Into the Unknown - by otaku4242

>You are anon ------------------- >You sit in your chair in history, ignoring every word the teacher says. >Instead, you are staring at her hair. >Adagio Dazzle, the most beautiful girl in school. Or at least, you think so. >Ever since the whole "Battle of the Bands" incident, the entire school has shunned them, even more so than they did with Sunset Shimmer. >Well, except Sonata. That blue haired wonder was friends with as many people as Pinkie Pie. >But Aria and Adagio were hated. >Scorned. >Mocked. >But you thought differently. Those girls truly regretted what they did, they learned of their mistakes and wish to forget their past >And yet you are the only one who can see that they are truly trying. >You are the only one to befriend Aria and Adagio. >The only one to comfort them when they had lost their voices. >Maybe Adagio more so than Aria. The purple one was quite...difficult to figure out. One minute you are rubbing her back as she cries into your shoulder, and the next she is punching you in the arm for complimenting her on how nice her hair smelt. >But Adagio was different. When you comforted her, she was gentle. Yes, she might appear bossy on the outside, but once you get close to her, she really is just one giant teddy bear. After she lost her voice, and you embraced her for a warm hug, she had nuzzled her face into your neck and sighed deeply in comfort. >Her scent of her hair was quite difficult to describe, though the closest you could describe it was something like the smell that permeates the air after a light rainfall. >But of course this wasn't a romantic relationship, this was purely friendly. She was your friend, and you were simply comforting her after she had a difficult time >Even if she might not have the same feelings toward you... >You are retched from your thoughts when you feel something slide under your fingers >Adagio smiles at you and turns back around to face the teacher, who had his back turned at you. >She had slipped a note under your fingers. >As quietly as you can, you unfold the paper to read its contents "Let's talk after class" >Usually the two of you would go your separate ways >What did she want to talk about? >The minutes tick by, and you continue ignoring the boring lecture, instead just staring into those beautiful orange locks. >Orange curls which swung past her hips, and almost as wide as her shoulders. >Fifteen more minutes, which seemed to fly by so quickly, come and go, and soon the bell rings. >Everyone stands up and leaves, you and Adagio walking together as usual. "I got A.P. Physics next. You?" >"Theater" she says happily, her boots making that unique clicking against the floor as she strides through the halls alongside you "I hope you get the lead role. You really do deserve it you know" >"Thank you Anon, it means alot to have you supporting me" She smiles at you >And she grabs your hand >Your heartbeat skyrockets >"Something wrong sweetheart?" >Sweetheart? Did she really just say that? >People stare at the two of you as you walk through the halls. >Your palms start to sweat and you can feel your legs getting a bit shaky >You arrive outside your classroom and Adagio pushes you against the wall, her hands pushed against your chest "Adagio, what th-" >"I never got to properly thank you for comforting me through the whole....incident." "Okay but what do-" >"Meet me at my place after school, and I'll truly make it up to you" >She then stands on her tip-toes, and gives you a peck on the cheek, then landing back on her feet. >"Please don't keep me waiting" >And with that, she walks away >The rest of school goes by as usual, except that you absolutely cannot shake the thought of what just transpired out of your mind >Before you know it, it's 3:00 and the bell rings. >You hurry out of your chair, and over to your locker. >Packing your things as quickly as you can, you head on out the door. >Adagio didn't live too far from school, about 15 minutes away. >You'd hung out with her there once or twice, along with Aria and Sonata, playing board games, video games, watching movies, that kind of stuff >This was a different kind of visit ------------------- You are Aria ------------------- >You pull your fist back, and bring it back down. "SAY THAT AGAIN ASSHOLE, I FUCKING DARE YOU" >The boy under you now has a face pulped with blood and bruises. >Your arm comes back up and unleashes another furious punch into his face and you hear a loud 'CRACK' >His nose bends awkwardly to the side as he screams out in pain. >You stand up and kick him in the ribs with your boots "You say one more bad thing about Anon, and it will be the END of you, UNDERSTOOD?" >The boy nods, whimpering in pain and