Adagio Public Footjob - by Sal Monella

>You are anon the "alpha" >Having a harem was nice at first, until they started fighting with eachother literally tooth and nail about who gets to spend time with you >You decided to assign each siren exclusive anon time so they'd stop tearing eachother's clothes and pull you at every direction at the same time >Tonight is the night of Dazzle >You took Adagio to a fancy french restaurant called "Le Bordeleau" >It's such a fancy place, that it has live music >This put quite a dent in the family purse, but your dad only encourages you to spoil your girls >At some point he revealed to you that he was afraid you were a fag, what with never going out with girls or anything >"I guess you were just such a sailor that you managed to ditch all previous girlies before they got clingy. Have another fifty, son! You make your old man proud." >What the hell is up with everybody... >So here you are, dressed like a waiter and sitting with Adagio >Your date is also dressed for the occasion, clothed in a long, sparkly, burgundy dress that leaves her slender shoulders uncovered >Two cuts on either side of the dress allow her to move her legs freely and show them off to the jealous world >Her arms are wrapped in a pair of long gloves >She smiles at you and you realize you've been staring at her >You look down at the food you've barely touched >It somehow feels like it's wrong to take something so expensive and turn it into poop >A garcon pours fine red wine in your girl's glass >Adagio motions for him to lean down so she can whisper in his ear >The garcon smiles and nods at her before leaving >You hear the sound of something hollow dropping to the floor >*Coop* >A second later you feel a caress on your leg >You look under the table >Adagio has taken a shoe off and is moving her bare foot up and down your leg >You look at Adagio with a distressed and confused look >She is just smiling and circling the lip of her tall glass with her middle finger >You blush >Her smile gets broader and lewder as her foot goes higher and higher until it reaches your crotch "Eep!" >You jump up and hit the table with your thighs >A hook-nosed family from the table next to yours is giving you rude glances "Stop it!" you mouth to Adagio. "What if people see us!" >"Then you'll be mocked and embarassed, provided you care about the opinion of your lessers" purrs Adagio >Her penticured foot rubs you between your legs until your penis stands hard and hot in your pants >She laughs at the sensation of it pressing against her foot >Fighting not against her foot, but against the confinement of your pants in an effort to be with it >Adagio gives your cock's underside a good pinch with her toes >You jump again and almost send a glass flying >Adagio raises a hand to her mouth, but you can tell she is giggling behind it >"Unbutton your pants." "What?!" >Adagio raises an eyebrow playfully >"Didn't you hear? Should I repeat it louder?" "N-no!" you say as you lower your hands and pretend to put them in your pocket >You undo your buttons >Your tip is sticking out from your underwear >You run your hands on Adagio's tender foot before putting them back on the table, causing her to laugh a little >Her slender feet are ticklish it seems >Adagio's big toe makes contact with your sensitive tip "Gnnn~" >You busy yourself with your food while Adagio stimulates your cockhead with her toes >You try to anyway >The family is ignoring you except for a little boy who probably ahs realized that something is going on and is having a fetish-creating memorable moment >A few moans escape your lips as Adagio alternates between playing with your tip using her toes, and running them up and down your shaft >You try to pass them off as you clearing your throat, but you end up sounding like a neighing horse instead "*Cough* Eeeheehee *cough!*" >Adagio turns her attention to the band playing music >"I need to hurry." >She places her big toe and index toe right under your tip and starts pushing upwards against it >She doesn't move much, but it feels glorious >You hide your face behind your hands >You don't want people to remember your ahegao face >Adagio stops moving her foot >"Show it to me. I want to see it." >Even the boys who hate her can't deny her when she uses this particular sultry tone of voice >You open your hands like doors >Adagio pulls at your cock with her toe grip again >You grab the table's sides as you're nearing your climax >Your poofy-haired temptress places her ankle on the chair and moves her foot back and forth "A-Adagio!..." >It's too much for you to take! >Through some divine intervention, the lights go off and the place goes dark >You pump your hips and shoot your load with force on Adagio's leg under the blessed cover of darkness >*Sqwoosh! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt...*" >You almost get up as you do so "Mmmmngh" you whimper as you drop back to the chair, spent and happy >You barely register a man standing in the center of the lit stage and speaking in english with a french accent while Adagio cleans her leg of your creamy love with a napkin and putting her pump shoe back on >And then a light abruptly shines on your table from above >Oh shit! >You are suddenly the center of attention >Good thing the tablecloth conceals you from the waist down >Your dick's out and none's the wiser >"Mesdames et Messieurs, the Bordeleau presents...Adagio Dazzle!" announces the frenchie >Adagio rises and waves at the crowd as they clap >She makes her way to the stage, taking the light with her >You hear a few people here and there whistling >The announcer hands Adagio the microphone and she accepts it with a smile >The band starts playing a very familiar tune from your childhood >You remember hearing this seducing melody before, but where... >The sound of blues and jazz fills the restaurant >Adagio brings the micorphone to her lips and starts singing >"You had plenty money in nineteen-twentytwoo... You let other women make a fool of youuu... Why don't you do right?... Like some other men dooo..." >The patrons cheer and click their fingers in unison as Adagio moves about the stage >She's such a natural. It's like she was born to sing >Adagio sits on the piano and crosses her legs, offering everyone a great view of her great thighs >She points at you as another spotlight falls on you >"Boy, you know you're stuck in cold light..." >Adagio leans back on the piano and holds the microphone over her lips like an artificial phallus >"Why don't you do right?... Like some other men dooo..." >People stand up and clap enthusiastically the moment she finishes the song >Adagio just lies motionless for a few seconds on the piano >When she stands up, she beams with happyness >She makes her way giddishly towards you and sits on your lap >She places an arm on your shoulders and a gloved hand on your cheek >"So, what did you think?" "Words can't do you justice. You are a treasure, Adagio! I loved it." >That's the moment you realize something very important "And I love you" you tell her with certainty and warmth >Adagio squees and pulls your face closer >People are applauding your love and your talented woman >You feel like a god! Nothing can ruin this mome- >Adagio gives your face a good long lick from chin to forehead like a dog >The clapping dies down as people look at the classy girl licking your face >You try to push her away "Adagio, what the hell?" >People are whispering and mumbling, clearly disturbed or amused >Adagio seems heartbroken and a look of fear and concern marrs her beauty like a raincloud in a sunny day >"D-Did I do something wrong? Did I anger you? Do you not love me anymore?" >Your heart breaks >This precious girl loves you genuinely and to the point that your disapproval is enough to shatter her confidence >Fuck everything >It's not the random strangers around you that you care about >You stick your tongue out and lick Adagio back >Adagio resumes her licking >The patrons just turn away and try to continue their night and dinners while you two lick eachother like dogs "You taste like make up." >"And you taste like zit cream." "Touche." Some time later Adagio explained to you that this is how sirens kiss and show affection to one another due to their muzzles and rows of sharp teeth