owner. >Good, you’ve broken her. >”I’m not stealing! Just let me explain!” >Aria stand in front of you, Head raised, cheeks stained by her tears and fist clenched. “You’re lucky I convinced the owner to not call the police.” >”I’m sorry! I really wasn’t trying to steal.” >She’s tearing up again. “If we reported this, you could be suspended, or even expelled.” >You smirk before continuing on. “That wouldn’t work out so well for the sister you’re so indebted to..” >You can see her lips begin to tremble. >”S-suspended?!” >Oh shit, now she’s getting really upset. “If you still insist you weren’t stealing, then we’ll really have to make the report.” >Aria slams her hands on the desk. >”Please don’t do that. I’ll do anything! I’ll even work for free!” >You put on another smirk and think about it. >heh, this is the fun part. “You’ll really do anything? Really? >”Yeah, I will, so please!” Aria exclaims “Then lift up your skirt and show me your panties.” >It took a moment to register what you had said, it showed on her face. >”What the hell?! Screw you, you fucking piece of shit!” Aria screams >”That’s sexual harassment—a crime!” >The room went silent. >Her facial expression went to anger to another expression. >”Wait, you didn’t—“ “I don’t care what you think.” You say bluntly. “If you refuse, I’ll simply go to the police and..” >”I’d rather throw away my life then do that for you!” >You snicker. “Sonata will be reported as an accomplice, you know? That would be really bad for someone you owe so much to. All because of your pride.” >You begin to reach for the telephone. >”W-wait!” Aria interrupts you >”I’ll do it..I’ll do it, okay?” >You mock her. “I’ll do it? I’ll do it, okay?” You say. >She grits her teeth with tears in her eyes. >”I understand, I-I will do it” >You lean in anticipation. >Aria tightly grips the bottom of her short shirt and hesitantly lifts it up. >You gaze at the pretty pink panties. Your dick starting to get hard. >But she is incredibly stiff. >But you can’t help but stare at her camel toe. >”Th-that’s enough, isn’t it?!?” Aria asks. >Aria begins to lower her skirt down, but you interrupt her. “No, not yet.” >”You dirty fucking lecher. You’re fucking scum.” >You laugh under your breathe. “You are incredibly stiff, this shouldn’t be new for you.” >You look up at her while inches from her pussy “You’ve sold yourself for sex before, haven’t you?” >”What?! Like hell I have?!” >”I don’t know what you have been fantasizing about, but keep that shit to yourself scumbag!” >You’ve had enough of this, time for business. “Ok, fine. Then suck this.” >You stand up with your erect cock out. >Aria looks down and becomes shocked. >”Wh-wh-what?” “Is it really your first time seeing one?” >You grab her by the wrist and force her to grab it. “Do it already!” >”NO” she tries to resist but to no avail. >”Don’t make me touch it! Hey!” “Everything depends on your attitude.” >You continue making her grip your cock. >”Screw you! Stop it! Please!” >You just smiled. “Not happening” >You then took a handful of Aria’s purple hair and pulled her down to her knees. “Should I take that other cousin of yours to the police, too?” >Aria tried to resist by pushing away but was met with too strong of resistance. >Soon she found your cock against her cheek. >You then backed your hips, and the tip of your cock was met with Aria’s lips. >Her lips hugged around the tip of your cock like a pair arms. >Aria then backed her head away from your cock. >”I’ll never forgive you!” >Like you cared. “Don’t have to.” >With one giant thrust, you broke thru Aria’s defenseless lips and shoved your cock in her mouth. >You palmed the back of her head and pushed it back and forth. >God, it would feel fucking good if she wasn’t using her teeth. >You look down to see the saliva from her mouth drenched around your cock. “I’m the one doing the forgiving.” >You look down to see her saddened expression with your cock in her mouth just makes you harder. >But this isn’t enough. >You decide to show her some mercy and let her breathe. >You take your cock out of her mouth. >She coughs. >”Fucking geezer. Stop messing around, you fucking lowlife.” >With no hesitation you shove your cock back in her bratty mouth, and responds with an eep. “You still have a foul mouth, even in a situation like this?” >You continue your frontal assault on Aria, trying to shove every inch of your cock in her mouth. >You begin to get faster and faster. >Shit, you are starting to lose your mind. >Aria mumbles something with a mouthful of your cock. >It sound like “Can’t breathe”. >Well good. >You decide to really make her choke and shove your entire length down her throat. >She gurgles on it, trying to push away. >Her eyes watering up. >A dribble of pre-cum comes out in her mouth. >She mumbles, sounds like she was trying to scream. But she can’t with a mouthful of cock. >You back away and take your cock out. >You can see the precum on her tongue. >she starts to cough. >She falls flat on her ass and you push her back. “Fuck, your teeth made it hurt!” >You reach for her hair and grab a handful. “I won’t forgive you like this” >You pick her up and slam her onto the desk, her ass facing you. >You push up her skirt. >”Hey, what are you doing?!” >You grab the elastic of her panties and pull them down aggressively, your cock twitching at her entrance. >”You’re not gonna…You’re kidding, right?!?” >You reach over and pull open her button shirt, exposing her beautiful chest. >You grab under her bra and pull it up, letting her tits pop out from their restraints. >“No! Don’t do it!” She demands. >You then thrust the head of your cock inside of her folds, the slight warmth enveloping you. >”Wait— why are you coming inside me?! Wait! Stop!” >You smirk yet again. “If I can’t cum inside your mouth, then I will cum in here and fill you all up and nice.” >”No! You can’t! You can’t!” >You thrust your cock in a little further until you are met with the resistance. >”It’s coming in! You can’t go in any further then that!” >With one last push, you fully penetrate Aria, taking her virginity with you. >Her head bolt up in pure shock. >”Ow! It hurts! It really hurts!” >You can see the blood of her innocence run down out of her entrance and down her leg. “Heh, looks like my dick made you a women.” >You begin to thrust inside and out of her. >You begin to thrust inside and out of her. >”N-no! ah!” >You continue to pump Aria’s insides, stirring them up. >”It hurts! Stop!” “It’ll start feeling good soon.” >You feel her insides begin to slowly lose their grip in pleasure. >”Like hell it will!” >Oh that just made you want to fuck up her cunt even more. >You look down at your work, her entrance eagerly accepting your shaft. >”I won’t feel good doing it with someone like you, scumbag! You filthy animal!” >God she has such a supple ass, it glistens in the office light. >”You blackmailed me into this! You’re fucking scum! I’m gonna call the police on you!” >You thrust real hard and deep, making her lose her balance and almost falling if it wasn’t for your cock deep inside her, just once to remind her who’s in charge. “Rich, coming from a thief.” >”I didn’t steal anything! You dog! You pervert! You piece of shit.” >This is bitch is definitely getting your cum deep inside her. >But you continue to play her game while she gets pounded by you. “You went through with this, right? Which meant you admit to stealing?” >Aria just lays down onto the desk, her face resting on its side and you can see her purple eyes and her angry expression. >”I didn’t do it! You piece of shit!” >You choose to lie to her a little bit. “Your pussy is a lot smoother now, has the pain changed to pleasure?” >Aria tries to stand up her body with her arms. >”What are you saying, you—Stop this already!” >You decide to give her ass a well-deserved smack, and you slap it open handed, and she erupts with a moan of ecstasy. >She tries to quickly cover her mouth. “You like this, don’t you?” >You start to notice her juices forming on your dick, a sign that she is indeed loving this. “You’re letting out a nice voice now.” >She’s tearing up but defiantly enjoying it. >”S-shut up! Screw you! Just hurry up and finish already!”