Blackmail in Canterlot High, Anon x Sonata - by Anonymous

>Adagio and her crew stood before you as you took your normal lunch time walk. >"Anon." >Aria looked especially cruel today. >"We saw you sucking up to Celestia." >And their dumb friend Sonata. >"Do you know what we do to teacher's pets around here?" >The girls bum rushed you before you could speak. >As Sonata and Aria hold you down, you could not protest. >Aria was enjoying you squirm. >Damn your frailness. >As you attempted to kick and flail, you felt a hard grip on your meatstick. >Anything but Anon Jr. >ANYTHING. >Adagio kissed your forehead, and then stood. >"Don't worry. I clean regularly. It tastes like a mango smoothie." >It pained you to think of how she knew that. > As she lowered her panties above your face, the grip got tighter. >You were starting to harden. >Your eyes were then covered by wet panties, smelling sweet and tangy. >Orange bitch wasn't lying. >A pity it didn't cover your mouth. >As Adagio lowered herself onto your mouth, the sweet scent of that exotic fruit attacked your nose. >The vice grip on your dick began to move, up, then down. >Damn your masochism. >It hurts so good. "Couldn't we come to some kind of agreement or something?" >Without a word from the girls, your mouth was full with fem crotch. >"Shut up and lick, slave." >You refused with a grunt, resulting in a painful squeeze. >Even though you are a masochist, you've got a limit. >But as you are trapped with these girls behind the gym, you can't do shit. >You gave her a soft lick, the folds of her labia soft and obedient to your slick invader. >The girl shuddered, announcing that the job is being done right. >The vice began stroking even more. >So you licked again, slower this time, being sure to get every spot. >Adagio was enjoying herself, audibly so. >Your teasing must be sufficient to get her to cum. >You tongued her harder, and she started grinding against your face. >Soft enough to keep you alive, but hard enough to force your mouth open. >You then poked her clit with your tongue. >That earned you a loud moan, as well as some oohs and ahs from the other 2 stooges. >Well, the stooge and the blue idiot. >As you brought her closer and closer to her orgasm, the grip on you penis sped up. >Your load was coming. >With one last clit flick with your tongue, your orange assailant came hard, filling your mouth with femcum. >This bitch was a squirter. >At that same moment, you could take it no longer, thrusting your hips up like a madman. >The grip then tightened, preventing your load from coming out. >Adagio panted, and got off your face. >"'ve got a good tongue." >She then lowered her lips to your ear. >"Swallow, and maybe Aria will let go of lil' Anon." >It tasted sweet...but so weird. >How were you gonna digest this shit? >You felt a couple of supportive pats on your cheek. >"Come on, swallow and I'll let you go." >Aria's voice was promising. >And your dick was sensitive. >You need release. >Unwillingly, you swallowed the tangy liquid, feeling it slide down your throat slowly. >Adagio smiled. >But you weren't released. >Only being jerked harder. >You felt Adagio's hands pin your arm, and you heard rustling. >No. >"More drink for Anon!" >That was Aria's voice. >Awww shit... >Another pair of panties hit your eyes, this time with an over powering scent of grape and vanilla creme. >Along with a harder grip on your dick, stroking faster. "Look, isn't one enou-" >Aria played no games as she put her pussy to your mouth. >"Shut up and eat. It'll be harder to get me to cum, I promise you." >As your hips jerked up again, trying to release, you were denied again. >"She said maybe, not for sure. So get me off and you might have a chance." >You can't pass a chance at release. >You began working Aria's labia, as she yawned in annoyance. >"Not good enough!" >Sadly, your orgasm was coming again. >And Aria squeezed the hell out of your dick, denying your release. >"We'll be here all of lunch until you get me off. You seem pent up, and it might be nice to cum. Wouldn't it?" >Your aching balls were begging you. >You had to apply more pressure with your tongue along her labia, her snatch quivering as your lips touch hers. >Aria shuddered, her voice low and seductive. >"Oh yeah...that is real good. Keep that up." >The vice was loosening. >Your tongue worked double time, attacking the sodden pussy with vigor. >Aria began stroking harder and faster, loosening her grip. >You slid your tongue inside her a little, and it started sending her overboard. >Aria's tongue began lolling out of her mouth, as she began grinding into your face harder. >"Keep going..." >A telltale churning in you balls made itself known, unwilling to be denied release any longer. >You bit her clit a bit roughly, hoping to end your suffering. >Aria started cumming, screaming sweet pleasure into the air. >She let go, and you shot off like you were Ol' Faithful. >So many of your children landing in the grass. >Adagio had gotten herself off again at this sight, with one hand. >"Alright...I think that's enough. Or do you want a go, Sonata?" >Sonata shook her head, as Aria got off of you and got her panties from your juice soaked face. >Adagio left hers to you. >"Keep them. Who knows, tonight you might want to explode like this again." >You were released as the group walked away. >Adagio slowed down. >"We'll meet you back here everyday until Christmas, and you'll do this for us. Or else, your secret goes out." >Sonata and Aria kept walking away. >You swallowed Aria's cum. >As you got up and took the panties off your face, Sonata showed her face. >"Are you okay Anon?" >You shot her a glare, capable of murdering Superman. "Do you think that because you didn't exploit me, you can make friends? Because it's bullshit. And you know it." >Sonata was visibly hurt by your words. >"I just...wanted to know if-" "What? if I want you to sit on my face? If I'll let you ride me till the cows come the fuck home? If I'm available as a friend with benefits?" >Sonata was being driven to tears. >Your rage was incomprehensible right now, and you were taking it out on this poor fool. "Well? What the fuck do you want?" >"I wanted to help." "Well I-what?" >Sonata was tearing up. >"I just wanted to are all messy and stuff, and I just..." >You ignorant douchebag. >Even though she can be stupid sometimes, she only wanted to help. "Look, I'm really sorry Sonata. I just don't like what your friends did to me." >Sonata was trying to stop her tears. >"I thought guys liked all that sex stuff?" "There are a few of us decent fucks who enjoy a nice date or something. You know. So that when you have the sex you also enjoy the person you fuck?" >The vibrant blue haired girl was no longer crying, but now wore a curious look. >"What's a date?" >Facepalm. >There is that stupidity. "When 2 people like each other, and have some things in common, they go out and do stuff together." >Sonata was still confused. "Oh fuck it. Is lunch still going on?" >Sonata nodded. >"It's Taco Tuesday!!" >Holy shit, Taco Tuesday. >At least the day wasn't a total loss. "Good. I'm going to eat, while I still have some dignity left in my soul." >Sonata walked beside you, as you headed for the cafeteria. >"Do you eat by yourself?" >You rose an eyebrow at the girl. >Why was she hanging with you all of a sudden? "Yes. It's what I'm used to." >She smiled. >"Do you like tacos?" >That set you off like flames on C4. "Sonata, let's get something straight. I don't 'like' tacos. I OBSESS over tacos. I'd die if they stopped making tacos!" >Sonata jumped happily. >"I know right? Tacos are so good!" >As you and Sonata walked into the school, and into the cafeteria, it donned on you. >You and this fool have something in common. � >After school, something felt different. >You were happy for once. >Today, when you get home, you might not burn yourself with the blunt you smoke. >Shit, you might not smoke at all. >As you get to the parking lot, you see your new acquaintance standing. >What is she waiting on? "Sonata, why are you just standing here?" >Sonata turned quickly, a bit too quickly. >She slipped and fell, spilling her soda on her shirt. >"Ow..." "Sorry for startling you. Here, let me help you up." >As she took your hand, you felt warmth. >An unusual warmth, it felt welcoming. >Not at all unpleasant. >Sonata was blushing, powerfully at that. >"You can let go now..." >You let go of her hand, dismissing your thoughts. "So...why are you out here just standing? It's Winter, and it's really cold." >She shrugged. >"I'm waiting for a bus. Adagio and Aria said there is a bus taking people to stupidtown. It sounds like a funny place to be, and I like laughing." >You have got to admire her positive outlook. "Don't you think you need a ride home instead of taking a bus to some random place?" >She thought about it for a second. >"I think my bus home already left." >You waved her over. "Just ride with me. I'll take you." >Normally you are like that old crotchety man at the end of your street. >Mean, don't want to be bothered. >And you damn sure don't want friends. >Today just... >As you hopped into your 1977 Firebird, Sonata was in awe of it. >"Where did you get this car?" >You unlocked the door, waiting for her. "Bought it from some old guy named Somber." >She got in and buckled her seatbelt. >"It's awesome. I wish my bus was like this!" "I wish a bus could be like this." >You took a look at her. "Want to use a hoodie?" >"Why would I?" >You point a finger at her soda soaked shirt. >"Oh. Sure!" >Taking of yours and handing it to her, you watch her as she puts it on. >She happily pulls her head through. >"It's so comfy! Can I keep it?" >It's your hoodie! >She can't keep that! "Sure, I have more." >Something about today has you being nice. >And though you can't put a finger on it, you can't qualify the feeling as good or bad yet. >You and Sonata leave the school, driving towards Ponyville. "Where do you live anyway, Sonata?" >Sonata looked around. >"In Everfree Terrace." >It's like she's never ridden shotgun before. >Its a bit adorable. >"Wow...Oh hey!! That's it right there!" >You slowed down, stopping in front of the driveway. >As she got out, she smiled and waved at you. >"Thanks for the ride friend, see you tomorrow!" >She went inside her house, and you turned around, headed to the projects. >As you walked in to your apartment, you hung your keys up, and locked the door. >Today started bad. >It got worse when you were held down and forced to eat out 3 girls. >Actually, 2. >1 of them actually came back to check on you. >And talked to you. >Even ate lunch with you. >Holy shit Anon. >You made a friend. >A real friend. >Now you didn't have to use that social networking bullshit for attention. >As you rolled the weed, and lit it, you recounted the events of the day. >It turned out well. >Suddenly, you remember Adagio. >Everyday until Christmas. >FUCK. >You woke up in your bed. "...How did I get here?" >You were always like this after spending a night high as hell. >But this time you didn't self harm. >Progress! >But it was a beautiful day outside. >You stood out on the balcony to your apartment. >The sun was out, the snow had freshly fallen last night. >Wait. >The sun is out. >You are up before now, usually, at 3. >You missed your morning weed siesta. >...You were late for school. >Celestia was going to have your ass. >Making a mad dash around the apartment, you put on some old jeans, your 'Yay' T-shirt, and a black hoodie. >As you grabbed your keys and locked up on the way out, you could imagine the bitching you'd hear. >Luna would say that you've gotten enough chances. >Celestia would say she's sorry, but due to your record, you have to be expelled. >If you didn't graduate this year, you'd never prove to your mom that men are good for something other than sex. -1 hour later- >Celestia let you off on account of your compliant behavior. >You went in and you were honest. >She was forgiving, despite earlier expectations. >And you were happily headed to the cafeteria. >Until you were pulled into the girls bathroom. >As you were manhandled to the floor, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata were revealed to you. >"Lock the door Sonata." >Sonata rubbed her arm. >"Can we be nice to him, Adagio? I mean, you got what you wanted yesterday, and-" >Aria cracked a hand across Sonata's face. >"Every day until Christmas. That's the deal." >Sonata was holding her cheek dearly, locking the door. "Hey, you didn't need to-" >Again, your mouth was stuffed with muff. >Adagio was not up for conversation. >"Do it just like last time, and you can get on with your day." >You looked at your blue haired friend, and she looked away from you. >You began the tedious task of licking Adagio sensually, giving her what she asked for. >These passing weeks would be dreadful. >Swallowing the helpings of femcum, you stumble out of the bathroom. >You don't see how these other dudes in school do it. >You just wanted to fall in love before you had sex. >You really didn't want to have to deal with another girl wanting to fuck all the time. >That reminded you that you and BonBon never got along well in the first place. >As you continued thinking of your ex, you heard crying. >"They are my friends...why do they hurt me like that..." >It was Sonata. >As you turned the corner, you saw her on the stairs heading up to the cafeteria. >You walked on over to the girl, listening to her cry. >You had no idea why, but her crying made you feel terrible. >"And why do they have to be so Anon..." >Unable to take the sadness, you sat next to her. "Sonata, why are you down here instead of at the cafeteria?" >"Too sad to eat." "Why do you even hang around those 2?" >She hugged you, as her tears stained your hoodie. >"They are my friends! They're the only other people I hang out with." >Haven't been this close to another girl in a while. >You placed your arm around her, rubbing her shoulder consolingly. "Well, they are mean to you. And the way that I know friends work is that they joke around a lot, and are happy together. So...Aria and Adagio don't fit that." >She wiped her tears. >"It's not like I can just abandon them." "The hell if you can't. Sheeeeit, if someone does you dirty, you have the right to drop them like an atom bomb." >Sonata laughed at that comment. >It wasn't funny to you, then again, your taste in humor was odd. >"So...what, do I just stop hanging around them?" >You nod. "Leave them alone, and they should stop messing with you. If they start bullying you, I've got a girl I know that can help." >Sonata smiled, eyes still red from her tears. "So, how about you stop being sad, and we go up and get some pizza. That sound good?" >You and Sonata walked up the stairs, with friendly banter, trying to get there before lunch ended. � >How you made it to Friday, you don't know. >You haven't needed to eat much. >Been swallowing a school-week's worth of femcum. >But you've manage to persuade Sonata to stop hanging around Aria and Adagio. >And you've started becoming even better friends. >In school at least. >You told her to meet you at the library, so you can meet her there when you are done with the evil twins. >You were walking, enjoying your time before your facial rape. >And suddenly, History Teacher Luna. >"Hey there Anon. How are you doing?" >Caught off guard, you damn near slip. "H-hey, Ms. Luna. How are you?" >Sweet fuck. >You smooth bastard, chatting with the hottest teacher in school. >"I heard you were living on your own since you couldn't get along with your mother. I just wanted to see if you were still here. What do you do for work?" "I work with Big Mac as an apprentice." >She smiled and pat your shoulder. >"So you are trying to be an automotive mechanic?" >You nodded happily. >"I'm glad. When do you work?" "Saturdays and Sunday evenings." >Mac promised you full hours if you graduated. >If you failed again, you were fired. >And you needed to prove to your lust filled mom that men aren't just poles to ride on. >"Alright Anon. I'll tell Celestia we spoke. Take care, and keep making A's. You are passing my class easily." >Luna walked away, and you sighed. >You walked in front of the art class, and got snatched in. >Adagio closed the door, and locked it, also turned out the lights. >"Alright Anon. Today we are doing something a bit different." >Aria threw you onto the teacher's desk, as Adagio put her pussy directly on your mouth. >Aria unzipped your pants and grabbed your meatstick, angling it up and straddling you. >They've started not wearing panties. >This would be hot if it weren't rape. >Aria unbuttoned your shirt, and put her hands on your chest. >"Anon, you've got a small one. What is this, 3 inches?" >The dripping cunt in your mouth prevents you from clear speech. >When you started hardening, Aria took a metal ruler and measured you. >Cold ruler is cold. >"3 when you are flaccid...but when you are hard, you are 7. Still short to me, but it'll do." >All you could think was 'bitch'. >Adagio pinched your nipple. >"Since I'm not in favor of being penetrated by someone I've no interest in being with, Aria is going to ride you until she's satisfied. And you, are going to try to pleasure me while fucking her. That ok?" >She popped your cheek with her hand. >"Of course it is." >Aria slid her wet muff against your dick, holding tightly to your chest. >"I use dildos bigger than this, but I feel I should mention this is my first time, Anon. Do you think I'll have a good time?" >She pinched your nipple and twisted, earning a muffled yell from you. >The vibration from the yell made Adagio shudder. >"Just don't cum first, and you'll be fine." >Aria slid herself up one last time, then impaled herself unto you. >You were gonna cum. >She felt like fucking heaven, decently warm, tight, and well lubed. >She began to slowly ride you, rising up and down softly and twisting your nipples. >The pain kept you from exploding. >"Go ahead. Lick Adagio." >You obliged, slowly tonguing the mango flavored girl. >She slowly grinded along your mouth, blushing like mad. >Adagio was too easy, she obviously has never had something inside her. >Only touches being her to the edge. >"Anon...if you were more of a classy man, I'd probably be your eat me the best." >Isn't that nice to know? >You've never had interest in Adagio, but that statement made you wonder. >And it gave you an idea. >You worked double time on Adagio, grabbing her thighs and forcing her to mush your face to the desk. >Adagio came on the spot. >She isn't used to a rough eating. >You kept going, attempting to bring her to the edge again. >Aria was taking her sweet time on your cock, going nice and slow. >Once you give Mango a seizure due to over-orgasm, that bitch was next. >Adagio couldn't take the tongue anymore. >She was squeezing the living hell out of your face. >Her eyes were tightly shut and she was getting limp. >"Anon...too...much..." >Her breath got raspier as she reached orgasm. >When she hit her climax, she screamed, then fell on to the ground, insensate and shuddering. >One down. >Aria hadn't sped up at all. >She was taking it slow, as she was scared. >That bitch butter be scared. >You stroked her thighs, allowing her to notice you weren't being face fucked anymore. >She had the most hilarious 'oh shit' face. >You began meeting her as she rode you, your hips pounding against hers. >The girl was panting, tightly gripping you. >Her first time won't be something she forgets. >"Hey...slow down...I'm feeling weird." >No. >You sped up your pace, nearly exploding. >Aria wasn't keeping up. >You started flitting your thumb against her clit, causing her cock sleeve to spasm a little. >She masturbates a lot, that's why it takes her so long to cum. >Your pounding was a lot to take. >She laid down on top of you, as you continued to ram her. >Your thumb was working the magic on her clit. >But you couldn't take it anymore. >You both tongue kissed as you hit your climaxes. >Her eyes started fluttering as you filled her with the juice, rolling back a little. >Your dick was launching a mortar strike inside her. >She was grabbing onto you hard, because she drew blood with her finger tips. >She was cumming harder than you. >Your cannon had died down, and she was lying down on you from the afterglow. >"Holy shit you can play with a clit...I don't think" >Aria obviously wanted to cuddle. >She didn't even bitch about you cumming inside her. >But you sat her on the desk, lifting Adagio off the ground. >She couldn't stand straight for a bit, leaning on you for support. >"That was...I can't even." >You had to get your idea across. "Adagio. The deal was that you get to rape me everyday until Christmas, right?" >Adagio nodded weakly. "So...if I take you to the winter ball, here at Canterlot High, will you stop raping me everyday?" >Adagio looked at you, curious. >"Why would I break the deal now? For a date with you?" "Well, all the other guys in school are intimidated by you and Aria." >The evil girls seemed taken aback by what you said. >"But we are gorgeous! Pretty! And-" "But you are also mean, spiteful, and a bit on the aggressive side." >Adagio stood there, thinking. >Aria wasn't caring, she was happily lying down on the desk. >"Which one of us can go on the date?" >You shrugged. >"Both of you. I can take one of you there, and I can dance with one of you. Or both." >Aria sat up. >"You've got an awesome car, so I'll ride with you to the ball." >Adagio clasped her hands together, and smiled. >"Then that means I'm dancing with you when you are done with Aria at the ball." >You nodded. "Then it's settled. No more rape." >The girls frowned. >Must have been enjoyable. >"Fine. It was fun while it lasted. But you mess up the ball, and we start doing it until Valentine's." >The girls walked out of the room, Aria noticeably swaying her hips and winking at you. >You must have hit it right. >You began your trip up to the library, to meet Sonata. >She was reading Huckleberry Finn. >Never took her for a reader. "Sonata!" >You had to keep your voice quieted, but you still managed to get the librarian's attention along with Sonata's. >Well, you actually startled your blue haired friend. >She fell out of her seat, knocking over a bookshelf, and then scrambled around until she got up. >In a few minutes after you helped clean up the mess in the library, you and her went to the cafeteria. >Sonata sat next to you happily in the cafeteria. >Today was a choose your food day. >You decided to do something retarded. >Ever tried pizza in a taco shell? >You were going to today. >"Tell me how it tastes Anon!" >Your vibrant friend was going to eat a monster of a taco. >So much ground beef. >So much lettuce. >You've got no idea how much cheese is on that shit. >Taco shells don't even come that big. "You tell me if you can finish that shit." >She smiles. >"Someone doesn't love tacos as much as I do!" >She went there. "Is that a challenge?" >She smiled even wider, shrugging at you. >You started downing your pizza taco, destroying it in all sense of the word 'destroy'. >Sonata watched you ecstatically. >When you finished, you looked right at her. "So here's how it goes. I get half, you get half. If I eat more than my half, I win." >She nodded. >"I'm going to enjoy this! And I'm also gonna enjoy winning." >You held out your fingers, counting down until it was time to start. >3. >2. >1. "Start!" >You both dove into that monster taco, chomping the fucker down like you were a Oliver Twist with a black hole for a stomach. >Sonata wasn't doing bad either. >You and here were nearly neck and neck eating that taco. >But blue girl started eating more than you. >You aren't too big on losing. >The taco was soon to be nonexistent. >There was just one last bite between you and Sonata. >You grabbed at the last piece, meeting the her hand over it. >She looked at you, and you looked back. >Then, as fast as you could, you swiped the taco piece with your other hand, and jammed it in your mouth. >"Hey! I wanted that!" >You flashed her a big meaty grin, causing her to giggle. >Trying to avoid getting laughed at, you close your mouth. >As the bell rung, you and Sonata began walking to your lockers. "2 more classes and we can go home this Friday." >"I know. Say, Anon, are you doing...anything after school?" >You smiled. "I actually wanted to ask you the same. There is a race today that I can participate in today at the Wonderbolt track. I want you to come and watch me race." >Sonata jumped up ecstatically. >"We can hang out even more afterwards, right?" >You nodded. >"YAAAAY!!! I'm glad we are friends, Anon." >As you got to your locker, though, you bumped into Flash. >You remember your friend Spike called him a Waifu Thief once. >"Hey Anon. I hear you like eating." "Yeah. You have to everyday. That's how you stay alive." >You open up your locker, getting prepped for English Lit with Mrs. Cadence. >"I hear the way you eat causes an Aria of noise..." >You froze up, face hidden by your locker. >What did this fucker just say? >He fucking knows?! >"I bet you created a Sonata of moans with the Dazzlings." >You slammed your locker. >If he says another word, you might hurt a nigga. "Flash Sentry, don't you dare say another fucking word." >He gave you a grin. >"Oh I won't. I just need your help with this Adagio in music cla-" >You delivered to the fucker a haymaker from hell. >A tooth might have flown out. >Sonata was scared. >"Anon! Why did you do that!!" >Your rage prevents your ears from picking up sound. >You walked toward the sly bastard, picking him up and slamming him into the wall. "How much do you know, Flash?" >He laughed at you. >"The door to the art class wasn't locked. If you don't want your little escaped to get out, you should be nice to me." >Aw Hell Naw. "I got a better idea." >You plant your fist into his gut 5 times, and then jam your finger in his neck, near a pressure point. "How about if I hear this get out, and I get expelled, I tie you to the hood of my car and launch it into the lake in Everfree?" >Flash coughed, spitting out another tooth. >"You'd be out of a car." "And you'll drown. I can always untie you after you drown and get it salvaged." >Flash nodded. >When you let him go, he went off to the nurse's office. "You fell down the stairs from the cafeteria. Right?" >He just waves as he heads down the hall. >You looked around, noticing that no one else was here. >Good thing your locker was in the more secluded part of school. >When you looked to Sonata, she was shaking. >You scared her. >Walking over, you reached out to hug her. "Sonata, I'm sorry-" >"Stay back!! How do I know you won't hurt me?!" >That was hurtful. >But you did just knock teeth out of someone. "Look Sonata, he was picking on me and I got mad. I'm sorry you had to see it." >She was still shaking. >" knocked his teeth out..." >You walked closer, but she kept backing up. >When she backed into your locker, she knew she couldn't run anywhere. >You put your hand on her shoulder. "Keep calm, I won't hurt you." >You slowly bring her into a hug, trying to calm her down. >"Anon...that was scary. Why did you-" >"Anon, you knocked his teeth-" "I know. That's what happens to people that try to bully me." >When she started to relax, you loosens up the hold on her. >You felt a heat in her cheeks. >She's blushing. >You let her go, and take her hand. "If it make you feel better, I'll try to not be so violent. You are probably going to have to hold me back though." >Sonata nodded. >"I had to keep Aria out of fights before. I can do that." >You get your books out of your locker, and your bookbag. >Sonata is looking at you a bit strangely. >When you close your locker, you walk her over to her locker. >"Anon, you know that 'date' thing you were talking about earlier this week?" >You look at her, and nod. "What about it?" >"How do you know you want to date someone?" >You begin stroking your chin. "Well, you gotta like them. They should like you a bit too. It works best when you are friends first, in reality. You just ask them to hang out. And depending on the events, you go hang out again. Eventually, it'll become obvious you like each other. Then, you essentially are boyfriend and girlfriend. After that, it's basically up to you 2 from there." >As you got to Sonata's locker, she seemed to be thinking about something. >"Is there anyone you like, Anon?" >You stroke your chin a little more. >Anon, you don't have a beard, scruff, or peach fuzz. >Y U chin stroke? "Well, I did have this huge crush on Pinkie last year. I heard she just started back in school this month. But I'm not as crazy about her as I once was." >You heard a subtle little 'Yes' uttered from behind the locker. "Do you have someone you like?" >You couldn't have asked that in a more snarky tone. >"Well...uh...I don't exactly know yet...if he doesn't like me, I won't be sad, he's my friend. But if he does, I'll be sooo happy." >You wondered who the guy was. >Sonata may be a bit slow, but she is a good person. "I hope he likes you Sonata. You are an awesome person." � >Walking to the parking lot with Sonata, you see Aria and Adagio discussing something. >When Aria notices you, she winks seductively at you. >Adagio turns, and waves slowly. >Maybe you should not have done what you did. >"You ok