fear. >You spin around, your hair twirling around to your back. >That'll teach him not to speak ill of Anon ever again >You turn out of the alleyway and walk away as quick as you can, hoping noone saw you leave the alley >You decide to visit your favourite bookstore, 'Shalidor's Library'. >The place was quite dark and dreary. How the place ever stayed in business is beyond your knowledge >The books were in good quality though, even if most of them were a bit older. >But those were the kinds of books you liked. >'The Call of Cthulu', 'The Divine Comedy', 'The Amityville Horror', the list goes on. >You find the familiar chalkboard sign outside the bookstore, which advertised whatever new things come in every few days >'Necronomicon, 20% off' it reads. >Meh, you dont really believe in such fairy tales and superstitions. Even if they were cool to read about. >You push open the old door and walk inside, the familiar scent of dust gathering in your nose. >"Ah, hello Ms. Blaze. Welcome back" "Hello sir" you greet him. He was a nice man. Early thirties, scruffy beard, slicked back hair. Real hottie, but you only liked anon >"I got a special book for you today" >You cock head and give the man a curious look "Oh? Do tell." >The man reaches under the table and pulls out a pink paperback book. >'From goth to girly' >You roll your eyes and turn around, heading to the back of the store as the man chuckles a bit. >Browsing through the selection of books, you don't see anything new. >All the stuff you've seen before, time and again. Until a particularly new one catches your eye. >It blends in so well with the others, though it looks a bit older >You pull it off the shelf, noticing it's rough leather texture. >You run your hands along its surface, some of the leather is torn, a bit of the cover page showing underneath >Flipping open the cover, you read the title >"Into the Unknown" >No author >Strange >Well, it was the only new book he seemed to have in today, and you had a bit of cash left on you. You head over to the counter "Hey, where'd you find this dusty old thing?" you ask, putting the book down on the counter >"Oh I've had that in my collection for quite a while. My grandfather gave it to me as a child, but I never bothered to read it. Never was once for scary stories. I thought I'd put it up for sale >He rings up the purchase and you pay for the book, walking out with it clutched to your chest. >You were strangely excited to go home and read this book >Hopefully Adagio and Sonata weren't home, and you could read in peace ------------------- You are Sonata ------------------- "OH, OH, ME NEXT, ME NEXT" you quickly intervene your friends at the lunch table "I dare Pinkie RARITY" You giggle at your brilliant idea >Everyday you sat with your friends at lunch. Today you were playing truth or dare. >"Oh darling, you cant possibly be serious. Pinkie and I would nev-" Rarity is cut off as Pinkie grabs hold of Rarity and gives her a big smooch on the lips You cant help but start laughing with everyone else as rarity turns her head and blushes >"You could have at least WARNED me you know" She starts to fiddle with her hair a bit, twirling it between her fingers >Pinkie simply giggles, a small snort escaping her nose as she does so. "Silly rarity, it's just a kiss" You smile gently. You were so happy you had new friends, they were so kind to you, so gentle. They made you laugh, made you smile, made you feel good about who you are. "HEY GIRLS! Wanna have a sleepover?" You suddenly suggest, saying it before you even really think about it >"THAT'S A GREAT IDEA" Pinkie cheers out, suddenly behind you and hugging you tightly. >Everyone nods in agreement >"Ah dunno, know...Adagio and Aria be mad?" Applejack suggests >You hadn't thought of that. You simply shrug. Surely they wouldn't mind, they only want whats best for you after all >The bell rings and lunch is over. You give eachother your goodbyes, promising to meet at Sonata's after school >This was going to be a fun sleepover ------------------- You are Adagio ------------------- >FINALLY >This was it, you were finally going to have Anon >You decided to skip class and go straight home. >You unlock the door and make your way inside. >You do everything you can to make sure the setting is perfect. >Lights turned off, candles lit, yellow rose pedals scattered on the floor, bottle of wine next to your bed, which was folded nicely >Not that it needed to be, you were soon going to mess it up anyway. >You shower and brush your hair, making it as shiny and fluffy as you possibly can >You know how much he stares at it, you know how much he sniffs it when he comes close to you. >You'd be lying if you said it didn't turn you on. >You'd