Skellynata - by spomeg

>Day 2spooky at Canterlot High >Be Sonata >Principal Celestia allows the students to dress up on Halloween >However, your friends have been unsupportive in your quest to bring some fun into your recently mundane lives >Not to mention, Adagio doesn't trust you with money, so you can't go to a costume store and buy something by yourself >You got around this by going to a graveyard and digging up a skeleton >It's not like whoever they belonged to would be missing them >You really wanted to dress like a skeleton because your friend, Anon, said that he was absolutely terrified of them >You're sure he's exaggerating >You stuff a skin-tight jumpsuit with bones hastily hot glued to it into your backpack and head off to school >Be Anon: professional skelly-phobe >You used to hate Halloween because some fucker would always try to scare you with some shitty skeleton mask >Sadly for you, it worked most of the time >That is, up until you nearly put Flash Sentry in a coma two years ago when he popped out of a locker in a skeleton body-suit >No one has to know that you were just attempting to close the locker so you would have more time to escape >Last year there were no incidents, so you were confident with a similar result this year >As you enter the school, you hear Sonata calling your name >"Hey Anon, wait up! I've got a surprise for you!" >You wait on the steps as Sonata rushes up to you >"I made my own Halloween costume, and I want you to be the first to see it." >Sonata then drags you into the school, letting you go just outside the girl's bathroom >"Now wait right here while I change." >You often forget how headstrong she is >You catch movement out of the corner of your eye, and turn to face whoever is coming out of the bathroom >You are swiftly confronted by a grinning skull attached to what appears to be the rest of a skeleton >Your higher brain functions shut down as you run away as quickly as you possibly can >Be Skelly-nata >You are currently chasing after Anon >What a jerk he is, running off before even giving his opinion on your costume >He couldn't possibly have gotten a proper look at it before he took off in what you can only describe as a dead sprint >Luckily for you, he is running into a dead-end hallway >You turn the corner, slightly out of breath from keeping up with him >You walk slowly down the hallway as he realizes that he is trapped >As you come within arms-length of him, you ignore the paralyzing fear in his eyes and ask: “What do you think of my costume, Anon?” >"You've eaten Sonata and taken her voice! I always knew you bony bastards were trouble!" >You giggle and take off your mask/skull “Silly Anon! How could a skeleton eat me? They don't have stomachs!” >You see Anon quickly relax upon seeing your face, but his expression morphs into one of anger >"What the hell, Sonata?! I told you that skeletons scare the shit out of me!" >You remember him saying that, but it always confused you >Why would anyone be afraid of one of their body parts? >You decide to confront him about it “But Anon, why are you afraid of skeletons? After all, you've got one inside of you right now. Everyone does.” >You see Anon's pupils dilate until they seem to consume the entirety of his eye >He foams at the mouth slightly, and goes through several violent shudders before going very still >Oh that Anon, always trying to pull one over on you >As you grab his wrist to pull him up, you notice something peculiar >No pulse >You go into full panic mode as you attempt to figure out how to hide the body >Suddenly, an idea strikes you >You change back into your normal clothes in a nearby janitor's closet >Then you dress Anon up in your costume and drag him inside >You figure you will be alright as long as nobody checks the skeletons in the closet