Anon? You are staring at them pretty hard." >You shake your head. "Nothing, nothing at all." >Sonata smiles subtly as you both get in the car. >"Anon, do you like them? Aria and Adagio?" >You tensed up a bit. >"Define like." >She got near your ear. >"Like like!" "Dammit Sonata! Don't-" >She sat back, giggling. >"I think you like Aria most. She keeps winking at you." >You start the car, and begin to drive off. "There is no way I can say I like her in a romantic way." >It was fun taking her by surprise during sex, though. >"So...she wouldn't be your girlfriend?" "No. She's too mean for me anyway. I like me and my girl to have fun." >Again, you heard a quieted 'Yes'. >She is an odd cookie. >"So where we going now?" >You smile. "My friend Derpy's muffin place." >"Muffins? I haven't had muffins before." >As you parallel parked, you looked in the shop. >Derpy was talking to this one guy with green dreadlocks. >You remember seeing that same guy with Silver Spoon a few times. >"Hey, I know her! Aria made fun of her eyes one time. But I think she's a fun person to be around. She's also real funny." >As you got out of your car, Sonata sped to the door of the restaurant. >"Come on Anon, I wanna try a muffin!" >Being out with Sonata makes you feel like you were walking your mom's dog. >The dog goes everywhere, and has to wait for your slow ass. >When you enter the shop, the dread headed man turned around. >Dude seems familiar. >He waved at Sonata as he left. >"Hey Mr. Art Teacher!" >You walked up to Derpy, and she smiled at you. >"Anon! Hey! I just finished your favorite muffins." >You smiled widely. "Blue raspberry creme! Awesome, Derpy." >She rung you up for 6. >"And your friend?" >Sonata was looking at all the different muffins, amazed by color assortment and flavor name. >Specifically, the fruit dazzle flavor, which had mango, grape, and blue raspberry in it. >Ironically, you knew what 2 of those flavors tasted like together. >"I wanna try this!" >Derpy rung up 3 for her. >You paid your lazy-eyed friend, and you sat in with Sonata to eat the muffins. >When you bit into the muffin, you experienced euphoria. >Goddamn, could Derpy make muffins. >It felt like your body had decided to go on vacation. >And it seemed Sonata was enjoying hers too. >She had the silliest smile on her face. >"These are soooo good..." >After today, you definitely deserved the muffins. >Successfully getting out of the rape deal with Aria and Adagio. >Having to kick Flash's ass. >That was enjoyable. >From a sadistic point of view. >"Anon. About earlier..." "Hm? What is it?" >Sonata seemed a little distant. >"What did Flash say that set you off? you really could have hurt him." >You want to tell her. >She basically already knows. >But it's embarrassing to be dominated by women. >Even if it was your fetish, you wouldn't tell people that. "'s just..." >You can't tell her you were being made fun of for being raped by girls. "He was talking bad about you, and I couldn't exactly not get mad." >Sonata's eyes lit up. >"You were defending me?!" >No. >Stop you devious lying bastard. >NO! "Yeah. And I'd do it again, just so-" >You have no idea how Sonata tackled you from her seat. >In fact, you aren't sure how you ended up on the ground. >Your head ached, but you tasted something odd. >Blue Raspberry creme muffin. >But also mango and grape. >And a powerful scent of berries filled your nose. >You opened your eyes a little, Tim seeming nonexistent. >And you couldn't believe it. >You were kissing Sonata. >There were whistles, catcalls, and a whole bunch of random things going on as you were lip locked with her. >She tightened her grip on your shirt, pulling herself closer to you. >Her lips were soft, and thin, with the fading taste of her recently eaten muffin. >You wrapped your arms around Sonata, hugging her into the kiss. >She was blushing, but didn't stop. >You should get back to the car. >Everyone can see. >And just your luck, this kiss activated ExpandDong.exe. >Sonata wasn't caring about the place, she just kept expressing her feelings. >All over your lips. >Her hands dug into your shirt, popping a few buttons off. >She was feeling your chest. >Wanting to return the favor, you slide your hand under her shirt, running cold fingers along her spine. >She was blushing hard. >Dong expansion complete. >If you continued, you might just take her right here in Derpy's shop. >It was obvious neither of you wanted to break the kiss, but you had to. >You still have 2 muffins to finish. >Pushing her up and breaking the kiss, you both started panting. >"Anon. I want to date you." >You could say the same to her. >She's grown on you these few days. >You wanted her with you at the winter ball. >You want her as your girlfriend. >But then came a harsh realization. >Aria and Adagio are supposed to be the ones you take. >But with all the feels and Sonata... >Son of a sweet fuck, shit's gonna get complicated. >You both finished your muffins, and headed to the car. >That kiss lit your body ablaze. >Dong will not deflate. >You haven't felt this way since... >No one's ever made you feel that. >You and Sonata are both a little hot from that encounter in the shop. >Both of you get in the car, and you think for a bit. >The race isn't for another few hours. >You could take Sonata to Pegasi Point. >It wouldn't hurt to explore this new feeling for a while. >Sonata broke the silence first. >"Anon, where are we going next." >You don't have an answer. >Pegasi Point was a ways from the Wonderbolt Racetrack. >If you were late, you'd be cut out of the race. >But this might be worth it. "We are going to a very high spot away from town for a few hours, okay?" >Alone with Sonata? >This isn't a bad idea. >She seemed a bit scared. >"Okay." >At that, you started the car, and left the scene. >Your somewhat newly christened girlfriend laid her head on your shoulder. >She was comfortable, and your heart beat a little faster. >You parked the car near the railing, and got out. >Sonata followed suit. >Both of you sat on the hood of the car, looking up at the sky. >7:47 >The Sun was setting, and you could see the moon in the sky. >Stars were revealing themselves. >"Anon, this is really pretty." >You smiled. "My dad used to take me up here to show me the stars. It's also really nice to sit up here and clear your head, you know?" >Sonata leaned on your shoulder. >"Was it wrong for me to kiss you like that? It was sudden...but I just couldn't help it. You did something so nice for me." >You lied, and got a kiss for it. >Devious bastard. "No. I actually...really liked it. That was technically my first kiss." >She looked at you shocked. >"You've had sex but never been kissed until now?" >You smiled sheepishly. "Well...yeah. Basically. I've only had one girlfriend, and she never kissed me. We just...fucked." >Sonata was surprised. >You didn't understand that shit either. >But it was truth. >"Wow. I was your first." >You rolled your eyes. "Go ahead, laugh about it." >Sonata giggled. >"No, I won't. were mine too." >Pegasi Point was quiet. >And as night fell, it got colder. >Sonata started to shiver, and you could feel her shaking. >"Anon..." "Hm?" >You turned to Sonata, and she looked at you endearingly. >"You wouldn't do anything to hurt me, right?" "Right. I like you, Sonata. I can't imagine hurting you." >She seemed like she was trying to get something out of her throat. >Was she nervous about something? >"So, you won't get mad if I tell you something, will you?" >She must have something important to say if she's going to beat around the bush like this. >"I don't wanna have sex with you." >You rose an eyebrow. >"No, wait, I mean, I don't wanna do it with you. No, hold on...I don't want to do the thing until...uh...I'm so bad at talking..." >You put your finger to her lips. "I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want, Sonata." >She smiled. >"Thank you Anon. Sometimes I feel like Aria is right that I can be slow sometimes..." >You took off your button up shirt and put it around her. >As a kid born in the winter, cold air doesn't bother you as much, so you were fine with just your sleeveless shirt. "That's a part of your charm. It's also why we get along." >She smiles and snuggles up to you. >"Anon, I'm still kind of cold." >You smile and decide to hold her. >But when you get your arms around her, she kisses you again. >This time you aren't dazed. >But you still feel all the ecstasy of before. >She put her hands around your neck, and you fell back, allowing her to get on top of you. >You were feeling like there wasn't a metal car under you, like you were floating. >Sonata had her body perfectly placed on top of yours. >And she also had her hands running down your chest and somewhat flabby belly. >And suddenly, a friend of yours joins the party and pokes Sonata. >She breaks the kiss, yelps, and blushes hard. "What?" >" poked me..." >She was startled, but you just held the jumpy girl. >"I'm not gonna use it. No worries." >She sighed happily, and settled on top of you, allowing you to hold her tightly. >Before you go back to kissing, she stops, and blushes again. "What's wrong now, Sonata?" >She balls a little fist up on your chest, and looks at your chest. >"...I'm...I'm kinda..." "Hm?" >She just takes your hand, and runs it along the crotch of her panties, so you could feel how wet she is. "Oh my..." >She was obviously embarrassed, and you already said you wouldn't force anything on her. >"Should we stop?" >You put your hand back along her panties, poking and prodding. "No. I can make you feel good without even penetrating. If you want." >She looked at you, blushing furiously red, and nodded. >"Are...Are my panties going to be messed up?" >You can't lie to the girl. >Nodding, she allowed you to take the lead. >You put your thumb in her panties, and find her clit, and begin circling it gently. >Sonata flinched a little, not used to being fondled. >With your other hand, you put it on her hip, and lower her onto the bulge in your pants. >When she feels it, you swear you can feel her mound tighten up against you. >Your thumb begins pressing and wiggling the sensitive buzzer, causing Sonata to shudder and grind against you. >"Anon...keep going...please..." >Moving your hand from her hip, you guide her face to yours, and deliver her a gentle kiss. >She was grinding harder, and your thumb continued it's assault. >As you kissed, she moaned loudly into your mouth, and you felt a convulsion on your bulge. >She broke the kiss, panting, and weak. >"That felt really good." >You smiled. "Told you I could do it." >She kissed you softly, nibbled your ear a bit. >"Again." >All you needed was permission. >You repeated your actions, but this time lifting her up a little as if you were thrusting into her. >Sonata was enjoying herself, unable to stop grinding against you. >She was loving your touch, and you even added a finger to play with her love button. >It caused her to start grinding even harder, her body rolling along your bulge. >"Anon...thrust...thrust like you are...rutting me..." >She kissed you, and you gave her mouth play back, this time tongue wrestling her. >As for her request, you did just that. >You started thrusting, bumping your tent against her wet spot. >This started driving her a bit wild, as she began humping you, with your fingers working their perverted magic. >Sonata was getting closer, breaking the kiss, leaving a strand of saliva, and breathing hard. >"I'm...I'm gonna..." >You pinched the love button, sending her over the edge. >She screamed loudly, squeezing your waist with here legs, and digging her nails into your shoulders. >You made the girl squirt a jet of femcum through her undies, essentially messing up your jeans. >"Ah...ow...that hurt a little..." >You shrugged. "How did it feel?" >She smiled weakly, unable to get off of you due to her weak legs. >"I...I like it. One more thing, Anon?" >You looked at her, having serviced her twice in a row. >"...can...can you eat me? You know...Lick my-" >You put a finger to her lips, and nod. "Last thing, okay?" >She nodded. >"I promise." >You turned over, putting her on bottom. >She looks so vulnerable. >Face redder than hell, panties looking like she went swimming. >Sonata reached for your face and stroked it gently. >You took her underwear and rolled them off one leg, revealing her slicked vag. >She had a pierced labia, and she knew you were staring. >"I thought it'd" >You take a finger and slide it down the smooth folds, causing her to shudder. >For once, you are eating a girl that you are interested in. >Putting your face between her legs, you felt her trembling. >Your tongue lapped up any dripping juices, and softly stroked the labia ring she had, causing Sonata to moan loudly. >You slipped your pinky inside the well lubed love tunnel, earning a happy moan from Sonata. >Fingering her slowly, you put your lips to her joy buzzer, kissing and suckling it gently. >The faint taste of a blue raspberry tinged your tongue. >Her trembling body was adorable. >She put her hands to the back of your head, putting you closer to her muff. >You tried adding your ring finger, with some resistance. >Sonata was tight, and you could tell you weren't adding another finger without getting it squished. >You sucked harder on the over sensitive button, pulling it a little with just suction. >Sonata moaned loudly as you pulled her clit, each time harder than the last. >"'re so good at this..." >Your fingers pump her faster, and you can feel her writhing due to your ministrations. >Sonata was panting hard, signaling the coming orgasm. >She began bucking her hips, and on time with one thrust, you bit, sucked, and pulled on her love button. >She screamed loud enough for the city to hear you. >Sonata was cumming hard, arching her back and squirting in your mouth. >"Oh god..." >She lifted her head weakly, and then looked at you as you were going to swallow her cum. >"Wait! Kiss me first...I wanna...know how it tastes." >You smile at her. >Kinky bitch. >You put her panties back on her, not swallowing or opening your mouth. >She then quickly plants her lips on yours to give you a deep kiss. >She sucks some of her cum out of your mouth, and breaks the kiss. >When you both swallow, she leans onto your chest. >"That takes a lot out of me..." >You chuckled. "I did a good job huh?" >She giggled weakly. >"Can I be your girlfriend, Anon? I really do like you, not just for what you can do with your mouth and hands." >You thought about it. >Sonata didn't push this on you. >She asked nicely. "Sure, Sonata. I'd love it if you were my girl." >Sonata wrapped her legs around your waist, and arms around your neck. >"Carry me, please?" "Well, it's not like I have a choice now." >Sonata giggled happily as you picked her up and carried her to the passenger seat. >"Whee!!" >Her happiness was contagious, it gave you a full feeling. >You sat her in the seat, and she reluctanly let go. >She yawned loudly, curling up in the seat. >You closed her door, then got in the driver's seat. >There was time to make it to the track for the race. >But you don't exactly feel like exerting yourself tonight. >You decided not to race, and just take Sonata home. "We'll go back into town, okay Sonata?" >She nodded. >"I am sleepy." >At that, you left Pegasi Point. >Driving through town, you put on the radio. >"I love this song!!" >You smiled a little, and something told you that a sing along was necessary. "It's not unusual, to be loved, by anyone..." >"It's not unusual, to have fun, with anyone!!" "But when I see you hanging about with anyone," >"It's not unusual, to see me cryyyy!" "Oh, I wanna diiiie" >You were both having the time of your lives singing along in the car. >Forget the race completely, this was a date by itself. >"It's not unusual, to go out, at anytime." "But when I see you out and about, it's such a crime!!" >"If you should ever want to be loved by anyone," "It's not unusual, it happens every day." >"No matter what you say!!" >You parked the car in front of your apartment, stopping to get out of the car, Sonata following suit. >It was like watching an actually enjoyable High School Musical. "You'll find it happens...all the tiiiime!!" >"Love will never do, what you want it to!" "Why can't this crazy love be miiiine!!!" >Sonata happily ran to you, and you both began dancing and singing. >"It's not unusual, to be mad with anyone..." >"It's not unusual, to feel sad, with anyone!" "But if I ever find out you've changed at anytime!!" >It's not unusual, to find that I'm in love with you!!" >"Woah-oh, Oh-oh!" >You span her around, and pulled her into your embrace. >You were feeling the joy of a loving friend. >Your new girlfriend. >As you and her were about to kiss, you were pegged in the head by a soup can. "OW!!" >Whom other than the crotchety old man who sold you your car, and also your landlord, Somber. >"Dammit Anon cut that junk off!! I got tenants trying to sleep up here!" >That old man was a selfish bastard. >But you knew him well enough to know he was a kind gentleman, tough but fair. "Yeah yeah old man Somber. I'll cut it off." >You turned off your car, and shut your door. >"Next time I'm just gonna evict your ass!! And it's Sombra you fool!" >He shut his window, and that was the last you'd see of him tonight. >Sonata giggled uncontrollably in your arms. >"He's a funny old man." >You held her hand tightly, shutting the other car door and walking over to the steps. "He's a good guy. Just kind of a hard ass." >As you both walked up, Sonata hugged up on your arm. >"You know, I didn't ask to spend the night with you." >Oh Shit. >You completely forgot to take her home first, dumbass. "Heheh...guess I got caught up in singing." >Sonata smiled at you as you got to your apartment door. >"It was fun. I was going to ask to spend the weekend with you anyway." >Really? "Why?" >Sonata blushed as she started playing with your fingers. >"Because you are the guy I like. And now I don't have to stay with Aria and Adagio. If you are okay with that." >Accepting her into your life as your girlfriend was easy. >It was also a bit new, since this was the first girl who made you feel so upbeat. "I guess. But my apartment is a, don't say I didn't warn you." >You turned the key, and opened the door to the apartment. >Sonata walked in, releasing your hand and looking around. >You closed and locked the door, turning to find a happy blue haired girl jumping ecstatically. >"You've got a Playstation 2!!! Adagio never let me have one!" >You smiled. "Yeah, I'm a bit of an avid gamer." >She then rushed over to the balcony. >"And this view is awesome!" "It's just a view of the projects of Ponyville." >You walked over to her, and hugged her from behind. >Sonata leaned back into you, and covered your hands with hers. >"It's so pretty. And the moon is full, so that makes it double the pretty!" >She turned a little, looking up at you. >"Can we go to bed? I'm sleepy, and I want to cuddle." >Despite her short bursts of energy, her exhaustion was winning her over. "Sure. Let's go." >You released her, only to have her jump on your back. >"Carry me please?" >You could tell this would be common. >She rode piggyback the whole way to your bedroom. >This was your only bedroom, riddled with clothes and empty energy drink cans. >"It's like my room at home but manlier!l >You smiled as you took of your sleeveless shirt. >You heard Sonata getting undressed too. >"Is it okay if I sleep in just my undies, Anon?" >Well, you'll be sharing the bed, and you both sleep half naked. >You're getting along already. "Sure Sonata. I don't mind." >You took off your jeans, then climbed into bed. >As you turned over, you looked and saw Sonata's lovely figure. >Her bra was a large A cup at most. >But as you looked her down, the contours of her belly, hips and cute ass, you wanted nothing more than to hold her. >Well, part of you wanted more than that... >She turned to you and blushed a little. >She caught you staring. >"I like what I see too." >She climbed into bed with you, and snuggled up to you. >"I've always wanted to be cuddled as I slept." >You wrapped your arms around her, touching her soft skin. >She runs her hands on your chest, happily nuzzling your neck. >"Good night, Anon." >You pulled the comforter over the 2 of you, as Sonata drifted off in your arms. "Good night, my sweet siren." >For the first time in a while... >You haven't smoked. � >There is a pounding at your front door, loud and obnoxious. >Sonata was sleeping preciously in your arms, snoring at a medium volume. >You snore loud enough to wake a bear out of hibernation. >But she doesn't care, so you are good. >More knocking this time. >It isn't old man Somber, he'd have started yelling by now. >You got out of bed slowly, as to not wake the blue haired girl up. >Not bothering to put any clothes on, you walked groggily to the door. >You looked through the door, and saw a woman with emerald flowing locks and a dark figure. >An extremely curvaceous body, palm-overflowing breasts, and a hand-swallowing ass. >Even though this body was bodacious, you knew this woman. >And you didn't want to open the door. >But you had to. >The bible says honor thy mother and father. >But if there was a God, he or she could be nice enough to tell her to leave you alone. >The next few knocks shook the door. "oh...fuck it." >Not wanting to wake Sonata, you gave up and opened the door. >"Some son you are, not letting your Momma Chrysalis into your home." >You look at the clock in the kitchen. >4:37 am "Ma. It's early in the morning. I have to leave for work in a few hours. What do you want?" >Your mother walked in, and sat on the couch. >"Boy, you keep a dirty ass house. If you were still living with me I'd beat the hell out of you for having a mess like this ANYWHERE. Boy I swear you men aren't good for anything, girls having to clean your messes and-" "And that's the reason I live by myself." >You slammed the door, having been easily annoyed by your mother. >This was leaving a seriously terrible taste in your mouth. >"I'm sorry. How have you been, Anon?" "Sleepy." >She shook her head. >"'How have you been', not 'how are you.'" >You were reluctant to talk to your mom. >But you decided its your mom. >You can always spill your spaghetti to her, and she'll be loving. >It doesn't come without her normal pro-feminist rant, but she doesn't steer you wrong. >You told her about the Dazzling rapefest this week. >Even though she laughed at your complaining about it being a problem, she understood that it was crossing your boundaries. >She was capable of being your mom. >Besides her whorish ways and feminist views, she did love you like a mom should. >"So tell me more about this Sonata girl. I hope she isn't anything like your last girlfriend. The bitch was a closet nympho." >Why was Chrysalis so blunt? "Well, Sonata is..." >Describing Sonata would be a challenge. "She's fun. And carefree. She makes me smile, even when I don't feel like it. And she actually cares about my feelings." >"Did you fuck her yet?" >Mom. >No. >Stop. >Pls! "Do I need to answer that?" >Your mom made a whipping motion, and it instantly reminded you of how badly she would spank your ass. >Suddenly, your ass cheeks were on fire. "No. I've done some things with her, but no sex." >Chrysalis smiled at you, stood up and prepared to leave. >"You sure are determined to prove me wrong, huh?" >You smiled at her. "You bet your sweet ass." >She smacked you on the mouth, obviously meaning don't curse in front of her. "Yes ma'am...jeez." >She put a hand on your shoulder. >"Well, I'm going to let you know now. That disease I had, that made me lose feeling in my legs? It's gone now." >You hugged your mom, proudly. >She held you tightly. >"I know you left home because I was sleeping around a lot, and I said some things that hurt you pretty badly. I'm sorry, Anon. But I'm changing, and I'm working on myself and improving everyday. I even just got a job as a teacher at Canterlot High, so I'll be seeing you a bit more." >Great. >Parents at the school you go to never work well. >You released and looked back at her. "So what, do you want me to come home?" >Chrysalis chuckled, and looked around. >"I think you are doing well for yourself, now. Funny. You are just like your dad. He had run away from home, gotten his own house and married me at 18." >"You remind me so much of him. If you weren't my son, I'd kiss you right now." >You reeled back at the thought. >Morally it was wrong. >Only morally. >But you've got a girlfriend now. "Mom!! Seriously!" >She shrugged. >"Honesty is honesty. But no, it'd be best if you didn't come back. I'm trying to patch things with an old boyfriend of mine, and hoping that he'll be a friend to me." >Old boyfriend? "What did you do?" >"Destroyed his car. I may need your help in getting it restored. I'll call if you're needed." >She walked to the door, smiling at you. >"Oh and Anon?" >As you got to the door, you looked at your mom. >"Take good care of your girlfriend. A heart is not a toy. And get the girl some breathing strips, I can hear her snoring from out here." >Chrysalis kissed your forehead, and left. "Bye, ma." >She really has changed. >A lot of things have been going good. >You missed the race, but there was always next week. >Trekking back to your room, Sonata was sitting up, smiling at you. >"So, your mom isn't as bad a person she was at one point." >You smiled back, climbing back into bed and cuddling the girl. "Yeah. She's changed from when I last saw her. Might be a happy pair again." >Sonata snuggled up to you. >"Be glad you have a mom. Me, Aria and Adagio live by ourselves. Well, I'm in the process of moving, actually." >You felt her chest rise and fall. >Her smile told you everything. >"You should talk with your mom more often. That was a good conversation." >You nodded, and watched her drift back off. >"And I think...that's,..wonderful..," >She was back to her peaceful sleep, as you drifted back to sleep. >Your mom was becoming better. >You got a girlfriend. >Nothing can ruin this day. � >God has demanded this day be shit. >The weather forecast was reported to be clear sky. >You step out in your hoodie and jeans, and a hailstorm viciously pelted you and your car. >Wrong weather report. >When you got to work, 4 customers tried to steal your's and Mac's project cars from the garage. >Good thing Mac didn't have to kill anybody with his 20 gauge. >To top the morning off, some douche spilled transmission fluid all over your pants while you were working on an old Volkswagen Beetle. >Now you are going to walk around looking like you shat yourself. >You were sitting down, enjoying a cup of coffee from Sugarcube Corner. "Could this day get any worse...?" >Mac pat you on the back. >"Eeyup." >Mac pointed to the front door. >A furious customer came walking in. >He looked like Yosemite Sam. >"You! Boy, you are a thief!" "What?" >"You heard me ya little shit stain!" >Mac put his hand on your chest, holding you back from any violence. >"Now what is it that my understudy here may have stolen? I'm sure that it's huge misunderstanding." >"My wife's wedding ring! The motherfucker cost me a lot of money, and that motherfucker was the only nigger in my car! And if you don't find it, I'mma sue your honkey ass, and I'll beat your mutt too." "Excuse me? You called me a what?" >The man pushed Mac aside, getting directly in your face. >"You heard me, shitbrain. A MUTT." >With the pronunciation of the "T", he spat in your face. >The juice from the man's chewing tobacco stung your eye, and you'd feel it. >If your rage wasn't fueling your movements, you'd also feel Mac trying to keep you from going to the tool shelf. >You'd also feel the weight of that giant wrench. >But you didn't care about any of that. >He called your boss out of his name. >He called YOU out of your name. >And that's not how you play shit. >The man was still standing where he was. >"Did you find the ring, you ignorant shit stai- >With one swing of the giant wrench, you silenced the old man. >You kept swinging at his head, determined to smash the fucker's head in. >Your mom was dark skinned. >Your dad was from some other country. >Knowing that mutt is a derogatory word for a mixed breed, this angered you. >It angered you terribly. >"Dammit Anon sit the fuck down!" >Mac snatched the wrench from your hands, and threw you to your chair. >You were panting, having exerted so much energy to swinging a big ass wrench. >As your common sense returned, you looked down at the mess you've made. >Blood decked this hall, and you were responsible. >"Anon, I hope ya know what ya just did." >You were silent, looking at this man's body. >The blood pool was expanding, eventually reaching your boots. "I...I-I just...committed..." >Mac was witness to everything you've done. >You started shaking, unable to handle what you've done. >This room had become cold, suddenly. >You turned the heater on full blast, but... >You were cold. >"Anon, talk to me." >You fell out of the chair, crawling away and curling into a ball. >Mac was walking over to you. >"Anon, get a hold of yourself." >Logic was hard to grasp. "He...he insulted you! And me! He was being racist! He was being a bastard!" >Mac knelt down to you, and put his hand on your shoulder. >Then he slapped you. >"Calm the hell