be lying if you said you don't smell him when he gets close as well >He smells like sweat, the smell of a man after a hard day from working out. >It makes you wet just thinking about it >You hike your shirt just a bit lower than usual, keeping your boots at the front door. >You stand by the door, palms sweating as you wait for him to arrive. >And then you hear a knock on the door >You swing the door open. >And there he is, smiling back at you >"Hey Adagio" >You don't hesitate. You grab onto his shirt and pull him in, slamming the door shut behind him >Keeping your grip on the collar of his shirt, you slam him against the wall and force your lips upon his >At first he was noticeably shocked, but as your soft ruby lips are planted on his, he clams down and places his hand on your hips >You break the kiss and wink at him, and walk down the hall, stepping onto the yellow rose petals, and opening your door. "Come inside, and we will make sweet love" You coo to him, sliding inside your room >He quickly follows, and runs in to see you sprawled on the bed, your one hand propping you up while the other sits on your hip, your left leg crossing over the other. "Come here" >He grabs at your shoulders and you wrap your arms around him, and your lips embrace again as he tops you >His hands glide down your sides again, caressing your hips before he brings them back up to play with your scalp >He runs his fingers through your hair and massages your skull, and you let out a moan. >Anon takes this opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, invading upon your property. >But you accept his invasion, pulling him closer. You can feel his hardness rub against your leg, and you know what he wants >Your tongues both attempt to dominate one another, pushing the other one away, wrestling the other down, trying to defend itself >Both of you were now breathing heavily, sweat dripped from anon's brow and onto your forehead >You feel a tingling in your legs from the feeling of his sweat dripping onto you >You want more >You break the kiss, gasping for breath, and tug at his shirt. "Take it off" You order him confidently >He obliges, sliding off his shirt and throwing it aside >He wasn't muscular like in the movies, but he had a noticeable build. He definitely worked out. >You decide to try a little, and dig your nails into his chest, pulling him down. >You slide your tongue across the base of his neck, catching as much sweat onto your tongue as you possibly can >Dear god you want more. You cant take it much longer, your pants are nearly drenched in your juices now >Detaching yourself from his neck, you grab hold of your breasts. "Would you like to see them?" >He nods, blushing slightly >You smile and push on his shoulders, flipping him over so that you are now the one straddling HIS hips "Good boy, now beg for it!" >Anon looks down to see your soaking pants, and nods. >"Please Adagio, let me see your breasts" >You grab hold of the top of your shirt and pull it forward, letting your B-Cup breasts pop out of your shirt >Anon gulps and reaches up, grabbing hold of your breasts >His hands are warm against your skin, and you can feel his palms kneading them gently >A light moan escapes your lips and you bite your bottom lip, grinding your crotch against his belly "S-squeeze them" >He obliges, giving them a light squeeze >You gasp lightly as your breasts tingle. >It feels wonderful, and you cant help but STILL want more from him >You reach down with your hands and unbuckle your belt, and throw it aside. It hits the floor and you start to unbutton your one-piece outfit >You cant get Anon's raging boner out of your mind, it wont escape your thoughts >God damn it he's so fucking hot, why didn't you do this sooner >You finally finish the final button, and your outfit falls, unveiling your body in its full nude glory >Anon looks up at your glory in awe. "Do you like what you see?" >Anon nods, and grabs hold of your hips. >You grab his hands and pull them away "Nah, ah, hold on, It's not fair I'm the only naked one" >You flip around and stare at the bulge in his jeans, and unbutton them. >You rip off his pants, only his boxers remaining. >You grasp the bulge with a hand, squeezing the head. >Anon lets out a slight moan, and you wiggle your booty in his face. "Go ahead, don't be a Coochie-phobe, eat out" >You push your snatch to his face, his breath warming up your outer folds >You feel his tongue slide across your cunt and you moan lightly. "Ooooooh" >You pull on his boxers, ripping those off his legs as well >Anon's cock now lies before your very eyes. It wasn't big by all accounts, maybe 5.5 inches, but it was definitely much thicker than any other cock you've seen. The same