Aria's Jello shorts+Other things (HypeAholic) - by HypeAholic

Ha did I say something longer? Nope, I just got an idea >Be kid anon >You are having breakfast with mommies Aria and Sonata >You're all eating your eggs rather happily, and sipping on hot coca >Suddenly mommy Adagio bursts angrily into the kitchen with a box in her arms >"Look at what I found under your bed, Aria!" >Mommy Adagio slams the box into the table, sending eggs flying everywhere >While you were wiping egg off of your face Adagio opens the box and reveals it is full of magazines and tapes of some kind >Mommy Adagio pulls out a magazine from the box, it has some woman on it >Mommy Sonata, quickly realizing what it is, slaps a hand over your eyes "Huh...? Mommy I can't see!" >"Adagio! Not in front of Anon!" >The sound of a chair moving lets you know Aria has gotten up >"H-hey! Give me that!" >You move the hand out of your eyes to see mommy Aria has taken back the box and returned the magazine >Adagio has her arms crossed, and is looking sternly at mommy Aria >"Why do you have so much?!" >Mommy Aria stammers >"I-I..." >Aria quickly takes the box and runs to her room, locking the door behind her >For the next 3 hours or so you could hear the sounds of jello slapping and crying coming from mommy Aria's room >Mommies are weird! ----------------------------------------------------- >Be kid Anon >It's been about a week since mommy Aria's jello incident >You can't believe Mommy Aria still hasn't shared any of her jello! >She has SOOOO much! >Today you and your mommies are eating breakfast at the table again, this time with mommy Adagio too >Mommy Sonata has just finished making hot coco and breakfast tacos >Mommy Adagio always says it's supposed to be burritos but she never complains >Ever since you saw the booklet thingy with the pretty woman you've been wondering something "Hey mommies? Where do babies come from?" >The whole table collectively spits hot coco everywhere >This table is getting dirty! >Mommy Aria recovers first while Adagio is having a coughing fit >Mommy Sonata can't stop laughing >"Well, Anon, the thing is...uhhh..." >Mommy Adagio finally recovers and snarls angrily at Aria >"Dammit Aria! If you didn't just leave your shit out in the open this wouldn't have happened!" >Mommy Aria gets up "How was I supposed to know?!" >Mommy Adagio has her hand over her face >"When you have a box of it the size of a fucking oven, how do you expect someone not to find it?! >Mommy Sonata finally speaks up >"Hey! Language!" >Mommy Aria sits back down and mommy Adagio just groans >After a moment she speaks up >"Okay, who wants to try and explain...?" [spoiler]Little game for you anons, next person with dubs gets to choose who gets to try and explain the birds and the beegees to our little Anon.[/spoiler] >Mommy Sonata pipes up >"Oh, Oh I can do it!" (Insert some childish song here) >"Come on Anon, lets go on a magical ride!" >Sonata Jumps out of her seat >"To help you understand what's inside!" >"A baby is a magical thing, come on with me and sing!" >Adagio and Aria both do that facepalm thing but you laugh and get up to join your mommy Sonata >She grabs your hand and pulls you down the hall and into the living room where you sit around a small coffee table >" The world is full of wonder and magic!" >"I'll explain, I hope you're ecstatic!" >She looks to you with big, loving, innocent eyes >She pulls out a bunch of posters and other things out from seemingly no where >" Now don't get scared or confused, you're young, I'll just show you some clues!" >"Come on Anon, lets go on a magical ride!" >She picks out one poster >"To help you understand what's inside!" >"A baby is truly a wonderful thing, come on with me and sing!" >Laughing, she spreads out the first poster, it's a poster with a woman and a man on the cover, they're holding each other >"Love is a powerful thing, capable of doing amazing things!" >She points to the couple >"Look here!" >"These two are the magic, the love, the art. Follow along, it's smart." >She flips the poster over, revealing another poster with a woman pushing a stroller >"Mommies create wonders, like you, like me, like everybody!" >Sonata happily throws her arms up into the air >But you see, it takes magic from daddy too, they work together! Isn't it cool?" >She goes back to shuffle through her posters and other items >"Come on Anon, It's a magical ride!" >"I'm showing you our magic inside!" >She finds what she is looking for >"Come on and sing, babies are wonderful things!" >She finds some diapers and wears one as a hat before putting one on your head as well, you have to lift it up to see >"Once, after a special night, mommies are filled with delight" >Sonata flips the poster again to show a woman with a very very swollen belly >"Does it look scary? Don't feel fright! That is the delight!" >Sonata shuffles through her stuff again >After a minute or so she pulls out a watch and shows it to you, the clock's arms going incredibly fast >She speaks in a soft voice, very gentle, very soothing >You like it >"And finally, after a very, very long time, the magic of mommy comes to shine" >She flips over the last poster, revealing a picture of you >"It creates life, as bright as day. And our magic is something you can never take away" >You feel the final verse coming and you hum the tune >"Oh Anon, we've gone on a magical