down. We gotta talk about this." >Your calm came back to you, but this was still driving you mad. >"Now, while you were sitting there losing your mind, I notified the police." >An expression of fear and shock ran across your face. >"Tell me, do you think yer gonna graduate this year?" >What? "What does that have to do with any-" >"Shut the hell up and answer the question." "I...Well...Yeah. Things were looking up recently." >Mac nodded. >"Things like?" "Well...the winter ball is coming up, and I've got a girlfriend. My mom has started doing better for herself. Mrs. Luna told me that I'm passing her class." >Mac patted your shoulder. >"Then I don't regret my decision in the slightest." >"You promise me that you will live your life to the fullest, and never in a day of your life feel sorry for today." >No. >Was Mac doing this? "I...I..." >"Promise me." >It was like having a knife in your throat. "I...I promise Big Mac." >He smiled at you as sirens wailed outside the garage. >"Now, I'm gonna need you to move out of that apartment of yours, and move in at the Apple house. There's a lot of room, and I want you to take care of my little sister, Applejack. Now I know you 2 don't get along, but she cooks, she'll help ya clean, and she's an honest soul. Besides, your whole check goes to that rent, leaving you only about 50 bucks. That ain't right." >Mac has always been a big brother to you, doing what your father would have done if he was alive. >But this...this was a big leap. >"Now then, I believe Satan is a callin' to take me away." >Mac walked to the door, without looking back for a second. >Tears welled up in your eyes, and you had to scream. >A promise had to be made. "I'll come and get you one day Mac! I promise!! I don't know how the fuck I'll do it but I will!! Even if I gotta take your place!" >Big Mac smiled at you, as you saw some officers taking him by his hands and arresting him. >"That won't be necessary. Just go on and live yourself a full life." >They took him away, as the forensics team came in, and an investigator tried to ask you questions. >You could do nothing but cry. -4 hours later- >Sonata had cleaned up the apartment. >All the clothes had been picked up, food and moldy food boxes thrown away. >And she even fixed something special for you. >She was in the kitchen, hovering over freshly made- >"Anon! I made ice cream tacos! It's got vanilla, mint, chocolate shavings, and caramel sauce all in a salty soft tortilla shell!" >Let's see if she can cheer you up out of this funk. >You took one of the ice cream tacos and bit into it. >Okay, she halfway got you out of the funk. >These ice cream tacos were delicious. >"I wanted to be like one of those homemaker type of ladies on the tv shows, that cook and clean when their boyfriends come home." >You managed to smile a little. "I'll have you know that on those tv shows, those couples are married. We just got together." >She blushed hard at that. >"Oh." >You looked her over. >She had her normal outfit on, but what she wore with it made you smile more. >She had on your dad's old "Fuck the Chef" apron. >If only she knew. "I like the apron. And I'd love to do what it's telling me." >Sonata looked down, and blushed even more. >"I honestly didn't know that was there, I-" "Calm down, calm down." >Sonata stabilized herself, then leaned over the counter. >"Well? You gonna kiss me and tell you about your day?" >Your expression went sour at the thought of today. >Sonata noticed, and came to your side. >"What's wrong?" >You felt all the emotions coming back to you. >And this time, you couldn't lie. >You explained what happened, and Sonata looked at you like you were evil for a bit, then she hugged you. >"So Mac is going-" >You nodded, taking a bite of another taco. >"Even though you killed him?" "I didn't tell them that." >She looked at you, and sat next to you. >"When will you tell them?" "I don't know....but, let's not dwell on that. You need a dress for the winter ball, and I've gotta get a tux." >"Aria and Adagio are your dates, aren't they? They called asking what color to wear." >Son of a bitch, you never told them you just wanted to take Sonata. >You were probably going to have to be raped, but you are a faithful sumbitch. >But another idea crossed your mind, "I was thinking all of us would go. The 4 of us." >Most girls would be pissed at sharing a date. >"That'd be AWESOME!! Most boys won't ask Aria or Adagio out because they are kinda scary." >Someone pick up that goddamn phone. >Because you CALLED IT! � >"So, what colors should we wear?" >You shrugged. >There was no limit to the things piling up in your head. >You were more concerned with Mac. >But since the ball would be in the week coming, you can't exactly ignore it. >You wondered about Granny Apple. >How she'd react to your murdering a random racist guy. >She was a lovely woman, before she passed. >The Apple family was racist, for a time. >Applejack especially. >But Mac met a friend, someone like you, and their one sided views changed over time. >Mostly thanks to Granny. >She taught everybody that "Love ain't got no color." >Thanks to that, Applejack started making a wider range of friends. >Mac started dating Zecora, for a time. >And around then he even offered you a job and grew to like you as a friend. >Is that why Mac went instead of you? >Did he love you like a brother? >"How about a bright green and silver? An old caretaker of mine loved those." >Sonata thought about it. >"That's a really pretty combination! I'll tell the other 2!" >Sonata ran off, dialing the phone. >As you sat, you thought about today. >It was a shitty day. >You looked around, and saw a music box. >Your dad's music box, that played "Moonlight Sonata" every time you opened it. >It had your weed and rolling papers in it. >You shouldn't need to smoke. >You have Sonata. >Even though she wasn't too phased by it, she at least listened. >Maybe it wasn't enough. >You start rolling the blunt, walking over to the balcony. >As you sat in your chair, you lit up and started thinking about it. >Why did Mac do it? >Why? >Blowing O's into the air, you laid back and wondered, letting the moonlit night carry your troubles and the cities nightlife lull you to sleep. � ******************************* � "Goddammit mom, I'm tired as hell, I've had to walk home every week because you are out riding with some new dick! Jesus, I try not to see you as a whore, but every time I defend you, you show me exactly how you are. A fucking whore! I've fucking had it!! I'm leaving!!!" >You left, slamming the door and damn near knocking it off it's hinges. >Why? >You understand you need to do what you have to do to support your family and survive. >But prostitution? >Fuck that bullshit. >You just walked in on your mom and some guy. >You thought she was being raped. >But it was just a client wanting some rough fuck. >You'll be damned if you let some lonely bastard throw your mom around the room for rough sex. >So you beat the man with a bat. >And now, you are basically moving out. >The door opened behind you, with your emerald haired mother coming out to possibly chase you down. >"Anon, come back right the fuck now! You come back and apologize!!" >You kept walking. >Won't be having this bullshit today. >"That's why you'll grow up to be just like these men, coming to see some whore for a chance to fuck! You and these men are nothing but tools to breed!!" >You looked at her. >She was crying, but you knew. >She doesn't care about you. >If she did, she'd have the decency to have these other men out of the house when you came home. "Fuck you mom. If that's what you believe, then I'll show you how wrong you are. I'll show you how deathly wrong you are, you 2 bit HOOKER!!" >As you turned around, you heard frustrated yelling, and soon bawling. >And then a slammed door. >You left, heading into the city. "Fuck that woman. I'll show her. I'll show her, and...and..." >It finally hit you, that you couldn't go back home. >You are on your own now. >You made your mother cry. >Digging in your pocket, you pulled out your wallet. >20 bucks. >Enough food for 5 days, barely. >If you just get some honeybuns and an Arizona. >You spent your days hanging around the school. >There was no where for you to go afterwards, so you watched the school teams practice. >But you couldn't do that today. >Luna told you to go home, there were no practices today. >She also told you that you were failing this semester. >Like all your classes. >Walking the city streets was a bummer. >You've had to steal clothes from unsuspecting boutiques getting shipments. >Some asshole robbed you of your last 8 bucks, so you haven't eaten since Wednesday. >"All time low" is not the phrase for your life right now. >Maybe you should take a train to Manehattan. >You'd be a better hobo there than here. >Suddenly, you bump into a tall, muscular dude. >He knocked you on your ass, but he was still standing. >"You alright there buddy?" >He had an outstretched hand to help. >Guy had freckles, and long hair. >It was one of the Apples, by the sound of his voice. >Your mom knew them. >"You want help up, or you fine with your ass kissing the concrete? >You grabbed his hand, and he helped you up. >Friendly guy. >"You look familiar. Say, ain't you Chrysalis' kid?" >You turned your head. "What? You another one of her clients to ask me find her and get lost?" >He leaned back. >"So, you found out what she's been doing for a living?" >You glared at the man. >"No, I ain't no client. She burned a friend of mine pretty bad, and she should get checked too. I'm Big Mac. My granny would take care of you from time to time. If I recall, you hugged AJ while she cried at the funeral, also." "Jeez, you should be a photo album, remembering all that shit." >He chuckled at that. >"So, how about you come with me. I have room at my house if you need it." >You stood there, surprised. "Do you walk up to everyone and offer them a place to stay?" >He shrugged. >"Well, no. I just think that you need a place to lie your head." "I have a home, thank you." >"Yeah, a pallet of newspapers behind my auto garage. That's a nice place ya got there." "Fuck you..." >The country man simply shrugged. >"Hey, not my fault ya got poor taste in living quarters." >He turned, walking slowly away. >You looked at the alleyway, and back to Mac. >It's not like people will think you are a badass for using diapers as pillows. >And there isn't a way to get food without stealing. >You followed after Mac, breaking out in a brisk jog. >"So ya wised up, 'Non?" >Silence is your answer. >"Eh, ya ain't gotta talk. Anyway, you hungry?" "Hell yeah. What we gonna go eat?" >He thought about it for a second. >"You like muffin's?" >You rose an eyebrow. "No. Is there a place that sells muffins?" >Mac nods. >"Eeyup. A pal of mine has this shop not far from here. Makes really good muffins." >Awesome. >Food sounds excellent right now. "What kind of muffins are there at this place?" >Mac simply shrugged, and gave a gentle smile. >"Just wait and see. She does free samples." � >This muffin place was the bomb. >Each bite was like putting an edible delicious pillow in your mouth. >Oh god, you want more. >Mac watched with a half smile. >It's like watching someone who just got out of prison eat. >"Derpy found someone with a taste for those, apparently." >And that was another thing. >The owner of the place actually did important shit. >Derpy came to the table, smiling and clapping at your enjoyment. >"I'm so glad you like those muffins! I wanted to have a tart fruit along with the regular muffin, but you can't have tart without sweet! So I added creme!!" >You looked up at her. >Despite most business owners, Derpy was young. >And she was cute. >Her eyes were googly, but it didn't change a lot about her. >She's just so.... >Cuddlable. >You would snuggle the fuck out of this woman. >"Sweet Lord Anon, yer starin' too hard. Yer gonna embarrass the girl." >Derpy was blushing. >"It's just fine. I shouldn't be talking to home while he's eating." >She went back to her duties, baking and taking orders. >Mac gave you one of those looks. >One of those "you sly dog" looks. "Why are you looking at me like that?" >Mac chuckled. >"No reason, just wonderin' what you see in her." >Was he saying there isn't exciting about Derpy? "Hey! I'll have you know I think Derpy is cute and she seems interesting! Plus, her eyes are really adorable, crossed or not!" >Mac broke out in a laughing fit, and you heard pans and tin clattering from the eatery's kitchen. >And then a thud. >"Whoo, it doesn't take much to rile you up. Now I didn't say she was a bad girl, I was saying what do YOU specifically see in her. Not meaning to offend, to each his own." >You slunk down, embarrassed at how easily your spaghetti can be spilled. >You looked up and saw Derpy placing fresh muffins in the display case. >She noticed you, and dropped the pan again, blushing harshly from embarrassment. >"All right, we are getting out of here before you give the girl a heart attack." >You had to bring your last muffin with you. >You'll be damned if you don't finish this delicious shit! >Mac got in his truck. >It was an old Ford, it looked 50's. >"Come on in, she rides pretty smooth. There is no air conditioning, so yer gonna have to roll down the window." >Finally, no more walking for a bit. >You hopped in, taking a look around the truck. >This leather was so comfy. >Now if you could do something about this squeaking every time you moved. >But for now, you just enjoyed the ride. >Next week is the week of Christmas, you and your mom get into it. >As more reality whips it's dick into your brain, you realize this. >This'd be the first one away from home. >You haven't felt this sick since that time you drank bleach. >Applejack was mean back in the day. >You were coming up on the Apple family house. >It was gigantic, humongous. >Giganti-mongous. >"Alright, so when you get in, yer gonna wanna find a bedroom, and pick it fast. Also, you want to shower. You smell like equine shit." >You rose an eyebrow. >"I didn't really tell my sister that I'd be inviting someone to stay, and I'd rather you not be in the room when she has a rage fit and starts throwing shit at me." "What does she throw?" >You saw Mac cringe as he thought. >"She's in the kitchen today. So, that means knives and shit." >He didn't need to continue after the word kitchen. >Your mom has thrown a cleaver at your dick before. >You know the dangers of an enraged woman. >"Are those the only clothes you got?" "Yeah." >"Good. that means you ain't gotta waste time coming back to the truck." >You had questions for this man. >He is inviting you into his home. >He only knows you as Chrysalis' kid, Anon. >You haven't exactly done some spectacular shit to be remembered, but he doesn't have a real connection with you. >So why- >"She left the door open after taking the trash out. Get out, and run, find a room." >You dashed out of the car, and made a break for the house. >Could you make it? >You were almost there. >Once you were in, all you had to do was get in a bedroom. >As soon as you hit the steps, you felt a rush of success. >And you were also met with the butt of a shotgun. "Ahhh! My nose!!" >A powerful kick found it's way to your chest, and sent you back to the bottom of the steps. >You heard Mac's voice from the truck. >"Anon? Anon! AAAAANOOOON!!!" >AJ pointed the gun at your heart. >"Alright, who the hell are you and...oh sweet heavens Anon, it's just you." >The blood coming out of your nose was cascading through the air. >Applejack sat the gun down, and stepped over to you. >"Come on, get up." >She hefted you up the steps, and sat you in a chair. >"Well, this gives us a chance to talk about why I been seein' you in alleyways." >Oh no. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine." >AJ flicked your nose. "Ow!" >Despite you both never exactly getting along, she did at least tolerate you. >"For once could you be honest? You smell like you been rollin' around in shit. I've seen you sleeping in alleyways. Despite the fact every time I see you I wanna beat your ass, it does worry me when I see people struggling." >She was cleaning up your nose, and trying to readjust the broken part of it. "If it will keep you from blasting me, I had an argument with my mom. And I ran away, basically." >"Hm. So what, did she take away your TV privileges or something?" >AJ was one of those types who figured that if it wasn't a real problem, she'd shrug it off and just tell you to toughen up. >You ignored the comment as AJ pressed a cloth with peroxide onto your nose. "Ah!" >You flinched. >"Stop being a pussy, Anon." >You swatted her hand away. "Fuck you Applejack. Jeez, could you be a little sensitive? Fuck, I'm basically homeless, and your brother here was being a bro and offered me a place to stay! Shit, Maybe I don't wanna talk about why I left home! Did you ever think it's too soon to talk about it? No, because everybody's gotta be a tough bitch like you! Fuck!" >You walked into the house, heading up the stairs to find an open bedroom. >As soon as you found one, you walked in and closed the door. >AJ really did know how to push your buttons. >You took off your hoodie, and other clothes, preparing to head into the shower. >Opening up a drawer in the dresser, you only found a shirt and some overalls. >The shirt was tight, but the overalls were roomy. >You'd have to go commando, though. >No problem, you didn't plan on using your junk anyway. >You're a virgin. >You couldn't cheat on your girlfriend anyway. >Handy Sandy would be so offended. >You took your clothes and stuffed them in a bag. >And from there, you hopped in the shower. >The water was warm, and you felt weight washing off of you. >It hurt your nose terribly, but fuck it. >Taking some body wash, you began lathering up. >This house ought to be a hotel. >Every room is furnished, has it's own bathroom, and even has soap in each bathroom. >And this is just the house they live in! >Do they have a vacation home? >"Anon? You in here?" >Your peaceful thoughts would be cut short. >Mac was calling for you. "Yeah. What is it?" >You heard the bed squeak, and a tiny thud. >"Look, I know my little sister can be a bit abrasive. It's part of her charm." >Charm? >Implying someone liked being treated like their views are shit compared to everyone else's. >"Look, since your staying here for I don't know how long, the only way I could come to an agreement with AJ is if you do some work with us over Christmas break. That cool?" >You rose an eyebrow. "What kind of work?" >"Well, you can come with me to the garage. Granted, you'll need some car knowledge to actually help me. Or you can stay here with AJ and help out in the orchard." >Your dad used to be in the military. >He taught you a little about the belt system on an engine. >Granted, it was bring your kid to work day, and that was some big, ungodly, tanky mechanism of destruction. >Should be the same basic concept. "Can I alternate between days?" >A bit of silence crossed the room. >"I don't see why not. So what'll you do tomorrow?" >You would be able to see nice ass cars. >Maybe even look at the project cars Mac had been working on. >He was gonna sell them when the restorations were finished, and you could see if you could get one. >How you'd get it is beyond you though. >But you did just curse out Applejack. >Even though she was a tough motherfucker, she does have a sweeter side. >She should. >Or maybe she does that thing crustaceans do. >Molt out of their shells just so there skin becomes the new shell. >But that would mean she still has a soft side. "I'll work with AJ." >"Alright then. I left you a cup of Apple cider here, and Applejack made you some weird Italian stuff. Alfredo, I think. It tastes good, that's all I care about. When you get done, just take the dishes downstairs." >You wrap a towel around your waist, and quickly get to the door. "Hey Mac!" >He stopped halfway out the door. >"What is it, 'Non?" "How come..." >You couldn't form the words in your head to speak clearly. >But you've got his attention, so don't waste his time. "Why are you taking me in? It's nice. I appreciate it. But I don't understand." >He just smiled. >"You know, I really don't know. Granny raised us to be hospitable, but you specifically, I can't say. I'll think about that question, and when I got an answer to it, I'll tell ya. Ok?" >You nod, and he leaves you to your food, and drink. >Tomorrow would be quite the day. � >The sun shone it's sleep ruining light on your face, waking you from your slumber. >Despite the sun's rudeness, you rested well. >You get up, wiggling your toes around. >No shoes, that is with the other mess clothes of yours. >Gotta go barefoot. >You walked downstairs, and pick up some bacon from a random plate on the kitchen counter, heading to the orchard. >This bacon is fucking delicious. >As you get to the orchard, you realize you have no idea what the hell you're doing. >And it's fucking cold out. >Probably should've kept the hoodie. >And you probably should've gone with Mac. >Incoming Applejack. >Status: A little pissed. "Hey AJ." >She just glared at you as you munched on the bacon. >"Mornin', bacon thief." >You looked at the bacon. "This was yours?" >She nodded, and took a strip from your hand. >"Ya ain't learned a damn thing since 4th grade." >She started walking off into the orchard. >"Come on, klepto. It gets colder at 3:30 today, and I'd prefer we get this done as soon as possible." >She led you into the trees, with some pretty barren trees. >It donned on you that it's winter, and these trees are barren. >What the fuck is there to do out here? >"If yer confused about something, ask me." "Ok. First question...the fuck are we doing out here? No apples to pick." >She smiled. >"Well, actually, you're wrong on the apple pickin' part." >You raised an eyebrow. >"I was in Ag class with Ms. Zecora working on a way to get apples to grow during the cold seasons." "Why would you make more work for yourself to do? This is a time for having fun with family, and relaxing." >AJ frowned a little. >Now you were being insensitive. "I'm sorry AJ, I forgot." >"It's alright, when it's your time, it's your time. Granny was old." >You pulled the rough n' tough girl under your arm, giving her a hug. "It'll be alright, she's in a better place." >You felt a heat under your arm, around AJ's face. >"Let me go or I'll wring that arm with my legs." >You let her go, and she quickens her steps ahead of you. >"Anyway, I did one of those science type experiments and I got about 10 trees that'll only produce apples during the cold seasons. And I want you, Anon, to taste them." >She wants you to taste the apples from her orchard. >You felt a stirring in your pants from the double meaning of that sentence. >"And here we are. Took 3 years for them to grow to this size, so it's obvious they grow fast." >You looked at the tree, and marveled at it. >The wood was normal, but the leaves were a pale, whitish blue. >It was a pretty sight, and it'll look good when it snows in the coming days. >AJ smiled. >"It's pretty, ain't it? I love it." >She reached up for a rather rotund fruit. >It was high up, above her somewhat short stature. >You got behind Applejack, and grabbed it for her. >As you got it down Applejack turned to you, slightly embarrassed. >"I coulda reached it...if I jumped." >You admired her honesty, and showed it with a grin. >"Alright, shut up ya smug bastard. Try the apple." >The fruit was an icy blue, lumpy thing. >Quite ugly, in fact. >But since you are trying to make a friend, you figured it won't kill you. >You bit into the 'apple'. >It was soft to the bite, and cool to your tongue. >It was minty, and sweet. >A bit like spearmint, but more sweet. >You grinned stupidly, enjoying the cool flavor while AJ laughed heartily. >"That damn good? Pass it here!" "But doesn't that pass on germs or something?" >The country girl snatched the fruit from you, giving you a disappointed look. >"'Non, mi compadr�, us simple folk don't be worryin' about that. Besides, this is sharing a fruit, not a lusty tongue kiss." >You thought about that for a second. >Jesus, you are 17, and you still haven't had a girlfriend, a first kiss that wasn't your mom, and you are apparently the most frigid kid in school. >You wish this was a lusty tongue kiss. >"Alright 'Non, get to pickin! I think this'll make some good cider." >You nodded, and grabbed a basket heading to the other row of odd trees. >Picking fruit from trees always seemed fun. >On a good day. >But these "apples" were good, and a fruit that grew best when cold. >And you had some time to think. >AJ isn't exactly a warm person, but you were expecting a huge argument when she found out you'd be staying. >Has she toned down her irritation with you? >And Mac. >He never really spoke to you before. >But ever since your dad died, he had been somewhat of a bro to you. >Well, actually, he would speak, and on the rare occasion you asked for something, he didn't say no. >The usual "you got 5 bucks" type of thing. >But he's been there. >He'd ask if things were alright, so he has cared, you think. >Something is odd here... >"So Anon, did ya enjoy the winter ball?" >You were sitting at a table while your date was off with Flash. >Damn that Flash, stealing everyone's waifu's. "It was...alright." >"Why do you always lie to me?" >Why is she the only person you lie to? >"Look, I'm trying to make peace with you. Me and you ain't never been at peace around each other, and I want to squash that. I can't do that if you are being dishonest." >You both want the same thing. "Well it's just that every time we talk, if I complain about something, you'll dismiss it as being a pussy. I mean, yesterday you really pissed me off when I told you I left home. Seriously? Having my games and TV taken away? That's not something to worry about." >AJ had finished her side already, and now she was helping you on yours. >You pick fruit way too slowly, it seems. >"Then what did you leave for? I honestly couldn't imagine anything that'd make me leave my brother." >You could no longer pick fruit, as your stomach started turning at the question. >Sitting down beside the basket you had, you rested your head against the tree. >AJ stopped picking fruit, looking at you. >"Was it that bad?" "'s just..." >You had a frog in your throat. >It felt more like an elephant with a cactus for a dick, but the normal expression is "frog". >It's hard to breathe, and the thought of what happened is making you angry and sad. >You are mad at your mother for her choice. >And you are sad because you can't do a damn thing about it. >Tears were burning their way to your eyes. "Goddammit..." >You were not about to cry in front of AJ. >No. >Hell no. >Before you could hide your face, AJ was next to you. >"If yer thinkin' of runnin' without explainin' the tears, I will hold you down and get it out of you." >You turned away from her. "How about I just don't talk about it. It'll be easier if-" >She grabbed your chin and turned your face back to her. >Her fingers were delicate, but the grip on your face could crush it. >"Do you need me to motivate you? Because I don't want you bottlin' up these emotions. It hurts more when you don't let things go." >Your throat hurt every time you tried to tell her. >It's like there is a curse on you that prevents you from telling apple the truth. >"Sounds like motivation is needed." >Applejack pulled you close, and kissed your cheek. >Closing your eyes, you were feeling the "curse" release it's grip on your throat. >She pulled away from your cheek, and looked at you. >"There. Can you talk now?" >You wiped your eyes, though they stayed red. "Well...I walked in on my mom." >AJ didn't seem to understand. >"What was she doing?" "Some married jackass who paid her." >The country girl was still a bit clueless. >"I'm not sure I-" "They were buckin', Applejack." >AJ's expression softened. "My mom has been up and fucking guys left and right, to whoever payed high enough or when she gets horny. Frankly I don't give a fuck. I just wish she didn't have to do it..." >"No woman ever has to sell her body." "Wishful thinking, that is, AJ. My ma was struggling to make do with both of us there. In fact, with me gone, her whoring money can support that household well. But now I'm Big Mac's burden. I am grateful, but I feel like I'm just a useless weight. I mean my own mother said-" >AJ slapped you, then embraced you. >"Don't ever think of yerself as anything less than Anon." >She smelled wonderfully of freshly made cider. >"I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry I was being insensitive yesterday. I had no idea things were going down like that." >She released you, and looked directly in your eyes. >You couldn't believe it. >AJ apologizing. >You need a camera. >"You can stay as long as you need. Perhaps, I can help you patch up things with-" >You shook your head. "I'm not going back. Never. What she said hurt." >"I'm sure she didn't mean it." "Doesn't matter to me. She said it, and the damage is done. I'm not going back." >AJ was a little shocked. >"Standing by your decision, huh? Well OK, I admire that. But could you at least patch things up between you and her?" >You sat silent. >"Anon..." >Still no words. >"Tell ya