Douche Anon and the Pregnant Dazzlings (Part 2) - by Anonymous

>Be Anon >Be relieved that you barely managed to fend off Adagio for now. >Be walking back into the cafeteria. >Once you walk in, the room goes quiet and see people staring at you. >You stare right back "Uhh..... what?" >Almost as if a switch was flipped, everyone realized that there were being nosy and went back to minding their own business. >Although some people still snuck glances at you. >Jerks. >You sigh, walking back to your table. >Flash, Norman, and your other friends were giving you worried looks. >"Dude, what the hell was that?" >Nosey >You grunt, sitting back down. "Nothing, and its none of your business." >"The hell it isn't!" Norman spoke up, glaring at you. >"Dude, you just got pulled away by one of the Dazzlings. What did she want with you? Does it have something to do with what you and Flash were talking about?" >You scowled. "Drop. It." >Norman rolled his eyes. >"That's a yes." >Fuck you too. >Flash sighed. >"This is why I told you to your parents. Its only going to get worse from here." >This nigga needs to learn to shut up. >"Tell them about what? This sounds really serious. Are they doing magic stuff to you? Should we try and get that Twilight chick to come back and help?" Brawly asked, deciding to speak up. >You groan. "Look, its fine. I've got this all under control. Its nothing magic related, I swear." >"Doesn't look like it." Norman commented. >Damn it, just stop asking about it! >Your fists clenched. >Brawly looked scared, "You cut her off before she finish speaking. What was she about to say that you didn't want us to kn- "WILL YOU NOSEY FUCKERS JUST STOP ASKING ABOUT IT?!" >The whole cafeteria goes quiet. >Everyone is staring at you again. >You growl. "WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?! >They all immediately pretended to be doing something else. >You sigh, sitting back down >You put your head in your hands. >Just great. >Real good job keeping your composure there, Anon! >You dumbass. >Norman raised his hands in defeat. >"You know what? I'll shut up." >You sigh in relief "Thanks." >At this rate, everyone was going to find out. >The stress was killing you, and it hasn't even been a week yet. >Damn it! >You just can't win, can you?! >You need a plan, and you need it now... (SKIP TO BIOLOGY) >Still be Anon. >Be trying to pay attention in class to keep your mind off your imminent demise. >"So you see class, adenine pairs with thymine, while guanine pairs with cytosine." >Ugh, but it was boring as fuck... >"These pairs are known as nucleobases. A special compound forms when a nucleobase is created called a nucleotide..." >Maybe you really should talk to Sunset Shimmer? Get her and her friends to prove that magic exists? >.... >Nah. They wouldn't help you if they knew what happened. >You grip your pencil tighter as you doodled in your notebook. >What were you supposed to tell them? >That you had sex with the Dazzlings even though everyone warned you it was a bad idea.... >You quietly scoffed. >They'd leave you in this hole you dug for yourself. >Lying to them might work... >.... Telling your parents? >They'd yell at you. >'We warned you about this! Why are you so hard-headed?!' >After that? They'd probably want to meet the Dazzlings. From what little you knew about Adagio, she seems like the type of person who'd be able to act her way out of any situation... >And that wouldn't be good. She might paint herself and her friends as victims. Your parents would be even angrier at you. >"Alright class, we've made a lot of progress today! Since class is about to end in two minutes anyway, I'll let you go early. Remember, your Presentations are due this Friday." >Thank god! >Everyone stood up, gathering their things. >"Um... hello?" >Ugh >You turned around. "Yes?" >It was Sunset Shimmer, looking at you worriedly. >You didn't actually know that much about her. >Like many others, you feared and hated her back when she was a raging cunt. >Looking at her now.... being so NICE is actually kind of creepy. >That magic she was hit with must be some powerful shit... >She scratched the back of her head. >"Anonymous, right?" >You nodded. "Yeah, but just call me Anon." >"Look, I heard that one of the Dazzlings was bothering you. Is everything alright?" >You groan. "It's fine." >She gives you a pointed look. >"You yelled loud enough to make everyone in the cafeteria pay attention to you." >Shit. >You