could be same for his sack, which was also quite hung. >You grasp the thick cock in your hand, and feel it pulsate in your palms >He licks your pussy again and you lean down further, his dick now mere millimeters from your face >You slide your tongue across the thick meat, and moaned in delight as he returned the favor >His tongue slid back and forth across your folds in quick succession, as you wrapped your lips around the head of his cock, sucking on it lightly, pulling out as much pre as you can. >Both of you grunt and groan as you please each other with your mouths. >Anon takes it further, finally sliding his tongue into your sopping wet hole. >Not wanting to be bested, you push your head down onto his cock, trying to gulp as much of his meat into your mouth as you can. >His moaning vibrates through your cunt, allowing his tongue into you even easier. >You reach around and grab hold of his sack, and start to massage it with your fingers lightly. >You push your bum down on his face, wanting him to please you more, wanting to hurry and release into his mouth. >Wanting him to release into yours. >You slide your dirty snatch against his face as you bob your head up and down. >You can feel his cock twitch, and your muscles ready to spasm. >His cock twitches one last time, and he releases into your mouth. >You gulp down as much of his love-juice as you possibly can, wanting to not waste a single drop. >As you do, your muscles inside you finally tighten and release, a flow of juices escaping your hole. >You cover Anon's face with you juices, the both of you moaning as you release inside eachother. >Finally, you have what you need >Sonata and Aria should be here soon.... >You spit out the cum into your hand and stand up, sighing happily. "Well, this was fun". >Smiling, you pull open your dresser draw and grab a vial, sliding the cum inside. "I really did enjoy our time together you know. It...hurts for me to do this". >Anon sits up and looks at you confused. >"What are you talking about?". >You chuckle. "Oh, don't worry about it". >Aria suddenly bursts through the door, and quickly hurries after Anon. >She grabs his shoulders and pins him to the bed, not caring about his naked body. >She frowns at him, her arms trembling. >"D-don't make this....any more difficult than it needs to me, okay." "Did you find it?" >"I think so...It's on the counter....but it may or may not be the right one" "UGH, you better hope it is" You grunt, stomping your way into the kitchen >You pick up the black leather book on the table >This is it >This is the book >Making your way back into the room, you set the book down next to the vial of cum. >"ADAGIO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Anon yells at you >You snarl and flip around. "WATCH YOUR TONGUE, HUMAN SCUM!" >You grab your clothes and put them back on, buckling your belt back on. "Look Anon, I really did have fun, truly, I did, but some things are more important than others". >You pull out 4 pairs of metal handcuffs. >" were my first!". "And you were mine as well. But that changes nothing". >Anon starts to tear up. >"What are going to do with me". >You cant help but smirk as dozens of years of planning are finally coming together. "Oh, you'll see, don't worry" >You proceed to handcuff his ankles and wrists to the ends of the bed-posts, and Aria lets go of him >She walks over to the dresser and pulls two more items. >A ball gag. >And a knife >Aria hands the items to you, never looking you in the eye, and you wrap the ball gag around Anon's mouth as he struggles >The knife will come in handy later >Then you hear a knock on the door >"ADAGIOOOOOOO, I'M HOOOOOOOME" ------------------- You are Sonata ------------------- >You knock on the door happily, smiling and gitty as you always are. >"Deary, must you really knock on the door of your own home?". "......Oh yah" You giggle, but before you can grab the handle, the door opens. >Adagio stands before you, smiling. "Well well Sonata, I see you've brought some friends along". >You notice she looks quite exhausted. >Adagio moves aside and you walk past her, along with Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow". >You look behind you as Adagio closes the door and see a glint in her eyes. >One you haven't seen in centuries. >"Oh, this place is so comfy" Fluttershy sits on the leather couch and makes herself comfortable. >"HI ARIA!" Pinkie squeaks out, as the violet-haired teen slides out the door at the end of the hall, closing the door and locking it. >"Oh......hi...Pinkie..." Aria says. >Pinkie proceeds to jump toward her and look at her with a smile. >"Hey there, come on, turn that frown into a smile" Pinkie extends her grin. >Aria puts her hands in her