Sonata's Serenade Chapter 1 - by Anonymous

>You are Anon. >And for as long as you can remember, you've always been completely average. From looks to hobbies to schoolwork, you were average at about everything you tried your hand at. >Not popular enough for the "in" crowd, but not autistic/nerdy enough to be a social outcast. >You were always just kind of....there. >You always kept your head down at school, never really made an effort to meet anyone, and you were always the quietest one in class. >While you never had a lot of friends among the student body at CHS, you were always a favorite of among your teachers. Adults just seemed easier to get along with to you. The teachers were rarely involved with all the high school drama you’ve come to see. >You were also never one for the social events that CHS held. School spirit just wasn't your forte. >Which would explain why you missed it when that SunnySide Sizzlers or whatever her name was tried to take over the school as some giant demoness. >The only way you found out about what had taken place was from hearing everyone talking about it in the hallways while you were heading to class. >What you grasped from the bits and pieces you heard was that 6 girls suddenly turned into furries and shot rainbows at here. >Part of you almost wanted to see a demoness get destroyed by furries. >But that was three days ago. Nothing exciting has really happened since then. >Everyone seemed to be too into this Battle of The Bands thing. >But people were getting way too into the competitive spirit. >You even saw a couple fights break out in the middle of some classes. >In the hallways you would see people arguing with others over who wanted the prize more. >But you just chocked it up to people getting way too competitive. >You kind of wanted to participate. Guitar playing was something you quite enjoyed and one of the few things you were good at. >But you didn't really know anyone to start a band. So you just gave up. >Lying in your bed, you just figure that those new girls everyone was swooning over were going to take the trophy at the finale that night. >Shrugging it off, you turn off your phone and head to sleep. > You’re soon awakened by the shrill screech of the alarm clock harshly propelling you from the comfortable embraces of your dream. >Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you try to recall what you were dreaming about as you slide out of the sanctuary of your bed. >Something about cheaply made tacos. >You groggily turn on your phone to check the time. >It's 7:30. Just enough time to do the 3 S's before school. >After a quick shower, you pull on your usual attire, a v-neck and a pair of jeans. >Finishing a quick breakfast of cereal, you head out to your car, plug your phone in, and switch on your driving playlist > [Embed] >It takes you about 10 minutes or so to get to school, so you have no worries in your head >Your just tapping the wheel and enjoying the feeling the song is giving you >Music has always been a great passion of yours. But it's always been hard to find someone who enjoys similar tastes that you share. >Just another reason you feel a bit distanced from the rest of your class. >Your mom raised you on classic rock. She would tell you about bands like Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and you were always fascinated with the music and the themes of the songs. >While all of that was nice, it never scratched the proverbial itch, so you branched out into different genres, until you found exactly what you were looking for. >Shaking the thought process like tangled cobwebs; you pull into your schools parking lot. >You notice that people seem to be interacting with each more happily all of a sudden. Some others were talking to others that looked completely surprised, almost like they were being told WW3 just happened. >But overall, it looked like all the hostility that was present the last couple days had completely dissipated, as if it was a heavy fog that was just blown away. >The bell rings as you are pulling into a parking spot. You were lucky enough to get one that was in the shade. >You lock your car and head on into what will be the longest hour of your day, Physics. >While science was indeed an interest of yours, having to do physics calculations at 8 in the morning wear on one’s mind quite fast. >As you walk through the halls of CHS, you hear everyone talking about the same thing: the Battle of the Bands that had taken place last night. >Apparently those new chicks turned out to be evil mermaid ponies or something. >What was mildly surprising to you was that Slapchop Swagger or whatever had joined up with those furries that had taken her down at the formal. >Two of the sea ponies were expelled and arrested. >But there were three of them, as you recalled. >Deep in your thoughts trying to take in the recent events that occurred, you step into your physics classroom. >Looking around, you see all your classmates intermingling with each, talking, laughing, and you notice a couple copying another’s homework. >But something catches your eye. >A bright blue haired girl is sitting alone, with a whole table of empty seats. You can't see who it is due to her having her head face down on her desk >Looking at the surrounding tables, you notice that it seems everyone made an effort to actively sit as far away from her as they were physically able to. >The tables were aligned into rows facing the teacher’s desk, so some had even moved the tables up closer to the front of the class. >You could tell they were moved because there was a huge girth of space between those tables and the one that was being occupied by the girl. >You would even catch a few students looking her way with emotions varying from fear to disgust. >Surveying the classroom once more, you see that every table has an occupied seat >As there was no other options available, you set your backpack down at the table and take the seat next to hers. >As soon as you sit down, the room goes so quiet you could hear a marshmallow drop. >All eyes are intently fixed on you with looks of surprise and anxiousness. >Not used to this kind of attention, you decide to ignore it and unpack your stuff, in hopes that everyone will just go back to what they were doing, or that the teacher will finally show up. >Your saving grace enters the classroom as the second bell rings, and everyone switches their attention to the teacher as she begins the lesson >As the teacher begins to speak, Selsun Blue stirs next to you and raises her head. >You immediately recognize her as one of those new girls > Shifting around in your seat uncomfortably, you start to feel a slight panic rise in you, but then you stop and think. >People were saying that two of the girls were arrested >Was this the one that they didn't arrest? >What made this girl an exception? >Did she charm the cops with her cute looks? >She looks like she could probably do that. She and her friends had most of the school fawning over them, fighting tooth and nail just to get attention from them. >You always tuned everything out by listening to your music whenever you possibly, so you never really heard them sing. >You size up the sullen looking girl sitting next to you >Everything about her seems like it was tailored to be a weapon of mass cuteness >You almost don't notice her look to you, and turn away quickly, shooting glances at you discreetly now and again. >Unf those eyes >Lemme see the back of her knee >wtf boner no >The teacher slams a pile of papers onto her desk, jolting you out of your thoughts. >"ALRIGHT CLASS TIME FOR PARTNER WORK” >Fuck you hated this. >Most of the time you ended up doing this with some person whose friend decided not to show up that day. >You look around the classroom and see that this is not the case today. >Suddenly you hear a soft clear of the throat next to you. >Slightly jumping at the sound, you turn to see the girl looking at you very dejectedly. >"Do you wanna be my partner? It’s OK if you don't...." >Weaponized Cuteness >A part of you feels like this is a bad idea, but you can empathize with not having a partner "Yea sure I don't see why not." >"For realzies?!?!" "Yea I mean I wasn't there for whatever you did, so I have no grudge towards you” >You swear you saw a glint in her eye as she smiles brightly >"Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" >She suddenly embraces you tightly >Unsure of what to do in this situation, you just sit there. >You’ve never had someone who was unrelated to you embrace you like this. >The teacher hands you and the girl the worksheets and continues down the aisle to the other tables >You hand some of the papers to the girl, and start glancing over the questions >The first page had questions mostly involving Coulombs Law. >Seems easy enough. You had read the material last night. >You turn to the blue girl “Which question do you want to do first?” >Chewing on her pencil, she points to an area at the top of the first page. >”I need help on this one!” >As you notice where she is pointing, your heart drops into your chest >She’s pointing at where you’re supposed to fill out the date of today “Ummm…You just put todays date there…” >”Oh! Ok!” >Sighing you turn to your paper and glance over it once more >In the back of your mind a nagging thought forms: "What have you got yourself into?" End Chapter 1