Dazzle mommies: ch1: Rain and drizzle - by HypeAholic

>Lightning and thunder struck heavily that night >The wind howled outside with an almost animalistic fury >And it made the situation inside the house even more tense >The girl had taken the infant back to her home, a small, one story house in a local neighborhood >He was very lucky, he wouldn't have survived much longer otherwise, but now his fate was in even more uncertain hands >The three girls: Adagio, Aria, and Sonata were all arguing in the living room on what to do with the baby >"No! We can't keep him, Sonata. How many times do I have to tell you?" >This is the third time Adagio had to repeat the same answer to Sonata >The trio sat around the small fireplace, taking turns holding the baby and trying to keep it warm as it rested peacefully in their arms >Adagio again restated what her opinion was >"We cannot take care of a human kid, I don't care what you say. Saving him was enough I think, we should just give him to an orphanage when we get the chance." >This answer displeased Sonata >"For realzies? No one could take care of him better than us! We would be perfect mommies!" >Sonata crossed her arms and pouted angrily >Aria, who was rather quiet during the debate, finally spoke up and voiced her opinion against Sonata >"Sonata, it isn't a freaking pet. Stop treating it like it is. I say we find the baby some suitable family to take care of it. Orphanages suck." >Adagio was about to say something again but was interrupted by the baby crying, the argument had obviously woken it up >Adagio sighed >"We'll continue this later. Sonata, see if you can go find him something to eat." >Adagio looked to Sonata, who was holding the baby at the time. >Sonata still looked very much upset, but nodded and got up to go to the kitchen >This left Adagio and Aria alone in the room, they didn't say anything but exchanged uncomfortable glances with each other >After a moment, Sonata calls out from the kitchen >"Hey! What do babies eat exactly?" >Adagio was about to respond, but she wasn't able to... >Because she didn't know either. >She never had to take care of a baby before >Adagio turned to Aria >"Um... Let's go look." >And with that, all three girls started scouring the kitchen for something to feed the baby with >A couple of days had gone by and the decision had been put off >Until they all agreed on what to do, they focused on taking care of the child >Adagio sent Aria to the store to buy the right kind of supplies to take care of a baby >Baby food, a milk bottle, diapers, the whole motherly package >This obviously caught the awkward stares of many shoppers >"She's so young, why is she buying all that shit?" >"Whore, she probably got pregnant, dumb bitch" >"Ha, use a condom next time, dumb ass" >Aria did her best to try and ignore them and just buy the supplies >Even the cashier gave her a questioning look, but he didn't say anything and just scanned and bagged the items for her >After this, Aria quickly hurried home >Sonata still wanted to take care of the baby, and she spent most of her free time with it >She sang lullabies for him >She played little games of peek a boo and other childish games with him >She fed him as well, but she forgot often and Adagio and Aria constantly had to remind her that the baby needs to be fed too >This didn't put her down though, and she continued to spend all the time she could with the baby. She held him and carried him around the house wherever she went and was the one to put him to sleep everynight. >Adagio stayed true to her opinion, and looked into the local orphanages >She knew herself that she and her friends were incapable of taking care of the kid for very long >No matter how any of them felt >It was a normal night, it has been about a week and half since the girls had found the baby >Adagio, who normally does the cooking for the house, was almost done preparing dinner for the trio >Stir-fried rice >She dropped off the plates to the table and started to walk out of the kitchen >Sonata, who had immediately started stuffing herself noticed this and questioned her through the rice in her mouth >"Hey Adagio, where ya goin?" >Without looking back Adagio replied >"I'm going to go check on the kid" >And with that, Adagio walked out into the hall and headed to the guest room that they had temporarily made into a makeshift nursery >She slowly opened the door and peeked inside >On the bed she saw the box that they had made into a cradle, she walked over and saw the baby sleeping, snuggling with the blankets and pillows they had put in the box >He looked so...Peaceful, Innocent >It wasn't something she was used to >Sonata does it all the time... >"Just for a minute..." >Very delicately, Adagio wrapped her arms underneath the child and held it close, examining it >After a minute lost in thought, Adagio didn't notice the baby had woken up, but it had been completely silent >It simply...looked at her >It reached upward to try and play with Adagio's bushy hair, and giggled with the playful poofyness >Adagio chuckled, and the baby looked at her again >He had very pretty eyes, they had a certain shine to them that Adagio had never seen before >"Okay time for you to sleep" >Adagio carefully placed the baby back inside the box >The baby seemed rather upset to leave her grasp but didn't complain to being put back in it's warm bed >Adagio headed for the doorway but looked back one last time back at the box before she left the room and shut the door