Dazzle~Shimmer CYOA - by DazzlingThread

>They say forgiveness is only capable by the people who have something they want forgiven >Maybe they are right >Be highschooler Anon, a student at the local high school CHS >You were currently in your least favorite period >4th period, History class >You were in the back with your head laid down on your desk as the teacher rambled on >Something about an old dead guy >He used some sort of cause to rally his people and start a war >Killed a whole bunch of people and in the end, their situation was just as bad as it was before >That’s history for you >You look up at the clock, hoping it will end soon >12:32 >Just two minutes left, thank jesus >Somehow you bear the rest of the class, and you are the first one out the door as the bell rings >Didn’t even wait for the teacher to excuse you >Hate it when teachers pull that shit >You walk through the now busy halls to your locker, to get your lunch >You didn’t really like school lunches, but that wasn’t the main reason you make your own >Since you’ve started coming here, you were never one of the popular crowd >Infact you were actually a sort of loner >You didn’t hang out with anyone, didn’t try to mingle, and you ate alone at lunch >But one day something changed >You met someone, her name was Sunset shimmer >You were sitting alone at lunch like you normally do, when she walked up to you >She said you looked lonely, and asked if she could sit with you >You were surprised, but you obliged >She told you she knew what it was like to feel alone >Her and you started to sit together at lunch, swapping food and stories >You enjoyed it, Sunset and you became great friends over the time you’ve been here >You had gotten to your locker, and opened it to pull out your lunch before heading to the cafeteria >You get there in just a minute or so and open the big swinging doors >And a smile appears on your face when you see Sunset already waiting for you at the table >A smile appears on her face when she notices you, and she waves hello >You return the wave happily before walking over >She scoots over as you approach her, making room for you to sit next to her >You sit down and scoot into her, bumping your booties together and pushing her along the table >She laughs >"Haha hey! Anon!" >She playfully bumps back into you, forcing you back a couple inches "Hahah What?" >You feign innocence >This earns you a playful punch in the shoulder >What will you do? >You recuperate, and give her a playful sock in the arm >"Ouchie, You big meanie!" >She pretends to be hurt and clutches where you punched her, but you can see how hard it is for her to try and hide her smile "Hey, consider that payback!" >You playfully stick your tongue out at her >She does the same >"Hehehe... Oh, wait! I forgot, there's something I needed to talk to you about!" >Okay... "Hey, Sunny. I'm actually pretty hungry, can it wait?" >She seems a little surprised, but happily nods >"Yeah, that's fine I guess. Im pretty hungry too" >She reaches for her backpack to get her lunch as well >She lays the paper bag on the table, and begins taking everything out to show to you >This is normally when you guys swap food >She has some interesting things today >A candy bar, a very ripe apple, two halves of a sandwich and a soda >"What do you have Anon?" >You reach to get your lunch out of your backpack, your hand bumps into your bottle of liquid protection that you have, you always keep it for emergencies >You bring your lunch out, and onto the table, before spreading what you have out >Sunny eyes what you have with interest >You eye that sandwich hungrily >You didn't actually have that much food today >Maybe you can sweet talk her out of it? "Hey, Sunny. Im actually really hungry today... Can I have your sandwich?" >She puts on her best bargaining face >"What do you want to trade for it?" "Well... That's the thing. I don't really have that much today and-" >She playfully punches you in the shoulder again >"I was just kidding, Anon, Jesus! Haha. I won't give it all to you, but do you want to share it?" >She holds one half of the sandwich in front of you >Your stomach growls hungrily as you look at it "She'll remember that" >You look at her offer and smile >You take half of the sandwich, your hand brushes up against Sunny's as you take it >She looks into your eyes and blushes at the contact >She quickly turns away and begins to eat her food >You happily munch on the sandwich, and you two eat together in relative silence >Sometimes she'd look over at you, and when you'd look in her direction she'd continue eating again >Ah well >That sandwich was pretty good >Soon, you finish your lunch, Sunny is almost done with hers >You look at Sunny and her lunch, it still might be a while until she finishes >She gives you a happy look as you examine her >You don't really feel like waiting around for her >You step out of the table, and start to walk away >Sunny looks hurt, but doesn't say anything as you venture around >There were a couple of things you could do >You look over at one end of the cafeteria, you can see the group of girls that Sunny sometimes hangs out with >Maybe you can go talk to them >You look to the other end, towards the doors >...Or maybe you can just go to the bathroom and make a trip to your locker, you forgot to get some stuff for your next class >Hmmm... >Then again... >You look back to Sunset, back at your table >She looks so sad... >She's sitting all alone since you've left her >That was probably pretty mean... >You should probably go back >Yeah >You walk back to your table >Sunny notices you walking back toward her, and she perks back up >You take your seat back next to her as she finishes eating "Hey, sorry about that." >She waves you off >"Oh it's okay, I knew you were coming back." >You did leave your stuff here, you probably would've had to come back anyway >Sunset gets up to throw away her paper bag, when she returns she sits down, and looks at you with a smile >She probably expects you to say something "Uhhh..." >She laughs at your awkwardness >... >Oh right, didn't she want to talk about something? "Hey Sunny, didn't you want to talk to me about something?" >"Oh yeah! There's someone w-" >Sunny was interrupted by a loud buzz, the school bell >Everyone in the cafeteria begins to leave, and crowd through the cafeteria doors >You and Sunny also begin to get your things together >She gets up from the table before she turns to you >"I'll tell you after school, okay? Are we going to meet where we normally do?" "Yeah, I'll see you later!" >"Bye Anon!" >You both part ways and try to get through the crowd that was forming by the door >It takes a few gentle shoves and accidentally getting elbowed a few times, but you're able to make your way through all of the people crowding the doorway >You still have to head to your locker to get some things, so you make a quick detour to do so >As you get further away from the lunch room the halls get more and more deserted, only one or two people could be seen heading into their classrooms >You have to pick up the pace, you didn't want to be late >It's positioning made it very difficult to travel to before class, without being late >Finally you reach the hall that your locker was on, it was near the back of the school >Normally it would be deserted at this time of day, but you were surprised that it wasn't >A girl, with really poofy orange hair, was being held up against a locker opposite of yours by a group of three boys >As you get closer, you can start to make out what they are saying >"-ink you can just come back here without anyone noticing? After what you did?" >The girl tries to push the boy off of her >"Fuck off!" >She uses all of her strength to push the first boy off of her and quickly walk away, but the other two boys quickly pin her back against the lockers >"You're not getting away that easily!" >They weren't facing you, and haven't noticed you yet >You look to your locker, then back to the scene in front of you >The girl's eyesight breaks through the group of boys, and she spots you >She doesn't say anything, but gives you some sort of look, asking for something >You don't know her, but no one else is around to help her, there weren't any classrooms in this part of the school >You couldn't just let them do that to this girl, even if you don't know her >This might get stupid "Hey! What are you doing to her?!" >The three boys turn to face you, they all give you a scowl before one of then speaks up, the leader of the trio it seems >"Hey you need to learn to mind your own business, shithead" >Shithead? >Okay then >They still have the girl pinned up against the wall, maybe if you distract them she can get away >What will you do though? >You've always wanted the chance to use this >The boys turn back to the girl and ignore your presence >You put your backpack on the ground, and go rooting through it for your wanted item >Found it! >You walk closer to the group >The girl is getting more desperate, she's struggling their hold as much as possible >"Hold... Still!" >The leader is about to punch her, he has his arm cocked back >Not if you can help it "Hey! SHITHEAD!" >"Wha-" >You take the opportunity as he is facing towards you to spray the entirety of his face in pepper spray >"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" >He clutches his eyes and kneels down on the floor in agony >"You... You fucking asshole! Get him!" >The other boys let go of the girl and come for you >You lift the bottle of liquid fire in defense as one of them lunges for you >You attempt to spray him in the face as well, but he slaps the bottle out of your hand, before grabbing your arm >You try to punch him with the other, but the other boy grabs that arm too >Even as you struggle, you aren't strong enough to resist as the both pull you down to the floor, pinning you to the cold tile floor >You kick and struggle as best you can, but their hold on you was too tight >The boy to your right starts yelling >"You fucker! You'll learn better than to mess with us!" >He pulls his arm back for a punch, it was aimed for your face >Welp, goodbye slightly better than average face, you've helped me through many things. Gonna miss you >His punch was about to fly when you see a familiar spray of liquid pass over you, and into your assailant's eyes >"AH FUUUUUCK!" >He lets go of your arm and scoots backwards, rubbing his eyes rapidly >You take the opportunity while the other guy is confused to sock him in the face >"Oomf!" >He temporarily lets go of you as well and backs up, holding his cheek where you punched him >"You'll pay for that!" >You take a second to get up off the floor, only to be shoved back into the other lockers by the last remaining boy >He's quickly shortening the distance that shove made between you >Okay, okay >You're gonna fight this guy >You can do this, you've seen some fighting movies before >You'll just pull some sweet ninj- "Gphm!" >You just got punched in the face >Your head bangs against the locker >You try to stand up, but your vision is hazy >You can't stand, the room was spinning >You fall down, against the locker >You can't really see what was going on, but you hear a commotion >After a second, you can feel a pair of hands grab you, and help you up >They aren't forceful, they help you up and put your arm over something >The person starts to walk away, dragging you with them >You two