Aria Couch Cuddles - by Anonymous

>"Hey, I'm done. Come get me." >Be Anon >Get a text from Aria, telling you that she's finished at work >You shift your gaze to the clock above the television >10:32 >Yep, just about that time >You bury your phone into your pocket and stand up from the couch, making your way towards the car keys on the table >You throw your head over your shoulder back to the TV >Eh, you'll only be gone a few minutes, might as well leave it on >You snatch them and turn towards the door to leave >Right before you open the door, you glance over to the bike next to the table >You sigh at the waste of money >You bought the bike for Aria to ride to work so this shit could stop happening >But every day was the same >"Hey Anon, get off your lazy ass and drive me to work." >"Lazy" >Yeah, look who's talking >You leave your apartment and lock the door behind you >Your eyes adjust to the lingering darkness, the dim lighting from the lamps in the small corridor slightly accommodating you >You begin your journey to your car, digging your hands into your pockets >Your situation with Aria starts to encompass your mind as you walk >You think back to the start >How she came up to you while you were at work and asked if the place was hiring >How she apparently fucked up the interview and how you had to put in a good word to get her the job >How your boss mentioned something about how she hated supermarkets, despite applying for a job for one >How she moved in with you after "things fell through with her friends" >How you bought her the bike >...and also how she never fucking used it >And then to now >Things were pretty alright, all things considered >She paid rent on time, she pitched in for food, and even threw a bit at you for utilities >You both lived pretty comfortably >Hell, you could probably even say that you liked her >But you still couldn't forget about that bike >Even after living with her for a few months, you were still pretty sore about it >The feeling subsided shortly after >You didn't really mind the car rides with her anyway >As you turn the corner, your car comes into view >You fish your keys out of your pocket and ready the remote to unlock the door >You press the button and the sound of the door unlocking brings a small sense of satisfaction to you >You arrive at your car and open the door, climbing into the driver's seat and closing the door >You ease the key into the ignition and turn >The engine starts and the firs thing to catch your attention is the slight breeze from the A/C >It's soon replaced by the light from the stereo system nearly blinding you, followed by sound of a radio station's pre-recorded self-promotion >"K-L-O-N, Clone Radio. We play the songs that sound more like everyone else, than anyone else. Clone." >Pop music begins to flow from the speakers >You groan and turn the volume down >Aria loved turning the station to this before getting out of the car, since she knew you hated this station >She was always so goddamn discrete about it that you never noticed >You shake the thought, throwing your seatbelt over your torso >Safety first, motherfucker >You shift the car into reverse and begin to back out of your parking space >You turn the car towards the complex entrance, shift it into drive, and take off >A few minutes pass and you pull into the parking lot of the supermarket >You only spot a few cars in the lot, most of which you recognize being belonged to the employees >Past the cars, you can see Aria, leaning against the wall near the entrance with her trademark folded arms >You pull up to the curb near her >Her eyes meet yours through the window and she kicks herself off the wall, walking over to the passenger door >She throws the door open, climbing inside >"You're late." >You cock an eyebrow at her, turning your gaze to the clock on the stereo system >10:39 >Your eyes go back to hers "It hasn't even been ten minutes." >She sighs, closing the door >"Whatever, let's just go home." >You shrug your shoulders, driving through the nearly empty lot >"No wonder it took you so long, you drive like a fucking old lady." >You ignore her snide comment >You've learned to tune her out almost completely, actually >The entire car ride was spent with her complaining about how her day was >"-and not to mention, the bitch complained to me about the price of a can of soup. I mean what the fuck, I don't price the shit." >Nothing new, it's just a different version of the same story she tells almost every day "Well, that's what you gotta deal with as a cashier." >You could hear her scoff and see her fold her arms out of the corner of your eye >You pull into the parking space and shut off the car >You unbuckle yourself, whilst Aria's already out of the vehicle >You take your keys from the ignition and follow Aria's lead >As you close the door behind you, you click your remote and lock the doors >Aria saunters over to you, visibly exhausted from her day >"Hurry up, I'd like to get to sleep today." >You sigh, clenching your keys into your fist You both make your way back to the apartment >As soon as you get the door open, she brushes past you, pretty much throwing herself onto the couch >She bends her head back over the rim of the couch and and sighs loudly >"Finally home." >You were as glad to be there as she was >The warm air from the inside of the apartment kissed your face as you walked in >You shut the door and lock it behind you >You lie down on the couch, your feet pointed to Aria, and resume where you left off before you left to get her >Your eyes were practically glued to the television as you sat in modest silence with Aria for almost a full minute >You began to think that she fell asleep, though your assumption was short-lived as she brought her head back to a normal position >Her eyes slowly moved to you >"Not working tonight, I'm guessing?" >You only shake your head in response, the TV locking you in a trance >You could see her nod and then yawn from your peripheral vision >She stood from the couch and walked slowly over to you, blocking your view of the TV >"Move over." >You look up to her, a smirk on your face "What's the magic word?" >"Now." >You laugh a little to yourself before creating a niche for Aria to fit in >She smiles, lying down next to you, her back against your chest >She shuffles a bit, trying to get comfortable >As if to top it all off, you bring your arm over her >A small, though pleasant, sound escapes her as you do so >She always liked to be like this, and you didn't mind at all >But that noise was new >You spend a few minutes together cuddled up like this before she breaks the silence >"Hey..." "What's up?" >She sighs to start her statement >"I know it's probably a pain in the ass to you to drive me to and from work, but.." >She brings her head up to see you, her face mere inches from yours >"I'm really grateful. I just, you know, feel safer when you do it." >Was Aria really thanking you for this? >Well now the whole thing about her not riding the bike makes sense >She feels 'safer' when you drive her? >You really weren't prepared for this, she was hardly ever this open with you >All you can do at this point is smile and nod gently in acknowledgment >"Yeah, no problem." >She smiles back, surprisingly >Even more surprising than that though, she turns her body to you and wraps her arms around you >"This may sound lame, but... you're kinda what I look forward to all day." >You feel the blood move to your cheeks as she says this "Y-you too." >She digs her face into your chest >She takes in your scent with an obscenely loud inhale >"Hmm, you smell pretty good." >You laugh quietly to yourself >You bring your other arm under her to tie in the hug >You close your eyes from the bliss of the situation >This only puts you off guard >Shortly after your eyes shut, Aria plants a pretty long kiss on your cheek >You feel the corners of your mouth practically touch your ears as she does this >You return the favor by putting an equally long kiss on her forehead >She snuggles up closer to you in response, a small moan of pleasure leaving her >You don't think she'd say it out loud, but you know that she liked you as well >You could get used to this every day >And you know that there's even more to this in the long run >Why stop there?