work on patching things with yer mom, while I fix you up with a girl." >Joy struck across your heart. >She'd get you a girlfriend? >For real? "AJ Apple, you've got yourself a deal. But what if you don't find a girl?" >She looked off for a second. >"Well, I haven't been on a date in a while, so you can take me out." "I thought I was getting a girlfriend, not a hardass." >AJ punched your shoulder, smiling. >"Now there is the douchebag Anon I know and love. Come on, let's get the apples back to the house." >You smiled at her. >Picking up the basket of fruit, you walk after AJ. >You were finally making a bit of a friend. >Wait. >Wait a motherfucking second. >Know AND love? � ******************************* � >"Anon!!!" >You fell out of your chair, with the lit end of the blunt landing on the crotch of your jeans. "AGGGGHHH!!!" >Sonata giggled, watching you swat away at the burning assailant. >"I didn't know you smoked that stuff." >You stood up, picking up your chair and throwing away the blunt. "Uh...I didn't exactly want you to know..." >She simply waved her hand dismissingly. >"Aria does it, and I haven't seen her go crazy, so it's fine. I actually wanted to talk to you. About that whole...killing thing." >And here you thought you could ignore it until you fixed it yourself. >She took a seat on the couch and waited for you. >"Okay, so you got angry and smashed his head in with a wrench." >You nodded, flopping on the couch beside her. "Yeah. I told you that." >"Okay, so..." >You gave her an inquisitive look. "Is this some kind of intervention?" >She seemed a bit confused. >"Well, Ady told me I should be feeling a lot more shocked and surprised. I is murder and all. But the guy sounded like a real...jerk. I'm not sorry for him, but..." >You laid down, your head resting on Sonata's thigh. >"But it's wrong isn't it? Killing someone?" >You sighed, twirling your finger in her hair. "Yeah. It is." >Sonata gave you questions, and you supplied them with answers, to the best of your abilities. >She was beginning to understand what you did, and why it was wrong. "Any other questions?" >She tapped her chin lightly. >"One more. Do you...feel bad about doing it? Like, regret it?" >She had started playing with your hair, combing it with her fingers. >You thought long and hard about it, trying to think of the most honest way possible. >" It was wrong, I'll admit that. But oddly, I don't regret it at all. Now I can't say I will never kill another person. I don't know what'll happen in the future." >"Can you try not to? For me?" >You looked her in the eyes, and you could see a hint of fear in her eyes. >She was taking the situation well, but she was still frightened. >Frightened about what would happen to you. "I promise I'll try, Sonata Dusk. For you." >Sonata kissed your forehead, and smiled. >"Thank you Anon." >You sat up, stretching. "Well, we gotta get ready to pack. Be spending sometime at The Apple family home." >Sonata seemed puzzled. >"Apple family?" "You know...Applejack?" >"Oh!! I like her. She's really nice. She taught me to ride a mechanical bull!" >That means they should get along well. >The thought brought a smile to your face. >It also made you question how Applejack managed to tolerate Sonata and her childish ways. >"She also tried to teach me to drive, but I kinda ruined her car. She forgave me though!" >Note to Anon. >Sleep with car keys. "I'm glad you know her so well. We'll go there tomorrow at 6:00. She's usually hanging with Pinkie on Saturday nights." >"OK!" >She went to the bedroom, with a pep in her step. >You wondered how long it would take for her to realize she doesn't have any other clothes here. >She came back, smiling sheepishly. >"Could we also stop by my house tomorrow so I can get clothes?" >With a smile, you turned on the PS2. "Sure." >You started looking through your drawer full of games. >What to play, what to play... >"Anon, shouldn't we pack so we don't have to do it tomorrow?" "Eh, all I'm bringing is jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. Maybe a couple beanies. Besides, we don't have to leave till 6:00 pm tomorrow. I'm just gonna kick back and play some old games in the meantime." >"Ok." >You didn't know what to play. >San Andreas was good. >But you wanted something that brought the nostalgia. >The Jak and Daxter series? >That was always fun. >"Can...can I play?" >You could be a selfish dick. >You turned it on, you wanted to play first. >But then again, she never got to have one. >And you aren't that big of a dick... >Or are you? >Then you came across it. >A real gem of your past, something that kids nowadays would never understand. >DragonBall Z Budokai. >It was your first fighting game, and it was fun. >You whipped ass all over your neighborhood in this game. "Yeah Sonata, you can play with me." >Behind your friendly grin was vicious intent. >You were going to eviscerate Sonata in this game. >"Show me how to play!! I learn fast." >Taking her into practice, you showed her the ropes. >She smiled happily as you played the game with her. >Must be nice to play. >When you got done she looked at you with competitive eyes. >"So, wanna battle?" >ReleasetheKraken.jpg "Sure, let's." >She started off with Krillin, and you with Piccolo. >Her combos were furious. >You were both grunting and groaning as you whittled away at each other's health. >Your pupil has grown strong in the last few minutes. "?????????!!" >The Special Beam Cannon won you the match, and a few seconds of rest. >"Again!! I won't lose this time!" >You nodded at her, engaging into another match. >This time, you are Vegeta, and she is Android 18. >You started out well, a Galick Gun nearly blew her away. >More grunting sounded off, louder than before. >"Oh you think you're bad?" >You grinned. "Your damned skippy I think I'm bad." >Shouldn't have opened your mouth Anon. >She systematically whipped your ass, mercilessly defeating you with an Energy Field. >"YEAH!! GET SOME!!" >You gave her a nasty glare. "We are doing it again." >"No problem, Anonymous." >Did she just say your name? >More matches ensued, along with more odd and aggressive sounds from you and Sonata. >As it came to the final match, you and Sonata were destroying the controllers with your fingers. >"Oh...Oh...OHHHH" >You as Yamcha, were about to finish her with your Wolf Fang Fist. "Here it comes, Sonata!!" >She dodges back quickly, thus wasting your attack. >A smile crept across her sweat stricken face. >"I've got you now!!" >As your attack ended, she unleashed an oddly familiar combo, Goku as her character. >Then, a giant ball was being launched at you. >The Spirit Bomb has mercy for no man. >"OHHHH YEEESSS!!!!" >GG, Sonata...GG >With the game over, you looked at the clock. >2:00 am in the morning. "It's late, Sonata." >You looked at each other, and noticed something a bit hilarious. >As you both played, you had gotten slick with sweat, and taken off your clothes. >Both of you were down to nothing but your underwear. >"It was getting fun!" >You smiled as a harsh knock came to your door. >Must be old man Sombra. >You opened the door, and a furious old man stood in front of you. >It wasn't Sombra. >"I am your next door neighbor, and I can hear you and whatever hussie you are schmoozing in there." >Did he just call your girlfriend a hussie? >"I'm trying to get some sleep, so could you and that floppies keep it down in there?" >You want to strangle him. >Your fists began clenching tightly. >No one insults your Sonata. >Sonata noticed you getting worked up, apparently, because now she is behind you, holding your free hand back. >You could swing your arm free of her easily. >But you made a promise. >So you had to take it easy on him. "I'm sorry, I think you mean my girlfriend. And her name is Sonata, so call her by that and not shit else, you fucking prick. Now, if you have noise problems, I suggest moving out or fucking dealing with it." >Without another word, you slammed the door in his face, heading back to the couch with Sonata. >"Do you always get mad when someone insults people you care about?" >You nodded, attempting to calm down by chugging some Hawaiian Punch from the fridge. >Your school counselor noted that you stress-eat whenever you are unable to vent your anger or other pent up emotions. >This is probably why you were a bit chubby. >"Anon, stop it." >You put the jug of juice down, and looked at Sonata. >She came over to you. >"You can't calm down by yourself, can you?" >An angry breath came from your nose. >If you started to speak, you might hurt her feelings with something you didn't mean to say. >"You know what? Come here. I know something that'll relieve you quick." >She took your hand, and led you out to the balcony. >Motioning for you to take a seat, you do as directed while she kneels before you, undoing her bra. "What are you about to-" >Sonata silenced you by throwing her bra on your face, allowing you to see the cup size. >34B, reasonable. >You weren't really a titty man. >The girl dug her hand into the front hole of your boxers, feeling around your balls and shaft. >"This is something that Aria taught me how to do. Hers was bigger though..." >Hold on, she has a dick? >That bitch is a futa? >Sonata pulled Lil' Anon from his hiding spot, stroking it to a half erect state. >The cold air was stinging your meat >"It was a fake one, but it was like...a foot long maybe? I dunno, she only taught me this. I think it'll help you helped her a bit." >She licked the tip softly, and slowly. >Shivers were going your spine, and she could do nothing but giggle. >"Someone hasn't done this before." >She slowly slid the tip in her mouth, rolling it around a bit. >The inside of Sonata's mouth was wonderfully warm, her tongue massaging your tip slowly. >You couldn't see a thing with this bra in your face, but at the moment, fuck the eyesight. >Sonata slid her lips further down, undulating her tongue to stimulate your dick. >Your halfy was stiffening. >She popped you out of her mouth, stroking it some more. >"I'm glad yours isn't as big as Aria's fake one. I'll bet I can take this all." >The spot on your dick enhanced the chill, making you whimper a bit. >You heard her giggle, and felt the warmth come back, going down a few more inches down your cock. >Sonata began to bob her head, sucking in and blowing out in vigor. >The sensation is starting to become too much, you could feel you balls churning with force. " might wanna slow down..." >She tried talking, not taking you out of her mouth. >The humming vibration was pleasant, as she started to swallow all your length. >You can take this no longer. >As your dick starts to twitch with the telltale sign of orgasm, Sonata takes a hold of your dick, and squeezes tight. >She's denying you orgasm like the other 2 did before. >You're shuddering, bucking your hips against her hands. >Sweet fuck it hurts, but you are getting a bit used to it. >Sonata stood up, and used one of her hands to uncover your face. >She giggled. >"You look really cute when you are trying to cum." >Her smile was mocking you, you needed to shoot off. >Finally, you were starting to settle, and Sonata let go of your dick. >"So Anon...I' a bit of a problem." >You rose an eyebrow as the cold air blew onto your skin. >"I'm really, really horny this time, and I don't think what we did last time will work." >She took your hand and stuck it into her panties. >You can feel the heat and stickiness of her womanhood coating your fingers. >"So, the problem is...I want you but...I don't want it in my..." >You put your other finger to her mouth, shushing her. >She is bad with words when she's in the mood. "I have the perfect idea." >You stood up, and kissed Sonata, deep and passionately. >As she released, she looked at you, barely pink in the cheeks. >"That...kinda made it worse." >You turned her around, and told her to lean on the balcony. >She did so, and you pushed her panties to the side. >A view of dat ass mesmerized you, and gave you good view of what she had to behold. >Her cunt was dripping, more so than anything you've ever seen. >And she had a very tight pucker. >It must be painfully tight, because you almost didn't notice it. >"Remember..." >You pinched her ass, causing her to yelp. "I won't forget." >You run your digits along her mound, picking up the juices for use as lube. >Then, you gently teased her hole. >She shuddered. >"I...I-I don't...know about putting anything in th-there..." >With some gentle application, you begin to press your middle finger into her sphincter, slowly penetrating her with your finger. >"Ahhhh...c-careful! That's...sensitive." >Your finger was meeting some resistance as you fingered, What with Sonata not relaxing. >If someone were getting in your ass, you'd understand. >But that isn't stopping you. >You put in your index finger, and apply a little more force. >No longer protesting, Sonata welcomed the new pleasuring sensation. >Now for the hard part. >You pressed your dick against her pussy, stroking it but not poking it. >Sonata was breathing heavily, a bit red in the face. >As soon as you've coated it well enough, you pull out your fingers. >"That was feeling good...why'd you stop?" >She turned to look at you, as you push your cock against her back door, forcing the poor virgin girl against the balcony. >She squeezed the railing, and looked at you. >"If someone sees..." >You kiss her, delivering your response quite strongly. >Her sphincter began to give way, and with in a second, you've popped in and penetrated Sonata's ass. >She opened her eyes, and screamed into your mouth. >A penis isn't a finger. >The girl was in terrible pain, and you took her hand, trying to help her get comfortable. >She started to cry, tears streaming down her face. >While she was in pain, you were right. >Her ass was tighter than anything you've been in. >With her so tense, you weren't going to be able to fuck. >When she stopped screaming, she broke the kiss, and looked back over the balcony. >" hurts, but can move now." >All she need to say was a word. >You slowly and softly thrust into Sonata, easing her through the pain. >She was still crying, but she wanted to continue. >You kept a slow pace, trying not to explode inside. >It didn't take long for her to start feeling the pleasure. >It hurt her like hell, but it still felt good. >"A little faster." >You sped up a bit, watching Sonata's body language. >She started pushing back, forcing herself to take more in. >"Harder, Anon!" >Giving her what she wanted, you began to play with her nub. >Sonata began to pant, gripping the railing tighter. >She was enjoying this now, releasing the rail with one hand to join yours playing with her joy buzzer. >"Don't stop!" >You barely heard the sentence over her moans and pants. >Your balls were churning. >The orgasm denial left your dick too sensitive. >You insert a finger into her cunt, and speed up your pace. >She was redder in the face, and panting in time with your thrusts. >"So...So close...An..ANOOOON!!!" >You felt her ass tighten dramatically, and you thrusted into her deep, releasing a torrent of cum into her, while her own orgasm caused her to squirt her femcum on the floor. >Sonata slumped to the ground, falling off your softening prick, in post-coital bliss. >You picked her up, and carried her into the bedroom. >You lied her down, then went and locked the doors for the night. >As you came back, she was lying half awake. "I brought your bra, Sonata." >"Come cuddle, please?" >You walked over to her, and sighed happily as she weakly pulled you down to the bed. >She wrapped her arms around you, holding you tight. >"I wanted to wait to have any kind of sex...but...every time I do something sexual I get so pent up..." >You stroked her hair, and cover yourselves with the comforter. "Well, it's not like I'd refuse." >She nuzzled her head in your chest. >"Anon...can I tell you a secret?" "Yes, Sonata?" >She got close to your ear, lips grazing it. >"Next time I wanna do it in a public place." >She pulled away from your ear, blushing hard. >"I am a bit turned on at the idea of being caught while doing something..." "Naughty?" >She nodded, and hid her face. >"You probably think I'm some kind of freak..." >You moved her hands away from her face. "I am the same way." >Sonata grinned happily, and cuddled you tighter. >"I can't believe I found someone who has things in common with me!!" >You smiled. >You thought you'd never find another exhibitionist that wasn't a homosexual male who was into BDSM. � >Sonata kissed you, and lied her head close to your chest. >"Anon, I'm glad I met you." >She looked into your eyes, and opened her mouth to speak. >"Anon...I..." >Her face turned red, and she quickly buried her head back in your chest. "It's fine, tell me when you are ready." >She nodded, embarrassed to even look you in the eye. >Must be something important she wants to say. >You kissed her forehead tenderly. "Good night, Sonata." >You squeezed her tight, then began to fall asleep, slowly closing your eyes. >"Good night Anon..." >You could feel her moving a little. >"Olive Juice, Anon." >What the fuck does that mean? >Sleep grabbed your consciousness, disabling your ability to process and think. >As you started to dream, your mind went back to what you were remembering earlier. � ******************************************************* � >"Get the hell out of here Anon! I don't want you in my house or within 50 feet of the fucking place!" >Your mom had you thrown out by the man paying her for a good time. >It gets tiring when people mistreat you. >And even though you promised AJ you'd try and patch things, you couldn't get anywhere with your mom. "Fuck it...I'll just go to the garage." >You began walking. >You and your mom were always at each other's throats. >It was almost a thing like that M&M guy in America. >Except you have no talent, and if you dare say a damaging word about your mother on a song she'd kill you. >She told you that whenever you bought the Eminem Show album. >"Anon! Did ya handle that business?" >Mac was dealing with a large truck, a Ford, it seems. "Yeah. Everything went fine." >He passed you a wrench. >"All right. You see this part here?" >He pointed at the underside of the truck. >"We gotta take some stuff apart, and work on putting in independent suspension." >You should probably enroll in automotive class next semester. "Independent suspension?" >Mac smiled, and began explaining the suspension to you, as you started dismantling the truck. >As you reattach the wheels, Mac smiled at you. >"So you understand?" "Suspension make car go bouncy, help ride be smooth. Got it!" >The truck was lowered to the ground, ready for pickup. "So, Mac. What does it take to get a job here?" >Mac stroked his stubbly 5 o'clock shadow. >"Well, first ya need to apply. You gotta learn a little bit about cars. And I'm talkin' a lot more than just fixing up suspension." >This was interesting. >You take after your dad, him being a mechanic in the military. >He was a greaser, and you were becoming a car guy. "So...could I work here?" >The country man looked at you and chuckled. >"So you actually wanna work here?" >You gave him an ecstatic nod. >Don't break your neck, Anon. >"You know what, I'll start you off as an intern and see how that goes. You do well enough, and I'll make you my apprentice. A paid one, too." >Just like a child who got a new toy, you jumped up and down. >You were getting your first job!! >The pay would suck at first, but fuck it! >"Though, there is a catch." >You stopped, and looked at Mac. >"I've been paying attention around that school, 'Non. You are almost 18 and still a junior. This is supposed to be your grad year." >D'aaw shit. >"If you want this job your gonna have to work on 2 fronts. Hard as hell in school, and study car anatomy here at the garage." >You frowned. "How am I gonna do all that? There is only so much time in the day." >Mac simply pat your back and got ready to leave. >"Just like my granny once said. If you want it bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes." >You and him were getting ready to leave, when you were passing up some incomplete cars. >It was there you saw it. "...Sweet momma Mary..." >Mac came back, and grinned. >"So you see the project cars, eh? These are the cars that people want built, restored, or overhauled. It takes a while to do so, but when it's over, their car is a dream come true." >You walked over to a particularly attractive car. >It had a strong presence about it. >It was missing an engine, brake pads, and a whole bunch of shit from the inside. >"Looking hard at the 1977 Pontiac Firebird, eh?" "Mac. I can't believe I'm saying this...but this car...this car is sex. And I fucking want it." >Mac shook his head. >"Well, I'm sorry to break yer boner, but that car is being built for an old millionaire landlord here in the Ponyville district of the city. I think is name was Somber? Yeah, that was it." >You will find this man. >And you will have this car. >Even if you've got to hurt somebody. >On the drive, you and Mac picked up some burgers and other stuff for everyone to eat. >And as you got to the house, Applejack was sitting on the stair steps, smiling and waving. >Mac went inside to enjoy his food, but as you got to the top of the stairs, something didn't feel right. >AJ just sat there, she barely ate anything. >You sat directly behind her, and opened your burger. >She laid back into your crotch, admiring the feel of clothing as her pillow. "You are laying between my legs." >She jumped, startled, and turned around. >"Dammit Anon, what the fuck's wrong with you? You can't just-" >You took her burger, and shoved a piece in her mouth. >She glared at you as you gave her a sly grin. >She bit, chewed and swallowed, then calmed down. >"I'm sorry for that. Just...a little irritated." >You rose an eyebrow. "About what?" >She looked at you, and seemed a bit embarrassed to speak. >"You won't laugh, will you?" >You shook your head. >In all reality, you can't make that promise. >"Well...I went to the mall with Pinkie today, and there was this group of guys hitting on her. She's a bit of a nympho, but she doesn't like being seen as a whore. So I ran 'em off, and well...they said..." >She seemed to choke on her next sentence. >" I pretty?" >Awkward. >So awkward. >"You're about to laugh, ain't ya? You said you wouldn't." >She got up, but you took her hand and sat her back down. "Look, AJ. I don't know why what these boys said is bothering you. Why would you ask me that?" >She looked down at your hand, and blushed a little, hiding behind her hair a bit. >"Can ya let go please?" >You let go of her hand, and the blush fades. >Why does she blush when you touch her? >Do you stink? >"You are the only boy who hasn't really insulted me. I mean, back in the day you used to take my marshmallows and cookies a lot, but, you'd always leave me one. You never insulted me, either. But these varmints called me a...a..." "They called you..." >She mumbled something odd and obscure. "What?" >The mumble was a little louder. "AJ, don't be shy, be loud." >"THEY CALLED ME BUTT-UGLY COUNTRY SPERM DUMPSTER!!" >She yelled that loud enough for China to send a noise complaint. >She began to tear up a little. >It must have affected her bad. "Why is this bothering you so much? It's not like you've been single your whole life." >She gave you a sadder look, and began to cry a little more. >Good job Anon, now you got her crying. >"I ain't never had a boyfriend, Anon! I'm not like Rainbow Dash and the others!" >She was getting angrier with every word she spoke. >Angrier, and sadder. >"I'm not all beautiful and fashionable like Rarity! I'm not cute and smart like Twilight! I'm not sporty like Rainbow! I ain't hyperactive and sex crazed like Pinkie! And I'm not shy and adorable like Fluttershy!! I'm just the weird southern girl that no boy would want to date if he had to repopulate the earth!!" >She was punching at your leg now. >AJ started to quiet down and sniffle, looking up to you from her seat. >You pulled her into a hug. >"Why...why don't people find me pretty Anon? I...don't try to hurt nobody's feelings...I-I can be nice...and gentle...I don't mind trying something new out if a boy wants me to. Why? Why can't I get a boyfriend?" >Is this something you should talk to her about? >Why isn't Mac talking to her? >Oh yeah, that's right, you stopped to see what was wrong. >But what can you say? >You don't have feelings for AJ enough to tell her anything. >Do you? >"I just...I want to be like the others. I want a special someone..." >The name they called her wasn't something that was hurtful. >But it hit her hard, apparently. >She pushes off of you. >"I'm sorry. I shouldn't bother ya with my problems. You've got your own thing to worry about..." >You wiped her tears off, and looked her in the eye. "I don't think you are ugly, AJ." >She picked up her burger, and looked at you. >"Thanks Anon. It means a lot that you said that." >She got up, heading inside, and you did the same, eating your burger. >As you both got to the doorway, she looked at you. >"Thanks for listening. I appreciate it. I don't get a chance to talk to Mac often, mostly because I want him to go to sleep ready for work instead of worrying about me. It's not your responsibility, but-" >You put a barbecue sauce covered finger to her mouth. "I get it, girl. You're welcome." >She smiled, then kissed your cheek. >This is the second time she's done this. >But a little longer this time, and it awakened a fire inside you. >She withdrew her lips, still smiling. "What was that for? I didn't need motivating." >"Just another way to thank ya, 'Non." >She left, headed to her room. >And you were stuck with a hardened member. >Fuck. � -2 days later- � >Friday night. >Tomorrow is Christmas, and you were enjoying the snowy weather. >Your clothes were finally clean from the grime and dog shit, so you were back to your jeans, shirt and hoodie. >You were heading to your mom's, at a final attempt to patch things. >Hopefully, you wouldn't walk in on another dirty scene. >You knocked at the door to the modest house, waiting for it to be opened. >Chrysalis opened the door, and folded her arms. >"Hmph. You are back." >She wasn't thrilled to see you at all. "Merry Christmas Ma. Can I come in?" >She walked away from the door, without a word. >You walked in and closed the door, shaking off the snow. >"Well? What is it you want?" "You know what I want, ma. I'm trying to patch things up with you." >"Don't know why the fuck you bother." >"Unless you are here to help pay a bill, or getting a service, you can fucking leave, meatstick." >Not a vicious word from you, and she was already bearing her verbal fangs to you. >Wait a minute, you could buy a service from your mom? > are a virgin. >No. >Not like you're gonna get laid sometime soon. >No, Anon. >And your mom did have a bangin' body. >Dammit Anon! >And fucking your mom is only morally wrong. >ANON STAHP!! "Mom, I came here to talk- >"What the fuck is there to talk about? You left! I'm having the time of my life, fucking who I want, eating what I want, walking around naked in my own damn house. I'm living the fucking dream without you, Anon." >Your mom was drinking heavily on a bottle of unlabeled vodka. " are drinking again. You have to-" >"And now you're gonna preach to me about how to live my goddamn life?! Of course. You know what, why are you here?" >You have to calm her down. >She was starting to get unruly. "Ma, you need to relax-" >"I don't need shit! Why the fuck are you here?!" >She started yelling unintelligibly, getting violent with her hand motions. >She started throwing glasses and other shit. >You grabbed her, trying to calm her down a little. "I'm here because I love you ma, and I don't want you to hurt yourself because of-" >"Get your ungrateful ass off me!!" >She pushed you off, and struck you with the bottle of vodka. >It burst everywhere, and cut you from your left eyebrow to your right cheek. >You fell to the ground, and covered your face, glass bits stuck in it, and alcohol stinging your eyes. >Chrysalis dropped the bottle, and realized what she just did. >"Oh my god...A-Anon...Are you..." >She came to your side, and tried to help you up. >The pain hurt too bad. >Your mom teared up, trying to help you up. >"Anon...please get up." >You moved, and uncovered your eyes and walked to the bathroom. >Not a word to your mom. >You looked in the mirror, and got the tweezers to pick out the bits of glass. >The glass bits were out of your face in less than a few minutes. >You walked out to see your mother sleeping on the couch. >She was laid out, obviously passed out from being drunk. >She hit the fuck out of you with a bottle of alcohol. >She was your mom. >You would be at odds sometimes, but you always ended up laughing and talking later. >Why would she hit you? >After a closer observation, you notice stains on the couch near her eyes. >She cried herself to sleep. >You took her cell phone, and dialed the house phone. >You were going to leave her a message. >She wasn't going to wake up unless you moved her, so you had no worries. >The answering machine picked up. � +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ � >"Heeey!! This is Chrysalis." "And Anon!!" >"I'm glad you called, but we're not home!" "But we'll be back before too long!" >"You gotta wait for the beep, you gotta leave your name-" "You gotta leave your number, wait for the-" >"BEEP!!" "BEEP!! Aww dammit ma we were supposed do that at the same time" >A smack sounded off. >"Watch your mouth, this is the answering machine message." � +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ � >She never changed the answering machine message. >It's been 4 years since you 2 did that. "'s me. Your son Anon. Just wanted to say that no matter what, if you are a hooker, pimp, janitor or have some other demeaning job, you are my mom. And I love you so much. You took care of me when dad died and tried to teach me to be a man. I'm sorry, but...I can't get with the thought of you selling yourself for sex. I'll remember what you taught me, Ma. I'll be in town, won't ever have to see me again. I'll leave you alone, for good. I just...don't want to see my mother treated like those whores in the Red Light District. It makes me mad...and I might hurt the next man to hit you for the sake of kink. So...goodbye, I guess. I'm grabbing some of my clothes, my Playstation and that awfully girly pendant you got me for my birthday last year. Something to remember you with. I love you." >You hung up the phone and set it on the coffee table. >It took you a bit to pack your shit, but eventually you were out of there. >You locked the door as you left, and made your way to the Apple house. >It was snowing down hard, letting you know a blizzard was coming. >A fitting setting for the mood. >This was it. >You weren't ever going back. >The place you were raised. >The place you rested your head for the longest. >The place that you shared with the only woman to know you best. >The place you now will never see again. >Of course, you could always visit. > >The bottle to the face was the last straw. >There isn't a way you can see to forgive your mom for that. >You'd miss her dearly, but it's probably best you leave. >The cold started stinging the cut on your face. >You probably should have cleaned up after removing the glass. >An old man in a Chevelle pulled up. >He seemed like the old and grumpy type. >"Hey kid. It's cold as fuck out here, Why are you walking?" >He was probably trying to sound concerned, but he wasn't very good at it. "I'm heading to the Apple house. I figured I need the exercise." >The man laughed out loud. >You are sensitive about your weight, but that was probably an obvious lie. >"Look, It's hell out here. Hop in, and I can take you there. And before you question me, no, I am not a sex offender." >You weigh your options. >Out in the cold, making an hour and 30 minute walk. >Or get there quick in this car. "All right. If you got room." >You hopped in the car, and put your bag between your legs. >The car was warm and toasty, a great change from outside. >You liked the cold, and the winter. >But hypothermia and other illnesses on Christmas Eve? >Hell no. "Nice ride you got here." >"Thanks. 