cringe. "Uhh.... you heard that?" >Sunset shakes her head. >"No. But I keep hearing people talking about it." >You scoff. "Did my friends put you up to this? Tell them I'm fine." >Sunset sighed. >"No, they didn't." "Then why are you talking to me?" >She looked annoyed with you. >"Has anyone ever told that you have an attitude problem? I'm just trying to help you!" >You glare at her. "Yeah well, I never ASKED for it." >Sunset glares back at you, fists clenched. "Jerk." she says, turning and walking away from you. >Good riddance >'But she was only trying to help!' a voice in the back of your mind speaks up. >So? I'm not in the mood. >'That's no excuse to be an asshole to her' >.... Damn it, that's true. >Curse you conscience! "Wait!" >She stops and looks back at you. >"Why? I thought you didn't WANT my help." >You sigh. >"I-I'm sorry, alright? I'm just really stressed about this." >Her eyes soften. >"Want to talk about it?" >.... Maybe you should? It might do you some good. "Away from here. Where nobody else can hear." >You glance at a few other students nearby. >She nods. >The two of you walk together. You head for a relatively empty hallway. >You lean on a vending machine, arms folded. >You sigh. "Okay. You have to keep this secret. Tell NO ONE about this unless I say its fine." >Sunset nods again. >"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." >Da fuck? >Seriously, what the hell was that? >There were motions and everything! "Um.... What the hell?" >She turns red from embarassment. >Huh, she's actually kind of cu- >NO! Bad penis! You're what got me in this mess to begin with! >She chuckles nervously. >"Its this.... thing one of my friends does." "You're talking about the pink one aren't you?" >She sighs. >"Yeah. Her name is Pinkie. Its literally called a Pinkie Promise." "Pffff!" >You start snickering. >She glares at you. >"Shut up. She somehow knows whenever somebody makes one and gets REALLY pissed when you break it." >Still sounds silly as all hell, but whatever. "Okay, okay. So... do you want me to start?" >Sunset nods. >You sigh, and begin your story. >How you went to that party two weeks ago. >How the mood suddenly changed when the Dazzlings showed up uninvited. >How they were all over you that night. >You were naturally suspicious of their motives, but in your defense they were REALLY hot. >They took you back to their apartment where sexy times ensued. >Then how yesterday they came up to you with THREE positive pregnancy tests. >They gave you an ultimatum. Either man up, or pay up. And you didn't want to change diapers anytime soon. "However, I pointed out why suing me for child support would be a bad idea. That got them to leave me alone yesterday." >You sigh. "But today, Adagio came up to me and threatened to find out where I live and tell my parents what's up." >Sunset just had her head in her hands. >"Wow... I honestly don't know how to react other than to say how stupid you are." >You scowl. "I've been hearing that a lot lately." >She scoffs. >"That doesn't make it any less true." "I... uhh.... well..." >You really couldn't deny that. >Sunset sighed. >"Look, I honestly think you're in a lot of trouble no matter what you do. But it'd probably be slightly easier for you if you tell your parents the truth and face the consequences of your actions." "And what I am I supposed to tell them?! That I got three magical fish things from another dimension pregnant?!" >She went quiet at that. >"O-Okay, I see that point. Instead, tell them that you got three teenage immigrants pregnant." >.... >You stare at her. >She shrugs, "Its technically true." "I'm pretty sure they're too old to count as teenagers." >"Physically speaking? They are normal teenage girls. I think their powers stopped them from aging." "What if I just ignore them? If they come around my house, I could just tell my parents that they're just random bitches with a grudge against me." >Sunset just stares at you. >"Wow, you're a huge asshole aren't you?" >You snort. "That's an understatement." >She shakes her head at you. >"Y'know what? No. I'm not going to help someone who is this set on not taking responsibility for their actions." >This fucking cunt.. >You snarl. "That's ironic coming from you, Miss Attempted-Murderer!" >She cringes at that. >Good. >"I-I've faced the consequences of my actions." "Really? You call having to rebuild the school and having everyone hate you for a while 