pockets and walks past her, a scowl on her face. "Not now Pinkie" >"Awwww, party pooper" >Aria walks into the kitchen, and you turn your attention back to your friends >Rarity was admiring the painting of a broken tower on the wall, while Applejack and Rainbow Dash were talking next to Fluttershy, who just sat there and listened. >You walk over to Rarity and observe the painting as well >She jumps a little as you put your hand on her shoulder >"OH! I-I'm sorry darling. You frightened me a bit" "No, that's okay. Watcha doin'?" >"Well you see, it's this painting of yours. Its quite....odd. I've never seen anything quite like it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it displaying the Tower of the Unknown?" >The smile from your face disappears, and your hand slides off her shoulder " of it...." >Rarity looks at you, an eyebrow raised. >"....what?". >You grab her hand and pull on it, leading her toward your bedroom. >She will be first. >You push her inside, luckily no one takes notice, as they are all too busy talking and having fun. >Rarity turns around at you and pouts, crossing her arms. >"Honey, what on earth was that for?". "Oh, I'm sorry, that painting means alot to me". >You fake a smile. Again >You were so sick of smiling. So sick of acting like you were so happy, so innocent. >If only they knew who you really were... >Walking forward, you grab ahold of her hands and jump up and down excitedly. "HEY, I HAVE AN IDEA!" >"Oh? And what would that be sweetheart?" Rarity asks. She seemed to be much more calm now. >Perfect. >You act quickly, putting your left hand over her mouth and pushing her onto the bed. You reach into your pocket and pull out a syringe, popping off the protective cover with your mouth. >Rarity struggles to push you off of her, but she underestimated your strength. >Plunging the needle into her neck, you push down on the syringe, injecting the hot liquid into her bloodstream. >As she screams into your palm, her struggles weaken, her hands fumble to push you off. >And then. >She goes limp. >Grabbing Rarity's legs, you prop her up neatly on the bed, making sure to stay quiet. >You place a blanket over her body, up to her neck, and prop a pillow under her head. >Walking out of the bedroom, you greet the others and pout. "Rarity said she was tired, so she decided to take a nap". >You cross your arms and Adagio nearly bounces off her chair. >"Well, I think we should get started on making some dinner" Adagio bolts up and looks over at Applejack. >"Think you can help me lift the grill out of the garage?" she asks. >Applejack nods and gets off the couch. "Sure thing hun. I'll be right back girls". >Applejack and Adagio proceed out of the living room and out the back door, the screen door shutting behind them. >Aria walks past them, coming into the living room with a tray, cups of tea placed upon them. >She sets the tray down and sits in her favourite chair, looking away. >"Enjoy the tea...." >Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash both take a cup of tea and take a sip >"Oh wow, this is delightful" Fluttershy comments >"Meh, it's okay I guess. Got any Pepsi in the fridge?" >You refrain from taking a cup of tea. After all, you know what's inside. >Aria WAS the greatest Alchemist of the three after all. >And the two girls in front of them were now sipping on Aria's best paralyzing potion yet ------------------- You are Applejack ------------------- >Walking into the garage with Adagio, you struggle to find the light switch. >Feeling around the wall with your fingers, you spot it, and flip it on. >The light flashes on and you walk inside, but you notice something strange. >The garage was empty. >The door behind you clicks, and you whirl around to see Adagio with her fingers on the lock, a wild grin on her face. "Adagio...what are you d-" >You have no time, she charges at you by suprise, tackling you to the ground. >Adagio pulls her fist back, and slams it into your face. >You feel a sharp sting spread throughout your jaw. >Adagio pulls back for another strike, but you grab her shoulders and lock your legs around hers, flipping over. >Now you're the one on top. >"WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOIN' ADAGIO?" >"Shut up, SHUT UP YOU DISEASED RIDDEN FILTH!" >You jump up and make a run for the door, but Adagio lunges forward and grabs your ankles. >Your jaw hits the floor and another searing hot pain flows throughout your face, nothing you've ever felt. >Adagio jumps onto your back and grabs hold of your skull, and SMASHES it into the pavement >Blood trickles from your nose, and she bashes your face into the floor again, harder than before >You can no longer struggle to get up, you can feel you legs and arms going numb as you lose blood >Adagio laughs loudly, a cackling maniacal laugh. >She brings her hands around to greet with your face, which now has bits and pieces of your skin peeling from it. >You scream loudly as she pierces her pinkie fingers into your eye sockets, digging their way to the back of your retinas. >Cold liquid floods from your eyes as your voice echoes throughout the garage. >You start to lose vision, and soon everything goes black. >Only two left........ ------------------- You are Adagio ------------------- >Wiping the blood off you fingers, you let Applejack's head drop to the floor. >Maybe you went a bit too far with this one. >We couldn't have her dead, now could we. >Or at least, not yet. >You take off your shoes and pull off your leggings, wrapping them around Applejack's now unrecognizable face. >It wouldn't do much, but it'd have to do for now. >Putting your shoes back, you head back into the house, eager to finish the other two off. "Hey girls, sorry but Applejack said tha-" >You stop to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash out cold on the couch, two cups of tea spilt on the floor. >Aria looked at them, seeming quite proud of her work, while Sonata simply chuckled lightly. " don't waste time, do you?" >You rolls you eyes and you turn around. "I'll grab applejack's body, you grab the others." >You back out to the garage and grab hold of Applejack by the legs, and start dragging her across the floor, and out the door >She was alrot heavier then she looked, not from fat, but from muscle. >Once she manages to get the limp Applejack into the house, she props her up against the wall, along with the other four girls >You unlock the door at the end of the hallway, and greet yourself to Anon once again. "Sorry for all the noise, we had some guests. Perhaps you'd like to join us?" >Not like he can answer anyway. >Sonata walks past you, carrying a syringe. >"Sssssh, it's okay now, just stay still and this wont hurt". >Sonata, suprisingly, keeps her word and pushes the syringe into Anon's neck slowly, and forces the liquid into his bloodstream. >"No more pain, only sleep now". >Finally, everyone was out cold >Anon's body is now alongside the others >Sonata and Aria are now busy pushing the furniture alongside the walls, making as much room in the center of the living room as possible >You take the knife and walk over to Anon's limp body. >Gripping his hand, you grab hold of his arm, piercing through his flesh with the knife. >Sonata puts a bowl under his arm, allowing the blood to drip into it, until it fills. >From there, the three of you proceed to dip your fingers in Anon's blood, and carefully draw out a large diagram on the floor >The room is quiet, completely void of any noise, and so you both step back to take a look at your handiwork >What lies on the floor is now a symbol, a powerful symbol used in the human realm since ages past, a symbol used to summon a creature whom is known to make deals with humans, a creature humans called >Lucifer ------------------- You are Aria ------------------- >You stare at Adagio as she fetches Anon's semen from the vial, and pours it into the blood previously used to mark the pentagram >She mixes it carefully, making sure not to spill a drop. >Next, she takes the book you had so generously retrieved for her, and she flips it open, scanning it's pages. >"Move them to the corners" she orders. >You and Sonata grab the bodies and place them at the corners of the pentagram, with Anon in the center. >Sonata grabs the bucket of semen and blood, and pours it over Anon's body. >You cant help but look over at Anon, your fists clenching. >No, you had to do this. You need to take back what is yours, take back what you've lost, take back what Star-Swirl stole from us. >But maybe... >"ARIA" >You look up at Adagio, who is holding the book out at you. >Line 42. Read it out loud, you know what to do. >You sigh and nod, taking the book from her. "R'Lyeh, S'shuah n'letah Ksakhah, Ratnah Atnu Kashikhn". "Fehlahrahren Behndrehn M'Zark Undarin, Kezan Nek Ezekial". >The pentagram suddenly flares a bright light, and you drop the book, covering your eyes to shield them from the blindness. >Soon the bright light dies, and you open your eyes again. Only you are not in the living room. >You are back home, your real home, the Tower of the Unknown >Everything is as you remember it. >The squealing bats, the whooing owls, the glow of the bright red moon, and the broken tower you missed so much. >You run, smiling and laughing, running up the front stairs, opening the doors. >And then it's gone. >Everything. >Nothing exists. >It is only you. >You are all that ever lived, and ever will live. >You are the