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. It's my pride and joy, restored her myself." >The man had black and grey hair, with piercing red eyes. >"My name is Sombra." "Anon." >"So how old are you kid? You look like you're old enough to be on your own." "17. My birthday is next month." >The man smirked. >"So you look 21, but you're younger than my kids." >You smiled. >"Well, I had to grow this beard for a long time. It would only grow on my neck. I also used to be fat as hell, but now I'm good." >Sombra chuckled. >"So you were a neckbeard." >You rose an eyebrow. "The fuck is that?" >Sombra shook his head. >"Nothing boy. Nothing at all." >You thought for a second. >Sombra. >Somber. >Was this the guy that owned that car? " you have a car at Mac's Garage?" >Sombra nodded. >"Yes I do. You work there?" "Weeeelllll...I'm an intern." >You were then on the dirt road, nearing the house. >"I collect classic cars. I own apartment buildings all over town, so that makes me the landlord. After taxes and stuff, it leaves me with a good bit of money, so I started collecting cars." >He smiled proudly. "This one of the collectables?" >"No, this was actually my first car. I just keep it well maintained." >As you pulled up to the house, you couldn't resist asking about that car. " there anything you trade that Firebird for?" >Sombra chuckled, but when he saw the expression on your face, he stopped. >"Listen, Anon, right? This isn't the 1700s, people don't trade. We buy things." " much you willing to sell for?" >Sombra looked at you a bit annoyed. >"The thing is worth a good bit of money." >Sadness struck across your face. >You want that car, man. >Why you gotta be a dick? >"But...since it is Christmas...I'll be nice about it. It'll cost you $4500." >Damn, you haven't had that much in a lifetime. >"If it seems like a lot, don't worry, it is. But if you can get it, the car is yours." >He wrote down his phone number, and handed it to you. >"If you've got questions about that car, or you start looking for your own place, let me know, alright?" >You nodded, and got out of the car. >Christmas is turning around!! >You go into the house and head to your room, putting your things away. >You cleaned the facial scar up, wondering why that old man didn't say anything about it. >Probably didn't want to make you feel ugly. >Once you are set up, you head back down, and look at the tree. >It was beautifully lit, red, orange and green lights. >"It's usually just orange and red." >AJ walked up to your side. >"Me and Mac decided that since you'll be with us a while, you should be included." "You guys didn't have to..." >"Nonsense. We're happy to have you. And that means you are part of the family." >She passed you a mug. >"It's some warm egg nog. You like it?" >You looked at the steaming liquid. "Never tried it." >"Well go on then. Drink!" >She took a large swig of hers, leaving her with a nog-stache. >You smiled at her, then decided to join the fun. >Drinking some, you enjoyed the creamy flavor. >Sweet, and spiced. >You started chugging, this shit was good. >"Slow down there partner, don't choke." >All of yours was gone. >Soon, there was a warm, pulsating heat in your chest. >"This is the nog with alcohol in it, Anon. You can't just knock these back." "Aren't we underage?" >She rolled her eyes. >"Live a little." >You walked with her upstairs, to her room, and sat on the bed, looking at the storm clouds. "So where's Mac?" >Applejack finished her egg nog, and sat the mug on the dresser. >"He's gone getting presents. He always shows up Christmas morning to give them to me. This time he'll be going for me and you." >You watched as the sun set in a break of the clouds, the beautiful shades of purple and indigo christening the night sky. >"'d that scar on your face get there? It looks fresh." >You explained what happened, leaving out the message you left. >"She sure did mess you up." >You stood up, and went to the window, with AJ following suit. "It's gonna be fine. I'll be out of your hair as soon as I can get a car and a place." >"Are you going to treat yourself like a burden again? Cuz I will beat your ass, without the hug." "No, I just think I should be independent." >Applejack took your hand, and turned your face toward her. >"You do what you feel is right. But you'll always be welcome here with me." >She spoke like she owned the place. >She kinda did, but Mac helped build it. >So that meant it was his too. >AJ looked up, and a killer blush ran across her cheeks. >"" "What is it?" >You looked up, and saw the culprit. >A mistletoe. >"Damned Mac, always putting the thing random places. He always-" >You silenced her with a kiss, catching the embarrassed cowgirl off-guard. >She barely fought back, indicating this was probably something she wanted. >Her resistance faded, and she pulled herself closer to you. >AJ was enjoying this, pulling you by your hoodie and wrapping her arms around you. >You couldn't stop kissing her, her lips tasted like egg nog. >Somewhere along the line, you both fall onto the bed, rolling around deep into each other. >Applejack pulled away for a chance to breathe, and looked at you. >Your dick was stabbing her stomach, and she blushed. >"I...I didn't think you liked me too." >Your heart was racing, and a heat filled your body. >You just didn't want to stop. >"You are poking me a bit." "I'm sorry, I can't help it." >AJ tightened her grip on your hoodie and bit her bottom lip. >"Anon, I gotta know...I wanna take this further." >Your up and ready friend jerked, causing AJ to blush a little more. >"If we mess around and things happen, you wouldn't...leave me, would you?" >You were confused. "What do you mean?" >She blushed a little harder. >"Anon...stop makin' me so nervous....If we...if I bear your won't leave me, will you?" >You couldn't be a deadbeat dad. >Yours died, so you knew what it was like not to have a dad. "No AJ. I wouldn't leave you for that." >She smiled lightly. >"Good...cuz I actually planned this a little..." >Nigga what? >"I've had a crush on you for a while, Anon. Since back then, I always sorta liked you. Even though you stole my stuff..." >You smiled at her. "That's sweet, AJ. But, you didn't have to lie about the could have just told me." >She shook her head a bit. >"I was...scared. But now I don't have to be anymore." >She pulled back into a kiss, digging a hand into your pants. >AJ awkwardly felt around for your dick, although it was painfully erect, she couldn't find it. >She broke the kiss, sat up, and started undoing your jeans, and you started doing hers. >However nervous she was, she was working past it. >AJ worked your pants down, along with your boxers, revealing your admantium hard prick. >"Its so hard..." >She stroked it a few times, sending a rope of precum out. >"Slimy..." >You pull down her tight jeans, looking at her boy shorts. >They perfectly complimented her hips, and juicy ass. >You slid your palms up her thighs, squeezing gently on them. >"That feels nice a good massage." >Your hands worked their way up, reaching for her ass. >You squeeze, and Applejack yelps, leaning down closer to you. >"Ooh...Harder..." >You squeezed a little harder, noticing a wet spot on her panties. >She flinched a little. >"One more time Anon. Really hard." >You squeezed as hard as you could, playing with her ass a little bit. >She bit her lip a little, and got off of you. >She pulled your jeans and boxers completely of, and wiggled herself free of her own jeans. >AJ gently tugged at your hoodie, wordlessly saying she wants it off. >You almost tore it off, along with your t-shirt. >She takes off her jacket and shirt, showing off her mismatched bra and panties. >As she got back on top of you, she undid her bra, throwing it off the bed. >It was just you and the panties. >You pulled them down, revealing a nicely trimmed snatch. >She blushed, and rubbed a hand on your chest. >"You like what you see?" >You nodded, dick twitching even more. >She got the panties off, revealing her fully naked form. >With all of those heavy clothes, AJ wasn't much to look at. >But now that she was naked, you could see it all. >Her body was perfectly shaped, breasts were Cs, and her ass was more than a handful. >She was beautiful, long and golden hair, with her vivid green eyes. >She rose her body up, and put your cock between her ass cheeks and started to slowly rose and fall. >"Does it feel good Anon?" >Her ass was warm, and soft as it rode you. "Y-yeah." >She rose high, your dick coming out of the valley of her ass. >Her pussy slid along the underside of your dick, bringing you close to orgasm. "A...Apple...jack..." >She stopped teasing you, then tried to guide your cock into her waiting cunt. >Her pussy was sticky with her juices, a long strand connecting her clit with your dick tip. >She found the right hole, and sat for a few seconds. >" are my this moment...please." >She takes your hands, and interlocks them. >She's trembling, but she manages to get you in. >You feel resistance in her snatch, but with some applied force, you keep her coming down. >Applejack screamed in pain, her hymen torn, blood starting to ooze out. >"Don't move...d-don' hurts..." >She keeps a hold of your hands, squeezing tight to ignore the pain. >Her pussy was wet, and warm, like a Florida beach. >She started to move up, as soon as she got over the pain. >She slowly rode your cock, moaning softly as she started to gyrate her hips a little. >Your dick was about to explode. >AJ looked like she was in heaven, her head cocked back, and mouth open. >You thrusted upward, erupting like a volcano inside Appleass. >"Aahhh Anon!! What are you belly is so hot...did you cum?" >Your orgasmic high fading, you nod. >AJ kisses you, passionately. >"Your cum is so warm. It's...nice...we don't have to keep going if you don't want." >You shake your head. >" are spent. What could you possibly-Oh..." >Your dick was hardening up, having been milked by AJ's pussy. >The sensation of her walls is euphoric, it could drive you wild. >You gave AJ a powerful kiss, and grabbed her hips. >She drew a sharp breath, unprepared for what you might do. >You thrusted into her at a calm pace. >"mMmmM....KeEp...GoINg..." >She bounced up a little with each thrust, coming down only to meet you pushing her up again. >You went faster, making a subtle "pamf" sound when your bodies met. >AJ leaned over you, and held onto your shoulders. >"AnOoOn..." >She said your name in a low tone, being vibrato'd by your thrusts. >Tightening her grip, she held onto you, and nibbled on your earlobe. >Driving you a little more wild, you start thrusting harder, pistoning yourself in and out of Appleass. >You could feel her pussy melting around you, with your balls churning once more. "I'm gonna...I'm.-" >AJ pulled herself to your face. >"At thE sAme tIMe..." >Her walls clenched tightly on your spear, while you ejected more lust into her. >Applejack screamed in pleasure, going limp and falling on top of you. >She was panting, her head resting on your chest. >"That was amazing..." >You'd agree, but you are too tired to speak or move. >You wrapped your arms around Applejack, about to pull out. >"No...stop...Keep it in...when we wake up I wanna go again." >You lie there, underneath the strongest girl you know, with your dick sitting inside her. >She kissed you, and pulled on your bottom lip. >"Anon...I don't care if I get long as I'm with you...I don't care. You make me so happy..." >She smiled as she fell asleep, perfectly rested on you. >It made you happy to know someone thought the world of you. >Someone who felt that without you, their lives would suck. >Your eyes closed, and you felt time stand still. >Despite what happened today, you have someone to make you happy. � >Waking up, you feel good. >You open your eyes to a somewhat odd sight. >Good thing you didn't pull out. >AJ was rolling her hips on your morning wood. >She sounds like she's close, making you wonder how long she's been at this. >She inhaled sharply, vaginal muscles clamping down on you. >You catch her as she slumps over, she probably would've been startled were she not so exhausted. >AJ lied down, and kissed you. >"Morning, Sugarcube." >Her body was slick with sweat, and you found it hard to move. "Morning. So, seems like someone can't control herself." >She blushed and smiled softly. >"I think I see why Pinkie acts how she acts...It feels good." >You noticed that she undid her normal long ponytail, and had her hair down. >She looked a lot better like this. "Your hair..." >"I took it down after you went to sleep. Do ya like it?" >You smiled at her, and ran a hand through it. "Honestly, I don't know why you didn't do that sooner. You look great like this." >She smiled, and ruffled your hair. >"I'm glad you like it." >But now for a question. " many times did you ride this ride before I woke up?" >AJ looked at the pillow under your head. >"...7..." >She's been riding you for fucking hours. >You gave her an astonished look. >"I told you when I woke up, I wanted to do it again. You weren't awake, but part of you was...and I just...did my thing. I didn't think you'd cum while sleeping though..." >You came in your sleep? >No wonder your dreams were more euphoric than usual. "How many times did I cum?" >"3. At least, that's when I stopped feeling heat in my belly." >She fucked you dry in your sleep. "You need a sextoy." >She blushed and punched your chest. >It knocked the wind out of you, meaning she wasn't exhausted anymore. "Ow..." >"Why would I need a toy when I have you?" "Cuz I get tired too." >She flicked your nose. >"Most boys would kill for everyday buckin' sessions. I'm glad to see you are a bit different...a little disappointed, but glad." "You aren't gonna go all sex crazed on me, are you?" >"No, but when I'm in the mood, Ill hogtie you if I need to." >She got off you, your cock slipping out and landing on you with a wet smack. >You watched her ass jiggle with each step she took, her hair swaying back and forth. >Those guys that insulted her had no idea what they were missing. >Your cock began to stir, and it hurt as it got erect. >You've been cumming to much in the past few hours. >Applejack put on her bra, and put on a long night gown. >She kicked her panties over to the side, and stretched. >You sat up on the edge of the bed, feet touching carpet, and put on your boxers and jeans. >Dong decided to poke out of your boxers, rubbing against your zipper. >You sat on the bed, wincing at the pain. >AJ turned to look at you, and gave you a smirk. >"Now you talk about me getting all hot and bothered, but look at you." >She walked over and flicked your hardened member. >It hurt, the soreness getting to you. >"Feel bad, Darlin'?" >She kneeled down, and looked at you, concerned. "Yeah. I think your ride has me sore as shit." >She stroked her chin, looking at Lil' Anon. >"I guess I could try somethin'..." "Just uh...don't touch it." >"I won't hurt ya. Just relax." >She moved forward, sniffing it. >The unwashed scent of sex was intriguing her. >She stuck out her tongue, and licked the tip. >Her tongue was warm, and inviting, swabbing your deck softly. >But it hurt. >It hurt so bad. >You leaned back, wincing in pain and pleasure, as AJ serviced you. >She put her lips to the tip, softly sucking you so she doesn't make it hurt worse. >It only got slightly worse, it felt too good to ask her to stop. >She went further down on it, halfway down the shaft. >Her mouth was hot, coating your member in saliva. >The movements in her mouth caused you pain, but it got you closer too. >She hilted, swallowing the entire length. >You weren't choking her, something that you weren't sure to be happy for or not. >She wasn't complaining, so it'll be alright. >Swirling her tongue around you, the pain was getting intense. >When it got to an unbearable point, you leaned your head back, inhaling through your teeth. >Your dick began twitching, bumping the roof of her mouth. >She spat out your dick, and a small spurt of jizz hit her eye. >It hurt so bad to cum right now. >As your dick stopped it's rampage, you sighed in relief. >Dong was now backing down, flaccid. >"...I guess I should let you rest." >You were putting your dick away and fixing your pants. "I'll say. You fucked everything out of me." >She smiled, wiping her face with a bandana. >"I out sexed a man, huh? I like the sound of that." >You gave her a middle finger. >"Don't get offended, hun. Come on, It's almost time for Mac to show up." >She took your hand, and walked you downstairs. >When you got to the couch in front of the tree you both sat down. >"Alright, we have an hour till Mac gets here. So, what do you wanna do?" >Time to yourselves, enough time for sex. >But you don't want to hurt yourself, or make AJ a nympho. "Let's just...relax." >She nodded and walked off, bringing back 2 tall glasses of strange blue liquid. >It must be cider made with those sweet mint apples. >She gave one to you, and you both drank. >The same sweet minty tast, cool and refreshing with some added spice. >AJ smiled happily at you, and you returned it. "How would everyone at school react to this?" >"What? Us?" "Yeah." >She sat and thought for a bit. "I figure Rarity would congratulate us...Pinkie would be so happy. Rainbow...I don't know., I think she'd be happy for me. Fluttershy...she'd be happy for me, but she wouldn't be loud about it. What about your friends?" >You looked at her a bit bothered. "I don't...have friends." >AJ frowned. >"I'm sorry, I didn't know." "It's fine." >You put your drink down, and look outside. >"Pretty, ain't it?" >She leaned back onto your chest, and you wrapped your arms around her. >"Hmm...I'll say, you are mighty comfy Anon. I'd like you to be my pillow." >A smile decorated your face, as she made herself comfortable. "Glad to know I'm pillow." >"Well, everybody has these muscle head boyfriends, or really bony guys. I don't mind a meaty pillow. You can keep me warm and comfy." >She turned her head a little, and closed her eyes. >"And besides...I'm a chubby chaser." >Well, nice to know you fit her preferences. >You both lie there watching the snow fall, chatting idly. >You apologized for bullying AJ back in the day, and she forgave you. >She was happy with one thing you took, though. >"I find it ironic, you stole something of mine and I ain't mad at all about this thing." "What was it?" >She nuzzled her head under your chin. >"My innocence." >With what happened last night, and this morning, calling this a crush was out of the question. >You bit her ear, playfully pulling the earlobe around. "Raaaawwrr, I am virgin thief, stealer of purities!!" >She giggled, playfully swatting at you. >"Stop it Anon!! If Mac sees or hears that-" >You heard a chuckle from the kitchen, and you both got quiet. >Mac came in, holding a lot of presents. >"Merry Christmas, lovebirds." >Applejack blushed wildly, pinching your cheek to make you let go of her ear. "Ow..." >Lovebirds? >Did this motherfucker know? "Merry Christmas Big Mac!" >"Merry Christmas." >He smiled at you 2, throwing a present toward you and her. >AJ caught the box, falling out of your arms and onto the ground. >"Ahh...that'll hurt later..." >The sight was entertaining), but it'd be douchey to laugh. >At least, without helping her, it would. >You helped her heave the box onto the table. >"What in tarnation is this?" >Mac simply shook his head. >"I'm not telling. That'd ruin the surprise." >You, being the Anon you are, started tearing away at it, sending colorful paper flying. >Christmas was one of those holidays where no one had to ask a question, you were happy with what you got. >As long as it wasn't useless, like a clip on tie. >It was a large black box, odd in look and shape. >You put it on it's side, revealing a label. >Squinting, you attempted to make out what was scribbled on it. "...231 cubic inches...3.8 liters...V6?" >"Eeyup." >You looked at Big Mac with a curious look. >"You do know it's an engine, right?" "Yeah it's just...why did you get me an engine?" >He simply shrugged. >"I got a call from a client. Said somebody asked about putting the firebird up for sale. Long story short, you are gonna be working a while putting that car back together." >He smiled at you, and your jaw dropped. "You mean...the car-" >"It's yours now. I paid Sombra, and all the parts are at the shop, waiting to be assembled." >A tear broke out of your eye. >No one's ever done something remotely like this for you. >Why did Mac do this? "I don't know what to say..." >"How about 'I can't wait to go make this bitchin' ride?' Now sit down, we got more presents." >Rainbow Dash sent you a racing outfit, since Mac told her about you building a car. >Along with a note challenging you to a race once it was finished. >"That girl barely knows ya and she wants to race." "I don't turn down challenges!" >Applejack got a sleeveless/backless dress from Rarity. >"I like it but when can I wear it?" >Mac smiled and nudged you. >"Maybe when you and 'Non here tie the knot." >Her cheeks were redder than candied apples. >But you and her didn't object to the idea. >After a while of talking, opening presents, and Mac cracking jokes about you and AJ, everyone started to relax. >It was a good Christmas, despite you not being at home. >"Anon, I gotta talk to ya for a second. I'll be outside." >You got up, leaving AJ without a pillow in front of the fireplace, and headed outside. >Might be a good time to get some much needed answers. >Mac was doing a lot for you. >You need to know why. >When you stepped outside, you felt the cold air bite at you. >Snow was everywhere. >"Over here!" >He was over by the house garage, opening it up. >Inside was an old mustang, in need of a paint job. >"All right, so about my sister-" "We uh...the thing sort of just..." >Big Mac put his hand on your shoulder. >Oh shit. >You fucked his sister and now he's gonna shove your corpse in this old ass car. >"Ya ain't gotta explain that. I just advise you close the door the next time you both decide to have a rodeo." >You were relieved, but at the thought, AJ'd probably want to die. >"What I want to tell you is that I want you to handle your business if you slip up and have a baby Anon. I don't take kindly to deadbeat daddies." >Whew... "I will. We actually...uh talked about that beforehand." >"Good. I'm glad you have a sense of nobility." >You leaned on the car, watching as he moved junk around. >He was a model big brother. >Taking care of his sibling and the like. >But now was the time for your que- >"So, I bet you are still wondering why I'm treating you like I am." >He read your mind. "Yeah. I mean...we aren't related, so..." >"Well, this is a long story. Ya see, back when my people were alive, my mom and pa, were having a baby. AJ and Applebloom wasn't born yet. I was...4 years old? Anyway, I had been wantin' a little brother. He died in the womb, and I had been torn up about it. Sometime in the future, I met this really cool military mechanic on career day in kindergarten. He told me about working on cars and jeeps and humvees and other vehicles. The man thought I was the perfect playmate for his son." >A military mechanic? >Oddly familiar. >"My granny brought me to his house one day, and I met his playful yet bashful son. Me and him played around for a while, and the little boy fell asleep on my shoulder. The man thought we'd be great friends. Eventually, whenever I turned eleven, the man asked me to take care of his son if he were to ever disappear." >"I always wondered what the man was possibly into, but it didn't matter." >You had already pieced it together. "So...because my dad asked you to?" >Mac looked at you, and shook his head. >"No. I take care of you because this is how I would treat the brother I didn't have. And because your dad asked me to. So I've been keeping tabs on ya, not interfering with your life so much. After your daddy died, someone who wasn't your mom had to be here for you. Lending you some lunch money if you need it. Offering you a bed when you can't get along with your mom. Besides, I can relate to you on dead parents." >So he's doing your dad a favor. >And replacing his dead sibling with you. >"Now I know I'm not your brother, or dad, but I intend on treating you as such. Unlike a lot of people, I actually give a fuck." >You started to tear. >This whole time, Mac had been taking car of you as if you were a relative. >And not simply because of a dying wish, but the heart, and brotherly love. >It was genuine. >Mac was still rummaging through random shit as you hugged him. >"Wha-Anon, don't get all sappy on me..." >He was the closest person you had to a dad, or male role model of some sort. >"Alright, alright, get off. You'll get oil on yer jacket if you don't get off me." >You released him, and he turned around looking at you. >"Well, go back inside. I treat you like a brother, I'm not wiping your tears. Besides, you got a girlfriend to cuddle." >You start heading back inside, looking back at Mac. >He was smiling, going back to rummaging through shit. >You could swear you saw a tear hit the snow. >In front of the fireplace, AJ looked at you with a tired look. >"Come back and hold me, Anon. Watchin' a fire is more comfy when you have someone to watch it with." "I'm coming, cowgirl." >You get back in your position, with AJ leaning back into you. >Happiness was never out of reach here. >A brother and a loving girlfriend. >Hopefully, the happiness lasts forever. � ********************************************************** � >Everything important was packed, some clothes and a notebook and pen. >Sonata hopped on your back, forcing you to drop all your shit. >"TO APPLEJACK'S" >You smiled subtly. "Don't you need to get clothes?" >"Well...uh...TO ADAGIO AND ARIA'S!!!!" >You give her a piggyback ride all the way downstairs, carrying your bags. >One was for Sonata, empty. >You loaded the car, and got in with Sonata. >Sombra waved at you. >"Rent is due on New Year's Day!" >No wonder he's rich, he doesn't let up on a fucking payday. "I got ya old man Sombra!!" >You started the car and left, towards Everfree Terrace. >Sonata was sitting happily, humming to herself. >As you pulled up to the house, you saw Aria standing outside. >What could this cruel bitch want? >You handed Sonata her bag so she could pack, and got out. >Your blue haired