'consequences'? Normally, trying to kill people lands you in fucking prison you hypocrite! Add in the fact that you literally transformed into a demon and I'm really fucking surprised that you're not being dissected at a government lab! You're just lucky Principal Celestia hasn't decided to hand over the footage from the school security cameras!" >She just stares at you, fists clenched. >She turns and walks away. ----------------------------------------------- >Be Sonata Dusk >Be stalking Anon to find out where he lives. >You frowned, playing with your vastly shortened and now green hair. >Adagio had made you cut and dye it to make it harder for Anon to notice you >Add in a pair of dorky glasses, an unflattering hoodie, a long skirt, etc... >And BAM! You were practically unrecognizable. >You really missed your ponytail though... >But Adagio said it was necessary for the plan to work! >She said when this was over you could grow your hair back out! >School had ended for the day, and you were slowly tailing Anon as he walked onto the bus. >You walked in after him, and took an empty seat behind his. >Now you only had to wait until he got off his stop and discreetly follow him home! >You hummed, taking out your MP3 player to pass the time with. > [Embed] >You don't care what Adagio and Aria thought, this song is awesome! >You close your eyes and smile, letting yourself zone out into the music. >To be honest with yourself, you were terrified about being a mom. >As much as you didn't really like kids, you also didn't want to end the life growing inside you. >You didn't like killing things unless it was necessary... >"Hi!" >So, you consigned yourself to parenthood. >Because Adagio said that putting your baby up for adoption might ruin the plan. >"Hello?" >Aria had talked about just giving up the plan and getting an abortion last night. She and Adagio had fought over that... >You felt felt someone tapping you on the shoulder. >You frown, taking out your earphones and turning to the source of the disruption >"Hi!" says the pink-haired girl now sitting to your left, waving at you with a smile. >Oh shit it was one of the Rainbooms! >She must not recognize you in your distance... >Time to play it cool, Sonata! "Umm.... H-Hello?" >Good job! >"Are you new here?" she asks. "W-Why do you say that?" >"Well, I've never seen you before and I usually sit in this seat." >D'OH! "Sorry. Do you want me to leave?" >She shakes her head. >"Of course not!" >Her smile turns into a full-on grin >"This just means I get to make a new friend today!" >What? >You blink in confusion "Why? We just met. You don't know anything about me." >She nods. >"I know! But that's what conversations are for." >She holds out a hand. >"I'm Pinkie Pie! And you are?" >Uhh.... >"I'm Son-" >Don't use your real name! >"dial...?" >"Nice to meet you Sundial!" >From there you had a awkward, but nice, conversation with an enemy who didn't recognize you. >You and Pinkie had a lot of things in common! >For one, the both of you liked the same kinds of music! >"And then I said, Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!" >The two of you laughed. >She also told really funny jokes! >"Alright Flash, I'll see you tomorrow." >You perk up as you see Anon get up out of his seat. "Uh, Pinkie? Sorry, but I have to go! This is my stop." >"That's fine. See you tomorrow!" >She moved out of the way, allowing you to get out of the seat. >You follow Anon (and a few other kids) off the bus. >You look around at your new location. >The houses here were really big and nice-looking.... >You moved over to the sidewalk, your eyes on Anon as he walked into a white house with the number 34 on it at the end of the street. >Bingo! Now for the street name. >Then you glance at a nearby street sign. >Incognito Street, huh? >You grin. >Ha! That was funny. >Okay, you had what you came for. >Now to find your way back the apartment from here. >You sigh. >You had a feeling that this was going to be a LONG walk. --------------------------------- >Be Anon >You sigh as you walked into your house after a long day at school. >The Dazzlings hadn't bothered you today, which was good. >Although the blue one, Sonata, was missing. >That had you on edge. What were they planning? >Yesterday's encounter with Sun-shit Shimmer was unproductive, so you still had no plan to counterattack... >You grin. >Which is why you decided to ask someone else for help! >Or rather, a lot of someones. >You race