ride" >... >"And now you know what happens when you cum inside" >What "What?" [spoiler]I regret nothing[/spoiler] ----------------------------------------------------------- >Be kid Anon >Be in a house plagued by crime… >A house that you know, or could imagine >A house of halls and doorways >A house in pain… >It needs a hero. >And that hero is you… [spoiler]”SKELETON MAN!” [/spoiler] >You yell this while atop the kitchen table >”Anon, get down from there.” >Mommy Aria is dressed in her costume too but is looking at you with a disapproving look >In exchange for you not to ask where the Jello is anymore, Mommy Aria promised she would play superheroes with you >Aria’s Costume consists of a scary skeleton-looking mask and a purple jacket >As for you, you are just wearing a pair of shorts >Skeleton Man doesn’t need to hide his identity! >You hop off the table and run to the front door, Mommy Aria lagging behind you “Come on, Aria! We have a neighborhood to save!” >Aria sighs but gives a small smirk >”Coming.” >Mommy Aria and you are scouting around the neighborhood, looking for potential crime-doers >Surprisingly the neighborhood seems rather quiet >You’re about to head back home when you see Auntie Shimmer >You were about to go over and say hello, but you see she is handing out some sort of pamphlets >You gasp >’What? It’s just Sunny, Anon.” >She doesn’t understand “Mind control!” >Aria looks at you confusedly >”Wut” “Come on mommy, we have to stop her! Skeleton man to the rescue!” >Before she can stop you, you run off towards Sunset Shimmer >Auntie Shimmer sees you running towards her and smiles >”Hey Anon! Have you accepted Je-“ >You slap the pamphlets out of her hands “Fuck you and your dark magic, vile invader!” >Mommy Aria caught up to you and is now behind you >”Anon! What the heck was that about?!” >Mommy Aria is looking rather angry at you but Auntie Shimmer is utterly dumbstruck >”Mind control…Wha-“ “Nobody cares, I am not just a regular man!” >Shimmer gives you a strange look Aria has a hand over her face “I’m SKEl-ETON-MAN, SKELETON MAN!” Well, there goes all of my creativity for today. --------------------------------------------------------- >TFW you won't be kid Anon >TFW you won't be living with Dazzle mommies >TFW you won't still be having nightmares after Aria's jello incident >TFW you won't get up in the middle of the night seeking comfort >TFW you can't sleep by yourself >TFW you won't go to mommy Sonata because Aria and Adagio would never say yes >TFW you won't slowly open her door to see if she is awake >TFW you see her groggily ask if everything is alright >TFW you won't embarrassedly ask if you can sleep with her >TFW she won't smile to you before happily complying >TFW she won't lift up her blanket, welcoming you into her bed >TFW you won't crawl into her warm bed >TFW she won't wrap you in a motherly embrace >TFW she won't cuddle and comfort you, telling you everything is going to be alright >TFW she won't sing you a lullaby to lull you into slumber >TFW she won't tell you she loves you as you drift off into your dreamland >TFW she won't make you breakfast and hot coco in the morning to make you feel better --------------------------------------------------- >Waifus: Switching is Betraying >Be Anon, you were at home on your computer >You've been on the dazzling threads lately >You loved supporting your waifu, Adagio >But there has been so much good Aria content lately >You were thinking about switching >As soon as this thought crosses your mind, you can hear a loud smash accompanied by stomping >"ANON, COME OUT NOW!" >What the shit? >You head to your front door, to see it had been smashed down >Adagio was in the doorway >She didn't have any pants on >And she (he?) had a throbbing erection >Oh no >"SWITCH, HUH?" "Adagio... I-I didn't mean it! I was only going to switch for a little bit!" >"SWITCHING IS BETRAYING, BITCH." >She slaps you, hard >She can hit really fucking hard hard >"Come with me! Now!" >She grabs your arm and pulls you outside with almost inhuman strength >When outside she pushes you face down into the dirt "Ooff...Ouch." >That hurt >You look behind you, what you see terrifies you >You look behind you to see Adagio stroking her giant horse penis >It was fully erect, her balls were the size of fucking tennis balls >"You can't switch, you're mine forever, bitch." >She swiftly rips off your pants with that same inhuman strength >The rest of that day Adagio violated your bitch anus with her massive Trapdagio horse cock ----------------------------------------------------------- >Be North Pole Anon >You were waddling through the raging blizzard with your flightless brothers and sisters >You all were on your way to the southern shelf >Otherwise know as the penguin mating grounds >You were intending to lay some sweeeet moves on one of the females this year >You weren't so lucky last year >All the females avoided you like the plague >You couldn't tell why either, you thought your were a sexual beast >Or... Bird >You never even understood how bird sex worked >Your penguin parents never explained what you were supposed to do >But you're told it's good! >You continued shuffling through the snow, with the leagues of suited birds lined up behind you, and many more in front >All was well, and you were making decent time, you should be there soon >But there was a disturbance up