girl took off fast. >Aria looked at you. >"Hey Anon." "Hey." >How do you talk to someone that was significantly raping you earlier this week? >Aria walked up to you, poking a finger at your lips. >"Your lips are dark." >She sniffed at the air around you. >"You smoke weed?" >Note to self: Shower after blazing it. >"I took you for a stiff. Someone's a bad boy." "I started a while ago." >"Mhm." >She seemed nervous about something. >Not like her usual self. >"Sooo....Do you wanna see mine and Ada's dresses?" >She actually gives a fuck about the winter ball? "Uh...Sure." >She smiles softly, her eyes lightening up. >"Uh...come in then." >She grabs your wrist, and pulls you in, walking a little pepped up. >Aria was happy about you being here to see. >As you come in, you were treated to a free show. >Adagio was there dancing to "Remember the Time" by Michael Jackson, in her bra and panties. >Aria snickered at the poofy haired performer. >You yourself found it cute. >"When weee first met-AH!!" >Adagio saw you, standing there with an adoring smile. >Her cheeks were on fire as she ran out of the room, embarrassed as all hell. "I was enjoying the hip swings." >Aria punched you. >"For a guy we dominated I didn't take you for a pervert." >The purple haired grump led you to her room. >You had a feeling she'd be a metal head, but shit, you were so wrong. >A single Metallica poster was the only thing metal about this shit. >She had a bunch of fight memorabilia. >Boxing, Kickboxing. >She has a whole bunch of martial arts movies. >And there is even a Return of the Dragon poster on her door. >"Hey, buckeyes. I'm over here." >She was standing by her closet, which had 8 pairs of MMA gloves hanging off the door. >"You've seen me near naked, so don't gawk while I change into the dress, all right? So don't try anything funny, you've got a girlfriend, hot stuff. Sonata doesn't forgive." >She winked and stuck her tongue out at you, taking off her shirt. >So she's going to torture your dick, and if you do anything to her while she changes that even so much as suggests sex, Sonata is as good as gone from your life. >Aria's body has beautiful shape. >The contours of her back were divined well, each muscle's movement clear and pulsing. >She then took off her jeans, and you saw her legs were no exception, compact and muscled. >The girl was no body builder, but she doesn't slack around. >Her ass was even in good shape, round, and a little bit much for your hands, but not too jiggly, firm in fact. >You wanted to grab it. >It must feel nice, mostly muscle, and very little fat. >Wait. >Wait a motherfucking moment. >You saw nothing but skin this whole moment. >Everything was bare. "Do you go commando everyday?" >She took her dress out of the closet, and turned to you. >She was bare, not even hair on her snatch. >"What? I like being comfy. For someone with my hobbies, you need to be fit and flexible. Meaning not weighted down by a bra and panties." >She slipped into the dress, and boy, was it beautiful. >It was primarily black, with silver and mint green accents, fitting snug to her body. >She spun around, causing the dress to float up. >"I fucking love it! I never did like that Rarity girl, but she makes awesome stuff! You should see Ada's." >She twirled a bit more, spinning into your arms and leaning back. >"And Sonata's is a surprise, Along with what's underneath it." >Underneath? >She quickly freed herself from you, and started getting undressed. >Before your dick starts doing the thinking for you, you leave the room, searching for Adagio. >Walking down the hallway, you weren't sure about where her room was. >And Sonata was singing happily, packing clothes. >Soon, you were yanked into a bedroom, the door soon locking behind you. >D�ja v�. >Adagio was standing behind the door, in her dress. >"Alright, so tell me, how would you rate this dress?" >This one was black also, but it was beautifully speckled with mint green and silver jewels. >Ada was gorgeous in this, her miniature breasts and healthy hips were defined well in this dress. >She put her slender arm on her hip, and smiled. >"10/10 would bang?" >Nigga what? "I think it's beautiful." >She seemed confused. >"What?" "I said it looks beautiful on you. Your body fits the dress well." >"" >She was stuttering like a nervous nerd teen. >Did she expect you to say that you'd fuck the shit out of her in that dress? >"Um...thanks, I think." >You smiled at her and pat her back. "It'll be fun dancing with you on Friday, Ada." >She was even more confused. >"Just um...go do some Anon stuff." >She pushed you out hurriedly, slamming the door behind you. >You landed on Sonata, who had just finished packing. >"Oww..." >You pushed yourself up, looking at her. >She was giving you a confused look, it unnerved you. >"Did you see the dresses?" >Boy, did you. "Yeah. They were really pretty. I just kinda want to see yours." >Sonata shook her head. >"No! I want to surprise you with it. And there isn't anything you can do to make me show you." "Not anything? Not even go get some tacos?" >Her eyes lit up. >"Tacos? I could really go for some right now...But...then it'd ruin the surprise..." >She seemed as if she wanted to keep it on lockdown for a while. >It's Sonata's dress, and it might be worth the wait. >Damn your heart, Anon. "Fine, you don't have to show me." >You get up, and help her up as well. >"Thanks. I promise it will be worth the wait!" >You gave her a skeptical look as she took your hands and closed the distance between your faces. >"For realzies, Anon. It'll be worth it, promise." >She kissed you, holding tightly. >You could hear Aria snickering. >"Whooo!!!! Sonata sure can kiss. Glad I taught her that." >Sonata blushed as she broke the kiss and threw a shoe at Aria's door. >Aria didn't close the door fast enough, and got clocked in the face by the wedge shoe. >"Oh Sonata you are SO GETTING IT!!" >Angry Aria? >Nope. >So much nope. >Rather be at Freddy Fazbear's as an underpaid security guard than be here for this shit. >You went out of the house, and stood at the car, waiting. >You could hear crashing, and various curses and screams from outside. >"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO EMBARRASS ME ARIA!!" >"I LIKE TO ADMIRE HOW FAR MY EROTIC STUDENT HAS COME, I DIDNT DESERVE A SHOE TO THE FACE!!!" >Their arguing was giving you a stomach ache. >Heading back in, you see that Aria has Sonata pinned down on her back. >"Say sorry for hitting me with a shoe." >Sonata struggled, unable to move. >"NO!" >Aria grabbed an odd box and took this oddly shaped thing out of it. >"Looks like I'll have to take that virginity you were saving up for Anon, huh? Just so happens my package from Bad Dragon came today." >Sonata began to struggle terribly, vying to avoid the strange toy dong. >Despite how much your dick wants this... "All right, cut it out Aria." >You yank the toy from Aria, noticing it's weird shape. >She's into small dicks? >"You like it Anon? It's Vergil the Drippy Dragon. I had to save a lo-" >Sonata snickered. >"Why is it so short, Aria?" >The purple haired grump blushed and punched Sonata's shoulder. >You had to drag Aria off Sonata, and sit them down apart from each other. >Aria sat, pouting and facing a different direction. >Sonata was staring daggers at the back of her head. "Alright girls, what's the problem?" >"Aria embarrassed me in front of you." >"She threw a fucking shoe at me!!" >You were gonna have a Miranda v. Jack moment, and you are Shepard. "Aren't you 2 friends? Can't you work this out?" >"Not if she just bullies me all the time!!" >"Maybe if you weren't so damn beta..." >"What did you say?" >Aria turned with a smirk, looking slightly victorious. >"You heard me. Beta." >Sonata rushed toward her, and you put your hand on Sonata's forehead. >"Lemme at her!! LEMME AT HER!!!!" >Aria's words struck true, Sonata isn't that strong. >You were holding her back the way people hand younger siblings. >Just keeping them away with your hand on their head. "Sonata sit down." >"But she's so mean!!" "Down, girl." >Sonata angrily sat down, furious at what she was called. >Aria crossed her legs, staring at the blue haired steam pot across from her. "Aria, why do you always pick on Sonata?" >The twin tailed brute shrugged. >"Well, Jerry Springer, I just want her to toughen up. I'm tired of seeing her be so simple minded and and submissive. As soon as something happens, she just let's it happen without argument." >"At least I'm not some violent bitch who's afraid of big penises!" >Aria turned redder than Satan, and glared at her. >"Watch it Sonata." >"NO!! She's got no problem using huge strap-ones with Adagio and me, but if you dare come in the room with a large dick to use on her she runs and hides like a scared puppy!!" >"Sonata shut up!!" >Aria was red with anger. >Sonata was going to continue. >"Oh that's just fine!! If you bully someone and they don't fight back, it's all fine and dandy, but if someone DARES to fight back, it's wrong!! You are just afraid of one day someone being stronger than you!! How about you just go off somewhere and find a way to entertain your small dick fetish, Aria?" >Aria couldn't take it, folding her arms and walking to her room. >"F-Fuck you...S-Sonata." >Her voice was choked, slamming the door before anyone could say another word. >Sonata was fuming, but she simmered down, slowly realizing what just happened. >Adagio had come out of her room, having listened to everything. >"I just did something terrible, didn't I?" >You nodded. >Adagio came to Sonata, and began lecturing her. >Rather than listen, you went to talk to Aria. >Her own fetish just got put out. >Not to mention what Sonata said seems to be is true. >As you open the door, a sudden reflex occurred. >You had dodged a fist to the face, causing Aria to crack the wall a bit. >"Go back out there with your girlfriend! I don't need your Anon-ness in my fucking room anyway." >You opened the door, and closed it behind you. >Aria wasn't pleased, attempting to punch you in the face again. >You ducked and grabbed her by the waist, and threw her to the bed. >Broken Nose? >Not today. >You looked down at her, and almost laughed at the sight. >She was looking at you, frightened. >She wasn't expecting you to be strong. "This proves Sonata right. Are you really that afraid of someone standing up to you?" >She sat up and gave you a middle finger. "I take that as yes." >You looked at Aria's face, and the tears were coming down. >"What? You here to see if I need a fuck to calm down?" "What is it with you and Adagio? I'm seriously just wanting to be a friend. Like you and Sonata should be." >Aria continued pouting, looking down. >"I don't want to be friends with someone who can't keep their mouths shut..." >You sat in a chair in front of her. "So...Is that why you are crying?" >She glared at you. >"What kind of boyfriend are you? I thought you just waited around till your girlfriend got horny and fucked till the cows came home." >Why do they expect you to be a pervert? > are a fucking pervert, but you have a heart, dammit. "Aria, seriously. I care about you three, despite the vicious rape last week. Since Sonata became my girl, I honestly struggle to see how you get along. I mean, you always pick on Sonata, so she says, correct?" >Aria nodded, still tearing up. "You didn't think at one point she was going to get fed up with your shit?" >You wiped her tears with your finger, and she looked at you a bit timid, but understandingly. >"I guess...I mean, she hasn't been here since Thursday, know..." >You smiled. "So you missed her?" >"What? No, that's stupid, I just...she didn't do her chores before she left, that's all." >You leaned in closer. "Now that lie was stupid, Aria." >"I mean..." "She isn't here for you to pick on, and you missed having your beta around?" >Aria couldn't keep up her ruse any longer. >"Alright...fine...I missed the ditz...god Anon, you are the-" "Worst? Yeah, you said that last year when I tried to dance with you at the winter ball." >She looked at you, a bit shocked. >"You remember that?" "Mhm. Right up until you hit me in the face for stepping on your foot." >"You suck at dancing." >She began to smile. "Aria, I want you to listen. One day, Sonata's going to need you to be there for her. She's going to need a friend. And she can get that if you are going to bully her all the time." >"Mhm...well...I guess you should know about friends, loner." >You gave flipped her off and rolled your eyes. "I'm just saying. Adagio is like your mother hen, but you are like a sister to her. She's gonna need you, and if you keep acting like a bitch to her, she'll probably get depressed. Or worse." >"Ok, ok." "So let's get back out there and apologize, alright?" >The purple haired girl sighed and stood up. >"Fine. But while we are in private, I've got a question." "All right, shoot." >She started twiddling her thumbs. >"When we...well...when I rode you, last week...did you enjoy it?" >Well shit. >Should have said no. " aren't ugly..." >You can't say anything that will jeopardize you and Sonata. >"Okay. But you were my first, and I let you have me out of blind horniness. So, yeah..." >You folded your arms and looked at her. "What, were you hoping I'd be your boyfriend instead of Sonata's?" >She shook her head. >She might be lying, but you won't interrupt her and start an argument. >"I want you to make Sonata happy, and if you dare bring her sadness I will crush you balls into dust and snort it. But, since we did it...I just wanted to know how it was for you." >You reached for the door. "It was fine whenever I decided to take over. How was it to you?" >She had her trademark smirk back on her face. >"Nothing to brag about...but I liked it." >You opened the door to a sorrowful Sonata, ready to apologize. >Moving out of the way, you headed to the car to let them make up. >Adagio walked with you, in just her t-shirt and panties. >"So, how'd the talk with Aria go?" >You leaned on the car door when you got to it. "Truthfully, I never thought she cried. I thought she just ground diamonds into dust when she was mad." >Adagio laughed, sitting on the car hood. >"She is just like you, Anon. Albeit, a little irritated more often." "Like me? Please, she just got embarrassed about a fetish and walked off about it. I hold mine proudly." >"Oh? Pray tell, what are those fetishes?" >Your spaghetti is too easily fucking spilled. "Well, I am an exhibitionist, and a masochist. I have this weird thing with hips and asses..." >"Sonata's is the biggest out of all of us. Most bounce." "Wait a second..." >You looked at Adagio with a suspicious scowl. "Why are you chatting with me about the shit I'm into?" >Adagio smiled seductively. >"Well, I want to know what you are into. I can tell you if Sonata is into it as well." "You're lucky you're cute." >She froze up, and simply looked at you. >"You think I'm cute?" >She was doing it again, acting like an embarrassed school girl. "Yeah. And your hair is pretty, too. I wonder what it'd look like down." >She started touching her hair, feeling it's texture. >"I uh...I guess I could just...wear it down at the ball..." "I'd like that. It'd show how beautiful you are." >Adagio turned red, and hopped off the car. "I'm inside and do some...Adagio things..." >She dashed away quickly, leaving you to wait there. >So, the poofy one is a natural seductress. >But the moment anything genuinely sweet is said to her, she goes all sweaty Josh Peck on you. >Now you know how to get her to leave you alone. >Sonata walked outside, away from Adagio and Aria. >"Take care Sonata and Anon! See you all this Friday!" � >You and Sonata waved at them, and got in the car. >Time to find a taco place that isn't Taco Bell. >"So where are we going?" >Sonata was visibly happier now that Aria and her made up. "We are going to find a taco place." >"YAAAAAAY!!!" >That way when you get to AJ's, you could bring her back something and she wouldn't have to cook. >"Hey, Anon?" >Your eyebrow rose, you were concentrated on finding a good Mexican or Spanish restaurant. "Yeah, Sonata?" >"You were with AJ before now, I remember. You had a good relationship with her, right?" "Where is this coming from?" >Sonata started twiddling her thumbs. >"Well, and her were great together. And now you are with me...I just don't get it?" "Get what?" >She was having a hard time getting her thoughts out. >"I don't understand. You were really good together, and it seemed like it'd last forever." >Now you get it. "So you want to know why we aren't together anymore?" >She nodded, and smiled. >"It'll give me an idea of what to expect for this relationship. And I want to make sure I do everything right." "No no, you are doing things fine. I'll tell you when we eat, alright?" >You had been driving for a while until Sonata said we should just go to Taco Bell. >Dammit Canterlot, where are your Latin restaurants? >You sat down, and Sonata went to order the food. >You were half expecting her to come back with the biggest tray of tacos they had. >At that moment, you saw a familiar face. >A lady with flowing, purple and pink hair, with a streak of blonde, reading a rather large book. >She looked toward you, and noticed you staring. >"Hello Anon." >It was your Lit. teacher, Mrs. Cadence. "Hi Ms. Cade." >She came over and sat down. >"Nice to see you. So, do you have a date for the ball?" >She was always concerned with your well being, a loving mother figure to you. >Hell, if she wasn't close to your age, she'd be your mom. "I've got 3, actually." >"Whoa. Never took you for a player." >You smiled, and she giggled at your sudden bashfulness. >"So who are the lucky ladies?" "Adagio, Aria, and Sonata." >Her smile disappeared, and a look of confusion coated her face. >"They are all fine with this? Usually Adagio has to force Aria and Sonata to get along." >You nodded. "It's all good. I talked to Aria for a while, her and Sonata shouldn't fight anymore." >Cadence calmed down, and started smiling again. >"Ok. So I have good news for you." "Hm?" >She smiled at you and handed you a paper. >"You, my adorable green haired friend, are going to graduate this year. You passed the semester with flying colors!!" >"Principle Celestia wanted me to give you your report card early, because she knows you've been studying and breaking your back since the beginning of the school year. Next semester, you could flunk everything if you wanted. I hope you don't, but you have all of your credits, so you are passing. You are gonna graduate." >There was so much happiness in your chest you could die right now and not feel bad. >You'd be graduating with out a doubt, and it's been confirmed. >Your mom would be so happy. >Your dad'd be proud. >Mac would be... >Mac... >"Something wrong, Anon? This is a good thing." "Oh,'s just, this'd be something my would have loved to see." >Cadence smiled at you and nodded. >"I'm sure he'd be the proudest parent in Canterlot. After all you've been deserve to be happy. And he'd just be glad to see you smile." >Kind words. "Thanks Ms. Cadence. I can't wait to tell my mom and girlfriend." >She nodded, and stood to take her leave. >"Now, the rest of the year is free for you. But are you going to keep doing what you are doing?" "You bet. Maybe I can get into college on a scholarship by getting a 4.0 next month." >She smiled and ruffled your hair. >"I look forward to that." >She left, leaving you to the folded report card. >Sonata came to the table with 4 hardshell and 2 softshell tacos, and your 4 chicken quesadillas. >"Was that our literature teacher?" >You nodded, opening the paper. >Here they are. >Lying before you, the grades that are carrying you to victory. "Math with Mr. Discord...B+, good" >Mr. Discord was a good teacher. >His methods were unorthodox, but the results were perfect. "...Literature with Mrs. Cadence...A-...History with Ms. Luna...A+..." >No letdowns yet. "Philosophy with Mr. Discord, C+" >Discord was a tricky son of a bitch. >He once gave the class a hilarious paradox once. >If you could put your own dick in your ass or mouth, and fuck yourself, would it necessarily be homosexual? >And last but not least, Business Computer Applications. >Ms. Harshwhinny is the toughest bitch in school. >Last year, she failed the living fuck out of you. >You know how to use Microsoft Word, you've got no idea why the counselor put you in this class. >But it was a free credit. "BCA...A+!!" >Sweet fucking Jesus tapdancing CHRIST!!! >Harshwhinny passed you! >If she was there, you could give her a kiss. >You hopped out of your seat, and danced. >Dancing like you just fucked Kim Kardashian and didn't get a disease. >Dancing like you made the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. >Dancing like you were on the Maury Show. "YEEEESS!!! I PASSED!! WHHHOOOOOO!!!" >The whole restaurant was looking at you. >Some were recording you on video, some were laughing about it. >Your fucks right now, are minimal. >Sonata giggled, and joined you dancing. >You were doing great. >This old janitor guy was staring at you, and he cracked a smile. >He flipped a switch and put a quarter in the jukebox, and the perfect song came on. >Sonata was the first to sing while dancing. >"We can dance if we want tooo!!!" >Oh fuck yeah motherfucker, you knew where this was going. "We can leave your friends behind!" >"Cuz your friends won't dance and if they don't dance" >"Then they're no friends of mine!!" >You both were looking so stupid while dancing. >But neither of you cared. >It was a glorious day, today. >You might even praise the sun. >The janitor simply did a vulgar thrust near the jukebox, having just as much fun as you. >The manager came to put a stop to the fun though. >"Excuse me, I need everyone to sit down and turn of the music." >The dancing continued, even the awkward janitor. >The manager pulled the plug on the jukebox, and stood with her hands on her hips. >"Enough! Now then, would you 2 just sit down and enjoy your meals? I'd hate to throw you out. And you, janitor, get back to work." >You and Sonata sat down, and the janitor came over. >"Scruffy thinks you 2 should be on dancin' with the stars. It was fun while it lasted. Good day, gent and lady." >He started walking away, heading to the back. >"And tell that goofy gob guy he should continue Art Teacher Anon." >Your eyebrow raised. >Who the fuck is that? >The name sounds dumb. "Why would I tell him that anyway?" >"Cuz Scruffy's a Shimmerfag, mhm." >The janitor went away, leaving you and Sonata to yourselves. >What an odd janitor. >"So, um...When you gonna tell me the story?" >You sighed, and ate your quesadillas. "Alright. Get settled in." >You started chewing, and she began eating her tacos. "Sho...We were ahll at the Hahlloween CHS Lock-in..." � ************************************************* � >You and AJ had on A matching set of costumes, walking to the library. >You were the Joker, and she was Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City. >Goddamn did she look sexy as Harley... >"'Non, quit starin' at me..." >You smiled and put your arm around her. "What's wrong my dear? You look beautiful, and I'll say your fruits are looking ripe. Come on Harley, We've smiles to deliver." >AJ smiled at your impression of the joker. >Pretty good, you could convince people you were the Joker in a heartbeat. >"I wish you'd stop starin'. Yer gettin me all nervous. And I feel so naked..." "Don't you mean hot and bothered, my happily insane lover?" >You gave her a kiss, and she returned it, taking your hand. >When she broke away, she smiled. >"Yes, Mister J." >You and her had been working on these voices all night, and you had them down. "Just let me know if you want to go home, dear. The night is still young." >As you got to the library, all the people you saw were there. >Sunset Shimmer was Riven from LoL, Twilight Sparkle was Kikyo from Inuyasha. >Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Babs were the 4 Horsemen. >Sweetie had always been cute, but she was a pretty convincing Death. >"Wowee Mister J!! Look at all these people!" "I know, Harley. It's like there's a party going on." >Twilight came over, smiling at you and AJ. >"Hi guys!!" >You took a bow, and AJ curtsied. "Hello, odd Japanese priestess. Tell me, are you enjoying yourself?" >Twilight giggled. >"That is a really good Joker. Come on, sit with us!" >AJ took your hand, and you both walked over to their table. >Pinkie was there, dressed as a female Deadpool. >"Hey there 'Nonners!! You look awesome! You and Applejack totally go together, I'm glad you 2 started dating last year, you've bothered been so happy. I swear you 2 are-" >You stopped her, with a wide smile. "I get it, my insane mercenary friend. I have myself a keeper. And I do intend, to keep her." >That was a very bad pun. >Clever! >But bad. >Twilight and Pinkie giggled, and you all talked for a while. >The night was fun, and people were getting tired. >Games, movies, the works. >Everyone but you and AJ, and some other stragglers were still awake. >You were holding AJ comfortably in the biology section of the library. >"I love you, Anon. I was against this at first, but it was fun. I wish you didn't throw all those smoke bombs, though." "What? The Joker has laughing gas that kills people with a smile on their faces. All I had was purple smoke bombs in some unmarked soda cans." >"And then that laugh you did when we decided to try and find you. It was really like some body was trying to kill us. "The school at night, dark corridors, long, dimly lit hall ways. All it took was careful placement and detonation of smoke bombs. after that, all I had to do was fire that Nerf revolver and fake stab people. I basically killed everyone. Except Miss Luna." >"That headlock she put you in was hilarious. I didn't expect her to play as Batgirl." "That wasn't funny. She almost killed me." >"Please, you were fine. You're just mad because the Bat got you." >She said that with a smile. "You've got a lot of nerve, Harley." >She pushed you down to the ground, and climbed on top. >"Not my fault you got caught, Mister J." >She leaned down and kissed you, running her hand through your green hair. >You put a hand on her ass, and squeezed as you kissed, making her moan in your mouth. >She started to tug at your hair, and broke the kiss. >"You know, I wanna do somethin' really naughty Mister J..." >Her half-lidded eyes were all you needed to see. "We've got to find somewhere naughty for you to do this, Harley. Don't want to get in trouble now, do we?" >The only place you could think of to go was the gym locker room. >Assuming all teachers are here, making sure students are going to sleep. >They've already done roll call. >You and AJ got up, and quietly snuck toward the back doors of the library. >"Where're we going?" >You put a finger to her mouth, then open the door, making sure it's not a fire door. >There was just a hallway, clear headed past the art class, then the cafeteria, then the gym. >AJ stepped out first, pulling you along with her. >"Come on...I don't want the mood to be over. Where?" >You swept her off her feet, and carried her to the gym. "We are going to the locker room. The showers." >"Good idea." >You checked around corners, making sure no one was patrolling. >The coast was clear, all the chaperones must be at the library. >As soon as you entered the gym, AJ nibbled on your ear, causing a stirring in your pants. >You had to find the showers fast. >You opened the door to the locker room, and kicked the coach's office door. >If Soarin is here, he'll open up and bitch at you. >You headed to the showers, finding a an empty shower. >These damn things had no doors. >You put her down, and she shoved you onto a wall, began to suck on your neck. "Damn AJ..." >She backed off a little bit, and got close to your ear. >"Who's AJ, Mister J?" >She wants to do this in character? >When you first met AJ, you had no idea she was gonna be this kinky. >ExpandDong.exe activated. >She kept you on the wall with her weight, kissing you with a deep passion. >Her tongue had begun to invade, letting you know that a lusty war has begun. >You heard some rustling, but you put it off as just your clothes rubbing against Applejack's. >Your hands worked over her corset, trying to unfasten it to get at the soft flesh underneath. >She forced your hand back to the wall. >All the work she does at the orchard makes her strong. >She slowly pulled away from you, a single strand of saliva between you. >Your cock was hurting terribly inside it's prison. >"Oh, having a problem, Mister J?" >Applejack was into the entire role play thing. >She was enjoying it, and you didn't mind at all. >Always wanted to fuck Harley Quinn. >AJ unzipped your pants and pulled the stiff friend out to play. >Her hand was soft, but her grip was firm, stroking and squeezing. >With a smile, and a blush, she looked at you. >"Think you can do this without taking everything off?" >Clothed Sex? >The fetish is strong in this one. "Nothing is too hard for the Joker, Harley." >She giggled, and squeezed. >"Odd thing to say when this is out." >You pinned her to the wall, putting her on the submissive end. "Are you mouthing off?" >She struggled a little bit. >"I'm just saying you are pretty hard, darling." "I'm going to have to teach you about that mouth..." >You kissed her, unbuckling the buckle on her leather pants. >Her hand kept stroking, causing small amount of pre to come out. >As soon as you got the belt loose, your hands slid the pants down to the floor. >Now all that was left between your dick and her pussy was panties. >A pair of all black lace panties. >Your fingers trailed down her hips into the lacy cloth, and pulled down. >Strands of AJ's feminine lust were connecting the neatly trimmed snatch to the panties. >She stepped out of her clothes, and lifted a leg up. >You grabbed it, holding her steady as she guided your meatstick into her waiting honeypot. >You could feel the heat from her, and it was hard to not thrust into her like a madman. >The tip had penetrated, going in without fail. >Applejack had told you last year, whenever she got in the mood, you'd better not argue. >The constant sex had loosened her up a bit, but her muscle control had developed. >She knew how to make you feel like a virgin again. >You had almost bottomed out as AJ broke the kiss for some air. >She was panting, holding your cheek with one hand with her other on the wall. >You let her catch her breath, only to have her look at you with a smirk. >"Why aren't you punishing me, doll?" >With that, she started to roll her hips as much as she could. >You began to thrust, rather than following her circular motion, just going up and down. >Her vaginal muscles were working hard on your intruding member, squeezing and attempting to milk you for every drop of semen you've got. >She had put her hands around your neck, as you sped up. >Your thrusts were getting harder, noticeable by AJ's cascading moans. >She had wrapped her leg around your waist, trying to keep you from gaining momentum. >You kept going, against her feeble attempts. >She held onto you tightly, bringing up her other leg to wrap around you. >Her back slid on the wall as you pounded, and her moans started to get louder. >You kissed her when you began to feel her pussy start to squeeze you. >"Mhf...Hmf mhhhmmmm" >Althought it was muffled, you knew what she said. >She was close, and though you both enjoyed the sex, neither one of you liked cumming alone. >You slowed down, allowing her to work her magic muscles on you. >Her hips were grinding and rolling your dick around. >You felt a clenching, and began to thrust fast again, letting her know it was time. >Her orgasm was still being delayed until you blew yours, but you kept going. >Holding her up by her ass, you squeezed, and she started cumming. >You thrust in deep, yours and her cum dripping down your cock.