only one that matters. >You are the singularity. >YOU hold power over everything >YOU ARE NOW GOD >YOU CONTROL THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH >YOU DONT NEED ANON ANYMORE, YO- >....... >Anon...... >The darkness anticipates and you are now standing on...grass. >There is a hedge on either side of you, and a clear path of head of you. >You walk forward and turn right, only to be greeted with a fork in the road >You choose left, and once again are greeted with another fork in the road >And another. >And another. >It wont stop, you wander the maze endlessly, no end in sight, the crows flying overhead are now sitting on the maze hedges and staring at you, and the vines in the hedges are only getting thicke- >Wait, vines? When did those get there? >You run and you run AND YOU RUN! >But there IS no escape, you know this now. >And so you give up, falling to your knees, tired and weak from all the running. >You allow the maze to consume you, to become one with you. >Darkness surrounds you. >This is the end >You feel your heart stop >You are no more.... >You open your eyes to see......death. >You are surrounded by bodies upon bodies, piling atop eachother, limbs and bones stretching as far as the eye can see. >You cover your nose from the putrid scent, and notice a pile of skulls. >Upon the pile of skulls sits a throne, and upon that throne sits....a man. >This man was not bloodied and rotted like the others, no, he was handsome, wearing a suit, a necktie, had blonde hair and a sharp face. Sticking out from the pile of skulls were a number pikes, all bearing red clothes draped over them. >You already knew what those clothes were soaked in. >You already know who this man was, reading countless books from the human world tells you this is exactly who you are looking for. >You step forward and look at the young handsome man, who turns his head at you and smiles. >A smile that pierces a burning warmth into your heart, something you've only felt once before in your life. >Anon.... >"Welcome deary, I was hoping to see you sooner, but I suppose one is to not waste time, and time is a horrible thing to waste." "Lucifer...I've come for a-" >He is suddenly in front of you. >You don't remember him getting off his throne, let alone stepping down the pile of skulls. >He strokes your chin with his finger and grins widely. >"Honey, please, Lucifer is such a horrendous name." "Fine. What should I call you then?" >"Oh how about....Discord!" "Fine! Discord it is. Now, will you help me or not?" >"No" "Then why the FUCK am I here?" >"Look sweetums" Discord makes another wide grin, and suddenly he is behind you, his hand on your shoulder, whispering in your hear. >"I cant help you unless you want to help yourself. That's the rule" "Rule? What rule, you're fucking Luci- uh...Discord" >"Yes, but I am bound by the rules that put me here. "Oh....God....right?" >"Well....yes...and no. It's a complicated story, but I digress, I cannot help you unless you want to help yourself" "What does that even mean anyway?" you ask, your mind racing with possible meaning behind this curious fucking riddle >He sighs and snaps his fingers, and suddenly you are staring at a mirror, looking at your own reflection. >Discord stood behind you, hand on your shoulder, his face curled into a smile >"What do YOU want dearie? I can only help YOU, I can only fulfill your wishes if they are help YOU!" "But gaining back my powers does help m-" >"DOES IT REALLY?" he snarls, walking around you and smashing the mirror with his fist. >"DOES IT PAY TO STAND BEHIND THOSE TWO, ALWAYS IN THE BACKGROUND?" >You can see the true anger boiling in his face, contorting into that of a true monster >"DOES IT PAY TO BECOME WHAT YOU TRULY ARE AGAIN, ONLY FOR ADAGIO AND SONATA TO STAND OVER YOU, LAUGHING AT YOU, SCORNING AT YOU?" >He stomps his way back up the pile of skulls, smashing them beneath his feet. >He sits back down on his throne, and sighs. >"Does it pay to not be with HIM?" ------------------- You are Adagio ------------------- >A bright light consumes the room, you and Sonata are left staring at a pentagram with six limp bodies. >Just as quickly as the light comes and goes, Aria appears back in the room, and Adagio can feel her heart pumping. >Your limbs extend and curve, mouth beginning to extend forward, becoming that of a muzzle. >your fingers merge and harden, becoming hooves, and fins flare out in the areas opposite your elbows. >You look over to see Sonata's transformation taking place as well. >Your legs merge together and you grunt in pain as your back opens up, spines piercing through your back outwards. >You look down to see your lovely pendant resting upon your bright yellow flesh, and