weren't moving very fast >All you could really do was drag your feet, you were too dizzy >The back of your head felt warm for some reason >The person carrying you grunts as they try to pull you along >"C'mon, Im trying to help you here!" >You still couldn't see well, everything was blurry, something must be wrong with you >You felt very dizzy and unbalanced >It made you felt motion sick, like you were about to throw up >You still felt dizzy, but you should try to walk on your own >You didn't want some stranger carrying you somewhere >You stop, the person holding you stops as well >"What's wrong? You okay?" "Yeah, I can... Walk..." >You stand up straight, with a little difficulty, and then take a small step... >...And subsequently trip right afterwards >You throw your arms in front of you to try and break your fall >You keep yourself from landing on your face, but you scrape one of your elbows when you land on it >You try to ask for help up but all that comes out of your mouth is- "Owww....." >This fucking sucks >Your helper doesn't sound very amused >"Are you a fucking idiot? What are you doing?" >Despite you not wanting their help, they help you back up again, and sling your arm over themselves again >"C'mon, I know a place we can hide for now" >After another minute of walking you hear another voice >"Excuse me? What are you doing with that young man, miss?" >Sounds like a hall monitor >"Oh... Uh... He's not feeling well, my teacher asked me to help him get to the nurse's office." >"Do you have a pass?" >"Um..." >Shit, it was probably right in the middle of class right now, you weren't supposed to be out here >You're vision was coming back slowly, it looked like an adult >You try to act sick >You've done this kind of thing enough times before to know what you were doing "Ahhhgg..." >You groan slightly, and hold your head with one of your hands >You lean more on your helper >"See? Really sick. Now can we go before he passes out or something?" >The monitor is silent for a moment >"Okay, get him to the nurses office then go right back to class. No detours understand?" >Your helper replies while she drags you off >"Yeah, yeah. Okay, got it!" >You two get away as quick as you can >You chuckle slightly as you two walk away, that idiot totally believed you >As soon as the monitor is out of eyesight you let your arm relax from holding your head >"Ha, that guy was a dumb ass. Okay, we're almost... Hey are you alright? You're bleeding." >You were? >You look down to your hands, the one you were holding your head with had some small streaks of blood on it >You must've hit your head pretty bad earlier >"Don't worry, we're almost there. I'll see what I can do." >The girl leads you to a pair of double doors, she pushes one open and pulls you inside with her >The gymnasium >She brought you to the gym >Why the gym? >Gym class wasn't in here today, so it was empty of any people for now >"We're here, follow me" >The girl pulls you towards the bleachers, she steps over and through the metal framework and tries to pull you in too >You have a little difficulty, but you are able to get in after a second of awkward maneuvering >She sits you down against the wall, before sitting next to you >As soon as she's next to you, she starts searching through her backpack for something >This was the first chance you've had to actually look at the person who saved your ass >Well... the best you could see anyway, you still had slightly blurry vision, and the only light under the bleachers was what was making it through the gaps between the bleacher's seats >From what you could tell, she was wearing a dark colored sweater, you think it was either black or purple, and she had some light purple jeans on with some purple spiked boots to match. >But these weren't the main features that caught your attention >There was one thing that grabbed your attention more than anything >Either she was wearing some kind of funny hat, or she had a massive fucking bush of hair growing on her head >That was some serious fucking poof man >She snaps a hand in front of you >"Hey, turn around. You're still bleeding." >Oh yeah, that's right. "Okay..." >You quickly turn your head around, only to smash your face into a piece the metal framework "Ow! Fuck." >The girl just witnessed you act like a fucking idiot, and she precedes to laugh at you, much to your frustration >After a minute, her laughter dies down >"Hahaha... Okay, okay... Turn around so I can stop the bleeding." >You comply, and make sure to not smash your head into any objects this time >Your face is just not having a good day today >After a second, you can feel her put a piece of cloth on the back of your head >"Hold this, make sure to keep put some pressure on it okay?" >You nod "Okay." >You do as she says, and put your hands on the piece of fabric, making sure to press down >As you do that, you can hear her rooting around in her backpack again >"Okay, move your hands for a sec?" >You do as she asks, and her hands take the place of yours >She wraps something around your forehead, and ties it at the back of your skull, holding the piece of cloth firmly to your head >"Okay, that should help keep pressure on it for now until you can get some actual bandages. You owe me a new handkerchief by the way." >You turn back around to face this girl >Who is she anyway? >You expected her just to run when you attacked those guys, but she stayed to help you. >You don't even know her >"Hey, you alright?" >She brings your attention back to her >Honestly you weren't okay >You have a massive headache >You have a big scrape on your elbow >Your face probably had some bruises on it >All in all you were doing pretty shitty "Yeah, Im fine I guess..."