>You had softened, and pulled out of her. >AJ looked at you with half open eyes, and lied her head on your shoulder. >"Can we sleep here? I'm tired." "Now you know we've gotta get back before they notice we're gone." >She groaned quietly, and began unwrapping herself from around you. >When she was dressed, and you fixed your dick, you both made your way to the library, as quiet as possible. � -3 days later- � >You had finished moving into your new apartment, thanking Rarity, Pinkie, and Twilight for their help. >AJ was supposed to be here helping you move... >And so was Flash. >Flash was probably at football practice, and he said he might have other things to do, so you didn't blame him. >But where was AJ? >As you sat back on the couch and turned on the PS2 and TV, you looked around for a bit. >Maybe AJ could move in with you. >You had enough space. >You put in an old favorite, GTA San Andreas. >Never did finish the game. >Hours into the mission, you hear an odd ding. >A text message for you? >Weird. >No one ever really texts you except Dash and AJ. >And all Dash sends you are race cars and Tron art. >Pausing the game, you pick up and look at the message. >"Hello Anon. So, there is good news. You aren't getting in trouble for what you did in the lock-in." >What? "The fuck is this, and what are they talking about..." >You continued reading, befuzzled as to what the hell is going on here. >"Also, that was a very good fuck you did. I managed rub one out watching you 2." >You were seen. "Shit..." >"But alas, it has come to my attention that AJ no longer wants to be with you. She wants me instead. So, in short, she's breaking up with you. Have a nice single life, Anonymous." >In confusion, you stared at your phone. >Another ding popped up. >"3 New Picture Messages" >Ok, this had to be Dash. >Opening up the messages, you looked in horror. >It was AJ. >Her mouth stuffed with some dude's erect beast of a cock. >It's caption read "Sucking so hard her nose ran. I thought i hit it too rough, she's crying." >In the next, it was her being railed by the same guy. >"Am I hitting it right Anon? You were doing good at the lock in, so I wanted to hit it just like you did." >The next, it was that guy and a friend. >"Sharing is Caring!" >You threw your phone across the room, shattering it. >The rage was consuming you, anger at being cheated. >And to think, this December, it would almost have been a year. >There is nothing you can do about it. >You understand that. >You wouldn't dare hurt AJ. >But the fury... >You need to take it out on someone. >The anger... >Another message from the random number. >You were mildly surprised the phone worked, seeing how basically burst it to pieces. >The screen lit up, some parts blacked out by the shattered glass missing from it. >"Me and her are enjoying the sexy times. Now then, here or the terms. Should you dare try and get back together with her, or tell anyone of these messages, I will tell Principal Celestia and you will be kicked out. What do I gain from this you ask? Well, AJ, of course, is now my bitch. So, I get free pussy without you trying to be a white knight...and you get to graduate this year." >You stomp the remaining pieces of phone. >Have fun explaining this to your service provider. >You sat back down, trying to evaluate. >If you snitch, you know this guy'll be arrested. >Blackmail is illegal in Canterlot. >But... >No one would make this threat without being prepared. >He's probably got it ready to be delivered at any moment. >Fuck. >You heard ringing coming from somewhere. >It was coming from the pile of electronic trash. "Jesus, how hard do I have to stomp on the fuckin-" >"Hello?" >It was AJ. >You held off on your rage, listening to the pile. >If it still worked well, you might be heard. >"I...I know you got the messages. They...are real., We aren't supposed to be talkin', but...I didn't know we got caught, Anon. Um...well...I...T-the thing is, um, now that I'm with...My new boyfriend, I want to know if we can be friends. I didn't want it to happen like this..." >You were trying to understand. >You really were. >But then you noticed something... >Whoever this was gave you terms. >This wasn't you being cheated, you understand this. >That she didn't agree to this willingly. >"I want you to know that um...I really do love you, Hun. I don't want this....guy...I can't give you his name, or we'll be kicked out of school. Me, I don't mind so much. But need to graduate. So I had no choice but to play along. But for the sake of you not hurting anyone, because i know you'll hurt yourself or the other guy I'm seeing..." >No. >Don't say it. >"I think we should take a break. And, uh...Remember, we promised each other that even if we break up...if we haven't found someone else by 35, we'll just...get back together. I think this is a good time to see if we truly are meant to be together, anyway." >She fucking said it. >You can't get anyone else, you were happy where you were... >With her... >"I don't think we'll stop loving each other, but...I think this is best. Never know, we might be happier with someone else." � *********************** � "...and yeah. That was like month before last. I was just getting over it when your friends Adagio and Aria raped me." >Sonata looked at you sadly. "I guess i forgive them, but-" >"Anon...Do I make you happy?" >You gave her a confused look. "Why would you ask that?" >She sighed. >"You just said it. You and AJ are still a thing..." >You regret telling her the story. >She may have asked for it, but that doesn't mean you can just tell her. "Sonata. You and me do things that AJ never did-" >"Like what?" >You smile. "Well, AJ would have asked me to sit down when I started dancing an hour ago." >"Well, it was fun..." "She and I never did sing-a-longs in the car." >Sonata smiled. >"Yeah, I enjoy the sing-a-longs too." >You were cheering her up. "And AJ hates video games." >"But they are so much fun! Especially when we are both into it." >You stood up with the tray of trash in your hands. "So, if you still need me to answer, Sonata: You are damn fucking right you make me happy. Now come on. we have somewhere to be." >She perked up happily, finishing her last taco as she hopped in the car with you. >As you started up the car and the radio came on, Sonata clapped her hands ecstatically. >"THIS IS ONE OF ADAGIO'S FAVORITES!!" "I hear a sing-a-long." >You and her began singing along. >She had asked if she makes you happy. >Honestly... >Does she? >It wasn't anything like you and AJ. >But... >Sonata was great. >She sang with you, enjoyed your interests. >She kept a positive air around her. >She'll ask to do something before doing it. >She doesn't ride you until your dick gets sore. >And you felt... >You felt wonderful around her. >It was like you were with Applejack, but different at the same time. >You were happy with her. >At least you didn't lie. >The ride to the Apple house was funfilled. >You, Sonata, and AJ had got along fine, helping AJ with the orchard. >"I think I'll call this cider Winterbrew. What do you think, Anon?" >You were enjoying your 3rd glass of it, not paying a lot of attention to the girls at all. >"He's so ignorant." >Applejack gave Sonata a glass of the drink and leaned back on the kitchen counter. >"If only he could ignore what makes him mad that well." >They began talking about you. >How Sonata finds your straight forwardness charming. >She isn't a 'between the lines' type of person. >AJ told her about how you always do the most idotic things in school. >Like cursing out MS. Harshwhinny because she argued with you about how to perform basic MSWord functions. >Sonata told her about the angry neighbor, leaving out your scene of debauchery. >As the hours blew by, the girls were still talking, and you were still drinking this minty blue shit. >Damn it's so good. "Alright, you 2 enjoy your conversation. I'll be upstairs." >Heading up the stairs, you hear them continue to talk and laugh. >Good thing they get along. >After changing, you get into bed, and lie down. >For the past few nights, Sonata's been cuddling you. >That is enough time to build a reasonable addiction. >You like her warm- >"Hey 'Non. You up?" >You sit up in bed, looking at a sad but smiling AJ. "Yeah AJ.You alright?" >"'s just...I know what ya did." "What do you mean?" >She sits on the edge of the bed. >"Anon...My brother took up for you. He took the fall for that murder. And he shouldn't have. I know he did it. Because when he called me, he told me everything." >That means the cops should be coming for you now? >They should have heard him! >Unless they are that incompetent... >"He told me why. And while I don't like it, I'm glad you are out here instead of in there. Mac can handle himself." >You smirk, sarcasm flooding your veins. "And I can't?" >She chuckled. >"Just don't let my brother down. I wouldn't want it to be for nothing." >You stroke her hand. "I keep promises, AJ. It won't be for nothing." >She nods, though the tears still came. "What's wrong?" >AJ slowly takes her hand away. >"I'm just...glad you found someone to get with so soon." >You could see it in her eyes. "No you aren't." >Her smile faded. "I'm right, aren't I?" >She nods. >"I still...I still love ya Anon, and I'm not...I don't even like the guy that's blackmailing us. All he wants is sex, and-" "I'd like to remind you that all me and you did was fuck. Every time we went on a date, one of us got turned on. Usually you. And it led to a random public blowjob, random public pussy eating, and random vicious but passionate sex." >"Oh shut up! You enjoyed it as much as me." >You shrug and grin. "I don't know, a few of those times I could have screamed rape." >AJ blushed, and then punched your chest dead center. >"Can I continue talking?" >Coughing between laughs, you nod. >"What me and you had was passion. We held onto each other during, and after. We kissed. And you didn't force me into any of it. And you didn't get big burly friends to join the party." >Your fists began to clench. "He's having you gangbanged?" >She freezes up. >"I wasn't supposed to say that. Don't...don't worry. You have other things to worry about." "NO. You know damn well that I'm not accepting that. Whether we are together or not, you are my friend, and I'm not going to let this random BASTARD of a blackmailer continue to-" >AJ put her hand on your chest and pushed you back down. >"It's okay. It's only happened twice, no more than that." "I DON-" >"And before you pop a gasket, I have no diseases, and I've toughened up. I don't like it, but I deal with it. Now stop worrying yourself over it." "AJ you know I'm not going to calm down." >"You don't have to, not by yourself." >She kisses your forehead, and leaves the room. >The fuck does that mean? >Cryptic message received. >Sonata comes in, looking at your confused and angered expression, and raises an eyebrow. >"You okay, Anon?" >You look up at her. then nod. "Just...thinking." >She came in, and got undressed to her minimum, then lied down beside you. >You are still pissed about that. >Why was this person doing this? >What is the problem with you, why you specifically? > shouldn't matter. >Things are fucked up like that. >"You sure you're ok? You are staring at the ceiling really hard." "Hm? Oh, I'm fine. I'm just thinking really." >"Can I disturb you for some cuddles and a kiss goodnight?" >She looked at you, eyes shimmering and lip poked out. >Anymore of this and you'll fall over from cuteness overload. >You sigh and roll your eyes. "Fine, come here, you adorable motherfucker." >You take hold of here, and pull her to you. >"HEY! Not so rough!" >After you roll over, and you are on top, you release her. "Rough? I do not know this term. I do understand that you are my sworn enemy, and that I must defeat you!" >She rose an eyebrow as you made your fingers crooked. >"Wha-" "I am the Tickler, and everyone will laugh!" >Your fingers assault her sides, and she bites down on her lips in an attempt not to laugh. >"Stop it, please!" "Never, Sonata! I shall tickle you into submission!!" >Your fingers brush back and forth along her ribs, and you continue until you reach a love handle. >At that point, she loses it. >Screeching with laughter, she tries to force you off of her, but she is unsuccessful. >The Tickle is strong with this one. >Your fingers go to her armpits, smooth and hairless, and start your violation there. >She squeals, still trying to get you off. >"Stop!!! Stop it Anon!!" >You grin, and continue tickling her. >No man, or woman, will get you to stop so easily. "Ultimate Mouth Attack!!!" >You blow into her stomach, watching her start to tear up from lack of relaxation. >She can't stop laughing, and when she notices that you aren't going to let up, she begins to reach. >For what, you don't know. "OWWW!!" >She pulls you down by the hair, still giggling, she holds it in place. >"It looks like I'll have to fight fire with fire, Tickler." >She forces you over, even though you let her, she begins to tickle you. >Her fingers work their tender magic along your neck, and you begin to guffaw as she continues. "OK I'M SORRY!! I'M SORRY!!!" >"YOU AREN'T DONE, TICKLER! THE MIGHTY SONATA WILL FINISH YOU WITH YOUR OWN MOVE!" >She blows into your neck, and you begin to go mad with laughter. >Her fingers slow down, and she smiles brightly at you. >You smile back. >She kisses you, tenderly stroking your cheek. >You return it, holding her waist. >She breaks the kiss, and then lies down. >You don't remember what you were thinking about earlier. >But you did know that Sonata was good at clearing your head. >And making you smile. >You yawn, holding the blue haired girl in your arms. >"You are a really nice person." >What? >No you aren't. >YOU'VE MURDERED A MAN FOR HAVING A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS RACIST. >So why does you think you are a good person. "Well...Um, thanks." >She snuggled closer, and you began to drift off to sleep. >As you closed your eyes, Sonata took to circling your chest with her finger. >"Olive juice, Anon." >What the fuck does that shit mean?! >You close your eyes and drift off, not asking her the meaning of that. � -4 days later, the day before the dance- � >You drag yourself out of Ms. Cadance's class, tired and groggy. >Seriously, whoever invented essays was intent on putting the world to sleep. >You meeting the girls at their favorite pizzeria. >Cheese Sandwich's Pizza. >Seriously, who's parents were emptyheaded enough to name their kid Cheese, especially since their last name was sandwich. >Oh well, hopefully there's good pizza. >You put your books in your locker, and begin walking out of the school. >The sky is beautiful, clouds filling the sky, with different shades of gray. >The snow was falling slowly, looking pristine in front of the school. >Winter. >So beautiful, and yet, so mind-bendingly cold. >You spot Aria and Adagio, but no Sonata. >"There's the guy we want to talk to." >Aria winked at you, and Adagio turned and smiled. >"Yes. No doubt you are concerned about where Sonata is, She's at home, trying on her clothes." >"The ditz is trying on her new dress. She'll be ecstatic when you see it." " we go inside?" >The two of them nod. >"Yes. You first, guest of honor." >You go in first, and the 3 of you take a table by the window. >Now you all sit here. "So what kind of pizza?" >Aria is texting someone on her phone, not paying much attention. >"I like cheese." >Adagio begins to comb her hair. >"I'm a meat kind of girl. Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Bacon. Meat." >Wow, you thought girls like this or at least Adagio, would have some kind of other taste. >The order is placed, a pizza with extra cheese, and pepperoni on one half. >Now for the waiting game. >"So Anon, is there a particular reason why you are close with Sonata, and not me and Aria?" >So there will be conversation. >"Well, for one, she didn't rape me." >Aria snickered to herself. >"It's not like you were good anyway." >You lift you your finger, about to retort, but Adagio stops you. >"We both know she enjoyed the pumping you gave her. Leave it alone." >Aria blushed and gave you both a middle finger. >"Anyway, we could be just as good at sex and other things. Why Sonata?" >You shrug. "I don't know. It just...feels right." >Orange Poof nodded and smiled at you. >"I understand we may have ruined our chances with you. Forcing our lusts on you isn't ladylike, and I apologize." >"I don't." >Aria was still texting away. >Rude bitch... >"Well, I want to let you know that Sonata has liked you for a while. She's been looking at you from afar, at lunch, during classes that you share. Everywhere. She really likes you Anon." >You smile, and you feel bad for calling her an idiot before now. >You used to think she was so retarded before now. >Before you saw that she had a good heart, and was somewhat competent. >She just liked having fun. >"I am a bit disappointed you couldn't be my boyfriend, but I'm glad you make Sonata happy. After all, you've seen the hard time that Aria gives her." >"It's just some teasing." >You roll your eyes. >"You just remember what I said. When Sonata needs you most, you better not be acting like a bitch." >Aria glared at you. >"At least I'm no beta." >You chuckled. "I bet you'd like to be one." >Aria was about to stand up and tell you off, but the pizza arrived, hot and steaming. >The scent of it was wonderful. >The one thing that you'll never outgrow. >Pizza. >"While I admire that you can put Aria in her place-" >"Pthuck you guysh." >Aria's mouth was full of cheese pizza. >"I want you to know this. Sonata is madly in love with you. I want to know if you return those feelings." >Madly in love? >You had no idea, and you can't say you love her. >Can you? >She makes you really happy, and you wouldn't have a problem spending time with her. >Marriage, maybe? >That was far fetched. >It's a good distance away, but still... >You think you could be happily married to her. >Anon. You're think of marriage already. >Only been 3 days with her. >Get your emotes in check. "I...She makes me really happy, but I can't say I love her. At least...not yet." >"Understandable. Just don't...don't hurt my friend. She is...basically a sister to me. I'd hate to have to send Aria on you." "She cares about Sonata? I wouldn't know." >You start to munch on the pizza, inwardly chuckling at Aria's glare. >"Just know that if you hurt her, I break your legs." "Duhly Nothed." >With that, you all began to chat, and enjoy the pizza. >Aria is still texting away. >Wonder what has her attention... >"So, Anon who'll you be spending Christmas with?" >You raise an eyebrow. "Well...I've stated getting along with my mom again. So I was gonna invite her to my place. And me and Sonata are together, so..." >"Sonata would like to know if you'll spend it with us?" "Well..." >"Aria'll bring her boyfriend, I'll invite a friend. Sonata has you." >A triple date? Well shit. "I uh...I guess." >"If you want to see your mother on Christmas day, we won't stop you. In fact, you should introduce Sonata when you get the chance." >You nod, finishing your last slice. >Aria stood up, along with Adagio and of course, you are paying. >You all say your farewells, and you get time to think. >Walking home is something you haven't done since last year, when you got kicked out. >You forgot the peace that it brings you. >Tomorrow is the night you wear a suit and do a dance with Sonata. >You'll finally see her dress. >As you get to the apartment building, and enter it's hallway, you see a very concerned Sombra at your door. >"Ah, Anon, my boy. I understand tomorrow is the Winter Formal, correct?" >You nod. >"Now, our dear friend Big Macintosh told me that you aren't big on formal attire. When you attended the Apple Family Reunion with Applejack, he said you showed up in a hoodie and torn jeans, while everyone else was looking dapper as fuck." >You chuckled at the man. >Dapper as fuck? Seriously. >"So I've taken the liberty of getting you some suits and ties." "Whoa, seriously?" >Sombra nods, and ushers you to his apartment, with an awaiting Sonata and your mother. >The 2 girls were talking, when your mother noticed you. >"Anon Yvon Mous. Me and you have some talking to do when you are done trying on these suits." >Your cheeks begin to heat up from embarrassment. >Sonata giggled. >"Yvon?" >"Mhm. When he was first born, I thought he was a girl, so I named him Yvon. But then I noticed little Anon Junior, and it was just so cute! I kept Yvon as his middle name, while his first is Anon." >"Aww..." "Mom. Could you stop? Please? I beg you." >You sit on the sofa, between the 2 females, whilst your mom laughs at your bashfulness. >"If it's that bad, you should have told her about it before." "Ugh..." >Sonata kisses your cheek. >"Well it's a wonderful name, I think I'd name one of my kids that if I had any." >"Oh you best believe you're giving Momma Chrysalis some grandchildren." "MOM, SHUT UP PLEASE." >Sombra stood over by the coat closet chuckling. >"Well the colors are black, mint green, and silver. So I've 3 suits for you to choose from." >He opens the closet, and hangs them up for you to see. >"We've got suit one, white with a single silver pinstripe going down the left side of your chest on the jacket. The pants are white as well, with silver pinstripes going down the sides. This package comes with a mint green shirt, and silver tie." >Your mom strokes your chin. >"Don't you think you'd look good in that?" "I don't know, ma. You probably think I would." >Sonata leaned on your shoulder, and smiled. >"I think you'd look good in anything~" >You blush, and roll your eyes. "What's the next one looking like?" >Sombra still hasn't gotten over the situation, still occasionally giggling like a little schoolgirl. >Fucker must think this is cute. >"We've got this here black suit, with a wide mint green stripe on the coat down by the midriff. Pants have the same mint stripe going down those sides. Complete with silver shirt and a mint green tie." >They are all quite nice... "And the last?" >"Classic all black suit, with a mint green shirt and silver tie." "Hmmm...." >Sombra looks at you for a second. >"Something wrong?" >These suits are all kind of nice. >But too much white is overbearing. >Too much black makes you seem James Bond-ish... "How about we get those all black pants, with that white coat, and the mint green shirt with the silver tie?" >The man looked at the suits, and arranged them as stated. >"Hm. Never took you for a fashionista." >Spending time with Rarity in art last year was a good decision. >Off you went to try it on. >And by god was it form fitting. >The pants were exact size, and so was the shirt. >Lil' Anon can't breathe. >With the jacket as the last add on, you put it on, and looked in the mirror. >Maybe Sombra wasn't wrong in saying the word dapper. >Because you'd honestly fuck yourself right now. >This is all so nice, the jacket was perfect. >Walking out, you stood there in all your swagger. >And of course, your mother fake swoons. >"Oh my god he looks so much like his dad on prom night! I could just take you home and snuggle you all day and night!" >Your face reddened at the mention. >Sonata smiled, and hugged you. >"I think it's awesome! It'll go great with my dress." >"Then it's settled. Anon, you are now ready for the formal tomorrow. And you can keep the suit." "For real?" >"Mhm. It's an early Christmas gift. Now go, before I charge you for it." >You bag your clothes, and start walking around in your suit to break it in for tomorrow. >Just gotta be sure not to fuck up the jacket. "Thanks for the suit, Old Man." >"Anytime. Your mother wants to talk to you, I suggest you don't keep her waiting." >You nod and head out, closing the door to his apartment. >When you go around the corner, and get to your door, you see your mom. >"There you are, Anon. Come here." >Oh god. That tone. >That tone that all furious mothers use. >Maybe you could run. >No shame in cowardice. >Live to fight another day right? >Right? >"Anon. Here. NOW." >When you walked over to Chrysalis, your suspicions were confirmed. >She hit you over the head with a rolling pin, without a second thought. >"Don't you dare cry, either." >Any harder and you jaw would have broken. "Ma...That hurt." >"I don't care. How could you just kill someone? Didn't I teach you better than that? Because if I didn't, let me know now." >Sonata had to have told her. >Gonna have to talk to her about this shit. "I mean...I lost it, all right? Shit. I got mad. I bashed his head in. I'm no sadist, I didn't enjoy doing it. But I'm over it, and I'm definitely not sorry." >Your mother was a bit shocked at the words. "I cried like a baby at first. It was a hard thing to grasp. I killed someone. Big Mac slapped the shit out of me to calm me down." >Chrysalis lowered the rolling pin, and folded her arms, listening to what you had to say. "I'm working on my temper. Sonata's been helping with that tremendously. I'm getting better. So I'm sorry you had to find out from someone else. Jeez." >She went inside, and beckoned you to take a seat on the couch. "Not until the rolling pin goes away." >"Boy no one is going to hit you. Now come here." >What compels a child to do exactly what their parents say, you'll never know. >But you listened and now your mother has you in a bone crushing hug. >"I'm glad you knew why I was mad. But I taught you that words only hurt as bad as you let them. You've always been a hothead." "Mhm." >"But that's one of my traits. Your dad was the quiet one. But I digress. So, how did you and Sonata meet anyway?" "Uhhh..." >You looked around, and saw Sonata was in the kitchen fixing some hot cocoa. >You're on your own, Anon. "A friend introduced us. AJ, remember her?" >"The girl after BonBon?" >You nod, safe for the moment. >Sonata came in with 3 hot mugs, saving you from the conversation. >The 3 of you talk, and laugh, mostly embarrassing you in the process. >After a while, your mom needed to leave. >She gave you and Sonata a wish good luck, and got ready to go. >"Alright. We aren't completely done with that conversation Anon, but you are doing fine so I'll leave it alone for now. And Sonata, about your plans for tomorrow, remember, it only takes one. I'll see you all soon." >Chrysalis leaves, blowing you all a kiss. >Man, you should really let her know you love her. >She is your mom. >"You've got a funny mom." "Funny. Right." >You close the front door, and sit on the couch. "So what does it only take one of?" >"Hm?" "What my mom said. She said it only takes one. What is she talking about?" >You heard a bowl drop. >"Whoops...I Uh...spilled my ice cream. I'll clean it up!" >Well...that was overly convenient. >Almost seems intentional. "Okay. But what about my question?" >Sonata started humming loudly. "...Can I get an answer?" >"SORRY!! IT'S REALLY HARD TO GET ALL OF THE ICE CREAM OFF THE FLOOR!!" >Whatever. >You turn on the TV, and the Playstation 2. >Jak 2 is seriously interesting right now. >You put that in, and beging playing. >You forgot you saved right when you got the Jet Board. >Great place to pick up. >Sonata came in with her ice cream, happily watching as you played. >You want to press the subject, but you don't want her to drop the ice cream purposely again. >For the sake of the carpet, don't push it. >"That little hover board is so awesome!" >You smile at her excitement. "Yeah, I think so too." >You do a few tricks to make her smile, earning some giggles. >You continue on with your adventures. >Shooting, Metal Heads, Dacter being an idiot. >The nostalgia was eating you alive. >Sonata sat content, as if it were a movie, eating away at her ice cream. " ready to talk?" >"Hmf?" >Her mouth was full. >You kept playing, not looking her direction. "What my mom was talking about. I still want to know." >She gulped and sighed. >Now she's got to tell you, because your persistence is too strong. >She snapped her fingers, and smiled wide. >"I've got it!! I'll do what Aria would do." "And what would she do?" >"Bargain with you." >Well, this should be interesting. >She put her bowl of ice cream beside you, and got on her knees in front of you. >Her hands worked quick on your zipper, and soon, Li'l Anon was drooping out. >When did life get so lewd? >"I'm going to try and make you shoot off in 5 minutes. If you lose it before the end of the time limit, I'm not saying anything." "Well...damn." >She smiled a little deviously. >There's something she isn't saying about this... >"Deal or no deal?" >You can take it, Anon. "Deal." >Something in your stomach tells you you're going to regret this. >You were expecting soft delicate hands. >Hot tongue warm hot saliva all over your dick. >Sonata took her spoon, a put a dab of ice cream on the tip. "Fuuuu...that's really cold." >"I know~" >Fucking fuck fuck. >She gently kisses the tip, but not the spot where the ice cream was. >The conflicting temperatures confused you, but has you standing at full attention. >She slowly pushed the little pebble of melting ice cream down with her lips. >Concentrate on something else, Anon. >Ice and hot mouth not good, you are trying to outlast. >Game, save me. >You begin to cruise around Haven on the Jet board. >Sonata gets a little bit more ice cream, and drags it along the shaft. "Aaaahgghh..." >She pops your tip out and grins. >"Someone regretting their decision?