upstairs to your bedroom. >To the internet! >Reddit to be specific! >You'll just make a throwaway account, ask your questions, and pick the best answer! >Surely your fellow Redditors won't judge you for being a coward! >Right? >...... At least you hope they wouldn't. >You get to your desk and open up your laptop. -------------------------------------------------------------- >Be Aria >Be relieved as you walk home from yet another day at that awful fast food place. >You take off the collared shirt to your uniform and toss it on the floor, revealing a black tank-top. >You sigh, plopping yourself down into the couch. >You close your eyes, just allowing yourself to relax. >Let go of all the stresses of the day... >"Well if it isn't the wage slave." >Oh goddamnit. >You open one eye to see Adagio standing there, arms folded, with an annoyed look on her face. >"Did you have fun taking orders from humans all day?" >Ugh. "Can you NOT do this every time I come back?" >Adagio snorted. >"I dunno. Can you NOT demean yourself every day?" >You rolled your eyes. "Its not like I want to do this. Somebody has to be the productive one around here. We need to start making money." >Her fists clenched >"We have money!" "You mean the 10 grand we had stored away just-in-case? How long is that going to last us?" >"Long enough for my plan to work if you just wait!" Adagio shouted, glaring at you. >OW! >You cringe, then glare back at her. "Stop. Yelling! Its giving me a headache." >She grits her teeth. >"I wouldn't NEED to yell if you'd just listen to me!" >You scoff. "Well look at where listening to you got us? Powerless!" >Adagio looked taken aback by your response. >Good. >Maybe now she'd shu- >*WHAM!* >You fell off the couch as you felt something impact with your face. >What the fuck?! >You're on your hands and knees, wiping your mouth. >The bitch fucking punched you in the face! >You looked the hand you wiped your mouth with. >And there was a little blood, too! >You glare up at Adagio, who was looking back down at you with a murderous expression. >"That. Was not. MY FAULT!" she yelled. >She took a deep breath. >Oh joy, another rant. >"Somehow those DAMN Rainbooms escaped from under the stage! We didn't tell anybody, so who knew they were even down there and let them out?!" >You slowly stood up as Adagio went off on a tirade again. >She had been like this ever since the Battle of the Bands. >And it was honestly pissing you off. >There goes any hope of a peaceful evening. >You walk past her. >"What are you doing!? GET BACK HERE!" >You ignore her demands. >In any other situation you probably would have punched her back, leading to a fist fight between the two of you that Sonata would have had to break up. >As usual. >But right now? It just wasn't worth the effort. >"GUYS, I'M BACK!" >Huh? >You turn back around to see Sonata in the stupid-looking disguise Adagio had her put on, panting like she just ran a marathon. >Adagio glares at her. >"Where have you been?! I told you to be back here two hours ago!" >Sonata shakes her head. >"I know, but I got lost! But that doesn't matter! I found out where Anon lives!" >Huh. >She actually did it. You expected her to fail horribly. >Adagio looks excited at the news. >She starts chuckling maniacally. >Joy. >"Sonata, for once you've actually done something right! Where is it?" >The blue-haired doofus reaches into her pockets and pulls out a slip of paper, which Adagio swipes out of her hand. >"34 Icognito Street..." she reads aloud, her grin widening. She turns back to you, her smug composure returning. >"What did I say, Aria? You should have a little more faith in me." >You grunt. "Don't flatter yourself. You're just lucky this is one of the few times Sonata is being useful." >The Worst glares at you for that comment. >"Hey, shut up! I worked hard for that! I was chased by a bunch of bulldogs!" >She pulls up the ugly skirt, revealing scratches on her legs. >"I've got these to prove it!" >You roll your eyes. "Even a broken clock can be right every once in a while." >"Quiet you two. We have preparing to do." Adagio ordered. >The look on her face reminds me of when we found Equestrian magic in this dump of a world. >This can only end in flames. >Your 'leader' chuckled, "Anon won't know what him!" >.... But if you're lucky you might not have to work anymore? >All you could do now is wait and see. ---------------------------------------------------------- END OF PART 2