you grin, your teeth sharp as razors. "Finally, FINALLY! YOU'VE DONE IT ARIA, YOU'VE FINALLY DONE IT! WE ARE FREE!" >You look over at Aria, ready to celebrate your victory with her, when you notice something >She hasn't changed "Aria....why are-" >Suddenly chains clasp around your wrists. >You try to pull them apart, but no luck "ARIA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" >"It's okay....You're going back to the Tower...without me" >She looks up at you and smiles, tears pouring from her eyes >"I'll miss you guys, but I know I'm better off without you. You can spend the rest of your lives in the Tower, where I know you'll be happy, and you wont hurt anybody" "ARIA! YOU FILTHY TRAITOR! HOW DARE YOU COMMIT SUCH AN ATROCITY TO YOUR SISTER! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU" >You dash toward Aria, but your chains glow and you are thrown to the ground, your face hitting the floor. >"You cannot touch me, or anyone else. That was part of the deal I made." "JUST WHAT DEAL DID YOU MAKE ARIA" >".....You and Sonata spend the rest of your lives at the tower in your original forms. In exchange, Discord keeps my soul after I die. Also, You cannot hurt any living mortal, and in exchange...Anon spend's five millenium beside hell..." "You dirty rotten deal-bargaining FILTH" >The chains on your wrists start to shake, and you can feel your body going numb >You were going home "No...No...NO! YOU CANT DO THIS! ARIA! PLEASE DONT DO THIS!" >And with are back home at the Tower, Sonata next to you. ------------------- You are Aria ------------------- >Adagio and Sonata disappear, a whisp of smoke in there wake >Running toward the kitchen, you open the cupboard and shuffle through your list of antidotes >Finding the proper vial, you pull it out and run back towards the others. >You give Anon, Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Rarity the proper doses of the antidote. >After ten minutes of nervous waiting, Rarity opens her eyes first. >"Uh, W-where in the world am I?" >She notices you and blinks a few times, and screams. >"W-WHERE'S SONATA?" She asks, and then notices her friends >You cup your hand over her mouth and put a finger to yours. "Sssssh, everything's okay now. Please be quiet" >She nods and you let go of her mouth "Look, I need you to grab Applejack and take her to the emergency room, Adagio's car is in the driveway. Please hurry." >Rarity looks over and gasps. "" "Just shut up and do it" You order her, and she nods, grabbing the girl and dragging her away, closing the door behind her >Fluttershy is next to awake. She flutters her eyes and her eyes shine brightly. She yawns and smiles at you. "Good morning Aria. Sorry, I must have fallen asleep a bi-" >She notices her friends and you shush her "I know it looks weird, but I'll tell you about it later >Eventually, Rainbow wakes up, her and Fluttershy leave the house, trusting Aria after telling her tale. >It's only you and Anon now, and he still hasn't woken up. You sit down next to him and put your back to the wall, and take the opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do >You lay your head on his shoulder >You sit there, head on Anon's shoulders for what seems like eternity >"Aria?" >You turn your head to see him looking straight at you, fists clenched. >"What are you doing? Where are my friends? Where are Sonata and Adagio, What ha-" >You silence him, pushing against him and locking your lips against his. >He responds at first by trying to push away, but soon he gives in and kisses you back, grabbing your shoulders >He breaks the kiss and looks at you >"Aria....what happened?" >You explain what had happened between Adagio, Sonata, you, and the others. >How you had been through eternal torment >How you had met Discord himself >How you realized you didn't want to go back to equestria >Not if it meant not being able to see him again >And so agree to never speak of the incident again. >You manage to befriend the others again, save Rainbow Dash, who took some getting used to. >Fluttershy however fully forgave you for what you had done. >Applejack came out of the hospital after 2 months recovering from her face surgery, Looking good as new >And Anon.... >Anon and you, spent a year dating before you finally got married >As great as an alchemist you are, you manage to extend your lifespan, and Anon's, to 153. >You die in your bed, arms around eachother after falling asleep, just as you had ever single night since you'd gotten married >You couldn't be happier >And you were right, for the next 5 millenium were pure torture >But with Anon there to hold your hand through it all...made it all just a little better ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~