further in the line >You could hear many distressed penguins calling out for help >Many of your fellow penguins don't move forward to investigate, they were unsure about the danger >You, being the alpha male penguin you are, waddle forward fearlessly >You must show your fellow penguins your bravery! >You shall not cower! >You push forward through the crowds of white and black coated birds, and finally break through the front line >What you see is a gruesome sight, blood spattered the snow around the scene >There was a circle of curious penguins forming around the gory sight >Three humanoid monsters were feasting on the flesh of some of your fallen comrades >You've never seen anything like them, they looked ferocious >They had pale scaly skin, and thin limbs >They also had long claws that they tore into the fresh meat with >But their most prominent features was their fur, atop of their heads >One of them had poofy long locks of orange hair running down her back, another had two tail-like collections of hair growing out of the sides of it's skull, and the last one had a long, ponytail like growth of blue hair growing out of the base of her skull >They all observe their onlookers with their blood red eyes as they feast >Enough of this! >This nightmare ends here! >You will not let these things slaughter your family members while you do nothing! >You push through the last of the penguins and enter the circle that the beasts have cleared around themselves >All eyes seemed on you, both from the beasts and your fellow brothers and sisters >Even so, you still bravely charge forward, you don't care who watches you do this >You walk up to the blue haired one, she was too busy eating one of your brothers to notice your approach >You walk up right behind the beast, as the others watch >You begin pecking on her with all your might, you will show this beast not to mess with your clan! >You unleash the wrath of your ancestors upon the skin of this invader, not letting up for a second >Even as you see the beast slowly stand, you continue to peck at it's legs >It shall be brought down! >Even as it slowly turns towards you, you continue to peck at it's skinny appendages >You shall show no fear! >Even as it stares into your soul with those blood red eyes, you continue your assault >They shall tell stories of your exploits for centuries! >Even as it reaches forward to grab you, you still peck at it with all your might, before you are finally in it's grasp >Be Male penguin Dave >You were watching a scene of great stupidity unfold before you >The one outcast penguin, that normally acts very strange and keeps to himself, steps into the circle of murder that you and the rest of the penguins had come across >He walks straight up to the unknown deadly beasts, and just begins pecking at one >Didn't his parents raise him right? >The beast doesn't seem amused >The other two gather closer to watch what was happening in the circle >Even as the monster gets ready to attack, the stupid penguin keeps pecking at it's legs >Finally the beast has had enough, and grabs your brother penguin, ripping the poor thing in half >Then something happens, something you didn't witness before >All three of the beasts seem interested in the newly made corpse >They all gather around the two halves of the body >They seemed to be growing some sort of limbs between their legs... >Be North pole Anon >You were currently lying on the floor, the beast that you were attacking ripped the lower half of your body off >It didn't feel very comfortable... >You were losing blood fast, you could see your legs squirming and twitching >However, they leave your vision as all three of the beasts start to crowd around you >Were they about to eat you? >You were not afraid! >Even if you were half the penguin you were, you shall not show fear! >The blue haired beast goes to examine the other half of your body >The other two lay their scaly hands on you >They seemed to be growing some sort of tentacles between their legs >Were they some sort of squid? You've seen one of those before! >However you are overcome by a strange feeling as they both shove their tentacles into your chest cavity >You weren't very sure of this feeling, you felt it when you were ripped in half just a minute ago >A... Burning sensation? >They both thrust inside of your still warm organs with their appendages >You can feel them bumping up against your lungs, and tickling your spine >It felt funny, you weren't sure if you liked it >Your vision was getting kinda hazy... >You start to black-out as they both cease their thrusting, you can feel some small objects being deposited inside of your chest cavity >You wonder what they are as drift off to sleepies, you'll figure out when you wake up >Be Male penguin Dave again >The beasts just finished with the penguin they ripped in half >They seemed to be doing... Some sort of mating ritual with the body >They all thrust inside of the corpse and deposit what look like eggs in the warm organs >After they finish, they storm off through the rest of your penguin brothers and sisters, making sure to slash and cleave through some of them along the way >They run off into the distance as the rest of you watch >After some more confusion from the other penguins, you all waddle on to the mating grounds, like nothing happened >You planned on getting some hot penguin ass today