~" "No...ngh...I can take this in my sleep." >"That's fine too." >She takes the tip again, anmoves as far as she can down the shaft, sucking in both ice cream and cock. >Just keep playing the game, Anon. >You begin to whistle "Gourmet Race" from Kirby. >After an audible pop, you see Sonata get more ice cream. >She doesn't put it on you, and you ignore the sense of safety for a second. >After a few seconds, she grips your shaft, and begins to tug and stroke. >Her hands continue to warm you up, and you start to grind your teeth. >Each pull brings you a bit further, her hands working warm, blissful magic. >"Come on, you can do it. You've got a minute left." >You relax as she continues on. >You'll finally get your ans- >SWEET MOB BARLEY THAT'S FUCKING COLD. >She was bobbing her head quickly, and you could see tiny streaks of ice cream every time she pulled back. >This evil woman. >She put the ice cream in her mouth. >The mix in temperature was too much, and your cock twitches and sprays, adding your salty semen to the cold and creamy mixture in her mouth. >You are a cold bitch Sonata. >She swallows, and smiles up at you. >"You didn't last long enough. Sorry Anon." >Your head was laid back on the couch, and you've dropped your controller. >Ice Cream Blowjob, fetish acquired. "Hunh? What were we talking about again?" >Sonata smiled at you, and put Li'l Anon away. >She sat next to you and finished her ice cream, asserting her clear dominance. >After a couple of hours of gloating, you remove the dress clothes and get ready for bed. >Sonata won't stop grinning at you for anything, not even as you hang up the suit. >She even smiles as you cuddle her in bed. >"I made you cum fast~" "Shut up...please..." >"Na nana nana na, you can't hold back." � >Tonight's the night. >Winter Formal. >You are lint rolling your suit, and trying your best to keep your self from puking. >The nervousness is getting to you. >You don't just take Sonata, but you take her and her "sisters". >3 dates at once, and they are all fucking gorgeous. >And you, being all regular Joe. >Move over, Hugh Hefner. >You make your way out of the apartment, and lock up. >Time to pick up the girls. >You hop in the Firebird, and crank the engine. >The snow falls peacefully as you drive through town. >You can feel your guts turning. >As you pull up, you see the lights of the Dazzling house. >Snazzily decorated and blaring it's shine and colors for the entire neighborhood to see, the house was covered in reindeer and a headless Santa. >That's gotta be Aria's doing. >You walked up to the door, and knocked. >There were cute little drawings of the 3 girls and Rudolph. >Gotta be Sonata. >Adagio opened up the door, smiling. >"Hello, date. And how are you this lovely evening?" >You knew the dress would be nice...but for the first time since you've first met them, Adagio had straightened her hair. >It flowed long, going far down to her hips. >Perfectly accentuating her body, as well, not to mention how form fitting the dress was. >Aria came out in a rush, pushing Adagio out of the way a bit. >"Hello, lover boy. I got all gussied up for you. You like?" >Aria's dress fit her just like it did last week. >Even though it looked the same, your mind couldn't resist it anymore than before. >Aria had her hair down as well, giving you a smirk that you only read as "fuck me. I won't tell." >No, boner. You've had enough fun in the past 24 hours. >Then, from by the Christmas Tree, you saw her. >Sonata Dusk, standing in a beautiful silver dress, with mint green and black pinstripes. >Her hair was in a french braid, drooping over her right shoulder. >She's so... "Beautiful." >The other 2 girls smiled, and motioned Sonata to come over. � >The drive to the dance was silent, with you and Sonata taking looks at each other. >In the past week, you've both been friendly, had some quite random sex... >Why is it like it's a first date? >Doesn't matter now. >For now, you've a dance to enjoy with Sonata and her sisters. >Mingling with people sounds like something to do until Adagio is ready to dance. >Maybe some pun- >"Anon, darling, I'm ready for my dance." >Snatched away by the Poofy Orange Overlord, she slings you in front of her and takes your hands. >"We are swinging tonight!" >A fast paced drum beat began to play, the piano and bass coming in strong and heavy. >You were never a good dancer. >This basically consists of you keeping your balance, and not falling when she tosses you around. >After a few minutes you get a handle on some of it, but you're still trying not to slip. "Adagio, I don't think this is-" >"Shut up, best part of the song!" >She spins you, rapidly at that. >When she pulls you back, the song ends. >You were the center of attention apparently, laughter and random applause from the crowd. "...You are never dancing with me again." >"Oh? You say that as if the song was over." >Your face went blank. >Not over? >"You have to lead me now. I hope you can swing well." >Son of a... >"Pick me up, you clueless idiot." >For the next 3 minutes, you had Adagio giggling and cracking jokes at your 2 left feet. >Aria and Sonata were hiding their smiles at Adagio's watered down frustration. >After a while Adagio lets you go, heading over to Rarity and her friends. >Jesus Christ, that woman could kill you if she wasn't so kind. >You wouldn't be surprised if she took over the world just because she felt like giving orders. >You got yourself some punch, and a good bit too, chugging 5 cups of the stuff. >Why did you say you wanted to dance with them, anyway? >Oh. Right. Rape. >"Hey, slick moves out there." >It was your favorite mean girl, Irate Indigo. "Whatever, grape grump. Your sarcasm isn't getting me today." >She walked closer, shooting you a smirk. >"Someone is snarky. I was just complimenting your dance moves." >You dipped your finger in your cup of punch, then flicked it into Aria's face. >She jumped, and wiped her cheek, then took your hand with a look most evil. >"Alright you dick, bring your mean ass here. I'm cutting your break short." "Oh, I'm mean?" >Aria dragged you to the middle of the dance floor, yanking you to her with a grin. >Your punch cup fell to the floor, spilling all over the tablecloth. "My punch..." >"You can have it after you please my thirst for a dance." >A Latin tune began to play, Spanish guitar thriving lovely. >"See, I was being genuinely nice." "Seriously? I thought you were being sarcastic." >"Too late for apologies Anon." >She moved you a certain way, commanding your comets movement and attention. >"Tell me Anonymous. Do you know Salsa?" "Like dip?" >She led you around, forcing you to dance with her. >She pulled you close together, kissing distance. >"Spicy, flavorful, hot, passionate..." >She stomped your foot, and took you both for a spin. >"But you don't eat it. You perform it." >May the heavens have mercy on your tired body. >Aria got done with you, continuously stomping your foot every few minutes during the dance to make you look stupid. >With a possibly bruised foot, you make your way back to the punch bowl. >More chugging of the punch, this time being sure to keep an eye out for Adagio and Aria. >Don't want to dance yourself into cardiac arrest. >You see someone in a nicely made dress, quite nice. >It's blue and gold. >To your surprise, it's Applejack. And she's coming your way. >"Howdy Anon. How're you tonight?" >She did a little curtsy. "Come on AJ, you know how I am about being formal." >"I know. I just like to make ya mad." >She smiled with a joy you haven't seen in a while. >"So, those were some fiery moves out there. Though, Dancing with Aria, it looked like you were moving with 8 left feet." >You both laughed, with you keeping some pressure off your foot. "I know. I'm not good at salsa." >AJ was radiant, her hair had been curled. >Makes you wonder if your mysterious blackmailer is here. >"Well...I just wanted to chat with ya. Sonata is over by the juice bar trying not to lose her lunch." "She's nervous?" >This question made AJ giggle. >"She's more squeamish than most girls are on her period. She's so nervous about dancing with you, I don't think she realizes that the cider is almost gone." >You should go check on your girlfriend. >You have been snatched away twice tonight, but that means the other 2 have had their dance. >Walking toward the juice bar, you see Sonata drinking the minty cider. "Hey." >Best spit take ever. >"Hi Anon..." >She started frantically wiping her face with a napkin. >This is cute. >You sit down on the barstool beside her, and take her hand. >She smiled, and kissed your cheek. >"Thanks for being my date...and my boyfriend." >You smile. " this all began is really odd, huh?" >She nods and leans on your shoulder. >"Yup. But um...I just...can't say how long I've wanted this." "Wanted what?" >Sonata nuzzled you. >"To be with you. Adagio and Aria probably told you I'd been..." "Admiring from afar?" >She sighed in agreement. >"And now I'm your date to the winter formal. The way it happened is weird, yeah, but I wouldn't have it any other way." >She got up from her chair. "For real?" >Her smile lit up the room. >"For realzies. So um...I'm ready to dance." >For once, you can actually dance without problems. >You hopped up. "Ow..." >Right. Aria mangled your foot. >Fuck. >Power through it, Anonymous. >Taking her hand and ignoring your foot, you walk with her as the final song plays. >Your hands find her hips easily, and hers go to your shoulders. >You begin to move side to side, looking at each other deep into your eyes. >Her perfect magenta pools are glittering in the low light of the school's event room. >She comes close, hands shifting to your chest. >You clasp your hands behind her back, holding her close. >"Anon?" "Hm...?" >"You know those times I said 'Olive Juice'?" >Dammit Sonata don't ruin this with that cryptic shit. >She could see your questioning expression, giggling at it. >"You know, if you take the sound out and mouth it, it looks like something else." >She mouths it, and smiles as clear as day when she sees your surprise. "Uh...I...didn't know that..." >"Well...I only said olive juice because I...I didn't want to scare you off. It's only been a week and a half." "And you thought I wouldn't feel the same?" >She looks at you, shocked. "Truth be told, Adagio told me how you felt. I just didn't know if I felt the same." >You could see tears forming in her eyes, and her lip began to quiver. "Now I know. Sonata Dusk..." >A smile crept across her lips. "I love you too." >A teary kiss found it's way to you, Sonata wrapping her arms around your neck. >You returned it, enjoying her lips and oddly enough, the taste of tears. >She broke the kiss. >"Ari and Ada can find their way home. Let's go. Now." >Is she being commanding? >She tightened her grip on your hand, and pulled tightly. >"Come on." >Anon, you shame men everywhere. >She wants to fuck man. GIVE HER THE D. >Without another word, you both were out to the car. " are in the mood?" >With a smile she took your ear, and whispered. >"Dripping like a leaky faucet." >The dick. It beckons. >You both get in the car, and she holds your hand as you drive to the Apple home. >AJ said she'd be fine alone, but you stay here every other night anyway. >Parking next to Mac's truck, you get out and get the key, with Sonata already a ways ahead of you. >Open the door, close it, and lock. >"Come on Anon! I have an extra special way to celebrate ." >She pulls you up the stairs, and you both go into your room. >Starting it off, she kisses you, no tongue, and starts undoing your jacket, then shirt adding tongue as she goes along. >You found the zipper on her dress, and you pulled it down. >Now that you are both in more comfortable states, she shimmies the dress off, and pulls your shirt from your back. >She fumbles with your buckle a bit, and your hands meet hers to aid her. >You break the kiss to look at yourselves in your almost naked glory. >Your slacks fell to the floor, showing off an amazing taste in Angry Birds boxers. >But Sonata.... >Your dick was peeking past the flap of your underwear, at full attention. >She was wearing a laced bra and panties, turquoise in color, along with magenta thigh high stockings with a garter belt in contrast to the underwear. >It matches her hair and eyes well... >"You like it?" >You nod, for fear of words messing up the moment. >She wraps her arms around you, and smiles with half lidded eyes. >"You get to take it all off, Anon. But you have to do it with your teeth " >Turning around, her back was there for you to see. >The bra's hook is where you started, biting the fabric and gently pulling. >Sonata shuddered as your hands reached around her sides, softly stroking her belly. >"'re good with your hands, you know?" >You moved up and kissed the back of her neck, eliciting a tiny jump and squeal from her. >You continue your massage and unhook the last pin, pulling the bra away from her body. >Dropping that to the floor, you looked at the garter belt and stockings. >This may be a bit more difficult. >Kneeling down, your hands softly stroke down her belly to her thighs. >Sonata hummed in contentment, letting you know not to stop. >Your teeth grazed the soft flesh of her ass, a moan escaping her mouth. >You took the clasps off her stockings, and tugged off the garter belt. >On the way down, you got a peek between Sonata's legs. >Her panties have a small stain in them. >She said remove the clothes with your teeth. >Never said you couldn't tease her. >You plant your lips on her right cheek, and use a finger to poke her warm sex through the panties. >"Anon, you are suppoooOO that feels good...." >Your index and middle finger stroked her lively, and you could feel her grinding against the digits. >Sonata began biting her lip, and you could feel her puss start to tighten. >By her shallow breathing you knew she was close. >"A little close..." >As her moans began to cascade higher, you bit the fabric of her panties, and pulled them down, your fingers leaving her wanting. >" are so mean..." >You turn her around, and bear hug her off the ground, her sudden irritation replaced with a smile and giggles. "Don't worry, I'll make it all up to you." >At that, you laid her on the bed, and she spread her legs for you. >Her ripe, moist twat was there, waiting for you, wetter than it was before. >Unfortunately two more bits of clothing are still on your prize. >You kiss her thigh, pressing your thumb into the hot mound far enough to feel the the veil of skin. >" could just...start now..." >You look up at her, smirking. >"Please start now?" >Leaving the stockings on, you pull your thumb out of her, and start kissing her clit, and taking off your boxers. >All of you can finally breathe now, dick free to the air. >Your tongue works her labia, and you tug on the piercing a little bit. >You can see her a getting ready to cum, and again, you deny her, pulling away without warning. >"Anon stop teasing me!" >Her pent up frustration was cute, but the look on her face tells you if you do that again you might end up hurt. >Or raped. Most likely raped. >You got up and lined your cock up with her throbbing slit and she put her hands around your shoulders. >She held onto you tightly as you slid the first few inches in. >The warmth and wetness of her soaking cunt forced up to leak, a steady flow of precum being coaxed from you. >You could feel her hymen, ready to be broken. >"Break it Anon. I...I need you so much right now..." >Never keep a lady waiting, Anon. >You pushed forward, taking her purity for yourself. >She yelped in pain, and started tearing up, but also shuddering and tightening her grip. >Once hilted, you didn't move, feeling her pussy constrict your dick along with the leaking of her cum. >She looked at you, coming down from her painful orgasm, and kissed you passionately, rolling her hips into you. >You know she's in pain still, hearing the muffled yelps as she tries to force you as deep as possible. >But she doesn't care. >You thrust along with her, as your tongues danced across each other. >She picks up speed, and bites softly on your lip as her moans get louder. >She breaks the kiss, and looks at you deeply. >"I'm...I'm gonna..." >She digs her nails into your back, and her pussy begins to milk you for all you are worth. >Your dick still hasn't released yet, but as Sonata comes down again, she takes your hand. >"You lay down..." >You pull out, then lay back at the headboard of the bed, allowing her to climb on top of you. >You are sitting up, holding onto her hips as she lowers herself onto you. >She begins to tease your dick, rubbing it against her folds while you groan in pleasure. >Without warning, she spears herself on it, moaning loudly across the house. >She starts rotating her hips, looking into your eyes. >She pulled herself closer to you, and you held onto her, mashing her breasts against your chest with wild abandon. >You could feel the base of your cock start to tighten, and Sonata looks at you hungrily. >"Wait...w-wait for me...please Anon." >You were already doing your damnedest not to let your load burst. >She sped up, going up and down on you like you were a trampoline. >As she got closer and closer, you threw your head back. >Any longer and you're going to just explode now. >"I love you I love you I love you I love you..." >It had gone on so far that you were fucking yourselves silly. >"Anon...I...I...I'M CUMMING!!!!" >The tightest constriction of the night began to command you. >The dam has broken. >You thrust up, pushing her ass in to the air, shooting every thick rope of cum you have into her. >The sensation drove Sonata mad, her funny tightening on you, and her eyes rolled back. >Her tongue was out hanging, she was in a state of pure and utter bliss. >As you both came down, she simply collapsed on your chest, completely insensate. >Never would've imagined you'd have fucked someone near unconscious. >Well, technically, she did it to herself. >She lies on your chest, shuddering, coming down from her orgasmic high. >Panting, she weakly took your hand. >"I...I...I love you so much..." "I know Sonata...I know...I love you too..." >In less than a few minutes, she was out cold, and you weren't far from drifting off your self. >You wrapped yourselves in the blanket, and began to relax, holding the girl and keeping her warm. >And off you went, into the land of dreams. � >As you wake up, you find yourself holding onto a very warm feeling. >Who is this... >OH!! Sonata. >You must have slept well to forget you were holding her. >That's danced, you came home and...had sex, >Some pretty mind blowing sex... >You both came hard as hell, explaining the exhaustion... >You didn't even pull out when... >Oh shit. >Fuck Fuck Fuck HOLY SHIT FUCK. >You came inside her. You did not pull out. >Shit!! You idiot Anon! Not only did you deflower her, but-WAIT! >That one thing. It had to have been that weird pill right? >Come to think of it, last night explains why she didn't tell you... >She didn't want you to worry. >Calm down...calm down... >"...Hm? Morning Anon." >She looked up at you with a smile, her hair a legitimate mess. "Morning..." >"'d you sleep?" >You ran your hand through her hair, relaxed and eased. "Pretty well, with this really heavy girl on my chest." >She smacked your chest hard, and you winced at the pain and the sound it made. >"Stop joking. I want to know if you slept well." >She put her face in front of yours, waiting to hear you. "I slept well...why is it so important?" >"Because...I've been thinking." >Oh boy. Somehow, you could feel this turning weird. >"I want us to go on a date. To the movies." >Oh. That's simple. "Cool. What do you want to see?" >"Oh..." >She nuzzles your nose with hers, something like an eskimo kiss. >"The loudest action movie that's out. It doesn't matter, just make sure it's loud." >Well, that's easy. Isn't the Expendables 3 loud as shit? >You'll go see that. "Well, there's a movie with some of my favorite action heroes of old. We can go see that." >"OK! Lemme go get dressed." >She kissed you, and left in a flash, leaving you suddenly cold. >You'd honestly rather cuddle. >But you can't help but wonder.. >Why does she want to see a loud movie? >You get your basic clothes ready, your favorite "Yay" shirt and cargo pants. >Still puzzled at this entire movie date. >As you got downstairs, you were greeted by a smug Applejack. >"Someone was rockin' tha barn last night." >Did she really... "You heard?" >"Every minute, stud. Good job holding out for what, 3 orgasms?" "SHHHHH!!!" >You frantically rush to cover AJ's mouth, looking around to make sure that Sonata isn't around. "She can't know you heard." >She swats your hands away, smiling. >"Please, yer lucky Mac ain't here. He'd embarrass the mess out of ya. Almost makes me jealous." >You rolled your eyes and walked away in frustration. >It's been a long time since you've asked yourself... >Why was AJ being a bitch? >Sonata came out, skipping to the car. >"Have a good day you 2. Don't stay out to late, I'm makin' macaroni!" >You both get in the car, Sonata making sly eyes at you for the entire ride. >Inside the theater wasn't exactly calm either. >She didn't want any popcorn or snacks or candy. She just drug you along to the theater room. >So down you sat, in the seat a bit under the projector. >Sonata was sitting by you, waiting and watching for people to come in. >What is she watching for? >Within a few minutes though, the place filled up. >Empty seats here and there, but a lot of people. >Eventually the movie started, thunderous studio intros and all. >Fucking Lionsgate. >It was then, Sonata snaked her hand to your pants, unzipping slowly. >You panicked for a second, but to keep attention off of you, you quieted down. "What the fuck are you doing?" >She kissed your cheek and whipped out the limp member you had. >"Just fulfilling a wish of mine~" >Moving in front of you, she slowly pulled up her skirt, showing you two plump and lovely cheeks. >She then sat on poor Lil' Anon, landing him perfectly between each mound. >You could complain, but... >God, she's so soft here. >There's gotta be something that explains what's going on right now. >She wiggles gently on top of you, her plush ass suffocating your cock. >As it hardens, she giggles softly. >"Can't do nothing yet. Don't worry, I'll make all the stress go away in a second." >BUT I'M NOT FUCKING STRESSED! >Except for winky down there, poor bastard is getting stiffer than sugar cane, and is being bent down against his will. >Gunshots and random sounds occur on the screen, and Sonata eases back, and you begin to feel heat, and a sticky wetness. >"Someone's excited!~" >That's not sweat. >Holy shit, sex in public. >No. No. No. Sonata, stop, this is wrong. >And yet... >You remember that you said you were into this sort of thing. >You weren't lying... >You're beginning to pay less attention to the world around you, relaxing and slowly running your hands along thighs. >"Mmmm...stop it, wait for things to get loud. We don't need to be heard..." >Is she serious, or is she just playing with your mood? >Because she made the dick diamonds, and be damned if she doesn't solve the problem. >As soon as the next shots are fired, she starts grinding the wet sex on you, intent on building you up. >You continue to roam her body, hands going up her shirt to her breasts. >It hasn't occurred to you until now that she isn't wearing any underwear at all. >Her breasts are perfectly filling your hands, with you softly kneading them. >The action begins soon, and she wastes no time pointing the shaft upwards toward the waiting tunnel. >As soon as the explosion is heard, she plunges down, piercing herself onto you without care. >You groan and so does she, drowned out by the noise in the background. >Facing the screen, she begins to slowly rise up and down your cock. >The slow movements and undulation of her walls get rid of any other thoughts you may have had. >Your hands begin to stroke her breasts more and more, pressing deeper into the soft flesh. >She leans back a little, slowing down and bringing your face close to hers. >Slowly, she brings her lips to yours, and quickening her pace on you. >Her earlier foreplay edged you a bit forward, and you can feel your orgasm coming. >You broke the non tongue kiss, only for her to take your lips with her fingers and keep them closed. >"I don't want you out for the entire movie. It's cold in here, and I want to be warm from the inside." >On cue with the next explosion, you shoot off inside her, your moans muffled by her fingers. >It doesn't last, but she stays on your slowly softening dick, riding it more. >"I'm still really cold Anon." >She slowly gets off, then turns toward you, pushing limp member right back in. >"Warm me up." >She leans in, pressing herself against you, interlocking her fingers with yours. >It didn't take long for you to get the stiffy back, and as soon as she felt you pulse to life, she resumed her ride. >The movie had gone quiet again, and you had no intentions of stopping. >You kiss her, this time attacking her tongue with yours. >Her moans are muffled, but not silent, you'd have to move in tandem with the movie. >You let her lead throughout most of the quiet, silent moans and a few wet smacks. >You broke the kiss to catch your breath, and a random explosion startled you, forcing you to thrust upwards. >A gasp from Sonata echoes through the room, and she quickly covers her mouth. >"CALM THE FUCK DOWN UP THERE IT WAS JUST A FUCKIN' EXPLOSION!" >You began to slowly thrust into the startled girl, drawing her back to you, and she resumed moving her hips with yours. >As you resumed your kissing, you could feel her tightening up, with you not far behind her. >You both came, moaning loudly into each other's mouths, you stuffing her more and her pussy wringing you for your cum. >She hungrily started to hump you, kissing you with more animalistic passion, with you obliging her every movement. >You couldn't hear the movie over the rustling of your clothes, but you would see flashing lights, so that meant action. >Safe for now. >Her body began to grind harder onto you, your hands squeezing yours harder. >Each of your thrusts were met with her hips forcing you back down to the chair. >Every time hips met, she squealed a little into your mouth. >She broke the kiss, panting and gasping. >"You close, lover?" "Nggh...You have to ask?" >She gently squeezed your hand. >"Just...keep pumping...." >She plunged back onto your mouth as she came, moaning into you as her pussy began to constrict you, triggering your much needed release also.